Cosmic Patterns of the Papacy

  • What does the Field of Mars have to do with the Vatican?
  • Has the Imperial Roman Empire been really Destroyed?
  • Do the Celestial Constellations in the Sky affect Rome?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘But since we stopped Burning Sacrifices to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out Drink Offerings to her, we have lacked everything and have met our End by the Sword and by Famine. And, said the Women, when we were burning Sacrifices to the Queen of Heaven and were pouring-out Drink Offerings to her, was it without our Husbands that we made for her Sacrificial Cakes in her Image and poured-out Drink Offerings to her?’ –Jeremiah 44:18-19

The purpose of this study is to show various illustrations suggesting that there is a direct Geographical Relationship of the Layout of the Vatican to a Celestial Key Motif of Orion. his study further suggests that the Vatican is the usurper of the Keys of the Earthly Gates as she claims authority over the Celestial Gates, the Golden and Silver ones. It is the power of the Principalities of the Air in Heavenly Places that currently exert Spiritual Authority over the various Gates of the Earth, Geographically and Spiritually.

In ancient times, the area adjacent to the Tiber River was called Campus Martius or the Field of Mars. And that they Celestial Correspondence matches with the ‘Dragon Nebula. It would have been humanly impossible for those of ‘Primitive’ Romans to have this Celestial Knowledge of the exact layout of the Constellation of Orion’s Cosmic Ley-Lines that connect it to Sirius and the Pleiades, just by direct observation. This Revelation of how the Vatican is Designed by this Motif, had to have come from either Visions or Direct Communication from those from the ‘Pleiades’ themselves.

It has only been in the last Decade that Science has even mapped-out the Known Cosmos. Regardless of such Speculation, the Orion Key Motif is a Pattern that is seen in other Significant Archeological Ancient Sites like in Mexico, in South America, Africa, China and the Middle East. Whoever these ’Beings’ were or are, had a Profound Impact on the Psyche of Early Human Civilization. It was enough to Copy this most Sacred of Orion’s Ley-Lines associating it with a Key Motif. Why?

These Celestial Motifs, mirrored on Earth, resonate Frequency and Energy. Perhaps to a Star-Gate? Note that the Vatican, at the foot of the Plains of Mars is configured to reflect the abodes of the Fallen Angels that have left their 1st Estate. Did they come from such a lace as the Constellation of Orion, the Pleiades or Sirius? Such are those that have joined the Celestial Luciferian Rebellion against the Creator GOD YHVH in the Heavens and the True Church while on Earth. This was obtained by deception as they were subdued by Lucifer in the Garden of Eden. Lucifer and his Fallen Angels know where the Stargates are located, on Earth and in Heaven. The Bible teaches that Lucifer currently still has the Legal Right to appear before the Judicial Court of Heaven.

Guardian of the Gates
It is there, presently that he Accuses the Brethren. There is an Administrative Court from where YHVH Reigns over all that is. It is at this Place, Lucifer seeks to enter through the Gates to overtake. Until that Time, this Dominion, Kingdoms and Courts or ‘Basilica’ Rule the world. Basilica means ‘Seat of a Throne’. It was given to the High Priests of Ancient Rome. The 2 Celestial Gates correspond to the Constellations of Ophiuchus, Guardian of the Golden Gate. He is the Serpent Bearer, but in the Luciferian Perverted Rendition, he is the Depiction of the coming AntiChrist that is supported by the Serpens or the Dragon.

At the Silver Gate is Orion, the Guardian that is attributed to being the Mighty Hunter before YHVH or ‘Against’. This has Echoes of Nimrod, but in True Biblical Inferences, both the Guardians of the Celestial Gates are a Prophetic Type of Jesus. This Orion Key Star Map Configuration of the Vatican is suggested to be supported by the Spiritual Bastion of the Fallen Angels that have helped implement Lucifer’s Protocols on Earth.

As the celestial Key Pattern involves a type of Fort, it is usually Pentagonal in shape. This is seen and copied in all the other major Luciferian World Capitals. Geopolitically, the Vatican, which is a Literal Kingdom on Earth, does not represent Jesus Christ’s Kingdom. The Basilica or the place of the Throne is commemorated to ISIS, the Queen of Heaven, not YHVH. The Bible exposes this Conspiracy that ‘she wishes to sit as Queen’ and possess the Celestial Keys, etc. Eventually the Pact with the Vatican and the AntiChrist will move this Literal Throne to the Holy of Holy in Jerusalem. That is where the AntiChrist, along with the False Prophet, will prompt the Worship of the World’s Masses. It will be this False Jewish Messiah that then will sit on the ‘Basilica’, of the rediscovered Ark of the Covenant Moses made. This AntiChrist will then Proclaim himself to be God.
The study further suggests that the Vatican Basilica with the Piazza and Entrance approximates the Motif of the Orion Constellation itself. In particular the Piazza corresponds to Orion’s Belt with the Center-Piece being the Ancient Egyptian Obelisk. This ‘Shaft of Bel’ was taken from the Temple of Heliopolis or the City of the Sun. The whole Piazza Oval corresponds to the total 6 mains Stars of Orion. With these Ley-Lines, along with that of St. Peter, the Sirius-Orion-Pleiades Motif creates an encrypted Chi Rho Cross. Additionally, the Constantine Cross as the Chi Rho, is also called is in approximate Phi Ratio. This study suggests that like all similar Temples to the ‘Gods’ on Earth, the Cosmic Key Configuration, correlates to an Anthropomorphic Man Construct.

Will the Biblical AntiChrist be Birthed’ from the Vatican? Consider the followed Inference. The Vatican Church, as ISIS and the Piazza with the Orion Pattern is an overlay of their Sexual Union, cosmic and on Earth by Design. The Key Motif Outline of the Vatican core, appears to resemble the Form of a Female, a Woman that is Pregnant. This is Signified by the Oval Piazza where the Shaft of Bel, the Male Phallic Symbol is initiating the Intercourse. This Sexual Motif is a Design that is found in various World Capitals like the New Rome, Washington, DC. It too, is patterned after the Vatican with the Mall leading up to Capitol Hill.

It too has a Direct Inference to Capitoline Hill in Rome, etc. Incidentally, the Dome of the DC Capitol building is Crowned by a Statue of Isis. It is a veiled ‘Sirius’. This study suggests that the same Spirit of Isis is a Counterfeit and is the Usurper, Masking the True Religion of YHVH, presently. As noted, the Basilica of St. Peters means the Throne. This spot Astronomically corresponded to the Star Sirius or Isis. To the Luciferians, she is the Queen of Heaven, but more precisely the feminization aspect of Lucifer’s Perversion. They seek to Control the Portals or Star Gates, of which their respective Keys are essential to Open or Close them, etc. If one has the Keys, one can control the Gates, even the Star Gates.

To reiterate, the Vatican Basilica and Piazza complex in Rome approximates the Constellation Signs of Sirius and Orion to produce a Key Motif.  Both Cosmic Signs appear to fuse into the Chi Rho Cross of Constantine. The Piazza Rome incorporates the Alignment and ley-lines of Orion’s Belt. The St. Peter’s Basilica which means Throne corresponds to the Star Sirius or Isis. She is Venerated as the Queen of Heaven by the continued Succession of the Babylonian Religion of the 1st Mason, Nimrod after the Flood of Noah. It is evident what and who the Roman Catholic Religion truly Venerates and sets-up as Enthroned in their Main Temple on Earth presently. And the claim to hold the Keys to get into Heaven, with the Keys of the Apostle Peter.






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