A Marking, Exiting and Birthing before Judgment

  • What is the 'Body of Christ' Eclipse Rapture about?
  • Is this Annular Solar Eclipse 'Signaling' the Rapture?
  • Is this Eclipse Type a Prelude to the one on April 8, 2024?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Hear the Uproar from the City; listen to the Voice from the Temple! It is the Voice of the LORD, Repaying His Enemies what they deserve! Before she was in Labor, she gave Birth; before she was in Pain, she Delivered a Boy. Who has Heard of such as this? Who has Seen such things? Can a Country be Born in a Day or a Nation be Delivered in an Instant? Yet as soon as Zion was in Labor, she gave Birth to her Children’. -Isaiah 66:6+

The purpose of this study is to Prophetically Discern the October 14, 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse. Why one is beginning to see it as a Sign to the Body of Christ, specifically, is how the Path of the Eclipse will ‘Parallel’ the August 21, 2017 one that was 33 Days out from the Revelation 12 Sign. In this case, the Path of the October 14, 2023 Annular Eclipse starts also in Oregon, near Dunes City. But where does it Exist? Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ, for the USA, North American Portion of its Path.

Thus, the ‘Rapture Eclipse’ specific to the Rapture Prophetic Typology, involving the ‘Marking’ of the Body of Christ, its ‘Exiting’ and its ‘Birthing’, etc. The Eclipse will span the 2 Continents of the Americas, North and South. One would say, a Double-Witness of sorts. One will see why in the study and Prophetic Inferences one will make with the Seals and Mark from the Book of Revelation. One is not sure if any other Watchmen have written about this already, and its possible Prophetic Correlation to the Body of Christ, perhaps. One sees the Theme of the following Rapture Innuendos.

1. A Marking
2. An Exiting or Departure
3. A ‘Birthing’

The specific Corpus Christi or ‘Body of Christ’ Rapture portion of the October 14, 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse pertains to the extent that it features the Path across the Continental USA. The ultimate Exiting will occur in Pastor’s Jeová’s Region of Fortaleza, Brazil, from the Revelation 12 Daily Blog. But precisely Exiting over the City of Natal, which means ‘Birth’. Such will be as a Double Witnessing on the 2 Continents based on its 2 ‘Exists’, etc.

So, one is surmising a Prophetic Sign of a ‘Marking’ by the Path of the Eclipse Shadow. Then it is about an ‘Exiting’ of the Body of Christ as that is what Corpus Christi means in Latin. And then how it is to be about a Birthing, a ‘Natal’, of the Body of Christ in Glory. It is a Direct inference to it being ‘Delivered’ to the Side of Jesus, as the Bride meets the Groom, in the Clouds as Promised in the Bible, etc. This ‘Rapture Eclipse’ of Corpus Christi’ is then possibly Prophetic in relation to the Book of Revelation.

Prophetic Prelude

It has to do with the Timing of who and what gets ‘Marked’ 1st. And what is ‘Exited’ and ‘Birthed’. It has to do with the Order of the Seals or ‘Marks’ given in the Book of Revelation. How so? Consider that the ‘Sealing’ or Marking of the 144,000 Witnesses of Jesus Christ occurs 1st. And when their ‘Commission’ is done, they are ‘Exited’ out of Earth. This can be alluded to as a Prophetic Type of the Bride of Christ. It is Prophetic, in so much as they are ‘Witnesses’, as is presently the Body of Christ on Earth.

Then the Marking of Followers and Worshipers of the AntiChrist occurs 2nd. This Sequence is in light of the Pending Judgment that comes thereafter. If one follows this Sequential Pattern, the Annular Solar Eclipse of October 14, 2023, ‘Marking’ the Body of Christ occurs 1st. Then the ‘Body of Christ’ to be ‘Exiting’ Earth. The October 14, 2023 ‘Rapture Eclipse’ is thus, ‘Marking’ the Body of Christ, 1st, then, for an Exiting or Extraction next and eventual ‘Birthing, etc.

The Marking or ‘X’-ing of the USA, by the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse will occur 2nd.This pertains to the Mark of the Beast, from the Book of Revelation of all those that Remain on Earth. Also note that the Annular Type of Solar Eclipse, of the October 14, 2023 is Symbolic of that Wedding Ring. It is the Annular Type of Solar Eclipses that produce this Phenomena. It might be a ‘Stretch of the Imagination’ to suggest all this possible Book of Revelation ‘Marking’, Exiting and Birthing.

But allowing for some Romantic Notion, it would be as if Jesus is ‘Putting the Wedding Ring’ then on the Bride of Christ, i.e., Corpus Christi along with an ‘Exiting’ and Birthing Innuendos, Prophetically. Here are some Preliminary Statistics about the October 14, 2023 Eclipse that one is now Assessing to be, possibly, a Pre-Warning to the 2024 ‘X’ over the USA, but not before the Body of Christ, ‘Corpus Christi’ is ‘Marked’, ‘Exited’ and ‘Birthed’, out of the Final Divine Judgment that is to befall the USA and all the Nation at large after the Rapture Event.


= October 14, 2023, starts at
15:03 UTC (153) = Church Age Fish of John 21:11
= Annular Solar Eclipse Type, Exits City of Natal at
19:48 UTC.
= Path of Eclipse Exiting right over Corpus Christi, Texas.
= Corpus Christi means Body of Christ.
= Path leaving Continental South America, Brazil right over the City of Natal.
= Natal means to ‘Birth’ and related to Christmas, December 25th.

From Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 to the October 14, 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse:

= 2213 Days
= 72 Months 21 Days (7-7-7)
= 606% of Year
= At 15:03 UTC (153) Fish Caught in the Net
= From October 14, 2023 Eclipse to April 8, 2024 Eclipse
= 177 Days or 5 Months, 25 Days

‘X’ Marks the Spot
This is what one would Assess. One believes that this is the ‘Rapture Eclipse’ of how, as a Celestial Sign, the Body of Christ, ‘Corpus Christi’, is Marked for Extraction and a ‘Birthing’, before the USA is ‘X’ Marked, along with all the other Nations of the World for Divine Wrath. Consider how in the Book of Revelation, pending the Seal 7-7-7 Judgments, the People of Christ are Marked 1st. The following will be Discerning the Implication of the ‘X’ or Tav in the Hebrew to that of this Corpus Christi Eclipse that configures an ‘A’ or Alef in the Hebrew Alefbet.

                         RAPTURE ECLIPSES 7-YEAR COUNTDOWN?

    2017 --------------------------- 6.66 Year Warning ---------------------------- 2024
       Alef                                                                                                     Tav
  Beginning                                                                                               End
A (Upside Down)                                                                  X
   Proto Hebrew                                                                                  Proto Hebrew

One conjectures that YHVH has given the USA, 7 Years to Repent. The Alef and the Tav, or the Beginning and the End are Prophetic Markers, literally across the Land of a Grace Period that will Expire in 2024, as it began in 2017. This is to suggest then, that the Revelation 12 Sign appears to be a 7-Year Countdown to the Rapture Year, perhaps. But as to a Marking of GOD’s People? 

An Angel is sent by Jesus to put a Mark or Seal or ‘X’ of some sort, in the Forehead of those 144,000 Jewish Evangelists for Jesus, during the Tribulation Period. It is thereafter, in Revelation 13, that the Beast, the False Christ puts a ‘X’ or Mark, of some sort, on the Forehead or Right Hand of those that will Follow and Worship him.

‘And I saw another Angel ascending from the East, with the Seal of the Living God. And he called out in a Loud Voice to the 4 Angels who had been given Power to harm the Land and the Sea: Do not Harm the Land or Sea or Trees until we have Sealed the Foreheads of the Servants of our God. And I heard the Number of those who were Sealed, 144,000 from all the Tribes of Israel’. -Revelation 7:2-4

One is likewise strongly suggesting, that Prophetically Speaking, and in terms of Timing and Sequence of the coming Rapture Event, the Bride of Christ will be Marked for the Rapture, as a Typology 1st. Then Extracted and finally ‘Birthed’. And thereafter, the AntiChrist will Mark his ‘Property, accordingly. Thus, one calls this the ‘Rapture Eclipse’, the ‘Corpus Christi Eclipse’. If such a Prophetic Innuendo is plausible, then the ‘Downside’ of it is that it puts the Rapture Time Sequence beyond one’s High Watch Time/Season of a July Wheat Pentecost Harvest for the Year. But anything is possible.

One would hope the ‘Marking’, ‘Exiting’ and ‘Birthing’ of the Body of Christ, the ‘Corpus Christi’ would occur in 2023, as is the Eclipse Sequence and what the Meaning of the Cities of which it is ‘Exiting’ Signify, Prophetically. However, as Celestial Signs go, the ‘Sign is not the Event’ itself. Such Signs point to a Future Fulfillment. Thus, a possible 2024 Rapture Timing then. And as to the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse that will ‘X’-out the USA, comes into Perspective? That too would suggest that the Divine Judgment of the ‘Little Egypt’ is what the USA has become. The USA and the World are now Ripe for Judgment. And the Divine Judgment, of all those of the April 8, 2024 Eclipse, in particular Marked, would occur after April 8, 2024, which is Nisan 1.

This Nisan 1 Total Solar Eclipse speaks clearly in one’s Assessment, of a ‘Beginning’ of a Condition. And how 14 Days later, the Ultimate Judgment occurred, the Death of the 1st Born at Passover. What will that be for the USA? The World? Something not ‘Good’. at all. Passover is about Death and something one will not or does wish not to See nor Experience. One remembered that in Portuguese, ‘Boa Natal’ means ‘Merry Christmas’. The Word Natal is used, as for example, in describing a Time: ‘Pre-Natal’ or Post-Natal.

Natal in Brazil also has a Nick-Name, ‘A Noiva do Sol’, which translates to in English, ‘The Sun's Bride’. The City’s Coat of Arms or Shield has the Star of Bethlehem. On January 6, 1598, construction began of the Fort named after the 3 Kings or of the Magi that came to Present themselves before Jesus at Bethlehem on Christmas Day, in -2 BC. The Fortress is called, ‘Forte dos Santos Reis’. The Fort’s Name commemorates the Christian Feast of the Epiphany, which is celebrated on that Day. Natal is also the Name of the former South African Province.

The Name was given, ‘Terra Natalis’ by the Portuguese Explorer, Vasco Da Gama, when rounding the Cape of South Africa on December 25, on his way to India. For sure our GOD is a Fortress and Strong Tower and Signaling the Timing of the Rapture or 'Birth' of the Body of Christ! And how Kings will present to the King of Kings, Jesus at the Rapture Event.

So, here you have it…YHVH is Signaling to His Body of Christ as to the possible Timing, with His Sun, Moon and Stars. It is of the possible Timing of the Rapture Event. And to Reiterate. It involves this Dual Witness of the American Continents, no less, the ‘Message’ is, the ‘Body of Christ is to be Marked, Exited and Born’. But the Question, all would ask, is when? When is it Signaling that Birth of the Bride? Well, in one’s Assessment, a need for a little more Endurance and Patience, but not much more to go.

One would imagine an Anxious Father Waiting for a Wife/Mother having gone into Labor... ‘How much further Doctor?’ 'Almost There!' If one follows the Principles of Signs, it means that the Event is after it. So, this is to insinuate that the Body of Christ, that is to be ‘Marked, Exited and Birthed’, which is the Rapture Event, will be post-2023. Sorry. BUT! Consider that one is thinking like a ‘Westerner’ that is Linier in Thought and Sequence. This is to mean that in Bible Prophecy, an Event does and can cast its ‘Prophetic Shadow’ forward.

But so can it be cast as a Prelude and Warning. Pertaining to the Eclipse’s Final Exiting over Natal? It could Signal the very Day of December 25, 2023 as that is what Natal means as mentioned. That would be wild and not Expected, at least in one’s case or Prophetic Assessment. Nonetheless, one would agree that this October 14, 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse is a clear Divine Sign, one of the most Significant, specifically for the Body of Christ in recent Years, given one’s Research. Jesus is clearly Alerting His Bride of the Nearness of such a Prophetic Sequence of the Rapture Event that He Promised would and is going to come to pass; as assuredly as a Delivery in Time of Labor.

So, this has been one’s best attempt at Prophetically Discerning this ‘Body of Christ’ and Natal Eclipse of October 14, 2023. It happened to coincide with Article #747. Not bad. One thinks that one repeated oneself at least 3 Times in the Article. But one wanted to make sure one was saying what one thinks one is Seeing, Prophetically about this October 14, 2023 Eclipse. Why? It is because of all the Amazing Overt Signaling and Word Associations. My Goodness. The Nick-Name of the Brazilian City of Natal is the ‘Bride of the Sun’. Can it get any more Obvious?

One does think that aside from the Major Prophetic Signs being given in Modern History, like the ‘Birth’ of Israel, the Recapturing of Jerusalem, the Yom Kippur War, the Blood Moon Tetrads, the Revelation 12 Sign, and for this Last Generation, the Great American Solar Eclipses are a Major Sign, just the same. Sure, the Eclipses in question are Ameri-Centric but only because, ‘As the USA Goes’, or is Taken-Out, it will make way for the Reset and the 4th Reich or ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ of the Luciferians to commence.

No doubt, there might be more Clues and Innuendos still to uncover with this October 14, 2023 Eclipse, that one clearly believes has the Rapture Event Innuendos, all about it. One will be looking at it now from an Astronomical Point of View and see what that will look like against the Constellations. But yes…getting Excited, a bit. But as one often says about Rapture High Watch Days/Seasons, ‘Optimistically Cautious’. But in closing, here is a Date Count based on ‘Natal’ or Birthing Signaling. From the ‘Birth’ of Israel’s Anniversary of May 14 to the October 14, Body of Christ, 'Corpus Christi' Eclipse ‘Birthing’ over Natal?​

May 14, 2023 to October 14, 2023
153 Days
= 5 Months

What is the Prophetic Significance of ‘153’? The Eclipse starts
15:03 UTC (153) = Church Age Fish of John 21:11. The Annular Solar Eclipse Type, Exits the City of Natal at 19:48 UTC. Selah.

Guess where that Corpus Christi Eclipse occurs at? Astronomically? So, upon further investigation, of the October 14, 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse, one sought to see its Depiction against the Constellations on that Date. Well. Surprise. Guess what Constellation the Wedding Ring Eclipse will occur in? Virgo. It will be as in the ‘Revelation 12 Sign’ throw-back of how it is insinuating a Wheat Wedding, perhaps. Prophetically, the Eclipse is near the Main Star of Spica in Virgo, which means, ‘Head of Grain’. It has traditionally been associated with the Summer Wheat Harvest, etc.

Thus, what one can Prophetically Infer, is that based on the Conjunction of the Sun-Moon at that Sign of the Woman of Prophecy, and with the 2 other Planets of Mercury and Mars (Red Dragon), this Celestial Motif is a Message of War, surely coming or is essentially here already now upon the ‘Virgo’ of YHVH or Bride of Christ, i.e., Corpus Christi. The Sun-Moon Conjunction is in the ‘Womb’ area of the Celestial Motif, and that also then insinuates and concurs with the ‘Birthing’ or Natal Association.

And astonishing, as mentioned, the Eclipse terminates over the Brazilian City of Natal. This Portuguese Word mean ‘Birth’ and as a Christmas Inference, with its Nick-Name being the, ‘Bride of the Sun’. It is thus Astronomically ‘Perfect’ to its Celestial Eclipse at this Point in Time. Does it mean the Sign is pointing to such a Time now about to also be ‘Perfected’, as in Completed?

In the case of this Annular Eclipse, which comes from the Latin, Annulus, as in a Ring, it is as a Celestial Motif also confirming one’s Bridal Motif as well. How so? It is as if, Virgo, the Celestial Motif for the Bride of Christ is being given and placed the Wedding Ring in the Finger of the Bride of the Sun, literally. It has Echoes of Boaz and Ruth. Selah. Nonetheless, this is a ‘Strong Sign’, one believes given to the ‘Corpus Christi’, at this Time of the Watch, as it is getting Down-to-the-Wire, as they say.

It is surely going to be about a Marking of Jesus’ People as He has, since the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017. This ‘Division’ of the ‘Sheep from the Goats’, started, in one’s Opinion, with the Great American Eclipses, who made a ‘Division’ among the Peoples of the Lands and still is. It is in Preparation for the Exiting, of the Corpus Christ from Planet Earth, as the Church Age Bride of Christ is about to be ‘Birthed’. The Church Age Believers, as Heads of Grain, themselves are to be Harvested as Virgo’s Main Star is Signaling.

But it appears it will not be without Great Opposition, War and Conflict, i.e., Sudden Destruction. It has been the case since the 1st Pentecost that Initiated the Church Age Harvest and will to its End. But it is also about an Assured Escape or ‘Exit’, in this case of the Eclipse, Doubly Confirmed through the Promised Door Jesus will Provide to all those ‘Philadelphian’ that have been on the Wall, keeping the Watch. Soon, the Call to ‘Retreat’, to Exit this Planet will come. The Wheat Harvest of Virgo, a Picture of Ruth tireless Harvesting in the ‘Fields’ of this Fallen World, will have been Completed. And then on to the Wedding with one’s Greater Boaz, Jesus.


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