Fentanyl Epidemic

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Now the rest of Mankind who were not Killed by these Plagues still did not Repent of the Works of their Hands. They did not stop Worshiping Demons and Idols of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Stone, and Wood, which cannot See or Hear or Walk. Furthermore, they did not Repent of their Murder, Sorcery [Pharmakeía -Drugs], Sexual Immorality, and Theft’. -Revelation 9:20-21

The purpose of this study is to bring to one’s Attention how China is essentially waging an Opiate War against the USA, it is its Revenge. It is using the Southern Border as its Beach Head, literally as, one is presenting the Theme that as the Opium Wars against China were used to Destabilize and Destroy China’s Greatness, so too, now has China taken Revenge on the USA, in particular and the West in general. One will show how Experts working at the Southern Border speak about the Dangers and Infiltration of the Mexican Cartels that have now been supplied by all that is needed to spread this New Wave of Drugs, mainly the Fentanyl Epidemic across the USA and what that means.

First, one will provide a very simplistic Synopsis of what were the Opium Wars of the 1830s and 1850s. It will involve the ‘Usual Suspects’ of the Globalists seeking to take over Nations and how through Drugs, it provided a way to weaken the Population to make it that much easier to Control, Manipulate and ultimately to Destroy them. That is what happened to the once Mighty and Great Chinese Empire, Society and Civilization.

The West brought it down by fostering the Opium Trade. So, get that right, it was the Nations of the United Kingdom and France, mainly that imposed the Opium Trade. In other words, the Governments of these Nations were involved in the Drug Trade in pushing and distributing the Drug. It has been no different as to why, some Researchers also claim was the Main Reason for the USA invading Afghanistan. Why? When the Taliban took over the Nation from a Russian-Backed Government, the Taliban banned Drug Use and the growing of it.

All the Opium and Heroin Trade stopped in the World as 90% of all Opium comes from this Region. And guess who was ordered to protect the Poppy Fields? That Task was assigned to the U.S. Army. Yes. There are even Newsreels of Reporters asking U.S. Soldiers in the Field, why they were protecting the Opium that ends-up in the Streets of U.S. Cities and are killing their Friends back Home? What has become an issue, was that like Crack Cocaine, the CIA was transporting the Drug to the Inner Cities. The Target Population were the Blacks. Nothing was really done. But what Fentanyl has done is that this Drug has now infiltrated the Average Middle Class Suburban Family.

Historical Perspective

And it is not just the Youth or the Teenagers that are using them, but now their Fathers and Mothers along with them are Addicted now. So, as to the Opium Wars against China? The Rise of Europe in the 1830, thanks to the Industrial Revolution, provided the Military Might to enforce the Will of the West upon China. This is referred to by Historians as ‘Gun-Boat Diplomacy’, as that is what the British and the French did. They sent their Navy and Marines to force China’s Ruling Government to capitulate and allow the Opium Trade to proceed. The Chinese had banned the Trade of Opium to its People because they knew that the Drug is highly Addictive and Deadly.

And sure enough, the People of China, once a Mighty Civilization spanning 1000s of Years, was reduced to Street Addicts, ‘Hooked’ on Opium. And this effort by the West was to deliberately Destabilize the Population. The Chinese Population got Dumbed-Down. Innovation and Productivity suffered. Innovation and Society basically collapsed to the Point that the West came in and took over. The Chinese that were alarmed of what would be the inevitable tried to ward-off the West, but the Chinese Military Tactics and Technology was Inferior at this point. It was because the Chinese did not invest in their Military, as they should have. Nor did they take part in the European and American Industrial Revolution to have benefited from it, at that time.

As a result, the Chinese called this the ‘Century of Humiliation’. And they had not forgotten. They were forced to Pay for the Wars, and open-up Permanent Trading Posts or Ports to the West that were Sovereign. This is where you had, for example, the establishment of Hong Kong for the British, Shanghai, and Macau for the Portuguese, etc. But nearly every European Power had a Trading Post on the Chinese Coast, the Dutch, Spanish, French, etc. So, fast-forward to the 2010’s. Now the Chinese have risen Economically and Militarily, thanks to George W. Bush, being Ambassador to China and Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State and former President Clinton, in prior Years. They essentially were instructed by the Luciferian Globalist to ship all Manufacturing in the USA to China. They Sold-Out the USA.

This Rapid Industrialization of China has lifted 800 Million Chinese out of Poverty, that came about thanks to Capitalism. Notice what produced a Vibrant Economy that was allowed to flourish in China for the 1st Time since Communism took over. Imagine every American of the 330 Million Persons in the USA, not being under the Poverty Line? It is possible, but the Powers-That-Be, do not want this to occur. Why not? Foremost, it is an issue of Control. The Luciferian Elites that rule the World, do not want a Vibrant, Educated, Rationale and Drug Free Population.

They do not want Innovation, Free Thought, and especially Bible or Christian-Centered Morality. No, they want Free Sex, Free Drugs, Free Gender, Free Abortion, etc. It is to Degrade and to Control the Population. And such Demonic Spirits feed-off the Misery of the Outcomes of such a Nation, Depraved and Perverse that ravages the Psyche of those entrapped by the Addictions of Sex, Drugs and Alcohol, etc. It is really a Spiritual War as the Bible states. In the Book of Revelation, one sees a Glimpse of the Source of what Drugs are really all about. It is about Sorcery and casting Spells through Potions.

Pharmakeía Sorcery

The Greek Word for Sorcery is Pharmakeía. It is the Root Word from where ‘Pharmacy’ comes from. This is why the Drugs used, aside from their Medical Benefit and proper use, are being misused, abused and deliberately introduced to a Population that cannot Resist, nor wants to in the USA. And that has been the Revenge of China. The Main Element or ‘Weapon’ of Choice is not Opium as the West used against China in the 1840s. Now it is through Fentanyl. The following is according to Research from Wikipedia about Fentanyl, in Paraphrase Format.

‘Fentanyl is a potent Synthetic Piperidine Opioid primarily used as an Analgesic. It is 50 Times more Potent than Heroin and 100 Times more Potent than Morphine. Its Primary Clinical Utility is in Pain Management for Cancer Patients and those recovering from Painful Surgeries. Fentanyl is also used as a Sedative. Depending on the method of delivery, Fentanyl can be very Fast Acting and ingesting a relatively small quantity can cause Overdose and Death.


Fentanyl was 1st synthesized by Paul Janssen at Perdue University.

Approved for Medical Use in the United States.


1,600 Kilograms (3,500 Pounds) were used in Healthcare Globally.

Fentanyl was the most widely used Synthetic Opioid in Medicine.

It was the 278th most commonly Prescribed Medication in the United States, with more than 1 Million Prescriptions. It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines.

Fentanyl continues to fuel an Epidemic of Synthetic Opioid Drug Overdose Deaths in the United States. From, prescription opioid deaths per year remained stable, while synthetic opioid deaths per year increased from 2,600 overdoses to 70,601.

The United States National Forensic Laboratory estimates Fentanyl Reports by Federal, State, and Local Forensic Laboratories increased from 4,697 reports in 2014 to 117,045 reports.

Fentanyl and its Analogues have been responsible for most Drug Overdose Deaths in the United States, causing over 71,238 Deaths. Fentanyl constitutes the majority of all Drug Overdose Deaths in the United States since it overtook Heroin in 2018. 

Fentanyl is often Mixed, Cut, or Ingested alongside other Drugs, including Cocaine and Heroin. Fentanyl has been reported in Pill Form, including Pills mimicking Pharmaceutical Drugs such as Oxycodone.

Mixing with other Drugs or disguising as a Pharmaceutical makes it difficult to determine the Correct Treatment in the case of an Overdose, resulting in more Deaths. In an attempt to reduce the Number of Overdoses from taking other Drugs mixed with Fentanyl, Drug Testing Kits, Strips and Labs are available. Fentanyl's ease of Manufacture and High Potency makes it easier to produce and smuggle, resulting in Fentanyl replacing other Abused Narcotics and becoming more widely used.’


And this is where the Chinese and the Mexican Cartels come into play pertaining to the USA’s Demise. It is a Silent War that is not being Reported. Others would say, ‘What we need is for the U.S. Government to Stop this and Intervene!’ Really? The Point is that the U.S. Federal Government is in on this Trade. It always has been. For the USA, it really started with the End of World War 2. With the Project Paper-Clip, the U.S. Military and its various Intelligence Agencies that later became the CIA and NASA, took most or as many of the former German Nazi Scientist they could get their hands on.

These Scientists just continued with their Research, now working for the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, not the People. And then during the Vietnam War, some Historians and Research, again, assert that 1 of the Main Reason for invading Vietnam was to ‘Hook’ a Generation on South-Asian Drugs and smuggle them back to the USA, in Dead American Soldiers Coffins. And that is exactly what happened. That Time was a Nexus of Convergence with the Sexual Revolution, Free Love, Feminism, and the Drug Culture. And all that was fueled by the Drug Trade that was facilitated by the very U.S. Military and Government that only pays ‘Lip-Service’ about ‘Fighting’ the Drug War, etc.

Presently, it is through the President’s Administration and the Leftist Immigration Policies that have opened the Border to the Point that People from around the World are just able to now ‘Walk Over’. No Questions Asked. And with such a Border, the Chinese and Mexican Cartels could not be more happy about it. Thus, it is the Revenge of China, in one’s Estimation. Why is China helping the Cartels bring this Fentanyl over the Border into the USA? It is because the Chinese see the Border, the Drugs as Instruments of War.

It is how they are helping to Infiltrate every corner of the USA, from the Inner Streets of the Zombie Drug Zones of its Big Cities to the average Suburban Home in Silicon Valley to the Indian Reservation of Remote Montana. See Kingston Philadelphia, PA Zombie Zones. That is how pervasive the Infiltration and the Destruction of this Addictive Drug or Pharmakeía has become. It is a Spell cast upon the USA that has also chosen to accept. Why? It is filling the Void, the Vacuum that only Jesus is meant to satiate.

China and Mexico are the Primary Agents trafficking Fentanyl into the USA. However, it is not the only Factor as Human Sex Trafficking and Gun-Running are part of it. What has happened to the Mexican Cartels, is that they have been Militarized, with the Help of China’s Military ‘Assistance’. What Americans do not realize is that in Mexico, presently, there is a De-Facto Civil War going on. It is with the Cartels vying for Territory. It is against the Mexican Government. But they are only causing a ‘Cat-and-Mouse’ Appearance to appease the People of Mexico and give the Impression to the World.

A Sick Society
But the Impression that they are dealing with the ‘War on Drugs’ is a Farce and no difference in the USA. The USA spent 43.7 Billion Dollars on the War on Drugs in 2023 alone. But the CIA is the most powerful Drug Cartel in the World. Look into the Story and Execution of the Reporter that exposed this in the 1990s, Gary S. Webb. He was a Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Reporter, who wrote a series of Stories linking the CIA to Crack Cocaine Trafficking that started in Los Angeles. It then spread across the USA, in mainly Poor Black Inner-City Ghettos. Most Mexican Government Officials are linked to and work for the Cartels. There is a Saying in Mexico, ‘Plomo o Plata?’. It translates to ‘Lead or Silver’.

It means, when the Cartels give you this Option as a City, State or Federal Official, ‘You want a Bullet in your Head or Money in your Wallet?’ In many Regions of Mexico, entire Towns are controlled and run by the Cartels. What is happening now in the USA, is that especially in Rural, Agricultural Regions of the USA, the Cartels have increased Influence and Power over those areas. What China is doing is providing the Ingredients to the Mexicans which are making a more Potent and Pure form of Fentanyl. But what is more Alarming and being allowed by the U.S. Government, is that for the most part, the influx of Chinese Nationals are not only of Military Age.

Reports from former Mexican Counter Narcotics Agent, Ed Calderon, attests that they are Members of the Chinese Intelligence. But it is the Cartels that control the Flow of the Drugs, Human Trafficking to include Sex slaves involving little Boys and Girls. These have been bused to the Border by Agencies funded by supposed ‘Non-Profit’ Groups. It is a Worldwide Luciferian Racket. And as it has been reported, a lot of Human Sex Trafficking is going on. Did you realize that Arizona is the Kidnapping Capital of the USA? Little Girls walking from School are being Targeted and Kidnapped in broad Daylight. In Mexico? Africa? Asia, Europe? No, in the ‘Good Ole USA’.

Of course, Kidnapping occurs all over the World, but the Point is that what once was a ‘Secure’ and Safe Isolated USA, protected by 2 Oceans, is no more. And having a Society graving and indulging in such Sins of this type of Drug and Sex was unheard of. It is an issue of Supply and Demand. Realize that presently, the Nation on Earth that has the most Demand for Drugs and Under-Age Sex is the USA. Can a Righteous GOD allow this to continue indefinitely? Sure, Drug Use, the Under-Age Sex Market and Child Sacrificing, i.e., Planned Parenthood, has always existed since Eden.

Israel, supposedly YHVH’s Chose to be a Nation of Holy Priests, Prophets and Kings ended-up placing their Newborns in the Flames of the Fiery Arms of Molech throughout the High Places in Israel. But it was because the ‘Chosen People’ and Nation capitulated to the Sorcery or Pharmakeía and the Perverted Practices of their Neighbors. YHVH had commanded Israel to Destroy them. But He warned that if Israel would follow such Practices, that they too would be Destroyed. This unfortunately happened 3 Times. And Israel is still suffering the Consequences to this Day. One’s Point is that Jesus will not allow the USA to escape such similar Punishment. The Generation of Lot and Noah saw this Culminating Judgment come to a Head.

A Gate-Way Drug
The USA will reap what it has sown and has chosen. But thanks to Social Media and Porn being allowed and readily available, the Demand for Drugs and Sex has reached a new Level of Depravity. From what was once relegated to the Fringes of a Sick Society has become ‘Trending’ and Normalized into Mainstream Society. Welcome to the ‘Only-Fans States of America’. And realize also that most of the ‘Migrants’ at the Border are no longer just the Majority Mexican seeking Work. These are People from Venezuela, Central America, China, Iran, the Middle East, Africa.

It has become an ‘Open Welcome Mat’ without any proper Vetting of who has been allowed into U.S. Society and its Streets. Furthermore, as one is a Migrant, having legally entered into the USA, such Illegal Migrants have reinforced the Stigma of the Illegals being nothing but Rapists, Thieves, Criminals and Drug Dealers. Now, one can vouch that a lot of them are. What many Countries in Latin America have done is to empty-out their Prisons. That is what Fidel Castro did during the 1980s with the Wave of Immigration to South Florida. As a result, it became the Murder Capital of the World at that Time.

There have even been YouTube Videos surfacing of Chinese Nationals, showing-off their Skills at shooting a Pistol. And the Problem? What are ‘Migrants’ doing with Guns, making Precision Shots? Realize that in China, only the Military issues and trains their Men and Women with Guns. Can you put the 2 and 2 together? Oh, but wait, in the USA, the School System is now teaching that 2 + 2 is not 4 anymore. ‘Houston, We Have a Problem’. What also occurred in the USA in the Mid-2010s, is that to combat the Drug Epidemic and Crime and Addiction associated with it, how about Legalizing it? It started with Medical Marijuana.

So, fast-forward to 2024. The State of Oregon has repealed some of the most Laxed Laws of Recreational Drugs as the Crime and Overdose has exploded to the Levels that even the Leftists are saying, they need to Tighten the Noose. One works at a University that has administered Certification Exams for various Programs. On 2 occasions, there were Counselors, Professionals that were testing for Drug Rehabilitation and Counseling Services. They both worked in the State Prisons counseling Inmates. This was during the Time in California that Decriminalized Possession of certain amounts of Marijuana, etc. One took the opportunity to directly ask them, being that they are ‘On-the-Ground’ and dealing directly with the Inmates on a Daily Basis.

One asked, ‘Do you think, in your Honest Assessment, if this Law allowing Marijuana to be legal will be a ‘Good Thing’ or not and what will be the Outcome?’ Guess what they both said, without any Hesitation? Now one realizes that this was not a ‘Scientific Study’ or from a Survey taken of a Random Sample across the State, etc. But what one found very interesting, was that without a Doubt, they stated, ‘Marijuana is a Gate-Way Drug and it will lead to Hardcore Drug use. And with that, expect a substantial increase in Crimes, Armed Robberies, Burglaries, Overdoses and Death. It will increase the Cartels' Power and Influence on the Streets’. And that has been what exactly has occurred. It is the Plan.

Destabilization of a Society

How the Chinese came to Mexico was through the Pharmaceutical Companies that were established there already. What the Chinese did was to suggest to the Mexican Cartels to take the Low Grade Meth and add Fentanyl to it and increase the Purity and Potency. This is what has become Deadly. In some cases, just a mere Drop or part of a Pill, that are now mass produced in the Millions, in batches can Kill a Grown Adult. Imagine what that will do and is doing to those Middle Grade School Children that are experimenting with Drugs when they will eventually end-up trying Fentanyl?

It is a Catastrophe for the USA. It is a War on the Children and what is the Media and the Government pushing on the Schools rather? Gender Identity and Sex Change and Pronouns. And now in California, if a Student, a Minor is confused about what Gender they are or want to be, and is ‘Questioning’, and the Parents object, the State has not the Legal Power to take such Children away from their Parents, so they can have a Sex Change. According to Ed Calderon, for example, during the COVID Chinese Lock-Downs, that were Drastic and Draconian to the Point that entire City Blocks and Buildings were literal welded-shut, People were jumping out of their windows in desperation and were suiciding themselves.

The Worldwide Supply Chain essentially stopped. And recall all those Chinese Cargo Ships that were anchored off the Coast of the Port of Los Angeles, etc. Yet, according to Calderon, the Shipment to make Fentanyl by the Chinese to the Mexican Ports continued. Such Shipments were allowed to go through. And the U.S. knew this. Thus, this is how the ‘Revenge of China’ has come about. They are doing what the English and the French did to the Chinese during their Opium Wars and China Lost. Their Empire collapsed and they became a 3rd World Impoverished Agrarian Society ruled by Communist Totalitarianism that Murdered more than 90 Million Chinese of their own People, by some Estimates. That was the Plan.

And this is what is going to happen to the USA, eventually. The Trajectory and Trend is the same Play from the Play-Book of the Luciferians that control the Nations, for now. It is a War, a Silent War, to Subvert and Destabilize the Society; to Hook them on Drugs to then Impoverish them to more easily Control and Destroy them. This is what happened to China. Thus, this is how the Chinese are waging War against the USA. They are using the Cartels as Proxies, much like Iran is with Hamas, the Houthis, and Hezbollah to Infiltrate and Destroy Israel. It is through the Cartels that this Revenge of China is being perpetrated, and the U.S. Administration is looking the other way.

What Americans are not realizing is that Mexico has also gone ‘Woke’, but on a Political Level, it is 1-sided. The Government is Pro-China. And China has given Technology to Mexico, with the USA’s Blessing, to convert it into a Giant Chinese Credit System Society. It will be a Surveillance State, just in Time for the Luciferian Globalist Reset and New World Order. Now Mexico has always been a 1-Party State, but since the early 1990s, a Multi-Party Opportunity came about when for the 1st Time in Mexican History, Democracy was actually allowed. This is no longer the case as the Military has basically taken over all facets of Governance in Mexico. Is that not Good?

Supply and Demand
It would be but it has made a Pact with the Devil or the Cartels to be Associated with. And the appearance of a Drug War against the Carels is just a Façade for the News Headlines and to Save Face in the International Community of Nations, that is all. And? Consider why Mexico is leaning towards China. It is a Poor Decision economically. Less than 2% of their Trade is with China. It is the USA that accounts for 50% of Mexico’s Foreign Investment, with 78% of Trade being with the USA. It makes no sense. Exactly.

What this means is that the same Luciferian Globalists want to make, and are making the USA, like Mexico, like Venezuela, essentially a State-Run, 1 Party Oligarchy Rule of the Masses, China Style. It will happen. Why? That is what the Bible says the World will end-up looking like and being, i.e., the Mark of the Beast, etc. So, how did the USA get here? Dumb-Down the Population. Get them Addicted to Drugs, Sex. Confuse them about what is Real, as in Gender. In their stupor, Control them. Destabilize the Society and add-on Inflation to impoverish everyone with Debt, etc.

Then allow Mass Immigration of an Open Border. Allow Drugs and Human Sex Trafficking, etc. But the Icing on the Cake will be when the successful implementation of Gun Confiscation will actually go through. As it is, the U.S. Government, thanks to the Leftists, have essentially done away with the 2nd Amendment. There are so many Regulations imposed on possessing Guns, that it is hard for Law-Abiding People to Own and Use Guns without going to Jail for infractions.

But of course, it is the Criminals and the Cartels that operate with Impunity. Now, as to the ‘Sins’ of the USA? Why is there more Depression, Suicides, Mental Health Issues in this Last Generation? It has had the most Wealth, Health, Food, and Opportunity of any Peoples since Adam in Eden? It is because of how one heard from this Amazing Young Chirstian Woman, on Social Media, explain the Gospel. It is about having one’s Life Source rooted in Jesus, in the following way. One will substitute YHVH for ‘GOD.

YHVH spoke to the Sea and Fish were Created.
YHVH spoke to the Ground and a Tree was Created.
When YHVH Created Man, He spoke to Himself, and Man was created.

If you take a Fish out of Water, it will Die.
If you take a Tree from the Ground, it will Die.
If you take a Person away from YHVH, that Person will Die.

This was and is an Amazing and Simplistic Explanation of what happens when a Person, a State, or a Nation, a World turns its Back on the Life-Support YHVH or Jesus provides. And it is then Drugs, Sex and other ‘Idols’ or Sins that People use to attempt in giving them the ‘Life Support’ only Jesus can provide. And when such Sin and Pleasure for the Moment fades, like an Addiction, a Harder Form has to be constantly strived for. Thus, the harder forms of Drugs, Sex and Idolizing, etc. But it is Jesus who stated that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the Gate that every Human must willfully choose to enter through to be Saved. One’s Body, Soul and Spirit are on the Line. It is only Jesus, who is the Bread of Heaven that can truly satisfy one’s Souls and cravings.

Power of the Resurrection
Jesus has the Power of the Resurrection that can and does bestow New Life. He has the Power to break any Addiction and Lust. And the Luciferian’s know This. This is why they are going all-out, as the Love of Many is growing Cold. They know that their Time is Short. Lucifer wants to Destroy and DRAG as many Humans to Hell and the Lake of Fire with him. The Solution? It is really a simplistic Answer on 1 Level. On a Spiritual Level, People just need to Repent or Turn, change one’s Mind. The Problem. People must want to do this. 

Most do not, as that is what the Bible says, the Prevailed Attitude of the People of the World will be characterized by. The other Solution is based on Economics. It is the Notion of ‘Supply and Demand’ as one mentioned. But this 2nd Level cannot really succeed without the 1st Level being achieved. If the Demand is not there, there is no Supply needed. What China and the Mexican Cartels are only doing is providing the Supply to the Demand in the USA for such Sins.

And as noted, this Type of Perverted Demand is coming from the USA, inordinately compared to the other Nations of the World. Why? It is so bad, that it is pervasive now throughout the entire Society and Culture that is ‘Celebrated’. Why? Again, because the USA has turned its Back on Jesus. Thus, this is the Solution. The USA can Repent and Return. The USA had 3 Major ‘Great Awakenings’ during its most Dire Times of Trouble and threat to its Survival. It did pull through, but will it again in these Last Days?  What will the USA choose instead? But as for China’s Part in this Opiate War of Revenge? China has Flooded the USA with Drugs, Spy Balloons and COVID. One’s Point is that the U.S. Government knew and knows about all this and is complaisant. Everyone should read Sun Tzu's ‘Art of War’.


Released July 2020: Sheepsong Productions

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