Raptured at the End of the Piscean Age

  • What is the Vesica Pisces and how is it related to the Church?
  • Does this Mathematical variable deals with the Great Commission?
  • Is the Church Age to close and related to Pisces in some way?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when He shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifies himself, even as He is pure.’ -1 John 3:2-3

The purpose of this study is to ponder the notion if perhaps a Pentecost season will indeed coincide -at some point, with the Rapture of the Church. This will be a purely suppositional and hypothetical study. To see if such a theory could be plausible this study seeks to tie in an element that will correlate the Season of Pentecost with the Summer Feast of the YHVH as a ‘type and shadow’ correspondence. This element that I believe to be the key in this assessment, is a ‘Vesica Pisces’ pattern.

The Vesica Pisces pattern will specifically be derived from the numerical coefficient of the ‘153 Fish’ catch in John 21. This 153-number factor could be the ‘code’ and coefficient of the Vesica Pisces, at least geometrically. This study suggests that the 153 numerical factor ties in with the ‘120 Disciple’ numerical code of the 1st Pentecost of the Church after the Resurrection of Christ in Acts 2. These numerical codes in turn are related to the dimension of the Vesica Pisces in proportion as it will be projected out onto the Church Age timeline and beyond.

Perhaps these numerical codes can lend some perspective as to just how much time the prophetic ‘120 Disciple-Church of Christ’ has been given to ‘catch’ the prophetic ‘153 Fish’. This Vesica Pisces pattern will be the key, based on the established pattern of the 7 Feasts of the LORD and their corresponding day-counts from Passover to Pentecost. Perhaps the 7 Feast Pattern of YHVH has echoed down the centuries of the Church Age. This study is not stating that the Rapture will take place in at Pentecost, but possibly that when the Rapture will occur, that it could correspond with a Pentecost date specifically or its season.

Mind you, it does depend on which calendar you are referencing from, as it relates to the celebrated Feast in the present time. Other dates will be considered as this study will bring out multiple possibilities of candidates for the Rapture date based on astronomical phenomena that is occurring. Perhaps the Great Commission of the Church by Christ has indeed encompassed the duration the Age of Pisces –which is about to conclude. When? When the Age of Pisces ends. If astronomically, at least, it turns out that the Tetrads of 2014-15 for example is a countdown to the Tribulation Period. Perhaps, the Rapture might occur within the following years thereafter. It may be that such Signs are a start of a countdown that could be transitional in nature, like the Year of Light. As the new ‘Age of Aquarius’ dawns, the Rapture could take place thereafter.

Great Commission
There was a transitional type of period from the Old to New Testament as documented in the book of Acts. For example, even though the Holy Spirit came down on Pentecost, there were some instances where the Apostles, early on, had to still ‘lay hands’ on those that were saved to receive the Holy Spirit…but this is for another study. But what is exciting to contemplate about is that the Age of Pisces is to conclude regardless of what end date is being currently thrown out. This date will coincide with the Winter Solstice that signifies an opening of the ‘Golden Gate’ of Heaven. We are looking at perhaps the closing of the ‘prophetic’ Age of Grace, maybe even the ‘Last Pentecost’ of the Church Age.

This Age of Grace or Pisces has constituted not only the Nation of Israel but incorporated the Gentiles as discoursed by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 3. He talks about how, now in and by the Church, comprised of both Jewish and Gentile followers of the 1 Messiah… the 2 together are ‘joint heirs’ of the Promises of the LORD. This ‘picture’ of the 2 bodies ‘tied’ together lends a correlation to the 2 Fish of Pisces that will be looked at further down the study. It has been stated by many Biblical Scholars that when the Holy Spirit came down upon the 120 Disciples at Pentecost, it was sort of a representative ‘First Fruits’ of the Harvest that the Church would accomplish. What type of Harvest? a Summer Wheat Harvest.

It was a foretaste of who the Bride of Christ is and will be. At this point, during Pentecost began the mission of the Father seeking to give the Son a Gentile Bride, much like the type and shadow of Boaz with Ruth. Furthermore, this current time of the Church Age, in which one is living in, has been one in which the Father has also given the Stewardship of the Gospel, not to Israel, but to the ‘New Creation’, the Body of Christ on Earth. This ‘New Man’ as Paul taught about is made up of ‘both Jew and Gentile’ –that is to say the Church. One can see further down in 'Prophetic Time' by way of the book of Revelation that when, at some point, the Bride of Christ is ready and the Church is removed from Planet Earth, the administration of the Gospel of Christ will be transferred to another Witness.

This transference, according to no less than the Apostle John, will be handed over to the 144,000 anointed Jews and the 2 Witnesses according to the book of Revelation. They will in turn be the Stewards of such a privilege. Why? YHVH does not leave Himself without a Witness and it requires 2 ‘Witnesses’ to establish a truth in YHVH’s Judgment. Thus, as many say that the Church cannot then be around during this same time of a different 'Witness' if this argument follows its logic. This will be the ‘Time of Jacob’s Tribulation’ as it refers to YHVH fulfilling the 70th Week of the Prophet Daniel as it concerns the Covenant with Israel and its discipline, etc.

When does the Age of Pisces end? If the typology presented in this study is valid, this ‘Vesica Pisces’ pattern, which one believes is hidden in John 21 can allude to when the end of the Church Age is to be completed. Christ did say, regarding the Great Commission of the Church in Matthew 18, that He would be with the Church, ’even unto the end of the Age.’ But, it is not just about a specific time. The Rapture event is about a specific number. And that the Rapture of the Church will coincide with a completion of the prophetic ‘153 Fish’ catch of the Church or as how the Scripture describes it in Luke 24…’until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled’. Why 153? This number is key in Sacred Gematria and is associated with a 'womb' and that of the 'Vesica Pisces'.

What is the Vesica Pisces?
The Vesica Pisces has a variety of meaning depending on the context one is using it for. In its most simplistic form, it is a geometric configuration of Sacred Geometry. It is derived by linking 2 Circles together, bringing the outside edge of each to the midway point of the other. The Almond-shaped center of the image is called a Mandorla or ‘Vesica’.

1. Astronomically, the Vesica Pisces represents the Summer and Winter Solstices in the cycles dealing with the Precession of the Equinoxes.

2. Theologically, the Vesica Pisces correlates to the 2nd Day of Creation having each day represented by a Sphere or Circle. On the 7th Day, 7 Spheres configure the Seed of Life on the 6th Day of Creation, etc.

3. Esoterically, the 7-fold Vesica Pisces 'Seed of Life' acts as a basic Flower of Life's design.

This accomplishment of the Great Commission by the Church Age would mean that the Bride of Christ is thus on the verge of being completed and ready to be presented to the King at some ‘Pentecost’ or when the ‘Age’ ends or sometime in-between. This assertion is solely based on the parallel of the in-gathering that occurred when all the 120 Disciples were called together in the Upper Room. It is clear that the Disciples first meet there but one contends that they were at the Temple Precinct on Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came down and the Church Age was 'Birthed' as in a Vesica Pisces, At that place and time, the Disciples had a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit. This happened after catching perhaps their last literal 153 Fish back in Galilee after the Resurrection of Jesus. Now they had to catch 'prophetically' the 153 'Fish' that would constitute the entire Church Age.

1. The Church Age would approximate or correlate to the Age of Pisces, astronomically.
2. The Age of Pisces is to astronomically end on a December 21 Solstice.
3. The Rapture would follow this deductive reasoning
in then having to occur the subsequent year.

It is because, the LORD thereafter commissioned His Disciples to, ‘Fo into the entire World and be ‘Fishers of Men’. Perhaps, prophetically, there will be an in-gathering of the ‘Disciples’ after the final ‘153’ catch of the Church. Figuratively they likewise will be assembled together in the ‘Upper Room’ -the Throne of GOD as all the Church Age Believers are ‘Raptured’ up to meet up with Christ in the Air and be ushered into the GOD’s House. This will be done by the power of the Holy Spirit as it came down to them on Pentecost. Perhaps the Holy Spirit will go up in similar fashion with that proverbial 'Net' of all those that have been 'caught', birthed in the 'Vesica Pisces' of he Church Body, etc. .

‘And if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of His Spirit who lives in you.’ –Romans 8:11

Again, this study is only going on types and shadows and not every little detail is a 1 for 1 perfect match. The timeline is an approximation based on a theory correlating the day count of the period between Passover to Pentecost. This in turn is used as a prophetic pattern using the Vesica Pisces as a template that is projected out into space and time. This study is using past sequence of events infused with current astronomical occurrences, that in one's opinion, could be associated with the Rapture based on the Pentecost codes of 153 and 120, etc. Here is the known prophetic sequence, from Scripture, that could possibly give us some clues as to the order leading up to the possible Rapture of the Church or in-gathering.

The Gospel Stewardship
Again to reiterate, nowhere in Scripture, to one's knowledge and understanding, does it speak about the Rapture being associated with any particular Feast of YHVH. However, one believes the Rapture, at this point in time is not imminent but will occur based on certain numeric and time specific prophetic conditions that have to be met first. Many believe this is the Generation that will see these to key factors converge. One believes though, that the conditions are now ‘in place’ to be able to make such a bold assertion that the Rapture is within one's living generation. From the last Passover of Christ, to the first Pentecost of the Church, the order of paramount and prophetic importance is as follows.

1-a Death                    of Christ                                             
2-a Commission          to the Church
3-a Harvest                 of Fishes
4- an In-gathering        of Disciples at Pentecost
5- a Birth                     of the Church (Rapture)       

The Rapture of the Bride of Christ is at hand like in no other Church Generation in the past. Why? One primary reason would be related to the YHVH’s Covenant with Israel. The rebirth of the Nation of Israel in 1948 possibly started the ‘countdown.’ Another factor would be based on the count of the Jubilees from that point in time. But realize that no other generation within the Church Age could speak of Israel in the present tense since AD 70 or all of Jerusalem being back in the administration of Israel. Nonetheless, it is recognizable that patterns of YHVH are based on His Feast days, prophetically.

His time-piece centers on His Feasts. Why? These Feasts of YHVH are a ‘Covenant’. They are a Contract with a Promise(s) that YHVH has made, foremost amongst the Godhead. Thereafter, the LORD made these with Abraham, in the case of the how they then came to be funneled through Israel and subsequently by the Body of Christ, etc. The Feast of the LORD can also be seen as a metaphor, of sorts, regarding the plan He purposed in Jesus Christ. These Feasts ascribe to GOD, Glory, His Holiness, His purpose, His character, His humility, His sacrifice, His Power, His Love…etc. To some degree many of the Covenants will not be in full effect until the Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth. Consider the following analogies.

   Spring Feasts                      Summer (Pentecost)                                Fall Feasts
  -------------------                         -----------------------                                --------------------
1          2          3                                
4                                              5          6          7

Jewish Stewardship                 Jewish + Gentile Stewardship             Jewish Stewardship                      
36 days                                    2000 years                                           23 Days  (36 - 23 = 13)
Christ’s Tribulation                   Church’s Tribulation                             Israel’s Tribulation
7 Days                                     7 Church Ages                                     7 Years
1 week                                     1 Prophetic Week                                1 week
                                                7 Disciples caught 153 Fish
                                                120 Disciples gathered

Vesica Pattern
The Vesica Pisces pattern will be superimposed on 3 different levels of significance for this study and chart. The chart presented will be somewhat complicated as it attempts to overlay 3 layers of the Vesica Pisces as the key pattern for this assertion. The factors will be the 7-fold Church Age or Churches of Asia as time factors. Then the overlay with the Astronomical Array of the Sign of Pisces. The theory is thus actually very simple …as it was in the beginning, so it shall be in the end; the end is the beginning, the beginning is the end, what was shall be again, etc. But this timing will be based on projecting the sequence of prophetic events from the last Passover of Christ to the first Pentecost of the Church. Specifically, here is how the Vesica Pisces Pattern and the 153 and 120 number codes will be linked to a future Pentecost Season and the possible Rapture timing.

A. The 1st Vesica Pattern will establish the proportion of time set by the 1st Century Spring Feasts of the LORD that led up to the 1st Summer Pentecost Feast wherein the Church was 'birthed'. In particular, this time period will be from the counting of Passover to Pentecost. This 49-day count or code will be the template for the Vesica Pisces that is to be generated projected out from. But realize that this study suggests there might be a 'Double-Count' of an additional 50 days per Leviticus 23:15-16 that insinuate a total of 99 days to when Pentecost really 'Fully Came'. This is for another study.

B. The 2nd Vesica Pattern will be mirrored onto the 7 Church Age timeline. This is the focal point of this study. This study seeks to see if there is a possible correlation between the 7 Church Age Vesica Pisces of nearly 2000 years to some future ‘Pentecost’ season or date. The pattern may give us a clue as to when will the Church possibly fulfill its prophetic ‘153 Fish’ catch. Why the number 153? Because it is not only the coefficient of the Vesica Pisces, but it is also associated with the ‘last catch’ of the 7 Disciples before they were in-gathering on the Feast of Pentecost. When? At a Summer Wheat Harvest.

C. The 3rd Vesica Pattern in turn, matches-up with the end points on the celestial Ecliptic that correspond to the 2 Celestial Solstices. The points of the Solstices are where the Ecliptic intersects the Galactic Plain or the Milky Way. This intersection is referred to as the ‘Grand Cross.’ Thus, there are 2 of them in the Heavens that constitute the ‘beginning’ and an ‘end’. Planets also can configure a ‘Celestial Cross’ but are different from the 'Grand Cross.’

The 2 end points of the Vesica Pisces that has been overlaid onto the chart timeline with the Solstice intersections, can also convey ‘a death’ and a 'birth' process. These 2 end points of the Vesica Pisces, also correspond to ‘Celestial Gates.’ The Silver Gate is associated with a ‘birthing’ or entering and the Golden Gate is associated with a ‘dying’ or a departing. These 2 Solstice or ‘Gates’ constitute the 2 ends of the Vesica Pisces pattern that is projected out into timeline for the 7 Church Ages as the chart illustrates. In mirrored fashion, as to when the Holy Spirit came down on Pentecost, piercing Space and Time perhaps through such a possible ‘Portal’ or ‘Gate’ could the Church-Bride of Christ be taken up to exit this world by the piercing Space and Time as well. Perhaps.

1. The 1st end point of the Vesica is referred to as the Silver Gate of Heaven that corresponds with the Summer Solstice. This ‘Gate’ or ‘Star-Gate’ for that matter is atop Orion’s Right Hand like the Statue of Liberty.

2. The 2nd end point of the Vesica corresponds with the Golden Gate of Heaven that occurs on the Winter Solstice. This Gate is atop Sagittarius.

Gates of the Heavens
The Vesica Pisces pattern can also be projected out into the current Heavenly Constellations. This pattern is associated with several astrological occurrences; and fixed celestial positions. The beginning and end points of this Vesica Pisces pattern correspond with the Summer and Winter Solstices. These 2 points to ancient cultures and civilizations were and are considered to be when the 'Gates of Heaven' would open. The Silver Gate is located atop the right hand of Orion. This place is where the Sun will enter the Silver Gate at the Grand Cross intersection. On the other side of the Zodiac, the Sun crosses or enters the Golden Gate at the 2nd Grand Cross intersection in Sagittarius on December 21 of every year.

Christ entered Jerusalem through the Golden Gate at His ‘Triumphant Entry.’ This was to foreshadow His death by crucifixion. One sees a pattern in the Death of Christ, beginning at Passover, which brought about the Birth of the Church on Pentecost, in the end. It is that of a ‘dying’ of the Christ and a ‘birthing’ of His Church which culminates in the giving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. This ‘dying’ which leads-up to a ‘birthing’ of the Church Age occurred in one's estimation at the Summer Feast which was Pentecost. Thus, this is the blueprint used to speculate about the possible Rapture type or picture to consider for the Church Age. This is why one believes that within the Pentecost Season, this Summer Feast is the best candidate for the fulfillment of the Rapture to occur.

This study suggests that the Vesica Pisces and the number codes do mirror the Church Age in the grand scheme of things. The Birth of the Church at the 1st Pentecost of the Church correlates to the Silver Gate. The Church Age then continues through the Vesica Pisces pattern right down to the 'end that would correlate to the Silver Gate on June 20, to close out the Piscean Age of a given year. June 20 is when the Summer Solstice occurs and the Sun divides its light equally on Earth. If the typology is valid, as Christ entered through a ‘Golden Gate’, will the Bride of Christ then enter some sort of ‘Silver Gate’ as well when she will be ushered into Heaven by Christ at the Rapture event? 

This date happens to be when many experts, both in the Scientific and Esoteric circles, signal would be the closing out of the Piscean Age –that is to say the Church Age then. Many see this alignment with the Golden Gate on the Winter Solstice as an ‘Opening of the Gate to Heaven’, perhaps a ‘Star Gate’ if you will. If so, there remains to be understood clearly just who is to go through it. Perhaps this event will constitute the in-gathering of the LORD’s Disciples at that time? When the Golden Gate is said to open, a ‘death’ will be associated with it.

Nonetheless, the Church since its 1st Pentecost has been given the Great Commission of reproducing and 'catching', 'birthing' Disciples of Christ by way of the Gospel of Grace. One thing is for sure, at some point in time in human history, the Church’s Great Commission will come to it fulfillment; a mission accomplished, of bringing in the sheaves of the ‘153 Fish’ catch. Nowhere in Scripture does it stipulate that certain schedules or event of the LORD have to coincide with solar and or lunar phenomena. No comets or eclipses for that matter. But consider this, at the time of the LORD’s crucifixion, a Lunar Eclipses and an Earthquake occurred. Moreover, scripture tells us that the Heavens declare the Glory of God. And why would the Apostle Peter on Pentecost associate the event with the Astronomical Signs of Joel? It is because if and when the Rapture event does occur, it will be connected someway and somehow to possible Solar and/or Lunar Eclipses or events.

Age of Pisces
Who is to say that such Astronomical Phenomenal events would not play a part or could play a role in the LORD’s warning and/or revelation to humanity? That being said, there are several possible scenarios one sees that can be related to the timing of the Rapture. If in fact the Church Age is the Age of Pisces, then the Sign of Pisces, the 2 Fish of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth match up with the beginning and end points of the Vesica Pisces of the Church Age timeline illustrated in the chart. To reiterate then, the 7 Church Age Vesica Pisces does correlate to the Age of Pisces that has lasted over 2000 years. If the Silver and Golden Gates are transposed as the beginning and end points of the Church Age on the timeline, one can see that the 2 Gates in the Heavens constitute a ‘beginning’ event with the Silver Gate and an ‘ending’ event with the Golden Gate. These 2 points in turn could very well have corresponded to the ‘birth’ of the Church in the 1st Century with a future ‘dying’ to the world (Rapture) in the Golden Gate at its end point.

There are many layers of interpretation ascribed to this Sign of Pisces in the Heavens. In regard to the 2 Fish of Pisces, both are bound to the Sea Dragon Cetus. If Pisces is a prophetic metaphor for the Church, is the Church then bound by Satan? According to the research and interpretations of E. W. Bullinger, these 2 Fish represent, on one level, an Earthly and Spiritual character of the Church Age and Bride of Christ for that matter. On another level, Pisces can also represent the Nation of Israel and the Church –thus the 2 Sheep Folds. Both share 1 aspect in common; both are still bound in the domain of Satan –this world.

Although redeemed, both entities or 'Bodies' have been plagued by centuries of Satanic persecution; by the Sin Nature, the World and Satan himself until the end of the Piscean Age or harvest/catch. Many believe that the 2 Fish of the Sign or Pisces specifically characterize the Church Age. With some liberty at interpreting, the Vesica Pisces of the Church Age that is projected onto the chart timeline also configure 2 Fish intertwined. This in turn could very well correspond to the 2 Fish of the Sign of Pisces that projected out for the Vesica Pisces of the Church Age. These correlations lend some validity that indeed the Church Age has in fact constituted the Age of Pisces that will come to an end in one's lifetime.

The 1st Fish of the Sign of Pisces, as it related to the Church Age, represents the make up of what the initial Church Age started out with, primarily Jewish Believers. The 1st leaping Fish represent Peter as some would see it. In turn, Peter represents the Jewish Believers and beyond that, the nation of Israel. From Scripture, Peter was one of the Disciples that was at the Sea of Galilee fishing after the Resurrection of Christ. We are told that Peter initially did not recognize that it was Jesus that gave the command to set the nets to the other side that caught the 153 Fish. It was John who saw from afar and recognized that it was Jesus. This would characterize his prophetic disposition to also see 'far' into the future and through the 7 Churches of Asia and right down to the 'End of the Age'. It was Peter who ‘jumped’ or leaped up to swim back towards Christ at the shoreline.

Enthroned King of the Vesica
Thus, this 1st Fish represents an Earthly Remnant that interestingly is also tied to Andromeda. This constellation speaks of the Bound and Persecuted Woman. Looking into the future, prophetically after the Rapture, it could be alluding to the time perhaps when Israel or the non-believing Jews will have to deal with the severe persecution by the AntiChrist after the Rapture in the midst of Daniel’s last Week. Perhaps this will be the picture of what Israel will go through at the End Days during the Time of Jacob’s Tribulation.

The 2nd Fish of the Sign of Pisces, as it related to the Church Age, represents the make-up of what the later part of the Church Age would end of with, primarily that of Gentile Believers. The Apostle John, who was also one of the 7 Disciples with Peter in the boat, represents the Church. It is he who after realizing it was also the LORD, but stays the course, stayed in the boat, and waited on the LORD. The ‘Beloved Disciple’ as John is often referred to be the only Apostle that was not killed or martyred and lived the longest. John as a metaphor for the Bride of Christ, was given the vision on the Isle of Patmos of how it was all going to come down. He himself in fact is the type of the Bride that was 'Raptured-up' in chapter 4 through the open 'Portal' or Gate'.

In fact, one further sees a 'prophetic echo' of the type and shadow of how ‘John’ was to remain alive until the Return of Christ, figuratively speaking. At the end of John 21, Peter inquired of the LORD regarding this assertion. Perhaps the LORD gave a clue or a glimpse that the Church, as it pertains to being a type of John, would be sustained and kept alive to the very end of the Church Age. It is the 2nd Fish of Pisces that represents the Heavenly Remnant. Thus the 2nd Fish is ‘Raptured’…taken up and out on the wings of Pegasus -to fly away in deliverance.

One last analysis to this study deals with the final Vesica Pisces pattern overplayed onto the Ecliptic. The Vesica Pisces from end to end of the Silver Gate to the Golden Gate produces the geometric span of the Vesica Pisces. As the Ecliptic is actually spherical, when one stretches it out as illustrated on the chart, it makes the universe become a sphere. Yet even with this ‘bending’ of space and time, one can still see the handiwork of YHVH’s design and composition.

This ethereal geometric configuration, when analyzed, incredibly corresponds to several angles of the constellations that are within the Rhombus Symmetry and angles that it creates. For example, the Right Arm of Orion will always point to and is on the center of the Galactic Plane that is the Milky Way. The top angle of the Bid Dipper is parallel with the Rhombus within the Vesica Pisces. Cygnus, at the center seems to point to the direction of the Milky Way like a Sign or pointing arrow to the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. The body of Pegasus is also parallel with the angle of the Rhombus, etc.

Lastly, at the very Geometric Center of the Vesica Pisces between the 2 Solstices or ‘Gates’, leads to the ‘unseen face’ of the ‘Enthroned King’ Cepheus. He is next to the ‘Enthroned Queen’ Cassiopeia. Scripture teaches of how the Face of GOD and His presence is so Holy; the Cherubim have to cover their faces. Here one sees this Astronomically, the very imagery of the King of the Universe –His Face invisible due to His holiness in the 'Center of the Universe', enthroned as King with His Bride at his side finally at peace and rest, not like Andromeda, chained and afflicted.

A Focus Needed
As the season and the event of the Rapture comes more into 'focus' as it approaches...the LORD is bestowing to His Church wisdom and understanding about it that will resonate with His Bride. It is becoming just as it would be or is with most Grooms that are in anticipation of hearing, that the Bride is ready, and the ceremony is about to begin. But consider that most Believers do not focus and have speculated about how, as the Bride of Christ, she will be so ecstatic and mesmerized when the Bride gets to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, etc. Many stay away from the topic of the Rapture and the Tribulation Period because it causes division. However, it is the 'Blessed Hope' and the Apostle Paul admonished the Disciples and Followers of Jesus to encourage one another with such a notion and expectation. This imagery also speaks of when the Disciples asked of the LORD to, 'Show us the Father'... and Jesus replied:

...’if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father.’ But most encouraging for the Bride of Christ is that the Believers in Jesus are being transformed and being readied as they gaze into the Face of the LORD by way of Jesus Christ.

‘And we all, who with Unveiled Faces contemplate the LORD’s Glory, are being transformed into His Image with Ever-Increasing Glory, which comes from the LORD, who is the Spirit. -2 Corinthians 3:16-18

‘For GOD who said, Let Light shine out of Darkness, made His Light shine in our hearts to give us the Light of the Knowledge of GOD’s Glory displayed in the Face of Christ.’ -2 Corinthians 4:6

Those that have such an expectation must realize, in anticipation, just how much joy the Risen and Glorified Christ will also have when He finally comes for His Bride? Relative to this time and dimension, He has been waiting for over 2000 years. Can one imagine just how expectant He is too, expectant to finally be with His Bride… to take her, to show her, to say to her, to entertain all that YHVH has in store for her because she loves Him. Jesus Christ expressed His longing at His last Passover on Earth, as He communicated His deepest longing to be with His Disciples. He plainly told them that He looked forward to commune with them in the future Kingdom to fulfill the Feast. Which to some, see it as not truly being yet fulfilled. Both are eagerly expecting to hear the words of His Father, ‘the Bride is ready, go get her and let the ceremony begin!’

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