The 2nd Coming of Senna-Cherib

  • Why were the Assyrians the most Feared of Empires?
  • Why was the Prophet Jonah sent to the Ancient City?
  • Why do the Assyrians of then and now Hate Israel?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘After this Sennacherib King of Assyria sent his servants to Jerusalem while he was besieging Lachish with all his forces with him, against Hezekiah King of Judah and against all Judah who were at Jerusalem, saying, Thus says Sennacherib King of Assyria, On what are you trusting that you are remaining in Jerusalem under siege? Is not Hezekiah misleading you to give yourselves over to die by hunger and by thirst, saying, YHVH our God will deliver us from the hand of the King of Assyria?’ -2 Chronicles 32: 9-11

The purpose of this study is to consider the Astronomical Correlations of the entire Ancient City of Nineveh. This study presents the assertion that the entire Ancient City Perimeter and its 7 Gates was fashioned after the Pattern of Orion. This Ancient City is what is now called Mosul in Modern-Day Iraq. The region is a Melting Pot and an Ancient Crossroads that exuberates an Ethnicity to include the Kurds, Armenians, Turks, Arabs and Descendants of Greeks. Nineveh is located on the Tigris River to the North of Baghdad and has a Rich History of one of the Fiercest Empires the World has ever known, the Assyrians.

It is not to be confused with Modern-Day Syrians although the Historical, Racial and Ethnic Attributes do Eclipse each other to an extent. The Assyrians were a Semitic Race and in the same family as the Hebrews, for example. In Ancient Times, this capital was founded by those that are considered the ‘Cradle of Civilization’ after the Flood of Noah. The Original Capital of Nineveh was founded in approximately 3000 BC. The Kings were considered to have been part of the Bloodline of the Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki were those that supposedly came from such Star Constellations of Orion and the Pleiades. These were the ‘Gods’ that came down from ‘Heaven’ and Seeded such Bloodlines as they Interbred with the Human Race. This is corroborated in the account of Genesis 6. The Assyrian Militaristic Disposition appeared to be Ingrained in their DNA taking after the likes of Nimrod. In Historical Context, the Assyria that one is familiar with is actually the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

According to the Biblical Record, the King and Empire are the ones that led the Captives of the Northern Kingdom of Israel to Nineveh around 722-720 BC. The Ruler at that time was a very Colorful Monarch named Sennacherib. The Name is a Compound Word. Senn comes from the Root Word that means ‘Moon’. The 2nd half incorporates the Notion of a Celestial Angel or Cherub or ‘Cherib’. Thus, this Name exemplified the Veneration of the pre-Islamic Moon Goddess ‘Allah’ or in essence, the Arch-Angel who was and is a Cherub Type associated with the ‘Serpent’ as Allah, i.e., Lucifer.

Spirit of AntiChrist

This is a Masqueraded Euphemism of Lucifer, who in all actuality is the God of the Muslims, ‘Allah’. For emphasis, the Name will be Hyphenated to Senna-Cherib. In fact, the demeanor and disposition of its character echoes down the Annals of Time. The Descendants of such a King and Fierce People are currently ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. By one measure, such People that make-up the Present-Day Islamic Terrorist Network of ISIS, are the Descendants of such a People and Spirit of AntiChrist. The Assyrians were and are famous for Cruelty, Live Flaying, and Impaling, Eye-Gouging and Mutilation of their Prey.

Now, as then the Modern-Day ‘Assyrians’ still taunt Israel. Judah, now as then, was and is the remaining Southern Kingdom. The contention is over the Jews being in the Land and the legitimacy of their Claim to the Temple Mount that Muslims seek to usurp. They also continue to Blaspheme YHVH the Creator and GOD of Israel as the Descendants of the Assyrians and their Spirit of AntiChrist took-up Islam that denies the Jews their Ancient Heritage and Birthright. The Modern ‘Assyrians’ continue to make False Assertions against Jews through the U.N.

For example, the Muslims claim that Judah never existed nor was ever associated with the Temple Mount. These claims are insane as inadvertently, if such claim the Jews did not exist in the Promised Land, then neither did the Sons of Mohammed for that matter. This is what the Spirit of AntiChrist that controls the U.N. seeks to accomplish. It took a King, like Hezekiah to come before YHVH with the Evil Edicts of the Fierce King of Assyria to Plead for Mercy and Protection. This is what Modern Israel as a nation still has to do. Too often, it has relied on a Political Solution and Alliance with Superpowers like the USA in this Present Day.

However, Hezekiah is an example of a King that Changed or Repented and was given the Opportunity. The Bible states that King Hezekiah put the Threatening Letters of Senna-Cherib before the Altar of the Temple. It is not clear if it is referring to the Brazen Altar outside or the Altar of Incense inside just in front of the Curtain of Separation where the Ark of the Covenant and Presence of YHVH was situated.

The Bible records that YHVH defended His City and Dispatched an Angel that Slew over 180,000 of Senna-Cherib’s Army. Ironically, it was a Prophet from the Northern Kingdom of Israel, that YHVH even sent prior to Nineveh to offer Mercy. This was done through Jonah. Nineveh is also the Famous City of Jonah that according to the Biblical Record, was sent by YHVH to Warn the City of a coming Sudden Destruction, due to their Gross Sin. Jonah was reluctant to and Dissuaded himself. It took YHVH’s Intervention before Jonah experienced a Personal Repentance to obey YHVH’s Will.

Jonah reached Nineveh and started preaching on Elul 1 and was given them a 40-Day Countdown to Repent. This 40th Day corresponded to Yom Kippur. The Bible teaches that the Entire City Repented and even down to the Mighty King. Jonah was in Anguish because, as a Prophet of YHVH, he Understood that later-on, this same Cruel Empire would Carry Away the Northern Kingdom of Israel, and with no Mercy.

Spiritual Conspiracies

This Amazing Turn of Historical Events also was what Jesus used, Jonah as a Sign for the Jews. The Sign of Jonah, is defined by Jesus Himself in the Bible. It specifies that Jesus was to also be 3 Days and 3 Nights in the Belly of the Earth, as Jonah was in the Great Fish. Jesus inferred to His Claim, of being Resurrected, as Proof of His Messiahship. In essence, Jonah was a type of Messiah as was King Hezekiah that also experienced Repentance on behalf of YHVH’s People and the Gentile Nation on behalf of Jonah.

Allowing for some Poetic License, it was after Jesus’ Resurrection that He Resonated in Pure White Light as it were. Given the New Immortal Physical Body, it was much like that of His Transformation on the ‘Certain Mountain’. Concerning Jonah, he was in the Stomach of a Large Fish that most attribute to it being some type of Whale. It was enough to accommodate an entire Man and it essentially became like a ‘Tomb’, Dark like a Grave etc.

However, when Jonah was spewed-out of the Great fish, it has been Preached that on 1 Observation, the Gastric Juices whitewashed the Skin of Jonah to look as if it radiated as ‘Light’ perhaps. The sight of such a Discoloration of Jonah could have added to the Phenomenon that led the entire CITY of over 120,000 Inhabitants to Repent as Jonah became a literal ‘Ghost’ Type and a Physical ‘Sign’. Also, consider that in the Religious Occult System of the Day, the origins of their Race, City and Civilization are attributed to that of the Anunnaki.

It was believed that the Anunnaki came from the Stars and came out of the Mouths of FISH from the shore of the river. Thus, to this Day, this same Religious System exists in the form of the Roman Catholic one with their ‘Fish-God’ High Priests. Such wear the ‘Fish’ Mouth Hats and Robes that depict the Head coming-out of the Mouth of the Fish-God Dagon. Later on in History, the Bible records the fact, that the Assyrians did lead Captive the 10 Northern Tribes called Israel.

As the Assyrians carried-off the Israelites to Nineveh, they had a Liberal Approach, in regard to the Land of YHVH. Such had a Multiculturalism Agenda as they brought Gentiles to Populate the area of the 10 Northern Tribes called Israel and also Samaria. This area is the Present-Day West Bank area that became filled with the Despised Samaritans. They would eventually be referred to as ‘Half Breeds’. The Woman at the Well account, is one such example of how Jesus dealt with this Controversy. Another was when a Syrophoenician Woman pleaded with Jesus to Heal her Daughter.

As in the Times of Elijah who was cared for by a similar ‘Assyrian’ Woman of Sidon, Jesus Commended her for having Un-Matched Faith, not even found in Israel. In essence, the Samaritans were and are Assyrians mixed along with Other peoples of the then known Assyrian Empire. In Modern Terms, such a Practice continued as Persians, Romans, Turks, and Arabs were introduced into the Racial Mix. This is also what has contributed to the Present-Day Political and Racial Dilemma in the West Bank.

Spiritual Opposition

In fact, the People of the West Bank are not that connected Historically to Gaza. This is even seen in Modern Political Terms, as there is even a Rivalry among Hamas and Fatah Parties that control each Territory, Respectively. Their Tactic, however, has been the same. ‘Divide and conquer’. The aim is not to have single Homogeneous and Racially Dominant People forge, as a possible Powerful Political, Social and Economic Block. This is what happened to the USA. The Luciferians have employed the Protocols of Zion upon the USA and the result is what the USA looks like now, a Divided and Decadent Nation all too easy to take over.

Spiritually speaking, this same Spirit of AntiChrist, of Senna-Cherib has been taunting at the Body of Christ, the Church in similar fashion as was Judah. At issue is always the Testimony of YHVH. Ironically, a large portion of the Assyrians became Christians through evangelism in the first few centuries and the Eastern Churches forged an Ancient Body, to this day. The Sons of Senna-Cherib today, are ISIS, at the Heart of the Hatred for YHVH’s People then as now. Such Enemies of both the Earthly People, the Jews and the Heavenly People of YHVH, the Followers of Jesus Christ are opposed by this same Spirit of AntiChrist and ‘Spirit of Senna-Cherib’, that really are in Contention against YHVH.

The Assyrian Christian Church has taken the brunt of the Evil Muslim Menace. Muslims have ransacked Ancient Churches and Slaughtered Christians during Services. Such Blaspheme YHVH, in so much, as they Misspoke and Argued against Hezekiah. ISIS seeks the Faded Glory of the Ancient Splendor that was Nineveh. The physical Desecration of Jonah’s Tomb and the Gates of Nineveh by ISIS, attest to the Spiritual Onslaught of the ‘God of the Serpent’, Allahu-Akbar. At the Core of the City was the Citadel of Senna-Cherib that housed the 3 Major temples on the mount called Kuinjik. This portion of the study will focus on the Astro-Archeology of the Ancient City that appears to be configured to the Orion Alignment of Belt Stars.

The illustration will show that the Orion Constellation has Amazing Alignments of various Celestial Ley-Lines that correspond to Several Gates of the City and where the Ancient Temples were situated. In one Interpretation, the various Ley-Lines to include the Galactic Equator can configure a ‘Cross’. Thus, the ‘Cross of Orion’ is befitting of the Christ Figure that Orion depicts as a Hidden Motif. It would make sense that such a Fierce Predatory Race, as the Assyrians would choose Orion as its motif to layout their Capital with and as a Conqueror, it was associated with the ‘Mighty Hunter’, etc.

The City and its King echoed the Attributes of a Rebellious Contender against YHVH, that of Nimrod. The Temples atop the Kuinjik Fortress, appear to match the Angle and Proportion of Orion. As a ‘Mirror’ of the Stars of Orion, the largest Building or Temple corresponds to the smallest of the Giza Pyramid and so on. The entire Orion Layout matches the Angles of the 7 Gates. Amazingly, the ‘Arrow’ of Orion corresponds to the Main Gate of Nergal on the Northern Side. Even the Adjacent Constellation of Eridanus is physically depicted by a Modern-Day ‘Freeway’ that heads down as the Sign in the Heavenlies does.

Serpent of the Stars
As noted, from a top view, the entire Ancient City Layout is constructed to mirror the Constellation of Orion. The Orion Alignment is at 33 Degrees from the Horizon and the Motif or Pattern is Slanted and in Reversed Order. This Fulcrum pivots Orion to the Palace of Ashur-Banipal. Amazingly, the Orion Stars thus, do appear to Topographically align with the Gates and certain main Structures of Ancient Nineveh. For example, the Orion Star of Rigel corresponds to the Mosul Grand Mosque on the Western Side of what is now Mosul.

The Celestial Equator correlates to the Mote and Tigris River. The entire ‘Backside’ of Orion appears to run along the Khosr River that is currently clogged with Sediment. What this study seeks to emphasize with respect to the Orion Pattern of Ancient Nineveh, is that the Main Temples atop Senna-Cherib’s Fortress where the Center the main Palaces and Center of Power. The Throne Room Mirrors the Exact Spot that the Cosmic Serpent is aligned with given the Orion Belt Stars. This is known as the ‘Horseshoe’ Nebula, but it is really a Veiled Dragon Motif.

In particular, the Angle from the Great Star of Alnitak is at a 33-Degree Angle to the Dragon Nebula. This is the same angle the entire Orion pattern is superposed over Nineveh. From Previous studies concerning this Cosmic Red Serpent Dragon Association, the Assertion has been that it Corresponds to the Written Word of ‘Allah’ in Calligraphy. In essence, the Religion and Worship of the Ancient Empires and their Kings was centered on the veneration of the Cosmic Serpent, the ‘Red Dragon’, the Light Bearer, which is Lucifer.

Upon further Observation of the Orion Pattern, the Temples of Senna-Cherib not only Mirrored the Stars of Orion’s Belt, but that of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. With that, the Pattern of the Sphinx, thus corresponds to a Cross-Section of the Galactic Equator and Orion’s Backside Line Delineation. The following are the Corresponding Motifs, pertinent to the alleged Orion Constellation Star Alignments over Nineveh.

Size                 Orion Star       Egypt Pyramid           Nineveh Temple                    Size
Smallest          Mintaka           Menkaure                   Palace Asher-Banipal           Largest
Midsize            Alnilam            Kafre                         Temple Nabu                         Midsize
Largest            Alnitak             Khufu                        Temple Ishtar                         Smallest

This same Orion Celestial Pattern is also incorporated over all other Ancient City Layouts. The Pyramids of Egypt are also associated with the Planet Mars as they are even situated in the Plateau called the Plains of Mars from which Cairo gets its meaning, Mars. It appears that in the Pre-Flood World, there was 1 Common Source of Knowledge, Celestial Pattern and Planet Triangulations, like that found in Cydonia, Mars. This Sacred Knowledge has only spilled-over into the Post-Flood World, but to the few ‘Initiated’ within Lucifer’s Secret Societies. In studying this Ancient City, it is rather Astonishing that such People and Contention are still very Relevant to the current Geo-Political and Religious Hot-Spot of the World.

Such Pseudo-Religious Cults, as the Muslim ISIS, for example, appear to Mark their Territory with such Celestial Motifs as in the Ancient Capital of Senna-Cherib, hidden in plain sight. As the Upper Half of the Ancient city of Nineveh lay in Ruins, it has been mostly covered over by Farms and Fields. It was, however, the main Habitation in Ancient Times, even after its Glory faded. The Nergal Gate is perhaps the most Elaborate, Stunning and Majestic of the Gates. These Gates are not Bulldozed by ISIS and Covered-Up. This Gate corresponds to the Archery of the Orion Pattern.

It construed the main Procession that led to the Fortress and Palace of Senna-Cherib. This is where the Prophet sent by YHVH would have walked through. The Lower Half was an outgrowth divided by the Khosr River. The main attributes of this Lower Portion was the Gate of Ishtar and the Garrison to the West that is prominently now a Mosque. The Mosque used to be an Assyrian Christian Church where it was believed to be the Tomb of Jonah or Nabi Yunus. The following are the 7 Gates of Nineveh that from a Top View appear to match the Orion Constellation in relation to the 7 Stars of the Pleiades.

1. Mashki
2. Sin
3. Nergal
4. Adad
5. Halajhhi
6. Shaibaniba
7. Mushialu

The Muslim Terrorist Group of ISIS bombed this Church-Mosque and since 2014, these Religious Intolerants, have Physically Desecrated the Tomb of Jonah. They have also Demolished most of the Reconstruction Efforts of the Ancient Gates of Nineveh, to the Horror of Archeologists around the world. These Sons of Senna-Cherib have Chiseled-Away the once Magnificent Winged-Lions of the Ancient Gates of Nineveh. They are Forever Lost; Pieces of more than 4500 Year-Old Artifacts… gone due to efforts of the ‘Peaceful Religion of Islam.’

The next Portion of this study will touch upon the Ancient City’s connections to Cydonia, Mars and its Triangulation that one posits. There is also an apparent Martian Cydonia Triangulation Pattern of Ancient Nineveh. Along with the Orion Pattern, the Outlining Area of the City configures the Face of Ala-lu, the D&M Pyramid Fortress and the 7 Star Pleiades Star Cluster. These 3 Structures can be Triangulated and appear to Amazingly Match that which is patterned on Mars.

The Kuyunjik or Fortress of Sennacherib constitutes the D&M Pyramid or Fortress of the ‘Angels’. In this case, the Fallen Angels, etc. The Pleiades Star Cluster corresponds to the Ancient Arsenal Gate which later on became the Church and Tomb of Nabi Yunis or the Prophet Jonas. The Structure is Amazingly Designed on a 7 Level Terrace to correspond to the 7 Stars of the Pleiades. Specifically, the Star that is Triangulated, corresponds to that of Alcyone. The whole area is configured to outline the Dimensions of the Pleiades Star Cluster with Atlas corresponding to a Government Compound, etc.

A Fierce Face
The Face of Ala-lu corresponds to the area of the Fun City Theme Park. The 2 corners of the Face of Ala-lu, correspond to the Circle Points, designed at a Slanted Angle. The Face is also Parallel to the Freeway that depicts Eridanus in the Orion Constellation Overlay. It is rather Coincidental, that the Face that represents Lucifer is associated with Children, in this case. This would Corroborate the Depictions of the Baphomets with Children, which is Lucifer’s and the Satanist’s Highest Goa, the Corruption and Grooming of Children.

And to distance them as far as possible from the WORD and Precepts of YHVH. Then the Kuyunjik or Fortress, is naturally configured as a 7-Sided Elevated Fortress. The Pentagon is nicely Nested there, to form the corner Triangle and it, thus corresponds to the D&M Pyramid Fortress. The Focal Point would be the Ishtar Temple. It would make sense, that the Fierce Assyrians, would Worship the God of War, Mars and from where they took their example and Dark Energies from such a ‘Pentagon’. The Fortress of Sennacherib, is in fact a Mirror of that which is on Cydonia, Mars.

In terms of Alignments and Overlay. What is also Astonishing is that the River Khosr follows the Natural Line of the Dissection of the Heptagram, when conjured on the Map. See Charts for Illustration. Other Prominent Landmarks also correspond to the Martian Motif such as the Grand Mosque of Mosul and the area of al-Jaza, etc. This Religion is Energized by the same Hatred of the Jews and Christians. It is a Reactionary Religion, propagated to specifically Refute the Core Tenet of Christianity, mainly that Jesus is the Only Begotten Son of GOD, or that Jesus is GOD the Son, etc.

Back in Senna-Cherib’s Day, his Taunting backfired against Judah, Hezekiah, and the People and most important, YHVH. This will occur in the Last Days as YHVH will once again fight for ‘His People’ and Michael the Arch-Angel will Fight the Red Dragon Serpent Lucifer as he did during the Times of Daniel, and with the Decimation of Senna-Cherib’s Army. It is an example of a Celestial Battle fought on Earth with 1 Angel annihilating 185,000 of Senna-Cherib’s Army. Some 10 Years later in the Captivity of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, Senna-Cherib returned to Judah.

He perhaps Calculated that the 2 Remaining Tribes were an Easy Spoil. Although King Hezekiah met the Demands for Gold, the Tyrant reneged on his Word and Taunted the Jews. It was Senna-Cherib that YHVH used to Judge and led the 10 Northern Tribes called Israel, away from the Promised Land. This was due to their Sin and Disobedience against the Warning of YHVH to Repent. And what were their Grievous Sin? Abortion and Perverted Sex.

The Northern Tribes started to Baby Sacrifice to Moloch. Any Desecrated the Family Structure assured by the Institution of Marriage. Only 2 Tribes remained as YHVH promised He would leave 1 Tribe, that of Judah, which was King David’s Tribe. It was a Promise between them and how from that tribe, a ‘Lion’ or The Messiah would come forth as a Star from Jacob that would ‘Rule the World with Iron Scepters’ 1 Day. It was YHVH who had encouraged Hezekiah and the Tribe of Judah, with the following.

‘To be Strong and Courageous’ and to Stand against this Spirit of AntiChrist. Senna-Cherib sent Envoys that Spoke-Up, in Hebrew, so that all of Jerusalem could be Terrified and cast Doubt on the Words of YHVH, ‘Has YHVH really Said?’ This Echoes the Whispers of the Serpent to Eve in the Garden of Eden. In these Last Days, a similar surrounding of Jerusalem and a ‘Senna-Cherib’ will arise against Judah. Israel will see a similar Onslaught occur. This will be the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’. This will occur once the Spiritual People of YHVH are evacuated.

Th ‘Evacuation’ pertains to the Bride of Christ that is made-up, of all those Christian Followers of Jesus. The Modern Descendants of this Last Tribe of Judah, the Jews, like back then, now, continue to be Pestered and Taunted by the Sons of Senna-Cherib. One last Senna-Cherib will Rise to Taunt and Seek to Control of Israel, Jerusalem, the Temple as he did in Hezekiah’s Day. This will be the Final AntiChrist that, like the Ancient Despots of Old, will even claim Anunnaki Bloodline and the Throne of David.

Per some Interpretations, this Antichrist will be a possible DNA Hybrid, of some sort as Nimrod became. Lucifer himself, at the Mid-Point of the 7-year Tribulation Period will also Physically Possess him. Although Nationally. Israel may Lose Heart, YHVH will Fight during the up-coming Psalm 83 War, the Gog-Magog War of Ezekiel and the Battle of Armageddon. Only then when Jesus will Return as the True ‘Orion’, will He Slaughter as it were the AntiChrist’s Army of the coming ‘Senna-Cherib’ that will come against Jerusalem, all the same.  

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