Comprehensive Connection to Prophetic Events

  • What are Meteor Showers and why do they occur?
  • Is there a Prophetic Connection to Such Celestial Events?
  • Is the Herculid Shower connected to 'Alien' Messaging?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘As it is written: For Your sake we face Death all Day long; we are considered as Sheep to be Slaughtered. No, in all these things we are more than Conquerors through Him who Loved us. For I am convinced that neither Death nor Life, neither Angels nor Principalities, neither the Present nor the Future, nor any Powers, neither Height nor Depth, nor Anything else in all Creation, will be able to Separate us from the Love of GOD that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.’
-Romans 36-39

The purpose of this study is to consider the Herculid Meteor Shower at the end of May 2022. It will depend on the circumstances if it will materialize. The event is coming from the Constellation of Hercules, and thus the Name. The reason why this is a topic to consider is that in the online Bible Prophecy Watch Blog, Revelation 12 Daily, Brad, the Site Administrator highlighted the event as a possible Celestial Sign, pointing to the Rapture. Such Online Communities are Vigilant, wanting to be on the Look-Out for such Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars. One was a bit puzzled as to why such an assertion of a mere Meteor Shower could have any possible Prophetic Implications.

With that in mind, one was reminded that one is trusting the Holy Spirit to lead the Topic Discussions. And to perhaps discern what the ‘Message’ is that Christ would have be, as a possible ‘Sign’, because the End of the Church Age is fast approaching. Granted, for the Christian, the Final Revelation and ‘Message’ is found in the Bible. There is no debating that. What one is discussing is the ‘Signs’ that accompany, given the Times. This Vigilance and Disposition to ‘Watch’ such things is like how it was with the Sons of Issachar. The Bible says that although they knew the Torah and the Prophets, no doubt, it is noted how they ‘Watched’ in a complimentary and exemplary fashion, from 1 Chronicles 12:32-33. ‘From Issachar, Men who understood the Times and knew what Israel should do: 200 Chiefs with all their Kinsmen at their Command’.

How would they have known ‘what to do’, if they did not know how and what to Watch for? And that is the Purpose of a Watchman and Watchwoman. They are Vigilant, they See, Watch and report to the others in their Community and/or Family, etc. With this in context, the following Prophetic Observations will be made. Indeed the Herculid Meteor Shower, that is coming from the Constellation of Hercules, perhaps is ‘Signaling’ the Message of what the Motif stands for and ‘says’. How so? Note that this Prophetic Interpretation of the Constellation is based on how the ‘Witness of the Stars’ conveys a facet of the Redemptive Work of Jesus Christ. It is the ‘Gospel’ displayed above for all to see in a ‘Picture’ Storyline. Thus, one was intrigued as it became clear why this Motif of Hercules, at this Time and Place is perhaps something to consider. Why?

Retro Revelations

Here is the Key. The Herculid Meteor Shower originates close to the Galaxy Cluster called M13 there as well, in the Constellation. And? This has then profound Prophetic Implications that will be discussed further down in the study. Before then, here is the latest consideration of what the Herculids are and how they come about for context. It has been reported that the Herculid Meteor Shower will start around May 29-31, 2022, which the 29th is interestingly, Jerusalem Day. They will only be able to be seen in the Western Hemisphere, starting from Baja California and on-down towards the Equator.

Where do Meteor Showers come from? Most Meteor Showers come from the Debris of broken-up Comets. As the Earth passes through the Space Field of these Fragmented Comet Particles, the Night Sky lights-up with streaks of those Fragments and burn-up as they enter Earth’s Atmosphere. The Effect is a ‘Shooting Star’, literally. In this case, the Comet has been identified. It is due to Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann, or SW3 for short. Now to the study. In thinking about why Brad posted this Herculid Meteor Shower, one wondered if the Holy Spirit is wanting to draw the Bride’s attention to this area of the Astronomical Sky and why? One will see why.

Since the Shower takes place near the Messier 13 or M13 Galaxy Cluster, it involves an array of many Prophetic ‘loose ends’ that only looking back in Hind-Sight make sense, or more sense. It involves the Topics of: Planet X, Sabbath Cycles, the AntiChrist Persona or the ‘Hero’ Hercules that the Bride of Christ is waiting for, Crop Circles, Aliens, Disclosure, Contact, a Mars Connection, DNA Manipulation, Mayan Calendar Dooms Day, etc. So with all that, here is one’s best attempt to tie it all together and set the Background to what this ‘Herculid’ Sign is ‘Messaging’ at this Time and might imply.

It starts back in 2008, just before the start of the 2 prior Sabbath Cycles. On July 16, 2008, there was a famous Planetary Alignment construed in a Crop Circle in Avebury, England. And? It occurred in one of the UK’s Occult Ley-Lines. So, one is treading on the Territory, Spiritually Speaking, of the Enemy, so be warned. Avebury is an Ancient Circle Mount itself but part of a Triangulation with the other famous Occult and Druid Landmarks. There is Salisbury Hill or Mount and then an Open Field with other Monolithic Markers, next to the small Hamlet towards the West. These are all within 1 Mile of each other. It so happens that this Ancient Monolithic Triangulation nearly matches, topographically the Ley-Lines of Cydonia, Mars Star Gate. See Chart below.

So, this is a ‘Hot Spot’ for Fallen Angel conduits, to use in coming-and-going from their Dimensions, etc. And as one has a running Theory about Earth’s Ancient Mars Connection, it is that all Ancient and Modern Sites of Power, Religion and Commerce are Spiritually or in this case Luciferian Charged. Not good. And? This is one connection. The connection is what happened there, in July of 2008. If one believes there is something to the Crop Circles Phenomena, then all this will make sense. There are clear Hoaxes, but many appear overnight, and People have witnessed and video-taped glowing Spheres of Light hovering over the Fields as Patterns emerge instantaneously. What distinguishes these ‘Real Ones’ form the Fake Ones is how the Reeds are Bent by Heat, etc. So, a Crop Circle of the Solar System there in Avebury.

Coming to a Solar System Near You
What was unique about the Planetary Alignment or Depiction is that it nearly matched to what the Planet’s positions would be. When? On the Mayan Doomsday End of the Calendar, of December 21, 2012. Does anyone remember all that? So, the Crop Circle Depiction occurred 4 Years prior. What was also very unique is that the Depiction had what many were and are convinced was also a Depiction of a 2nd Sun System approaching the Solar System, hello Planet X. At that time, this other Phenomena of the Planet X, the Red Dragon took off. Ok and? It so happened that 1 Sabbath Cycle prior to 2008, in August of 2001, a Crop Circle emerged that shocked many Watching Communities, Christian and Non-Christian alike.

So the Sabbath Cycles are Periods of 7 Years: 1994, 2001, 2008, 2015, 2022, etc. It is believed by some that this Cycle of Time is how the Creator, YHVH reckons Time and Prophecy, etc. What appeared right next to England’s largest Radio Tower was the Crop Circle of the ‘Face of Mars’. From Avebury, is was 42 KM or 26 Miles south, next to the Chilbolton Observatory. Then amazingly, 3 days later, a Genetic Code Strip appeared in a Crop Circle within eye-sight. This ‘Code’ or Message appeared to answer the Human Code that was transmitted by the USA’s largest Radio Telescope, at the time, the Arecibo Telescope in Puerto Rico. Sadly a recent Hurricane destroyed it.

But, if one has seen the Movie with Jodie Foster, named ‘Contact’, it tracks this Narrative. What Narrative`? The movie is a bit ‘Cheesy’ but for its time, interesting, especially if one was into Ufology, Aliens, etc. It is about ‘Alien’ Contact. The movie came out in1997. It is an American Science Fiction Drama Film directed by Robert Zemeckis. It is based on the 1985 novel by Carl Sagan. Sagan and his wife Ann Druyan wrote the Story Outline for the film. It stars Jodie Foster as Dr. Eleanor ’Ellie’ Arroway, a SETI Scientist who is chosen to make first contact. She finds Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life based on a Transmission Message sent from a Star named Vega.

And where is Vega located at? Right next to the Constellation of Hercules, the ‘Hero-Strong Man’, etc. The connection is that in the Sabbath Cycle of 1973-74, Carl Sagan formulated a Binary Code Message that was used to Transmit to Outer Space that depicted Code of who Human Being are, where and what they are made out of, Genetically. Where did NASA  send it? Precisely in the Constellation of Hercules, the Hero in the Galaxy Cluster called M13. It is right at the side of Hercules’s Torso area, anthropomorphically. And? Well, 27 years later in the Sabbath Cycle of 2001, the ‘Answer’ was received in the form of a Crop Circle, Binary Code.

This is where the DNA comes into play in that based on some study of the Message, it is an Alien Deception. It is an attempt to trick Humanity and especially its Scientists into believing that the ‘Alien Gods’, the Herculeans of Old, the ‘Men of Renown’ the Bible speaks of, have established ‘Contact’ and Dialog. Then the next Connection occurred 1 Year on August 15, 2002, 5 or 6 miles further Southwest, is the Chilbolton Radio Observatory. A Gray Alien Face with Disk appeared in a Crop Circle. It formed in a Wheat Field and was 250 Feet wide by 360 Feet long. This depiction was at Vale Farm, next to Crabwood Forest in the village of Pitt near Winchester, Hampshire, U.K.

‘Alien’ Contact

This was another ‘Alien Message’, but this time the Code that appeared to be in the Disc was in the Computer Language of ASCII Binary Code. This Disc Motif has been observed in other Pictographs where Aliens and UFO are also depicted. And? All this is connected. And the ‘Message’? ‘Beware of the Bearers of False Gifts and their Broken Promises. Much Pain but still Time. There is Good out there. We oppose Deception. Conduit closing’. The Luciferians are preparing the World for their Arrival. When? Right after the Resurrection-Rapture event. It will service to explain-away the Disappearance of Millions around the Rapture. Humanity is now desensitized enough to accept such ‘Beings’ that will be literally manifesting in Space and Time. Why have they not prior?

They have and do, but in a limited scope and opportunity. Due to large extent, it is because of the Body of Christ presently on Earth. It has served as the ‘Restrainer’ of Full-On Evil, as that is the source of who and what these Fallen Angels are, masquerading as ‘Beings of Light’, etc. Pertaining to the Motif of Hercules, according to EW Bullinger, here is the Biblical Inferences. ‘Hercules is the Mighty Man kneeling on 1 Knee. It symbolizes the Vanquisher seeming being humbled in the Conflict, but holding aloft the Tokens of Victory, with his Foot on the Head of the Dragon’.

‘Hercules is seen engaged in destroying some Malignant Foe: now it is the Nemean Lion. Then it is the slaying of the Boar of Erymanthus. Again, it is the Conquest of the Bull of Crete. Then the killing of the 3-Headed Hydra, by whose venom Hercules afterwards Died. In the Belly of the Sea Monster, he is said to have remained 3 Days and 3 Nights. We can understand how the original Star-Picture must have been a Prophetic Representation of Him who shall destroy the Old Serpent and open the way again, not to fabled Apples of Gold, but to the Tree Of Life itself. He it is who though suffering in the Mighty Conflict, and brought to His Knee, going down even to the Dust of Death, shall yet, in Resurrection and Advent Glory, wield His Victorious Club, subdue all His Enemies, and plant His Foot on the Dragon's Head’.  The Stars of Hercules.

-The Brightest Star, α in the head, is named Ras al Gethi, means ‘Head of Him who Bruises’.
-The next Star, β in Right Arm-Pit, is named Kornephorus, and means ‘The Branch, Kneeling’.
-The Star κ in the Right Elbow) is called Marsic, ‘The Wounding’.
-The Star λ in the upper part of the Left Arm is named Ma'asyn, ‘The Sin-Offering’.
-Star ω in lower part of the Right Arm is Caiam, ‘Punishing’. in Arabic, ‘Treading Under Foot’.

For those that ascribe to Biblical Astronomy, the Depiction of Hercules is a clear Motif of the Work and Mission, Ministry of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Creator. Jesus came to Destroy the 3 Evil Works of Lucifer: Sin, Satan and Death like Hercules. Jesus, is the Branch that came, Wounded to Death by the Cross of Calvary. Jesus’ was the Sin Offering that took on the Substitutionary Judgment for a Human Race bound to Eternal Separation from the Life of the Creator. That is the real Definition of Hell. Jesus came to fulfil the 1st Prophecy give and promised to Humanity in Genesis 3:15. It is that although Lucifer, the Serpent Seed would ‘Bruise’ the Heel of Jesus, i.e., at the Cross with Death, through Death, Jesus would destroy and Crush the Head of the Serpent, Lucifer, etc.

Thus, this is the Message, the Holy Spirit is perhaps giving to the Church, the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ at this Point in Time based on the Herculid Meteor Shower event. It is a somber reminder in the final closing moments of the End of the Church Age. And it would be an appropriate one. The Purpose and Promise of Jesus still stands and reverberates, even down to the Last Days before the Resurrection-Rapture event occurs. It is a reminder that although the World is collapsing, by design as a Controlled Demolition, and it appears Evil is now rampant and increasing by the Day, Jesus’ Message for His Beloved is that He is the Hero, He is the Victor over the 3 major Herculean Enemies that sought to Destroy the Human Race: Death, Satan and the World.

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