Fall of the United States of Babylon

by Luis B. Vega
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‘After this I saw another Angel descending from Heaven with Great Authority, and the Earth was illuminated by his Glory. And he cried out in a Mighty Voice: Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the Great! She has become a Lair for Demons and a Haunt for every Unclean Spirit, every Unclean Bird, and every Detestable Beast. All the Nations have Drunk the Wine of the Passion of her Immorality. The Kings of the earth were Immoral with her, and the Merchants of the earth have grown Wealthy from the Extravagance of her Luxury’. -Revelation 18:1-3

The purpose of this study is to consider, Astronomically the Celestial Configuration on the Last and 3rd Great American Eclipse that occurs on April 8, 2024 in the Sign of Pisces. One will also be given some possible Prophetic Interpretation that if are Valid and True, are Ominous and already here. At the Center of these 3 Total Solar Eclipses is the Mighty United States of America. How as to whether the USA is ‘Babylon’, that is debated. And the Question most do not ask or consider is, ‘Which One’? What?

There are 3 Iterations inferred in the Book of Revelation. There is the Ecclesiastical or Religious one. Most would concur that this pertains to the Vatican. There is the Financial Babylon. This is where the USA would come into play as they surmise the Prophetic Imagery of its Coastlands and Mighty City being destroyed in 1 Hour. A Nuclear Detonation going off in New York City, perhaps? With this in mind, the following Critique is offered for one’s Consideration and Discernment.

What is also very interesting is that one will make some Connections and/or Correlations to that Last Great American Eclipse to the Revelation 12 Sign, the Number 33 and the closure of the I Pet Goat 2 Short Film Website. These Subjects will have some Observations that one suggests have a Possible Meaning and Prophetic Interpretation. This Critique is a bit detailed and long. As it is known in the End Times and Rapture Watching Community, the 2nd of the 3 Great American Eclipse is to occur on October 14, 2023. That is 33 Days from 9-11, , which happened to be when the CDC in the USA ‘Authorized’ the ‘New COVID Shots and Booster’.

September 11, 2023 + 33 Days = October 14, 2023 (2nd Total Solar Eclipse in Virgo.)
September 11, 2023 + 30 Weeks = 3rd Great American Eclipse April 8, 2024

Surely, such Precise Day Counts that Coincide with major Astronomical and Geo-Political, and Medical Decisions that affect essentially the Entire World is no small matter to overlook. But how appropriate to Signal the Day of Death and Demolition of not only the Motif of an Inferred Double Helix, as with the Twin Towers, but now of the Double Helix of the Human Genome, etc.

A Call to National Repentance

Further, one is more so convinced that the Trifecta of these 3 Great American Solar Eclipses are tied to both the Numerical Factor of 33 and the Revelation t12 Sign. Recall that during the 1st Great American Eclipse of 2017, on August 21, it was exactly 33 Days before the Original and Great Revelation 12 Sign. Then consider that from the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017, to the Last and  3rd Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024, is the following Day Count.

6 Years 6 Months and 16 Days (6-6-6)

As many have assessed, Prophetically, these 3 Great American Total Solar Eclipse that are directly Coinciding with the Rabbinical Lunar Calendar is Amazing. What is thought, is that it is a Warning of Pending Total and ‘Truthful’ Judgment being cast, as literal Shadows, as with a Pen, marking the USA for an ‘X’-Termination. This is not to ‘Scare but Prepare’. And? If one’s Prophetic Prognostications are to come True, then the Year 2024, will be the Rapture Year. That will occur in Tandem with the Final Warnings of that which was the ‘Late Great USA’. One can be wrong and be Mis-Understanding these Signs, but it is where one is at on the Proverbial ‘End Times’ Learning Curve.

What is spectacular about these 3 Great American Total Solar Eclipses. is that the 1st one back in 2017, occurred on Elul 1. That was the 1st Day of the Month of Repentance. Can the Celestial Sign be more Evident for the USA? It is to Repent. Did that happen? No. Has that Happened? No. On the Contrary, according to National Poll, the USA Population went from a 90% Church-Going Rate in the Early 2000s and was ‘Relatively’ a GOD-Believing Nation to now nearing, 60% and 50% by the end of the Decade, that continue going to Church and consider themselves ‘Christians’. Not that just by ‘Going to Church’ and ‘Clocking-In’ makes one a ‘Christian’ and Saved by the Blood of Jesus, etc. No, that is for another Theological Study.

Nonetheless, one is of the Prophetic Opinion that the 3 Great American Eclipses were and are a National Warning for the USA to Repent. Why the USA? If it is, Metaphorically as an Iteration of ‘Babylon’, it is befitting of being the ‘Golden Head’ of the Nations. As the USA goes, so will the World. Case in Point, the 1st Great American Solar Eclipse Divided the Nation. See End Notes for Related Articles and Assessments made then and about the 2nd Total Solar Eclipse that occurs on October 14, 2024. The 2nd Great American Eclipse exits-out at Corpus Christi. It too, is signaling the Rapture of the ‘Body of Christ, that in one’s Assessment are tied to this Trifecta of Solar Eclipses.

These 3 Great American Eclipses are Divine Omens of Judgment, if only People see them for what they really are and are Signaling, at least Astronomically. As the 1st Eclipse literally divided the USA with a Black Swap of Darkness, like a Pen across a Sheet of Paper, the Division has only gotten worse. The American Society has been Divided down the ‘Middle’ in almost all Aspects. Foremost, in one’s Political Science Opinion, is the Suspension of Reality. A Healthy Society cannot sustain its Core while the Suppression of Civil Liberties are Intentionally Eroded. This has been done, by Stealth, by the Cancel Culture, believing in Pseudo-Science, Crime, etc.  

Divide and Conquer

Morality, or lack thereof has now reached new lows, LGBT and Woke Agenda, Gay Marriage, and COVID Plandemic, etc. The Government is Corrupt to the Core. All of the major Institutions are Co-Opted by the Luciferians that have Primed the USA for a sure Slaughter to come after the Rapture Event. The U.S. President is not ‘Running’ the Nation. The Military, Medicine, Media, and Money Institution are all Bought and Paid for by the Kabbalists Synagogue of Satan, etc. The USA is not ‘Run’ nor Controlled by ‘Americans’. Sure, every Nation is also Corrupt and far worse than the USA. But such Nations only are but Reflections of their People’s Morals and Values, etc.

With the USA, as one made Reference to the Head of Gold of the Prophetic Statue of Nebuchadnezzar, the People of the USA, in comparison, were once ‘Good as Gold’. Why? It was because of their ‘GOD’. But America has sown the Seeds of its own Destruction, i.e., the Phoenix Effect. One would agree that according to National Polls in the USA, the Y and Z Generation have ‘Checked-Out’ of Christianity as they are instead against it. It has Sealed its Doom.

What the 3rd and Concluding Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024, that occurs in the Sign of Pisces, is pertinent to, is the Rapture Year. This is one’s Best Estimate based on the ‘Sign of the Rapture’. How so? What is Astronomically Adjacent to Pisces? They are the Signs of Andromeda and Pegasus, the Winged Horse. It is about the ‘Rescue’ Motif of the Bride, i.e., Andromeda, the Chained Woman. Astronomically that alludes to the Rapture Event, whenever that takes place. As a Sign when the Sun is in Pisces then means that the Event is yet further down the Months for 2024. A Summer Perhaps? A July New Wine Pentecost?

If it would be in 2024, it would then align with one’s present 2025-2032 Timeline of the Subsequent 7-Year Tribulation Period to follow within a Short Gap of Time after the Rapture Event. The 3rd and Last of the Great American Eclipse occurs on Nisan 1, 2024 or April 8th. Then on April 9 2024, the Sliver of the Moon occurs that in Biblical Tradition of the Religious Jews, signifies the actual Day of the 1st Day of the New Month and New Year, coinciding. The Day Difference is due to the Jerusalem Time Zone.

Nisan, naturally speaks of New Beginning and perhaps a New Reality of what the USA will look like on the ‘Other Side’ of its Judgment. These 3 Signs point to how it will befall one the USA for not Repenting, given 6.66 Years to Turn or Burn, as with Babylon during Daniel’s Last Days also. Most who now see the Hebrew Letters of the Alef and the Tav Book-End the 1st and 3rd Total Solar Eclipses miss the Middle one. The 2nd Eclipse, being the ‘Middle’ is in the Hebrew, the ‘Mem’ or in the Midst. Amazingly, if one compiles the 3 Letters of the 3 Great American Eclipse into a Word, aside from their Acronym, the Alef-Mem-Tav spell-out the Hebrew Word, ‘Emet’. This means ‘Truth’ or of a Truth. And? One surmises that these 3 Great American Total Solar Eclipses were and are of how, of a Truth, Judgment will surely come thereafter to the USA.

Beginning        Alef      1St Great American Eclipse   August 21, 2017          Leo
Middle             Mem    2nd Great American Eclipse   October 14, 2023        Virgo
End                 Tav      3rd Great American Eclipse    April 8, 2024                Pisces

Astronomical Signs of the Rapture

As noted, one is of the Prophetic Opinion that the 1st and 2nd Great American Eclipses have occurred in the Sign of what is considered the Revelation 12 Sign, Leo and Virgo. And that within their Astronomical ‘DNA’, the Sign is tied to a Numerical 33 Coefficient. And that with the Last or 3rd Eclipse, the ending and occurring in the Sign of Pisces, infers the Rapture Typology. Why in the Sign of Pisces? This is the Sign of the Church Age that has lasted for nearly 2000 Years since the 1st Pentecost of Acts 2 started it.

One is of the Opinion that perhaps, the Rapture Event that will close-out the Church Age of the ‘Fish’ or Pisces, will occur on its Anniversary Day in which it began. That was a July Summer White Wheat Wedding Season and Day, the Day of the New Wine Feast, etc. This is of course based on a 32 AD, 99 Day Count Theory. If so, that would coincide with the Year of the USA’s Judgment to Begin along with what could be the Rapture Year as well. This Timeline would be corroborated, if one does use the Essene Solar Calendar starting from the Full Moon nearest the Spring Equinox, etc.

Nonetheless, Astronomically, the Depiction of the Fish running along the Ecliptic is the one that is ‘Riding’ the Horse, or Pegasus. This Winged Horse is dispatched by Zeus, ‘King of the Gods’ to Rescue the ‘Chained’ Woman, Andromeda in Greek Mythology. She, in this case, signifies the Church Age Believers in Jesus that have been Restrained. But this Body of Christ also Restrains the Sea Monster, the Dragon, Lucifer on Earth, etc. This Astronomical Array, portrays the Point of the Rapture, at the Trumpet of YHVH where and when, the Bands of the Fish, the Woman will be let loose. See Articles about this for more insight about the ‘Pegasus Rapture’ Sign.

The Fish Riding a White Winged Horse​

Another Astronomical Observation that is noteworthy, is what one sees also occurring during the Last or 3rd Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024. There is a Grand Planetary Alignment of 7 Heavenly Bodies, all lined-up, symmetrically along the Ecliptic. This Planetary Alignment can be construed as a Menorah Pattern, Astronomically. Now so? If one plots-out the Planets during this Time and Date, here is what is portrayed. This is from the Earth Vantage Point of Saint Louis, Missouri, USA looking South.

1 Uranus
2 Jupiter
3 Mercury

4 Sun-Moon Total Eclipse

5 Venus
6 Saturn
7 Mars

Advent of the AntiChrist

Notice that Jupiter, the ‘Messiah’ is next to the God of the Air, the Sky as if insinuating that Jesus calling His ‘Andromeda’ to the Clouds. Then Mercury is what the Eclipse wants YHVH to have the People see on Earth, highlighted. Then here is Saturn with Mars, that speak of Lucifer, the God of War that is being ‘Poured-Out’ by Aquarius to the USA. It will be a pouring-out of a Double Portion of Judgment upon the USA, etc. And the Prophetic Significance of this? Not entirely sure, but 1 Insight is plausible in that it is dealing with Symmetry.

The ‘Pivotal Point’ or the ‘Middle’ or Midst is the Key. Thus, this 3rd and Last Great American Total Solar Eclipse is ‘Messaging’ that the USA has reached the Pivotal Point of NO RETURN, literally being in the ‘Balance’ and been found ‘Wanting’ in the Scales of Justice, i.e., as in Babylon. This is 1 possible Prophetic Interpretation. It is akin to the Handwriting on the Wall per Daniel and how the King of Babylon, then ‘Wet’ his pants in Fear. That very Night, without firing a Shot, the Medo-Persians took over the Kingdom. Babylon the Great was Judged. It was ‘Weighed’ and Found Wanting. Such is now, the Sealed Fate of the 'United States of Babylon'.

The last Astronomical Observation one wishes to highlight about the 2nd Great American Total Solar Eclipse, has to do with a bit of an Occult and Luciferian Connection going on here as well. One is of the Opinion that the Luciferians are just at it again in their attempts to Hijack the Signs set in Place by YHVH. The Kabbalists and all Enemies of Jesus Mock and use the Celestial Signs to their Diabolical Advantages. How so? This has to do with the Infamous Luciferian Predictive Programming Short Film called,  the I Pet Goat 2. Ironically, in September of 2023, the Official Website Online has been Scrubbed.

403 Forbidden Please forward this error screen to heliofant.com's WebMaster.
Access is forbidden to the requested page.

The Site was presumably Pulled, reportedly on September 6, 2023. This was after its initial Publication on June 24, 2012, the 175th Day of the Year. It was also reported that the Author of the Short Film was given the ‘Script’, Supernaturally. And? Well, the following are some Day Counts that attest to the Occult Nature and how the Luciferians use Numbers as a Language of Communicating their Programming.  

June 24, 2012 to April 8, 2023 Pisces Eclipse = 11 Years and 9 Months (9-11)

After studying the Occult Factors, one is of the Opinion that the Reason the Site was ‘Pulled’ is that it has now fulfilled its Purpose. This is to strongly suggest that what the Film Predicted had come to pass, did come to pass and will come to pass. And the Message? It is about Mercury and the ‘God of the Message’. What Message? ‘Peace and Security’… This Double Entendre is even tactically conveyed in their Logo. The Graphic had the ‘O’ in Heliofant, in a bigger size Font. It depicted a Total Solar Eclipse. This is exactly what will be the case on April 8, 2024. But what is Astronomically Spectacular, is that the Planet Mercury will be right next to it.

And the Position, Orientation and Angle of the Planet Mercury, to the Sun or Total Solar Eclipse, is exactly as it is portrayed in the Heliofant Logo. Coincidence? No, if one has studied the Luciferian Language of Communication. So, what does it mean? One is offering 2 possible Prophetic Interpretations of what is to occur. One is not saying that at that Precise Day and Time, the Event will occur as one goes by the Axiom, that the ‘Sign is not the Event’, etc. And what is it all about, the Planet Mercury? Consider the following. The Astronomical Sign for Mercury is that of a Head with Horns with a ‘Cross’ below as in a Body Motif.

It is indicative that it is a Motif of the AntiChrist. To the Kabbalists and Luciferians, it is the ‘In God We Trust’, God. It is this ‘God’, Mercury, that is essentially an Iteration of Lucifer and his ‘Great Work’ on Earth. It is a Preparation for his Advent. Mercury is the God of Medicine, Media, Money, etc. Is it any wonder where the Luciferians of the World get their Power from? And is it any wonder why and how such Institutions are used to Control and Rule the World with? Thus, it is a Sign of the Coming and Advent of the AntiChrist. It is a Foot-Step being reached, in advancing their Agenda, as in Agenda 2030 for example, etc.

On the ‘Flip-Side’, it is the Sign being conveyed by YHVH that the Rapture Event is soon to take place. How soon? Well, if the National Judgment of a ‘Babylon’ USA is to occur soon after the Eclipse, in the Year of 2024, perhaps that is when the Rapture Year will also coincide as well. Thus, will the Year 2024, by way of this Astronomical Sign in Piscis signal that 2024 is the Last Year of the Church Age ‘Fish’ Harvest?

Is 2024 the Year wherein the last or the 153rd ‘Fish’ or Gentile will be Saved that then gets ‘Harvested’ in the Fish Net, Metaphorically? Is 2024, the Year in which the Fish of Pisces ‘Bound’ or Restrained by the Sea Monster, ‘Leviathan’, but how Cetus is also being Restrained by the Age of the Fish, i.e., GOD the Holy Spirit Restrainer, about to Mount-Up on the Back of the Winged Pegasus? Is 2024 the Year in which the Winged Pegasus is to take the Chained Woman, now Free from the Bands of Pisces and the Church Age to meet the Groom, the King, the Greater Zeus in the Clouds? Time will Tell the Truth.


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