The Animated Golden Image of the AntiChrist

  • How will the 'Image of the Beast' be animated? What will it look like?
  • Will such an 'Image' be similar in scope to the one in Daniel's day?
  • As most humans 'worship' idols, A.I. being incorporated will succeed.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And he had power to give life unto the Image of the Beast, that the Image of the Beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the Image of the Beast should be killed.’ -Revelation 13:15

The purpose of this study is to provide a prophetic comparison of the Temple of YHVH with that of the ‘Image’ or ‘Statue’ spoken prophetically by the prophet Daniel, with the one that will indeed be a physical idol set up like the one Nebuchadnezzar erected in the Plains of Dura, but with Artificial Intelligence AI perhaps. The 2nd part to the study will critique the latest notion that the AntiChrist could very well be a ‘machine’ erroneously believed to be made up of AI. The coming False Prophet will erect such an ‘Image’ on the Temple Mount in proximity to the rebuilt 3rd Temple to divert the worship centered around the 3rd Temple away from YHVH. This study suggests that during the coming Tribulation Period, such a Statue will be in keeping with the Biblical types since Nebuchadnezzar’s day. This study suggests that the prophetic time will end as it started with Daniel’s interpretation of such an ‘Image of the Beasts’ and metals; to end with a literal ‘Image of the Beast’ as it began with one in the Plains of Dura.

The ‘Image’ was a 6 by 6 by 60-cubit dimension, (666) thus the ‘Image of the Beast’ and related to the Number of his Name as found in the book of Revelation, etc. This study also suggests that the length in measurement equates also in years perhaps and that, subject to phi. The timing of when the ‘Image’ is rolled-out is suggested to be at the mid-point of the Tribulation Period to coincide with the cessation of the Daily Sacrifices as the AntiChrist diverts worship to himself. Perhaps it will be at this time that the last Beast of the Masonic Empire of Lucifer’s AntiChrist begins the intense persecution of YHVH’s People to primarily include national Israel. Israel will go through the ‘Fiery Furnace’ typified by Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego as in the days of Daniel.

It is the AntiChrist, the man, which will cause the 3rd Temple to be desolate by his entering the Holy of Holes, etc. This coming ‘abomination’ has not been the 1st attempt at causing ‘desolation’ to the Holy Temple of YHVH. Throughout Temple history, world empire rulers as ‘Beasts’ have been infused with the spirit of AntiChrist that have sought to divert worship away from the true and living GOD, YHVH. For example, today it is Islam that occupies the Temple Mount and their claim to Jerusalem that seeks to divert worship toward Mecca, etc. Perhaps both the Temple that the Image of Nebuchadnezzar that were in phi ratio and could suggest a similar phi ratio of prophetic time to when Daniel’s 70th Week of Years could commence. 

The Image of the Beast
There are actually 4 ‘Images’ that will be compared. There is the literal one erected by Nebuchadnezzar in the Plains of Dura. There is the ‘Image’ of the ‘Metallic Man’ that hints at the last one with probably A.I. as most computer and electronic circuitry requires all the metals attributed to the ‘Image’ and ‘Beasts’ of the King’s dream. Then there is the ‘Anthropomorphic Man’ based on the dimensions of the Temple of YHVH. Lastly there is the coming ‘Image of the Beast’ that will echo that of the one in Daniel’s day in the Plains of Dura, etc. In Daniel 3, the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar was that of a man. The Image was that of the King's image. The King as the glorified man is the meaning of 666 as 7 is the number of perfection and 6 is the number of imperfect mankind. The number 6 could be association with mankind because Adam and Eve were created on the 6th Day. The number 6 in the Bible denotes all that represents a usurper undertaking such as with the AntiChrist, the Beast and all that stands to replace the perfect and complete standards of the Creator, YHVH.

For example, Goliath the Philistine Giant that defied not only YHVH’s People but YHVH himself was 6 cubits in height. His spear's head weighed 6 shekels and he had 6 pieces of armor (666). This is another attribution of the 666 ‘Number of the Beast’ association. Another ‘signature’ of such evil and wickedness is physically attributed by such Giants having 6 fingers and 6 toes, etc. Although some suggest the ‘Image’ was an obelisk because most obelisk dimensions were commonly given by a 60 x 6 x 6 template based on their length x width x height. For example, the Washington Monument does come somewhat close to this dimension of the Statue of Dura but the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar falls short by about 30 feet. The height of the Washington Monument obelisk is 555.5 feet, which is equal to 6,666 inches. However, both structures appear to have the exact same 10:1 size ratio; that is the image was 10x times higher than it was wide. In terms of the phi ratio of time template, consider that that the time span of Babylon was in phi ratio to that of Persia and Greece combined. In turn, the Persia and Greece empires were in phi ratio to that of Rome, etc.

This parallels the approximate same dimension in proportion to the Temple of YHVH. Not only as the literal Statue at Dura the same length as the Temple but the Holy of Holies was in phi ratio to the Holies. In turn, the Holies was in phi ratio to the entire Outer Courts, etc. Indeed the Temple is an ‘anthropomorphic’ rendition of the human male form. Even the 2 pillars of Jachin and Boaz represented not only the phallus from a side view, but from a top view the 2 legs and so on. The Washington Monument is a giant phallus as it portrays that very concept when incorporated with the light and shadow contrasts as the Sun casts it shadow on the ground. The 4 sides of the Washington Monument are aligned with the cardinal directions (i.e., east, west, north, and south). In terms of knowing what was the actual dimensions of the Statue of Dura, there is no standard story height either and like a cubit, it can vary considerably from country to country as it has from ancient civilization to the next. For example, in these modern times, 10 feet is a rule of thumb for estimating the height of a commercial building for example. A 10-story building would be 100 feet high for example.

The New A.I. Order
The ‘Image of the Beast’ may very well be modeled after the prophetic Statue of a man representing the empires that YHVH gave Nebuchadnezzar in his prophetic dream with an accompanying Stone that would destroy them all. One approximate model could be based on the height of the Statue of Liberty for which it is modeled after with the crown of 7-rays of Saturn, the god of wealth, liberty and time. As it was given to Nebuchadnezzar during Daniel’s day, so too during the Tribulation Period will the people of Israel and the world in general be faced with an imposing Luciferian and Masonic New World Order religious system. As it was then, Lucifer seeks to divert the true worship to YHVH to himself instead and most likely will infuse AI to do it. Lucifer seeks to be the ‘Creator God’ in substitution of YHVH’s creation.

Lucifer promises a false ‘Singularity’ by mimicking the creation of mankind at best with a ‘Golden Statue’ as Lucifer is incapable of creating and giving life out of nothing. The best that the Luciferians will come up with is AI. Lucifer cannot create a Humanity with a body of flesh and blood that reflects the ‘Image of its Creator’. This is why Lucifer seeks to deface any vestiges of beauty in the human form, primarily ‘man’ with homosexuality, trans-humanism, genetic engineering, and AI perhaps. Nothing is evil in seeking true scientific research but Lucifer has and will use science against Humanity to de-humanize it into his ‘image and likeness’, etc. The best Lucifer will do is to appear that he can emanate the ‘Breath of Life’ into the Statue and make it appear to come to life.

As this study suggests, the coming Tribulation Period will be as in the time of Daniel when Nebuchadnezzar set up the Golden Image. This 6-6-6 Golden Image was set-up in the Plain of Dura and all subjects had all bow down to it to worship the ‘Image of the Beast’. This event took place soon after the Remnants of Judah were well established and incorporated in the Babylonian ‘New World Order’ service. This is what the Tribulation Period is all about, a testing of Israel’s faith and the revelation of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ and a transformation done by Him in His ‘Image and Likeness’. Israel still has a rendezvous and destiny with Jesus again. The Bible states that the entire world, except for the Jewish remnant represented by Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego worshipped the Statue that was in the image of Nebuchadnezzar, a type of the AntiChrist to come as a ‘Beast’.

This time-period will mirror the events of the Tribulation Period in that only after Israel has ‘Peace and Security’ for about 3.5 years will the AntiChrist then put them to the religious test of whom will they worship. Presently on Earth, the place of this intense persecution is a prelude within the Middle East, in the very Plains of Dura of Iraq. It was there where the first Image of the Beast statue was set up by Nebuchadnezzar. This area is also where Nimrod came down to build the Tower of Babel to maintain his ‘Singularity’ over Humanity. Throughout history, since the LORD revealed the 4 evil ‘Beast Empires’ to Daniel, such have been used by Lucifer to demand worship to an ‘Image’. The Statue of Nebuchadnezzar also had corresponding metals to its type of Beasts. Since Babylon, those that refused to worship the Image of the Beast have been put to death, be Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Darius, Xerxes, Alexander the Great, the Caesars, the Popes, etc.

Symbols of Sorcery
Symbols such as the Image of the Beast will be very powerful and it is the first thing the occult and the Secret Societies teach. Just as Nebuchadnezzar used the Image of Daniel 3:5-7 to demanded worship at the sound of certain music, so too will the coming Antichrist in consort with the False Prophet do the same in Revelation 13:15. By description, the ‘Image’ appears to be some type of structure infused with AI. The coming Statute will take over where Nimrod left off. It is the physical implementation of the Luciferian quest to obtain ‘Singularity’ through their New World Order religion. This quest has been planned since the failed attempt at Babel by Nimrod. This stipulation of unifying Humanity happened right after the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It was overtly manifested at Babel. What the major religions of the world have done is to prepare the world for the idol worship of the coming AntiChrist and ultimately Lucifer, publically and overtly for the first time in human history.

The AI involved will be the best illustration of all the symbols of the New World Order as a type of The Great Oz from the 1930's movie, The Wizard of Oz. It is where a little man behind the curtain projected himself as bigger than life through an image. Ironically, even the Bible does allude to this of the nature and character of the ‘mighty Lucifer’. The Bible states that Lucifer has the highest ranking of beings outside of Humanity, mighty in power, knowledge, beauty, etc. However, his true nature and composition will be pitied at his sight as being nothing, small and insignificant when Jesus restores all things. In Isaiah 14:16-17 it states the following. ‘Those who see you stare at you, they look at you carefully, thinking: ‘Is this the man who shook the Earth, the one who made kingdoms tremble? Who made the world like a wilderness and overthrew its cities.’

Initially Lucifer through the Image set up on the Temple Mount with AI will be a primer to the mandatory worship of the New World Order religion that will be fomented by the False Prophet religiously and supported politically by the Antichrist as forced ‘State Worship’. This coming New World Order religions and worship will be enforced by the State. The people are going to be told, no doubt by this AI Statue to bow to the power of the almighty AntiChrist, or be killed. It will be like in the days of Daniel 3:6 that those that did not fall down and worship the Image was in that same hour cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace. This study suggests that as it was then for the Exiles of Judah in Babylon, so will such a time will be for the Exiles of Judah from Rome since 70 AD, i.e. Israel during the coming Tribulation Period will typify the 3 young men prophetically.

The Bible foretells that the Antichrist will do the exact same thing when he comes. Revelation 13:15. ‘And he had power to give life unto the Image of the Beast, that the Image of the Beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.’ Nebuchadnezzar was a type of the AntiChrist as all the subsequent heads of the empires that followed. As noted, in Daniel’s day the mandatory worship of the Image of the Beast was a ploy to try and get the Jewish Exiles from Judah to forsake YHVH as it will be in the Last Days during the coming Tribulation Period to test Israel. The backdrop will be within the context of Jacob’s Trouble, a time of testing and purification that will transform Israel to the point that they will acknowledge the true Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Prophetic Déjà-Vu
The act of sacrilege or the Abomination of Desolation caused by the AntiChrist would coincide with the command by the AntiChrist to stop the Daily Sacrifices at the Temple that will be rebuilt. As it has been with the prior 3 Luciferian Beast empires of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, Judah will have similar circumstances in that Israel is left to deal with a coming world ruler infused by the spirit of the combined ‘Beasts Empires’ and the spirit of the AntiChrist. To reiterate, this coming last ‘Beast’ at the end of prophetic time like Nebuchadnezzar at the beginning of a prophetic time will likewise set up a Statue, an image in the likeness of the AntiChrist himself to be worshipped as ‘God’ after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. The Bible declares that the False Prophet, whomever is the predominant religious leader of the time, be it the Pope or the Jewish High Priest will make the Statue.

The Image of the Beast will speak and be animated to a certain degree through AI no doubt. The False Prophet will require the whole world to pay homage to this ‘Image of the Beast’ in direct competition to the worship that will be going on in the 3r Temple. If the Statue is to have a torch of some type like the Statue of Liberty, it would epitomize the Luciferian type of the AntiChrist being a ‘Light Bearer’ that the Masons and Humanists revere Lucifer for and welcome as the Serpent of Wisdom that has bestowed Humanity with fire and knowledge, etc. In reality, the False Prophet, the AntiChrist and Lucifer will bring a false light to the world. The Bible clearly warns that Lucifer is nothing more than a Fallen Angel full of lies.

Jesus said of him that he was a murderer from the beginning and the father of deceit bent on a mad quest to rule the Universe in YHVH’s place. Lucifer has a dark light and masquerades as an Angel of Light as do his ‘workers of inequity’, his Master Masons are hell bent on making sure that at some point the 3rd Temple will be a Masonic Temple suitable for their Master, their Dark Lord to take possession of and sit in its Throne Room, the Holy of Holies. A token of their ‘Great Work’ has been to set up such statues venerating Lucifer throughout the Ages that depict this ‘Image of the Beast’. Such are none but a disguised Baphomet, a hermaphrodite as is the Statue of Liberty in NYC. It is a tribute to Lucifer the ‘Light-Bearer’, of Apollo in drags with one hand up and the other down in the Luciferian pose of ‘As Above, So Below’ proclaiming ‘Liberty’ from YHVH as the god Saturn.

Perhaps in similar fashion, the ‘Image of the Beast’ that is to outside the Temple in the Outer Court given to the Gentiles; perhaps in-between the rebuilt 3rd Temple and the Dome of the Rock. The Statue may very well be in relation to the AntiChrist’s ego but more interesting, it matches the height of the Temple in proportion and phi ratio measurement. This study strongly suggests that thereafter, the AntiChrist will literally enter the Holy of Holies and sit himself how on the Ark of the Covenant of Moses and proclaim himself God, the ‘Master Builder’ imposter. The dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant are in proportion to the human body. Moreover, that the phi ratio has been the prophetic template of time that each ‘Image of the Beast’ empire has lasted. It would appear that all the 4 ‘Images of the Beast’ are a facsimile of each other, a true prophetic template that may unlock the pattern for the last one.

The Ghost in the Machine
The latest fallacy being introduced in the Prophecy Community aside from the Flat Earth Theory is that the AntiChrist will not be a human but will be a machine with Artificial Intelligence AI, probably. Such proponents are now teaching that the Church Body has been erroneously taught that the AntiChrist has to be a ‘man’. Such a notion goes against sound doctrine and established inferences that are undeniable. The AntiChrist possibly being a machine cannot be based on the parameters of Scripture already established and generally uncontested. The AntiChrist being a machine is being confused for the Image of the Beast or erected statue that will be set-up subsequently by the False Prophet that most likely will have AI of some sort. Those who are prorogating this new fallacy are insisting they are not saying that the AntiChrist will be a ‘machine’ but that it could be a machine.

This is the same cop-out of the Revelation 12 Sign Rapture proponents that stated that it was going to be the Rapture but that they are not saying that it is going to be the Rapture, etc. This new fallacy of the AntiChrist being possibly a machine is of the same error of the new teaching that also come about from the Revelation 12 Sign phenomenon. Likewise, it was stated that since the times of the Apostles and Church Fathers, their understanding of what the Manchild and the Rapture was about was all erroneously taught to the Church to the point of being ‘brain washed’. The new the true interpretation is that the Bride of Christ was not ‘born’ on Pentecost but is ‘gestating’ until it is to be ‘born’ on the Rapture, anticipated to have been on Sept 23, 2017, etc. This fallacy proved to be false as will the AntiChrist possibly being a machine.

As to the ‘birth’ of the Church, it is actually the opposite of what Galatians 4:19 specifically teaches, about such a confusion. It not the ‘Church Body’ that is ‘gestating’ but the Person, Image and Likeness of Christ Jesus in the Body corporately and in the Believer individually. This has been the sanctifying, present-tense salvation of the Holy Spirit. This life and work in the Church Body is the ‘gestating’ until ‘He’ Jesus is born, all-inclusive as the Bride of Christ reaches maturity as in a crop, a harvest, etc. Such fallacies like the Revelation 12 Sign being the ‘birth’ of the Church and Rapture took away from the work and person of a Christ-centered imagery. It switched the focus to man’s self-glorifying effort. Due to the sin nature, too often may ‘teachers’ tend to want to deflect from Christ, of His finished work on the Cross of Calvary and have it be man-centered, done overtly and/or inadvertently.

It is rather interesting though that it is the same people that are conjuring-up such fallacies. What Spirit is this coming from? It is not of the Holy Spirit; that is for sure. An example used in justifying such a fallacy that the Church Body has all along been wrongly taught of what the Scriptures clearly teaches and states is due to ‘missing the facts’. One common example used is the coming of Jesus’s 1st advent. The schedule or timeline was given to Daniel; the place was given of the town that was specific of which Bethlehem it was, as there were numerous towns named with such a prefix. There was a time and a place; the Rulers and Priests confirmed it. However, such were not of the Sheepfold that listened to His voice nor followed the Great Shepard of the Sheep, etc. Why is this an issue in the Last Days in bringing up such fallacies being taught?

Scratching the Ears
The Church Body is in the midst of what the Apostle Paul taught would happen in the Last Days. As far as Bible Prophecy would be concerned, among other teachings is that sound doctrine would be thrown out the preverbal window. That ‘sound doctrine’ would make way for what he characterized as a Body so dumbed-down by a conspiratorial agenda of the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ within the Church Body to only now have congregants want their ears scratched to what they want to hear. It is not the Word of GOD that is sought or taught, but the latest and greatest trends in Biblical Prophecy, etc. Nothing is wrong with Prophetic Reports, some are awesome but the point is that there is already sound doctrine when it comes to what and who the AntiChrist is and its prophetic framework. The latest prophetic ‘fad’ confusion is entering the Body of Christ by the misunderstanding that the AntiChrist may not even be a ‘man’ after all.

On a side note, it is interesting how in these Last Days, as it was in the Days of Lot, the attack on male masculinity and the propping-up of a replacing ‘image’ construed of homosexuality, feminism and trans-genderism or none-gender conforming designations has even stripped the AntiChrist of his ‘manhood’. It is now even in the Church Body that the AntiChrist cannot even be a ‘man’. The point is that there will be an AI sort of ‘Image’ that will be set-up much like an idol and be given the power to be animated as AI. As to the scientific Singularity of AI, it is now a reality and is getting more intelligent exponentially. Conversely, the brain power of Humanity, in general is being deliberately ‘dumped-down’, diminishing. Incredible that those that profess to have studied the book of Revelation supposedly for decades fail to see the facts in the pages of Scripture.

The Bible facts regarding the AntiChrist are in black and white, so much so that one has to make the intentional effort, if to attract followers, or be sensational and bring together a gathering to solicit an offering perhaps. After all, bad press is better than no press at all for some ministries. Such tend to keep the Biblical Prophecy community hooked and addicted onto the next best theory and ‘Sign’ or supposition even if it is directly contrary to the very Scripture that defines certain clear parameters that one cannot go ‘outside the box’ in such matters. This is especially also true in the Church Body as Biblical Prophecy has been neglected and those few that teach, it seems sadly to only be interjecting fallacies and more confusion. If this sort of conjecture is the best the Church Body has in this last hour of the Last Days, then it is in trouble.

What one has presently is Generation Idiot, in and out of the Church Body, etc. If only everyone could be a ‘Prophet’ like Moses when the case arose that people were also prophesying or ‘preaching’ within the congregation in the wilderness and some got jealous that only Moses was to be the ‘Prophet’. Those that are coming up with the notion that the AntiChrist could very well be a machine herald the fact that it is a revolutionary theory. It is so out there that such self-proclaim that they are the first to even speak of this theory. This is true but one would not be proud of such an embarrassing claim. Such also take full credit for having devised the Revelation 12 Sign teaching and that everyone else has copied them. It is symptomatic of the narcissism that blinds such to believe that although such research was not original, it is compensated now by this AntiChrist AI Machine Theory, as being ‘original’.

Longing for Singularity to Return

The Revelation 12 Rapture Theory coming out of these same sources were wrong, and so too will the AntiChrist being possibly even a machine, and time will confirm this fact, etc. Bible researchers have presented works on AI, most notably Anthony Patch, Steve Quale, Tim Albarino, Josh Peck of SkyWatchTV, etc. Prophetic information and inferences, although is seen in part, prophesied in part and seen through a foggy mirror or glass is limited in scope. However, certain Scriptural frameworks on certain topics do however give enough evidence and facts to construct valid exegesis of a given prophecy. Specific to the coming and person of the Antichrist, it does not allude to a machine. The ‘Number’ of the ‘Beast’ to be calculated, 666 can be computed but it is stated that it is specific to the ‘Number of a ‘Man’, not a machine. The AntiChrist will be the ‘Man of Sin’, a human. He will be a Prince that shall come, the Assyrian, etc.

The Bible states clearly that the AntiChrist will be alive and thrown into the Lake of Fire. No machine is ‘alive’. Is it no wonder why the Luciferians are keen on the bloodline of David’s descendant? They are going to present Israel with the counterfeit Messiah with full credentials, in this blood not in his circuits. There is the concept of there being a Ghost in the Machine. If demons can possess humans, why not machines as well. Why, even the Epic of Gilgamesh had an android character. As one who studies Bible Prophecy also for decades since 1980, conjectures have been made. Many would say that a lot have been presented ‘outside the box’. However, such enquiry and study into Biblical Prophecy are only to test theories and recapturing certain disciplines, mainly Biblical Astronomy and the lost meaning of the Mazzaroth for example.

Some examples of ‘outside the box’ theories would be that there are in fact 7 Raptures in Revelation. The Revelation 12 Sign is the 4th Rapture and middle segment pertaining to the Menorah prophetic pattern and whom the book identifies which ones the ‘rapture’ is pertaining to. The Manchild, in this context are the 144,000. Another ‘outside the box’ conjecture is that the Rapture is to be tied to a Pentecost Season and cannot be on Feast of Trumpets. The present-tense work is that of the Pentecostal Age, which is not fully been fulfilled. The Feast of Trumpet is when Jesus is to return to complete the last 3 remaining Fall Feasts in successive order much like He did in the 1st advent with the 1st 3 Spring Feasts. A Feast of Trumpets would also be in keeping with His Birth, the other time Jesus literally manifested in the flesh as He will at His 2nd coming, etc.

There is also the theory of the ‘Adjudication of the Bride’. It presents the notion that the Bride of Christ, upon the Rapture has to face her Accuser in Heaven first before Lucifer is cast down to Earth. Although the AntiChrist will seek to obtain a false Singularity, one cannot reach Singularity until once finds oneself saved by the Blood of Jesus. Jesus is the ‘Singularity’ by which all things exist and hold together and will return to. Until that time, there will be an attempt at a false Singularity being attained much like with Nimrod with the Tower of Babel. That work was judged and interrupted, eventually this work of this Luciferian ‘Singularity’ will also be judged. That in fact, the Seal Judgments are that indictment upon the demise of Lucifer that confers his expulsion from Heaven as the Bride of Christ assumes the vacated thrones of Principalities and Power, etc.

Fake Prophecy
Conjecture ‘outside the box’ is fine but any ‘new’ theory still has to have its bases in Scripture that is self-evident. Conjecture and suppositions should not to be construed outside the realm of what the Bible already declares about a certain prophetic topic. To suggest, imply or conject that the AntiChrist could be a machine is taking the evidence clearly presented by Scripture already and confusing it, even if unintentionally perhaps with wrong inferences. Another example of how Biblical Prophecy can be skewed and man’s own misinterpretation gets in the way has to do with the very notion of the scientific and atheistic quest to achieve Singularity. In essence, man does want to ‘finish’ the work of the Tower of Babel as that was the origin of the Singularity given by YHVH after the Flood of Noah. However, the desire to maintain such a Singularity ran contrary already to the precepts and command of YHVH to be ‘fruitful and multiply and fill the Earth’.

This heavenly edict demanded migration, colonization and an effort on the part of a reigning Humanity to be faithful and obedient to the Creator’s protocols. However, the seed of Lucifer’s rebellion was alive and well, at least in 1 man, Nimrod. It is believed that he in some way unlocked the secrets that even the Nephilim could not achieve in that he became a ‘Giant’. He somehow unlocked the code of the DNA to alter it and to suggest that he even could transpose inter-dimensionally ‘to reach into Heaven’, etc. Such teach, for example that the Tower of Babel was no more than a tower to see Stars. If one has truly studied the Ancients and the Sumerian concept of cosmology, one would be appalled at such an ignorant statement that demonstrates academic and scholarly neglect and is quit embarrassing.

The Tower of Babel was not a mere astronomical observatory. It was a structure built as a Stairgate/portal. That is what the name Ba-bel means and it is even stated in the ancient Sumerian Creation Account. Its true purpose was to peel the veil of the interdimensional realm of the 2nd and perhaps 3rd Heaven. It was the intent of Nimrod to invade the 3rd Heaven and ‘kill GOD’ and to take over His Throne and Dominion, etc. This is of course an example of conjecture. However, it is based on Lucifer’s quest for Singularity. It is his Prime Directive since his rebellion and instills this deception in the minds of the Nimrods of the world. In the Last Days, the AI utilized will nearly achieve this false Singularity through the 3rd Temple.
The AI Image of the Beast, in some sort of fashion will be invigorated ‘on a wing of the Temple’ with such an intelligence that it will be amazing. However, it is the AntiChrist, the Man that will cause the Temple to be ‘desolate’ by his ‘abomination’. This event will occur when he enters the Holy of Holies to sit on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covent that Moses built. Again, more conjecture but based on Scriptural framework. On an aside note regarding the need for the 3rd Temple, realize that as the Rabbis truly state, there is really no reason to build a ‘Temple’. The Altar is all that is really required to start the Sacred Rituals of the Sacrificial Ordinance. What predicates the Temple is the need to house the Ark of the Covenant. This was understood by King David when it entered into his mind and heart to ‘build YHVH a house’. Why?

It is because the Glory of the LORD resided in-between the 2 Cherubim. This was the ‘Throne of YHVH’ on Earth, the ‘footstool’, etc. Thus, as there is prophesied a coming ‘Abomination of Desolation’ that Jesus Christ inferred was to occur in a future Temple, per Daniel. Jesus made it clear that the 2nd Temple that was going to be destroyed was not the one being foretold. Thus, the context demands then that there will be a physical Temple present during the Tribulation Period. Moreover, that if that is the case, the only reason for it to be build is to house the Ark of the Covenant, which then presumes the Ark will be revealed in due time to warrant the Temple. Again, these are examples of Scriptural conjecture. It is at this ‘Throne’, that Lucifer will only be able to get, as close to Heaven as possible since at that time, he will literally and forever be expelled from entering Heaven again. As Nimrod failed, so too will Lucifer. Why the 3rd Temple?

It is at the Temple Mount, that very spot that is also a Stargate, a portal to Heaven. It is a threshold where the veil can be pierced inter-dimensionally and was. This was perhaps the knowledge that Nimrod obtained. It was the place where the fiery Cherubim expelled Adam and Eve and were put outside the ‘Gate’ of Eden. Jacob rested on the stone and had the vision of the ‘Stairway to Heaven’, etc. Such a physical veil of the Holy of Holies typified this as there were accounts of how even Angles crossed over as in the case of the father of John the Baptist, etc. In summary, one has the liberty to suggest a causation in Scripture regarding any topic taught. However, the conjecture that the AntiChrist is going to be a machine does not meet this standard. The ‘Statue’ does meet this standard and will but now some are confusing the AntiChrist’s essence with that of the probable AI facets of the Image/Idol.

It will be religious in context as the Bible states clearly. It will be the False Prophet that will force the Idol onto the Temple Mount to be also worshipped. In some way, it will be linking everything and everyone within the grid to know who has or not the Mark of the Beast perhaps. It is true that Humanity is turning to science and making it a religion to replace the Judeo-Christian paradigm that is involved with an eternal conflict that only within Jesus Christ is it resolved. Science is bias and not objective. Case in point, Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory of the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection: The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. AI will help usurp the Judeo-Christian ‘religion’ where eugenics and science will mess into the Luciferian ‘pure religion’ that Albert Pike foretold would only come about by way of the 3 World Wars.

The AntiChrist will be the ‘son of Satan’, mimicking the creative prerogative of YHVH. The fallen race of Adam also seeks to implement the misguided Prime Directive given by YHVH in the Garden of Eden. This edict was to reproduce in one’s own image and likeness as Adam did by the physical inception and birth of his prodigy, etc. The human quest for Singularity by man is only the symptom of the inner-void of a fallen race longing to return to the true ‘Singularity’ that is found in the Unity of the Godhead and from where all Singularity comes from. The Elites, Luciferians will usurp this AI technology and will not be independent. There is no institution, brain trust or research tank that is not controlled by the hidden and invisible hands of the Luciferians. AI will be incorporated into the coming New World Order; it already is.

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