Between the Horns of Taurus in the Sign of Joseph

  • What is a 'Wedding Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse and why is it important?
  • Are these Annular Type of Solar Eclipses rare and why do they occur?
  • Does where it occurs in the 'Signs' of any prophetic significance?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to illustrate where in the Constellations of the 12 Signs of the Mazzaroth the June 10, 2021, Solar Eclipse will occur. This type of Solar Eclipse is called ‘Annular’ because it does not completely cover the Disk of the Sun during the totality of the event. As a result, the effect appears to be like a ‘Ring of Fire’ or an outline of the Sun’s Disk, which is spectacular. This is in contrast to a Total Solar Eclipse which has the Sun’s Disk totally covered and at the peak of its Totality, the sky turns completely dark, as if night along the path of the Moon’s shadow, etc.

The secondary effect of the Annular Solar Eclipse is that the Ring of Fire that is attributed to its effect is also called the ‘Wedding Ring’. Why? It is because as the Moon eclipses the Sun and is positioning in and out of the phase, a burst of light usually centered around a particular area to appear to look like a ‘Wedding Ring’ as the concentrated light would make-up the Diamond Head. According to Jewish Sages, as the Blood Moons or Total Lunar Eclipses are a bad Omen for Israel, the Total Solar Eclipses are a bad Omen for the Nations. If any geo-political effect is to occur out of this astronomical event, it will remain to be seen and/or interpreted regarding the Nations.

What is known, astronomically is that the Sun-Moon Eclipses come in pairs. What the Blood Moon of May 2021 does have connected directly with the Ring of Fire Solar one in June is that the Blood Moon one occurred, dead-center in the ‘Ring of Fire’ also. But this Right of Fire was in the Pacific Ocean. It is the Earthquake Fault Lines that edges the entirety of the whole Pacific Ocean on the Planet. Thus, to suggest that a running theme is being broadcasted about a ‘Ring of Fire’ and/or a ‘Wedding Ring’. The Ring of Fire Earthquakes speak of a ‘birthing’ process to occur. In the case of the June 10, 2021, Annular Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse, it will start in Easter Canada. It will then traverse over the North Pole to terminated its path in Eastern Siberia.

The path of the Eclipse starts at sunrise in Ontario, Canada on the North Side of Lake Superior. It then will reach the Midway point along the path. It is called the Maximum or its Totality. In this case, the Greatest Eclipse will occur at local Noon time in Northern Greenland. So, ‘High Noon’ over the North Pole? The Full Eclipse will last for roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes or 120 minutes. Most of the Eastern USA will miss out on the Ring of Fire effect of the Eclipse. For such, only a Partial Solar Eclipse will be seen just after Sunrise. This is complimentary of how those in the Western USA were only able to see the Blood Moon in May but not the Eastern Seaboard, for example. So, it is a rare instance where about half in the USA, a signal perhaps of its deep division that one part got to see the Lunar Eclipse while the other only will see the partial Solar Eclipse.

Why a 'Ring of Fire' Eclipse?

A Partial Solar Eclipse looks like the Sun has a ‘Crescent’ portion only illuminated. How and why are Solar Eclipse formed? Astronomically and assuming a globe model, the Moon orbits the Earth, and when it is positioned in-between the Sun and Earth, it is when the Sun casts the Moon’s shadow on the Earth. That pathway of the Moon blocks out the Sun’s light for that Moon path and shadow cast on Earth then. To reiterate, an Annular Solar Eclipse type is when the Moon covers the Sun's center, leaving the Sun's visible Outer-Edge to form a ‘Ring of Fire’ or an ‘Annulus’ around the Moon. The word Annular comes from the Latin word for Ring. Because the Moon is farther away from Earth, it seems smaller, so it does not block the entire Disk of the Sun.

Or in other words, the Moon in front of the Sun looks like a dark Disk on top of a larger Sun-colored Disk. So, this astronomical event creates the effect then of the ‘Ring of Fire’. A fitting analogy can be appreciated when one places a U.S. Penny atop a Nickel coin. The Penny represents the Moon and the Nickel is the Sun. Then, there will be a Partial Solar Eclipse in December 4, 2021, as well as a Partial Lunar Eclipse in November 19, 2021. The interesting aspect about these pairs is that they reverse the appearance in which the prior ones of the May and June Eclipses occurred. The Blood Moon Eclipse of May 2021 occurred in Scorpio. The June Annular Eclipse occurs in Taurus. But then in November, the Partial Lunar Eclipse occurs in Taurus and the Total Solar Eclipse occurs in Scorpio. Does this mean anything prophetically?

Is where the Eclipses occur in the backdrop of the Astronomical Signs significant? Well, pertaining to the significance of the Sign of Taurus, there is an interpretation that has been passed down since the meaning of the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac was first taught to Humanity. According to the work of E.W. Bullinger, the following meaning of Taurus is presented. What is significant is that the Ring of Fire, the Wedding Ring Annular Solar Eclipse occurs dead-center in-between the Horns of the Bull. This is the key. First of all, Taurus is 1 of the 4 main Astronomical Signs that define the Universe’s Quadrants. It makes-up the Divine Motif of the 4 Living Creatures and are Sentinels around the Throne of YHVH in Heaven.

Moreover, this Motif echoes the ‘Prophetic Template’ in how the 4 Gospels of the New Testament depict a facet of Jesus’ Ministry and Person. The Ox, or Bull being the ‘Beast of Burden’ or showing how Jesus came to be a Servant to bear the Sins of the World. Jesus, was in essence the true embodiment of Atlas that bore the World on his shoulders, etc. Taurus, being then 1 of the 4 main Cardinal Signs of the Universe, has a corresponding Star that is also associated with it, that of Aldebaran. It is the ‘Eye of the Bull’ and where the expression of the Bull’s Eye is derived from. In the 2 Horns of the Bull, the Star named Al Hecka is on the tip of Southern Horn. The Star El Nath is on the tip of the Northern Horn. This is a parody and depiction of the Judgment and wrath that the Bull represents. It is of the Judge coming to execute wrath and vengeance. And how a piercing occurred through the foot of Auriga, the Shephard, who is holding young goats in his lap. It speaks of the Genesis 3:15 ‘War of the Seeds’ in how Jesus was pierced at the Cross of Calvary for the Sins of the Sheep as the ‘Good Shephard’. The Center or core of the Constellation of Taurus is made up of the 5 Sisters of the Hyades.

Great Rescue Coming

The 5 Hyades are related to the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades. The Stars in the Hyades make-up the face and the eyes of the Bull. The Star Aldebaran is on the left, Southern Eye. Ain is on the right, making up the Northern Eye. The Pleiades are on the shoulder of the Bull or neck depending on the artistic rendition. They are called the ‘Congregation of the Judge’. The theme is that they are ‘captive’/held by the Bull and it is Orion that is seeking to liberate them. The following is a paraphrase of the portion from Bullinger’s work, The Witness of the Stars. It will encompass the start of the 3rd Book and will show that the 3rd portion of the 12 Constellations speak of the Redeemer, Jesus’ coming, Redemption and Rescue. This last notion of a ‘Rescue’ infers the Rapture event.

According to Bullinger, starting with the Constellation of Taurus, it speaks of the completion of the work of Jesus. This work is of the redemption of the Saints that ends in triumph of the Lion, or Leo. This 3rd portion sees no more of the sufferings of Christ nor of His People. They speak now of overcoming, conquering and judgment to come. And the point is that this coming Judgment and Wrath cannot occur if Jesus does not come back. This is why the Globalists, Luciferians and Eugenicists seek to derail and curtail the 2nd coming of Jesus. If Lucifer can thwart this 2nd coming of Jesus, then there will be no Judgment nor Wrath for Lucifer, his Fallen Angles and those Humans that have given over to his lies.

Taurus starts this imagery off with the notion that Jesus is to come again in victory, no more to suffer for Sin and Death. Rather, Jesus is coming with His rescued ‘Pleiades’ Bride, the Bride of Christ with power to judge and rule in righteousness on Earth. The Sign of Taurus speaks of the conflict being over but not before executing the last vestiges of Jesus’ wrath upon His Enemies. This is alluding to the 70th Week of Daniel or the Tribulation Period in which Jesus is the only human, or Glorified Man worthy to break the Seals to execute this wrath and judgment upon Sin, Lucifer, and the Christ-Rejecting World. It is Jesus who sits as Judge now at the center of the Universe, of the very Throne Room of the Creator. In terms of the historical relevance of Taurus, the Egyptian Zodiac of Denderah already, 4,000 years old, alluded to the prophecy about the one who comes to save or deliver. And Apis the Bull was associated with ‘The Head Chief’. The name of the Sign in Chaldee is Tor.

Others attributed this same name to the Nordic God, Thor as well. In Arabic, the Sign is Al Thaur. In Greek, it is Tauros and in Latin, it is Taurus, etc. The more common Hebrew name was, Shur, which is from a root word that means both ‘Coming’ and ‘To Rule’. The conveying idea is one of loftiness, exaltation, power, and pre-eminence. Taurus has at least 141 Stars, besides the 2 important groups of Stars, which both form the integral parts of the Astronomical Sign. The brightest Star is in the Bull's Eye. It has a Chaldee name, Al Debaran, and means ‘The Leader or Governor’. Then there is the Star at the tip of the Left or Northern Horn. It has an Arabic name, El Nath, which means ‘Wounded or Slain’. Another prophetic intimation that this coming Lord should be first slain as a sacrifice, much like an Ox or Bull of the Old Testament. Then there is the Star Cluster known as the Pleiades. This word, which means ‘The Congregation of the Judge or Ruler’, comes from the Greek Septuagint translation of the Hebrew, ‘Chima’.

Rapture 1st

This word, Chima means ‘The Heap’ or ‘Accumulation’. The Pleiades can be found in the Bible several times. It occurs in Job and Amos and it is inferred as the Stars that are held in the hands of Jesus in the book of Revelation. The brightest of them, has an Arabic name, Al Cyone, which means ‘The Center’. Astronomers think this Star is the Center of the whole Universe. The Syriac name for the Pleiades is Succoth, which means ‘Booths’ as in Tabernacles. This suggests a picture of the ‘Congregation’ being protected and covered from Judgment and the Wrath to come. And this is exactly what the Bible teaches that the Man of Sin will appear after the Rapture event wherein the Judgment and the Wrath of the Lamb will commence.

It also ties in with the promise to the Church of Philadelphia in which Jesus promised that a Door of Escape would be provided as the Judgement upon the World would occur for that 1 Hour. And that when it comes to Wrath and Judgment of the World, the People of YHVH have to be taken out of the way. This typology is seen in the Flood of Noah, Rahab of Jericho, Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah, etc. It also echoes the sentiment and imagery of Isaiah how the LORD bacons His People to ‘Hide in the Chambers’ until the ‘Indignation’ passes as the entire Earth is being judged. As noted, the other group of Stars that make-up the face of the Bull are known as ‘The Hyades’. They also have the similar meaning of ‘The Congregated’ as the Pleiades. Other Stars, not identified in Taurus are name Palilicium (Hebrew), which means ‘Belonging to the Judge’.

There is Wasat (Arabic), meaning ‘Center or Foundation’. Then the Star Al Thuraiya (Arabic), means ‘The Abundance’. As Bullinger concludes, he voices his excitement that shows that just in the mere names of the Stars in Taurus, it is all pointing and meaning that Jesus is coming back to Judge and Rule. The whole Promises to Israel, the Disciples and the Church hang on this truth and expectation. And that with the Resurrection/Rapture event, Jesus is coming back with His Saints as Bullinger rightfully puts it.

‘Jesus is coming again, and that when He comes His Saints, the Daughters of the King like the Pleiades and the Hyades. They will be with Him. There is nothing of the Church revealed here. The Church will be caught up to meet the LORD in the air, to be forever with the Lord before He thus comes unto the World in judgment. He will come forth to receive the Members of His Body unto Himself, before He thus comes with them to destroy all His Enemies and judge (or rule) the World in righteousness.’

Bullinger closes this section off by stressing about the coming of Jesus in judgment and that the time of His indignation is yet to occur. Bullinger quotes Enoch, who he believes was used in arranging the Signs of the Mazzaroth. It was Enoch who uttered the prophetic words, ‘Behold the LORD cometh with 10 Thousands of His Saints to execute judgment upon all and to convict all that are ungodly.’ Bullinger is convinced, based on this Astronomical Sign that if one reads the Sign of Taurus, one is to understand that the Bride of Christ will be with Jesus. She will have been Resurrected and Raptured, safe from all the coming Wrath and Judgment. And after all, this is how the 2nd coming of Jesus is depicted, one in which He is coming with Wrath and Vengeance. The coming of Jesus is preceded by the last 7 years of Jacob’s Trouble that will see all this.

Messiah Ben Joseph?

Bullinger also references that these 12 Astronomical Signs were appropriated to the 12 Tribes of Israel in the ancient past. The Signs were borne upon the Tribe’s Standards or Flags for each Tribe of Israel. It is rather interesting that the Sign of Taurus was assigned to Joseph. And that it is later split into his 2 Tribes, that of Ephraim and Manasseh, like the 2 powerful Horns. So, how is this Astronomical Sign connected, possibly to Joseph or Israel and will have a geo-political effect on the Nations? Consider the following excerpt from an article reported by Breaking Israel News. In May of 2021, Breaking Israel News reported the opinion of Rabbi Levi Sudri, who noted many parallels between the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Jonathan, the son of Biblical King Saul.

Rabbi Sudri note that the name ‘Netanyahu’ (נתניהו) is composed of the same letters as the name, ‘Jonathan’ (יהונתן). Sudri suggested that Netanyahu is serving the function of Messiah ben Yosef, that is the Messiah from the House or Sign of Joseph. To the Jews, the concept of their Messiah is realized 2 Person with 2 Comings. It is not like the Christian interpretation and belief that it is 1 Person and 2 Coming. And that this 1 Person is Jesus Christ. To the Jews, the 1st half of the 2-Stage Messianic Process has to occur first. The Jews see the Messiah personage in terms of a sole human that will have concrete geo-political power that will usher-in the physical Kingdom of Israel and set it up as the Head of the Nations. This will occur but only momentary during the 7-year Tribulation Period but by the efforts of what the Christians believe will be the False Messiah or the AntiChrist.

To the Jews, the Messiah ben Yosef is a practical, mundane process that includes, 1) the ingathering of the Jewish Exiles and 2) the building up of the Land of Israel. This has occurred during Netanyahu’s tenure. This now leaves the task for the 2nd Stage, that of the coming of Messiah ben David or the Messiah from the house of David. One could also say then that Netanyahu has prepared Israel to receive the coming AntiChrist or as an antithesis of John the Baptist that ‘Prepared the Way’ for Jesus. To the Jews, this 2-Stage interpretation of 2 Messiahs is a miraculous process which includes then the, 3) re-establishment of the Davidic Dynasty and the 4) rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. To the Kabbalist type of Rabbis, Sudri did state that this scenario is in the context of there being a literal reincarnation of Jonathan. This goes contrary to Biblical/Christian doctrine. Nonetheless, to the Religious Jews, the manifestation of their version of the Messiah ben Yosef, has already come and done its job.

It has been Netanyahu to them that has paved the way for their Messiah ben David to immediately follow. This is what many who study the End Times would agree that the next geo-political shift from Netanyahu will be that. However, there is a twist in that despite the apparent defeat of Netanyahu after 12 years leading Israel, the same Jewish Religious Leaders believe Netanyahu will be the same that will transfer the power to the coming AntiChrist or the Messiah ben David. Could this be then an Astronomical Sign alluding to the prophetic notion that the Time of Jacob’s Trouble is about to begin based on where this amazing Annular type of Solar Eclipse is occurring in? The Eclipse occurs in ‘Joseph’, the Bull, 1 of the 12 Signs of the Sons of Jacob. It is occurring in-between the Horns of Taurus and is a Wedding Ring affect for the Bride of Christ pertaining to the Nations. But a Ring of Fire that is coming to refine and purge the Sons of Jacob and in particular as the type seen in Joseph? Why? Consider that Joseph is a type of Jesus. Both were sold by their Brethren, mistreated, misunderstood and yet both saved Israel and the World.

Jesus, like Joseph was ‘hidden’ from the Sons of Jacob but revealed in the end after the 7-years of Famine, or as it will be at the end of the Tribulation Period with Jesus as foretold in Zechariah. And Joseph married a Gentile Bride as is Jesus, etc. Thus, the Sign of Taurus, that of the Standard of Joseph where this Annular Solar Eclipse occurs perhaps is signaling that on one hand, a Wedding is coming but also that the coming judgment and wrath is coming thereafter. This is the 2nd part, that of ‘The Vengeance of our GOD’, that Jesus did not read as He proclaimed the Year of Jubilee when He stood up and read that portion of Isaiah and said that such words were fulfilled in the Congregant’s hearing. Perhaps this Wedding Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse type in-between the Horns of Taurus is a ‘Sign’ that indeed the geo-political shift in power in Israel will see the rise of the Messiah ben David come on the scene to fulfill the Jewish rendition of who and what the Messiah is to them and will be.

There were 2 key events with respect to Israel on June 2, 2021 just about 1 week before the Annular Solar Eclipse also pertinent to ‘Joseph’ and the end of the Church Age. One should take note who is in Leadership of Israel, regardless of religious and/or political persuasion and what their names are and mean. For example, Isaac Herzog was elected as 11th President of Israel. As Israel is a Parliamentary Democracy, this Office is the ‘Ceremonial One’. He is the Head of State not the Government. It is the Prime Minister, elected by Party Majority that is the Head of Government and where the real power resides.

Then the other event that took place on June 2, that same day the Political Party Coalition was formed to remove Netanyahu as Prime Minister. Netanyahu has, so far been the longest serving Prime Minister in Israel’s modern history. What is particular of this same date is that both of these events happened on the 153rd day of the year. Is this date, prophetically signaling thus that the Church is being put on notice that the Church Age is about to end? Will that be in the same year then? Decade? That remains to be seen. However one can prophetically draw a parallel from the inference to ‘Joseph’ as that is what the Solar Eclipse in Taurus, the Sign of Joseph is suggesting.It is understood that the number 153 represents the number of ‘Fish’ miraculously caught in the Disciple’s Net, at the direction of the risen Jesus.

Thus, the year 2021 could be the year correlated to when the Royal Commission is to be completed as the Church Age has been one of ‘Fishing for Men’. Astronomically, the Church Age has complimented the Sign of Pisces, the ‘Fish’. And this Age and Sign has now come to an end in 2021. Thus, do these Signs and events speak of this timeframe concluding as all Commissions do have to come to an end? In the case of the Church Age, it is also associated with an end of a Summer Wheat Harvest. It is to be the time of the final harvest of the end for the Time of the Gentiles.
Thereafter, the Prophetic ‘Clock’ will revert back to the Dispensation of Israel to fulfill Daniel’s last Prophetic Week of 7 years. And if that be the case, it lends more credence that the up-coming Sabbatical Cycle from 2022-29 could/would then very well be the one.

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E.W. Bullinger, Witness of the Stars

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Astronomical Events in June 2021


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