End of USA Hegemony based on Great Pyramid Pattern

  • Will the USA implode economically due to its trillion-dollar debt?
  • When will the Luciferian Globalists pull the plug on the U.S. Dollar?
  • What will the collapse of the USA mean in terms of Prophecy?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.’ -Thomas Jefferson, 3rd president of USA 1743 – 1826

The purpose of this study it to highlight the timeline specifically counting the 13 ‘steps’ of time, consisting of 33 terms of 7-year Sabbatical Cycles since the U.S. Coinage Act of 1792. The 33 cycle pattern is based on the Great Pyramid. This Sabbatical ‘code’ appears to run parallel to occult motifs. The emphases will be narrowing down the last cycle that this study suggests is when the ‘Expiration Date’ of the USA occurs financially. The Sabbatical Cycle would be from 2022 to 2029. Thus, 2021 will be the eve of the Great Economic Reset. The 33rd Sabbatical Cycle correlates to the ‘Year of Light’, 5776 (2015-16). This will be done by the money manipulators that initiated the countdown and own the U.S. money supply. Why? So, when the USA falls, all will fall.

A Reset? This study strongly suggests that sometime in 2021, the U.S. Dollar will no longer by the dominate World Reserved Currency. Meaning, that an economic collapse will ensue of the likes not seen in world history. This scenario is predicated on the notion as mentioned that the USA has been co-opted since 1792, shortly after becoming a Nation. She won her independence and sovereignty from the Old World Order powers that enslaved their people through debt and servitude, serfdom, etc. This Old World Order centered around the financial houses of Europe’s capitals. But they have ruled the world from behind the ‘shadows’. Such a Nation with Christian ethics, morals and sovereignty could be allowed to influence other Nations.

The USA was taken over by these financial houses or ‘banks’ that later became the Central Banks and then the Federal Reserve in the USA. To the contrary, the U.S. Constitution specifically gave the right and obligation to its Treasury Department to coin its money supply. This right was finagled away from the government to be outsourced at cost and interest for printing money by the Globalists. This assured that the USA would always be in debt and subject to the fiscal policy and in turn social policies dictated by the Banksters. Now, the trillion dollars debt since 1792 has outstripped the total national GDP or Gross Domestic Product. Or in other words, the USA is broke, and will never be able to pay back. This is precisely the plan and design. To pay the national debt of the USA, each person would have to pay between $65,000-$85,000.

Great American Reset

What this set-up has done, is that it has transferred the real power and wealth from the People of the USA, to the unknown owners of the Federal Reserve. Such a body or ‘Official Cartel’ are not ever named, known or audited. Through the scheme of Fractional Reserve Banking, they have basically done what the Mafia and other criminal organizations are sent to prison for. Least of all, if any private citizen would embark on this ‘pyramid scheme’, such would be sent to prison as well. It also means that this evil Cabal has the power to deflate or withdrawal the power of the U.S. Dollar, at will. The U.S. Dollar originally started to be backed by gold, then silver and eventually by nothing, which is called ‘Fiat’. The USA was foreseen by such as the New World Order by which the Luciferian Cabal would rule the world through, if by peace or war. They used the mighty strength of the USA, as a unique Nation, especially after World War 2. It was the Head of the Nations, politically, militarily, socially, religiously, and morally. Not no more.

Those times and titles have come to an end. Thus, is the 33rd Sabbatical Cycle about the ‘Expiration Date’ sometime in 2021 of the USA when the U.S. Dollar will be collapsed? Why then? This study strongly suggests that the Masonic Pyramid Pattern of the 13 ‘steps of time’ lead to the apex which is the 33rd term, being 2021. This pattern is a reflection of those that operate in the Luciferian, Kabbalists, and Freemasonic criminal Secret Societies. It is no secret now, with a measure of investigation that such agencies and people ran/run a parallel Shadow Government since the beginning of the USA. Such appeared similar as they talked and thought the same but were not. In fact, one of the tenants of their scheme is to ‘conquer by deception’. These entities, which are supernaturally supported are what many have deemed the ‘Deep State’ or the ‘Swamp’.

In Manly P. Hall’s Luciferian writings, as well as other like Albert Pike and Alice Bailey, such cryptically purposed to reveal by hiding their plans to usurp the USA in plain sight. They planned to use it as the vehicle for the ultimate capitulation of Humanity. They seek the enthronement of their Master, which they do have and worship. This is no joke to them or irrelevancy. They honor the GOD of Money, Music, Magic, Lucifer. To them, he is real. It is from him that such plans originate and will one day use the ‘Expiration Date’ of the USA, through its Dollar that they have hijacked to usher in their Master and control every human on the planet by his Monetary Mark. No one will be allowed to buy or sell unless one has this ‘Mark’ on the right hand or forehead of a person.

With the ever-increasing technology of the Last Days, such a notion that was once thought of as ludicrous is now a reality. This is now especially true if one considers that this same Luciferian Cabal is pushing for the ‘Great Economic Reset’, of not only the economy of the USA but the world. They will need to use the USA, naturally as the current Head of the Nations and World Reserve Currency to not only implode the USA with, but the world. The Great American Reset will start the World Reset dominos of all Nations. Thus, the worldwide lockdowns due to the plandemic are for such a purpose. They are using the excuse of a weaponized Flu as the catalyst. Why is this possible? It is because at the top, the same Luciferians, Kabbalists, and Freemasons are empowered by their ‘Mercury’, the God of Medicine and Money, and of Thieves. Why? a feat of this worldwide magnitude requires a degree of ritualistic magic like none other.

A New World Order
This sort of worldwide Reset has not been seen since the Tower of Babel. Many would argue, what is wrong with the Reset? Proponents like Klaus Schwab is talking sense and depicts a New World Order or ‘Economic Reset’ as being ‘beneficial, equitable and sustainable’. But these are code words that the Luciferians use as Double-Speak to ensnare the thoughts to ensure Cognitive Dissonance in Humanity. Why? It is because with such requirements, will come the reconstitution of what it means to be ‘Human’. Who can work, what businesses can open, who can travel, go to school? The coming New World Order will be of the likes one has not seen, thanks to technology. Case in point will be the coming mandatory vaccine. It has been shown by many Scientists that are constantly being censored that the vaccine will have non-traditional components to it. It will have mRNA that changes one’s DNA. This alone should scare everyone.

There will be a Hydrogel with Luciferase that introduces Nanoparticles to the human body. They essentially will function like micro-antennas to connect one’s body to the internet, via the 5G+ towers and satellites. Essentially, one will become a ‘walking cell tower’. Every sort of biometric reading will be monitored and worse, is that the vaccine will then be managed remotely and updated with ‘downloads’. So much so, that at some point in time, humans will then be connected to a bank ‘Digital Wallet’ account. And this is where the Mark of the Beast system and grid comes into play and becomes real. The 2000-year old book of Revelation will have come true after all as it warned of such a grid or web. It will be a ‘Sky-Net’ where no one will be able to function in this New World Order without it. It would appear that the USA has been ‘fattened for the slaughter’.

For many decades, especially after the 2nd World War, America enjoyed a degree of leisure, pleasure and safety envied around the world and not compared to any prior world empire. However, as it goes with each successive world empire, the excesses of leisure and pleasure had and has spoiled its fruit. It is to the point that the Nation is now divided down the middle in almost every aspect. It is essentially like living in 2 Nations if not more within its borders. And although millions of people still seek to come to cross its borders, it is because of a false sense of promises given to fool such gullible and disparate people to do so. Not realizing that they too are being used to implode the Nation. It is much like the last years of the Roman Empire. Its oversized army and military spending eventually bankrupted it along with maintaining a deficit to feed the Romans with a welfare of ‘Bread and Circus’.

As then, the Roman Empires declined, a new ‘Reset’ was pending that people could sense. So too it is now with the once ‘Mighty USA’. In Rome’s last years, there were ‘barbarians’ or immigrants pouring over its walls. There were corrupt officials. There was rampant gluttony, abortions, homosexuality, immorality and a great divide between the rich and poor. It was a matter of time before the Roman Empire ‘expired’. So too, does this study strongly suggest for the USA, if the 33rd degree Great Pyramid Pattern of 13 ‘steps of time’ is to come true. To reiterate, the 33rd Sabbatical Cycle began in the year 5776 that many are attributing to it as the Year of Light, 2015-16. This so happens to be the height of the Great Pyramid in inches. To the Luciferians, Kabbalists, and Freemans and others alike, the Great Pyramid represents to them the ‘Unfinished Great Work’.

Great Unfinished Work

This ‘work’ is or what they believe wholeheartedly was the work of Nimrod with the Tower of Babel. To such, he was the 1st Mason that sought to unify Humanity. What is not realized that to the contrary, the Bible teaches that in reality, he wanted to subjugate all of Humanity, and change them genetically like he did to himself. It is stated that he somehow found the secrets of bio-engineering as applied to himself. He became a ‘Giant’, a Gibborim perhaps through some sort of vaccine introduced to his body that changed his DNA. He also wanted to unity Humanity under his lordship, not YHVH’s The ‘Builders’ believe YHVH is the ‘Evil Architect’ and Lucifer is the rightful true God that seeks to help Humanity liberate itself from the oppressive bondage of YHVH. Furthermore, it is suggested by many that at Babel, which means the ‘Gate of the Gods’, a Stargate existed, a type of CERN.

So, since the Flood of Noah, human history will have begun with a Nimrod and will end with a ‘Nimrod’ AntiChrist with similar circumstances at work that will desperately seek to the same but succeed in this quest.  The world is experiencing this preclude now. He knew somehow to pierce the veil of the dimensions much like today with Quantum Computers and the God Particles. He thus wanted to ‘invade’ the very Throne of YHVH and depose YHVH. As one can sense, what was happening then is happening now and the time is fast approaching for the ‘Expiration Date’ to occur. For them, their last ‘Nimrod’, the Biblical AntiChrist will come on the scene to Reset and reissue their New World Order ‘Tower of Table to center around on. During the Tribulation Period, it will be the 3rd Temple as his False Prophet will rally all the Nations to this ‘House of Prayer’.

They will complete their ‘Unfinished Work’ whom they blame YHVH for having interrupted. This ‘Nimrod’ will change all of Humanity’s DNA to make them more than ‘human’. He will be in league with the Fallen Angels that seek to war against Jesus Christ and His Holy Angels. And this Nimrod will be opposed against YHVH and His People to the point of martyrdom. Thus, the USA will be that completion by proxy to usher in their New World Order through the Reset whereby the U.S. Dollar will be pulled. And if the 33 terms of 7-year Sabbatical Cycles is correct, that year will be 2021 indeed. The following are some day counts related to the ‘Expiration Date’.

- 2021 = year ’Zero’.
- 1792 + 7 years (Sabbatical Cycle) x 33 = *230 years = 2022
- Excluding end year. Thus, 33rd Sabbatical Cycle is from 2015-2021
- From 1792 Coinage Act to 2015 Year of Light (2015-16) = 223 years (Skull & Bones 322)
- 33rd Sabbatical Cycle started in 5776 (2015-16) then 1776 to 2015 = 239 years
- 239/13 ‘steps’ of the ‘pyramid’ = 18 periods (6-6-6)

The Globalist Reset will come along with a New World Humanity, biometric, ‘smart’ and connected to their evil ‘Skynet’ eventually. And this all by way of the coming quantum needle vaccine. The Expiration Date Theory is conjecture but based on the encrypted 13 step period of time as depicted in the Masonic Reverse Seal of the USA. As this study suggests, such entities and agencies are one in the same that have usurped the USA since 1792. It was at that time that the USA gave away its rights to the private banks that printed and issued the People’s money, with interest to always be in debt.

Last Year: 2022

To reiterate, the premise of this study is that the Luciferians have incorporated such a spiritual principle into their economic timeline for America, of when perhaps it is to implode or fall economically to allow the subsequent New World Order ‘Phoenix’ to rise. The point is that there has been a Cabal that has usurped the American political, social, educational apparatuses that has synchronized a similar timeline to the world markets and specifically for the USA to run its course. What is that end year? That end year is 2023, meaning that 2022 will be the year, at some point in time when the Federal Reserve will ‘pull’ the backing of the U.S. Dollar in favor for a new monetary Reset. This Reset might see the New Dollar be a crypto currency instead and highly devalued.

It will essentially make the once mighty USA a 3rd World Nation with food lines, rampant crime, lawlessness, an underground economy or Black Market. Food will be rationed and scarce. It will be of the likes of Cuba, Venezuela and most war-torn Nations with despot wealthy rulers. And who will be armed? Not the average citizen as guns will be confiscated. Then those not capitulating to the Reset and the mandatory vaccine will be ‘quarantined’ for ‘their own safety’. Most likely, such will be in FEMA detention centers that now include any local, state and national assembly halls. Governors have mandated such facilities to include places such as recreation centers at state universities, gyms, town hall, lodges and civic center, etc. Why? The coming New World Order Reset are for only those that will and can accept/consent to their Reset.

Thus, the 33 Sabbatical Cycle Pattern since 1792 appears to be clocking America’s lifespan; its beginning, climax and ‘Expiration Date’ precisely designed by the Luciferian Kabbalists. It is such that use the very same divine timepiece of YHVH to mimic His Holy Feasts and ‘Resets’. To reiterate, their conspiracy is to initiate their next World Order out of the ashes of American imploded ‘Phoenix’. When? The Coinage Act of 1792 is the clue. This Act was instituted after the USA became a Republic and started to coin its own currency in sliver. Up until the revolutionary era, the main currency of the American colonies was the Spanish Reales that were minted in New Spain or Mexico. At that time, the USA had no Central Bank or a private ‘Federal Reserve’ that Thomas Jefferson had warned about. It was Hamilton that was pro-Bank of England and sold-out the Nation. It is the sole responsibility of the Department of the Treasury to issue currency, interest free to its own government; backed by gold and/or silver.

As one can sense, the numerology of the Luciferians, Kabbalists, Freemasons are all over this ‘Expiration Date’ for America, if true. As it is, they have diminished the value of the Fiat U.S. Dollar since being taken off the Gold Standard. Currently, the U.S. Dollar is backed by nothing, and all owned by the Federal Reserve. It is a Luciferian international conglomerate of Central Banks that are not American and boasts to be the highest law of the land without oversight and auditing by the U.S. Congress. It is these Banksters that have pegged their economic manipulation of the markets to the Sabbatical Cycles as they did in ancient Israel because they are one in the same. For the most part, they are the Money Changers types as Jesus called them. Such are the types that conspired to murder Jesus for ‘interrupting’ their ‘Great Work’. What work was that? In part, it was to complete Herod’s Temple.

The other ‘work’ was to make YHVH’s House a Den of Thieves; to steal from and abuse YHVH’s People with. Why? Because Jesus exposed them as being the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ and whose God is ‘Mercury’, the patron of all Thieves, etc. The Sabbatical Cycles where designed YHVH to track time; that at the end of the 7th Sabbatical Cycle of 7 year or 49 years, that all debts, slaves and properties were to be cancelled on the 50th year. YHVH’s ‘Economic Reset’ was to occur then to ensure no economic collapses occurred and that debt or slavery was not to continue in perpetuity. Such reckoning of time established by YHVH was to avert what is about to occur in the USA in 2021 with the Great Economic Reset. In the case of ancient Israel, the Elders did not comply. The Elders who sat in Moses’ Seat never had the intension of keeping this portion of the Law.

They instead became greedy and did not want to lose their power,  profitability and revenue. This would not have been the case as YHVH promised a double portion on the 6th years. For that reason of the Elder’s disobedience, the whole Nation of Israel had to ‘expire’, temporarily. The Nation was exiled to Babylon until every Sabbatical Cycle was accounted and paid for. The Promised Land rested for 70 years; the amount owed by the Money Changers who refused to abide by YHVH’s economic policies. They instead indebted the whole Nation and it resulted in the enslavement of the entire People. This is exactly what has been their Protocols for ever Nation they have subverted. And this enslavement will occur also now for the USA. The U.S. National Debt incurred through the Banksters economic schemes is owned by foreign Nations and they will come calling to collect their due -all by design.

It will mean the sure enslavement, even more than it already is for the average American that has seen food prices triple and unemployment reach above Depression levels due to the forced lockdowns. The forced lockdowns have been precisely designed to do just that. And it is working. So, could 2021 then be the ‘last year’ of the 7 years since 2015 then? What does this then mean prophetically for those that study the End Times and watch? It means that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ from off this world could occur if the 33rd Degree Sabbatical Cycle does indeed end sometime in 2021. It could also mean that the Tribulation Period would then have to coincide with the year after, in 2022. How so? It is because the subsequent Sabbatical Cycle, that of 2022-2029 timeframe of 7-years could then very well be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years.

It would be the last 7-year Sabbatical Cycle before Jesus returns with the Bride. It will be at that time, that Jesus will initiate His true Reset of the entire world and Humanity. It will be initiated with the true New World Order called the Millennial Kingdom. Until then, it looks like 2021 will be the turning point and the intensification or the worst part yet to come as it leads to the transformation year of 2022. It is for not that the lockdowns, due to the plandemic of a weaponized Flu is a 3-stage operation involving a 3-year timeframe, 2020-2021-2022. The year 2020 was the start of the ‘Initiation’, stage 1. Then sometime in 2021 will be the ‘Transition’ Year, stage 2. Then the ultimate ‘Reset’ will occur sometime in 2022, stage 3. In that New World Order, it will not be a single Nation like the USA that will rule the world.

It will be a 10-Nation Confederation in the long line of the 4th Beast of Daniel’s dream, that being Rome. Realize that it will not be a ‘Revived Roman Empire’ as many have coined it. The Roman Empire never went away. It only reverted into its ecclesiastical rendition, that being the Vatican in Rome and the Orthodoxy in Constantinople or now called Istanbul. Thus, out of this configuration, the ‘Nimrod’ of the ‘Resitters’ will arise from its territory, wherever that will be as each New World Order will have its ‘New Phoenix’ political apparatus along with a ‘New Humanity’. The Luciferian Cabal will nevertheless continue in the quest to dehumanize Humanity and deface it with the Image of Lucifer inside, instead. It will be their ‘Nimrod’ Prince that will finish their interrupted or truncated pyramid or Tower of Babel. But once again, YHVH will not let that stand.

Main Sources
Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages



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