Twilight of American Hegemony

  • What does the Biden 4-year Administration mean for the End Times?
  • What is the Body of Christ to do during these challenging times?
  • Does the Biden Era signal that the America's days are numbered?

by Luis B. Vega

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'And they devoted themselves to the Apostles' Teaching and the Fellowship, to the Breaking of Bread and the Prayers.' - Acts 2:42

The purpose of this study is to consider the 4 Spiritual Anchors of the Christian Faith that one believes will be needed to weather the ‘Satanic Storm’ that has descended upon America and the world. This is in reference to the Left of Center taking power and control in the USA with the Biden appointment and the continued worldwide mandated COVID lockdowns, which essential has been ‘Medical Martial Law’. This way, it would be a lot cheaper than actually rolling-out the tanks and soldiers, at least at this point. But with the Biden Inauguration, it was shown that the ‘Invisible Hand’ that truly runs the USA and the world can man-up 35,000 soldiers for such purposes. There were more soldiers in the District of Columbia than in the recent war fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. The coup will stand as Biden will take his place in the long line of traitors and liars to do contrary to all that he put their hand on their Bible to swear upon.

Such Machiavellian methods are being used to control the masses in preparation for what is coming. What is coming? What is coming is the end of the hegemony the USA has had in the world. It has to make way of the Luciferian last New World Order. Then there will be the coming Great Economic Reset that will plunge the US Dollar into oblivion as a new world Reserve Currency, mostly likely a Digital Currency will be rolled-out. Many political, economic and religious pundits have been espousing this scenario for at least a decade, but the timing has been elusive. Perhaps this time around in this US Presidency, it will all converge. Why? It seems different now. Nonetheless, the 4 Spiritual Anchors of the Christian Faith is what will be needed, spiritually for the Bride of Christ to endure and be like those 5 Wise Virgins that had the resources in-hand when the ‘Midnight Call’ came from the Groom to enter into the ‘Wedding Chamber’.

The other 5 Foolish Virgins did not avail themselves of such spiritual resources to carry them through when needed. They did not redeem the time and prepared themselves spiritually. What are the 4 Spiritual Anchors? These 4 Anchors are taken from the verse in the book of Acts that sets a template of how the Church Body was and is to function until the return of Jesus, the Groom. There is an individual application and a corporate one. Specifically, the verse is from Acts 2:42 and the 4 Anchors are: 1. Teaching, 2. Fellowship, 3. Worship and 4. Prayers. In a ‘ship in the water’ analogy, such anchors will secure the vessel from breaking-up, sinking or capsizing. The ship might be dragged along by the tempest of the seas and winds, but the integrity of the vessel will remain.

Satanic Saviors
This is the spiritual tools that are crucial, have been crucial and will be until the Church Age is completed with the Rapture Call. The dark ‘Satanic Storm’ has set in, as with all 10 Virgins, a slumber and they all succumbed to it. But in these Last Days, as that might be the case for the Body of Christ collectively and perhaps individually, what the 5 Wise Virgins did though, was to redeem the time with these 4 anchors. Such maintained their ‘Spiritual Integrity; of their vessel, both individually and corporately, by having ‘cast’ the 4 Spiritual Anchors of the Faith. It is really a compliment to the 6 pieces of the Full Armor of Christ a Follower of Jesus is to be putting on daily as it is. This is the ideal and the real struggle for Followers of Jesus as it takes discipline to apply and exercise such spiritual resources. But this ‘Satanic Storm’ is here now, emblematic of the Biden Administration coming into power in the USA. But why such a harsh statement?

This time is different and the whole nation and world can and does sense it. It is not just that the opposing political party ‘won’. It is that the Satanic spiritual forces are dominating with a vengeance to purge, not to ‘unify’ or heal the USA. The Spiritual of Division is alive and well. In hindsight, Biden was told to use the ‘catch phrase’ of what would be coming, as stated during the 2nd Presidential Debate. Biden referenced a ‘Dark Winter’ that was coming. However, it was actually Trump that alluded to the ‘Coming Storm’. Spiritually it has descended. This is of course interpreted from a Biblical and spiritual perspective. And those who study and watch the ‘Signs of the Times’ would agree wholeheartedly that the ‘Dark Cold Storm’ has now arrived and been complete with these 2 Presidential Administration in particular.

This has always been the case in US politics and Presidential Elections, as many have understood, that the US President is not elected but selected. The ‘Invisible Hand’ of the Luciferian Globalist that rule the Nations put forth their ‘Puppet’s in a Left-Right paradigm and play the People into thinking they actually ‘elect’ their President. It is a charade, a façade. If one thought Trump was going to be the ‘Savior’ of America, as many were believing and did and still do, you have been played. That was the plan. Then those that followed the Q with his ‘drops’? It was a psy-op. It was the classic ‘carrot on a stick’ to deflect and distract from the real issue of not realizing ‘The Plan’ but using that to generate false hope to carry that constituency along.

This was the give-away. Q told his followers to, ‘Trust the Plan’ not, ‘Trust Jesus Christ’. Jesus has given His Followers the Plan and Protocols until He Returns. His Followers are to apply or ‘cast’ their 4 Anchors of the Faith: 1. Be Taught, 2, Fellowship, 3. Worship, and 4. Pray. This is the Plan. Q and others were feeding the Flock an alternative Plan. For example, during the interview with Alex Jones before the Biden Inauguration, he had a guest on, Steve Pieczenik. He was a former Psychological Operations Intelligence Official with the US Statement Department and helped the United States carry out military coups against foreign Nations. This alone should suffice because why would you not ever consider to think that such operations haven not and do not occur within the USA? He came across as one of the ones, ‘Fighting the Deep State from within!’ Of divulging secret intel to the ‘Patriot-loving Americans’ that had it all under control.

Sophisticated Psy-Ops
Or of how they were winning the war against the Globalist Pedophiles, sex-traffickers, etc. This was the psy-op because that was what he was trained to do, and he trained others on how to use Disinformation. Without a doubt now, one can conclusively declare that agents like Pieczenik were running a psy-op against the American People, most notably against the Patriots, Oath Keepers, Conservative Christians and the like that fell for it. If there will be a military deployment, arrests and detentions to be had, it will not be against the Deep State. The reactions, arrests, surveillance will be against the Patriots, Oath Keepers, Conservative Christians and the like; sooner or later. And that has already begun. The Biden White House has now called on the FBI to start investigating ‘Extremists’. Muslim Extremists? No. Marxists ANTIFA Extremists? No.

These are the Patriots, Christians and all those that do not agree with the Left of Center Globalist Agenda. What will eventually occur is that having the excuse of identifying ‘White Right Wing Extremists’ on the loose, gun confiscation will ultimately ensue in the USA, guaranteed. Preaching the Gospel of Jesus will be Hate Speech and the freedom and exercise thereof on one’s religious convictions and believes will be redefined and/or curtailed. Moreover, the continued divide of wealth and its transfer to the Luciferian Oligarchy that has robbed and decimated the Middle Class will have made the USA into a 3rd World ‘Serfdom Nation’ that is broke, in debated to its Enemies and unable to pay its bills. As in such totalitarian conditions, the government becomes ‘God’, and the ‘Goyim’ will be controlled by food and money, what is left of them. And of which both commodities will be inflated sooner rather than later.

Perhaps under Biden’s tenure, the US Dollar will finally collapse completely. It will make way, will have to make way for the Globalist ‘Economic Reset’ that has been hinted all this time. The Luciferian Globalists will then roll-out their new Digital Currency that will be linked, nano-technologically to the coming mandatory COVID vaccinations, etc. Once the ‘Golden Goose’ that the USA has been is finally sacrificed on the altar of its excess greed, thievery, usury, and fiat monetary policy, it will make way for a new global currency and hegemony that the USA will no longer lead. Sadly, the USA at that point will have become a ‘has been nation’. It will go the way of the other great world powers, especially that of Rome as its rise and fall parallelism is striking.

At one point in the Alex Jones interview, Jones asked Pieczenik if he was telling the truth. Alex expressed skepticism and told Pieczenik that he sounded like he was spouting nonsense theories that mirrored ‘Q-tards.’ Pieczenik responded with a wager that if Biden was not arrested by the 20th, that Pieczenik would never appear again on the Alex Jones Show. Pieczenik is good. He just made his way out. Wrapping around the American flag and patriotism is one thing and not bad in itself, but there was a ‘reverse psychology ‘going on during the entire Trump Administration to keep those that were the Patriots, Conservatives and Christian off balance. It worked. Many tried to warm the People about this psy-op, but it was not received. In the case of people like Pieczenik, it was a psy-op clearly, that was his job. One has followed his work over a decades and one just got a not-so-good vibe about him and what he was espousing.

Rehearsed Reversals
One could sense that for example, if one would have gone ahead and worked for the CIA, as one had the opportunity to do so, one would have ended-up in a similar profile type. One would have been an Agent Provocateur as that is what they wanted this writer to do/become. As to Pieczenik’s wager? He showed his hand. He will not be going back on Alex's show. Why not? Because his work is now done/completed. So a win-win situation for him and a way out. To the contrary, as far as Biden is concerned, in the USA and the world, the possessing of the White House by Biden and the Democrats winning the US Senate is cause of jubilation amongst most in the world. The media actually broke news with headlines using the phrase, ‘A New Dawn has arrived’. However, one should take note of what really has transpired in how the Enemies of the USA have reacted; they are elated.

With Biden in power now, he has started to implement Obama’s 3rd Term and has begun to reverse all that Trump sought to do to put the USA first. Biden has rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization. He has stopped the wall on the southern border as now massive migrant caravans are preparing the trek to the Great White North. Why not. They will get a free Marxist Socialist education, free medical care, free driver’s license. They will be able to vote without being questioned, free housing. Oh, and who will pay? The working Middle Class but they are no more. The Migrants will just be replacing them. And taxes will go up on all those that are still working. Biden will be granting amnesty for DACA people born in the USA from parents illegally crossing the border.

He has lifted the immigration moratorium on Extremist Muslims. Biden’s first promise if elected was to pass the Equality Act. Congress already struck-out any gender-offensive nouns like ‘Father, Mother, Son’, etc., and replaced them with LGBTQ+ pronouns in all its publication. It is not that the alternative newly invented and redefined ones should be added to the list, but that the conventional ones now that have described the genders that make up Humanity are to be erased, defaced and replaced. No room of such nouns. What is the harm in that? It is that such people will no longer be tolerated as the new century has a new President, a new Nation, for a new Humanity. The coming new Humanity is now being served on the Silver Platter to the Luciferian Globalists.

So much for tolerance and acceptance. Biden has mandated masks in all Federal property and buildings and expects all State and Local governments to follow suit. This is just the beginning. Thus, with this political backdrop that is now a reality and will be for the next 4 years, what is the Body of Christ to do, to react, to respond? The 4 Spiritual Anchors of the Faith per Acts 2:42. GOD, that the Holy Spirit has giving His People are clear directions and perspectives as to what to do next or think in such times of ‘Satanic Storms’. It is comforting to see when there is a confirmation of such directives amongst the Brethren about what the ‘Spirit says to the Churches’. And especially now in this last lap or years, the 5 Wise Virgins need clear direction and understanding, as they see the days now upon them and the Satanic ‘Storm’ arrived. Allow one to continue with the typology of the, ‘Sea Voyage of Faith’.

Appointed Anchors
The following will be taken from the book of Acts 27 account of the Apostle Paul being caught in the midst of a ‘Satanic Storm’. This too was during a winter season and the winds and forces were against him and the Christ given mandate to testify of the Gospel of Jesus before Caesar in Rome. One sees a real life event of how applying the 4 literal anchors of the ship Paul was in mirrored the 4 Spiritual Anchors. One believes they are going to be crucial for the Church Body to weather this Satanic Storm that is here now started, specifically in the USA. The episode of Paul’s life at this point in time is a favorites as there is so much amazing teaching to understand and apply in such times of Satanic opposition against Jesus’ Servants, People and Purpose in the world. But in Acts 27, one sees literally the 4 Spiritual Anchors in play and what that looks like with Paul and the Crew.

While the Dark Winter tempest raged outside for 14 days without being able to see the Sun nor Moon or Stars, it seemed all was lost and doomed. However, Paul and the Crew were being watched over and Paul was assured of his mission. Paul huddled and persuaded all those in the inner hull of the ship to be at peace. It was the ‘eye of the storm’ there for them in that case. While the total darkness and turbulence was outside, a calming peace and light was in the inner most part of the ship with him. There was Paul exercising the 4 Spiritual Anchors. He ‘anchored on the following. 1. Taught the Crew about Christ 2. He Broke Bread in having fellowship with all the other prisoners, as that is one really in this Prison Planet. Paul then did the following. 3. Led the Crew in worshiping the LORD Christ Jesus by giving thanks and 4.They all prayed for daylight.

So, pertaining to what to do in these Last Days, as similar ‘Satanic Storms’ have, are and will be raging around the Body of Christ, which can and is seen as a ‘ship’ as well, it is important to apply and ‘cast’ the 4 Spiritual Anchors, both at the individual and corporate level. It is rather interesting that the Angel of the LORD told Paul that the ship and all the Crew would be saved but not the vessel. And eventually as the time came for the crew to ‘jump ship’, the chords that held the boat together were cut and the boat disintegrated. But it helped in providing pieces for the crew to have as ‘life-rafts’ to reach the shore of the island of Malta. That vessel could not and did not continue on the voyage.

Likewise, in metaphorical terms, once the Commission is completed by the Church Body, as in a ‘vessel’, a ‘ship’, all those Followers of Jesus will have their ‘chords’ cut from this world as their earthly body ‘vessel’ will be dissolved like the ship. If there is any spiritual teaching here for the Body of Christ now, if one does take the parallelism of the last voyage of Paul to be like in this last voyage of the Church Age, there is some wisdom in ‘staying put’. The ship commandeered by the Roman Guard was in Fair Havens or Good Heaven, a safe place to winter before setting sail in good weather and sea. However, the Captain wanted to winter in Phoenix. This is rather interesting. The Enemy seeks to take Humanity to the New threshold of their New World Order ‘Phoenix’. They believe in a better deal than what Jesus offers of has Humanity at. Correlating that notion to this present day, the coming New World Order will be as a ‘New Dawn’ better deal than what Jesus offers.

The time is now set for the New Phoenix to rise as that is what they see Biden becoming from the ‘ashes’ of Trump. And in many prior studies, one has presented how the USA is being treated, and prepped for the coming slaughter. The mystical ‘Phoenix’ is to be sacrificed and demolished. And then so that from its ashes, it gives birth to their New World Order. The problem? One sees that the Captain’s decision to set sail to the harbor in Phoenix in the western tip of the big island of Crete instead was what caught them off course. For the Body of Christ and individuals, sometimes, Christ Jesus wants us ‘put’ in certain locates or times in one’s life. Yet, one sometimes, ‘jumps the gun’ or make decisions that provide Lucifer an opportunity to veer one off-course and attempt to ‘shipwreck’ one’s faith in Jesus.

This has occurred to many that put their hope and trust in Trump. And the Enemy has derailed many. If the Lockdowns are actually a ‘Blessing in Disguise’ for many and the Body of Christ as a ‘Ship’, it would be to stay put in ‘Fair Havens’. The Church Body has no choice but to ‘stay put’ and ‘winter the storm’, sort of speak. Overall, the condition is not good as the trip was to take the Prisoners to their ultimate fate, death. And in the case of the Apostle Paul, a beheading in Circus Vaticanus by the order of Nero. But like the ship having its chords cut and disintegrating, at the Rapture event, one’s physical body as the vessel will likewise ‘disintegrate’. Individually, one’s physical body will be transformed into the promised Glorified Body. For that is what will be needed to then continue the voyage to Heaven and be able to abode there.

Sadly, on Earth the world will then be judged for having rejected the testimony of the Church and of Jesus’ forgiveness based on faith and a Free Will Offering. Jesus will be upgrading Humanity at the Rapture, but a Humanity that stays 100% human. It will not be as Lucifer’s Humanity and version where he will attempt to deface the Image and Likeness of YHVH by implanting his Mark of the Beast DNA manipulation. In his vain attempt at being the Creator GOD, YHVH, Lucifer will only partially succeed in delivering on his lie that Humanity would not ‘die’ if they partook of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and be like YHVH. Yet, the best they will be able to do is treat every human body as a ‘hard drive’ to then inject ‘software’ code only to attempt in reprogramming humans to Lucifer’s ‘Image and Likeness’, etc.

But in so doing, and millions going along believing Lucifer has the better deal, it will backfire and damn millions to Hell with him. Jesus offers and has the better deal and upgrade. As that was the last voyage for Paul, perhaps in parallel fashion, this Biden Administration and 4-year time period will be the ‘last voyage’ of the Bride of Christ in how the end of the Church Age is at hand as well. Perhaps like Paul, the Body of Christ, in this go around, is her last voyage, sort of speak, not to go around anymore. Will this year be her last? But to reiterate, it will be crucial during such Satanic Storms that one be likewise exercising those 4 Spiritual Anchors in one’s personal life and corporate ‘Church’ life. Perhaps 1 of the 4 Anchors needs more attention, but all 4 had to be in play and in place as that is what kept the boat afloat and from falling apart for the Apostle Paul and the Crew. Paul was on a Mission, had a Mission of testifying. This is what likewise the Church Age has been all about, to go to the ends of the Earth and testify. And nothing will stop that, no ‘Satanic Storms’ that have, are and will come in one’s live individually and corporately. Until that occurs, the Body of Christ can be assured that she will finish and complete her Royal Commission. The finish line may not be that radiant or popular or with the coming with the masses from the Nations but nonetheless, she has fulfilled her mandate like Paul. The Apostle Paul faced-up to the archetype of the AntiChrist, Nero. This last generation of the Church Age will be facing the debut of the same, but in this case the literal fulfillment of the AntiChrist himself. However, the Rapture event has to take place first as some interpret the time sequence of Last Days events.


The 4 Anchors of the Faith

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