Super Flare AD Leonis - Gliese 388 near Algeiba

  • Is there a Message in the discovered Super Flare in Leo?
  • Is there Prophetic Implications tied to the Rapture?
  • What does the constellation of Leo convey Astronomically?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘By the Word of the LORD, we declare to you that we who are Alive and Remain until the coming of the LORD will by no means Precede those who have Fallen Asleep. For the LORD Himself will descend from Heaven with a Shout [Roar], with the Voice of an Archangel, and with the Trumpet of GOD, and the Dead in Christ will be the 1st to Rise. After that, we who are Alive and Remain will be Caught-Up together with them in the Clouds to meet the LORD in the Air. And so, we will always be with the LORD’. - 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17

The purpose of this study is to consider the Prophetic Ramifications of the ‘Lion’s Roar’ Super Flare Phenomena that has occurred in the Constellation of Leo. This TOPIC came about from a Rapture and End of Days forum, Rev12Daily.blogspot.com of the Article that was brought to one's Attention by a Contributing Member named Miguel. On July 10, 2020, an article by Jamie Carter, Senior Contributor for Science filed a story about a huge Super Flare occurring in the Constellation of Leo. It was unusual from the onset, as the Astronomical Topic was posted in the Forbes Magazine online, not normally keen on Space and/or Astronomical News. Not even the highly esteemed Astronomical Review picked-up on this, which was very interesting. The Title was, ‘Huge Lion’s Roar Super Flare Seen from Japan Should be a Wake-up Call for Earthlings’.

The Question one would like to run and contribute with is, in what sense should it be a ‘Wake-up Call’ for Earthlings? Astronomically, Politically, Economically, Religiously? How about Prophetically? The Article went on to discuss the Finding of how Japanese Astronomers recorded a Super Flare erupting on a Sun about 20x bigger than Earth’s Sun. This Activity was detected by the Seimei Telescope on Okayama Mountain, West of Kyoto. Such a phenomenon is the 1st ever recorded and described. Based on observation, a Super Flare occurs near Sunspots that cause a sudden Flash of Increased Brightness. In cases, a Coronal Mass Ejection CME can occur, that then forms Massive Magnetic Storms. To get a size comparison to regular Sun Flares from Earth’s Sun, a Super Flare is estimated to be 10,000 Times more powerful and massive.

In other words, it would wipe-out all Life on Earth and beyond, if one occurred on Earth’s Sun. Nonetheless, Super Flares are thought to be rather rare. As it is, regular Solar Flares and CME’s often interfere with Earth’s Electronic Grids, Satellites and GPS, so much so that it can be or will be a National Security Threat to Nations worldwide. Many Strategists also fear an EMP bomb, an Electro-Magnetic Pulse device that is detonated in the Atmosphere, above a City. It would knock-out an entire Nation’s Power Grid for Decades. However, what was interesting was the Tone of the Writer’s ‘Voice’ in that it should be a ‘Wake-Up Call’ for Earthlings. How so?

Super Flares
A Super Flare can eventually sweep-away any Atmosphere and Life on a Planet. It would go Extinct, such as on Mars. He may have not realized, but in the Book of Revelation, such Scenarios will occur. Revelation 8:7 states, ‘The 1st Angel sounded, and there followed Hail and Fire mingled with Blood, and they were cast upon the Earth: and the 1/3 Part of Trees was burnt-up, and all Green Grass was burnt-up’. If a possible Super Flare is to occur on Earth, Revelation 16:8-9 would probably be it. ‘Then the 4th Angel poured-out his Bowl on the Sun, and it was given Power to Scorch the People with Fire. And the People were Scorched by Intense Heat, and they Cursed the Name of GOD, who had Authority over these Plagues; yet they did not Repent and give Him Glory’. Such a Grim and Apocalyptic Scenario threatening Earthlings will occur and thus, the Warning is pertinent.

The Article went on to describe, that such a Massive Super Flare had never been seen nor recorded before. It would basically kill-off any Life in any nearby Planets the Sun might have revolving around it. The Point the Writer was making was that in turn, such a dire Model could also occur with Earth’s Sun. This Type of Super Flare would have Dire Consequences for Earthlings as he put it. The difference though, is that it is known that where the Super Flare has occurred, in AD Leonis. It is a Giant Red Dwarf M-Type of Sun. Meaning that it is far denser in Mass and cooler than Earth’s Sun. Or in other words, it may be a comparison of ‘Apples to Oranges’. AD Leonis, as noted is also called Gliese 388 in the Constellation of Leo, the Lion. It occurred close to the Star Algieba, which means 'To be Exalted'. This area is in the Lion’s ‘Neck’ or what others who study the Meaning of the Constellations, call it the ‘Sickle’.

This is the most interesting part of the study, by far, due to its Prophetic Depiction and possible Rapture Event Implications. How so? The Writer incorporated a Euphemism of this Super Flare effect as being like a, ‘Roar of a Lion’ in his Title. But he but did not touch upon it, other than in a Scientific Setting, which is fair. However, one who studies the End of Days wishes to present a possible Prophetic Significance beyond that of this finding. It is in the Context of the Biblical Rapture Event and possible Interpretation. If one is familiar with Biblical Astronomy, one will realize just how Amazing this finding is to consider. It is believed that the 12 Constellations are a Patchwork of a Story-Line that explains the whole Plan of Salvation found in Jesus Christ, i.e., the Mazzaroth.

It is the Creator’s way of having such a Message, much like Billboards do, announce to the whole Universe of what YHVH did, is doing and will do, etc. Every Constellation explains a Facet of YHVH’s Plan of Salvation and in the case of the Constellation of Leo, it is a Metaphor and Euphemism for the ‘Lion of the Tribe of Judah’, Jesus Christ. This is none other than a Royal and Messianic Title of Jesus, the Christ, who was from the Tribe of Judah. He is the King of the Universe and more appropriately, Leo is the Sign of this King and also has the Star, Regulus called the Star of the King. The Symbol of the Israelite Tribe of Judah was a Lion as is Jerusalem, the ‘City of the King’, etc. As one can sense, this Celestial Sign, is thus significant Biblically, in so much as it is referencing a ‘Roar’ or Shout that is to occur that initiates the Rapture Event. To reiterate, the Head of Leo depicts a ‘Sickle’ Motif as Jesus is the LORD of the Harvest.

The Lion King
This Rapture Event pertains to the Summer Wheat Harvest of Souls; of all those that are Followers and Disciples of Christ Jesus will be ‘Harvested’. It will be the Rapture Event that will conclude with the Harvest of the Church Age Believers that will compose the Bride of Christ, to be taken from Earth to Heaven. The following Section will outline the Biblical and Astronomical Nuances of the Significance of Leo and then how this Super Flare occurrence or ‘Sign’ might fit Prophetically in the Implications of the coming and anticipated Rapture Event, i.e., the 'Rapture Roar?'. The Constellation of Leo is the End of the Story-Line of the 12 Constellations and YHVH's Plan of Salvation.

It is Virgo that is the Beginning of the Mazzaroth, in contrast to Leo that closes the Circuit. This is how the Ancients depicted the Sphinx with. Thus, it is Leo that Ends all Prophecy, Astronomically. Leo will End the Church Age as Jesus Christ descends with the ‘Shout’ or in this case, a 'Roar' as I Thessalonians 4 states. It will be the Rapture Event that will set the World Stage for the coming last Sabbatical Cycle or the Tribulation Period. This will be the 70th Week of Years per Daniel to conclude all Biblical Prophecy and have Christ Jesus set-up His Kingdom on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

As the Angel told John in Revelation 19:10, 'The aim of all Biblical Prophecy is to tell of Jesus’. It is Jesus that will eventually Return and Restore ‘All Things’. The following Astronomical Highlights of the Description of Leo are taken from the Work and Research of E.W. Bullinger and will be in Paraphrase Format. The Constellation of Leo has 95 Stars however, there are 9 that are more Prominent and make-up the Points that configure a ‘Lion’ Motif Design in the Night Sky. There are actually 6 Hebrew Words for Lion. In Arabic, for example, a Lion is called ‘Al Asad’ like Assad of Syria, the ‘Syrian Lion’, etc. Astronomically Speaking, there are 3 Constellations ruled by Leo that completes this Final Picture of the YHVH’s Plan of Redemption, that started with Genesis 3:15 in the Garden of Eden.

1. Hydra          = The Old Serpent destroyed.
2. Crater          = The Cup of Divine Wrath poured-out upon the Serpent.
3. Corvus         = The Bird of Prey devouring the Serpent.

Leo is the Constellation of the King of the Universe, and it contains at its ‘Heart’, ‘Cor Leonis’. It is the Star of the King, Regulus as mentioned. It comes from the Root Word for Regal, or Royal and that of Majesty and of a Kingly Demeanor, etc. Revelation 5:5 foretells of a Time when Time will conclude and the Judgement Day will come by way of the ‘Lion of Judah’. It will be none other than this ‘Lion of Judah’, Jesus Christ, who is the only one worthy to break the Seals Judgments of the Scroll of Judgment in Heaven.

He will then pronounce its Righteous Judgements upon the Christ-Rejecting Earthlings and Lucifer. This is the Real Threat and Caution the Earthlings should be afraid of and will. This ‘Lion’ of Judah is a Man, Jesus, who became Human, Died and Resurrected to qualify, to open the Seal Judgments as He had no Sin as a Man. Jesus has now been given all Power and Authority in Heaven, on Earth and under the Earth because He laid down His life for Sinners to redeem Eve’s Fall and that of Adam and Humanity’s, all inclusive. This was appropriately depicted in C.S. Lewis’ Aslan, the Lion.

Rapture Roar?

In the Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan was a Representative of Jesus Christ that was Mocked and Killed at the Altar of His Enemies of all that is called Good and Righteous. This Lion of Judah, the Messiah, is also the Symbol of Jerusalem whose alternative Name is also Ariel. The Coat of Arms of the City is a Boxing Lion. As noted, it was the Standard of the Tribe of Judah as it encamped around the Tabernacle of Moses, etc. There is also the Lion Gate in Jerusalem, where Jesus started the Via Dolorosa, all the way to Calvary. It was from there that the City was liberated from the Muslims in the 6-Day War in 1967.

In the Constellation Virgo, the ‘Lion’ was born from the Virgin, as foretold by Isaiah that it would be a ‘Sign’ to Israel and the World, of the coming Redemption of Humanity. As noted, these Celestial Signs echo the Promise that reverberates from the Contention that set the Stage for a Cosmic and Prophetic Timeline since the Garden of Eden. The Woman would have her ‘Seed’, that of the Messiah, ‘War’ with the Seed of the Serpent. This Typology, by one interpretation is encapsulated as the Motif of the Age-Old Riddle of the Sphinx. The Sphinx is the encoding of the ‘Alpha and Omega’ of Leo and Virgo.

The Story-Line of Leo or the Lion of Judah that is spoken in the Old Testament, is concluded in the New Testament’s Last Book, that of Revelation. The Last Book of the Bible portrays the Lion of Judah or ‘Leo’ overcoming the Old Dragon Serpent. Jesus will cast Lucifer into the Prison and eventually into the Lake of Fire. Astronomically, the feet of Leo are treading upon the Head of Hydra, the Serpent of the Cosmos. Leo is descending upon it to mortally ‘crush’ its Head. This echoes what YHVH foretold would occur as the Messiah would crush the Head of Lucifer at the Cross of Calvary. The following are the Main Stars in the Constellation of Leo with their Prophetic Meaning that defines their Attributes, Destiny and Meaning of the Messiah’s Mission.

Denebola        = Judge or Lord who comes
Zosma             = Shining forth
Aleced             = Judge comes to seize (Rapture)
Al Giebha       = To Exalt
Chertan           = Rib (Adam’s Rib)
Sarcam           = Joining
al Asad            = Punish
Regulus          = Tread under foot
Al Dafera         = Put down Enemy

If one does a Narration of these Words combined, it would say something like the following. ‘The Lion King will come to Judge and be LORD over all. In His majesty, He comes to Rapture His own and be Exalted as He will exalt His own. He comes to join His Bride as the Rib taken from Adam’s Side as He subdues all His Enemies’. However, this ‘Lion of Judah’ 1st had to come as the ‘Lamb of GOD’ to Atone for the Sins of Eve and Adam's Fallen Race, etc. Now, as to the Rapture Sequence. It is stated clearly in I Thessalonians 14 that Jesus is coming back with a Loud ‘Shout’ or Command. With the Lion personification explained, this is none other than the ‘Roar’ inferred Astronomically with the Super Flare that is protruding out of the ‘Mouth’ of Leo, thus the Rapture Roar?

Prophetic Prelude
As Signs go, they are not the Event. Thus, this was just a Prophetic Prelude, in one’s Estimation, nonetheless. What is of a Prophetic Connection, is that the area occurred in the Star of Al Giebha which means, ‘The Exaltation’. It is understood Prophetically, that at the Time of the Rapture, the Bride of Christ will Rise as she is Decreed to be Exalted to the Throne of YHVH, to then to be Married. It will be the Time of Vindication and Justification for all the Centuries the Bride of Christ has suffered on Earth at the hands of her Mockers and Accusers, at the ‘Altar’ of Jesus, i.e., the Cross of Calvary, etc.

Thus, the Question remains, does this Astronomical Sign occurring in Leo allude to the nearness of the coming and anticipated Rapture ‘Roar’ or Shout? One does not know when the Rapture Event is to take place or what Year, but it does appear that such Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars are becoming more Frequent and Pertinent to the Rapture Event Typology. One is convinced though, that it is a Sign that signaled the Event to come ahead of it. As to the Timing of the Rapture then? This is an Unknown Variable.

However, it is amazing that if what one is reading into such an Astronomical Array of Signs is True, especially with this one in the 'Lion's Roar', it would appear that it is in keeping with Biblical Prophecy. And this is why ‘Earthlings’ should take Warning about. It is of the Royal Decree, that the coming ‘Shout of the King’, the ‘Rapture Roar’ of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is about to come to pass. It will be the Call or ‘Shout’ to ‘Harvest’ as Christ Jesus is to take His ‘Sickle’ to assemble the Bride of Christ at the End of this Church Age. Nonetheless, the Timing of when and where this Super Flare in Leo has taken place, is thus far, very interesting.

In one’s study the Timelines of YHVH’s Feasts, one is suggesting that Mid to End of July Month is when the True Pentecost Harvest of Wheat occurs, i.e., Acts 2.Is one reading too much into this Event Prophetically? Perhaps, but what if this is Celestial Inference to the ‘Sickle of Leo’ Harvest and ‘Roar’ or ‘Shout’ was conveying the ‘Rapture Roar’ of the likes of I Thessalonians 4? Did this Celestial Sign at this Place and Time truly signify the soon coming Rapture Event? Is this not the Description of how the Rapture Event is anticipated to occur?



Main Sources
E.W. Bullinger


​War of the Seeds
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