Where Did Fauci Go?

  • Is the 1 Million 'COVID' Dead Milestone a Pandemic?
  • How has the USA become like the former Soviet Union?
  • What happened to Fauci and will there be a Fauci 2.0?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to suggest that the USA, based on those living below the Poverty Line, being nearly 40 Million, is as much as the entire Population of the Ukraine, being 41 Million. This Statistic is presented for Context and Perspective to suggest how the Social, Moral and Political Priorities of the USA are Bankrupt, by design. How so? The Ruling Politicians, especially on the Left, in the USA would rather send, currently 53 Billion Dollars to the Ukraine than take care of its own House and needs 1st. This will be the Background Context in light of how it has been reported in mid-May of 2022, by the US Government that the 1 Million COVID Death Mile-Marker has been reached.

It seemed though, at first, that Putin of Russia single-handedly ‘Cured COVID’ with his invasion of the Ukraine. How so? The 24-Hour World News Cycles had featured Fauci, the Daily Death Rates, Transmission and Infection Scares on a constant basis for nearly 3 Years and running. The World was ‘Waking-Up’ to the Deadly Consequences of the Experimental New mRNA type of Injections that are not Vaccines. People were tired of seeing and hearing Fauci, day-in and day-out. And worse, the truth was becoming known by too many People how Blood Clots, Heart Attacks, and Miscarriages are ‘Off the Charts’. It became a Problem for those behind the Orchestrated Plandemic.

Then, Allegations were confirmed that, indeed, the Virus was Bio-Engineered and let-out from a Bio-Hazard Level 4 Lab in China. It was further corroborated, that all those supposed ‘Conspiracy Nut-Jobs’ were right all along, and at every point. There was that Gain of Function that connected and implicated Fauci, at the highest Levels. Fauci and COVID Shot Deaths had become too ‘Hot’ to handle and justify. What to do? Go to War. War is horrific and not to disparage the Atrocities being committed. But this is the work of the Globalists. But further, how can the US Congress under the Leadership of Pelosi grant 40 Billion Dollars in Aid to the Ukraine, on top of the prior 13 Billion from Biden?

The USA has waged a ‘Cold War’ with Russia since World War 2. But now there is a Russian ‘Hot War’ with Ukraine. The Ukrainian Government, who are no Saints compared to Putin, was installed by the Globalists. Yet, Pelosi went to visit Zelensky as some type of Head of State. She was like the Late Senator McCain who went to Syria and pinned Medals on Muslim ISIS Fighters who were trained by the USA, among others to then kill Christians and later, US Servicemen. She praised the efforts of the Ukrainian War as a Last Line of Defense of ‘Democracy’. All the while, Zelensky’s type of Democracy banned Opposition Political Parties. He jailed any Pro-Peace Advocates or those that support Russia. Zelensky has incorporated the Nazi Asov Brigade into the Regular Army. Let one repeat that, as the Liberal Media in the West is not owning-up to.

Plan to Impoverish
The Ukrainian Army has absorbed the Nazi, White Supremist Military Factions that the Left so adamantly oppose and labels with anyone that disagrees with them. Pelosi, as true Traitor to her Mandate to Serve and Protect US Citizens and the Constitution has sided, ‘With the Terrorists’. Pelosi and her types, would rather send, so far, 53 Billion US Tax-Payer Money to the Ukraine, to protect their Borders, and send them Food, Baby Formula, provide Shelter, rather than to protect the US Borders, secure Food, Baby Formula and provide Shelter for Millions in need; approximately 40 Million Americans presently living in Poverty and going hungry. It is immoral.

In certain portions or regions of the USA, it looks like the War-Torn Ukraine. No worries. Pelosi and the Democrats to the Rescue. More borrowing and Social Programs to ensure the American Masses are Dumb, in Debt and in Despair. Enough so, to keep them Dependent on the Despot Government that is no longer, ‘For the People, by the People’, etc. According to Statista.com, for 2020, there are nearly 40 Million Americans living below the Poverty Line. This is America’s Dark Secret or ‘Ukraine’. And this Statistic does not account for the 40 Million that are just above the Poverty Line.

Ukraine Population 2022:
41 Million
USA People in Poverty 2020: ~40 Million

This means that the USA has, in its Population Totality, a ‘Nation’ of impoverished People the size of the entire Population of the Ukraine. Yet, 53 Billion Dollars of hard-earned Tax Money would Pelosi and Congress rather send to the Ukraine to fight for ‘Democracy’ while an ‘American Ukraine’ is left to Censorship, a Cancel Culture and Woke ‘Justice’. 53 Billion Dollars is more than what, at least over half of the 191 Nations on the Planet make in 1 Years’ Time. This is the Plan. It is to eventually impoverish all Americans to be just as in Debt, Despair and Dependent on the Federal Government. Why? Control. And one suggests a form of Control is or will be through the Injections.

Why Injections? It is not about COVID or a Virus that is similar to the Flu, that even Fauci wrote about and Bill Gates said in Public was like the Flu. It is what is inside the Injections. Bio-Metrics. The New COVID World Order will come through the UN’s WHO ‘Pandemic Treaty’. It is about controlling the Masses, from the inside, at the Genetic Level. The Ukrainian War was the ‘Next Virus’ unleashed. And those who pushed and are pushing against the COVID Scare, pushed the Ukrainian Narrative. And true to form, anyone Questioning that was and is labeled a Racist, Pro-Putin Fascist.

Yet it was the Ukrainians that barred Africans, for example, from boarding buses during the Mass Evacuations out of the country. The situation in the Ukraine has only served as a Distraction in the grand scheme. It has also served to destroy the World Food Production and Food Supply Chain. Ironically, the Ukraine is 1 of the World’s Bread Basket Regions. It is estimated that, although a ‘Poor Country’, it has fed over 400 Million People a Year. A worldwide unprecedented Famine is coming. Even to the USA. The Ukrainian War came just in time, due to the worldwide COVID Fatigue. The over-reaching Lock-Downs and Mask Mandates have destroyed World Economies.

‘Build Back Better’.

The American Middle Class has been wiped-out. But all that has been the Plan from the beginning. The USA was in the way. But the COVID Narrative has not gone away and will be circling back with a Vengeance, not the Virus but the Virus Narrative. But it could very well be the case that, this time around, a more stringent Bio-Weaponized form of their Viruses could be or will be released. It will force those that had, up to this point either Hesitated, or Objected due to Religious or Conscientious reasons, to be compelled to take the Bio-Metric Injections. It is part of the Globalist Reset Agenda, tied now to the UN 2030 Agenda. And Bio-Metric ID’s and COVID Passports are priority.

The ‘Cover’ or Rationale for the ‘Pandemic Accords’ is that of ‘Sustainability’ and a Universal ‘Pandemic Response’, etc. What that means is that the WHO, i.e., the UN will be increasingly dictating Political, Social and Health Policies and imposing them on UN Member States against their Sovereignty. This has been the method or way that the Globalists, who are Eugenicists, have used a Virus that is no more ‘Deadly’ than the common Influenza or Pneumonia to initiate the ‘Reset’. And what is the Reset? It is another ‘Code Word’ for implementing their Luciferian New World Order.

And in order for that to happen, the Old Order must be Systematically Demolished so that their AntiChrist ‘Savior’ can then ‘Build Back Better’. The Powers-That-Be have manufactured this Plandemic. In one’s Assessment, the COVID Narrative will be circling back. They are using the Media, again to increasingly focus the World’s Spell and Hypnosis back to COVID. With increasing ‘Spread’ and ‘Transmission’, the Ukrainian War is ‘getting old’. Although Putin single-handedly appeared to have ‘Cured’ COVID, the Ukrainian War became the ‘Next Virus’. And as Natural Viruses have a Shelf Life, it is time to bring back Fauci. As he was side-lined, he had done his Dirty Deed.

With the World increasingly ‘waking-up’ to the Dangerous Adverse Effects of COVID Shots, Athletes, Children dropping Dead, the Distraction was to focus away from what is the real cause of Death, that in one’s estimation is surpassing the COVID Death Rate. Consider the Statistic and Calculus of how many People have Died, are Dying by the Day, due to having taken the Dangerous COVID-19 Shots. According to VAERS, the Official Reporting Agency, where Doctors must report any Adverse Event or Death to the CDC, it is only approximately 1%, based on the Harvard University Study. As of the 1 Million COVID Death Milestone, the VAERS has reported 38,000 confirmed Dead.

And this, based on the Day the 1 Million COVID Death was reported. Yet, filling a VAERS Report takes over 1 hour to fill-out. In some cases, it has been documented that Files have been unable to be uploaded after numerous times. Files have disappeared or their Documentation Number replaced. The Point is, that if one uses the 1% Coefficient and multiplies that by the Number Dead, of those that took the COVID Injections, which are not a Vaccine, then the Statistic clearly demonstrates, that over 3 Times more People have Died of the COVID Injections and have Died from COVID Virus. And this is despite the deliberated Mis-Diagnosing of Deaths due to COVID when in fact, the Deaths are only required to be ‘Suspected’. There is no Verification and there are Monetary Incentives in Reporting COVID-Infections, and Deaths.

Poster Child
A Poster of this Calculus has been made correlating this Mathematical Inference and can be found in the End Notes. Below is the Statistic and Calculus of how many People have Died, are Dying by the Day, due to having taken the Dangerous Experiential COVID-19 Shots. To reiterate, according to VAERS, the Official Reporting Agency where Doctors must report any Adverse Event or Death to the CDC, it is only approximately 1%, based on the Harvard University Study. As of the 1 Million COVID Death Milestone, the VAERS has reported 38,000 confirmed COVID Injection Dead. If one uses the 1% Coefficient and multiplies that by the Number of Confirmed Dead, of those that took the COVID Injections and Died, then the following Statistic will result.

1,000,000 ‘COVID’ Deaths / 335,000,000 USA Population = Death Rate of


VAERS Reporting 38,000 Deaths from the COVID Injections. As of the 1 Million Milestone, only 1% is Reported based on Harvard Study = Death Rate of those People who took the COVID Death Shot?

3,800,000 MILLION DEAD

The outcome clearly demonstrates that over 3 Times more People have Died from the COVID Injections than have Died from the COV19 Virus. It has been a Plandemic. If the Mathematical Correlation between the Reported 1 Million COVID Deaths in the USA, and the 1% VAERS Deaths from the COVID Injections, is correct, then consider the following. Having only 1 Million People Dead of a COVID Virus in 3 Years, although every Death is a Tragedy, out of a USA Population of 335 Million is not a Pandemic.

For context in terms of Death Rates, in the USA, there are nearly ~700,000 who die from Heart Attacks on a yearly basis. Is this not a Pandemic? If so many People are dying from this condition alone, then why is not the Whole World or the USA shutting down and preventing such Conditions that lead to Heart Attacks? In the USA, the Suicide Rates increased 30% between 2000-2018, and more so during COVID.

It is now reported that Suicide was the leading cause of Death in the United States, in 2020. Not from the COVID Virus. There is now presently a Suicide Death every 11 Minutes. https://www.cdc.gov/suicide/facts/index.html

The WHO reports that more than 700,000 People die due to Suicide every Year. Suicide is the 4th Leading Cause of Death among 15-19 Year-Olds. https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/suicide

Every Year in the United States, over 40,000 People die in Vehicle Accident. Teenagers aged 16 to 19 are 3 Times more likely to be involved in Automobile Accidents than those over the Age of 20. Almost 951,000 Vehicle Accidents are linked to Texting and Driving.

Approximately 1.24 Million People die in Car Crashes annually worldwide. https://carsurance.net/insights/car-accident-statistics/

COVID Narrative
Should not the WHO or the CDC ban all Vehicles because they are killing People, especially the Younger Generation? These Statistics of non-COVID Related Deaths are presented to give a relative comparison of the Death Rates. And how the Media, the WHO, Government and the Medical Agencies that are supposed to Protect People, are in fact Representing their Big Pharma’s. These Leaders like Biden and Pelosi in the USA have made Lucrative Business Investments. They get rewarded as Billions are made with all those Government Contracts or whose Sons sit as Executives in Ukrainian Government Directorships. And what is next? The Pandemic Treaty.

These Domestic Enemies will be ‘Signing-Over’ America’s National Sovereignty to the WHO. This ‘Deed’ will be done by every Nation on the Planet. The UN will become the Overload, ‘Big Brother’ of the Nations. Mission Accomplished. Back in February of 2020, just before COVID-19 was declared an Emergency and Totalitarian Power was concentrated in the Executive Branches of Governments, Fauci had collaborated in a writing, found in the New England Journal of Medicine NEJM. Fauci admitted in writing that COVID-19 was no worse than the Flu. That in fact, the Seasonal Influenza and Pneumonia, up to then, had a higher Death Rate than COVID does now, 3 years later. The following is an excerpt from that White Paper.

‘On the basis of a case definition requiring a diagnosis of pneumonia, the currently reported case fatality rate is approximately 2%.4 In another article in the Journal, Guan et al.5 report mortality of 1.4% among 1099 patients with laboratory-confirmed Covid-19; these patients had a wide spectrum of disease severity. If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968)…’

It seems insane that over 5 Billion People now on the Planet have been Injected with their various COVID-19 New mRNA type of Shots. Yet, the ‘Pandemic’ still persists. Most have been Double, Triple ‘Jabbed’, Boosted and they still get COVID-19? A True Vaccine is supposed to Stop Infection, Prevent Transition, and Provide Lasting Immunity. These Kill-Shots, as Dr. Zelenko and other censored Scientists and Doctors  call them do none of the above. Supposed ‘Outbreaks’ in Shanghai, China and now in North Korea are becoming the ‘Rallying Cry’ of returning to the Mandated Mask and Lock-Down of Businesses. This is despite Studies shown to have 0 Benefit, etc.

Increasingly, the Media is being told to once again, prop-up the Fear-Mongering and to Sensationalize Outbreaks, as Humanity has had a ‘Break’ from the Psychological Abuse of their Induced Mass Psychosis. One suspects that the Chinese Lock-Down of a Major City and Region, encapsulating nearly 27+ Million People has been a Beta Test to see the Psychological Effects to what 1 Day the WHO will implement worldwide. As the Dead keep mounting-up, but not due to the COVID Virus, but because of the COVID-19 Death Shots, the Powers-That-Be, strategically funnels the Rage, Anger, Frustration, onto Geo-Political Issues and Hot Topic Buttons.

It is a Tool to continue the Mass Psychosis, ‘Pandemic’ Lies, Division, and Confusion of the Masses, with Hot-Topic issues like Abortion in the USA, specifically. And throw-in a Mass Murder Shooting here and there for good measure. It is a Distraction to continue to keep the Good Citizens of the USA, in particular ‘Divided and Conquered’. It is working. It has been a Plandemic. But for the World? WHO is running it now.



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