Image Bearers of the Creator

  • Is the Sacred Name of the Creator 'Encoded' in DNA?
  • What is the 'Signature of GOD' and where is it from?
  • Why are Humans Different and Special above others?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then Elohim said, Let Us make Man in Our Image, after Our Likeness, to Rule over the Fish of the Sea and the Birds of the Air, over the Livestock, and over all the Earth itself and every Creature that crawls upon it. So Elohim created Man in His own Image; in the Image of Elohim He created him; Male and Female He created them’. -Genesis 1:26-27

Thank you for the purchases and question. The following is a long reply but taken from the Write-up I have not posted yet online about it. The concept is not one’s Original Idea or Theory, as there are numerous Articles and Videos about how the 4-Letter Hebrew Letter Name of the Creator, Y-H-V-H is synonymous with the Human 4-Letter DNA Sequence of A-T-C-G and/or Chemical Equation. But to have configured the Graphics, that has been totally one’s Original Idea.

Allow me to give a Background for Context of the Posters and Graphic Configurations. One’s first exposure to ‘Codes’, hidden in Text, started when the Book came out by Drosnin, entitled, The Bible Code in 1997. Then since around 2009, one started Researching and Configuring Bible Codes Charts. This was only possible as Jewish Rabbis who studied ‘Hidden’ Codes in the Torah provided an Open-Source Free Download of their Torah Code Software. This Software was later pulled from the Internet.

One does not have, like a specific Source that one used or came across the YHVH Name linked to Human DNA. It has been due to a Comprehensive Journey of Research, that has had its Premise correlated to such a Prophetic Number-to-Letter Sequencing. The issue for one, was that as a Graphic Artist, on the side, none of the prior Researcher expounding on the Theory had adequately portrayed the Depiction in its simplified form. How it all started was that back in early 2020 when the COVID-19 Plandemic Hit, one suspected something was not ‘Right’ about the Virus and its origins.

One is a Researcher and works at a State University. One is a Statistician who was in charge of the Testing Office and dealt with Tests, Numbers and Statistics before the Office was permanently closed with the ‘Excuse’ of the COVID-19 Mandated Lock-Downs, etc. With such Research Skills, one started Researching the Topic of COVID-19, but in so doing, realized just how much of it was and is based on Basic Biology and Chemistry. With only limited Course-Work of such Subject Matter taken in College, at least one had a Primary Understanding when especially certain Doctors, Scientists and other Researchers started to contradict the Official Scientific Narrative.

Code Correlations

What were those Contradictions? It was that the COVID-19 was Made-Made, Bio-Engineered. That the Injection would not be a ‘Vaccine’. And that it was a New Technology and Experimental. And that it would change the DNA of Humans,  among many other Dangerous Effects, etc. In fact, the Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer bragged about it a few Years prior. He stated in a TED Talk of how their New mRNA ‘Vaccine’ would essentially be Designed to exactly do that, change the DNA in Humans.

They called it the ‘Software of Life’. With such New mRNA Technology, now that the Human DNA is Numerically Sequenced, it is Digitized and can be Encoded, to be ‘Re-Engineered’, as simple as a Computer Program, etc. The following are a few Research Papers, including the Swedish Study that prove, Scientifically, that mRNA does ‘Transcribe’ into the DNA of Human Cells.

Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line


Pfizer mRNA vaccine goes into liver and changes into DNA, Swedish study finds


Translation: DNA to mRNA to Protein


Development of mRNA Vaccines: Scientific and Regulatory Issues


Messenger RNA (mRNA)


Of course, the Paid Fact Checkers deny the Science. But back to the Name YHVH to DNA and Chemical Compound correlations. My Research Journey has gone on since 2020 and in that time, one has published 6 Books on COVID-19 and how it is not what is being Broadcasted. What is at the core of the issue is the New mRNA type of Injections. They have never been Tested on Humans in a Formal Clinical Setting. The present ones have stopped for the Pfizer Shots. Their Preliminary 3-Year Study Trials are supposed to be released soon.

The Release Time is scheduled for some time in late 2022 and/or early 2023, as to the Effects of such Shots. But as it has come to light, from Pfizer Leaked Documents, there is a Cover-Up of how disastrous the mRNA Injections are Wreaking Havoc on Humans. And the Media, Politicians, the WHO, CDC, NIH in the USA and other Nations have been and are being Complacent in this ‘COVID’ Catastrophe. This is where it does cross over into the ‘Conspiratorial’ Territory to some even now, but only because what was warned about by the Scientists and Doctors has all come True.

Image Bearers

So, in the course of doing the Research on COVID-19, one has had to read a lot of the Scientific Papers. One has had to re-learn the Basics of Biology and Chemistry, which is easy to do with either Books or online Video Teachings. Some are very good. Back to the mRNA type of New Technology. What became central to the Issue and Topic of mRNA when it does change the Human DNA. Why is this such a Concern. It is because the Human DNA Code is what makes Humans distinct from other Beings created on Earth. And that according to the Bible, Human Beings are the ‘Image Bearers’ of the Creator.

No other Being in the Created Universe of all that exists has been fashioned this way. And the Point? Humanity has Enemies. And the Aim is to ‘Deface’ and Change this ‘Image and Likeness that is fashioned after the very Signature of the Creator that is infused in every Living Cell of the Human Body. This is what is at stake. And? If the Image and Likeness is changed at the Molecular Level, with the DNA and there is enough Change to ‘Erase’ or Reprogram the DNA, then Humans will cease to be Humans. And?

Linking the Topic to a Theological Construct, people that will have their DNA changed so much that they are no longer Humans will cease to be Redeemable. Why? It was Jesus, GOD the Son, who took on a Body of Flesh, Genetically a Human, 100% but still being 100% GOD for the sole purpose of Redeeming the Fallen Race of Adam and Eve. It was they that ‘Sinned’ by being Disobedient to the Commands of YHVH and in so doing, Death entered the Spiritual State of Being, and that had also a Physical Manifestation called ‘Aging’ or Dying.

This is when the DNA changed, as before the Fall, the Human Body was not designed to ‘Die’, etc. Thus, the need to have a 100% Human Substitution to pay or cover for the Sin and Redeem back Humanity to YHVH. That is why the Teachings of Paul reveal that in the last Part of the Entire Redemptive Work of Jesus on Cross, a New Body will be given at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture event.

For those that Believe and are Followers of Jesus, one will eventually have a ‘Glorified’ Body like Jesus has now after His Resurrecting. It is a Promise. So, these New mRNA Shot Types do or will change the DNA in Humans. At first, the claim that the mRNA would or could Reverse ‘Transcribe’ from the RNA to the DNA of a Human Cell was dismissed adamantly as ‘Conspiracy’ and Ludacris. Doctors and Scientists who spoke-up, based on prior Peer Reviewed Papers were laughed at and discredited.

Their YouTube, Twitter and other Social Media Platforms were banned. Such has been the case with 1 of the Inventors of the mRNA type of New Technology, Dr. Robert Malone. He has gone Public in warning not to take the mRNA Shots, especially for Children, etc. Then there is Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Madej, who have come to the same Conclusions independently of each other, etc. Thus, in one’s case, the Evidence for the DNA correspondence of the 4 Letter Sequence of A-T-C-G to Y-H-V-H came from the Cumulative Research done in how, at the core of the Issue is the DNA.

Cracking the Code

And thus, one had to re-learn the Basics about DNA. With that in mind, the various Biology Basic Text Book Explanations of DNA was simple enough to understand. This was also based on how the Human Genome Project, led by NIH Scientist and Doctor, Dr. Francis Collins ‘Cracked the Code’ in Sequencing the entire DNA of not only Humans, but of a few Animals as well. The Project essentially ‘Digitized’ the Human DNA Sequence of the A-T-C-G that are the basic ‘Building Blocks’ of what constitutes the ‘Code’ of Human DNA.

DNA: Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid

4 Nuclide Acids bind the DNA Helixes together by Sulfuric Bridges in the sequence of

Every 10, 5, 6, 5 Acids 

10      5     6     5      10
Hebraic Numeric meaning

10    5    6     5

The Bridge, Bond, Glue that keeps the Human DNA Sequence together.

Colossians 1:16-17
For in Him [JESUS] all things were created, things in Heaven and on Earth, visible and invisible, whether Thrones or Dominions or Rulers or Authorities.
All things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

For example, the following is a video of a Lecture Presentation of the subject of DNA and how it relates and Conflagrates Science with Faith, according to Collins. Around the 9 Minute Marker, he goes into how the DNA is now ‘Digitized’ based on the 4-Letter Sequence of A-T-C-G. Here is an Excerpt from the Lecture. According to Collins, DNA can be described as the following with emphasis added.

The Veritas Forum: The Language of God (Francis Collins)
UC Berkeley Events

‘DNA is a marvelous Information Molecule of all Living Things. You can think of DNA as an Instruction Book and you would be pretty close to right. It is a pretty Good Metaphor. It is a Book that is written in a ‘Funny Language’. It has only 4-Letters in its Alphabet: A C G and T. Which are actually Chemical Bases that reside in this Double Helix. And that is the Order of those Letters that determine the Instructions that a particular DNA Molecule carries.

And all of the DNA of an Organism is called the Genome of that Organism. And we have 1 of those. Our Genome is about 3.1 Billion Letters in length. And we now have all of that Information. And you can go back to a place where you usually live and see what you can learn by pulling it up, on the web and beginning to sift through it. Because that is the Process we are in right now. 3.1 Billion Letters is a lot of Information but it is a Bounded Set of Information.

And that is actually kind of an interesting concept. That the Information necessary to take all of us from what we once were, a single cell and form this amazingly complicated Organism is a Bounded Set of 3.1 Billion Letters of DNA Code. Now that is still a lot of Information If we decided tonight, we were going to read the Human Genome, because it is such an exciting thing to do, I could maybe ask People to take turns. So that nobody got too tired. And we would sort of keep going. At the pace: A-C-G-T-T-G-C-A-C-A-T…about like that.

And we all agreed we would stay here until we were done right? Well, it would be a bit of a long read. Because 7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day, we would be here for 31 Years. That is, and that Information you have inside each Cell of your Body. Is that not an amazing thing to contemplate. And every time the Cell Divides, you got to Copy the whole thing…’

What Dr. Collins and his Team of Researchers did was to assign a Number to the Letters of the entire Human Genome and thus have a ‘Code’. Now, thanks to Computer and New Bio-Engineering Technologies, Humans can now input into a Computer this entire Code. And? One can essentially become ‘GOD’ now as the Sequence can be changed, altered, re-arranged, etc. And some portions of the Human DNA can be taken out or a ‘Code’ or Gene can be put in.

Defacing the DNA

The Theory or Thesis behind this work is that with such Knowledge and Understanding, Human Diseases like Breast Cancer, Diabetes or Birth Defects and the like could be eliminated, even before a Human is to be Born. The Dark Side of this mRNA type to Science is that now, Humans have become ‘God’. How so? It is in that they can Custom-Tailor a Super Race, a Soldier Race that could make a Human, Faster, Stronger, Heal Rapidly, See Farther or at Night, etc. Then, the possibilities would be endless as Non-Human DNA could be interjected into the Human Genome to make Chimeras or Human Hybrids.

The Chinese, Russian and Americans have Secret Super Soldier Programs that are ‘Black Budget’ for this very Reason. It is rather intriguing that in one’s Research into this New mRNA Type of Technology, the various Big-Pharma Corporation have been in Close Association with DARPA, and to this end, they seek to Transform Humanity or to Reset it to go along with the New Globalist Reset Agenda. A New Humanity for a New World Order, etc. The aim? It is to Digitize the Human Body. It is to interface 'Machine with Mankind'.

 It is through the mRNA that the Body is Magnetized with Nano-Bot Technology for such a purpose to ultimately Control from within the Body. This is why there are countless People dying from this rejection of the Body. But ultimately, according to the Bible, the end result will be to funnel all of Humanity to take the Mark of the Beast.

 Now as to the YHVH Codes. If one reads one’s Research, Articles and Books, one will realize that one is into Biblical Eschatology. And this topic deals with Prophetic Patterns, Sacred Numbers, Bible Codes as mentioned, etc. Thus, in studying Numerology, one is well versed in the Association of how DNA, that is now Numerically Sequenced can be associated with Numbers and/or Chemical Compounds even.

And Numbers have Meaning in Biblical Terms. In studying Bible Codes for example, there is what is called a Letter Distance Sequence. One source that one wrote-up about Numerical Associates to Words found in the Bible can be read from an Excerpt of one’s Book on ‘Hidden Codes found in the Bible. The Reader is welcomed to download it for free and explore the Topic of YHVH’s Hidden Language within a Language, etc.

Bible Codexes Revelations: Page 27

To reiterate, the above Information has been one’s own Research, independent of what has been or had already been discovered by others. There does appear to be a Correlation between the Sacred Hebrew Name of the Creator, Y-H-V-H to the DNA Numerical Sequence of A-C-T-G and Chemical Compounds. Upon an Internet Search, the following Sites are good sources that confirm, basically the same Outcome. The earliest Article one could find is from 2014. What one has done, is just to Visualize and Depict the Correlation in a Diagram Format, that most, if not all prior Researcher had not done.


Main Sources


YHVH in our DNA

Hidden Name of The Creator in Your DNA


Name of יהוה (YHWH ) in YOUR DNA! Proof of CREATION for the END TIMES!


YHVH name of God found encoded in our DNA


Code of Life Openly Hidden between the Lines of Ancient Text -Gregg Braden


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Bible Codexes Revelations


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YHVH DNA - GOD’S Signature


Name of Creator - DNA



t-Shirt: YHVH DNA - GOD’S Signature


t-Shirt: YHVH DNA - GOD’S Signature


t-Shirt: YHVH Name of Creator- Chemical Compound



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