A Case for the 3 Prophetic Arks of YHVH

  • Was there a divine blueprint that signaled prophetic time?
  • Is the geography of the Holy Land a type of 'pyramid' pattern?
  • What are the 3 Arks of YHVH and how are they connected?

by Luis B. Vega
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'Jesus said to them, Have you never read in the Scriptures: The Stone the builders rejected has become the Capstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes?' -Matthew 21:42

The purpose of this chapter is to illustrate an approximate depiction of the geometry, geography and prophetic time factors directly corresponding to the Holy Land related to its cosmology. The 3 main ’Arks’ the Bible declares are functions of YHVH’s overall deliverance regarding His plan of redemption for Humanity will be the subject and variables of this study. The 3 ’Arks’ correlate to 3 geographic points in the Holy Land; they are Mt. Ararat, the purported real site of Mt. Sinai and Mt. Calvary. Of the 3 physical locations, 2 locations are without much dispute, Mt. Calvary associated with the Temple in Jerusalem and Mt. Ararat in Armenia. Many refute the entire accounts of what the Bible states about the very crucifixion of Jesus Christ and Noah’s Flood and much less an ‘Ark’ he built to deliver those that would enter in and be saved from the judgment of YHVH due to sin.

Nonetheless, this study presents the approximate geometry, geography and time of the Arks respective locations to suggest that the correlation of the 3 Arks are in approximate phi ratio proportions in terms of distance, geography, geometry and time to each other. For the purposes of this study, the phi ratio is considered the key factor in unlocking these associations. It is a constant found in all of Creation and the ‘signature’ of YHVH. The 7 major Feasts of YHVH are based on this function for example as perhaps events in the End of Days that many argue the world is currently entered in, could lend some clues as to perhaps when the Rapture of the Church and the advent of the AntiChrist are to occur.

This study will also lend support to the purported location of the real Mt. Sinai in Media or Arabia due to these geometric and geographic assertions presented in this paper. The map of the Holy Land will be ‘upside-down’ or at a 180° rotation for these perspectives to be shown. The charts associated with this study can be found online and will attempt to illustrate the construct of these sacred ley-lines. The study will suggest that the divine sacred geometry, geography, and time depict a pyramid with a ‘capstone’ imagery. The particular theme given to the illustrations will show that the distance from the location of Mt. Sinai and the Temple Mount, precisely to Mt. Calvary that is directly associated with the House of YHVH.

The Geometry of the Geography
This linkage comprises the ’capstone’ of the geometric ’pyramid’ that is corresponding to the 3 sacred points of the ’Arks of Deliverance’. It has been well documented that Mt. Calvary is an extension of Mt. Moriah and Mt. Zion. These 3 mounts comprise the single ‘Mountain of YHVH’ in Jerusalem, the City of the King. This study only suggests that the geometry, geography and prophetic time are only a possible pattern or a ‘type and shadow’ that could possibly hold some clues as to the secrets of the most profound intervention and exchange between the Creator YHVH and Humanity as far as deliverance from judgment is concerned.

The sacred geometric, geographic and time configurations on the map of the Holy land starts with a diagonal line that spans the distance of the 2 sites, Mt. Ararat and Mt. Sinai as it opens up over the Arabian Peninsula. The size of the circle or its circumference sets very prominently over these 2 points. With this approximate dimension of the circle that intersects Mt. Sinai and Mt. Ararat, a 2nd circle of the same dimension is overlaid with the nodes being the same, at Mt. Sinai and Mt. Ararat but to its opposite overlay.

These 2 interlocking circles produce a Vesica Pisces in the very heart of the Holy Land. In previous studies entitled the Dimensions of Paradise, the sacred geometry and geography examined purports that this area within the Vesica could have been the true location of the Garden of Eden where the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was situated ‘in the midst’. Given these 2 interlocked circles and the diagonal from Mt. Sinai to Mt. Ararat, the angle of this diagonal construes the side of the slope to produce a ‘triangle’ or pyramid within the 2nd circle.

The focal point or center of the 1st circle center line bisects the Temple Mount with the line of latitude from the circle’s radius. This geographic composition encompasses the areas of ancient Media, Israel, and Turkey as the base. The phi ratio association of the 3 ’Arks’ with their respective nodes or geographic locations can be easily identified with the phi ratio spiral that matches Mt. Sinai, Mt. Calvary, and Mt. Ararat. Furthermore, an exact mirror to this triangle placed upside-down produces a hexagram although it is not entirely flush with the circumference of the 2nd circle and square produced. This difference, this study suggests is that that the ley-lines are depicting the geometric crucifixion of Christ on the Cross within the hexagram configuration. The 2nd circle approximates the circumference of the ‘pyramid’.

This geometric triangle that construes the ‘pyramid’ has Mt. Ararat at a corner of the base longitude. As it has been noted, the distance from the Temple Mount to Mt. Sinai configures the ‘capstone’. This geographic and geometric depiction of the ‘pyramid’ is in approximate phi ratio proportions as the 3 geographic locations of the ‘Arks’. If the ‘pyramid’ triangle is inverted and the base is set to the phi ratio dimension corresponding to the Temple Mount, the outcome will be a ‘Star of David’ or Seal of Solomon. If the phi ratio pattern is also thus applied to the time since Noah to Calvary is valid. Perhaps not only the mathematical precise times of Ararat and Sinai can be calculated but the exact location of the Ark of Noah somewhere precisely on Mt. Ararat.

The 3 Arks of Deliverance
Also a more reliable date for the Crucifixion can be ascertained if it was either in 32 or 33 AD or another date. There is still wide discussion and dispute as to what was the actual year of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and where exactly is Mt. Calvary. Given the phi ratio pattern of the geography and geometry of the Holy Land as it pertains directly to Mt. Ararat and Mt. Calvary, perhaps it can be the benchmarks from where the phi ratio can be used to calculate the timing of the giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai to establish the 3rd point that would correlated to the timing of Noah’s Ark and precise location using GPS coordinates.

Following are the specific itemized factors that constitute the 3 Arks of deliverance provided by the Creator YHVH for Humanity that this study strongly suggests approximates a factor of Ф phi ratio of prophetic time. Moreover, the circumference of the 2 interlocking circles with the Vesica Pisces approximate the surface area of the New Jerusalem. The Bible states in Revelation that will one day this celestial city will come down from Heaven as YHVH will establish His Throne on Earth. It is rather interesting that from Mt. Sinai to Mt. Ararat a ~33° heading. Each prophetic Ark is associated specifically with a geographic area, a man, a vessel or container, one of the Holy Feasts of the LORD and suggestive factor of which Person of the GOD-Head was primarily associated with.

Prophetic Time:        1st Ark
Location:                     Mt. Ararat
Man:                            Noach
Vessel:                        Ark of Noah
Feast:                          Sukkot
GOD-Head:                 GOD the FATHER

Prophetic Time:        2nd Ark
Location:                     Mt. Sinai (Presumed)
Man:                            Moshe (Moses)
Vessel:                        Ark of the Covenant (Ron Wyatt)
Feast:                          Pentecost
GOD-Head:                 GOD the SPIRIT

Prophetic Time:        3rd Ark
Location:                     Mt. Calvary
Man:                            Messiach (Messiah)
Vessel:                        Lamb of YHVH (Human Body as Temple)
Feast:                          Passover
GOD-Head:                 GOD the SON (Jesus Christ)

The Divine Capstone
Another very interesting observation about all these configurations is that the time sequence of YHVH’s 3 ‘Arks’ that appears to be clocked in phi ratio proportions since Noah, are in reverse order of the 3 main Feasts of YHVH. According to the Bible, the LORD prescribed Passover to be the head of the Religious Year, then Pentecost and ending the year with Sukkot. These are the 3 main Feasts or appointments the rest of the Feast hinge upon. Perhaps this order will repeat itself in the End of Days. In terms of ‘prophetic time’, the 1st Ark starts with possibly being on Sukkot.

The 2 other locations and Arks of Mt. Sinai correspond to Pentecost when the Law was given to Israel and to Mt. Calvary where Jesus as the Lamb of YHVH was crucified on Passover. Such a prophetic time could start with the 3rd Temple that will be rebuilt, then the Ark of the Covenant perhaps will be secured, then as in the Days of Noah, the Messiah will come the 2nd time to execute a divine judgment. This study and chart illustrations show that indeed there are geometric angles from the purported site of Mt. Ararat in Armenia and Mt. Sinai in Arabia that correlates to Mt. Calvary and other notable geographic and geometric associations of the Holy Land. Both locations are in direct geometric association with the Temple Mount’s sacred geometry and ley-lines.

The 3 sacred sites all have in common an ’Ark’ of a Covenant with the Creator YHVH. Each Ark signifies a Covenant, or a Promise made to Humanity by YHVH based on truth and revelation. According to the Bible, all of Creation and its geometry and mathematics is the work of the Great Architect of the Universe, Jesus Christ; GOD the Son. All symbols originate from the divine angles of the true and divine blueprint of the dimensions of YHVH’s House in Heaven. Symbols or geometric configurations of themselves are not inherently good or evil.

Such are ascribed those properties by others such as is the case with Lucifer and his Fallen Angelic hosts given and taught to Humanity. Some examples of the teaching of this sacred geometry, signs and knowledge are given in an account from the Book of Enoch for example. Just because Lucifer and those humans following him and his promises and covenants use the same or similar geometric symbols for their evil purposes does not mean the People of Jesus Christ should relinquish the spiritual power given over them to subdue and take back by risen Christ’s authority. It is correct that this geometric ‘pyramid’ with its corresponding capstone is what the Luciferians use to denote their covenants (covens) and plan for Humanity likewise as an alternative to the Covenants and Arks of YHVH.

It would be not that out of the ordinary, spiritual speaking, that Lucifer and his minions and slave followers would use such symbols too as a counterfeit of what YHVH has ordained through such sacred geometry, geography and perhaps even Prophetic Time. The Bible does state that Lucifer is an impostor and uses an appearance of truth, light and divine revelation to disguise his true evil intentions towards Humanity as he is against YHVH’s Creation, Jesus Christ and Humanity. If these geometric patterns seem to imply that these are in some way Luciferian or occultic, it is nothing of the sort.

The Earth-Moon Pattern
This study only suggests that just as truth and light have been manipulated by Lucifer, so too has the sacred geometry of YHVH’s Creation. To illustrate this principle, the 2 interlocking circles whose points of intersection are Mt. Ararat and Mt. Sinai will be discussed in terms of the geometric ‘pyramid’ it produces on the map of the Holy Land.

This ley-line from Mt. Sinai to Mt. Ararat is directly in line at a 33° angle and in phi ratio to the Dome of the Spirits (Tablets). This Dome of the Tablets, in turn is also at the center radius line that intersects the center radius line to Mt. Ararat. From this circle a pyramid can be construed as the center line of the 1st circle bisects the Mt. Calvary-Temple Mount diagonal as if to define the dimension of the geometric ‘capstone’ of the geometric pyramid. This capstone is in approximate phi ratio proportion with the Temple being at the center and base of the capstone apex.

If a smaller circle is placed to span the distance from Mt. Sinai and Mt. Calvary, the smaller circle on top of the ’pyramid’ in turn will equal the model of the radius of the Moon’s dimensions with respect to the Earth’s size. As it has been noted, another very important observation about the geometry of the 3 Prophetic Arks layout presented in this study is that the specific geometry of this geometric configuration over the geometry of the Holy Land incorporates the dimensions of the Earth to Moon ratios. The circumference of the distance from Mt. Sinai to Mt. Ararat denotes this dimension that also marks the radius of the Moon’s circumference that corresponds to the distance from Mt. Sinai to Mt. Calvary.

This sacred proportion can be suggested to be visually illustrated by the famous da Vinci ‘Star Man’ sketch. This sketch is a graphic depicting the male human body within 2 circles as the arms and legs of the male form are stretched out to the points of the circumference of the circles. This particular drawing is a masterpiece of the sacred geometry of the human body. Thus from such a construct, the dimensions of the very Earth and Moon are also incorporated in the very physique of the human body as the da Vinci graphic will illustrate. According to the Bible, the human form is created after the likeness of the Creator. In many visions of the Bible, such as that of Ezekiel and Jacob’s ladder, for example the Prophets of old would see what the Bible would describe as a form of a Man that either stood or sat on a throne of majesty and splendor.

It is also stipulated that the human body is a similar and smaller model in proportion of the Cosmos itself. The Bible in Genesis declares that the human body was fashioned in the likeness of the Creator, thus it would not be out of the question that in all living and beautiful things can one find such divine geometric and mathematical proportions. In some mysterious way the very dimension of the human body approximates a phi ratio proportion in one of its many unique properties. The phi ratio is a key to unlocking the sacred dimensions of the Creator as His Creation resonates with His very ‘signature’ of life and being. It is the divine blueprint of the Creator’s pattern infused within geometry and perhaps even topography and Prophetic Time itself.

The Geometric Crucifixion
Even at this human scale of a model, the dimensions of the 3 Ark’s geographic layout of the Holy Land approximate the borders of the New Jerusalem. The illustrated charts associated with this study will show this relationship between the circumference of the Earth and its Tropics. The Tropics are the limit of the Earth’s rotation as it wobbles up and down around the Sun for 1 year. This is what produces the various seasons on Earth after the Flood of Noah.

The Sun will not pass beyond the Tropic of Cancer to the north and not pass beyond the Tropic of Capricorn to the south. This illustration also shows that there is a direct correlation of the distance at the center point from Mt. Sinai to Mt. Ararat as it pertains to the diameter of the Earth even. This same distance appears to be approximately the same distance from the center of the circle that encompasses the whole of the Earth. Most prominently at this precise spot is Lake Victoria in Africa.

The distance from that center point to the Tropics equals the distance from that of the center line distance to the circumference from Mt. Sinai to Mt. Ararat. Some additional observations are as follows. The diameter of the Moon nearly approximates the area of the ‘capstones’ to the north and south of the ‘hexagram’ configuration that incorporates the dimensions of the 2 Tropics of Earth. Another observation is that the Temple Mount is in approximate phi ratio to Giza and Lake Victoria where it demarks the center point of the circumference of the Earth at this precise longitude.

This study also suggests that this scaled-down model of the geometric and geographic composition of the Holy Land is a replica of the Human Body and Cosmos that in turn mirrors the divine blueprint of the Creator’s sacred dimensions. One possible assertion is that the hexagram configuration that is construed from such sacred geometry suggests a type and shadow of the Crucifixion of the ’Cosmic Christ’ imagery that the planets configured in March 2, -5 BC as discovered by John C. Webb. The pattern seems to repeat from the cosmic level all the way to the actual literal fulfillment of the physical crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The cross of Calvary mirrors the famous da Vinci Vitruvian Man or ’cosmic-man’ within the tetrahedron or ’Star of David’ sacred geometry. The top of the head of Christ on the cross would correspond to Mt. Calvary where the Head of the Creator was dishonored with a crown of thorns. The outstretched arms of Jesus would precisely correspond to the circumference of the circles and the angle of the arms on the Cross. It was at the cross also that Christ’s heart was broken, literally pierced through as water and blood poured out from His side, as a ‘door’ of Jesus’ body, i.e. the Ark.

It was made like in the fashion of the door of the Ark of Noah that whosoever would have entered that door would have been spared of the global Flood. With Christ, the final Ark of Deliverance provided a door of escape from the eternal Judgment of the Righteous Creator as will the Rapture of the Bride also be. The Bible calls this provision of coming into Christ the New and Living way, through Jesus’ flesh.

Spiritual Significances

It is the body of Messiah that was given as a type of the Passover Lamb slaughtered to take away the sin of the World. Thus, those humans that avail themselves now of this blood will be saved from the coming Divine Wrath of YHVH as in a covering that the Ark of Noah and the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant provided. If this geometric composition is valid, then the physical model incorporated in the physique of the human body with the phi ratio proportion perhaps could very well also provide a clue as to the exact location of were the piercing by the Roman soldier occurred on the body of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. If the phi ratio is superimposed on the human body dimension of Christ on the cross, the entry point of the piercing would exactly correspond to the phi ratio proportion from the head to feet of Christ’s Body.

The piercing would occur then just below the lower part of the rib cage; either in-between ribs or entirely under the rib cage altogether. This study has presented several points based on the sacred geometry and ley-lines corresponding to the 3 Mountains of GOD from where Arks were provided for a deliverance by YHVH according the Biblical record. As to the significance or application, that remains to be ascertained fully but one striking assertion to this association is that given 2 known precise points based on GPS of the purported Mt. Sinai in Arabia (Media) and the Temple Mount’s Dome of the Tablets, the 3rd point that corresponds to Noah’s Ark could thus be precisely mathematically triangulated. For a further study on Mt. Sinai, search for the title, The Blueprints of GOD’s Gory study series.

Although many have claimed to have discovered the actual location of the Noah’s Ark, no precise geographical measurements have been presented thus far. What is very unique and striking is that in relation to the ley-lines from Mt. Sinai to Mt. Ararat, the distance from Mt. Sinai to the Temple Mount is in perfect proportions to the Earth-Moon dimensions. When a secondary or smaller circle is superimposed at the apex of the geometric pyramid, base a ‘Capstone’ is construed that consists of the distance from Mt. Sinai to Mt. Calvary. This configuration matches the depiction of the famous da Vinci’s Cosmic Man.

This series of studies of the 3 Prophetic Arks, Ararat, Sinai and Christ suggests that the property of the phi ratio is the divine ‘key’ that unlocks various geographic and geometric configurations associated with these Arks and perhaps Prophetic Time as well according to the LORD’s schedule. As this study is suggesting there are at least 3 layers of revelation given in these layouts, geographic, geometric and time. For example in terms of geography, if YHVH had a hand in re-creating and/or rehashing the Earth after the Flood, His divine presence would have resonated His creative properties even upon the very topography of the Earth to the degree based on phi ratio proportions. The very angles of some prominent topographical landmarks of the Holy Land attest to this assertion. It will be very evident from the map presented in the charts that the very geography of the Holy Land follows the geometric layout of these 3 Prophetic Arks.

As it has been suggested, more astonishing is the notion that perhaps such a mathematical factor of the phi ratio could have been and is incorporated in the very fabric of Prophetic Time itself as far as the schedule of the whole Redemptive Plan of YHVH for Humanity is concerned and about to be completed at Jesus’ 2nd Coming. These series of illustration are but 1 attempt in ascertaining such notions as they pertain the geography, geometry, and Prophetic Time of the 3 ‘Arks of Deliverance’ of YHVH in the Holy Land.

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