A Lion King, A Virgin and the Fish​​

by Luis B. Vega
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'Now learn this lesson from the Fig Tree: As soon as its Branches become Tender and sprout Leaves, you know that Summer is near [4 Months or ~120 Days]. So also, when you see All these Things, you will Know that He is Near, right at the Door [Dalet]’. -Matthew 24:32

The purpose of this study is to ascertain what Astronomical Signs, the 3 Great American Solar Eclipses occurred in. Why? As the Signs of the Mazzaroth are Prophetic Biblically, Students of the End Times can ascertain, perhaps the Prophetic Implications of what was, is or will be the Message in regard to the Eclipses. It is because Eclipses are considered ‘Bad Omens’ for the Nations. It is in contrast to how the Lunar Eclipses or Blood Moons are Bad Omens for Israel, etc.

The 1st of the 3 Great American Eclipse occurred in Leo, right at the Heart of the King Star Regulus. And remember, it was on Elul 1. It started the 40 Days of Repentance for National Israel. One interpreted that as a Prophetic Parallel, as YHVH said to the American Nation, ‘Change your Heart’, 'Your Heart is Sick and Desperately Wicked’, …Be the Lion-King you espoused to be, etc.

But the Eclipse Event was spectacular. And then the 2nd Great American Eclipse, exiting-out of Corpus Christ or the Body of Christ, occurred in Virgo with that Wedding Ring Type. Can it get any more Romantic? Then the last One or ‘Last Chance’ Eclipse took place in Pisces. And one would agree, it is a Rapture Type as well in how it is signaling the 153 Fish. And how 1 goes up and is ‘Raptured’ by Pegasus, Snatched-Up. But the other Fish stays behind, i.e., National Israel to conclude her 70 Weeks. This is 1 of several possible Interpretations. See Chart of this Depiction at the End-Note. So, the 3 Great American Solar Eclipses occurred in the following Astronomical Signs.

1- Great American Eclipse     August 21, 2017         Leo
2- Great American Eclipse     October 14, 2023        Virgo
3- Great American Eclipse     April 8, 2024               Pisces

Now, one will focus on the Last Chance Eclipse. Why? It occurred in the Sign of the Fish. This has been the Motif of the entire Church Age. And? One has argued that it is about to Conclude its Commission. The Fishermen are about to bring-in that 153 Fish Catch in the Prophetic Net. And that ‘Catch’ or Harvest has been in play for nearly 2000 Years. What is interesting to consider is that Pisces, where the Final and ‘Last Chance’ Eclipse will occur in, is perhaps signaling in Tandem that the ‘Chords’ that bind both Fish are about to be loosened.

Age of the Fish
One can also Prophetically Interpret that the 2 Fish of Pisces have characterized what Type of Persons have constituted the Church Age. And those 2 Types have been the ‘Jew and the Gentile’. However, the Church Age Bride of Christ has mainly been made-up, Predominantly by Gentiles. Now, how one wishes to tie this Last Change Pisces Solar Eclipse to Prophecy is how there have been only 9 Total Solar Eclipse that have precisely occurred on the Spring Equinox. Extremely Rare. And how the 9th one since Jesus occurred in Pisces, 9 Years 9 Day from this Last Chance American Eclipse also in Pisces. Coincidence? Here is a Link to one’s Great American Resource Page. You will find some Charts that one has made about them. Note though that some are over 10 Years Old in some cases.

Great American Eclipse

But as to the Solar Eclipse occurring in Pisces, one has to interject one’s New Theory about the Leo New Year Rapture Date of 7-23. So, perhaps as these 3 Great American Eclipses started in Leo, it will End in Leo? But as it is pertaining to the Rapture Event, it is being signaled by the Last Great American Eclipse occurring in Pisces. And not that only those who are Pisces will be Raptured-Out or those that live in the USA. Well, as Jesus noted, as soon as the Leaves would begin to sprout-out of your Fig Tree, that one should be looking at the Summer White Wheat Wedding Months for the Harvest then, no? And that from the Spring Equinox to the Leo New Year, Astronomically, on a July 23, that is the following.

33.33% of Time in the Year 2024

Or 4 Months and then comes that Summer ‘White Wheat Wedding’ Window for the Look-out of the Rapture of the Bride, no? This is why one sees the ‘Rapture Door’ inferred to thus Open after a Summer White Wheat Wedding Window or Door? No other Time-Frame of either the Spring or Fall Feasts of YHVH have this Escape Door or Hatch Cause in the 'Fine Print'. How so? That Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine corresponds to the Middle Center Stem in the Menorah 4th Branch and 4th Feast and that Philadelphian Door of Escape Typology.

March 21-22, 2024 Spring Equinox
to July 23, 2024 Leo New Year
= 120-122 Days

March 20, 2015 Spring Equinox Eclipse to
April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse in Pisces
= 3307 Days
=  9 Years, 19 Days 

In the ‘Midst of the Week’
That then also corresponds to the 4th Dalet Chapter of the Book of Revelation when John, a Type of the Beloved, is Raptured-up, Called-Up through that Dalet Door. And even in the Gregorian Calendar, the Month of July is the ‘Middle’ Month. One checked with NASA, and up to 2040, out of a 11 Total Solar Eclipse occurring, only in 2 occasions do they occur in Pisces. They occur in the combined Years of 2033-34. Interesting.

2033 Mar 30 Total @ Pisces (3-30-2033)
2034 Mar 20 Total @ Pisces

From Last ‘Chance’ Great American Eclipse in Pisces of
April 8, 2024 to, March 20, 2034 Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces

= 3633 Days
= 9 Years, 11 Months, 12 Day or 119 Months, 12 Days


So, what does all this mean? Many People reading this Study would argue that it is always very Americentric. True. But realize that it is only the case because America is being compared and is being Signaled by the 3 Great Eclipses as was Nineveh of the Bible. The Correlations and Comparisons are canny. And as one has inferred at the beginning, these 3 Great American Eclipses are Bod Omens of National Judgment. It is because the USA is about to be ‘Reset’ or rather set-aside in order to ensure the Luciferian Globalist ‘Reset’ that will usher-in their New World Order.

This will be required in order for Daniel’s Last Week of Years to play-out. This Scenario is predicated on there being the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Event that will serve also as a Sign and Judgment against not only the USA but Israel and the World.  This is now one is inferencing the 3 Signs of the Mazzaroth then. The Lion-King, the Virgin and the Fish. They are all the Motifs of how Jesus is the Lion-King. The Church Age Believers and Followers of this Lion-King are the Virgin and the Fish are the Jew-Gentile make-up of that which will be Raptured-Out of this World, as promised.

Which ‘Fish’ in Pisces gets ‘Raptured’ Away?

The Sign of the Fish, is the Christian Call-Sign. Perhaps that is when the Rapture is to occur on a given Year with a Total Solar Eclipse that happens to occur in Pisces. One would agree about which ‘Fish’ depicted in Pisces of the 2, would most likely correspond to the Rapture Event. Of course, it is all very highly subjective. But as it is known, the Fish Motif is that of the Christian Believer. And, Astronomically, since around the 1st Century, the ‘Sign’ or House of Pisces is what has characterized the entire Church Age.

So, one has shared this Article before and the Chart but in case for the New Readers, it is pertinent because of the April 8, 2024 Eclipse. It occurs in Pisces. In the Chart, what one did is to use the Software Model to expand the Universe with the 2 ‘Star-Gates’ at each End. If one then equalizes both the Galactic Median and the Ecliptic, what it produces is an amazing Depiction of what one calls the ‘Piscean Rapture’ of the Bride. It is ‘Dead-Center’ in the whole Universe for all that can, to see and comprehend its Prophetic Significance.

About 2 Years or so ago, the Topic came up for Discussion and one stated, ‘Has anyone ever seen a Fish ride a Horse?’ Well, that is what Metaphorically will be occurring at the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ. It is taking some Artistic Liberty, but in YHVH’s Celestial Tapestry, that Fish riding the Winged Horse, Pegasus is being Raptured-Out and headed for the Golden Gate. The Golden Gate, Gate of GOD is the ‘Front Door’ into Heaven, etc.

But do realize that Andromeda, the Chained Woman is also a Motif of the Church Age that is also Attached to Pegasus, and in one’s Interpretation, it can be pertaining to the Bride of Christ, just as much, or Israel that will go through the Tribulation Period, as in being Bound to that Time and Place. So, it is a Significant Celestial Sign of the Pending End of the Church Age that will be concluded with the Rapture.

Cannot Wait, if it is this Year. Now will it be on that Day of the Eclipse in April or on Passover or on Resurrection Day? Not sure. One is open to such a Timing, of course. ‘Sooner rather than Later’. Since the Holy Spirit has us, at this Time, considering Pisces, Fish, the Eclipse, Rapture Timing, one wishes to share this Book about the ‘End of the Church Age Commission’. See Section dealing with the ‘Fish Harvest’, starting around Page 142. One has updated it to include the recent Studies on that Astronomical New Year of Leo. One will have to see what comes of it. So, just making it available as a Resources and Reference for the Record.



Times Before Adam

The Fish Riding a White Winged Horse





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