What Should be the Reaction of Christians

  • Why is the whole World opposing Israel?
  • Was Israel justified in invading the Gaza Strip?
  • How is the End of the Church Age tied to all this?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘This is what the LORD says: When 70 Years are completed for Babylon, I will come to you and fulfill my Good Promise to bring you back to this Place. For I know the Plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to Prosper you and not to Harm you, Plans to give you Hope and a Future. Then you will Call on me and come and Pray to me, and I will Listen to you. You will Seek me and Find me when you Seek me with all your Heart. I will be Found by you, declares the LORD, and will bring you back from Captivity. I will gather you from all the Nations and places where I have Banished you, declares the LORD, and will bring you back to the PLACE from which I carried you into Exile’. -Jeremiah 29:10-14

Here below is one’s Political Science Assessment of the Escalations of the ‘War In-Between Wars’ in Israel. Should Followers of Jesus Support Israel? Is not Israel in a State of Unbelief, and hates Jesus and His Followers? Yes, the present Leadership and Religious one, the Sanhedrin in Israel is the one in the same that is Partially Blind, Spiritually and in total Rebellion against YHVH, the Gospel, Jesus and His Followers during this present Church Age. But not all Israel is ‘Israel’ as the Apostle Paul taught in the New Testament. And as Jesus Himself stated also, ‘Not all Jews are Jews’, etc. But so is every other Country on Earth run and ruled by those that are Tyrannical, Despotic and/or Totalitarian against its People.

You have the Masons, Jesuits, the Vatican, Secret Societies, Corporations, and the Media that are controlled and used against People, to further Lucifer’s Agenda, etc. But realize that the Biblical Prophetic Event of the Crucifixion has, is and will Destroy the Works of Lucifer. To Lucifer, the Sanhedrin, the Fallen Angels, Demons…didn’t they think they had ‘done-in’ the Son of GOD? Yet this same Event was what YHVH used to destroy their Works and them. Same with the Rebirth of Israel, in the Modern Era. Not only was Israel ‘Reborn’, but so were the Ancient Enemies of Israel that likewise resurfaced in Contention against Israel. Down to the 2nd Coming of Jesus, the spiritual War of Genesis 3:15 ‘Seeds’ will continue.

But one is not in Agreement that the phrase,  ‘I will bless those that bless you’, is pertinent or owned exclusively by Israel. This was said of Abraham, as a person and he was not a ‘Jew’ or Israelite but Chaldean, of Ur. It was the Name referenced by the Peoples of ‘He-ber’. If Israel has this exclave ‘Blessing’, then so does the Bride of Christ. Why? The Bible does teach that she is now the Spiritual Seed and of the same Faith Abraham had. So, if a Person ‘blesses a Genuine Follower of Jesus, he is to be blessed’… and conversely of the Curses made against Believers of Jesus, etc. But as one has argued, then if these People in Israel are not ‘Jews’, then what People is Ezekiel talking about or what Nation is Isaiah talking about to be Born in 1 Day?

They Sit in the Seat of Moses

Or consider when Jesus said that the People He came to Save were ‘His Brethren’ of which the Nations will be Judged according to how they treated them. Or that He came to the ‘Lost House of the Sheep of Israel’. Were the ‘Jews’ of the 1st Century in Judea not the ‘Jews’ then? If those People then in the Promised Land were not them, as some Christians are convinced of, who are they and where are they now? Realize that People said then as they do now that, ‘They are not the Jews’. Then who were those People Jesus interacted with in the Gospels? Sure, Jesus exposed the Ruling Religious Class and the Corrupt Sanhedrin.

They were and are totally not of the Faith of Abraham their Father but of the other Father, the Father of Lies, etc. But still, even then, Jesus acknowledged their Authority which is astonishing. Jesus taught that, ‘Do as they Say, not as the Do.’ And that ‘they sat in the Seat of Moses’. And that it was not that they were totally out of line, but that they were unbalanced as to the Law. They had no Mercy and just wanted Political Power to rule over the People and relied on a Geo-Political Messiah Savior. So, Jesus exposed their Hypocrisy as that is what a Religious Person is and becomes and ultimately is and will be against Jesus. In fact, so much so, that such will be siding with the Enemy.

This has been the Sin of Israel. They Rejected their Only and True Messiah. Jesus did not meet their Expectation because their Perception of what the Messiah came to do was not properly assessed. This is the unfortunate Reality to this Day and thus the need to have Jacob go through its ‘Time of Troubles’. Israel will rather accept the coming AntiChrist as that Geo-Political Savior that will ‘guarantee’ them ‘Peace and Security’ from its surrounding Enemies, etc. Sad but the Last Days Church is no different in that, like Israel, it has lost its Vision, Purpose and Relationship with Jesus.

Also realize that Spiritually Speaking, the Nation of Israel is under a Curse. And they have those ‘Scales’ over their Eyes as taught by the Apostle Paul that is obscuring their Vision of Biblically assessing correctly what is Coming, as in terms of Prophecy. Understand that the Interpretation and Discernment of Prophecy has been allotted to the Church to handle and Understand. This is Amazing as Prophecy has presently been given to handle by Jesus to the Church. This is why Prophecy is so crucial to ascertain, especially as the Church Age comes to a close and the Dispensation is transferred back to Israel. The 70th Week of Daniel will consummate Prophecy, as that is what was foretold to Daniel. And it is another Major Reason for the Tribulation Period.

The Argument of those who oppose the Modern State of Israel goes something like the following. ‘The current Nation State of Israel was created by the Rothchild-backed and operated U.N. The Modern State of Israel was created after the Murder or the S Sacrifice, as in the Holocaust of 15-20+ Million Real Jews from 1935-1945’. The Argument further goes on to insinuate. Christians are Supporting and Celebrating the UN-Created Jewish State that is Zionist, Kabbalist and supports the Rainbow People. Israel sacrificed their Babies on the Altar of Ba’al, etc. Most of the Population there in Israel presently are Not Real Jews!’ All that is insinuated is True, to an extent. How so?

Will the Real Jew Please Stand Up?

Let one ask then of such People that oppose the Modern State of Israel as not being the ‘True Nation’ of the Bible or ‘Jews’. What Tribe is the one that is to be the last remaining, until the Return of Jesus? If one recalls correctly, YHVH sanctioned only 1 Tribe to be left for the sake of Abraham’s Promise and that to keep the Messianic Bloodline alive. See 1 Kings 11:13. Can one point to this Tribe or People now? Do they still exist or should they still exist? If one argues with a Muslim, that Answer would be an emphatic ‘No’. If not, where are the Old Testament People of YHVH presently on Earth? Or else, if no Tribe remains on Earth, YHVH was/is a ‘Liar’.

Yes, Israel ‘blew it’ but is not the Church ending-up Prophetically in the same Apostate Condition as Israel did? One can argue that if the Jews are not the Modern-Day People now living in what is called the Political State of Israel, then likewise, one can argue that the Church is ‘Not’ the Spiritual Bride of Christ then, all things being equal, etc. Out of the 7 Churches of Asia, really only the Philadelphian Type and that of the persecuted one like Syrma were/are to be Commended and Promised an ‘Escape’? So, basically, they are like the Last Tribe of Judah-Benjamin that remained in the South when the Kingdom was Divided and Exiled.

If one is arguing on Racial Lines that the current ‘Khazarians’ are not Israel and have no Legal Authority, Politically to govern the Modern State of Israel, is it then solely based on what Race then one comes from Genetically? Are there not Black Jews from Africa? Mexican Jews? And really from all the Nations the ‘Jews’ have been scattered throughout by YHVH? Do you have to be of a certain Race then to be a ‘Jew’. So, the ‘Jews of Modern-Day Israel are not the Jews of the Bible’ People then rather are willing to give all the Promised Land YHVH gave to the Descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob to the Muslim Arabs. No. According to YHVH, no Arab has claims to the Promised Land, Jerusalem nor the Temple. See Nehemiah 2:19-20.

Yes, one would agree that the Bible does teach that ‘Not all Israel is Israel’, but such is the Conundrum ‘they’, the Jews have in their ‘Camp’ as Christian do in our Camp, no? And one believes that the ‘Jews in Israel are not the Jews of the Bible’ Camp has taken the Definitions out of Context. See Romans 9:6. The Argument would be tantamount to saying and believing that ‘Not All Christians are Christians’. This Statement is also True, Scriptures. And there are ‘False Christians’ as even Jesus also alluded to this Condition with the Body. There would be and there are ‘Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing’, etc. So, of course there will be ‘False Jews’.

Did not even Jesus state in the Book of Revelation, that there will be a Time when He will make those that ‘Say they are Jews but are not’ come before the Bride and Bow the Knee? That will be some Spectacle to anticipate. So, yes, there is a Synagogue of Satan as Jesus stated and why they plotted to murder Him and anyone else of the same Disposition. But this Synagogue of Satan includes all those that also take-up their cause. But such are the ones that rule Israel or have taken over and what Jesus will be dealing with. And precisely why Daniel’s 70th week is in order. Yes,  Jesus warned about the Synagogue of Satan.

Spiritual Blindness
And Jesus will not Return until the Remaining Jews that are left alive during the 7-Year Tribulation Period or the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, will finally say, ‘Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD’. Jesus’ 2nd Coming is when ‘All eyes will see Him whom they have Pierced’. At that Time, only then, nationally will the Jews be able to say that. It will cost them 2/3rds of their People as Zechariah states. It will be a heavy toll, more so than the Holocaust of World War 2 when 1/3 or .33 of the Jews in Europe were Murdered. Thus, one is not ‘Defending’ Israel or what they do or have to the Palestinians. However, the Palestinians are no Saints either. The Point is that there is enough ‘Sin’ to go around.

The Muslim, Arab and so-called Palestinians do not have any Legal Right to the Promised Land, Jerusalem or the Temple Mount. They all came in after the Arab Conquest and identified as Arab and Muslim for the most part, not Palestinians. That Word is a Colonial Term imposed by the Romans after they Decimated the Jews and initiated the Roman Diaspora, etc. This was a word kept alive by the British who carved-out the Middle East after World War 1. The ‘Palestinians’ were given a whole Nation-State, Jordan. And to say that Israel has to give back ‘Conquered Land’?

So, the USA conquered half of Mexico’s Land after the Mexican-American War. It was the entire Western part of what is now the USA…to include California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Nuevo México, Texas, Utah, etc. So, if by International Law, Israel has to give back its ‘Conquered Land’…as they did already with Egypt in giving back all of the Sinai Peninsula and then Gaza in 2005, to the Palestinian Authority, then one would like to request all the Southwest be reverted back to Mexico’s Sovereignty and Control. One would like to have the Keys to one or your nice 2-story American Homes with 3 Garages, a Swimming Pool, Guest House, and a large Front and Back Yard.  Fair is Fair, no?

Zionism, in one’s Research, has at least 7 Integrations. It can range in the Spectrum from the Celestial where YHVH dwells, to the Political where Jewish Nationalists, not necessarily Religious, embarked on a quest to establish a Sovereign Nation State for the Jews, called Israel. You have Christians like John Hagee who produced a Video called, ‘In Defense of Israel. Yet other Christians consider what he says as Blasphemous. Or what about all those Christians that have contributed Financially to the Rebuilding of the 3rd Temple? Or those Christian Rangers in Texas and other places in the USA that helped the Jews procure the Red Heifers?

Realize that on the other Hand, it will be the Religious Jews controlling the Sanhedrin that will institute the Noahide Laws to all Non-Jews of the World when their False Jewish Messiah takes over. It will be from the Promised Land, from Jerusalem and from the 3rdd Temple that the AntiChrist will establish and rule, essentially the ‘Jew World Order’. And anyone worshipping Jesus as GOD and LORD Savior will be punishable by Capital Punishment, Decapitation Style. This is what was and is foretold will occur during the 7 Year Tribulation Period once the Church Age concludes with the Rapture Event.

Buyer Beware
Nonetheless, to the Christians that loathe Israel, see their fellow Evangelical Brethren as misinformed and misguided Evangelical Christian. They argue that the End Times Community has taken the ‘Bless them and He will Bless you’ Out of Context. On this Point, one would agree. They do bring-up Good Points and Issues of the Dangers of the Noahide Laws, for example and of the Synagogue of Satan, etc. Now one does think that during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, there will be the 7-Year Covenant between the Jewish False Messiah and the Reconstituted Sanhedrin in Israel.

It will be in part, what will be used legally to ‘Behead’ by Guillotine all those that to them, will ‘Blaspheme’ the GOD of the Kabbalists. Or how the Rabbinical interpretation of Deuteronomy says about how YHVH is ‘One’. And how YHVH commands all ‘Idol Worshippers’ to be put to Death. This will come to pass in how Jesus stated that there would be coming a Time when all those that would Kill His Followers would be thinking they are doing a Service to God by Killing the Christians, etc.

Yet, just because the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Masons, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the U.S. State Department, MI6 and the Kabbalists in Israel adhere to their Protocols does not mean that all of the Jews and all or the Modern State of Israel is of the Synagogue of Satan. If one applies this same Logic one is using to dismiss any ‘Support’ of Israel in general, because they are ‘Zionist’, then you are in the Camp of the Iranian Mullahs, the Muslims, and Luciferians.

And if the Evangelical Christians, by Conscience, decide to Support Israel, then are they willingly choosing and following the ‘Beast’? No. This same logic would have to be applied to the USA and Christianity in general to excuse all-inclusively then. For example, one would say that ‘One supports the USA’. It was the Greatest Nation on Earth. It was for what it stood for, could have, should have and did to a vast degree, etc. Yet, the USA through the CIA, NSA, Administrations, Institutions, Finances, Federal Reverse has committed War Crimes. It has invaded Countries.

It is spraying Chem-Trails on its People. It has experimented, unlawfully with Drugs on the General Population without their Informed Consent. The People, like Israel, currently have an AntiChrist Spirit of Perversion and Transformation of what is Holy, Right and Good. The President and Political Parties are Corrupt. Nearly all the Elected Politicians at the Top are either Compromised Morally or Bought-Off. Its People are Pro-Abortion, Pro-Pronouns, LGBT Rights, Pro-Palestinian and the list goes on. They deny Basic Biology and Science and cannot define what a Woman is.

So, the Point is that if one applies the same Logic that Israel is not Israel, then the USA is not the USA. Then one has to not Support the USA, exclusively nor its People. So, yes, one does think that the ‘Love for Israel’ is a bit Over-the-Top at Times. But one would rather find oneself in the Side of Israel than to be against Israel. So, as mentioned, there is a need for Balance, as one does see an issue to some degree, of how some Christians do practice ‘Israel Worship’ that verges on Idolatry, in one’s Opinion.

It is about a Progressive Restoration

But one is very critical of those Christians Brethren that dismisses what clearly is a Miracle of yow YHVH is progressively Restoring His Earthly People. And this has been done in 3 Steps. There is the Restoration of the Promised Land. Then there was the Restoration of the City of Jerusalem. What is still to come and in the Near Future is the Restoration of the 3rd Temple. This is the Prophetic Barometer of how close the End of the Church Age. And in turn, it signals just how close the Rapture Event is that will conclude the Age of Grace.

Based on the Olivet Discourse Prophetic Pattern
Order of Destruction               Order of Restoration

1. Temple                                2025? 3rd Temple Rebuilt due to Psalm 83 War.
2. Jerusalem                           1967 Jerusalem Recaptured in 6-Day War.
3. Promised Land                   1948 Israel Reborn in War of Independence.

In part, the Noahide Laws will be put into effect, because the 70th Week of Years, will revert back to the Mosaic Law. Israel will be under this Covenant that one is more convinced is that it will be ‘Confirmed’ by the AntiChrist and the ‘Many’, L’Rabbim, etc. And that Israel cannot not do any Wrong. One finds it interesting that usually, those that are Opposed to Supporting a ‘Zionist’ Israel say the same about how the same End Times Community ‘venerates’ the Rapture Event to the point of Idolatry also. But this goes for the same for Trump Worship as such People that also Oppose the Modern State of Israel Worship Trump as LORD and Savior of the USA.

So, just to say that no, if one supports the USA or its People, Principles, one is not supporting its Evils, no more than if one says one supports Israel. One is not supporting the Kabbalists, the Rothschilds, or the ‘Rabbinical Elements that do exist and are part of their society and culture. And that one surmises, 1 Day, the Reconstituted Sanhedrin will usurp totally the Geo-Political Rulership of Israel. They will then set the Mosaic Law as Mandatory and Enforceable as they will be given the Legal Right to put anyone to Death, i.e., the Biblical Capital Punishment Sanctions, etc.

The Point is that during the 70th Week of Daniel, Israel will cease to be a Parliamentary Democracy. It will revert back to the Old Testament Theocracy with a High Priest as the Go-Between Israel and YHVH. The Sacrificial Ordinances will be reconstituted, that in one’s Estimation will follow, to the Day, the Time allotted for the 7-Year Tribulation. And it will be at the Midst, or the 1260thh Day, that the False Jewish Messiah will break the Covenant and stop the Daily Offerings. He will then demand and require Absolute Worship of him as ‘God’. This is the ultimate Act of Idolatry that the Synagogue of Satan is preparing Israel for and the whole World for that matter, their New Reset Order, etc.

Jesus did deal with that, is and will once and for all at His Return. One will leave it up to Him, as one does about the USA and the World. It is full of Sin that unfortunately they will not escape His Judgment according to Jesus. But the Bride of Christ will Escape the Judgment and Wrath. And this Judgment will come in Full Force after the Rapture Event. In comparison, the 1st Half of the 7-Year Tribulation will be relatively ‘Peaceful’ to the 2nd Half. But it is all Judgment, all-inclusive of the 7 Years.

But as to not Supporting the Modern State of Israel? The Logic is faulty in one’s Opinion no better than for example, how many Christians were adamant that the COVID-19 shots were and are the Mark of the Beast. And that one ‘Lost’ one’s Salvation because of taking the COVID Kill-Shots. Absurd. The same faulty Logic stipulated that World was in the midst of the Tribulation Period already. And taken Out-of-Context, such argues that the Bodies are/is the Temple of GOD, which it is, but that the AntiChrist entered it by way of the injection to cause ‘Desolation’ and on it goes. Ridiculous.

This type of Self-Delusion was and is and will still be very unfortunate. It is because, based on their Faulty Logic, anyone who Supports Israel has ‘Chosen the Beast’. It is no different than in arguing that anyone who has taken the COVID Kill-Shots, has also chosen the Beast and is now ‘Damned’ for Eternity. And that Jesus does not recognize one’s DNA anymore and one’s Name is now ‘Erased’ from the Lamb’s Book of Life. Give me a Break.



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