The Prince that Shall Come

  • Will the coming AntiChrist be Muslim that the Jews will accept?
  • Why would Islam join with Rabbinical Judaism and Catholicism?
  • Does Islam have a concept of a 'Prince' and s 'Son of a God'?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then after the 62 Weeks the Messiah will be cut off but not for Himself and will have nothing. Then the People of the Prince who is to come will destroy the City and the Sanctuary. The end will come like a flood, and until the end there will be war; desolations have been decreed.’ -Daniel 9:26

The purpose of this study is to ascertain who will be the AntiChrist based on one interpretation of Daniel 9:26. Will the AntiChrist be Jewish? Muslim? Christian? There are many theories and speculations. This study takes the position that the coming AntiChrist figure described in the Bible will only be revealed after the Rapture Event. And that this expected Messiah figure will be of Jewish blood and not of a Muslim persuasion. The following arguments will outline some of those points and perspectives. From the onset, the key verse is given in Daniel 9:26. It is a multi-layered prophecy that encompasses in one reading the past, present and future dimensions of the coming of 2 Messiahs, that of Jesus who was ‘cut-off’ in the midst. This refers to the context of ‘Sevens’ or time and how in the middle of a week, a Wednesday, Jesus was crucified.

Then, the AntiChrist is to pick up the dimension of time in how in the ‘midst’ of the last ‘Seven’ or a 7 Week of Years, the AntiChrist will cease the Daily Sacrifices. This will be at the 1260th day of the Tribulation Period. This Prince will proclaim himself to be God in the Holy of Holies as he sits upon the revealed Ark of the Covenant that Moses had built. It is a classic case of a Chiastic perspective of 2 comings, that of the true Messiah and then the one that will come, ‘In his own Name’. Thus, this study asserts that the ‘People’ of the Prince was and is a foreshadowing. They were and are the Romans as it will be a Rome 2.0 in place in the Last Days that will rule the world as it was during the days of Jesus in the 1st century. It is undeniable that the ‘Prince’ is referring to Titus, the Prince of Rome and son of Vespasian, a ‘God’. These were not Muslims in any inference.

And despite how many other non-Roman races or conscripts made-up the ranks of the Roman Legions of Prince Titus that did destroy the 2nd Temple on the 9th of Av in Jerusalem, the connotation is clearly referring to Rome, not Islam. Islam has no concept of a ‘Prince’. Thus, the coming Prince, as a type that is to echo in the future and cast its prophetic shadow cannot be Muslim but Roman. Realize that the vision and motif given to Daniel in the vision was of a statue of a man and how that correlates to the 4 Beast Kingdoms that will be in play down to when Jesus returns. Knowing this, realize that the last 10-Toe Confederation will be the vestiges of the Western and Eastern Roman Empire with 2 ‘legs’ or pillars. A pillar represents power, support, integrity and of a spiritual authority. Meaning? The spirit of the demonic power is vested in those pillars.

Thrones of the AntiChrist
The present seat or ‘throne’ of this spiritual power of Rome and the coming Rome 2.0 resides in the Basilica of Saint Peter in Rome, the Male factor. The Female factor compliments the Vatican with the other seat or ‘throne’, that of the Basilica Hagia Sophia in the former Constantinople, now Istanbul, Turkey. Release also that to the Kabbalists, the Divine Feminine, or Sophia is the Shekinah Glory that the Bible speaks about but is not what orthodox Judaism or Christianity is been led to believe. Those that believe the coming AntiChrist will be a Muslim is due to the mis-interpreted notion of how they are just focusing on the one leg or ‘pillar’ that is now under Islamic control, Istanbul. True, this mirrored capital was the 2nd Rome. So, naturally, it is to equally rise in the Last Days and that is what one is seeing with Erdogan of Turkey. Really, both these capitals are ‘Bastions of the Beast’.

The point is that the Roman ‘Beast’ Empire has not been dissolved but morphed ecclesiastically, but not into Islam or because of Islam. Islam is mutually exclusive in this aspect. Both the Vatican in the West and the Metropolitan Patriarchate or ‘Pope’ of the East at what is now Istanbul are alive and well. These are the vestiges of the coming Rome 2.0 that will fuse with Islam but only in ecumenical aspirations to unity the coming New World Order. And this is precisely occurring now with the Pope dealing with the Abraham House that seeks to fuse the religions into one, which this study will suggest will be a hybrid Luciferian one after the Rapture event occurs. Although now only relegated to an office and church buildings, they nonetheless sustain the spirit and continuation of the Roman Empire. This is the key with respect to Islam.

This is despite in the West having the unification of Italy or the subjugation of Islam in the East in Turkey. Interesting that both nations are secular, and both have made treaties with each See. As to the Hagia Sophia, realize that the pillars of the Temple of Diana in Ephesus that survived its demolishing due to the preaching of the Apostle Paul were taken to Constantinople and placed inside the Hagia Sophia. This is all by way of introduction is attempting to answer the question about Islam, the AntiChrist and Beast Kingdom to come. Many question if the New World Order or specifically the coming 4th Beast System and its AntiChrist will be Muslim? The main proponents of this Muslim AntiChrist teaching come from Perry Stone and Joel Richardson. They believe based on their interpretation that Islam will be the religion of the AntiChrist, and he is to be Muslim and how Mecca is that ‘Babylon’ that is seen burning off the seashore, etc.

With this background in mind, what this study will also discuss will be the notion of how many Christians in particular are adhering to the AntiChrist being Islamic or Muslim. I find it rather odd and alarming is that it will not be the Muslims decapitating ‘Infidels’ but that it will be the Sanhedrin. How so? The core tenants of the Luciferian New World Order will be ruled by the Noahide Laws. This Counsel of the 70 is to rule over such a coming Beast System once in place. And upon the breaking of the 2nd Law, those found guilty will be decapitated. Period. Hello guillotines. Realize that it is this judicial body that will take over and are one in the same that condemned Jesus and will all those that will believe on Jesus during the Tribulation Period also. The following will be the portion of Daniel 9:26 in the original Hebrew with transliteration and meaning clearly stated.

9:26 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
וְאַחֲרֵ֤י הַשָּׁבֻעִים֙ שִׁשִּׁ֣ים וּשְׁנַ֔יִם יִכָּרֵ֥ת מָשִׁ֖יחַ וְאֵ֣ין לֹ֑ו וְהָעִ֨יר וְהַקֹּ֜דֶשׁ יַ֠שְׁחִית עַ֣ם נָגִ֤יד הַבָּא֙ וְקִצֹּ֣ו בַשֶּׁ֔טֶף וְעַד֙ קֵ֣ץ מִלְחָמָ֔ה נֶחֱרֶ֖צֶת שֹׁמֵמֹֽות׃

9:27 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
וְהִגְבִּ֥יר בְּרִ֛ית לָרַבִּ֖ים שָׁב֣וּעַ אֶחָ֑ד וַחֲצִ֨י הַשָּׁב֜וּעַ יַשְׁבִּ֣ית ׀ זֶ֣בַח וּמִנְחָ֗ה וְעַ֨ל כְּנַ֤ף שִׁקּוּצִים֙ מְשֹׁמֵ֔ם וְעַד־כָּלָה֙ וְנֶ֣חֱרָצָ֔ה תִּתַּ֖ךְ עַל־שֹׁמֵֽם׃ פ

The Daniel 9:26-27 passage is a 3-layered cake of Prophecy that encapsulates a past, present and a future dimension of occurrence amongst the advents of 3 Princes in the same 26-27 verse. The confusion occurs when the 3 subjects are not seen as mutually exclusive with each other. They need to be delineated, by 'rightly dividing the word'. ‘Then after the 62 weeks the Messiah [
PAST] will be cut off and will have nothing. Then the people of the Prince [PRESENT] who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end will come like a flood, and until the end there will be war; desolations have been decreed. And he [FUTURE] will confirm a covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put an end to sacrifice and offering.’

Past:                Jesus              the Christ
Present:          Titus                the Prince
Future:            Own Name      the AntiChrist

The main argument as to why the AntiChrist is to be ‘Muslim’ is how they read the following portion. ‘Then the People of the Prince who shall come.’ They ask, which Prince this that talking about? Such believe it is the same Prince noted as the 'he' in verse 27. This is true. They go on to state also clearly that it was Titus who never ‘Confirmed a Covenant with the Many', so its future still.

Yes, correct but that is why this study contends that there is Rome and Rome 2.0 as that will be the 10-Toe Confederation out of the same lineage of the 4th Empire. Rome has not fallen; it has only constricted down to the Vatican in the West and the Metropolitan Patriarchy in the East. That delineation of the 2nd Prince, the Present 'Tense' one inferred to Titus is a Chiastic that is echoing a future Déjà Vu as the coming AntiChrist will be doing the same as Titus did. It was not Jesus who destroyed the City and Temple, and neither will the coming AntiChrist. He will only defile it and cause its desolation, etc. .

עַ֣ם = ‘am

Strong’s = 5971
= Folk, Plebeians

From Brown-Driver-Briggs
I. עַם, עָם1840

as in Jeremiah 46:16; Psalm 45:11; Ruth 1:10,15,16
But especially in Ezekiel 32:3 (+ רַבִּים); = to infer and to quote from Brown-Driver-Briggs: >>>>"ONE'S OWN PEOPLE"<<<<<

How is breaking Noahide Law #1 a capital crime? It states that there is ‘1 God’. To believe Jesus is GOD will be and is blaspheme to the Orthodox Jews and their reconstituted Sanhedrin. This will be the same conditions that existed in the times of Jesus and for which Jesus was condemned to death by the Sanhedrin. So, this coming Jewish AntiChrist has to be ‘Jewish’ in so much as He has to be the ‘Messiah Ben David’ character the Kabbalists are waiting for. Clear and simple.

Capital Punishment
He has to prove that he has the royal bloodline of David. And thus the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati. There is some true to the Da Vinci Code and Dan Brown, but it is twisted. They have assured a parallel bloodline from David but really goes back to the ‘War of the Seeds’ or bloodlines in Genesis 3:15. These Kabbalist ultra-orthodox types will never accept a Muslim. Now Daniel alludes to he, being from the ‘People that will come’, a Prince that destroyed the Temple, Jerusalem and initiated the Roman Diaspora of all Jews to the Nations. This was a Roman. However, the coming AntiChrist will have to be Jewish, but from the Roman Empire, either its Western or Eastern enclave. The issue is that it is hard to pinpoint a specific nationality or Nation with the 2 spheres.

One can see why Stone and Richardson pick Turkey and Istanbul. For example, you had the Religious Jews that argued they were not the ones who killed Jesus… but Rome. Rome did it. Yet they were joined at the hip with Rome as they plainly stated, ‘We have not King but Caesar’, not the Mahdi of the Muslims. This will be the case made and rationale for accepting their coming Prince as a Titus or Prince type, who was the son of Caesar. Then there was the Roman Catholic Church with the same argument during the Inquisition. They claimed they burned no one at the stake nor tortured any confession of ‘heresy’ out of the Protestants. But that it was the State who did that. Yet, like the Religious Sanhedrin, they too were joined at the hip with the State. So too now, with this COVID-19 plandemic.

It is the State, thus far, for now that is saying they will not mandate the vaccine. But all the corporate businesses will and are. During the coming transformation or ‘Reset’ when that will be completed after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, the religious Sanhedrin will turn over all those found guilty. All those not conscripting to the Mark of the Beast will be handed over to the governmental officials, that like Rome, carried out the capital punishment. You see, to the Jewish Psyche, they are wanting and demand a political savior, not a religious one. They want to rule the world as the head, as foretold and not be under any Gentile yoke as they were during Jesus’ day and even today. So, when Jesus came along, ‘Messiah Ben Joseph’, it was a ‘No Go’ for them.

By contrast the coming AntiChrist will precisely give them, offer them a geo-political solution they have been waiting for. Realize that the coming New World Order will be centered from Jerusalem with at A.I. Statute that will come to life and most probably will be the mainframe of all those billions of humans now connected bio-medically to the Mark through 5G-6G-7G internet/satellite technology. The following are just a few Scripture references of how the Jews will be accepting what the Bible calls the AntiChrist, but the Jewish Religious Body will say it is their long-awaited Messiah. In saying that the ‘Jews will look for the AntiChrist as their Messiah’ is an idiom used in the West as that is the conjecture but technically and Scripturally correct. But to the Jewish, they do not see this nor would agree. There are only glimpses of this inference from Scripture but enough to deduce what is coming.

-Isaiah 28:18
It states that Israel, at some point will make a ‘Covenant with Death’. And thus many Bible Scholars connect this scene with that of the Covenant that is to be ‘strengthened’ by that ‘man’ who we Christians identify as the coming Messiah figure revealed after the Rapture.

-John 5:43
Then Jesus Himself alluded that Israel or the Jewish Religious body on behalf of Israel that reject Him as the true Messiah would/will accept ‘him who will come in his own Name’.

-Daniel 9:27
This verse then explicitly states that the coming Prince will make that ‘Covenant with the Many’ but in the midst will break it. Now I realize many believe this was/is Jesus. Although I do see a duality occurring as in many prophetic types, it is clearly, at least to me that it will be the AntiChrist. Why? The description of how the AC would be coming from the People that destroyed the Temple is clear as night and day that then Jesus was not a ‘Roman’.

-2 Thessalonians 2:4
Then throughout Revelation, we see the actual workings of the effect of the AntiChrist. He along with the False Prophet will perform Signs and Wonder, cause fire to come down as in the day of Solomon with the Temple dedication and Elijah with the Priests of Ba’al, etc.  And then how the AntiChrist stops the Daily Sacrifices at the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation Period and enters the Holy of Holies. Only a Jewish man, a Priest could enter and do such things. This is all tied to the Revelation 12 depiction also.

The rallying cry to unify the world will be around the new 3rd Temple. It will serve much like the Tower of Babel and the Nimrod figure that sought to unite the world against YHVH. And as it was with Nimrod, that became a Giant’ a Gibborim, such gene manipulation has arrived now on Earth, in this Last Generation wholesale through the COVID-19 injections that will/do effect one’s genes. Coincidence. No, it has been perfect timing. Soon, like in Nimrod’s day, YHVH will come down and confuse their party. How does one assert that Rome is and will be the 4th Beast Empire?

This is seen in Daniel 7:24. It is known that the 4th Kingdom that will be in place, has been in play… is Rome because of what was revealed to Daniel and confirmed by history. It was really given to King Nebuchadnezzar, but Daniel interpreted the vision. Notice the 10 Kings and Crowns. And given to Daniel from 2 angles and perspectives later on as a confirmation. This is tied also to the Revelation 12 Sign image of the Red Dragon in Revelation 12:3. Then the book of Revelation complements this. The dream depicts a statue that is likened to 4 Metals and 4 Beast types.

It is from that point that the stopwatch started counting down to the return of Jesus and of how the history of Humanity, in direct interaction with the Jews would/will go down. The 1st Metal and Kingdom would be Babylon, the purest and ‘Lion’ Beast type with wings. The Winged Lion was one of the main motifs representing the empire seen on many wall reliefs. Then it was Silver Empire of Medo-Persia. These corresponded to the 2 shoulders. And then Greece. It corresponded to Bronze Empire and the abdomen area or stomach 4-pack abs.

A Prophetic Déjà Vu
This motif represented the 4 sections of how the empire of Alexander was exactly divide by. Then Rome came represented by Iron Empire. Realize that each successive empire engulfed the previous one. The Metals decreased in purity and value, but the Beast types increased in ferociousness. Now in the vision, it does not specifically say, ‘Rome’ but it did predict and name Greece. But at that point, one can deduce with historical accuracy that it was Rome who succeeded Greece as the world empire and dealt with the Jews. And the key clue is how, given the human male body form, the 2 legs represent the schism of the Western and Eastern Roman Empire that did occur. Also, if you do a study on the mathematical proportion of the male body and translate that to the years those Empires lasts, they amazingly match their lifespan.

Thus, in some form/fashion, the last rendition of the Roman Empire will be 5 nations in Western Europe and 5 nations in what made-up Eastern Europe or Eastern Roman Empire. This is where the Caliphate and the rise of Turkey could be that and thus Stone and Richardson pick up on this. It is Turkey after all that commands now the seat of the Eastern Roman Capital, former Constantinople but not its Ecclesiastical Order. Thus, it is not qualified. Now there is that mixing of seed in the 10 Toes but do not cleave. Many suggest this is the typology suggesting Islam as it has essentially overrun Europe. Others suggest the ‘Seed’ inferenced as such is the literal genetic manipulation of humans with Fallen Angels in the Last Days as it was in the Days of Noah.

But realize that the Roman Empire has not ‘gone away’. This is the point, despite Islam in the East. It has only morphed into the 2nd Office of the Caesarship, that of its ecclesiastical title, being the Head of the Roman State Religion, El Papa Maximo. This has never gone away. Nor has the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch. Thus, what this study is strongly suggesting is that the Pope, is essentially the last legal vestige of the Caesar. When one sees the Pope, one is really seeing the Roman Caesar. And this is why the Kabbalists are in league with the Pope, who is the Head of the Ecumenical Movement because to the Kabbalists, their King is Caesar. Thus, it will be the 2nd Beast to come on the scene to prepare the way for the AntiChrist much like John the Baptist die for Jesus. What about the modern-day ‘Jews’ that have returned to Israel since 1948? Many believe they are not really ‘Israel’.

Is this true? In actuality there is some level of truth in in how many believe the ‘Jews’ in Israel are not the Jews of the Bible. And that the Tribulation Period is not 7 years. However, the argument is that the ‘Jews’ of Israel, modern Israel are not ‘Jews’ but Ashkenazi pretending to be Jews from Eastern Europe and/or of the Khazarians. This is partly true. Historically the Khazarians were originally Pagan, then converted to Christianity but then to Judaism, etc. It really depended on their Leader or King. In those days, if the King/Ruler converted to any one particular religion, the whole realm did too. However, realize that YHVH scattered the Jews in the last Diaspora of Rome starting in 70 AD to the 4 corners of the world. This was for their insistent rebellion and having rejected Jesus as their true Messiah. So the Jews come to be found in almost every Nation. So, naturally they have mixed with the local population.

As to Scripture reference, see Ezekiel on 2 occasions promised the Jews to regather them in the Last Days back to the Land. Ezekiel 11:14 and 36:7,13. Then the Valley of Dry Bones stipulates that the nation will reborn as does Isaiah 66:7. So, if it is not the modern nation, then who is YHVH talking about in these Last Days? Realize that Israel was to return in ‘unbelief’ and from the 4 corners of the world. This has happened and continues to even today with the Aliyah Program. You have Jews from over 2000 years that have kept the same laws and customs as in the days of Jesus’ and the New Testament. Are they then not Jews back in the Land? You have the Yemeni, Iraqi, Persian. Then many from Spain, etc. So, these are not the ‘Jews’ of the Bible?

It is Jesus Himself that attributed a portion of the population that were and are Usurpers. These were the ones given over to Lucifer’s cause, whose ‘Father’ was not Abraham as Jesus exposed them but Satan. These are still around today and will be prominent during the Tribulation Period. Jesus then stated that there, ‘Are Jews who say they are but are not’. This is the Synagogue of Satan that is real and alive and at the very top of Israel and the world for that matter that are usurping the name and appropriated its culture. Why? It is because they what to steal the Birthright. Why? It is to Israel, that will be - has been decreed to be the Head of the Nation and over all the world. But this will happen under Jesus and the Millennial Kingdom only. Thus, these ‘Zionists’ are attempting to do it now.

They are in league with Luciferian factions such as the Freemasons, the other Secret Societies. There is a study on the 7 Type of Zionism referenced at the end of this study. Thus, those that believe all Jews are not the Jews of modern Israel are ‘throwing the Baby out with the Bath Water’ as the saying goes in dismissing all Jews just because of the few Luciferian ones at the top rule the world. As to the other question about how long is the Tribulation? Yes, I have come across the same argument that it is 3.5 duration. This is because in Daniel they, again only see that the first half was fulfilled by Jesus and it was He who ‘stopped the sacrifices’ with His death at the cross, etc. But he and others alike are only going off of what others have interpreted and made popular. If one exegesis the context, one will see that the Prince that shall come, that destroyed the Temple was a Roman, Titus, the son of Caesar.

This Prince was the one who destroyed the Temple in 70 AD. So, if we were to go by the 3.5-year theory, this same Messiah would have to be then Jesus who came as a Prince, true but then destroyed the Temple and was a Roman? No, it does not make sense when you must follow the narrative and logic to its end and be consistent. It clearly says in Daniel 9:27 that, ‘And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week.’ The phrase 1 Week is an idiom for a Sabbatical Cycle of 7 years. No Jew would ever nor does count in 3.5-year segments. This is a Sabbatical Cycle that are 7 years long. They cannot be started half way. The confusion comes in part how there is a delineation of the halves, of a set of 1260 days each, respectively that are presented in both Daniel and Revelation. The rationale is how not only is the Tribulation Period 7 years, but when it starts, it has to start at the beginning of one, which will begin in 2022.

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