​COMET C/2023-P1

Revelation 12 Trajectory Interpretation

  • Why do many believe the Rapture will occur in 2023?
  • Will the Sign be fulfilled in its 6-Year Anniversary?
  • Is the Celestial Sign still Prophetically Relevant? 

by Luis B. Vega
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The following are one’s Observations about the New Comet that was discovered on August 11, 2023 in the Constellation of Gemini. One was altered of this Discovery by a Long-Time Reader named Gary H. Several Articles about what is now Comet C/2023-P1 have assessed the Comet’s Timeline. Why this Comet is singular is when it becomes Visible to the Naked Eye, September 11, 2023. One has deemed it, the Jesus ‘Birthday Comet’. In reviewing the Trajectory of this Comet, it appears to Signal the Revelation 12 Sign. The Prophetic Implications have now gone around the End Times Watchman Community because of this.

This is especially the case with Brother Patrick at his Hourly Watch YouTube Channel. He has identified a Plethora of Asteroids that will ‘Adorn’ the Celestial Sign of Virgo, around the 6-Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017. How so? The Name of the Japanese Gentleman that discovered the Comet means 'Exalted Man-Child'. So, one would say it is a ‘Sign’ for sure and due to its Place and Time. However, Brother Patrick rather believes the ‘Man-Child’ Comet is not of Jesus but the Dragon. Although one would differ on this Point, it is overall very intriguing to consider its Celestial Significance.

Due to such a Prophetic Interpretation, many End Times Students of Prophecy are taking the Discovery to mean that from September 11 to the 23rd, of 2023 will be a ‘High Rapture Watch’, if not the Rapture itself. No Problem. But one would not agree based on what one will present based on the Trajectory of the Comet and what is its ‘Message’. Mainly one is convinced that such Signs are a Prelude for sure. But that the most Probably Rapture Year is 2024, not 2023. Perhaps. One will just have to wait and see and test the Hypothesis. In this case, the Agent of Determination is always, ‘Time’.

One would hope the Rapture would occur by then and so one is open to the Possibility. One is looking into this Birthday Comet’s Trajectory and will post a Chart for a Visual. But one Loves the Day the Comet is projected will be presumably seen with the Naked Eye, on September 11. This is the Date; one is convinced was/is the Birth-Day of Jesus in -3 BC. This September 11, -3 BC Timeline fits the Visitation of the Magi on December 25, -2 BC when Jupiter was in Retrograde in Virgo and appeared to ‘Stop’ over Bethlehem. No other Year did this happen nor could it explain the ‘Star Standing Still’. Then the Timeline corroborates a Fall 29 AD start of Jesus’ Ministry with 1260 Days later being Passover on April 14, 32 BC. There is no ‘1-Year only Ministry of Jesus’ Theory. One is just reiterating the Timeline to show why one is Adamant about it.

Now Brother Patrick is more convinced that it is this Comet that fulfilled the Revelation 12 Passage, rather than Jupiter back in 2017. However, what made the September 23, 2017 Revelation 12 Sign outstanding then, was that the Retrograde of Jupiter, which is the Motif of the Messiah and King Planet was in a 9-Month Retrograde in Virgo. This cannot be said for this 6-Year Anniversary of the Sign in 2023. One also argues that the actual Revelation 12 Sign will reoccur, exactly 12 Years later in 2029, which one surmises will be the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period.

Nonetheless, because the Comet will be visible to the Naked Eye on September 11, 2023, one will call this Comet the 'Birthday Comet'. But based on one’s Timeline since September 11, -3BC, the suggested and speculated 2025-2032 Time Frame then also corroborates with a September 11 Birthday Event dealing with Jesus and the Revelation 12 Sign again. Only this Time, it pertains to the 2nd Coming of Jesus, not the Rapture, in one’s Humble Opinion. September 11, 2032 will be on the ‘Sabbath of Return’ and perhaps that of Jesus. It remains to be ‘Tested by Time’. And as to the Rapture Timing of the Bride of Christ? Realize that one is basing it on the Premise of that Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Day. At no other Feast of YHVH are the Gentiles being Grafted into the Commonwealth of Israel as a direct Prophetic Typology.

It has to do with the Present Pentecostal Age, that of the Church, the Body of Christ and how it is the 4th Stem in the Menorah Typology, the Dalet, the Door, the Vine, as Jesus Followers are the Branches, etc. This is why the Rapture ‘cannot’ occur on the Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur nor on the Sukkot. Of course, one can be wrong and one hopes so, as far as the Rapture Timing or Season is concerned. It is because although the Discovery of this ‘Man-Child’ Comet in Virgo on 9-11 is Amazing, in one’s present working Timeline, the Church Age still has 11 Months to go, perhaps.

This is of course, because one is biased toward a Summer ‘White Wheat Wedding’ Rapture Window, if one’s Assertion will be correct for the next Summer Harvest. It is about the Greater Boaz marrying the Gentile Ruth, etc. And by the way, it is the Motif in which the Revelation 12 Sign of the Constellation of Virgo has in her Hand a Basket of Summer Wheat, i.e., Ruth. Now, if the Rapture is to take place at this Yom Teruah Time-Frame, one will not Complain. Consider also that with the Revelation 12 Sign, the 6 Year Anniversary of the 1st Great American Eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017 is also significant to consider. Recall that it was 33 Day before the Virgo Sign.

The Sun is in the Sign of Leo, the Lion in Mid-August of every Year. It will be in Conjunction with the King Star, Regulus on August 21-23. What came to mind is that back in 2017, on August 21, 2017, exactly 6 Years Ago, was the 1st of the 3 Great American Eclipses that will ‘X’-Out America. That Eclipse, in one’s Estimation, Prophetically started the ‘Great Division’ of the State as a National Judgment. And YHVH, one would conjecture, gave America, the Head of the Nations, much like Nineveh, 6.66 Years to Repent. It is not Working but getting Worse. During the Eclipse back in 2017, the Sun was in direct conjunction with the King Star of Regulus.

Back then in 2017, one wrote that YHVH was dealing with the Lion-Heart, the issue at the Core or Heart of America going totally Dark, etc. Note that from the August 21, 2017 Eclipse to when the Sun was in Conjunction with the King Star Regulus on August 23, 2023 was exactly 72 Months. The Number 72 is Biblically Significant. It is also a facture of a Time Completed as in 1 Degree of the Great Year of the Precession of the Equinox.

August 21, 2017 to August 23, 2023 (Sun at Regulus) = 72nd Month

Also, note that the Border between Leo and Virgo is what Delineates the Beginning and the End for the Mazzaroth or the Heavenly Signs. This is to suggest a ‘Beginning and an End’ of something Biblical always happens around this 'Turning Point in Prophetic Time. Of course, one knows that in September, usually, it is when the Civil New Year of the Jews begins with Rosh HaShanah. But the Powers-That-Be use the Timing to implement their next ‘Moves’ in the Prophetic Chessboard, just the same.

August 21, 2017 to September 11, 2023 (Birthday Comet can be seen by Naked Eye)
= 2212 days
Or 6 years, 21 days (7-7-7)
Or 72 months, 21 days

So, the following is one’s Interpretation of the Comet C/2023 P1 Nishimura, based on its Trajectory with possible Biblical Inferences. Why? The Bible declares that YHVH fashioned the Sun, Moon and the Stars for ‘Signs’, Seasons of Time and Appointed Feast In-Gatherings. One’s Observation begins when the Comet was Discovered by the Amateur Astronomer named Hideo Nishimura.

The Find was reported on August 11, 2023. The Comet originated in-between Orion and Sirius and return around Argo, indefinitely. This is to highlight that the Comet started to ‘Come Out’ around 2020 and like the Conception Comet, shoots-out across Leo and Virgo, before returning to ‘Obscurity’. The Comet makes a Beautiful Arch from Gemini, to Cancer, then to Leo, Virgo and then Exits down to Centaur passing by the Celestial Southern Cross, Crux. Then it loop-around the Ship of Deliverance, Argo as it spirals there into Infinity. Not bad. The following Dates will mark the significant Junctures it makes in each of the Respective Signs of the 4 Main Zodiac or Mazzaroth Signs of the Fall Season.


And this is 1 of the main Take-Aways. It is about a coming Transition of Time, as that is where the Center of the Trajectory is occurring. It is right in the Borderline between Leo and Virgo. As noted, Virgo is the ‘Beginning’ of the Mazzaroth and Leo is the ‘End’ of the Line, literally. The Line is the Storyline of Jesus and how ever Sign of the 12 Houses or Stations are a Facet of His Being, Likeness and Mission.


July 31, 2023 
At Star Alhena at Foot of Castor in Gemini (In the Ancient Rendition, it was of a Man and Woman.)

August 11, 2023        
Comet Discovered at Loins of Castor in Gemini.

September 1, 2023
Comet is at the Right Claw of Cancer.

September 9, 2023
Comet is at the Beginning of the Sign of Leo, at the Star Algenubi.

September 11, 2023
Comet is now able to be seen by the Naked Eye, halfway into the Leo Motif.
Jesus’ Birthday in one’s Estimation. Happy Birthday Jesus!

September 14, 2023
Comet is in Conjunction of its End with the Star named Denebola.

September 15, 2023
Comet transitions into the Constellation of Virgo.

September 20, 2023
Comet enters the ‘Womb’ area of Virgo, slightly.

September 23, 2023
Comet Exits the Constellation of Virgo.

October 17, 2023
Comet enters the Tail End of the Constellation of Hydra.


The following will be the Biblical Inference based on the Research of E.W. Bullinger. One will use his Interpretation of the Names of the Stars being Highlighted by the Trajectory of the Comet. By doing this, one can perhaps ascertain some possible Biblical Inferences as to what this Comet, as a ‘Heavenly Sign’ is all about or is Broadcasting, etc. The start of this Celestial Interpretation starts when the Comet was in Conjunction with the Star in Gemini, Alhena.

-Alhena: Wounded and Afflicted
-Algenubi: King is Exalted
-Denebola: King is Coming
-Chertan: Small Rib

Return of the King
Lastly, what one wishes to also note that there are the 3 Planets that encompass Leo at this time, precisely on September 11, 2023. What is rather Amazing is that the 3 Planets, Venus, Mercury and Mars are the same that were in Alignment during the Revelation 12 Sign back in September 23, 2017. Back then, the Line-Up of the 3 Planets was based on their Size Order: Venus, Mars and Mercury. Likewise, here on September 11, 2023 Conjunction with Leo, you have Venus, Mercury and Mars as well. And what is rather interesting is that although the Order differs with Mars and Mercury’s position being switched, looking at them, relatively from Earth’s distance, it is Mars that looks the smallest.

What is rather Outstanding is that if one narrows-into the Leo Constellation in what it will look like on September 11, 2023, it has the Comet in Approximate Phi Ratio to the Beginning Star Algenubi in September 6, 2021 to the end or Tail Star of Leo, Denebola, on September 14, 2023. This is a Span of 7 Days, excluded End Date. Coincidence? Perhaps but not likely. In the Chart illustrating the Comet’s Trajectory, the Overlay of the Phi Ratio Spiral for a visual has the Fulcrum Center Spiral right at the Star called Chertan. It means ‘Small Rib’. It is Amazing how this has Prophetic Echoes of Adam, as the King of Earth. As a ‘Lion’ of Creation, it was his Dominion to Rule, given by YHVH.

Yet, Adam was Alone and without a ‘Help-Mate’. Thus, YHVH put Adam into a Deep Sleep and performed a Surgical Removal of Adam’s Rib to take from the Material of Adam to Construct Eve with. The Rib is the only Bone in the Human Body that has the Capacity to grow back. So, if one attempts to piece together what the Comet is Broadcasting, it is that the once Wounded and Afflicted King is now Exalted and is coming back! It is about the Return of the King more so than the Rapture. Now is it inferring that the King is coming for the Bride, Virgo and thus Prophetic Echoes of the Revelation 12 Sign for sure. But as in the Rapture Event? Not sure.

It could be and it is something for all those that are holding-out for a 2023 Rapture still. This is based on the 30 AD Crucifixion Year and 2023-2030 Timeline. No Problem. But why one is not seeing this is that on 9-11 of 2023, although Amazing Configuration and Conjunctions, the Man-Child as it has been now determined by the Name of the Japanese Name ‘Hideo’, does not really encompass the Constellation of Virgo. It is highlighting Leo instead. Now this whole Array in Leo could be a Rapture Sign, for sure. But one is still of the Strong Suggestion and Conviction, at this Point in Time, that the Revelation 12 Sign is a 7 Year Countdown to the Rapture Year, not a 6-Year one.

Nonetheless, these Amazing Signs leading-up to a possible 2024 Rapture Year are just that, in one’s Humble Opinion based on the Trajectory of the Comet. But one could be wrong. One is sincerely keeping an Open Mind about the Rapture possibly occurring in the Season of Repentance, although it is not ‘Tracking’ in one’s Spirit. One is ‘Confident’ about where one is at, on this personal Learning Curb, but one cannot be 100% sure. Nor can one say that it has to come down the way one sees it. One can only be sure of what one sees, as you all do as well and even that is subject to one’s own Interpretations that can be wrong. it is a Process of Prophetic Elimination.

Time Always Tells
And only Time will Tell. That is 100% a ‘For Sure’ thing. Now, this Flurry of Celestial Activity in the Fall, especially around September 15-28 is Amazing. And Brother Patrick at Hourly Watch ha sure ‘Lit-Up’ the Revelation 12 Sign like a ‘Christmas Tree’ with all those Asteroids that he has identified. But here is my Rationale as to why it will be a ‘No Go’. Just saying. The Asteroid Configuration occurs in the Sign, yearly and in the other Constellations. The Brethren are not considering or facing the Fact that their 30 AD Crucifixion Year and 2023-2030 Timeline is now come and gone.

1. One looked-up the Channel Dr. Awe recommended in 1 of his Video Teaching. He refers to how another YouTube Channel, LastTrumpetBlast has done some Year Calculations also ‘Confirming’ a 30 AD and 2023-2030 Timeline. OK. One listened to his Presentations and Assertion of a 2023-2030 Timeline based on Jesus being Crucified in the Year 30 AD. No Problem. But here is the Problem. In his Math, he surmised a September 11 -3 BC Birth-Date of Jesus. One wholeheartedly agrees in this Point. But then he asserts that then, 30 AD was the Crucifixion Year and Ergo, + 2000 Years Pattern = 2030. What? This Equation does not ‘Add-Up’.

One has addressed this Calculation that many or most other End Times Watchers are holding to justify the 30 AD and thus 2023-2030 Timeline. Here is the ‘Error’ that one sees. It is predicated on the Notion that it is agreed that Jesus was 33 Years Old when He was Crucified. If that be the case, historically, and having been born in -3 BC, it is ‘Impossible’ for Jesus to have been then 33 Years Old in 30 AD. In that Passover Spring Season, Jesus had not yet had His Birthday until September. This is to mean that if one follows the suggested 30 AD Crucifixion Year, based on a -3 BC Birth-Day, Jesus was only then 31 Years Old. See? So, it is either just ‘Bad Math’, or a deliberate Oversight, or just Ignoring the Year Count, unaware of the End Year.

2. The other Objection one has, addressed those that point-out the 40 Days of Repentance that leads to Yom Kippur and the Need for the Atonement, wherein the Rapture Event could take place. OK. No Problem, as this is more an Eschatological Argument, but here is one’s Thinking. One is glad one can exchange Ideas and mesh them over regarding the Rapture of the Bride, if it is to take place during this Time of Repentance. One says ‘No’. Why not?

One will answer that by asking a Question to you All. Does the Bride of Christ need to Repent?... Of course, one is assuming Prophetic Types and Shadows to strongly suggest that it is a ‘No’. The Bride of Christ has been Bought for, Atoned or Covered in the Blood of the Lamb. Jesus paid for her Repentance. Thus, one is just going on pure Theological Logic and Reason to then surmise that the Rapture does not make sense, at least in one’s Mind of having to occur during a correlation when YHVH is assigning ‘Repentance’, not to the Bride but Israel. It is Israel that needs Repentance.

Now, yes, the Church Body needs Repentance as per the 1st Chapters of the Book of Revelation. But that Repentance is expected within the Time-Frame of the present Pentecostal Church Age. This is to say that the Fall Feasts of YHVH, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot will be fulfilled Prophetically after the Rapture and completion of the 4th Feast, the 4th Stem in the Menorah Prophetic Pattern. This is why one does not see the Rapture Event ever occurring beyond the Summer Acts 2 Pentecost Season.

But one can be wrong about this sort of Thinking. Once the Rapture occurs, there is no more Option to Repent and the Gentles that are presently being Grafted into the New Covenant will have been completed, etc. The 40 Day Elul Repentance is a Transition to then have the need for Israel to Repent, just the same. But again, keeping an Open Mind as one’s Thoughts are not YHVH’s Thoughts. One thing is for sure, it does appear as the Blessed Hope is fast approaching as YHVH is ‘Lighting-Up the Celestial Signs’ in the Sun, Moon and the Stars. That is Amazing and one gets to Witness it at this Place and Time in Human History.

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