Secret Connections to the God of Mammon

  • What are the card-carrying VISA Masons up to with Crypto?
  • Is the Masonic Square and Compass in a VISA patent?
  • What does VISA know about the need to go virtual with money?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Those who want to be rich, however, fall into temptation and become ensnared by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. By craving it, some have wandered away from the Faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows. But you, O man of God, flee from these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance, and gentleness.’ -1 Timothy 6:9-11

This study is about the May 14, 2020, Forbes article entitled, ‘VISA Applies For Digital Dollar Blockchain Patent’. The article was written by Jason Brett. In it, he disclosed how the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published that VISA had filed a patent application to create Digital Currency on a centralized computer using Blockchain technology. UsptoUnited States Patent Application: 0200151682. This patent applies to Digital Dollars as well as other Central Bank Digital Currencies such as Pounds, Yen, and Euros. The aim is to digitize any physical currency of any Central bank anywhere in the world that would traverse the VISA Card’s utilization by humans.

 Many who study the End times believe that the Blockchain will be the infrastructure for the coming Mark of the Beast world monetary system. Prophetically, this signals that the present world physical Reserve Currencies will cease. What this means is that the Klaus Schwab vision of a Global Economic Reset is finding it intersection and worldwide companies that handle credit and money like VISA are resonating with the call for a New World Reset. According to the article, the VISA patent to go ‘Crypto’, was initially filed by VISA on November 8, 2019. The VISA patent essentially anticipates an eventual elimination of all physical currency from circulation. The future will be the Blockchain Platform in virtuality within a centralized digital grid system of value units that 100% verifiable and accountable. What can possibly go wrong?

It should be noted that the worldwide money supply is controlled by the World Monetary Fund, and the likes of The World Bank. They are the ones that have manipulated the value of money and lend it out with interests to all the Central Banks that almost all Nations on Earth are required to have for this pyramid scheme to operate. The money in turn is lent with interest to the government of Nations that pays it with taxpayer money to cover the cost and interest owed. In the case of the USA, it is specified clearly that such an endeavor lies solely with the Department of the Treasury. What has happened is that the Globalists have positioned their men and women in key governmental positions to shift the power away from the People or Congress, Thus, these ‘Masters of Mammon’ compromise the ability of the Nations to dictate their own monetary policy.

Debt Slaves
In other word, The World Bank owns the Nations and in turn the People by the very act of lending them money from nothing of ‘Fiat’ to purchase everything to anything. Thus, the credit cards and interest. What this study seeks to point out is that such conglomeration of world monetary agencies is run and ruled by the Secret Societies. It is no secret that for example, if one looks at the most powerful world Currency Reserve’s Bank Note, one will notice whose it is. In the case of the U.S. Dollar, the backside of the Federal Reserve Note, which is not even an official U.S. Government owned Note has the Seal of the Masons. This is who’s the money is owed to and is owned by. The point of this study is to bring to one’s attention that there is a direct connection between the money supply and the Secret Societies of whom own and manipulate the currencies as they do with the interest rates and the Stock Market.

The key evidence is in the VISA patent schematic drawings that accompanied the patent to use Blockchain to convert physical money into ‘virtual money’ or Crypto Currency. What is rather revealing but not surprising to those that study the occult and Secret Societies is that the ‘Architecture’ component of the processes pertains to the logo of the Masons. The logo is a clear motif of the iconic Square and Compass. The question is what is that motif doing in the VISA patent to convert their money into Crypto Currency? It is the same question why one would ask, what is the Masonic truncated unfinished pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer doing on the backside of the U.S. Dollar Bill? The answer is that because it is theirs, they own it. In fact, their mantra of ‘In God We Trust’ is not YHVH of the Bible, as many would naturally assert.

 The Mason’s God they comfy in, is the God of Money, Lucifer who will implement the Mark of the Beast in the coming future. The technology that will facilitate like Blockchain is here, and credit card companies are coming onboard with the Globalist efforts to initiate their Great World Reset. What this means is that the coming economic collapse will be unimaginable once they ‘pull down’ the current World Reserve Currencies like the U.S. Dollar. To such in the occult, the God of Money is Mercury but who is also the Patron of Magic, Music and Thieves. Is it any wonder why they then control such protocols of entire Nation and have essentially enslaved Humanity with their monetary policies? In what way? For example, in order for Nations to be helped to ‘develop’, The World Bank and/or others like the International Monetary Fund makes sure their people get elected. They in turn borrow billions that cannot ever be paid back.

The Nation goes into debt and the People are stuck paying the interest on the loans and when in jeopardy of defaulting, The World Bank then requires ‘austerity’ or essentially the fleecing of its citizens by way of controlling growth or what sectors can thrive. And at worse, to take over assets like real estate, and the natural resource of a country. It is not well known by most but in the USA, Congress considered the idea of a Digital Dollar when debating the CARES Act, the 3rd COVID-19 relief package. The Digital Dollar was not included in the final legislation, but separate bills to legally create the Digital Dollar at the Federal Reserve and the Digital Dollar Wallet at the U.S. Treasury. What is not being told is that it was withdrawn as it would have been too obvious of the plan during COVID that is being used as a cover, and not in a mask kind of way. It is called thievery and a ‘Transfer of Wealth’ that is presently occurring in preparation to the Reset.

Show me a Mason
The aim of the Reset is to suspend any form of physical currency exchanges and or purchases/sales. What is occurring instead is a gradual elimination of physical currency as coins are being taken out of circulation under the excuse that it is dangerous and susceptible of carrying the Corona Virus ‘cold’. As to the Masonic connection to this coming Digital Currency using Blockchain money? Their logos and motifs are scattered throughout the national capital of the USA as in most other world capitals. Their motifs are ingrained in the buildings, monuments and even the Halls of Congress, the Supreme Court and White House. For example, in many Press Conferences held by the President after the initial outbreak of the pandemic, there were members of the Task Force that stood behind the President at the podium. They had a Masonic Square and Compass lapel pin clearly seen.

In other instance a picture was taken of the President form the point of view facing all the Press Correspondence at a noted precise time. What time was that? The clock on the podium was precisely at 3:22 PM. Was this a deliberate inference to Skull and Bones 322? Or here is another 33 Masonic 'coincidence' perhaps with the CNN headline that read, 'Trump made 33 false claims about the coronavirus crisis in the first two weeks of March’, by a Daniel Dale and Tara Subramaniam. But when was the article published? It was on March 22, (322) 2020. One thing is for sure, if Trump was not or is not part of the Secret Society or was not 'initiated' as former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said, he is being heavily trolled by them, if one has eyes to see.

Then on another instance, Dr. Fauci came in for a Press Corp debriefing at 3:30 PM (33) and proceeded to make the Hidden Hand Masonic Sign while deliberately posing. Then when the President was criticized for not utilizing the Defense Production Act to rush ventilators to hospitals, the President later on made a specific presentation of the very Act. The following is an excerpt of that presentation.

‘Under this contract the 33rd use of the Defense Production Act. Remember you were saying, ‘I do not use it enough; I did not use it enough.’ And now you have heard, it is the 33rd use. We do not talk about it all the time. We used it. And we used it as a little bit of as a thread frankly with certain companies that were not doing as we were asking them to do. And it came through as both a treat and a usage. But this is our 33rd use of Defense Production Act …will now produce generic active pharmaceutical ingredients, which is a bid deal.’

Defense Production Act of 1950
The Defense Production Act of 1950 is a United States federal law enacted on September 8, 1950 in response to the start of the Korean War. It was part of a broad civil defense and war mobilization effort in the context of the Cold War.

An Act to establish a system of priorities and allocations for materials and facilities, authorize the requisitioning thereof, provide financial assistance for expansion of productive capacity and supply, provide for price and wage stabilization, provide for the settlement of labor disputes, strengthen controls over credit, and by these measures facilitate the production of goods and services necessary for the national security, and for other purposes.

What is not being told is that the Federal Reserve has basically taken over all assets of the USA and essentially owns everything now due to the collapse initiated by their ‘Virus Wars’. This has amounted to the greatest wealth transfer in the world to date from the Lower and Middle Class to the Ruling Class one. As they mandate lockdowns and have destroyed the Middle Class and medium to small business, they have dictated what type of businesses are ‘essential’. And guess whose business is ‘essential’? Theirs is. It is only the big box type of stores that are allowed to do business and has funneled all purchases through. This has produced exorbitant amount of wealth for such companies as they make billions, while the average worker is out of a job. Food lines now number in the tens of thousands of cars literally line-up to receive food.

It is the worst criminal act being perpetrated not only in the USA but the world. It is the 1st world Nations that are suffering the most as the Globalist are reducing the standard of living to the levels of the 3rd world. And this is their excuse as to how they will ‘create a more equitable, sustainable and fair’ New World Order. As with Communism, it is not that you bring the bottom percentiles of the population upwards, but you bring the top percentages of the population downwards. And while they steal the wealth. What the VISA patent is also anticipating is that the Crypto Currency will eventually have to be managed from a single centralized computing system. This means that no one Nation or government will have total control over its monetary policy. This means that it will be non-elected agencies and people such as The World Bank and eventually the AntiChrist that will maintain and make up the centralized powers of this New Digital World Order.

It will most likely not be centered in the USA or what will remain of the 1st World Nations but most likely Rome and/or Jerusalem. Some may ask, what is wrong in seeking to eventually come out with a Digital Wallet setup for every person in the world? It is because at this point in time for Humanity, it will cost you your soul. For one, it will force all people to ‘bank’ only with them. How so? They are actively working their Globalist money magic, in ‘lockstep’ with their Big Pharma corporation that they are in league with like Bill Gates that has a patent of his own, 060606 they precisely connect his coming mRNA vaccine to the Blockchain. The vaccine will have access to the Digital Wallets. This will be done through the Hydrogel Quantum Nanobots that will be within the vaccine that will essentially convert one’s body into a virtual ‘cell phone’.

The Nanobots will transmit not only biometric readings but connect to the Digital Wallet that will be the bank account for all persons to be able to ‘buy and sell’. The set up will also be able to track and trace a person virtually 24/7. It is a well-orchestrated venture as VISA has teamed up with Facebook’s crypto Libra as a joint venture. But it cast a light in the nefarious intent of those that have beguiled entire nation of peoples to voluntarily give up all their private information. How ingenious was it to gather the whereabouts, political persuasion, religious affiliation, friend, music and other information of billions of people on the planet? Where is this VISA patent in terms of their timeline for the coming Great World Reset? Well, in February of 2020, VISA did announce that it had granted permission to Coinbase, a Crypto Currency exchange, permitting them to issue debit cards already for individuals to spend their Crypto currency through the card.

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