2023-2033 TIMELINE

Solar and Lunar Divine Time Markers

  • What does the Eclipse Patterns to 2033 look like?
  • Does the Eclipse Pattern Timeline have certain Patterns?
  • What are the Solar and Lunar Eclipses Pointing to?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And Elohim said, Let there be Lights in the Expanse of the Sky to distinguish between the Day and the Night, and let them be Signs to Mark the Seasons and Days and Years. And let them serve as Lights in the Expanse of the Sky to Shine upon the Earth. And it was so’. -Genesis 1:14-15

The purpose of this study is to present a Timeline of both 24 Solar and 25 Lunar Eclipses from 2023 to 2033. Why this Timeline appears to be Astronomically Significant is that there are several Celestial Patterns that are rather amazing within this Span of Time. Almost all of the Eclipse Days occur on Jewish Dates and Feasts of YHVH, 21/24 on Solar Events and 10/25 for the Lunar Events. The Jewish Calendar is Lunar, so inevitably, Jewish Dates and Feasts of YHVH will occur when the Eclipses happen.

2023---------------- (7-Year Tribulation Period within this Timeline? ------------- 2033

Why one is suggesting a Tribulation Period Timeline, from possibly, 2025-2029-2032, is that it is Predicated in the following Assertions. One will leave the Links to the various studies to the Articles explaining this further in the End Notes. Basically, one is assuming the 32 AD Year of the Crucifixion and Start of the Church Age. Historical Evidence is presented in those Articles. Then, one is assuming that the Shemitah Cycle or Sabbath of the Land Count started in 1952. And that the Year, 1952 is the more Accurate Countdown Year to when the 7-Year Tribulation Period is to occur, not from 1948 as most End Time Students of Prophecy use.

1952 + 70 Years = 2022 + 10 Years (80th) =

If one uses the 32 AD Year Count, then exactly 2000 Years will be 2032, which concludes with a Tetrad of 4 Blood Moons. And is preceded by a Tetrad of 4 Partial Blood Moons. This Double Tetrads of Lunar Eclipses has never occurred back-to-back, as far as one can Assess the Decades, before and after this Timeline of Solar and Lunar Eclipses from 2023-2033. Then, if 32 AD is the correct Start of the Church Age, it meant that Jesus started His Ministry at the Beginning of a Sabbath Cycle, that being 28 AD. This then suggests that 1952 was a Sabbath Year, and 70 Years from then would be 2022. Then if one applies the Psalm 90 Time, of a Man’s Life, 70, and if by Strength, then 80 Years would be 2032. It is from this Year Marker of 2032 that one then Reverse Engineers the 7-Year Tribulation Period. That would then be the Following.

2032 - 7 Year Tribulation Period = 2025

However, where and when these Solar and Lunar Eclipses occur is fascinating to consider also, as one will attempt to decipher some of their possible Prophetic Correlations to the 7-Year Tribulation Period and the Rapture before that. One is coming from a Biblical Point of View and Israel-Centric Interpretation. Why? it is in Genesis that YHVH discloses that the Celestial Bodies are for Signs, Telling Seasons and for keeping Time. Signs of what? Seasons of what and what Time? Jesus Time.

Simchat Torah                                                                                     Passover
November 1, 28 AD ------------------ + 1260 Days -----------     --------- April 14, 32 AD

Start of Ministry                                                                           Destruction of Temple

28 AD ---------------------------------- +6 Shemitahs ------------------------------- 70 AD

Destruction of Temple                                                               Israel’s 70th Anniversary

70 AD ----------------------------------- +1948 Years -------------------------------- 2018

Israel’s 70th Anniversary                                                         Start of Daniel’s  70th Week?

2018 -------------------------------------- + 7 Years --------------------------------- 2025

One has written about how the Sun, Moon and the Stars, especially when it comes to the Stars, in how the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac is a Celestial Roadmap or Storyline of the Purpose of Jesus. A study on the Mazzaroth and a whole Book on the Cosmology of Jesus will be referred to in the End Notes. To this end, this study will primarily seek to draw one’s Attention to the Pattern from 2025-2029-2032 Span of Time. Why?

 Fall                                                   Mid-Point                                                Fall
2025 ------------------------------------------ 2029 ------------------------------------------ 2032
            3.5 Years/42 Months/1260 Days                     3.5 Years/42 Months/1260 Days

In previous Research, one has attempted to best-guess when the 7-Year Tribulation Period is to commence. One has come-up with a Precise Span of Time, being from 2025-2032. And with 2029, being the Year in which the ‘Midst’, or the Mid-Point, the 1260th Day occurs, etc. The 2023-2033 Timeline of Solar and Lunar Eclipses shows that this Notion of a possible 2025-2032 Tribulation Period Span of Time appears to Correlate, at least Astronomically.

For example, in the Eclipse Timeline, there is a Triad of Blood Moons in 2025 that starts this 7-Year Celestial Pattern. Then the End, in 2032, a Tetrad of 4 Blood Moons Begins. And right in the Middle or the ‘Midst’ of this 7-Year speculated Time of Jacob’s Trouble, is a Double Astronomical Occurrence. You have a Tetrad of 4 Partial Solar Eclipses that begin and end in 2029. But not only that, you have a Triad of Blood Moons within this same Span of 2029. It is as if it is ‘Marking’ a Double Witness, Celestially, and with the Greatest of Emphasis, through both Solar and Lunar Eclipse  Markers. Coincidence? No. Even if it was, this Double Astronomical Occurrence of both Solar Tetrad and Lunar Triad is what is defining the entire Timeline of Eclipses from 2023-2033.

This Celestial Pattern is not repeated before or after in terms of such Time Markers that one is suggesting could be Prophetic and could be Defining the 7-Year Tribulation Period, Astronomically. The following are also other Celestial Patterns that are simultaneously occurring within this 2023-2033 Eclipse Timeline. There are 3 Triads of Lunar Eclipses in the entire Timeline. It starts in 2025 as mentioned. But then there are 2 others in 2027 and 2029. The Lunar Triad is of 3 Partial Lunar Eclipses. Then the last Triad is that of the Blood Moons in 2029. And most importantly, it appear to define a ‘Mid-Point’, or the ‘Midst’ of the Speculated 7-Year Tribulation, as mentioned.

TRIAD: March 14, 2025, September 7, 2025, March 3, 2026

Total (Blood Moons)

TRIAD: February 20, 2027, July 18, 2027, August 17, 2027


TRIAD: December 31, 2028, June 26, 2029, December 20, 2029

Total (Blood Moons)

Then the other Astronomical Pattern is that there are also 3 Tetrads within the 2023-2033 Eclipse Timeline. The 1st one occurs, as mentioned in 2029 with the 4 Partial Solar Eclipses that are ‘Dead-Center’ from 2025 to 2032. The 2nd Tetrad of Eclipses are amazing, 4 Partial Lunar Eclipses that occur in 2031. The Year 2031 is also the Year in which the Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse occurs. It is a Book-End to the one occurring on April 20, 2023, that is also defining this particular Span of Time that is coming to an End.

This is based on the Meaning of the Number 9, as it is 9th since Jesus’ Resurrection and the Start of the Church Age, etc. Then, the 3rd Tetrad is that of the 4 Blood Moons that start to occur in April of 2032, and by the way, on April 14, Passover. More on what Jewish Days and Feasts of YHVH occur on these Eclipses will be Examined later down in the Observations. At this point, the mentioned Hybrid Solar Eclipse will be discussed. There are basically 4 Types of Solar Eclipses, according to NASA. There are, a Total Solar Eclipse, a Partial Solar Eclipse, an Annular Type and lastly, and the most Rare Type, being Hybrid.

1 Total
2 Annular
3 Partial
4 Hybrid

A Hybrid Solar Eclipse is when the Ring made by the Moon does not entirely Block-Out the Sun’s Disk. But it is not to a Degree of an Annular one, which is considered like a ‘Ring of Fire’, or a Wedding Ring in its Depiction. Rather the Hybrid Type produces a Ring of Light that is less than that of an Annular one. And? This 2023-2033 Solar and Lunar Eclipse Timeline appears to ‘Begin and End’ with a Hybrid Type of Eclipses. They are, as if the Celestial Markers are narrowing-down, on this Timeline of ‘Something’ or ‘Someone’ within this 2023-2033 Solar and Lunar Eclipse Timeline.

And if what the Bible foretells is coming, it will be the False Jewish Messiah, the New Luciferian World Order and the coming Mark of the Beast Total Control Matrix. The Stage is being set now for what is coming, that has a ‘Beginning’ and will see its ‘End’. And one is just arguing that perhaps, this 2023-2033 Solar and Lunar Eclipse Timeline is apparently reflecting such a Sequence of Events, if at least Astronomically. But that its Corresponding Geo-Political Epicenter will be the Middle East, Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, etc. The following or the Specifics concerning the 3 Tetrad in this 2023-2033 Eclipse Timeline.

TETRAD: January 14, 2029, June 12, 2029, July 11, 2029, December 5, 2029


TETRAD: December 9, 2030, May 7, 2030, Jun 5, 2030, October 30, 2031


TETRAD: April 25, 2032, October 18, 2032, April 14, 2032, October 8, 2033

Total (Blood Moons)

A study on the Hybrid Type of Solar Eclipse will also be referenced in the End Notes. Why the Hybrid Type of Solar Eclipses are rather Significant, is that the April 20, 2023 Hybrid Solar Eclipse is the 9th since the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, as mentioned. And subsequently, it also marks the Beginning of the Church Age. As this Age is coming to a Close or End, perhaps this 9th Hybrid is Marking this Time. Based on the Meaning of the Number 9, it denotes a Time of Divine Completeness and of a Finality.


April 20, 2023                   
1991 Years from 32 AD

November 14, 2031            
1999 Years from 32 AD

How appropriate it would be then, if the 2023-2033 Eclipse Timeline is suggesting just that. Then the Hybrid Solar Eclipse on November 14, 2031, being the 10th since Jesus’ Death and Resurrection, signifies to that of a Testimony, the Law, a Completeness of an Order, etc. Thus, one can reasonably Surmise, Prophetically, that these Hybrid Solar Markers, put in place by YHVH as ‘Signs’, are to Mark such Delineation of Time, but more importantly, of Prophetic Time. But again, one is presuming the Crucifixion Year to be 32 AD. And this is what one is basing the Calculations as a Working Thesis, etc.

Of course, one is again being Bias to the possible 2025-2029-2032 Span of Time. One is suggesting, at this Time, that one has come to Know and Understand, is being ‘Celestially’ Marked by the Hybrid Solar Eclipse of 2023-2031. If so, it would appear to confirm this End Day for the Tribulation and the Return of Jesus, in 2032, perhaps. Time will tell, as they say. But it will not be that much longer to wait. One is also coming from a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Timing Scenario. Meaning, if in the case that 2025-2029-2032 Timeline turns out to be the actual Tribulation Period Span of Time, then the Rapture has to occur anytime from now, until the Fall of 2025.

Why one is rather Excited about this 2025-2029-2032 Timeline, is that if one Superimposes the 2520 Day Count or a Half Section of 1260 Days from the 1st Sabbath after the Fall Feasts of 2025, the exact Mid-Point will be April 1, 2029. And? This is Passover. This would be the Prime Time, that the coming False Jewish Messiah would stop the Daily Sacrifice. Thus, this would coincide with what Jesus warned would occur at the Midpoint of the Tribulation, the Abomination of Desolation. Why one is now more convinced, due to this Solar and Lunar Eclipse Timeline, is that 2029 is the Mid-Point of ‘Something’ and/or ‘Someone’, as mentioned. There are 2 Factors that contribute to this Notion.

The 1st Factor is that from the Hybrid Solar Eclipses, which are exactly 3131 Days apart, if one then Superimposes the Phi Ratio Template Spiral for a Visual Effect, the Fulcrum of the Spiral is Dead Center in 2029. The 2nd Factor is that if one uses the same Phi Ratio Template from the Span of Time the Tetrad of the 4 Partial Solar Eclipses that occur in 2029 as well, the Fulcrum of the Spiral is Dead Center on Passover of April 1, 2029. Thus, it would be Reasonable to Assess that, ‘Something Biblical is going on here’. if the Biblical ‘Midst’ of the Tribulation were to occur, perhaps such Celestial Signs are indicating that this is the ‘Midst’.

This would be the Geo-Political fulfilment of the Revelation 12 Sign in how, from this point forward, the Believing Jews, the Remnant, would need to flee for their Lives into the Wilderness. It is because the AntiChrist will then seek to Destroy them as his False Prophet then Mandates the Mark, in order for all to either ‘Buy ro Sell’. It will be a Total Control Grid and Matrix managed from Jerusalem and funneled through the Tel Aviv High Tech A.I. Platforms, etc. Then if one adds the 2nd Half of 1260 Days from this 2029 Passover, the End Date is the Feast of Trumpets in 2032. But note that the Sabbath afterwards is September 11. This Sabbath is called the, ‘Sabbath of Return’. Would this not then appear to Coincide, perhaps with the Return of the LORD of the Sabbath? And that in previous Articles, one has argued for a -3 BC Birth Date of Jesus.

This Date, if amazingly comes to pass, would Book-End Jesus’ 1st Advent and 2nd Advent in terms of Manifesting Himself, in the Flesh on Earth, etc. This whole study on this Solar and Lunar Eclipse Timeline is predicated on this Theory and Supposition. If the Rapture does not occur by the Fall of 2025, then all that one has Observed is Incorrect. At least it will be ‘Incorrect’, in terms of attempting to correlate the Celestial Eclipse Patterns to the Timing of the Rapture.

It does not mean that the Celestial Markers, instead, are intended to point to a different Span of Time, one has not yet come to mind. The following Section will now delve into the Correlation of the various Jewish Dates and Feasts of YHVH that exactly occur on either a Solar or Lunar Eclipse. This is Amazing. In the entire Timeline from 2023 to 2033, over 80% of the Solar corresponds to a Jewish Calendar Date or Feast of YHVH. The Figure is 40% for those same Events occurring on Lunar Eclipses, etc. One will start with 2023 and will note the Dates in Chronological Order.

APRIL 20, 2023
Solar Eclipse
Hybrid, 9th since Jesus Death-Resurrection and Church Age started
Iyar 1 start of 2nd Month

MAY 5, 2023
Partial Lunar Eclipse
2nd Passover

OCTOBER 14, 2023

Annular Solar Eclipse
Shabbat Mevarchim
Sabbath before Month of Cheshvan starts


MARCH 25, 2024
Partial Lunar Eclipse

APRIL 8, 2024
Total Solar Eclipse
Nisan 1 (1st of 2 that occurs in 2025)

OCTOBER 2, 2024

Annular Solar Eclipse
Rosh HaShanah

MARCH 14, 2025
Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) 1st of Triad

MARCH 29, 2025

Partial Solar Eclipse
Nisan 1 (2nd of 2 that occurred in 2024)

SEPTEMBER 21, 2025
Partial Solar Eclipse
Rosh HaShanah (2nd Consecutive since 2024)


FEBRUARY 17, 2026
Annular Solar Eclipse
Month of Adar starts (1st to occur with other in 2027)

MARCH 3, 2026
Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) 3rd in Triad

AUGUST 12, 2026
Total Solar Eclipse
Elul 1

FEBRUARY 6, 2027
Annular Solar Eclipse
Month of Adar Starts (2nd to occur since 2026)

FEBRUARY 20, 2027

Partial Lunar Eclipse (1st of Triad)
Minor Purim

JULY 18, 2027

Partial Lunar Eclipse (2nd of Triad)
Tu B’Av (9th of Av)


JULY 22, 2028
Total Solar Eclipse
Shabbat Mevarchim
Sabbath before Month of Av

JANUARY 14, 2029

Partial Solar Eclipse (1st of the Tetrad)
Shabbat Mevarchim
Sabbath before Month of Sh’vat

JUNE 12, 2029

Partial Solar Eclipse (2nd of the Tetrad)
Tamuz 1

DECEMBER 5, 2029
Partial Solar Eclipse (4th of the Tetrad)
5th Day of Hanukkah

JUN 1, 2030

Annular Solar Eclipse
Shabbat Mevarchim
Sabbath before Month of Sivan

NOVEMBER 25, 2030

Total Solar Eclipse
Sigd (50 Days after Yom Kippur-Ethiopian)

MAY 7, 2031

Partial Lunar Eclipse (2nd of Triad)
2nd Passover

MAY 21, 2031
Annual Solar Eclipse
Jerusalem Day (1st of 2nd in 2032)

NOVEMBER 14, 2031
Hybrid Solar Eclipse (Book-End from 2023) Exactly 3131 Days
Shabbat Mevarchim
Sabbath before Month of Kislev


APRIL 25, 2032

Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) 1st in the Tetrad
2nd Passover

MAY 9, 2032

Annular Solar Eclipse
Jerusalem Day (2nd of 2 since 2031)

SEPTEMBER 11, 2032
Speculated Date of Jesus’ Return?
Sabbath after Rosh Hashanah
= Sabbath of Return

NOVEMBER 3, 2032

Partial Solar Eclipse (2nd in Tetrad)
Sigd (50 Days after Yom Kippur-Ethiopian)

NOTE: The Ethiopian Sigd in 2030 to 2032 has a Celestial Symmetry with the Hybrid Solar Eclipse in the Middle, flanked by the 2 Annular Solar Eclipses on Jerusalem Days, on both Dates.

MARCH 30, 2033
Total Solar Eclipse (3rd in Tetrad)
Nisan 1(Same as occurred on Nisan 1 on April 8, 2024.)

APRIL 14, 2033
Total Lunar Eclipse (3rd in Tetrad)
Passover (Same Date as in 32 AD, Speculated.)

SEPTEMBER 23, 2033
(9-23 as in the Revelation 12 Sign)
Partial Solar Eclipse (4th in the Tetrad)
Rosh HaShanah

October 8, 2033
Total Lunar Eclipse (4th in the Tetrad)

NOTE: The next 4 Total Lunar Eclipses in a row, or Tetrad will not occur until 2043-44.

As one can Assess, this 2023-2033 Solar and Lunar Eclipse Pattern is Amazing to consider just how integrated it is concerning Jewish Calendar Dates and the Feasts of YHVH as it pertains to how Israel Celebrates them. There is Symmetry and Correspondence and recurring Celestial Patterns that evidently are Signaling that this Time-Frame is Extremely Significant. Now what that will be or look like Prophetically, Biblically, Geo-Politically, as they say, ‘The Devil is in the Details’.

But one is taking that Cliché literally, as one thus argues, that this Time-Frame will, in some way either Overlap or Encompass the whole of the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period. It is ‘Somewhere’ in there, perhaps. As noted, one had worked-up the Timeline of 2025-2032 from just a Theological and Biblical Point of Reference and Logic. Then one had time to actually then Map-Out the coming Decade to see what that would look like in terms of Solar and Lunar Eclipse Pattern. One did this back in 2010 with a Similar Eclipse Timeline.

But what this 2025-2032 Eclipse Timeline suggests, is that it does appear that from 2025 to 2032, there is a unique Mid-Point of 2029. It is Marked by an Amazing Array of that Tetrad of 4 Partial Solar. And this 2029 ‘Mid-Point’ is also ‘Accented’ by a Triad of 3 Blood Moons withing the same expanse of Time, in 2029. It is as if to denote a ‘Double Witness, Celestially, perhaps. Thus, this Timeline begins with the 3 Blood Moon Triad in 2025 and ends with a 4 Blood Moon Tetrad in 2032. Coincidence? Perhaps.

One is just pointing-out, that the Celestial Timeline Configured, from 2025-2029-2032, appears to give Credence to one’s Theory. The Theory is that the start of the 7-Year Tribulation Period could then, every well start in 2025, have its Mid-Point in 2029 and end with Jesus’ 2nd Coming on the Sabbath of Return, on September 11, 2032. And this, based on an Exact 2000 Year Count since 32 AD, that being Speculated to be the Crucifixion Year and in which the Church Age Started.

Thus, the purpose of this study has been to Depict the Celestial Timeline of both the Solar and Lunar Eclipses from 2023 to 2033. One believes that the Eclipse Patterns perhaps are Unveiling or Celestially Signaling when the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period the Bible Teaches about, is soon to Commence. So, to reiterate, based on the Timeline, it would appear that the Segment of Years from 2025 to 2029 to 2032 have an Apparent Correspondence to the said 70th Week of Years, per Daniel.

What is rather Amazing is that regardless if the Timeline is ‘off’ by 1 or 2 Years, it does seem to suggest, at least Astronomically, that 2029 is in the ‘Midst’ of ‘Something’ and/or ‘Someone’. Here is the following Celestial Symmetry that appears to also have a Chiastic Overlap of the 3 Triads with the 3 Tetrads. Amazing. And it all points to 2029 as the Focal Year. Could this Timeline be the Celestial Correspondence to the 7-Year Tribulation Period then?


TRIAD -------------- TRIAD -------------- TRIAD -------------- TETRAD -------------- TETRAD

(Lunar)                  (Lunar)                  (Lunar)                   (Lunar)                      (Lunar)
 2025                     2027                      2029                        2031                         2023

And this 2023-2033 Eclipse Timeline is ‘Book-Ended’ by the 2 Hybrid Solar Eclipses of 2023 and 2031. The Phi Ratio Relationship of these 2 Hybrid Solar Eclipse converge on the 4 Partial Solar Eclipses or a Tetrad that occurs in 2029. And that the Phi Ratio Fulcrum Point, when considering just the Tetrad of the Partial Solar Eclipses of 2029 itself, would occur on the Passover of 2029.

This Passover, is what one is suggesting could be the Mid-Point or the ‘Midst’ of the Tribulation Period. And as noted, it is when the Abomination of Desolation is set-up, the Mark of the Beast is Mandated and the Countdown to Jesus’ Return happens. And that if based on one’s Calculation, it would be on September 11, 2032, which is the Sabbath of Return. But of course, this is all Speculative. And nonetheless, the Eclipses occur on Feasts of YHVH with amazing Symmetry and Correspondences.


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