Luciferian Occult Blood Rituals

  • Why are Cydonia, Mars patterns mirrored in Paris, France?
  • What does the Star Map have to do with this world capital?
  • Is there a portal or entry point at such sacred sites?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Therefore do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.’ –Matthew 10:26-27

In light of the Friday the 13th Islamic terror bombings of November 2015 in Paris, this study will delve into various ley-lines of the city core that suggest occult connections. It appears that as most ancient capitals, Paris is a prime example like London, the Vatican, Washington DC, etc., that encrypt such street grid configurations that this study seeks to bring to light. The study will highlight certain ley-line configurations that are most apparent as there are others yet to be visualized and understood by the general public. The general theme of this study on the Paris ley-lines will suggest that they are based on ancient Luciferian occult fraternal orders of the so-called secret societies as they insinuate their various ritualistic signatures. The study along with various chart illustrations regarding the Paris ley-lines propose to show this iconography in correlation to dark forces in light of the Paris Friday the 13th, 2015 Islamic terrorist bombings.

This study strongly suggests that these correlating ley-lines are juxtaposed to help facilitate a converging of the Earth energies with regard to specific places and to specific times as in dates like in November, Friday the 13th. It is when such energy lines are coupled with Satanic ritualistic nuances either overt or covert that it will result in blood-letting sacrifices of innocent lives to further the Talmudic Globalist Luciferian agenda. This Great Work or Agenda is to birth the New World Order through Order out of Chaos. This is not to insinuate that all the inhabitants of a great city of Paris are complicit to such undertakings but that those who have the power to rule over such a city have a spirit behind it. Such have laid out the city grid by mathematical design and are in the ‘know’ of not only this but how they operate with ancient ‘Enochian’ Magic in conjunction to ley-lines at certain locations.

This occult mathematical association is based on sacred geometry or Gematria that the Ancients were taught by the Fallen Angels before the Flood of Noah according to the Genesis account and other books like the Book of Enoch. What is astonishing to contemplate of such ley-lines of cities like Paris, London, the Vatican, etc., is that they all have the same theme. This theme involves the ancient worship sites that are laid out in a template having the same composition as that of the Cydonia pyramid complex in Mars. All ancient temple or pyramid complexes have an origin in the very name such as Giza or Cairo which means the Plains of Mars. Based on the ancient knowledge of prior civilizations, the god of Mars is attributed to being that of Lucifer in one regard.

According to the Sumerian cylinder texts, Mars had a direct association with Earth at one time and was inhabited with life, water, pyramid cities and the now famous Face of Mars. Finally, NASA has come out and publically announced that in fact Mars has water residuals to this day. Then due to the various Mars Rover pictures, there has been a frenzy of anomalies on Mars to suggest pyramids, structures, and other unexplainable and amazing finds. It is rather astonishing that those ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians had a direct and accurate understanding of the solar system, Mars and that a ‘face-like’ structure exists in Mars. This face structure is attributed to being a mausoleum in the likeness to the banished and contested King of Planet Nibiru, Ala-lu, as in the Islamic Allah and inference to the banishment of Lucifer typology.

What this study will also show in analyzing the various Paris ley-lines is that the core city is replete with such Luciferian signatures of pentagrams, hexagrams, Masonic pyramids and dimensions that are orientated to certain latitudes, degrees, and headings. Moreover, certain grids are configured to certain occultic numerology such as 188, 13, 33, 666, etc., and are fashioned to the phi ratio proportions. The ratio occurs when 2 quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. Interestingly, this ratio is even linked to the seasons of the Earth. For example, Φ/π x 365 Days = 188.

This specific number is associated with the midpoint of the changing of the seasons on Earth. To some, the Golden Mean or Ratio is the ’Signature of the Creator’. This ratio is witnessed in math, nature, the arts, and the human form/body, etc. It is with this context in mind that this study springboards the narrative that will be presented. The study of the Paris city core ley-lines is based off of GoogleEarth GPS coordinates and is accurate to within 10-50 feet 90% of the time. This alleged Cydonia, Mars pattern is also almost an exact copy in degree heading and map length as is the layout of London, the Vatican and Washington DC, just to mention a few modern cities. A separate study on those city core ley-lines are available for comparison and can be found in the author’s website chart archives. This study will involve 10 Paris ley-line charts.

Paris Chart 1: Cydonia Hexagram
Paris is a tribute to Mars, the god of War. It is attributed to Giza and the area of Cairo which means Mars. Like all other major Luciferian capitals, its homage is to the gods of Egypt, of Babylon, of Nimrod, the 1st Mason and world ruler. Moreover, the pattern of the Paris proper city suggests the ancient pre-Flood ley-line sacred geometry of Cydonia, Mars as already mentioned. This assertion highlights the 3 main structures that encompass the famous Cydonia complex with the D & M Pentagonal Pyramid, the Pyramid City and the Face of Mars.

This motif has been discovered to repeat across the globe in the primary ancient sacred temple complexes such as Teotihuacan, Tikal, and Angkor Wat. In the modern era the major Illuminati Luciferian capitals appear to also be laid out in this sacred geometry; most notably, London, Paris, Roma, Washington DC, Jerusalem, etc. Moreover, this very ley-line constitutes the overall Hexagram that acts as an inter-dimensional key to the portal that it represents to facilitate and further the Luciferian Agenda on Earth.

What is bizarre or fascinating is that the entire geographical makeup of France is laid out like a Hexagram. France is noted to be a 6-sided border nation. Astonishingly, Paris is at the central phi ratio spiral point along with Champ de Mitterrand as the official geographical center of the nation. Of note the Paris Observatory is in this line as is the Bataclan Theatre in the reverse triangulation of the Hexagram. As to the connection between Cydonia and Paris, according to the translation of the ancient Sumerian cylinder scrolls, Fallen Angels presented themselves as ‘gods’ that had a direct connection to Mars and other places in the known Cosmos.

One such personage was Ala-lu, the ‘Rebel’ king who was exiled to Earth and then to Mars and died there. His followers memorialized him by burying him under a mausoleum shaped like his face. It is astonishing that the Sumerians had a specific written record of such an object on Mars even before telescopes or man-made Probes or Rovers where even invented to validate this. This narrative of a banished ‘Prince’ eerily echoes the fall, expulsion, and progressive fall of Lucifer. Yet his followers currently certainly continue to believe in such a Martian typology by etching this narrative in their various world capitals of power and prestige.

This planet Mars Cydonia pattern is a ’Star Map’ that is related to the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus. Many believe that this is one possible location from where the ‘gods’ came from or according to the Bible from where they left their 1st estate perhaps. It encompasses a ‘celestial’ Hexagram that becomes a Star Gate or portal that perhaps crosses dimensions in which the Fallen Angels and demons translated in and out of.  The Ancients believed that the Annunaki taught Humanity that they came from such portals and places as ‘Astronauts’ and ‘left’ such places or estates to ‘help’ Humanity.

Their rationale is that they are the so called creators that seeded Humanity with life and promised to return one day and save Humanity from itself at the point of nuclear annihilation. The Bible does collaborate this narrative to a degree but exposes such fallen entities that came to Earth. The aim is that Lucifer sought to corrupt the DNA makeup of Humanity as originally designed by the Creator GOD YHVH of Genesis in the Days of Noah. Jesus stated that Lucifer’s plan is to not help Humanity but rather to destroy it and even tricking it into believing that Lucifer is helping them and will come visiting Humanity in the Last Days. This will be the accomplished by the last Luciferian World Order and the AntiChrist that the Bible foretells to occur just before Jesus’ return.

The Paris Pleiades Hexagonal Template 

1-Mars Pentagram Fortresses
This study strongly suggests that the Paris Place de l’Italie correlates to the D & M Pentagonal Pyramid of Cydonia, Mars. Each Luciferian world capital has this signature ‘Pentagram’ that most often is masked as a fortress. This pattern is seen as in the Pentagon of Washington DC, a tribute to the ‘god of War’ as in the Department of War, Castel Sant'Angelo near the Vatican, and the London Tower, etc. In Paris, this correlating Pentagonal motif at the Place de l’Italie for example has a 17.76 degree heading to the Bataclan Theatre. It has a 360-degree heading to the Paris financial district that correlates to the Pleiadian Pyramid city of Cydonia on Mars. All the major monuments of the Paris city core are on such ley-lines. This Hexagram template is also at a 33-degree slope from a perpendicular aspect of the Place de l’Italie. Other noticeable monuments on the very ley-lines are the Arc of Triomphe along with all of the Champ Élysées, Les Invalides, etc., and so on. It is the Paris Observatory that served the major center point. It was the globe’s Prime Meridian before Greenwich. The Paris Line is coincidentally called the Devil’s Line.

2-This Paris Financial City ‘Pyramid Complex’
This study strongly suggests that the Paris city financial center with the Arch de la Defense correlates to the 7 Pyramid City complex of Cydonia, Mars. It has a 333° heading to the City of London where the Money Changers rule the financial world from. This approximate degree heading to the City of London Pyramid City mirrors with the Cydonia, Mars layout. It is also 177.6 nautical miles to the London Observatory and amazingly it is 333 km to the Shard Tower. These 333 numerical coefficients are the same in terms of degree heading that the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex has a 333° heading. Also, if by coincidence or not, it was on the 333rd day that President Obama paid tribute to the Islamic massacre in Paris by visiting the Bataclan Theatre memorial.

3-The Face of Mars of Ala-lu
This study strongly suggests that the Stade de Paris correlates to the Face of Mars within the complex of Cydonia, Mars. The ley-lines from the Paris financial center and the Place de l’Italie have a direct ley-line to the Stade de Paris where the bomb blast was set off during the France-Germany soccer game. It has a 180-degree heading and is approximately 332 arcseconds and 5.55 nautical miles apart. The Stade de Paris is also approximately 5.55 nautical miles, 333 arcseconds and 6.66 miles to the Paris Financial Center. The national stadium is a perfect encrypted ‘Face’ of Ala-lu. How befitting that when the Islamic terrorists detonated their bombs as they acclaim Allah (Ala-lu) Akbar. Was this yet another blood sacrifice to the masked god of War, Lucifer? Was a blood ritual required to push his New World Order agenda by blood as the magic ritual of Allah Akbar was enchanted and corresponded to the energies of the city ley-lines at a particular day and a particular place, Friday the 13th?
The Bataclan Theatre
This study strongly suggests that the various ley-lines in tandem with certain Satanic high holy days eventuates a religious rite. This study suggest that such elements used for this purpose, if aware or not was the rocker group, the Eagles of Death Metal that was the medium to unleash and perform the ritualistic magic and rite of human blood-letting to further Lucifer’s Agenda on Earth. This band is an American rock band from Palm Desert, California formed in 1998. On Friday the 13th the concertgoers were sacrificed to Allah or Ala-lu, the god of Mars as they sang Kiss the Devil. Other songs in their repertoire are Speaking in Tongues and Anything ‘Cept the Truth. The Bataclan Theatre Muslim massacre was a signature Luciferin ritualistic slaughter.

It was a sacrifice to Lucifer and his Fallen Angels and spirit demons coveting the need for blood–letting as they feast on the energies of human blood. Why blood? It is because the Creator YHVH instilled the life essence and life energies to be in the blood. The following are the various approximate measurements associated with the ley-lines that this study suggests the very occult forces of the Luciferian signatures of death, thievery and destruction upon Humanity.

Paris Champ de Mars complex dimensions

From Paris city financial center to Stade de Paris
~5.55 nautical miles
~333 arcseconds
~19.47° arc from Stade de Paris to Paris Financial Center ley-lie

From Place de l’Italie to Paris financial center
~11.11 km
~6.9 miles
~360 arcseconds

From Place de l’Italie to the Stade de Paris
~6.9 km
~332 arcseconds
~5.55 nautical miles
~180° to Stade de France
~17.76° heading to Bataclan Theatre
~33° arch from ley-line to Paris Financial Center

Cydonia, Mars Complex dimensions
- 40°44’33.60N 09°27’40.29W
- @ ~13,000 ft elevation
- Pyramid City is ~6.66 nautical miles wide
- 7.67 miles (ground length)
- 12.34 km

From D&M Pyramid to the Pyramid City
- 11 nautical miles
- 1260 arc seconds

From Pyramid City to Face of Mars
- 13 miles
- 60°Heading

From D&M Pyramid to Face of Mars
- 333° heading
-13 miles

Paris Chart 2: Pythagoras Paris
Out of all the modern Luciferian world capitals, Paris is by far the most elaborate in terms of the extent to which the designers and architects went to fashion the city grid to sacred ley-lines based on the ancient Atlantean occultic measurements and the Cydonia, Mars Hexagram template. The city core layout is replete with a wealth of sacred geometry such as pentagrams, pyramids, and hexagrams along with occult measurements. It must be stated that such sacred geometry and numbers in themselves are neutral. It is the ascribed meaning and use of context that implies a significance that is meant to either hide or divulge knowledge. This nuance works well with the Luciferians because they use such motifs to reveal and conceal their signatures in plain sight. It is like light itself that can blind or help to see.

This particular illustration of the Champ de Mars is just but one portion of the highlights that shows how the Paris city core ley-lines have the incorporation of the Tree of Life motif, the Golden Mean or Section phi ratio and the iconoclastic illuminati All-Seeing Eye pyramids of the Fallen Ones. The core layout of the city is a tribute to Cydonia, Mars and the gods of Egypt and Babylon with a primary theme and emphases on the god of Mars, aka, Ala-lu or Lucifer. The following are but a few examples of the amazing amount of sacred Geometria that the architects of Paris infused into the core of Champ de Mars, the Field or Plain of Mars as in Cydonia, Mars. The Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars that serves as a phallus. It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel. The Tower was ’The Gate’ to the World’s Fair in 1889 when it was debuted. This study suggests that it is more than just a ‘gate’ on Earth.

This area has a ~9.99° heading, map length to Campus Martius, Field of Mars in Rome, Italy. The unique landmark of the Eiffel Tower for example is fashioned to the phi ratio but more than that, it is in proportion the human form, or the body. In particular it corresponds to the phallus of a male form as the Vitruvian Man template can be superimposed onto the Champ de Mars, as in Cydonia, Mars. Also, the entire dimension of the Champ de Mars has the Tree of Life motif in proportion to its divisions. Those worshipers of Lucifer, such as the Masons, paid homage to their Master by encrypting the Eiffel Tower complex with the sacred dimensions of the human body and the Tree of Life. This particular layout has a double-entendre as it convokes the dual sexuality of the male and female attributes, Osiris, and ISIS, etc., as is the Statue of Liberty in Paris and New York City.

In fact, there is a replica of the statue at the edge of the Champ de Mars and is approximately .33 miles to the Tour Eiffel itself. On one hand, the Eiffel Tower complex incorporates the proportion of a human body and in phi ratio no less. This is interwoven with the Tree of Life motif and can be attributed also to the female goddess ISIS, Queen of Heaven as she is perched on the Crescent Moon. The elongated pentagram at the core also serves to fashion double wings as in a Cherub. The Male attribute is rendered with the human body is reversed and the Eiffel Tower becomes the phallus. In this position the various other ley-lines correspond exactly. According to Eiffel’s own critique, he fashioned his Tower along the lines of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

It is rather interesting in their mutual associations that aside the invention of the modern skyscrapers, the Tower of Eiffel was the tallest man-made structure aside from the Great Pyramid of Giza. Since the Kings of France believed that their Royal Blood was of the Sun-Kings, it was of divine right and origin, they spared no expense to encrypt their homage to their celestial masters. Such were given the forbidden knowledge per the Book of Enoch of how to make war, have abortions, work with metals and wage war. For example, as certain family blood lines were cultivated to have generational energies concentrated and utilized.

It has been the secret knowledge and magic rituals that have bewitched all of Humanity. Such so called ‘light’ has been regulated by their secret societies that lord it over all the Earth in all aspects of institutions. For example, as France became the world empire, the Paris Meridian was the standard of longitude in the world until Greenwich. It was called the Devil’s Line and many important occult and Luciferian temples of homage around the world are pegged to this ley-line in particular. The following are some of the approximate measurements related to the Champ de Mars complex and Eiffel Tower.

The Tree of Life motif of Champ de Mars is
~1776 yards long or
~1 mile or
~.88 nautical miles
~ 5.55 km to Bataclan Theatre.

The number 555 is occultic for death and resurrection. This why it is also associated with Obelisks as the Luciferians ascribe it to the life given energies of reproduction and thus the phallus symbology as in the Washington Monument that is 555 ft. Such Obelisk depictions are called Baal’s Shaft.  

The Eiffel Tower measurements
~72 ft length of antennae beyond capitol
~906 ft (9-6) tall with capitol only
~1056 ft with capitol and antennae

Paris Chart 3: The Great Pyramid Template
The purpose of this illustration is to suggest that based on Eiffel’s own assertions, the Eiffel Tower was a rendition of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The illustration will depict the possible correlations that are based on the signature phi ratio proportions of each. Moreover, the Great Pyramid as is the Eiffel Tower is a microcosm of the human body. As noted, the entire Eiffel Tower complex is also laid out in the Tree of Life motif. The Tree of Life is used by the Babylonian Kabbalists that use it to teach and convey the religion and tenants of Lucifer’s religion and protocols. It is also reminiscent of the Serpent within the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. 

Each level of not only the Eiffel Tower but the Tree of Life motif has an anatomical correlation directly associated to the organs of a human body. In the human body the nervous system is enveloped like a serpent in the spinal column. The 33 vertebras are seen to many as a ‘pyramid’ with the chakras of similar ley-lines as energy points that channels electricity currents from the brain. In similar fashion the Earth, as a living organism is fashioned in a similar model to suggest Earth chakra points are found in certain ley-lines. In this purported correlation of the Great Pyramid with the Tower of Eiffel, the Great Pyramid is magnified in the same ratio to illustrate that its dimensions and proportion of division is incorporated in the very design of the Eiffel Tower. Moreover, to many the Great Pyramid is considered to be a celestial clock of cosmic time. Others also believe that it is a marker of sorts that delineates the Gates of Heaven as marked by the shafts aligned to Orion-Sirius and Draco-Ursa Minor.

To the Luciferians, they use this motif to veil and reveal their knowledge of the Universe and the struggle it is currently involved with due to the ‘god of War. Lucifer has declared war on YHVH and Humanity and seeks to overthrow the Thrown of YHVH in the true Zion of Heaven and on Earth. The Great pyramid without Capstone is 481ft and in totality is 5776 inches. To many the year 5776 will be a prophetic pyramidion year of completion of Lucifer’s Agenda of the Great Work. In the ancient mystery religions such as Masonry this endeavor incorporates towers and other Luciferian innuendoes as found with obelisks that are a representation of the phallus of their fertility gods, such as Mars and Orion. The constellation of Orion even has this phallus depiction in the stars themselves. It represents the positive energy that seeks to procreate.

Other theories even suggest that as it pertains to Orion, the Orion Nebula that centers on the 3 main phallus star alignment is in fact the funnel or vortex one enters as a ‘gate’ to perhaps another dimension or Heaven itself. This is perhaps why the Eiffel Tower was designed first of all as a ‘Gate’ within the phallus in the Champ de Mars. What unlocks such gates or portals in the Heavens and on Earth is the geometry of the Hexagram. The Hexagram is the most powerful motif used as a ‘key’ to open interdimensional portals. The use of such sacred geometry along with Luciferian magic is combined to activate such a desired dimension. The ‘key’ is to operate it at certain ‘key’ ley-lines of energy or to obtain energy by blood sacrifices at certain ‘key’ times of the year like Friday the 13th. Realize that Lucifer and his Fallen Angels still have administrative rights to appear before the Throne of YHVH. Satan is not in Hell currently. By some interpretations, it is only after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ that Lucifer is cast out of Heaven.

Paris Chart 4: The Temple of Man
The purpose of this illustration is to approximate several lay-lines that appear to depict the classical Luciferian occultic signatures of the Temple of Man and Molech Owl motifs. The core double template centers on the Louvre. This study strongly suggests that the Louvre is patterned after the Luxor Temple of Man. There is a distinct bend in the Temple as in the River Seine at that point. The proportions are that of a human body and in phi ratio. As noted, the Temple’s geometry is based on human proportions. Some suggest that as the Earth is as a ‘body’ in form, so is the Cosmos. The proportions of the human body can be found embodied likewise in the Earth’s geometry of the temple's proportions with regard to the Golden Ratio.

The Luxor Temple is, among other things, a symbolic representation of both the human body and Earth’s circuitry that is affected by energy point or chakras and energy vortices locations. The Temple of Man is a perfect example of how ancient architecture was used as a symbolic representation of the physical body being projected beyond the physical realm. These points are also suggested to involve another motif, the Tree of Life. The Louvre with its extension of the Champs Elysees configures these ley-lines of energy with the serpent running through the points. Moreover, the Temple of Man template appears to be superimposed with the other Luciferian motif of the Owl or Molech.

This Owl motif has outstretched wings and has a stare with a seemingly 3rd eye that corresponds to the phallus of the Temple Man template. The end of the Owl configuration terminates at the Place de la Concorde with apparent feather markings. The entire Louvre complex is situated upon ley-lines that make up a Pentagram. It is configured by the 5 main street intersections pegged off the Crystal Pyramid of the Louvre. This pentagram is slanted to convey the other Luciferian signature of As Above, So Below with one wing of the Owl going down and the other going up. The Molech Owl motif has its circumference made up of the following points.

1. The Louvre Crystal Pyramid
2. The Palais Garnier
3 The Madeleine
4. The Assemblée Nationale
5. Rue du Bac

This study strongly suggests that the transfer of power, that is spiritually, politically, economically, and militarily from Egypt to France occurred as the Obelisk was transferred to Paris. It was Napoleon who was a type and shadow of the coming AntiChrist. In essence, the Louvre mirrors the Temple of Man in Luxor, Egypt. The Louvre complex is signifying the completion of the Obelisk that was removed to the Place de la Concorde. This transference of the ‘Spirit of Egypt’ and their ‘gods’ occurs also in such places as the Vatican, the City of London, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and other Luciferian capital sites. Another possible association of this Temple of Man template is that the configuration also nearly matches the layout of Washington DC. The White House, Obelisk, Jefferson Memorial, the Mall and Owl that encompasses the Capital Building are like the Louvre layout.

The Louvre complex appears to be a mirror of mathematical measurements with corresponding 666 associations and other occultic and Cabbalistic motifs. For example, the Louvre Pyramid has 666 glass sections. Also, from the Obelisk that was taken from the Temple of Man in Luxor itself to Versailles is approximately 9.99 miles. The following measurements are specific to the Louvre Temple Man and Owl motif. The Obelisks serve as a sort of antennae that synchronize the local resonances for extra-sensory activities. They are controlled by the Priestly classes of the world that are in league with Luciferian Fallen Angels that bestow power and authority. These Luciferian templates are dedicated to the god of War, Mars, Molech and `are the signatures of who runs the world; for the time being. The following are some highlighted measurements.

From ‘head’ of Louvre to Place de la Concorde approximately: 1776 feet
From ‘head’ of Louvre to Place de la Concorde Obelisk:           1666 feet
From ‘head’ of Louvre to Molech Owl motif:                               .33 miles
From ‘head’ of Louvre to Crystal Pyramid:                                 .33 km
The actual length of the ‘head’ of the Louvre:                             666 feet
The square Place de la Concorde’s circumference is:                1 km sq or 188 smoots or 360 yards or .33 km

Paris Chart 5: The Serpent Line
The purpose of this illustration is to suggest that the Champ Elysees ley-line is an encrypted motif of the Tree of Life with a Serpent running through the main energy points of the avenue. The Tree of Life specifically composes the extension from the Louvre Crystal Pyramid to the Porte Maillot street intersection. This proportion also approximates the phi ratio as the Obelisk of the Place de la Concorde is the center of the spiral phi ratio illustration when the Arc of Triomphe renders a proportion relative to the start of the body of the Owl Molech in the Louvre gardens. This study will attempt to show how these ley-lines are associated to the key energies as several key numerical coefficients are highlighted. For example, the Tree of Life motif as specifically laid out in the Champ Elysees is replicated almost exactly as the main avenue of the city core of Philadelphia, USA. The Museum of Art is patterned after the Louvre and so on.

The Tree of Life motif is highly esteemed by the Luciferians as a throwback to the Garden of Eden incident when Lucifer as the Shining One, the Serpent beguiled the first humans in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. At that point in time, Eternal Life was forfeited due to the deception of Satan. To reiterate, this is not to say that all those inhabitants that live in such Luciferian world capitals are accomplices. However, the point is that the Luciferian places of habitation are replete with their occultic numerology, sacred geometry and demonic energies that do influence events and people at certain places and at certain times. It is when such an equation is infused to coincide with certain key ley-lines when invoked with ritualistic blood-letting sacrifices that a manifestation of evil is projected and their diabolical agenda is advanced. This was exactly demonstrated on Friday the 13th of November in 2015. This occurred at the ley-lines of the Stade de Paris and the Place de l’Italie in relation to the Bataclan Theatre.

In this particular study the Tree of Life and Serpent ley-lines portrays the financial center of Paris with the Arche De La Defense as the Pleiades. It connotes the ‘head’ of the Serpent and the Champ Elysees and Louvre complex corresponds thus to the Tree of Life as the body. One of the probable reasons why the Pentagram is used and incorporated in such Luciferian world capitals is because it represents the number 5. This sacred geometric motif is the one geometric design that can reproduce itself endlessly and exactly. It basically has the power of reproduction and ‘immortality’ that the Luciferians seek to control and be the masters of, Eternal Life itself. This is in part their Great Work. The Serpent, cobra depiction infused with the Tree of Life is also superimposed by the Owl configuration that is suggested to be another one of the Luciferian’s signature occultic grid formations.

The image is of the Owl that is perched at the apex of the Tree of Life or on top of the ‘Pyramid’ as the All-Seeing Eye of Horus, the Eye of Lucifer. This motif is exactly replicated in The Mall leading up to the Capital Hill of Washington DC and London. Thus, the sacred ley-lines of the Camp Elysees suggest that perhaps the incorporation of the Tree of Life motif is depicting the ‘Serpent’ that runs through the energy points. The suggested outline depicts this very notion of a Serpent design but specifically that of a cobra. This would hold also to the Egyptian iconography of the respective pyramid, pentagrams layouts throughout the city core. The Tree of Life with the Serpent running through it is highly suggestive, but it is a much encrypted motif that is a favorite signature of the Luciferians. As the theme of the Paris core city layout is thematic of the Egyptian gods, it would not be that far-fetched in insinuating that the Serpent rendered is in fact a cobra.

All these Egyptian innuendoes of geometric configurations are validated by the original Obelisk from the Temple of Luxor. It validates the transference of the spirit behind such world powers and as the Bible declares the Principalities behind them. This study also suggests that the Champ Elysees configures an Obelisk from the Port Emaillot to the Crystal Pyramid of the Louvre and coincidentally having the Obelisk from the very Temple of Man in Luxor as a center piece and key energy ley-line. As noted, the Luxor Obelisk is the Egyptian Obelisk that was originally located at the entrance to Luxor Temple, in Egypt. The column was attributed to be a ‘gift’ from Egypt but many of the antiquities from Egypt were acquired by the exploits of Napoleon in the invasion of the Middle East, Egypt, the Levant, etc. This is the very Temple of Man that the Louvre complex is suggested to be built according to the exact specification of the human form. Coincidentally, L’Obelisque was placed in the Place de la Concorde on the very day of the Winter Solstice.

This is yet another example of how the Luciferians chose specific times or dates to coincide with certain specific places that are synchronized to the resonance of celestial timing to harness the energies of the ley-lines. An example of this is the Statue of Liberty that was to be originally erected in Paris but was given to America as a gift by the French Masons; it is a fusion of Isis and Orion. It is a monument to Lucifer the Light Bearer. He is worshiped by the Luciferians as the coming Osiris that will be resurrected in the New World Order of the Golden Dawn of Atlantis. The following are some key measurements taken from the Champ Elysees Serpent Tree of Life configurations.

Statue of Liberty in Île aux Cygnes = .33 miles to Eiffel Tower

From city financial center to Obelisk in Place de la Concorde = 7km
From Port Emaillot to Arch de Triomphe = 33 arcseconds

From Arch Triomphe to Obelisk = 1.3 miles
From Arc Triomphe to tail of Molech Owl of the Louvre = 3.32 km

There are 3 Pyramids of Giza, a correlation is made in that Paris has 3 Islands in the city core.

1. Île de la Cite
2. Île San Louis
3. Île aux Cygnes

Paris Chart 6: A Time Line
The purpose of this illustration is to suggest an approximation of the Louvre complex correlating to not only the Luxor Temple of Man and Molech Owl template but that of the precise latitudes corresponding to the Year-to-Latitude theory. It is suggested that certain key monuments, pyramids, ley-lines, and the like are pegged to certain latitude that corresponds to a year trajectory. If this theory is correct, then the Louvre complex with the Crystal Pyramid suggests a timeline according to the Luciferian Agenda. It suggests that this timeline is based on a 7-year cycle of time. The precise core timetable is that of 2009-2012-2015-2022. What this suggested timeline means remains to be seen precisely. The core year is 5776 or 2015-16 that to the Luciferian is the much-anticipated Year of Light of Lucifer.

7 Year Time Cycles

                           Crystal Pyramid            Entrance Louvre Palace       Edge of Louvre Palace

2002                            2009                                 2015                              

48°51’2”N 2°20’09E = year 2009

The theory is that the Luciferian motif of the truncated unfinished Pyramid has its Pyramidion that depicts this encrypted timeline of 2002-2015-2022. Perhaps this timeline is when the Great Work of the demented Luciferians is to be completed and the New World Order is to be initiated. According to the letters of the Grand Mason, Albert Pike, it will involve a 3rd World War centered in the Middle East that will draw the European and other nations into the fight. This in turn would usher in the New World Order and the last AntiChrist. This last Masonic Empire will last but a short time as Jesus’ returns to cut it short as foretold in the Bible narrative.

As mentioned before, the Louvre is laid out like the Temple of Man in Luxor, Egypt. It was ironically Schwaller de Lubicz, a French mathematician that measured and mapped the Temple at Luxor, Egypt. Like the Great Pyramid, the Temple of Luxor appears to be a time clock of sorts. The temple incorporates sacred geometry and has human body proportions. Some suggest the Temple is a mirror or facsimile of the cosmic grand design as being fashioned as a ‘body’ template itself. The Temple corresponds to the terrestrial coordinates in terms of latitudes and longitude. For example, the Temple correlates to the Earth’s equator both horizontally and vertically with the Energy and Vortices Grids Theories.

Schwaller postulated the concept that ‘Man’ as a being is at the center of the Universe. The Luxor Temple is a physical expression of this correspondence known as the ‘Anthropo-Cosmos Man’. Thus the Temple of Luxor describes the structure of the human body, incorporating its energy centers, or the chakras that this study strongly suggests the same people ‘in the know’ have laid out its template in the very core ley-lines of Paris. As it would appear that the Temple’s geometry is based on human proportions, some suggest that as the Earth is as a ‘body’ in form, so is the Cosmos.

However, according to the Sacred Hebrew Scriptures, Humanity is the crown of YHWH’s Creation made in His Image and likeness as told in Genesis. The distinctive receptacle of this image and likeness is the human form or body. Is unique among all of Creation. According to Genesis, YHVH fashioned the 1st humans out of the red clay of Earth and fused it to life, making it a living Soul from the very Breath of YHVH. Humanity is both physical and spiritual. The human body functions in frequency and resentence cycles of time. For example, the body’s cells regenerate completely every 7 years, etc. Due to sin, the human bodies decay and die as they are composed of the base elements of Earth itself. This death and decay was not the original plan, thus the spirit, soul and body of a human had to be redeemed by the physical body and blood of one that was not subject to such death.

This redemption was obtained by Jesus Christ and because of the cross, the Creator YHVH now can enable the soul, spirit and body of humans to be ‘reborn’. Thus, Humanity can commune once more directly with GOD the Father through Christ the SON in and by the power of the Holy Spirit because of Christ’s redemptive work against the treachery of Lucifer’s deception. Jesus’ Followers await the redemption of the physical bodies at the resurrection of the Death-at the time of the Rapture. They will be given a new ‘Glorified Body’ of pure light that is indestructible and eternal. This is the Promise of Redemption, of spirit, soul and body as the Earth will also be made new at the end of human time based on the account of the book of Revelation chapter 22.

Paris Chart 7: Giza Alignments
The purpose of this illustration is to suggest that the Crystal Pyramid of the Louvre is on a ley-line that composes an adjacent depiction of the Great Pyramid of Giza layout. As the Crystal Pyramid is an entrance or ‘shaft’ into the Louvre, it correlates to the Descending Shaft entrance of the Great Pyramid. In particular the ley-line from the Louvre Pyramid runs to the Palais Garnier that resembles the Descending Shaft to the Pit. The illustration approximates the street grid north of the Louvre Pyramid. It appears that all of the main components of the Great Pyramid are present although skewed. The various yellow arrows on the chart accompanying this study will point to the possible correlation between the street grid and the Great Pyramid design.

There appears to be a correlation to an Ascending Shaft as the ‘Pyramid’ is bisected by the avenues of San Martin, Bonne Nouvelle, etc. Another possible ley-line correlation suggests that the ‘Star Shafts’ that orient themselves to Orion and Draco constellation are also depicted in the street grid although again very skewed due to the actual street layout. What is also very telling is that this ‘Great Pyramid’ template is in approximate phi ratio to the Paris Meridian or Devil’s Line.  This line is pegged to the Paris Observatory established by King Louis XIV.

From this point of reference several measurements will be highlighted to certain famous landmarks that this study suggests have an encrypted significance of where they are situated by design. From the Paris Observatory, the following approximate measurements are noted.

To Bataclan Theatre:              1.88 miles
To Stade de Paris:                  9.99 km and at 322 arcseconds
To Obelisk of Luxor:               1.88 nautical miles
To Place de la Defense:         3.22 miles
To Arc de Triomphe:               322 degree heading

This study suggests that the Owl Molech motif that encompasses the Louvre has an extension that when the ley-lines are elongated, the ‘Owl’ transfers into a ‘Phoenix’. This mythical bird motif is another of the Luciferian favorites to denote ‘Orders’. The configuration suggests that this ‘Phoenix’ is set upon an encrypted Hexagram and the Maltese Cross of the Templars. This highly suggested motif is centered on the Arc de Triomphe. In the occult a Hexagram is a key that is used to open ‘portals’ or gates, doors, etc. The Luciferians thrive on and demand ‘Order out of Chaos’. Their plans depend in part by forging their Satanic ritualistic magic with certain places build on ley-lines and at certain days.

The Louvre complex also is attached to the Owl motif as stated before. This study strongly suggests that it harbors the ancient Luciferian spirit of Molech; that of Abortion and sacrificial bloodletting. Current official abortion rates in France are reported to range around 200,000/year. Unofficial statistics peg this rate at about 1 million. As in other post industrialized western nations, France has had to intake massive amounts of immigration to compensate for those murdered in the womb. The immigration policies of France and Europe have torn the European fabric of unity and identity. Many End Time Biblical scholars believe that to a certain extent this immigration that is mostly Islamic is actually a Trojan Horse. On one level of interpretation it could be the iron not mixing with the clay as depicted in the dream of Daniel concerning the last Luciferian World Order.

Paris Chart 8: Champ de Mars
The purpose of this chart is to show a more detailed layout of the Field of Mars that encompasses the Eiffel Tower complex ley-line grids. This study suggests that the layout configures an Islamic Star and Crescent motif. The Martian theme would be consistent with the correlation that what this study suggests is that the Champ de Mars is copied from the actual Plain of Mars of Cydonia pyramid. The Islamic association would be with the already stated depiction of the Face mausoleum of the deposed and banished king Ala-lu, as in Allah, the Moon Goddess, etc. This symbol is ancient and is pre-Islamic in use and understanding. It is actually an ancient Luciferian motif signifying the Queen of Heaven, Isis or Sirius. It is the counterpart of Orion and the Moon Goddess that modern ‘Virgins’ appear with the Crescent Moon at her base.

The occultic counterpart of the ‘Virgin of Heaven’ is taken from the Book of Revelation chapter 12. This ‘cosmic sign’ is a depiction of the cosmic struggle between the Christs, the Virgins, the Man-Child’s, the Seed of the Woman and the Serpent. An extension of the ley-lines to incorporate the human form appears to also render the iconic Vitruvian Man motif superimposed with arms and legs at rest and outstretched. Another possible motif that comes out of the ley-lines is the Skull and Bones iconography. It is highly suggestive to also occur in this area as depicted in the charts associated with this study although it has a strong resemblance to the layout that is suggested along with the many Pentagrams and Hexagrams through the Paris city core.

It is Lucifer that fell from Heaven and was expelled for his insubordination, pride and rebellion. His quest has been to regain his position as he has temporarily succeeding in usurping YHVH’s authority on Earth over Humanity and its domain. The game-changer occurred when Jesus Christ interjected Himself as the Creator in the flesh to redeem not Lucifer and his Fallen Angels but Adam’s race through the promised Seed of the Woman. This became Lucifer’s destruction. Although the total redemption of the physical bodies of Jesus’ Follower and the Earth await their complete redemption, the totality of the redemption has been completed. What is at work is the Holy Spirit and His Gifts give to Jesus’ Followers to wage war against the strongholds of Lucifer and his human minions in the guise of secret fraternal orders and the like. Jesus’ Followers must realize that their force and power is greater than that of Lucifer’s as good is greater and can and should overpower evil.

Paris Chart 9: Versailles
The purpose of this chart is to show the layout of the Versailles Palace complex outside Paris, France. The various ley-lines and their measurements will highlight the notion that such a place incorporates the Luciferian motifs found in other places around the globe to include the sacred Owl layout as the center piece. To some this motif is an encrypted symbol for the ancient god of Molech. At the apex or pinnacle of the whole Versailles configuration is a sacred geometric layout combination of a Hexagram, Pentagram and Cube. The extended ley-lines of the Versailles grid suggest a Tree of Life template. These ley-lines are in line with the notion that at certain places and at certain times, portal or gates can be pierces using Luciferian magic rituals accompanied by blood sacrifices.

Even the ornate décor of the gates of Versailles shows the intricate design that follows the phi ratio pattern in its proportions. Being the palace abode of the Sun King, as in Light Bearer, it would be not out of the question to have incorporated the Golden Mean. Most if not all of the world’s kings, princes and rulers have incorporated the sacred geometry of the ancient Luciferian counterfeit mystery religions. Such rule the globe at the bequest of their Fallen Cherub that bestows them temporal powers over the nations from the ‘god of this world’ for the time being. The man-made lake is in a configuration of a cross but in this case by way of the orientation is an un-side down one that the Luciferians ascribe to counter the powers of the Holy Spirit of the Christians. The entire Versailles complex is set to an enormous Hexagram that has its focal point on the intersection of this cross which has a 111-degree heading and is in phi ratio proportions.

This cross is actually a Rosicrucian one constructed as a man-made lake with the fountain of Poseidon at its juncture with the Molech Owl configuration of the palace garden. This is the Lord of the Deep Waters, as in the Beast that is to be birthed out of turbulent waters and come from the sea according to the typology given in the book of Revelation. The Versailles Palace garden complex is set upon a 16 square garden grid. In Cabbalism, the 16 square grid is one of the many keys that is used to ward off evil demonic entities. It is .44 nautical miles squared or 2 miles squared. The core Palace itself is a miniature replica of the human form. The Versailles complex suggests an orientation of the rising of the Sun as most ancient temples had their orientation and doors aligned to. Moreover the 3 gate entrances or divisions of the outer courts suggest a typology of perhaps the Temple of YHVH. It had 3 main divisions pertaining to doors or gates a person had to go through and perhaps as it is in Heaven. The following are but a few of the occultic measurements of the Palace itself from the east facing west.

From the front entrance to the 1st Gate =       177.6 yards
From the front entrance to the 2nd Gate =      .33 km
From the front entrance to Palace end   =       .32 miles

Both the Palace and the greater Molech Owl motif are suggested to also follow the Vitruvian Man template as it corresponds to various angles and proportions of the human body, specifically that of the Sun King. Versailles is associated with Louis XIV, known as Louis the Great and the Sun King. He was of the House of Bourbon who ruled as King of France from 1643-1715. The Palace of Versailles, or simply Versailles, was his royal château. The title of Sun King has obvious Luciferian overtones as being the personification of the Light Bearer or Lucifer. Most of the world rulers have had this Messiah complex and that of the AntiChrist spirit of whom it has been given power to rule. His motto on his coinage was stamped Nec Pluribus Impar which is Latin for Not Unequal to Many. The American Counterpart is to this day E Pluribus Unum. It is Latin for One out of Many. These phrases are stamped in the Luciferian seals and engraving along with the money their Money Changers print to rule world by.

Paris Chart 10: The Lines of Terror
The purpose of this chart is to illustrate the possible connection of various Paris ley-lines that could have had a direct connection to the Bataclan Muslim massacre. This segment will provide a short political suggestion behind the apparent False Flag. The Eagles of Death Metal, the band performing at the theater when the attacks occurred is an American rock band from Palm Desert, California formed in 1998. The song Kiss the Devil was playing when the Islamic terrorists recited their magical enchantment of Allah Akbar then ’boom’. The Satanic music lyrics meshed with the call of Allah for blood murder to those that refuse to submit to the Luciferian Moon Goddess’s will, ISIS. This was another Luciferian blood ritual sacrifice reminiscent of 9-11, the great Islamic Luciferian feast day of attack. On Friday, the 13th a perfect brew of Luciferian ley-lines, Satanic music, an occult high holy day, and a murderous religion of Islam fused as one product of terror and death. It was used by the Talmudic Globalists to further their diabolical New World Order incorporated by a particular ley-line on a particular day, the 13th Friday in November of 2015. 

This Satanic ritual was performed while unsuspecting or suspecting minions of his cadre initiated the rite through the magic ritualistic spell through Satanic music as the bombs of Islamic death exploded in the crowd. The counterfeit religious elements throughout history have only left carnage, death, theft, and destruction. It is the spirit of a rejected offering of Cain against Abel. It is the spirit and the signatures of Lucifer and his minions on Earth as such events are orchestrated by the security agencies such as the CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, Masons, etc. For example, Mark Lane, JFK expert and attorney, author of Rush to Judgment, Plausible Denial and Last Word gives a chilling indictment of the CIA in the Murder of JFK. He has 30 years of research into the government’s cover-up and obfuscation about the assassination. 

Another oddity directly related the Bataclan Theatre bombing concerns an omen in 2008. According to several articles such as the Daily Mail, 7 years prior to Friday the 13th, 2015 in November, several Muslim men confronted the Bataclan staff with threats of retaliation for the theatre host pro-Israel events and threatened to bomb the establishment. The number 7 is a complete duration of a time that is completed. There are some conspiracy theories point to the Theatre being Jewish owned for about 40 years since 1976. It was reportedly sold approximately 2 months from the attack. The date the Bataclan Theatre was sold was on September 11, 2015 or 9-11.  

As the blood sacrifice to Allah occurred while the crowd sang Kiss the Devil on Friday the 13th, the study suggests that the location of the Bataclan Theatre was in direct alignment to various Hexagram configuration leading up to the pentacle of an encrypted Isis goddess. The ley-line of Bataclan is but a corner of the pyramid configuration with the Bastille statute of Prometheus at center stage. Prometheus is the Light Bearer, Lucifer which is the god of the Masons and Talmudic Cabbalists among others that seek to enthrone the coming Light Bearer in the New World Order.

According to their Protocols the present Old Order has to be delved into chaos and bloodletting to resurrect their foul Phoenix Fallen Cherub, Lucifer. According to the Bible and other extra-Biblical sources, it is Lucifer that promises ‘light’ to Humanity that of illumination, knowledge, reason, etc. In reality according to Genesis, Humanity initially had that already before the Fall caused by the deceptive light of Lucifer. Lucifer deceived Humanity by using his false ‘light’ to blind and hide on one hand and to reveal on the other; this is his modus operandī. He is the counterfeit to the true Light of the World, Jesus. Lucifer promises freedom to Humanity from YHVH but instead seeks to enslave and destroy Humanity and has since the Garden of Eden.

The Bastille Pyramid has the Place de la Nation as the pinnacle. This pinnacle is none other than an encrypted Star of Isis, Sirius that is the Moon Goddess, Allah. The center ley-line bisects the pyramid at the Prometheus stature at the Bastille intersection. The pyramid base is made up of the ley-lines directed as the corners at the Bataclan Theatre and the Jean Baptiste Lamarck Statue. The place de la Nation or Republique was formerly called the Place du Trône or the Throne. It epitomizes the throne of the Queen of Heaven, the Seat of Satan sitting as ‘Queen’ in terms of its suggested occult geometry.

Lucifer is said to be so beautiful that as Narcissus, he fell in love with himself transforms into goddesses such as Gaia, or Mother Earth, Astarte, Sirius, Cybele, ISIS, etc. Lucifer’s demented nature has been so corrupted that he ascribes his demeanor to that of a transsexual Queen of Heaven and demands the worship of his beauty as such. Both motifs of Cybele at the top of the pyramid and Prometheus at the bottom are a tribute to ‘Venus’, the Bright and Morning Star, Lucifer’s perverted version of one of Jesus’ resurrected titles.

What is rather telling is that on the ley-line from the Place de la Nation Cybele Statue Star of Isis to the Bataclan, at a phi ratio proportion is situated a Hexagram configuration dedicated to Voltaire. From this Hexagram intersection to the Star of Isis pinnacle is approximately 1776 yards and 999 years to the Bataclan Theatre. Voltaire’s actual name was François-Marie Arouet. He was educated by the Jesuits and was initiated by Benjamin Franklin into the Masonic Lodge of Paris. He was against religion, Christianity in particular and is said to have refused to renounce Satan at his death bed.

From Bataclan Theatre to Voltaire Hexagram = 999 yards
Voltaire Hexagram to Place de la Republique = 1776 yards
From Lamarck statue to Paris Observatory     = 1776 smoots

As it has been noted, in the occult, the Hexagram geometric configured upon a Pentagram as configured in the Voltaire street intersection is used as a key. For the purposes of the Luciferians this study suggests that it was initiated to open a conduit for their demonic and Fallen Angelic manifestations of terror and bloodletting to advance their Luciferian global plan specifically in line with the Bataclan Theatre. Is the Luciferian signature of Friday the 13th a hint of who was behind such a mastermind, as in a Cabal or Cabbalistic ritual according to ley-lines, Satanic high holy days, and blood sacrifice by a fusion of religions to murder? The Bataclan was a sacrifice to Lucifer and his Fallen Angels and spirit demons coveting the need for blood–letting.

Could it have been thus that the various ley-lines in tandem with certain Satanic high holy days energized by Satanic music and capped by a religion of murder initiated a further advance to the Agenda of the Synagogue of Satan? One has to ask, Cui Bono? Who stands, or stood to gain from this crime and so might have been responsible for it? Cui Bono literally means who benefited? It is a Latin phrase which is still in use as a key forensic question in legal and police investigations according to Wikipedia definition. The end result of this Luciferian Globalist blood ritual was that it has advanced their New World Order Agenda. It was to have a reluctant France engage in the bombing of Assad’s assets in Syria and demand the ouster of Assad. The Luciferians want Assad out because Syria because of the following conditions existed in that nation.

1. Has no Rothschild Central Bank
2. Permits no GMO in food supply
3. Bans Monsanto seed monopoly
4. Independence Forging Policy
5. Does not support Israel
6. Fighting CIA/MOSSAD ISIS creation
7. Seeks to build offshore oil/gas pipeline
8. No IMF Rothschild foreign debt
9. Only secular Muslim nation in ME
10. Is not a puppet of the Globalists

Like the USA Patriot Act, the French have now also moved to erode their civil liberties; freedom of speech, press, to assemble or criticize the government’s official narrative. Government opposition leaders have been jailed, certain websites alluding to conspiracies have been taken down, etc. The Globalists with their Luciferian Agenda, the Great Work used their counterfeit religions to serve as a conduit for their evil manifestations to push their Agenda forward. Is it no coincidence that the Climate Summit of nations occurred after the Muslim massacre? Could it have been the staging grounds to have the Luciferians advance their diabolical U.N. Agenda 21? This plan sets in motion the mandatory taxation of all nations and peoples into poverty and subjugation for merely having the right of breathing. Could this have been the real reason behind the needed innocent human bloodletting to advance their New World Order? Cui Bono?

Paris a la Giza
The purpose of this illustration is to suggest that the entire Champ de Mars in Paris is configured to the approximate dimensions of the actual Giza pyramid plateau of Egypt. It would stand to reason that if Eiffel inferred that the Tour was in actuality a template of the Great Pyramid, then upon this assumption, the Tour Eiffel becomes the key in laying out the Giza template over the Champ de Mars. When one superimposed thus the Giza pyramid complex onto the Champ de Mars with the Tour Eiffel corresponding to the Great Pyramid then some amazing correlations occur. This Giza pyramid complex template first of all has to be at an approximate 45-degree angle and rotated 180 degree to account for the suggested correspondence of significant landmarks in the Champ de Mars and adjacent vicinities.

Based on the observable Giza pattern that is pegged to the Tour Eiffel as the Great Pyramid, then the UNESCO triangular building corresponds the 2nd pyramid and the Tour Montparasse corresponds to the 3rd pyramid. What is astonishing is that the ley-lines of the Giza pyramid complex nearly almost are identical in slope. One has to consider the scaling of the Champ de Mars complex in regard to the Giza template. The Giza pyramid complex in Egypt is approximately .72 miles from the corner of the Great Pyramid to the corner of the 3rd pyramid is. Interestingly, from the corner of the Tour Eiffel to the Tour Montparasse is 1.72 miles, thus the template has a difference of a factor of 1. As previously noted, the Tour Eiffel is designed with the proportions of the Great Pyramid and the human form. The central pyramid corresponding to the UNESCO world headquarters. It is very telling of just who seeks to have preeminence in the world affairs and quest to unify the world under the false pretenses of peace and safety.

The Tour Montparasse is designed like a monolith. Interestingly the Tour Montparasse is oddly out of place with the architecture of the Paris city core. The tower was voted the second-ugliest building in the world. What this study also suggests is that in keeping with the Mars theme of the ley-lines of Paris, the configurations then have to have a corresponding black monolith. Why? It is because such monoliths have been discovered on Mars. One of the Mars monolith is a rectangular boulder discovered on the surface of Mars. According to NASA’s Buzz Aldrin, there are confirmed monoliths not only on Mars but on Phobos. It was the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter that took the first pictures of it from orbit. Some have even suggested that this moon is artificial much like the Death Star of Star Wars and perhaps from where Lucas derived his storyline in part. These monoliths are purported to be some type of advanced machinery build by the inhabitants of Mars. Such replicas, at least in stone are found throughout the Earth, mainly near ancient pyramid complexes.

The further study of this assertion of the Champ de Mars in Paris being a model of the Giza pyramid complex shows that the pyramid complex has a correlating ley-line to the Sphinx that when superimposed onto the Paris city core, it corresponds precisely to the Grand Palais. It is a large historic site, exhibition hall and museum complex. From this north direction of the circle, a 33-degree arch to the right corresponds to the Place de la Concorde where L’Obelisque is situated and connects the Champ de Mars with the Plains of Mars outside Cairo in Giza. This Obelisk is in phi ratio to the pyramid template. The phi ratio spiral bisects the Great Temple intersecting one side at the precise phi ration point and exiting at the midpoint out of the other side.

The phi spiral also delineates the separation between the 2nd and 3rd pyramid precisely. What is also revealing is that a circle can be incorporated from the 2 edges of the outer pyramids. This circle can thus be bisected, and the center point corresponds to the corner of the 2nd pyramid. In addition, the axis is perpendicular to the Paris Meridian or Devil’s Line. If one connects at a diagonal ley-line of the L’Obélisque in the Place de la Concorde that is on the circle line to the horizontal axis, this in turn will construe a triangle. This triangle in turn serves as the half of the Hexagram that is configured within the entire circle. This circle and hexagram configuration within the Giza pyramid complex upon the Champ de Mars in Paris are suggesting that in fact such a place functions as a Star Gate due to the energy ley-lines and their sacred geometry.

It is suggested that the actual Giza pyramid complex functioned much like this also and that it served, among many other things a timeclock that tracked cosmic, celestial, Earthly time and the Precession of the Equinoxes. It is directly connected with the celestial Star Gates associated with Orion-Sirius and Draco-Ursa Minor, etc. It is after all the well-known researched fact that the Giza pyramid complex is configured to the star belt of Orion. Orion like all the other constellations has a duality of natures that is attributed to the good and dark side of their natures. The following is the suggested cosmic-pyramid configuration correlation.

Orion’s Star Belt       Giza Plains of Mars               Paris Champ de Mars                      
Alnitak                         Kufu                                        Tour Eiffel                                                      
Alnilam                        Kafre                                       UNESCO Building     
Mintake                       Menkaure                                Tour Montparasse     

For example Orion as his true representation is that of the coming hero, Jesus. He is the Messiah that is a warrior and Prince of Peace fighting the Shining One Lucifer that was defeated at the cross of Calvary. The Luciferians, as the great counterfeiters that they are attempted to usurp the motif for their own twisted paradigm and beguile the masses with. To them, Orion is Osiris, Ba’al, and Apollo in the order of Nimrod the first U.N. world leader. In actuality, he is ascribed to be Lucifer that opposes himself against a supposed tyrannical and unfair Creator. They proudly believe that YHVH wrongfully judged and expelled Lucifer and his banished Fallen Angels for seeking to do ‘good’.

A Critique of UNESCO
Since this study strongly suggests that the UNESCO building correlates to the 2nd pyramid of the Giza complex, a general critique of this Luciferian agency will be made that is pertinent to the study of the occultic ley-lines of Paris in the wake of the Friday the 13th Muslim massacre that took place in November of 2015. UNESCO stands for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It is a specialized agency of the United Nations for the supposed purpose of promoting ‘peace and security’. This is to be done by promoting international collaboration through education, science, and culture. This on the surface would appear a noble cause and such work is done on the surface.

However, this study suggests that it is nothing of the sort but another Luciferian front to further the New World Order Agenda. What is that Agenda? Huxley’s Brave New World. It is a world of Anti-Christian, humanistic and ecumenists with a racist agenda of global de-population and genocide. The efforts of this globalist machinery are being undertaken under the pretext of advancing ‘universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights’. They do not publicize that fact that this paradigm requires the obliteration of sovereign, individual human, and civil rights as the State, in this case the world State is the supreme maker of law and enforcer of what is moral and good. Such a paradigm has already been exposed to being totally contrary to such great human achievement such as the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Right, and the Bible for example.

What is very telling about this U.N. Lucius Trust Satanic Agenda is seen in the likes of its founders. It was created after World War 2, but its work had been carried out by Hitler. He was the primary world leader that was implementing the precise edicts of eugenic genocide and the merging of state and corporations, otherwise known as Fascism. Other world leaders would follow, such as Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot that disintegrated the family nucleus, banned firearms, force the masses into forced re-education camps for mind control and forced labor. UNESCO’s founding Director-General was Julian Huxley. He was a British ‘social Darwinian’ bent on eugenics and globalism. In other words, he like many now was one who would force vaccinate the masses, force sterilization for de-population purposes and eradicate sovereign borders.

These policies have actually been implemented in the 3rd World since then and are now being forced in the West. In 1959 he was even given an award for his part in Planned Parenthood that has been the agency of mass murder of defenseless newborn humans and the sale their body parts for profit. He later was part in establishing the World Wildlife Fun (WWF). There is nothing wrong with protecting the animals as many are abused by humans, but the agency is again one that uses such noble pretexts to eradicated the divine right of law Humanity has been given. All this directive are now part of the modus operandi of UNESCO policy. Huxley was a complicated mind as he was known to hate the Soviet version of communism but was an ardent leftist and visited the Soviet Union several times.

It was the USSR that was the guinea pig of the eugenicists at the time and he used the populations for their experiments in wholesale. For example, it was his involvement with the imprisonment and eventual death of a leading Soviet agricultural scientist Vavilov that wanted to strengthen the seeds in agriculture. Huxley blocked this and it resulted in mass crop failures and starvation of millions during the Stalin 1950’s 5-Year plans. It also contributed to the droughts and the man-made ecological disaster of the Ural Sea, etc. This is but the tip of the iceberg of the Satanic Agenda to enslave and destroy Humanity and the Planet in the guise of ‘saving’ it with such Orwellian eugenicist policies that are to be implemented under Agenda 21 by the U.N. Incredibly, Huxley actually wrote to Orwell, author of the book 1984, congratulating him on how within a generation the State would implement the conditioning known as narco-hypnosis. It would be an instrument for the State to mind control their people, i.e., through television programing.

He is the one that stated that the masses needed to be enslaved in such a way that they would love their imprisonment and master. This is much like the Stockholm Syndrome where a victim falls in love with their captors. It was Julian’s brother Aldous Huxley that wrote the Brave New World, set in a dystopian London after a post-nuclear war. His vision was to condition humanity at will; as to what was good or bad. He is the one that had no conscience in the torture babies into rejecting the beauty of flowers for example and conditioning them to love ugliness. The State was the ‘god’ of what was to be deemed beautiful, moral, or right. It was a book on the protocols of how to torture, mind control and sterilize humanity. It set the State up as the educator and progenitor of who was to be born and where and what one could do for work.

He like his brother although rejecting Biblical Christianity were staunch followers of the occult and Luciferian spiritual entities. Although they were hailed as the top intellectuals and brightest minds of the day, they were of a depraved mind and enemies of Humanity if one truly compares what they envision for their Brave New World vs. what YHVH promised in the Millennial reign to come under Jesus. One can see how depraved these sorts of men where based on their own philosophy that was Luciferian at its core written in the books they wrote. Yet their protocols are the UNESCO’s manifesto. It is well researched that they delved into the paranormal and mysticism. He later taught eastern meditation and spiritual practices that pierced the veils to the demonic realm as he often took drugs to alter his mind and commune with those entities.

It is even documented that he made a written request to his wife at his last moments before death for one last trip with LSD. He could think that LSD could be his escape for death and his eventual appearing before the Creator of the Universe and Humanity that is forged in the likeness of the same. It is YHVH that is moral and just and is the arbitrator of what is beautiful, good, and evil. The Bible declares that YHVH is righteous, meaning always does what is right and there is ‘no shadow of turning in Him’, meaning there is no darkness or lie, nor does He deceive like Lucifer. In contrast, He does not condition anyone by torture or mind control to obey. YHVH warns and admonishes through love and compassion and sacrificial giving, i.e., Jesus.

He does not want to force sterilize humanity but has given the divine command to ‘go and multiply’ and fill the Earth. It is not that the Earth is overpopulated, it might be crowed in some areas only because people congregate. There is more than ample resources, water, food and energy to sustain billions more. What the Luciferian Talmudic Globalists and others have done is to manipulate, withhold, suppress, and destroy resources. They in fact like Henry Kissinger taught, use food for example as a weapon and starve millions. According to the book of Revelation these Huxley and Orwellian protocols will be implemented. It will be through such agencies as UNESCO and their Agenda 21 protocols of the Elders to subjugate the masses to their own means and re-create Humanity into Lucifer’s image.

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