The Coming Abomination of Desolation

  • The alternative theory that Temple is in City of David is false.
  • The 3rd Temple will not be 'over' the Dome of the Rock'.
  • How soon is the 3rd Temple to be rebuilt?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding. It shall be in those days when you are multiplied and increased in the land, declares the LORD, they will no longer say, The Ark of the Covenant of YHVH. And it will not come to mind, nor will they remember it, nor will they miss it, nor will it be made again. At that time they will call Jerusalem 'The Throne of YHVH,' and all the Nations will be gathered to it, to Jerusalem, for the name of YHVH; nor will they walk anymore after the stubbornness of their evil heart.’ – Jeremiah 3:15-17

The purpose of this article is a follow-up to questions pertaining to the study entitled, The Shiloh Tabernacle 19.48. The supposition is that the original Ark of the Covenant that Moses built at Mount Sinai is still in existence and hid away. It is supposed that it is hidden in subterranean chambers beneath Jeremiah’s Grotto, which is outside the walls of Jerusalem and next to the Skull precipice and Garden Tomb. The main question is, what supposes that the Ark of the Covenant is to be relevant in the Last Days? This study will address certain points about the rationale behind how this relic will play a central part based on Daniel’s last Week of Years and the coming 3rd Temple. 

The argument is as follows. If Jeremiah was instrumental in hiding the Ark of the Covenant in the caves just outside of Jerusalem, why did it not surface all during the 2nd Temple period? This is a very legitimate question and it has to do with the spiritual condition of Israel. One takes the events yet to unfold per Revelation that there will be a coming AntiChrist or false Messiah that Israel will accept. At a certain time, this man is said to enter a Temple, the Holies wherein he first will take a stance and then enter the Holy of Holies. He will pierce the Veiland sit in the Holy of Holies. If the future Temple Holy of Holies will be like that of the 2nd Temple, then there will be no place to sit in that perfect cube; for it will be totally dark and empty. Foremost, one does have to deduce and extrapolate then that there will be a physical 3rd Temple built at some point in time. 

Then there has to be some sort of object or furnishing within the Holy of Holies that resembles a ‘chair’ or throne more like it, that the AntiChrist will be able to ‘sit’ on. This ‘throne’ is where the Antichrist will ‘sit’ and proclaim that he is ‘God’ and will demand worship from all of Humanity. This will be the event that Jesus reiterated would occur at the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation Period. It is called the Abomination of Desolation revealed by Christ to the prophet Daniel. Realize that the Holy of Holies was a perfect cube, a 20x20x20 cubit or 30x30x30 feet chamber that was not lit and was partitioned-off by only a thick Veil. Consider that the High Priest could only enter in, once a year on Yom Kippur, barefoot and stripped of the Ephod, to bring in the blood and apply it to the Ark of the Covenant. The light radiating from the Shekinah Glory provided the light.

The Illumination
What will illuminate the Holy of Holies chamber if there will be no light of the Shekinah Glory of YHVH in the 3rd Temple? The light during Solomon’s Temple came from the Glory of the Presence of YHVH that resided in-between the 2 Cherubim of the Ark of the Covenant. What will light-up the Holy of Holies during the 3rd Temple will be the ‘Light of Lucifer’. The Bible clearly states that Lucifer can mascaraed himself as an Angel of Light. This is exactly when Lucifer will embody the AntiChrist to sit on the Ark of the Covenant, out of spite and jealousy for Mankind, etc. Lucifer will attempt to accomplish what Nimrod failed to do with the Babylon ‘Gate to Heaven’ or Stargate. Lucifer’s last attempt at overtaking the Throne of Heaven will be an attempt to use the Ark of the Covenant as the conduit. The difference with Lucifer is that he can and does transcend such dimensions, as the cubed Holy of Holies is in essence a monolith, a Stargate into Heaven itself.

The Ark was not taken as plunder to Babylon. As it was and is Israel’s premier relic, the Babylonians as the Philistines would have paraded it. According to the Paralipomena of Jeremiah, Jeremiah procured the Ark of the Covenant and hid it. The Paralipomena is supposedly ancient manuscripts of what was left out of the book of Jeremiah. Many believe that Solomon had the 2 pillars; Boaz and Jachin filled with sand as part of a lever apparatus designed to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant in case of enemy attack. However, the question remains, why was it not subsequently revealed and placed in the Holy of Holies during the 2nd Temple period? According to Jeremiah in chapter 3:16, the Ark of the Covenant was not going to be restored to Israel as it served as a tangible remembrance and witness against a rebellious and ‘stiff necked’ people, not ready.

Apparently, the Jews were spiritually unworthy for such a restoration until they would set their hearts to be restored fully by YHVH at some point in time. As it is the case now, Israel is suffering partial blindness according to the Apostle Paul. The 2nd Diaspora occurred for having rejected Jesus as their true Messiah. However, since 1948, YHVH has embarked on an unconditional and staged restoration, despite Israel’s national heart condition. By some interpretations, the timing of this national restoration could be pegged to the budding of a Fig Tree that Jesus likened Israel to. Based on prior studies of this restoration ‘blueprint’ as spelled-out by Jesus to his Jewish Disciples, the restoration would come in the reverse order in which the judgments came. First, the Temple was burned to the ground, then the city and ultimately the nation was exiled.

The prophetic restoration started in 1948 with the restored nation, then in 1967 with the restored city. The study suggests that the 3rd prophetic fulfillment will be the restored Temple that will converge with the revealing of the Ark as well perhaps. Moreover, if the 70th year anniversary is to be a prophetic pattern of the 70th year Captivity and the Last Generation per Psalm 90, then Israel is on the cusp of perhaps having the Ark of the Covenant be revealed and the 3rd Temple rebuilt for such an occasion. The question remains, has the Ark of the Covenantbeen hid until a degree of spiritual ‘worthiness’ is attained in Israel to reveal it? Has this ‘national’ heart condition come? In theory, the efforts of the Temple Institute, the Temple Mount Faithful would suggest that indeed, a spiritual threshold has been attained in Israel, and at the 70th year marker no less.

The Location of the Holy of Holies
The endeavor to fully restore Israel spiritually is only being undertaken by a very small percentile of the Israeli population, as not all of Israel may be attuned to such a work. This study strongly suggests that the 3rd Temple will be erected over the Dome of the Tablets contrary to the error that the prior Temples were in the lower portions of the City of David. Scripturally, one of the most compelling arguments for the Temples being on the Temple Mount was how the Shekinah Glory or ‘Presence of YHVH’ departed in stages from the Holy of Holies during the time of Ezekiel. In Ezekiel 10, the Bible clearly depicts how the Glory of YHVH moved from in-between the Cherub of the Ark of the Covenant to the Holies. Then from the Holies to the Portico. From there, the Presence went to the Outer Court and then through the Eastern Gate and up to the Mount of Olives, which is in direct alignment. From there it ascended back to Heaven. 

This trajectory will be in fact how at Jesus’ return, this same route will be taken to restore the Glory of YHVH, Jesus, in the Holy of Holies, and whom the earthly Throne Chair belongs to. This could not have been possible if the Temples were in the lower elevation of the City of David that is considerably further south from the Mount of Olives. The argument that the Temple Mount was the Roman Fortress is misunderstood. Given that there was sufficient land to spread out, Roman fortresses did specify such dimensions if land permitted. Jerusalem is set upon 3 main mountains or hills; Mount Moriah, Mount Zion and Mount Calvary, etc. There is no flat level pieces of land naturally formed. Thus, no cookie-cutter Roman layout of a fort was possible. The Temple Mount was leveled and filled in to consecrate a religious and holly edifice, not a mundane enemy military force. It is estimated that due to Herod’s renovation of the 2nd Temple, the height was that of a modern 14-floor skyscraper. 

It is noted that the southernmost tower of the Antonia Fortress ‘towered’ even over the Temple grounds to keep a watchful eye on the ‘rebellious’ and zealous Jews. This means that theFortress Antonia was very compact and perhaps upwards of up to 17-20 floors in comparison. Also, realize that the bulk of the Roman legion was also housed on the Mount of Olives. Even today, the vestiges of the old Roman garrisons are seen in the 5 main Roman Catholic monasteries that are presently there in their place and are built like garrisons, etc. Also, consider that the threshing floor of Araunah could not have been at the lower level of the City of David. The wind currents would not have been conducive to the threshing process, etc. 

The threshing floor that King David bought for 50 pieces of silver, which speaks of redemption was at the top of the mountains of Jerusalem, Mount Moriah that extends all the way to Mount Calvary, etc. The proponents of the City of David Temple site confuse the archeology of David’s palace with that of the Temple. Such also argue that water could not have been made possible for the amount of sacrifices needed to be in place at the highest elevation of the city. However, engineers would tell one that through sifting methods and natural pumping and hydraulics, water can be made to go over higher elevations using gravity. As it is, the Temple had pluming sophisticated enough to siphon all the blood away from the preparation tables in the Court of the Priest to the Kidron Valley, etc. There could have been also a system of cistern to transport water.

Celestial Correspondents

The other circumstantial evidence that the Holy of Holies will be over the Dome of the Tablets has to do with cosmology occurring and appearing to match the Temple Mount markers. The following evidences will be presented based on cosmic ley-lines, Star alignments, and other constellations. The first evidence is that the Temple Mount 3 Domes, that of the al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock and the Dome of the Tablets configure the 3 Belt Stars of Orion. The entire Orion constellation can be superimposed to also match the Tomb of Absalomand several other key gates of the city, notably the Damascus Gate, etc. If this cosmic pattern is plausible, then the Galactic Equator would transect the Holy of Holies as well. The next cosmic correlation is suggested by the layout of how Persepolis in Persia is configured to the Taurus constellation.

The main street or avenue leading-up to Persepolis, which is a mirror image of the Temple Mount layout, appears to match the Star configuration of Taurus. If one uses this same template superimposed atop the Temple Mount, the corresponding domes appear to match. Consequently, the 3 main domes on the Temple Mount project the Biblical construct of how the cosmos is defined with, the ‘Sun, Moon and the Stars’. As other studies have shown, the grey or silver color of the al Aqsa Mosque that used to be a Crusader church corresponds to the Moon and is smaller in comparison to the main dome. This Dome of the Rock, which is not a mosque but a shrine, is gold, representing the Sun, and thus is the largest. Then theDome of the Tablets is white, reminiscent of the white marble Temple of YHVH that was, is not, but will be.

Circumstantial Evidences
-Threshing Floor needed to be at the highest elevation for wind factor.
-City of David is too low of an elevation to have a pronounced Temple of YHVH.
-David’s Palace is being archeologically confused with the Temple layout.
-Relics discovered directly related to the Temple operations are found on Temple Mount.
-Biblical account of Shekinah Glory departing sequentially was in line with the Eastern Gate.
-There is a cosmic correspondence of the Taurus constellation pattern of Persepolis.
-There is a cosmic correspondence of the Orion Belt Star configuration and Galactic Equator
-There is a cosmic correspondence of the Taurus constellation with the Pleiades alignment.
-There is the Kidron Valley Pleiades pattern that points to the Golden Gate.
-The Muslim Waqif systematically have been destroying archeologically the Temple Mount.
-Studies entitled The Mystery of the 7 Stars and the Temple ‘Pleiades’ Menorah.

The ‘white’ Temples of YHVH corresponded to the ‘Stars’. As mentioned, if one superimposes the Pleiades Star pattern onto the Kidron Valley, the various 7 Stars correspond to landmarks visibly noted. What is striking is that the Star of Asterope is a double Star and corresponds to the double gate of the Golden Gate. It serves as the ley-line directly in front to where the ‘white’ Temples stood and the Holy of Holies ‘Stargate’ was at, etc. Another cosmic correlation pertains to the topography of the Kidron Valley. It is adjacent to the Temple Mount to the east facing the Mount of Olives. The constellation of Taurus can again be superimposed in a southerly composure with its ‘horns’ facing south. The ‘Eye of the Bull’ or the Bull’s Eye of Aldebaran would then correspond to the Tomb of Absalom and subsequent tombs with the Stars of the Hyades that converge to make the pyramidion of the ‘head’ of Taurus.

The Great Work
What is striking and amazing about this Taurus overlay is that the cosmic ley-line that extends to the Pleiades from Taurus, that being the 7 Stars of the ‘Congregation’ or Testimonyexactly corresponds to the Dome of the Tablets. Again, this is where, in close proximity to the Ark of the Covenant the 7 branch Menorah stood as a witness of the 7 Lights, just like thePleaides. The Pleiades can also be configured as a ‘Menorah’ with the stem being depicted by the ley-lines of Atlas and Pleione if positioned upright. In the Old Testament, the Menorah represented the 7 Blazing Spirits of YHVH in front of YHVH’s Throne. In the book of Revelation, they stand for the 7 Churches of Asia, etc. Thus, could such cosmic correlations that appear to pinpoint the exact site of the Holy of Holies be signaling that indeed the Temples of YHVH stood on the Temple Mount and precisely over the Dome of the Tablets to the north of the Dome of the Rock?

Biblically speaking, has the small Remnant that has been preparing for the 3rd Temple made the spiritual difference? All the required furnishings and articles have been procured, even the Altar of Sacrifice, all but the Ark of the Covenant. Now that Israel has reached ‘maturity’ at 70 years, it has the Priests that can follow the correct protocols in how to handle the Ark of the Covenant in particular and bring it to the Holy of Holies. However, unbeknownst to such noble men, their ‘Great Work’ to honor YHVH will turn out to be a sad and futile effort. The whole projects and the efforts to glorify YHVH and restore the Temple Daily Sacrifices will be fully usurped. At some point in time, the Luciferian ministers of the Masonic kind with their counterfeit ‘Great Work’ will come into play. The Masons will make sure that they will have their ‘Masonic Man’ like a Solomon to be the overseer of such a construction and according to their specifications, etc.

Eventually their ‘Great Work’ is to enthrone their ‘God’ and Master, Lucifer upon the Ark of the Covenant in the House of YHVH. Nonetheless, Israel has gotten to a spiritual point that it can handle the Ark of the Covenant and not have an ‘Uzzah’ moment when transporting the Ark. Perhaps an official procession from the Grotto of Jeremiah to the Temple Mount will occur even. It will rival the procession that King David made in front of the Ark. Oddly enough the route would be by way of the Via Dolorosa. That would be an amazing spectacle to behold. The entrance to the Grotto or cave is just beneath the Old City wall, across from the Damascus and Herod’s Gates. It has been carved over a period of several 1000s of years and is a remnant of the largest quarry in Jerusalem. It stretches underground to the Garden Tomb and possibly from the Temple Mount.

Beyond the narrow entrance, the cave slopes down into a vast 300-foot-long auditorium-like chamber. Drops of water known as ‘Zedekiah's Tears’ trickle through the ceiling. From the entrance to the farthest point, the cave extends for about 650 feet (200 m). Its maximum width is about 330 feet (100 m) and its depth is generally about 30 feet (9.1 m) below the street level of the Muslim Quarter. There are several lower levels and blocked tunnels that the general public is not allowed access to. Such places could be where the other hidden chambers are at that may house the Temple furnishings and the Ark of the Covenant. This Grotto adjacent to the Jerusalem Bus Station has been called by various names over the millennia. It was called Zedekiah’s Cave, then Solomon Quarries, and Jeremiah’s Grotto, etc.

The Luciferians
It is understood that in the case of Jeremiah, the Grotto could have served as a refuge much like the Ark. Although the Ark of the Covenant is a motif of the nature, work and person of Jesus Christ, Jeremiah at that point in time pertinent to Israel’s spirituality typified the Ark as a human metaphor even. In a spiritual sense, he represented the Remnant, of all those that remained faithful and true and was hidden in such caves just as much. It is understood that the elements of the Ark represent the spiritual dimensions of Jesus. Jesus is the Mana, the ‘Bread come down from Heaven’. Jesus is the Staff of Aaron that budded and symbolizes the resurrection as the ‘Branch’, which is a Messianic title. Jesus represents the Law that He kept as the ‘Last Adam’. The Law was never broken as Jesus stated that He ‘did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it.’ The Mercy Seat signifies the love that triumphed over hate, etc. 

The Ark is a facsimile of the one in Heaven, the ‘Throne Chair’ of the King of the Universe of which GOD the Father has given over to GOD the Son all power and authority to rule all that is and will be. The dichotomy of the Ark of the Covenant also represents on the flip-side, the failure and rebellion of Humanity. Moses broke the first original Tablets inscribed by the very finger of YHVH due to the Golden Calf incident where YHVH’s Earthly People preferred another ‘God’. Then the Mana is an indictment of the murmuring and doubt the people had against YHVH in thinking that He could not provide for them. The Staff represented the contention the people had against YHVH’s judgments or choices and His Servants. Lastly, the Ark represented how Humanity, due to sin seeks to usurp the Lordship of Christ as Judge and Sovereign. 

Jeremiah attempted to avoid the imprisonment by the King for the unpopular visions of doom and gloom awaiting the decadent Earthly People of YHVH at that point in time. Jeremiah was not a popular Prophet of YHVH as he foretold that the Babylonians would judge the Southern Kingdom, led by Judah along with the tribes of Benjamin and the Levites for their spiritual unworthiness. The King and the people did not receive Jeremiah’s words as being those of YHVH’s. Pertaining to the Grotto, the writer was in shock in researching the various theories about the cave or Grotto. It was found out that the site is held in high regard by the occultists. Shockingly, the cave has great historical importance to the Freemasons. In this case, the Freemasons have a vested interest in holding their Luciferian ceremonies in the Grotto since the 1860s. Why?

According to research, the 1st Masonic Lodge in Israel of the modern era had connections with the U.S. Masons as they founded the 1st Masonic Lodge in what is now Israel in 1873. This Lodge is known as the Royal Solomon Mother Lodge #293. According to the Masons, The Grotto was where Solomon quarried for the stones used to build the 1st Temple. They believe Solomon was a Mason and used their ‘craft’ and witchcraft really; to erect the Temple and other encrypted meanings within its design. To this day, the Israeli Masons (of which Prime Minister Netanyahu belongs to) still hold their rituals at the Grotto. Such occult meetings are held regularly since the 6-Day War liberation of Jerusalem that made it possible to have them on a regular bases. If there will be a Freemasonic connection to the revealing of the Ark of the Covenant, it would be in keeping with the notion that the coming AntiChrist, will be Mason, initiated, etc.

The Protocols 
The coming AntiChrist will take the ‘mantle’ of Solomon by proxy. It would also be in keeping with the directive of how the coming Golden Age will be attempted to be reinstituted by the Luciferians whose theme is supposed illumination, enlightenment, order and progress, etc. The true Messiah and ‘Solomon’ type, Jesus stated that the ‘Builders’ are in reality seeking to do nothing but ‘kill, steal and destroy.’ Over the centuries, many people have ventured into Jeremiah’s Grotto in hopes of unearthing hidden treasures and many excavations have occurred. One unique clue that possibly ties the Grotto with the Ark of the Covenant was discovered. A Jewish Archeologist uncovered a Cherub figurine in one of the small niches of the cave.

This finding suggested and still does even today by some that the figurine could have been and is a clue that the Ark is indeed hidden in the Grotto somewhere. It associates the Cherub to that which also adored the Temple Veil for example and even on the Ark of the Covenant itself. The Cherub figurine had two long narrow wings that opened like a pair of scissors. It also had a bearded human head under a conical headdress. This is exactly what the Ark of the Covenant is flanked by according to the eyewitness account of Ron Wyatt. According to Ron Wyatt’s account, the Temple furnishings he said he saw in a hidden chamber he discovered included the Ark of the Covenant, the Table of Bread, the Altar of Incense, and theMenorah. All the articles were said to be covered by planks of wood and animal skins. Much of the coverings had detreated. He is said to have taken at least 1 photograph that is of very poor quality and that he had informed the Israeli Antiquities Authority about his discovery.

Wyatt also stated in his writings that he was told to not discuss such findings and although he returned to the site, the items were subsequently removed in some fashion and the chamber sealed. Ron also stated that he took video footage of the articles and that the Israelis have it but hopes that one day it will be released to the public. If this account is true, it could be the case that the furnishing were moved to another chamber within the Grotto itself or entirely moved from the premises. Since then, rumors have surfaced that some Israelis had attempted to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant and the various articles from the chamber but all died trying, so they stopped.

At that time, there were no Priestly Cohen trained and were not prepared then as they are now to even speak of, thanks to the efforts of the Temple Institute. The question remains, is Israel spiritual now ready? For example, the now deceased IDF Chief Rabi of the 6-Day War, Shlomo Goren, stated in a video interview that he was one of the few that confirmed that he had seen the Ark of the Covenant and knew what tunnels were used. There being a tunnel system from the Holy of Holies going underground to the Grotto of Jeremiah or the cave adjacent the Skull Precipice and Mount Calvary is not that farfetched. It is not that far of a distance and other tunnels practically crisscross the expanse of the Old City of Jerusalem as it is. It should be noted that from the Dome of the Tablets to the crucifixion site according to Ron Wyatt, is exactly 666 meters with a 322-degree heading at 2520 feet above sea level. Nonetheless, many are convinced that the Ark of the Covenant and other furnishings are hid away in the chambers of Jeremiah’s Grotto to this day and are awaiting its opportune time.

In this Last Generation, the spirituality of Israel although small in comparison has reached perhaps a threshold whereby they are now trained and ready for Temple service, consecrated, etc. This was not the spiritual case for national Israel when it was ‘born in a day’ back in 1948. Its people had practically forgotten even the language as well as the protocols on how to handle the holy vessels of YHVH. As it has been purported that many an Israeli died trying to handle the Ark of the Covenant, it paralleled the lack of spiritual discernment and maturity required of which Uzzah did not have. During the time of King David, this was the similar case with Uzzah that put forth his hand to stable the Ark. It was being transported and handled in all the wrong protocols as it was making its way to Jerusalem. Israel became ignorant of the protocols set forth by YHVH and had to relearn them. Was it any wonder, why as the time for Israel to be ‘reborn in a day’, that the Dead Sea Scrolls were found? It validated the Old Testament’s authority and accuracy, etc. 

There was also the ‘rebirth’ of the Hebrew language. It was as if a whole nation of Israel had become as a newborn babe needing to learn from scratch even how to speak, etc. The irreverent handling of the holy vessels of YHVH throughout Israel’s spirituality or lack thereof also cost the life of Belshazzar in Babylon. In his last day’s edict that sealed his doom, he summonsed for the holy vessels of YHVH’s Temple that were captured and taken to Babylon to be used to drink out of during his drunken orgy. However, another King, King David learned a valuable lesion. In the King’s desire to take the Ark to the encampment of the threshing floor of Araunah on the Temple Mount, King David had to learn the proper protocols fast on how to transport the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. This is the spiritual case with Israel now. The parallel is amazing. Israel has had to learn all over again, how to speak and how to follow the proper protocols of how to handle the holy vessels of YHVH for the coming Daily Sacrificial ordinances to begin. 

What could be prophetic is the apparent convergence of the timing. It could be just in time for the hand-off to end the dispensation of the Church Age to transition into the last Week of Years per the Prophet Daniel. Realize that for the most part, the creation of Israel has been by led by secular Jews that, although they have paid lip service to their religious makeup of what is to be a Jew, it has not been ‘kosher’ in a sense. However, Israel to an important extent has reached a spiritual maturity, even if by a faithful small Remnant. It could be likened to the ‘First Fruits’ principle in that the offering of such sanctified ‘Frist Fruits’, sanctifies or sets apart the remaining fruit or harvest field, etc.

Is it any coincidence that the efforts of such institutions like the Temple Institute and others have reached the conclusion of their ‘Great Work’ to coincide with Israel’s 70th year anniversary? The 70th year time marker is such that Israel is now qualified and able to handle and transport the Ark of the Covenant and prepare the Temple Mount to be consecrated by the Red Heifer, etc. This could not have been said before and it is for not. Will such holy vessels be revealed soon that perhaps have been hid all these years in the underground chamber of Jeremiah’s Grotto? This study is not suggesting that precisely on the 70th year is when the Ark of the Covenant is to be revealed but that Israel has reached a significant and perhaps prophetic milestone for such an endeavor to take place soon thereafter. 

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