Lion’s Gate Opening in the 4th Month –
July 23 (723)

by Luis B. Vega
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The following will be one’s attempt to explain or lay-out the Theory of why one is more convinced that when the Rapture Event occurs, it might very well be tied or connected to the Phenomena of the Leo New Year and the Lion’s Gate. It is the ‘Where’ and ‘When’ of the Mystery of the Resurrection-Rapture Event that will close-out the Church Age, in one’s Calculation. This Rapture Theory has been a culmination of Decades worth of Research and Questions, attempting to ascertain the possible Timing of the Rapture Event. Is that possible? Judge the following Rationale that is presented.

In brief, the Leo New Year, also referred to as the ‘Galactic Year’ or as one will generally refer it as the Astronomical Year, is based on the 12 Signs of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac in a given 365 Day Year. The Leo New Year starts on a July 23. However, since it is Astronomical, it relates to when the Sun also is associated with the Sign of Leo. The Sign ‘Ends’ after approximately a 30 Day Segment from July 23. It is when the Sun conjoins with the King Star of Regulus on August 21. That is the Last Day of the Sign’s Period, and ‘Closing’ of its ‘Gate’, and thus the Lion’s Gate Phenomena.

Why this Month and Date, July 23 (723) is considered the ‘New Year’ is that it is when in Ancient Egypt, the Nile flooded and provided the Sedimentary or ‘Natural Fertilizer’ to Plant and Harvest a New Agricultural Cycle of Life, etc. It also marked the End of the Summer Wheat Harvest. This New Year or Astronomical Start-and-End of the Year, is sort of based on how in Modernity, the Fiscal Year is determined.

A Fiscal or Financial New Year starts in July, oddly enough. Coincidence? Not in one scope of this Leo New Year and Lion’s Gate Rapture Theory. According to the Book of Jubilees, the Ancient Year was divided into 4 Segments of Time. Consider the following Knowledge since before the Floor, about the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

And on the New Moon of the 1st Month, and on the New Moon of the 4th Month, and on the New Moon of the 7th Month, and on the New Moon of the 10th Month are the Days of Remembrance, and the Days of the seasons in the 4 Divisions of the Year. These are written and ordained as a Testimony forever. -Jubilees 6:23

Month 1: Nisan
Month 4: Tammuz (Leo and Lion’s Gate Time)
Month 7: Tishrei
Month 10: Tevet

4th Month is about a Gate – Opening and Closing

Apparently, those that handle and manipulate the Money Supply of Nations and the World, as it is True that, ‘Money makes the World go Round’, had and have an Understanding of this Ancient Division of the Year. Thus, the 4th Month, when the Leo New Year is Marked and the Lion’s Gate ‘Opens’, corresponds to the 7th Month in the Gregorian Calendar. But it has the same 4th Month correspondence in the Religious Jewish Calendar. Coincidence?

Now, because this Leo New Year is based on the Astronomical Division of a given Year, it is said and believed, especially in the Ancient World, that the Leo New Year is when the Gate to Heaven would be opened. Thus, the Phenomena of the Lion’s Gate has been about the Resurrection of the Body and a Transformation and Transportation to the Stars, etc. According to the Book of Jubilees, it states the following about the Enochian Technology and Knowledge about this Time of Harvest and Transformation.

And he [Enoch] was the 1st among Men that are born on Earth who learnt Writing and Knowledge and Wisdom and who wrote down the Signs of Heaven according to the Order of their Months in a Book, that Men might know the Seasons of the Years according to the Order of their separate Months. -Jubilees 4: 17

This puts a direct Association with Leo being a Place of Transition, Translation and Change. And amazingly, according to the Ancient Egyptian, the Leo New Year and Lion’s Gate pertained to the Resurrection of the Body. This is why they Mummified the Bodies. It was when their Pharaohs would be Transformed and Transported to the Stars, mainly to Orion. It is believed that Heaven itself is construed in the Fashion like an Orion Layout. In prior Research, one has even presented Evidence of how Old Jerusalem is configured to Orion with its Gates, corresponding to the Main Stars.

Orion is also the ‘Sentinel’ or Guardian of the Silver Gate, or the ‘Gate of Man’. He is juxtaposed in opposition to the Golden Gate Sentinel, that of Ophiuchus, which is the ‘Gate of GOD’. Note that the Lion’s Gate or the Sign of Leo is exactly at the Mid-Point that delineates them both. The following will be some Evidence from the Book of Jubilees that attests to how the 4 Month is about Opening and Closing ‘Gates’, Doors or even ‘Star-Gates’, if one wills during the Leo New Year of a July 23 (723). This is why one is more convinced about how that Philadelphian ‘Open Door’, that Jesus promised for an ‘Escaping’ the coming Hour of Trial will work.

And on the New Moon of the 4 Month, Adam and his Wife went forth from the Garden of Eden, and they dwelt in the Land of Elda in the Land of their Creation. -Jubilees 3:32

And in the 4th Month the Fountains of the Great Deep were closed and the Flood-Gates of Heaven were restrained; and on the New Moon of the 7th Month all the Mouths [Gates] of the Abysses of the Earth were opened, and the Water began to descend into the Deep below. -Jubilees 5:29

And on the New Moon of the 4th Month the Mouths [Gates] of the Depths of the Abyss beneath were closed. -Jubilees 6:26

Sacred Star Knowledge

Notice that in the 4th Month, in the Sign of Leo, that the Lion’s Gate had a directly Associated with how the Gate of Eden was Closed to Adam and Eve. They passed through it, as they were Evicted from Eden, due to the Fall. Then the Flood of Noah Ended on the 4th Month as the ‘Flood Gates’ of the Waters were ‘Opened and Closed’. Chuck Missler published a Paper ascribing the Day the Jews left Babylon on the 4th Month, during the Leo New Year. And consider this, the Ishtar Gate, opened for the Jews as they passed through it, to migrate back to the Promised Land. The Ishtar Gate had Lions on the side Reliefs leading-up to the Gate. Essentially, it was the Lion’s Gate.

A Year later, on July 23, 537 B.C., the Return of Jewish Exiles under Zerubbabel got underway just 70 Years after the Captivity began (just as Jeremiah had predicted). -Chuck Missler (1)

Thus, the Lion’s Gate is about ‘Opening and Closing’ Celestial, or Heavenly Portals, Gates or even the Rapture Door Jesus, the Lion-King promised? Another very insightful Observation about the Book of Jubilees, is that according to the Knowledge handed down by Enoch, the Year, even up to the Time of Ancient Israel was based on a 364 Day Calendar. This is called then, appropriately, the Enoch Calendar.

And command thou the Children of Israel that they observe the Years according to this Reckoning- 364 Days, and (these) will constitute a Complete Year, and they will not disturb its Time from its Days and from its Feasts; for everything will Fall Out in them according to their Testimony, and they will not leave out any Day nor disturb any Feasts. -Jubilees  6:32

The Book of Jubilees, goes on to state, from Chapter 6, Verses 33 to 35, that the World and Israel would not keep this Calendar and that the Order of the Seasons and Feasts would be Out-of-Order because they would use ‘Gentile’ Reckoning of Time instead. This also has to do with how the Sacred Knowledge, pertaining to the Omens of the Sun, Moon and the Stars. This Forbidden Knowledge came about duthat the Fallen Angels, called the Watchers of Hermon divulged to Humanity. Note this Reference.

And he [Kâinâm] found a Writing which Former (Generations) had carved on the Rock, and he read what was thereon, and he Transcribed it and Sinned owing to it; for it contained the Teaching of the Watchers in accordance with which they used to observe the Omens [Messages] of the Sun and Moon and Stars in all the Signs of Heaven. -Jubilees 8:3

But realize that all the Knowledge, Forbidden, Sanctioned or Revealed is of YHVH. It is Sacred and is a Reflection of His Creation and Divine Order. Consider the Account of the Book of Jubilees in regard to how Abram considered the Stars for Seasons. This is Evidence why one does not subscribe to the Rapture being ‘Imminent’. Nothing that YHVH has done, is doing and will do is by ‘Randomness’. It is based on Order.

And in the 6th Week, in the 5th Year thereof, Abram sat up throughout the Night on the New Moon of the 7th Month to observe the Stars from the Evening to the Morning, in order to see what would be the Character of the Year with regard to the Rains, and he was alone as he sat and observed. And a Word came into his Heart and he said: All the Signs of the Stars, and the Signs of the Moon and of the Sun are all in the Hand of the LORD. Why do I search (them) out? -Jubilees 12:16-17

Conclusion of the Commission

Now, many End Times Students of Prophecy and those opposed to Jesus in the World, will scoff at this attempt to determine the Rapture Timing, as being futile because, ‘No One Knows the Day or the Hour’, etc. One is of the Interpretation that this Christian Cliché is a worn-out Mantra and Axiom for an ‘Excuse’ not to be ‘Watching’ and Waiting as Jesus commanded His Disciples to do. It is a Given that one should be, ‘Going about the Father’s Business’s’ in fulfilling the Great Commission. Watching is part of that. Now the Rapture Doctrine is not a Salvific Issue, but it has become a Fellowship Issue. What Jesus forewarned His Disciples about the End of Days and His Return, had no Context pertaining to the Rapture.

That Notion was not even on the Minds of the Disciples when they asked Jesus about, ‘When would the Kingdom be Established’, etc. And precisely, the not ‘Knowing the Day and the Hour’, in the Context of the Discourse was and is about when the New Heavens and the New Earth will come about. What about being about the Return of Jesus then, as some People interpret? Based on the Prophecy of Daniel, one can literally figure-out when Jesus is to return, to the Day. All that People have to do, assuming a Person is in the Tribulation Period of 7 Years, is count from the Abomination of Desolation Event. The Timelines provided in Daniel and from John in Revelation provide a detailed and specific Day Count from that Mid-Point to the Return of Jesus.

It is a Day Count Factor of 1260 Days, or 42 Months or 3.5 Years. Thus, the ‘Day and the Hour’ is knowable and calculable. So, what about the Rapture? If Jesus expects this Body on Earth to be Watching, Watching for what? Jesus delineated what to ‘Watch’ for in the Olivet Discourse, as part of the Context. Jesus stated that there would be Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars above and Geo-Political Events below on Earth. What one is simply doing is asking the Question if the Rapture could be correlated to the Leo New Year, as that is what a Theory is. What if the Rapture Event can be pegged to a ‘Where’ and ‘When’? This is where the Leo New Year, ‘When’ and the Lion’s Gate, ‘Where’ is being considered to see if there are Prophetic Correlations to ascertain.

One has presented the Evidence that the Astronomical Inferences of the Leo New Year and the Lion’s Gate Innuendos appear to Match the Typology, Mythos and Biblical Notion of ‘Where’ and ‘When’ the Rapture Event will close-out the Church Age. Here are the Biblical Themes one will itemize to present as Circumstantial Evidence for this possible but probably Rapture Correlation being pegged Astronomically to the Leo New Year and the Lion’s Gate. Jesus stated that He has the Key of David. He has the Power of Life and Death, and Resurrection. Jesus is considered the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

He is the Lion-King. Jesus said of Himself, that He is the Door, the Gate of the Sheep. Jesus is the Good Shepherd that laid down His Life for the Sheep. He leads them to Green Pastures, in-and-out of the Sheep’s Gate. Note that in Old Jerusalem, just North of the Golden Gate is the Lion’s Gate. And in Ancient Times, that Gate was also referred to as the Sheep’s Gate. Can one see the Lion-Lamb Motifs being inferred? These are the Direct Inferences from Jesus that one sees is connected to the Leo New Year and the Lion’s Gate, pertaining to the Rapture Timing, Astronomically then. Perhaps.

It is about the End of a Summer Wheat Harvest

Then you have Jesus and His Disciples walking through the Wheat Field on a Sabbath. The Elders of Zion got upset about it. But Jesus established His Divine and Creator Credentials as He referenced being the LORD of the Sabbath. And by virtue of the Lion-King being in the Wheat Field, He is also LORD of the Harvest. It so happens that the following is then how one correlates all these Biblical Nuances to the Constellation of Leo and the Lion’s Gate in the 4th Month. The Constellation of Leo is the Last Sign of the 12 Mazzaroth Motifs, but the Beginning of the ‘Galactic’ one.

It is the Sign of the Sovereign King, the Lion-King that has the King Star of Regulus as 1 of the 4 Cardinal Stars that define the entire Expanse of the Visible Universe, from Earth’s Perspective. It so happens that the Sign corresponds to the Time, in the Gregorian Year Count, from a July 23 (723) to an August 22 Time-Frame’. But in terms of the Sun’s position on the Ecliptic, it corresponds to how it is stationed in Cancer on a July 23 Date. Its Mid-Point corresponds to an August 8 (88) Time-Frame. It is considered its ‘Apex’ or Strength.

Then, the Lion’s Gate concludes or ‘Closes’ with its Conjunction at the King Star of Regulus. And? This Time-Frame from a July 23 (723) to August 22, is considered when the Lion’s Gate is ‘Activated’ or Opened. To be fair, some of these Dates vary by 1 or 2 Days, depending on the Source. However, the majority of Research and References, concur with the July 23 to August 22 Time-Frame defines the Lion’s Gate. And that the July 23 Date and Time is when the ‘Galactic’ or Astronomical New Year occurs, etc.

Now, why one conjectures to correlate the Leo New Year of a July 23 (723) Month and Day to the Rapture, has to do with prior Research. One has calculated that the Acts 2 Pentecost was on a July 23. This is based on a ‘Double-Count’ Theory and Interpretation of Leviticus 23:16. It is not just a 1 Time Count of 50 Days, but rather 3 of them, Grain, Wine and Oil, etc. Thus, one is correlating what occurred at Acts 2 with being not only a 100 Day Count from Nisan 15, the Day after Passover, and being the Feast of New Wine, corresponding to the Golden Calf Incident, but that it was the Leo New Year and when the Lion’s Gate Opened and the Holy Spirit descended, etc.

 Nisan 15                + 49 Days                   Shavuot                     +50 Days                 Pentecost
Day after Passover                                  1st 50 Day Count                                      New Wine 2nd 50
       APRIL 15                                                   JUNE 3                                                   JULY 23 (723)

                                                                                                                                        Leo New Year
                                                                                                                                     Lion’s Gate Opens

This Leo New Year was when the Summer Wheat Harvest concluded, etc. Can one start to see why one is making the Rapture Timing Connection? Now, having said all that, as one’s Rationale and Context for the Resurrection-Rapture Event, how on Earth would that tie-in to its Timing? This is where one’s Research over the Year has been a Puzzle where Pieces have been ‘Discovered’ and Placed accordingly. Allow one to further elaborate on the Interpretation that the Leviticus 23:16 Verse was and is a ‘Double-Count’ of 49 Days or 7 Sabbaths and then a Subsequent Count of 50 Days.

Time to Change the Clocks

This was and is pivotal to understanding that the Jewish Version called Shavuot is not the Pentecost of Acts 2 nor what occurred there and then on Mount Sinai. One further surmised that the Double Count started the Day after the Passover that was observed by Israel back in Egypt. It was the next Day that they set-out for Mount Sinai. One will notice that what is celebrated as Shavuot by the Jews in the Month of Sivan, or early-on in a Month of June was not even the Time Israel had reached the Foot of Mount Sinai. So, the Point is that Shavuot, what the Jewish celebrate as the ‘Feast of New Grain’ or Wheat is not what occurred on Acts 2, as that was the Feast of the New Wine.

And it was approximately 2 Weeks after that Israel even arrived at the Foot of Mount Sinai. And it was from that Time, that Moses waited another Segment of Time to equal an additional 50 Day Count to receive the Law. And that Day was on a July 23, the 99th Day, that corresponded with the ‘Wine’ Rebellion of the Golden Calf Incident. Thus, the 10 Commandments were given on that Leo New Year and at the Lion’s Gate. If one does a Day Count, one will realize that it was on the 100th Day that Moses came down with the 10 Commandments. And that Day, happened to be the Golden Calf Incident. And which one interprets as being the Feast of Wine. And?

This has then Amazing and Prophetic Implication to one’s Rapture Timing, occurring on the same Leo New Year and at the Lion’s Gate. The Acts 2 Pentecost, as one correlates that Event, was the ‘Reversing of the Curse’ at Sinai. One’s Theory is thus inquiring, will that Anniversary of a July 23 Leo New Year at the Lion’s Gate ‘End’ or Close the Church Age Door but Open the Rapture Door of Escape, as promised by Jesus? But primarily, that 100th Day was on a July 23 Day (723). Thus, this Day corresponded to the Leo New Year, at the Lion’s Gate. And?

This means that if the Acts 2 Pentecost was truly on the Astronomical Leo New Year, it was a New Beginning, which one is convinced of then, that it is when the Church Age is to ‘End’. The Leo New Year is about a Beginning and an End, and End to the Summer Wheat Harvest, no less. Think of Boaz and Ruth. The ‘New’ Church Age was a Time of Transition, Transformation, a Change. It is a Reflection of what occurred at Sinai with the Change of how Israel came under the Law, etc. Acts 2 was a Time and Place where the Gates of Heaven opened and the Holy Spirit was poured-down. It Sealed and Indwelt the Followers and Disciples of Jesus, at this specific Place and Time.

It was the ‘Where’ and ‘When’, pertaining to the Church Age being Initiated with ‘Power from on High’, etc. Thus, one’s Leo New Year and Lion’s Gate Rapture Theory. What if, as the Holy Spirit came down on that Day and Time, on a July 23, on the Leo New Year and at the Opening-Up of the Lion’s Gate, Astronomically, could be, likewise, its Correlating and Concluding Commission of the Church Age. One is just theorizing, what if its ending is on its Anniversary, in some Year, i.e., on July 23, at the Lion’s Gate? That is how and why one is suggesting that the Rapture Timing could thus be pegged to the Leo New Year and at the Lion’s Gate. Is it for not, that all the Biblical Motifs seen in Jesus Himself and how even Astronomically, the Depiction of the Resurrection-Rapture appears to be inferring to this possibility?

One cannot ‘Prove’ this Leo New Year Rapture Theory, other than Time will have to Tell the Truth about it or not. And as to the Year? One has suggested the Year also. And that is based on the Year 32 AD, being the True Crucifixion Year. Why this Year? The Year 32 AD Timeline is how one has also theorized that a Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 Tribulation Timeline appears to ‘Match’ the Sequence of Events that will be realized after the Conclude the Church Age.

As one has correlated the possible Rapture Timing to the Sun, Moon and the Stars, the Geo-Political Events on Earth are also signaling this coming Time, New Time or New Year of Transformation, Transition and Change. Using a Wall Clock Metaphor, the Promised Land is the Hour Hand. Jerusalem is the 2nd Hand. And the Temple is the Second Hand. Israel is the Countdown Watch that has started ‘ticking’ since 1948. Israel is essentially a Pariah among the Nations, a ‘Burdensome Stone’. The Mightily USA is falling fast like Imperial Rome did. Wars, Pestilences, Famines, Death, Earthquakes, abound.

Morality and Society are surpassing the Days of Noah and Lot, etc. So, with this Background and Context, that is one’s Rationale as to why one is more convinced that the Rapture Event cannot be ‘Imminent’. But that it is Pegged to the Leo New Year and the Lion’s Gate for the Reasons presented. It is one’s best attempt and effort into deciphering 1 of the Greatest Biblical Mysteries of the Ages, if Ture. It is a very simplistic Theory but if True, then it is ‘Profound’ and the Key to having ‘Solved’ the Mystery of the Rapture’s Timing. One can ‘Know the Day and the Hour’.


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(1) Exemplary Leadership:
The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah


​Conclusion of the Commission
A study of the astronomical and Mathematical Patterns heralding the End of the Church Age and the coming Transference of Testimony and the witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The 7-year Sabbatical Cycle of time suggests that the Church Age is about to conclude and transfer the Gospel Witness back to the Dispensation of Israel to finish the 70th Week of Years. This specific time is predicated on the Convergence of several Prophetic Timelines will be presented to highlight this time of the Synchronization of Biblical prophecy.

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