A Study in the Coming Mass Magic Ritual

  • Is there a present evil plan fomenting the demise of the USA?
  • Is the COVID-19 planned pandemic being used to initiate the plan?
  • Is there a 9-11 event parallel and Biblical prophetic warning?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Samson reached out for the 2 Central Pillars supporting the Temple. Bracing himself against them with his right hand on one and his left hand on the other, Samson said, Let me die with the Philistines. Then he pushed with all his might, and the Temple fell on the lords and all the people in it. So, in his death he killed more than he had killed in his life’. – Judges 16:29-30

What this study strongly suggests is that the planned pandemic outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is in preparation for a nation-wide Luciferian and Kabalistic ritual what will have the whole nation of the USA implode as the metaphorical Phoenix to be taken down and burned so that out of its ashes, the new Phoenix can emerge. It is a well-planned 3-2-1 collapse countdown since September 11, 2001 that began with the twin Towers of 9-11 being demolished. One is now seeing the 3rd collapse of the final 9-11 (2.0) with not just the locality of Ground Zero ‘sacred space’ but now with the entire USA and the greater world at large. The 2nd orchestrated collapse was in 2008. What is possibly significant with this year span? Interestingly, the 2001-2008-2020-year collapses are in approximate phi ratio of time that confirms, at least mathematically a design.

This measurement of time and distance is what is used by the Kabbalists and what Creation was fashioned from to even the Great Pyramids for example. It comes from Heaven, from YHVH the Creator Himself. On 9-11, the 2 Towers were like ‘tuning forks’ that resonated the energies of those within the ‘sacred space’ as it channeled the fear and horror of the human sacrifices that died within that time, space and place. The magic ritual captured the energies of the sheer horror, terror and fear of those that with the blood spilt produced the end effect by harnessing such energies for the magic ritual to take its effect nationwide and then globally. This study strongly suggests that this same Game Plan is in play due to this planned COVID-19 release of the virus, etc.

The detonated collapse of the 2 Twin Towers in New York City in 2001 produced, interestingly, an effect that also collapsed the Tower 7 that was in-between and not damaged but detonated as a result, nonetheless. This was the synthesis. This is now to be the blueprint for the whole nation of the USA and the world at large as the powers of the diabolical Cabal have obtained such demonic powers now to pull this off on this grand scale. With this same Kabbalist template, such a 2-Pillar ‘tuning fork’ is being used to capture the resonance of the entire nation’s fear and anxiety as the whole nation becomes the ‘sacred space’ readied for the coming slaughter. At some point in time, the magic initiated over it will produce the intended sacrifice that will involve the fear and perhaps then the blood of many to collapse the ethereal 3rd Tower. This 3rd Tower, as was Tower 7 will then fall to make way for the ‘New Freedom Tower’ to then be erected out of the ashes of the ‘sacred space’ -which is within a hexagram pattern.

This new ‘Tower’ will be the New World Order as was the case with 9-11 that out of the imploded 2 Towers, the One World Trade Center single tower emerged from its ashes like the mythical Phoenix. This magic ritual appears to be set in place now, and it is just a matter of time. What this study thus suggests is that this last and 3rd collapse 2020-year sequence will for sure be the proverbial ‘death nail’ of the USA's coffin in terms of taking down the USA to make room for the New World Order. How this is to be done is being done now in plain sight as it was executed in plain sight with 9-11 initially. This study suggests that this ritual is to utilize 2 Pillars to bring about the implosion and then the ‘new tower’, etc. How? This study is wanting to point one's attention to the inconspicuous tell-tail layout seen in the mirrored image of the 2 military hospital ships deployed in the 2 gates or portals of the USA, in Los Angeles and New York with the names Mercy and Comfort, respectively. In reference to what thing or ‘Temple’?

There is Los Angeles on the west coast or on the left side of the nation or ‘Temple’, corresponding to USNS Mercy (T-AH-19) and the USNS Comfort (T-AH-20) in New York on the right side. This is not to say that the ships and all the crew themselves are in this magic ritual and/or ‘sacred space’ by choice or knowledge but that they are being utilized nefariously unbeknownst to them. This study supposes that based on the 9-11 Luciferian Magic Ritual template, the collapse of the nation is at hand and the erecting of a ‘Temple’ of Solomon or in this case the entire continental USA is made out to be as the ‘Temple’, to encompass what amounts to be the ‘sacred space’, etc., it is to this grand scale now. There will needs to be a Luciferian magic ritual to capture the fear and terror energies of millions of people across the USA presently due to this planned COVI-19 pandemic by way of these ‘2 Pillars’ or improvised military hospital ships.

The 2 ‘Ship’ Pillars that are then positioned and/or are being construed as the same ‘tuning fork’ that will garnish the collective ‘fear’ of the locked-up masses of the nation to be funneled through their Kabbalistic Luciferian magic at a certain number and symbol of time and date to be determined. They will then collapse and destroy the nation by synthesizing a ‘3rd Tower’ event created that will be demolished as a result. It will correspond to the Tower 7 that was imploded afterwards on 9-11 will make way for the synthesis of the ‘New Tower’ or New World Order to be transferred from a demolished and burnt ‘USA’ Phoenix. In considering such imagery of the 2 military hospital ships deployed to help with the COVID-19, what came to mind, and only slightly occurred at their deployment that coincided with America’s gates or ports as in portals.

However, in taking a 2nd look, it became significant in the imagery compared to in the Kabbalah, if one is familiar with its symbols and numbers that are placed in plain sight. As noted, the military hospital ships are named Comfort and Mercy. Where has one heard and seen such a disposition in the occult? It is in the Luciferian Kabbalah and Freemasonry with the 2 Pillars of Jachin and Boaz. Is it also no coincidence that the epicenter of the Luciferian Kabbalists stronghold in the USA presently resides in New York City and Los Angeles with its Hollywood pedophile rings? What is the big deal about such ‘Ship Pillars’? Interestingly, they are also named or referred to as Justice (Mercy) and Comfort. The Luciferians have usurped the terms Jachin and Boaz from the Biblical account of Solomon’s Temple that guarded the ‘Gate’ to Heaven on Earth.

Magic Rituals

They believe Solomon was one of their Master Builders and initiated in their dark magic rituals and symbols. Such believe that their coming Messiah will be as that ‘Solomon’ and ‘Nimrod’ to finish their Great Work of establishing their New World Order by gathering the Nations under a similar ‘1 World Trade Tower’ or ‘Temple’ as it was with the Tower of Babel and will be with the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. The following is the listing of the corresponding energies of the 2 Pillars of the Luciferian Freemasonry and that of the Kabbalist in direct relationship to the 2 military hospital ships, respectively. Mind you, the perspective is seen from the outside of the Temple of Solomon according to Josephus. However, there are other renditions that make it out to be from the vantage point of looking out from the Temple porch. Nonetheless, the overlay onto the map of the USA will serve as a verse order or mirrored layout, all the same. Interestingly, these 2 points ‘divide’ the USA in half, if a line is drawn from LA to NYC.

RIGHT                                                LEFT                                                              
Jachin                                                 Boaz                                                   
Establish                                            Strength                                             
Justice                                                Comfort                                             
Positive                                              Negative                                             
Female                                               Male                                                   
Moon                                                  Sun                                                    
__________                                        ___________             

USNS Mercy (T-AH-19)                     USNS Comfort (T-AH-20)  2019 virus reported

Mercy as in receiving Justice             Comfort                                         
Los Angeles                                       New York                                           
Port/Gate                                            Port/Gate

Thus, once again will 2 ‘Pillars’ be needed to be initiated for the demolishing of the ‘Temple USA’ to make provision then for the actual building of the 3rd Temple for their coming Prince of Darkness. It will be for their Greater Solomon, the ‘Perfect Man’ that the Biblical account teachers will be the AntiChrist. Why? He will need to be ushered-in, in tandem with their New Age of Peace or the New World Order with the 3rd Temple as was the Freedom Tower or One World Trade Center. Thus, to reiterate, for this to occur, there needs to be a worldwide sacrifice to match the worldwide endeavor. The One World Trade Center Tower is actually an encrypted hexagram in design layout. Likewise, the coming 3rd Temple in Jerusalem will serve as the center-piece of the synthesized world religions, economies and morality via the Noahide Laws, etc.

All these attributes and elements of the magic rituals and conspiracy is of the Masonic order and of the Kabbalist heritage but in reality, it goes far back to the forbidden teachings given by the Fallen Angels. In Freemasonry, twin pillars are archetypal symbols representing an important gateway or ports and thus a direct correlation to the ports of Los Angeles on the left and New York on the Right. Is all this coincidence or speculation? Perhaps but consider that this notion of placing the ‘Pillars’ at the ‘Gates’ is seen by the Pillars of Hercules that is applied to the 2 promontories that flank the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. Then the frontispiece of Francis Bacon’s book, the ‘New Atlantis’ featured the Pillars of Hercules as a gateway of ‘door’ to a New World.

Sacred Space

According to Bacon, America was to be the New World Order Phoenix. So what? Well, consider that the notion for the metaphor of the Phoenix is that it has a certain life-span to then make way for the subsequent one, etc. In Kabbalistic teachings, it is a cycle and Jachin and Boaz represent the 2 Pillars of Sephiroth, the Tree of Life, etc. According to their evil magic rituals, the combining of the 2 opposite forces of the Pillars produce the ‘Center Pillar’, as already described in the demolishing of Tower 7. This new synthesis is what then brings about the ‘Perfected Man’ in their estimation and desire. It is of the coming AntiChrist to the world that then requires a worldwide ritual and blood sacrifice to initiate the New World Order as it was for 9-11. This is why many Believers in Jesus have had visions and dreams that, as the Rapture is to take place as an ‘Escape’, those remaining will not ‘Escape’ the calamity that appears to run in tandem with the Rapture.

Many suggest it will be a nuclear exchange, EMP or catastrophe of some sort that will embellish the world if not the USA in particular. The USA has the core concentration of the last holdout against the evil Luciferian Cabal, politically and spiritually. Also realize that Scripturally, as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Angels sent there to destroy the cities of the valley due to their sexual perversion, murder and thievery could not execute judgement until Lot and his family where physically removed. This is what will likewise happen per the words and forewarning of Jesus Himself that at the end, the days would be as those of Lot, etc. And thus, the Bride of Christ has to be removed physically first before the New World Order and AntiChrist are to be revealed. And this is a coming and scary event that will change the world entirely. It is already set-up now.

Many also believe that the final catalyst will be the Rapture itself that will push along the narrative and sequence of events leading to the Covenant with the Many by way of the AntiChrist and the beginning thereafter of Daniel’s last prophetic week of 7 years. Perhaps, but the 3-2-1 collapse sequence pattern and the apparent set-up of the pandemic for this release is undeniable and now with the 2 ‘Ship’ Pillars. Then there is the Harvard Chair of the Chemistry and Bio-Chem department who had direct ties with the Wuhan bio-lab in China and was arrested along with several of his graduate students, Chinese nationals who were found to be attempting to smuggle vials of the engineered virus, etc. As to the Luciferian and Kabbalist magic ritual pertinent to the 2 military hospital ships as ‘tuning towers’? The fostering of fear to then be energized and then weaponized through Satanic ritualistic magic follows the End Game plan that the Luciferians have been orchestrated since 9-11 by various leaked sources to this effect.

The theme continues as another of the End Game for these Luciferian Kabbalists is to finish their ‘Tower of Babel’ that was interrupted by YHVH. This is one reason why such people detest true Christianity, Jesus Christ and His Followers. It was Jesus who overturned their tables at the Temple that had made it into a ‘Stock Exchange’ instead. This is why their chief motif is the truncated pyramid that is waiting for the Capstone, Lucifer to descend and complete their ‘Tower’, etc. According to the Bible, the AntiChrist will achieve this on Earth, but for a brief period of time. A clear example of this imagery and prophetic type is seen in Samson of the Bible. It is reminiscent of how the ‘Anointed’ of YHVH will be destroyed in-between the 2 Pillars of a Temple.

Breaking the Spell

Samson was the last of the Biblical Judges of the ancient Israelites mentioned in the book of Judges before the institution of the Monarchy. The Bible teaches that Samson was a Nazirite, to be set apart, holy. He was given immense strength to aid him against his enemies and allow him to perform superhuman feats, including slaying a lion with his bare hands and massacring an entire army of Philistines using only the jawbone of an ass, etc. This was due to Samson’s long hair where his given ‘divine power’ resided in. However, if Samson's long hair were cut, then his Nazirite Vow would be voided, and he would lose his strength. Through Samson’s carelessness, pride and misappropriation of his power, it became his downfall and destruction. Will it be no different for the USA in comparison as a correlating type perhaps?

Samson was betrayed by his lover Delilah, who ordered a servant to cut his hair while he was sleeping. He was then turned-over to the Philistines. They gouged-out his eyes and forced him to grind grain in a mill at Gaza. During this time of humiliation and introspection, his hair began to regrow. Then the Philistines took Samson into their Temple of Dagon to make mockery of him. Samson asked to rest against the 2 supporting pillars. After being granted permission, he prayed to YHVH and miraculously recovered his strength, allowing him to grasp hold of the columns and tear them down, killing himself and all the Philistines with him. Samson can be seen, perhaps as what will happen, is happening, has happened to the once mighty USA, betrayed.

Due to its carelessness, pride and misappropriation of its power and how YHVH’s people have departed from the Faith in Jesus, in this last Laodicean Age, it has now been given over to the powers of her Luciferian enemies to make mockery of her and destroy her, making her a sightless slave in-between the 2 ‘Ship’ Pillars. Thus, will it be that as Samson, the USA with its carelessness and misappropriation of might, morality and power will go the way of its destruction in a time where it finds itself in dire crisis and in-between these 2 symbolic ‘pillars’ by way of the military hospital ships, Mercy and Comfort? Many who Follow Jesus are concerned about such events, plagues, shelter-in-place, etc. Some are legitimately fearful of the economic free-fall and collapse. This is the time to not show fear as to not feed it into the energies of this magic ritual that is brewing.

Out of all peoples in the world, Followers of Jesus should be as prior martyrs who faced far worse circumstances and conditions who passed the test of patience and endurance as the Apostle Paul also admonished and encouraged with the Blessed Hope. They all thought of such dire days to come since the inception of the Body of Christ on Earth. And many Christians are being martyred presently. The key to nullifying such Satanic magic is through the Blood of Jesus foremost. Then it is through the Peace and Joy of a Believer given by Jesus, in Jesus that can nullify, will nullify this Luciferian magic ritual, individually, corporately, nationally and globally. Thus, one can do one’s part in not contributing to this amazing nefarious endeavor, if at least no longer corporately being able to assemble as many church meeting places are closed but not in homes. It will be important to continue to fast, pray and worship by lifting holy hands and a pure heart to the Father through Jesus.

And because of Jesus with thanksgiving, genuinely demonstrating one’s inner joy and peace that surpasses the nation and the world’s circumstances. Consider the Apostles after the Resurrection of Jesus. As the religious leaders banned and forbid the preaching of the Gospel and from corporately meeting, the Apostles were flogged and many a person would have died from this punishment alone. It was not just a ‘slap on the wrist’. Yet the Apostles gave notice that they would follow Jesus’ commands instead and stood-up to the authorities by not giving consent when such laws or mere directives were given to the contrary.

The COVID-19 planned pandemic is the ‘perfect storm’ for the Luciferian magic ritual now to proceed incrementally and in due time will execute it as they did in 2001 and 2008. However, this type of warfare against such a cabal is spiritual and it did cost them, as all the Apostles but John were subsequently murdered and even Peter was imprisoned from the onset of the Church’s birth.

This is no different for any individual Soldier of Christ now. If one were not a Follower of Jesus, there is great reason to be fearful and be overwhelmed to the point of despair and even death. And rightfully so as what is coming next will pale in comparison to the COVID-19 pandemic according to the very words of Jesus. However, Jesus Christ sent an Angel and found Peter, complaining, sad, in fear, agonizing of the future? No. He found Peter peacefully sleeping. Peter, like so many, did not feed his fear into the demonic realm but his joy, peace, prayer and worship were harnessed and channeled to the Court of Heaven that nullified the plans of Lucifer and his servants of darkness and evil.

It is through praise and worship that the schemes of Satan and his Masonic and Kabbalistic minions are not only nullified but they proclaim authority over them as they recount how Jesus has given His Followers the victory as the prayers, songs and the LORD’s table attest to Jesus’s victory and triumph over their Dark Lord, sin and the world. And with an expectation that as Lot and his family were physically removed and escaped Sodom and Gomorrah before the cities were judged, so too will Christ Jesus extract His Bride from the Wrath of the Lamb is to befall the evil New World Order to come.

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