In Memory and Honor of Serge Monast

  • What is Project Blue Beam and is it Real?
  • Why are Governments preoccupied about this?
  • Who was Serge Morast and was he Murdered?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘I Published my most detailed work, Les Protocoles de Toronto (6.6.6). It was Modelled upon The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In it, it uncovers that a Masonic Group called "6.6.6" had been gathering the World's Powerful Leaders to establish the New World Order and control the Minds of Individuals’. -Serge Monast, 1994

The following is the Description of what Project Blue Beam was and is about. Project Blue Beam is not a Conspiracy Theory. Through the courageous Investigative Work of French Canadian, Journalist Serge Monast, did in fact Understand the Protocols for how the Luciferians Ruling the World would be inducing a Massive Alien Invasion Event. The Evidence supports the Suspicions that NASA and other U.S. Government Intelligent Organizations Planned to create a ‘Fake Alien Invasion’ and in Tandem with the 2nd Coming of Jesus.

They planned to use Advanced Holographic and Technological Techniques. Such Technologies did not exist in the 1990s. They now do exist. And why? The Luciferians that control the various World Governments will use this Event to establish their New World Order and gain Total Global Control. It will then be Primed for the World to Receive a One World Leader or Ruler. The Bible describes him as being the AntiChrist, etc. The Operation originated in the 1990s.

The Detractors of such an Uncovering dismiss the claims that have been Popularized due to the Internet. They relegate such Notions to various ‘Fringe Conspiracy Theory Communities. They keep insisting that there is no ‘Evidence’ to support the Existence of Project Blue Beam, and it is widely considered to be a Baseless and Unfounded Conspiracy Theory. Really? Just like now the FBI admits that the COVID Virus was made in a Lab in Wuhan and the Chinese let it ‘Escape’?

Canadian Journalist Serge Monast was the 1st to uncover the Operation in 1994. He published his Research in a Book entitled Project Blue Beam. He discussed how the Elites are technologically Simulating Mind Control of People to shape a Global New Age Religion. Mr. Monast believed generating a Global New World Religion was the only thing that would make a Worldwide Dictatorship possible. He speculated that Project Blue Beam would be carried out in 4 Main Steps. His Life is an Example of how he lived to expose the Lies and Speak the Truth, although it cost him his Life. Why? It was not ‘Time’ for the Luciferians to Disclose their Dealings with the Fallen Angles that involved Human Abductions. These Abductions involved Human Hybridization Programs many times against People’s Will or having to do with the Disappearances of Children, etc.  


Discredit all existing Religions by destroying or obfuscating any Archaeological Knowledge of them. This would be done, in part by Earthquake Weapons to destroy any Evidence to support Prevailing Religion, like Christianity. This would be like the Smithsonian destroying the Bones/Skeleton of Giants found across the USA, etc. In turn, Archeology would help provide Evidence to Falsify the Teachings of all major religions. Why? So that then, People will be more likely to accept the New Age Religion when it is formed.


The New World Order, which Monast described as Satanic, would come about by using Gigantic 3D Holographic Images projected into the Sky. They would come along with Lasers and Sounds to Seduce the People of the World into believing in their New World Order God.  He believed that the Purpose of the Project was and is to introduce the World Leader. Here is what he said. ‘This one God will in fact be the Anti-Christ who will explain the various Scriptures have been Misunderstood, that the Religions of all are responsible for turning Brother against Brother, Nation against Nation; therefore, the World’s Religions must be Abolished to make way for the Golden Age’. Interestingly, these same Principles are what Albert Pike proposed.

Set-Up a Grid whereby the World will be Subjected to Low Frequency Radio Waves. Why? It is to have the State Telepathically Communicate with all Humans. It will be an attempt to shape their Beliefs to Match those taught by the New Age Religion. Why? Telepathic Communication would be used as Mind Control to ‘Trick’ People into thinking the Ant-Christ is Messaging them directly. 5-7G Towers? COVID Injected Self-Assembling Nano-Bots? Read what he said in the mid-1990s about it. Devices will deliver Audible Signals directly to an Individual while they remain Undetectable by anyone else. The Microwave Beam generated by the Device is moderated at Audio Frequencies and can Broadcast Voices directly into the Brain’.


Electronic Supernatural Manifestations

Create Chaotic Events in the World that will leave People willing or desperate enough to accept the New World Order. And how would this be done? By and ‘Alien Invasion’. Or by an ‘Alien’ Rapture Event that would Deceive the Christians into believing that the Aliens have come as a supposedly divine intervention of an alleged good alien force coming to save the people from a brutal satanic attack. He stated that the Goal of this one is to induce Mass Psychological Disorder. And for what? It is to have People Abandon all Religions and embrace the one the AntiChrist will be proposing.


Who was Serge Monast?
Serge Monast was a French-Speaking Canadian who Died on 5 December 1996, at the age of 51. He spent much of his life as an active member of the Social Credit Party of Canada and started writing about the evil Plans of the Luciferian New World Order in the early 1990s. His Original Essay can be found on Educate Yourself. Here is what he had to say about the New World Order. ‘Our task is to make the People realize the coming of the New World Order is not a Dream, neither a Paranoid Thought. It is a real Satanic Undergoing Project’.

Then in an Interview with the International Free Press Network, he expounded on his 4 Major Steps in how the Luciferians were to bring this False Alien Invasion and Rapture Event. He stated that, ‘They’ had to abolish all Christian Traditional Religions. This would create a Spiritual Vacuum that in turn would favor a single Religion based on the ‘Cult of Man’ or the AntiChrist, etc. Then, they have to abolish all Individual National Identity and National pride. This would then have People favor a World Identity and World Pride, etc.

Then, the final Step would be to abolish the Traditional Family. Why? So that it can be Replaced by Individuals, all working for the Glory of One-World Government, as he put it. Lastly, a Collaborative Effort between Government Agencies and the UN, will be forged to ‘Destroy all Individual Artistic and Scientific Creative Works’. Since the mid-1990s, one would say that he is a ‘Prophet’ in the sense that he has Predicted Correctly. Every aspect of what is going to happen, is happening now. For example, the various Luciferian World Agencies like the World Economic Forum have indeed partnered with the U.N.

And the World Health Organization is going to now Direct all Plandemic Designations and Protocols upon entire Nations. Mission Accomplished. According to Wikipedia, in 1995, he Published his most detailed work, Les Protocoles de Toronto (6.6.6). It was Modelled upon The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In it, he stated that a Masonic Group called "6.6.6" had been gathering the World's Powerful Leaders to establish the New World Order and control the Minds of Individuals. Can you say, the ‘World Economic Forum’? By 1995 and 1996, Monast said he was being Hunted by the Canadian Police. For what? His ‘Crime’? 

He Mentioned the Unmentionable, the Synagogue of Satan and Masons. He was charged for being involved in Networks of Prohibited Information’. So, apparently, they had ‘Misinformation’ back then like with COVID now. All this Information Published came at a High Cost. It did cost him his Life and Children, for example. He Home-Schooled his 2 Children but were then taken from him due to his Beliefs and Publications. The Children were made ‘Wards of the Canadian State’ so that they would receive a ‘Public Education’. It was reported by the Canadian Police that he had Died of a ‘Heart Attack’ in his home in December 1996, at age 51, the Day after being Arrested and spending a Night in Jail.

His sudden Death is now Suspicious, and many suggest he was Assassinated by the Luciferians for exposing their Plans. It is rather interesting that the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ about Operation Blue Beam has resurfaced again. Why? It has to do with the Chinese Spy Balloons but also the U.S. Airforce reporting shooting down ‘UFOs’. So, the Government has gotten the People on Social Media to once again talk about a Fake Alien Invasion. And when is this to be Predicted to begin? In 2024. Why?

As mentioned, and presented by Monast, it is to induce sufficient Chaos that the ‘Savior’ Masons and Synagogue of Satan can come to the Rescue with their Fallen Cherub, Lucifer to Rule Earth as he apparently once did during the Golden Age, etc. So, until that happens, and it will, it is a ‘Conspiracy Theory’. Why? Because the Fact-Checkers say so, much like with the COVID Virus being Bio-Engineered and Leaked from the Wuhan Lab in China.

They categorically determined that it was a ‘Conspiracy Theory’. Astonishingly, even U.S. Air Force General Glen VanHerck, said he ‘Would not rule-out Alien or Extraterrestrial Involvement’. Really? Up to now, any Government Personnel even hinting at such a Statement would be Disciplined if not Dead. It is getting that close to the actual Rapture Event and the Luciferian ‘Aliens’ and Fallen Angels actually manifesting themselves on Earth, as Humanity’s Saviors.


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