Study of the Pattern atop the Temple Mount Complex

  • Do the secret chambers of pyramid reveal 3rd Temple's position?
  • Does the Temple Mount complex mirror the Great Pyramid?
  • Is there a Biblical inference of the GOD-Head and astro-bodies?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘How lovely are Dwelling Place, O LORD of Hosts! My Soul longs, yea, even Faints for the Courts of the LORD: my Heart and my Flesh cry out for the Living GOD. Yea, the Sparrow hath found a House, and the Swallow a Nest for herself, where she may lay her Young, even thine Altars, O LORD of Hosts, my King, and my GOD. Blessed are they that dwell in thy House: they will be still Praising Thee. Selah. Blessed is the Man whose Strength is in Thee; in whose Heart are the ways of them’. -Psalm 84:1-5

The purpose of this chapter is to present more Evidence of where the Sanctuaries of YHVH stood on the Temple Mount and where the coming 3rd Temple will be Located. This Assertion is based on the Overlay of the Great Pyramid Silhouette in Reverse Order. Based on this Template, there appears to be correspondences to the 3 Main Chambers and even the Star Shafts. Given this finding, it further would corroborate that the True Location of the Holy of Holies is indeed at the present Unassuming Spot Marked by the Dome of the Tablets.

Why this study is important is that in the coming Tribulation Period of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years, the 3rd Temple will be Center Stage of Operations for the AntiChrist, He will Sanction it to have the Daily Sacrifices commence once again, that have not been performed since 70 AD. This Purported Location would render the entire Temple complex just North of the present Dome of the Rock. It would facilitate not having to Remove or Destroy the Muslim Shrine that in fact will serve to Foster the coming New World Order ‘Religion’. That Disposition will Blend the World Religions under the Auspices of the coming AntiChrist. The area is also called the Outer Court. This Area was and will be Reserved for the Gentiles.

In Fact, the entire Temple Mount Platform currently houses 3 main Domes that in prior studies have been shown to correspond to a Multi-Faceted Layer of Meaning. The 3 Main Domes have been correlated to the Sun, Moon and the Stars. They then correspond to the Color of the Domes, Gold, Silver and White. The 3 Domes also correspond to the 3 Belt Stars of Orion and with matching Size Proportions. The Temple Mount Platform also can be shown to construe an ‘Anthropomorphic’ Body Dimension having the Dome of the Rock joined with the al-Aqsa Mosque. This would be the same type as the one found in the Temple of Saturn in Baalbek, Lebanon. And in Fact, a 2nd Anthropomorphic’ Body Dimension would constitute where the Temple of YHVH stood in Connection and Extension to the Golden Gate, etc. As to the Great Pyramid Pattern Overlay, the following Chamber Correspondences are observed. The Holy of Holies appears to correspond to the King’s Chamber.
Pyramid Patterns

It is rather astonishing that in the King’s Chamber, is a near Perfect Cube, much like that found in the Holy of Holies that was and will be 10 x 10 x 10 Cubits. The Holy of Holies housed the Ark of the Covenant that was essentially the ‘Throne’ Chair of YHVH on Earth, as it is in Heaven. The King’s Chamber happens to have a Rectangle Coffer made of a solid piece of Hollowed-Out Granite that would encompass the Dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant for example. The King’s Chamber is very Mysterious as it is a Focal Point of the entire Great Pyramid and many have recorded the Dimensions of Resonance and Sound Acoustics there.

Many believe that the Hollowed-Out Container that is erroneously deemed a Sarcophagus, is orientated as would the Ark of the Covenant in an East-West Axis. The ’Sarcophagus’ was believed to be the Resting Place of the Pharaoh that built the Pyramid. This had not been 100% Substantiated. Nonetheless, Egyptologists believe the Resting Place facilitated the Translation of the God-King to the Stars in Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades, etc. There might be some Truth to this but more so in that the Great Pyramid might have functioned as a place whereby the Dimensions would be crossed-over by the Manipulation of Frequencies for such purposes.

The King’s Chamber would correspond to the Color Yellow or Gold and thus the Sun. And that is the case if one observes the Color of the Granite. The King’s Chamber has the 2 Main Star Shafts that in one Observation align with one of the Main Stars in the Constellation of Draco, the Red Dragon of the Cosmos. The Star is called Thuban. The other Star Shaft aligns to Orion. It should be noted that in previous Years, some attempts by Scientists to run-up a Robotic Probe up the Shaft has yielded only a Plate near the End of the shaft. It should be noted that the plate is essentially a ‘Door’ or ‘Star-Gate’ that is Protecting the Access or closing it.

The Point is that the Great Pyramid does indeed suggest a Spiritual Dimension to it beyond the Cosmic. It is just a matter of Knowing how to Activate its Secret Functions. It is indeed a sort of Repository or Library of Knowledge and perhaps a Monument or Witness to Humanity on Earth of what occurred and what is to occur in terms of ‘Time’. Obviously, the Great Pyramid was no mere Burial Tomb as it is not a Regular Conventional Tomb for the Pharaohs. Such were buried in Elaborate Secret Caves and Underground Chambers.

They would be strewn with Artifacts of Possession to include Food, Offerings, Furniture and Sacrificed Slaves for the Journey to the Underworld and then to the Stars beyond. This is not the case for the Great Pyramid. This ‘King Burial’ set-up is not found in the Great Pyramids of Giza because they were not Burial Tombs. As it has been suggested in previous studies, the Great Pyramid complex is a ‘Cosmic Clock’ among other Astonishing Attributes and Functions. The 2nd Chamber or that of the Queen’s Chamber is very telling in that based on the Great Pyramid overlay atop the Temple Mount platform, the Chamber is in directly alignment with the Dome of the Rock. This 2nd Queen’s Chamber would be correlating then to the Court of the Women on one level. The other is of the Moon and thus the Menstrual Cycles of 28 Days, etc.

Astro Accessories
The Color would thus correlate to a more Grayish Color of the Granite when compared to the color of the granite in the King’s Chamber, a more of a yellowish tone. The Queen’s Chamber is smaller as would the Moon to the Sun be in comparison, but not so much in the exact size ratio but in terms of importance. The Queen’s Chamber also has 2 main Star Shafts that on one side, the Shaft aligns with Kachob in Ursa Minor and then on the other side with the Star Sirius.

This is amazing as the male attribute with Orion corresponds to the King’s Chamber and the female attribute then corresponds with the Queen’s Chamber. What is astonishing about this Great Pyramid template over the Temple Mount platform where the Temples of YHVH stood and will is that the Star Shaft from the Queen’s Chamber aligns directly over the exact spot where Jesus was crucified.

This spot has been shown in previous studies that the crucifixion site was in-between the Skull rock formation toward the east where the entrance to Jeremiah’s Grotto is and to the Garden Tomb on the west side. What is also amazing to consider about the Queen’s Chamber in relation to the Dome of the Rock is that if one observes the structure from a top view, the Dome of the Rock is an octagon shaped design having 8 sides. This, by the way, is the exact rendering of actual sides the Great Pyramid has also. It is not a true tetrahedron.

Thus, it suggests by inference the Great Pyramid. What is also not noticed in most Associations with the Dome of the Rock, is that just to the East of the Dome is a smaller Dome called the Dome of the Chain. It is not a Mosque nor Shrine but a place of Prayer. According to Research, the Dome of the Chain owes its Name to an Ancient Legend during King Solomon's rule according to Mujir ad-Din. Which by the way, is Proof that indeed, a Temple of YHVH stood on the platform that even the Muslim Scholars of the Middle Ages acknowledged that it Existed.

‘Among the Wonders of the Holy House is the Chain, which Solomon, Son of David, suspended between Heaven and Earth, to the East of the Rock, where the Dome of the Chain now stands. The Chain had one Characteristic. If two Men approached it to solve a Point of Litigation, only the Honest and Upright Man could take hold of it; the Unjust Man saw it move out of his reach.’

According to the Researcher, Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, he further explained the Notion of how for the Muslims, that Small Structure, in Islamic Tradition, is the very Spot where Judgment Day will occur in the ‘End of Days’. It is where a Chain will stop the Sinful and let the Just pass through. All Good and Well. But Astronomically, the Dome of the Chain in relation to the Size of the Dome of the Rock are in Proportion to the Earth and the Moon. Which, by the way, are presumed to be Spheres and not just the Moon as a Sphere and the Earth as a Pizza. What is not observed though in the correlation to the Queen’s Chamber and the Moon is that this Motif actually construes the very Dimension and Proportions of the Earth to the Moon.

A Divine Blueprint?
The very Model of the Mathematics used to determine the Height, Radius, Diameter and Circumference of the Great Pyramid is used in also determining the exact Ratio in Size between the Earth and the Moon. Thus, the Dome of the Rock would correspond to the Earth, and in similar Size Ratio Proportion. Thus, the Dome of the Chain would correspond to the Moon, precisely. Coincidence? Not likely. The last of the 3 main Chambers of the Great Pyramid corresponds to the Subterranean Chamber.

In comparison to the proximity of the prior 2, it is a way out, but has been shown to be in Phi Ratio, in terms of its Distance to the whole Pyramid that incorporates the Factors of Pi and the Phi. It is perhaps one of the most Mysterious Attributes of the Great Pyramid. The purpose of the Great Pyramid is not yet fully known or at least revealed to the General Public and may never be. Consider that the Secrets of the Great Pyramid have only been Kept Hidden and not disclosed but to the ‘Initiated’.

 Imagine how the Sacred Knowledge of the Great Pyramid could benefit Humanity for Peaceful Purposes in using Renewable Energy that is Free and Safe as one example among many. What is rather Astonishing, is that the Overlay of the Great Pyramid Pattern, atop the Temple Mount Complex would put the Subterranean Chamber exactly where the Church of All Nations is located, across the Kidron Valley on the Slopes of the Mount of Olives. The area would also include the very Olive Grove that many believe to be the Site where Jesus often met there with His Disciples. And it is from there where He was arrested at the Night of His Betrayal by Judas.

This 3rd Chamber would thus also correspond to the Stars and be White in Color. It so happens that the Church of All Nations has more of a White Hue to it. And if one has ever visited the amazing site, the Ceiling has a Myriad of ‘Stars’ that are Depicted as the Nations. It is also befitting how this Chamber would then correspond to GOD the Holy Spirit and its Current Work of Sowing the Seed or ‘Stars’ of the Gospel to the Nations. The Chamber or Church is next to an Olive Grove, as Jesus likens the Work of the Holy Spirit, during this Church Age of Planting and Harvesting the Nations, as ‘White as Snow’ or as Stars in the Heavens.

What is also rather Astonishing is that given this Great Pyramid Overlay Template atop the Temple Mount Complex, the Descending Shaft nearly matches the Angle of the actual Incline that bridges the Mount of Olives to the Southeast Corner of the Temple Mount Platform. And the Ground Level Delineation of the Great Pyramid matches the edge of the Eastern Wall Section of the platform. Coincidence? Again, not likely.

This study would further suggest that the 3 Main Chambers found in the Great Pyramid that align with Orion and Sirius, corresponding to the King’s and Queen’s Chamber, would lead one to Associate the very GOD-Head with the Chambers. The King’s Chamber would correspond to GOD the Father. Then the Queen’s Chamber to GOD the Son, in so much as seen when Jesus took on Flesh and demonstrated the Attributes that displayed the Compassionate Side and Demeanor of YHVH. Jesus wept.

Jesus showed Mercy, Long Suffering and Compassion. Jesus compared Himself to a ‘Hen’ in how He wished He could have gathered Jerusalem under His Wings, etc. Later on, the Apostle Paul likened Christ Jesus as a sort of ‘Incubator’ in that Jesus is bringing or ‘Birthing’ many Sons to Glory and so on. Then the Subterranean Chamber would correspond to GOD the Holy Spirit. Thus, given such Evidence, the study has a Measure of Confidence to suggest the True Location of the coming 3rd Temple Site, based on the Great Pyramid Pattern Overlay in Reverse Order, will be over the Dome of the Tablets.

However, many End Times Bible Enthusiasts ascribe the coming 3rd Temple to be the ‘AntiChrist’s Temple’. This is not entirely Accurate. The AntiChrist will be the Figure Head that the Religious Jews will be Queuing from, the Temple is and will be nonetheless of YHVH’s. If such were to be the case, would not Herod’s Temple be his and not YHVH’s? It was still YHVH’s and even Jesus, at which Time the Temple stood ascribed to it as being ‘My Father’s House’, etc.

So, during the Tribulation Period, yes, the 3rd Temple will be built by the Sanctioning of the AntiChrist that no doubt will be as a Direct Result of a War of which the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ will merit this Opportune Provision to appease the Religious Jews. There is much Criticism, for example of some that are calling out the Evangelicals for the most part, that are supporting the Efforts to build the 3rd Temple in Israel.

Mainly, the Temple Institute is spearheading the Effort along with others as they have now accomplished all that is needed to procure the Daily Sacrifices. All they are waiting for is for the ‘Go Ahead’ Orders and the Ashes of the Red Heifer to purify the Temple Mount and Israel to start Dedicating the various Daily Sacrifices according to the Mosaic Law. However, the 3rd Temple will not be the AntiChrist’s but will be taking it over at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period.

It will be at that Time that he will Defile it by being present ‘where he ought not to be’. It will be a Hostile Takeover by none other than Lucifer, by way of the Physical Human AntiChrist’s Body. Lucifer possesses this ‘Son of Destruction’ or Apollyon (Apollo) in the Greek to then sit on the Ark of the Covenant ‘Throne’ in the Holy of Holies. This then corresponds to the King’s Chamber, as far as this study is concerned. Why? This study suggests a great secret and longing of Lucifer of actually wanting to know what it is like to be ‘Human’. Why?

It is Humanity that YHVH has set His Love upon through GOD the Son, Incarnate as a human, that being Jesus. It is an Affection and Favor the Angels never knew nor will. And how the Race of Adam and Eve are to Judge Angels and sit upon the Vacated Thrones the Fallen Angels chose to Abandon. And that the Body of Christ would be the Consort to Co-Rule all that Christ Jesus has been given, which is ‘Everything’. All this is too much for Lucifer. Lucifer ‘becoming’ a man by Proxy in Possessing his AntiChrist, mimicking Jesus will be as close as he will ever get to Ruling and Reigning on Earth within the Throne Room of YHVH on Earth.

Nonetheless, this Abomination of Desolation Event indicates that the Temple is indeed still YHVH’s regardless of who builds it. As one can sense, such Amazing Hidden Knowledge is being revealed in the Last Days to help Pinpoint where the actual 3rd Temple will be situated at. As there is currently much Debate as to where the True Location of the Temple of YHVH once stood, such studies, Using Logic, Reason, the Great Pyramid Pattern and Astronomy, has strongly suggested that indeed, the Dome of the Tablets is where the True Holy of Holies was and will be situated during the Tribulation Period.

Even from a Top View of the area, one can Piece together the Outline of the Temple Complex that is also overlaid to show the various sectioning-off Entrances, the Court of the Women area, the Court of Israel and the outer End Edge of the Temple wall even. It is just a Matter of Time, after the Rapture Event that will Close-Out the Church Age. This is something that at least publicly, not even the Temple Institute in Jerusalem is aware of or Acknowledges.

They still believe that the Temple was over the Dome of the Rock and will be. But nonetheless, at the Appropriate Time, this Revelation will be confirmed by all these studies presented. And an Adjustment will have to be made of how the Great Pyramid is even helping Determine and Locate the actual Site for the coming 3rd Temple. 


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