Asteroid 319 Leona - Star of the AntiChrist?

  • Is the Betelgeuse Eclipse a Rare Event?
  • What does the Hanukkah Feast have to do with this?
  • Does Eclipse mean Prophetically anything perhaps?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to provide some possible Biblical Inferences and Interpretations of the Occultation of the Super-Giant Sun, Betelgeuse in Orion by the 319 Asteroid named, Leona. This occurred on December 12, 2023. As to those that Critique why Followers of Jesus are looking into the Stars or considering Astronomy?  Then there are those within the Church that emphatically forbid such Observations as they ‘Pertain to Israel’. Consider that in Genesis, YHVH, the Creator declares that He fashioned the Sun, Moon and the Stars for determining Time, Seasons and for Signs.

Israel was not yet a Nation and thus such ‘Clocking’ of Time is meant to be for all of Humanity, precisely for determining Time, the Seasons, and for Signs, Celestial Signs. In this case, the Betelgeuse Eclipse, in one’s Opinion falls into all those 3 Main Categories. It is a ‘Warning’. What one can say, definitively, as one studied this Sign is that it does mainly pertain to what is coming, pertaining to the Nation of Israel. Now so? The Climax of the Eclipse occurred, dead-center of the 8 Days of Hanukkah. One will be making this Link to Prophecy, as an example of what the Sign could be suggesting.

But even if one accepts the sole Argument that the Heavenly Signs are ‘Only for Israel’ and not the Church, so why bother and ‘Stop’ Teaching Astrology? Consider that it lends to the Timing of how sooner, the End of the Church Age is at Hand. One is presuming a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Event that then will transfer the Gospel Witness back to the Covenant with Israel. First, some general Observations about Orion and specifically about its Main Super-Giant Sun, Betelgeuse. One believes that, as far as Prophetic Signs go, that are being Broadcasted in the Stars, as Signs and that they are right on ‘Schedule’. That is, the Signs are occurring because they are ‘Alerting’ and Pointing to the soon Debut the AntiChrist. This will be 1 of the main Biblical Interpretations that Orion represents, in this Antithesis, that one will explain below.

One has read or come across some Articles since 2022 of how some Astronomers believe the Super-Giant Red Sun, called Betelgeuse in Orion’s ‘Shoulder’ is going Supernova or is about to. Before one delves into what one thinks or perhaps there might be some Prophetic End-Times Associations to this Betelgeuse Eclipse, here are the peculiarities about it, as reported on Space.com. Asteroid 319 ‘Leona’ Occulted the Giant Red Sun of Orion, at his ‘Shoulder’ for only about 15 Seconds. It was only seen from the Northern Hemisphere, starting in Central Mexico. The Path was from Left to Right on the Globe and it extended Eastward across Southern Florida. After the Path crosses the Atlantic Ocean, the Event was visible from Southern Europe and Eurasia. 319 Leona or ‘Leona’, is how one can look that up in Stellarium, for example.

Prophetic Protocols in Place

If one does not have that Asteroid in the Software Log, one has to import it as a Plug-In from the Online Asteroid Library. It is a Main Belt Asteroid that Orbits the Sun in-between Mars and Jupiter. It is said to be shaped like an Egg. Think about a ‘Birthing’ as in ‘Hatching an Egg’, perhaps. Leona measures approximately 50 x 34 MILES (80 x 55 Kilometers) in size. So, it is a nice sized Asteroid, as Asteroids go. One curiously did a Day Count from the Betelgeuse Eclipse, to one’s supposed New Wine July 23, 2024 Pentecost Date. Here is the Outcome. Note that 7-11 is the Ratio of the Great Pyramid of Giza, of which it is also Mirroring the 3 Belt Stars of Orion.

= 224 Days
= 7 Months, 11 Days (711)

One also made some Past and Future Observations of the Trajectory of the Asteroid. And Amazingly, here is what one noticed. Precisely on the 2 Year Anniversary of the October 7, 2023 Hamas Attack on Israel, Asteroid Leona will be entering Virgo’s ‘Womb’ area as it is Conjoined by the Sun. Then on Halloween of 2025, October 31, the Asteroid, still within the ‘Womb’ of Virgo will be Conjoined with Venus. Then on November 7, 2025, Leona will be ‘Birthed’ out of the Womb area of the Sign of Virgo. One points this Year out as one surmises 2025-2032 could be the Tribulation Timeline. And as one surmised, the Constellation of Virgo is a Euphemism for Israel, etc.

This Star, Betelgeuse, has been the subject of Astronomers' Scrutiny in recent Years as it has been observed to both Brighten and then Dim Dramatically. This will be another Key Factor in one’s Prophetic Interpretation below. The Betelgeuse Eclipse with Asteroid 319 Leona on December 12, 2023 occurred on the 346th Day of the Year in the Gregorian Calendar with 19 Days remaining until the End of the Year. Here, one will demonstrate how this Sign pertained to Israel. How so?

As it was reported, the U.N. voted on this Day, giving Language to the Security Council that ‘Empowers’ Member States to wage War against Israel. Why? They are forcing Israel to Retrain itself in legitimately Defending their very Existence. It is to ‘Stop’ it from continuing to Decimate Gaza for the Hamas Attack on October 7, 2023. The World is totally against Israel and is seeking this U.N. Protocol, as a Legitimate ‘Defense’ of securing the 'Peace and Safety' that Israel is jeopardizing. As one put it, ‘It is not so much, when they Say, ‘Peace and Safety’, but, rather, that they, the World via the United Nations are demanding ‘Peace and Safety’.

Then as other Observers commented about Asteroid 319 Leona, in the Strongs, H319 means, ‘The After Part, the End, the Latter Days’. And likewise, Betelgeuse is 700 Light Years away from Earth and 700 Times the Size of the Sun. These are all Biblical Inferences. Now in determining how one might ascertain a possible Prophet Link? When it comes to Biblical Astronomy, one asks the following Questions or as a Check-List. It is about ascertaining: Where, When, Who and How? So, here is one’s Assessment of possible Prophetic Implications of this Betelgeuse Eclipse. The Eclipse occurred in the Brightest Star of Orion. It is at the Shoulder that has the Extended Arm that is holding the Torch of Light and Intersects the Silver Gate.

Hanukkah Happenstance

It is the Nexus of when the Sun Enters or Passes through the ‘Star-Gate’ in the Summer Solstice. It is the Opposite Motif of the Golden Gate that is when the Sun enters or Passes through the Golden Gate on the Winter Solstice. Note that the Path of the Asteroid on Earth was as though it ‘Entered’ through the Pillars of Hercules. It is the Gate-Way to the Mediterranean and the Promised Land, etc. One could suggest, Prophetically that the Shift in Geo-Politics will be centered in this Region. It will be the Domain of the coming AntiChrist. This is another possible Prophetic Implication.

Then precisely how does this Betelgeuse Eclipse deal with Israel? Consider the Amazing Timing. The Occultation occurred right in the Midst of Hanukkah. Coincidence? No. And? Hanukkah speaks of the Dedication of the Temple and perhaps is Signaling the soon Dedication of the 3rd Temple by the AntiChrist ‘Orion’. Orion is the Epitome of the Christ Motif that vanquishes the Enemy, Lepus the Hare, i.e., Lucifer.

And from there, is where the River of Judgment, Eridanus proceeds from. Here is one’s specific Interpretation about the Sign being a ‘Warning’. Consider that the Super-Giant Red Sun is ‘Pulsating’. One can see this or imagine it as a Red Light Siren that is going-off, as in a ‘Warning’, ‘Danger’, ‘Red Alert’, etc. Perhaps it is a Cosmic Sign of pending Calamity. But it is in the Context of the Reversal of the Orion Motif, that being Christ Jesus. Or in other words, this Celestial Sign is signaling the Coming Opposite of Christ, that is the AntiChrist. And this could be his ‘Star’.

One has written before how in the Esoteric and Luciferian Realm, the Antithesis of the Mazzaroth is attributed to their Dark Lord, Lucifer. It is in this case that all that Orion stands for, the ‘Light Bearer’, the Victor, the Hunter, is attributed not to Jesus but Lucifer. Think of the ‘Mighty Hunter before or Against YHVH’, that being Nimrod. The Main Reasons one is suggesting this, is that according to some Religious Jews, the coming Messiah, that they are expecting is to come with an accompanying Star Sign.

Could Betelgeuse going Supernova be it? The Jewish Sages take the Notion from the ‘Star Rising out of Jacob’ to be what is to Herald the Advent and Debut of their Messiah. The following is the Work and Interpretation of the Biblical Significance and Correspondence to the Meaning of Orion as detailed by E.W. Bullinger. One will interject some Edited Wording for Context. But the Point is, take all that Meaning and ascribe it to the AntiChrist to then deduce what the coming AntiChrist ‘Orion’ will be all about, before Jesus comes.

Orion signifies the Messiah coming to Rule. Orion means, ‘Light Breaking Forth’. It is where Eridanus, that means, ‘The River of the Judge’ infers to the ‘Wrath breaking forth for His Enemies’. Orion is about ‘The Coming Prince’. Its 3 Brightest Stars are Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Rigel. His Name in Ancient Times was given as Ha-ga-t, which means, ‘This is he who Triumphs’. In Egyptian Hieroglyphics, his Characters read ‘Oar’. Orion was anciently spelt Oarion, from the Hebrew Root, which means ‘Light’. So that Orion means, ‘Coming forth as Light’.

In Ancient Akkadian, the Name of Orion was Ur-ana, the ‘Light of Heaven’. In Hebrew כְּסִיל, Chesil, which means a ‘Strong One’, a Hero, or Giant, etc. Orion is the most Brilliant of all the Constellations, and when he comes to the Meridian. The Constellation is mentioned by Name in the Bible several Times. See Job ix. 9; xxxviii. 31, and Amos v. 8. Orion’s Left Foot is significantly placed upon the Head of the Enemy.

He is girded with a Glorious Girdle, studded with 3 Brilliant Stars; and upon this Girdle is hung a Sharp Sword. [Actually the Male Member in one’s Interpretation.] There are 2 Main Motifs that depict Orion either with a Club or a Light-Torch. Or he is having a Bow and Arrow depicted. In 1 Rendition, Orion lifts a Club with his Right Hand. Then in his Left, he holds forth the Token of his Victory—the Head and Skin of the ‘Roaring Lion’.

The Brightest Star, α in the Right Shoulder, is named Betelgeuse, which means the ‘Coming of the Branch (Malachi. iii. 2) as in the Messiah. The next Star, β in the Left Root is named Rigel, or Rigol, which means the ‘Foot that Crushes’. The Foot is lifted up, and placed immediately over the Head of the Enemy, Lepus, the Hare as though in the very Act of Crushing its Head. It has Prophetic Echoes, in that the very Word used in Gen. iii. 15, thus connecting Orion with the Primeval Prophecy.

The Name of the next Star, δ is 1 of the 3 in the ‘Belt’ of Orion. It Prophetically Speaks of the Christ that was to be Humbled in the Battle for the Souls of Humanity. In that His Heel was to be Bruised. The Name of that Star is Al Nitak, which means , ‘The Wounded One’. Similarly the Star κ in the Right Leg is called Saiph, which means ‘Bruised’. And like Ophiuchus, the other Sentinel or ‘Guardian’ of the Galaxy and Star-Gate, has 1 Leg ‘Bruised’ while with the other, he is crushing the Enemy under-foot, etc.


So, that is basically one’s possible Prophetic Assessment. It is a Celestial Sign of the Coming AntiChrist ‘Orion’ Figure, that will Conquer, the Light Bearer that will overcome the World, Israel and the Tribulation Saints. He is the 1st Seal to be Broken after the Rapture, the Rider of the White Horse, etc. And this Occultation of its Main Star, one of the Top 10 Brightest in the Known Universe of which 2 are in Orion. And Orion is at the Center of the Universe in a Cross Formation. It echoes what it really portrays, the Victory of Jesus over Lucifer, the ‘Hare’ at the Cross of Calvary. See Chart for a Visual.



And that potential Supernova of Betelgeuse is presently ‘Oscillating’ like a Police Red Light Siren that is ‘Warning’ of Danger to come. It is of Lucifer’s ‘Orion’ Mighty Hunter that will be against YHVH and His Christ, Jesus in the coming Tribulation Period. It will be a Time when he, this Orion 2.0 will be ‘Hunting-Down’ those who come to Faith in Jesus during the Tribulation Period and especially against the Believing Remnant Jews at the Midst of the 1260th Day, going forward. Thus, the Names of the Stars denote the Meaning of the Sign.

Orion Covenant

In this case, as mentioned, to get a better Understanding of what this Sign or Betelgeuse Eclipse will be all about, just ‘Reverse’ the Meaning and attribute that Characteristics to Lucifer’s AntiChrist, instead of Jesus Christ. And that will be what is coming and perhaps what this Oscillating Red Siren of Orion is possible Signaling of his ‘Star’ that is Heralding the Warning.

As one has shared, one wrote a whole Book about Orion and how one surmises is the Layout or Configuration of how Heaven is configured to. The Theory is that the 3 Main Stars of the ‘Belt’ is what Heaven has as the Original Template as Orion, as a ‘Body’ is how the Temple of YHVH was also configured on Earth. Is it as Jesus Defined and Associated His Body to be, as a Temple, etc. And that the Temple of YHVH, on Earth, in Jerusalem was modeled after that ‘Body’, i.e., Orion as it was and is in Jerusalem.

But if one Understands the Orion Layout of Jerusalem, as shared here with the Chart of the Orion overlay of Old Jerusalem on Earth, the Star of Betelgeuse corresponds to the Jaffa Gate and adjacent Tower of David Fortress. Thus, it is about a King of Forces coming, but not Jesus, but rather the False ‘King of the Jews’ that Israel will accept. Thus, the Red Light Warning to the World and to Israel is to take Note that this coming Orion, the Mighty Hunter, Light Bearer will be none other than Lucifer’s ‘Orion’, who is deemed the Light Bearer, Imposter, just the same.

And whose AntiChrist False Messiah, Israel will gladly receive and will be dedicating their 3rd Temple and making the Covenant with their Nascent Sanhedrin 70 Elders, the Many, in one’s Interpretation. So, this is why one is harping about how the ‘Covenant’ to be made with the ‘Many’ and ‘Strengthened’, cannot be any Geo-Political ‘Peace Treaty’ made by Human Agencies like the U.N. Consider that in every Dispensation, since Adam, YHVH has always had a Covenant in place.

There have been 7 such Covenants that have Ruled Humanity or have been Initiated with YHVH’s People, both Earthly and Spiritual. There is the Adamic, the Rainbow one of Noah, the Abrahamic, the Mosaic, the Davidic, the Land Covenant, and presently there is a Covenant in Play. It is the New Covenant in Jesus. This has defined the Church Age. This is why, once the Church Age completes its Royal Commission, its Covenant will also be Concluded.

This is to then presume that the 7-Year Tribulation, the Time of Jacob’s Trouble will have the Mosaic Covenant reinstated, Strengthened and ‘Confirmed’ again as in the Days of Moses and up to the Time of Jesus. It will be what YHVH’s Earthly People will have to be under and have that be Reinstated, Reconstitutes. One surmises that it will occur in Tandem with the Dedication of the Daily Sacrifice to be made on the newly Rededicated 3rd Temple by this ‘Orion’ come Conquering, etc. All this is one’s Assessment of what could possibly be Signaling with the Betelgeuse Eclipse in the Constellation of Orion. Time will Always Tell the Truth. But True, 1 Day, the Sign will be the Event. Until then, it will all be Dress Rehearsals.

But if one’s Fall 2025-Fall 2032 Tribulation Timeline is correct, the Church Age has but a 'Pregnancy' of a Course away to realize, say up to a July White Wheat Wedding New Wine Time-Frame? Perhaps. If one is considering the Time-Frame from the Hamas War of October 7, 2023, then one has just about to pass the 1st Trimester, in this Typology. But one would say that such Events, Astronomical and Geo-Political are off the Charts, literally and it is just the 'Finishing Touches' being made on both Brides, really.

Jesus is finishing the last few Touches and Ironing-Out the last remaining Wrinkles in that Wedding Dress. But so is the Bride of the Beast, being Prepared for her Debut, just the same after the Rapture. Remember, it is all about a Counterfeit Antithesis of the Real and True Prophetic Types of Jesus. You have Christ, the AntiChrist, Ture Messiah, False Messiah, Bride of Christ, Bride of AntiChrist, Heavenly Temple, Earthly Temple. Heavenly Jerusalem, Earthly Jerusalem, Mark of YHVH, then the Mark of the Beast, etc. But as the Son is to take and present the Bride to the Father’s House, so is Lucifer’ AntiChrist ‘Son’, Seed of the Serpent going to Present his Bride, his Harlot System, i.e., his Woman riding the Scarlet Beast, going to present her to the World. And the World will be Marrying it all.

In Summary, the 2 Celestial Gates, the Golden and Silver ones mirrored over Jerusalem, from the Heavenlies and Heaven itself. They determine the Exact Spot the Temple stood and will again. It is over the Dome of the Tablets. It is Jesus, as a Motif and Metaphor of the Sun, that goes ‘In-N-Out’ of the Gates. But literally, He rode through the Golden Gate on that ‘Palm Saturday’ Sabbath. And He Ascended through the Silver Gate, at the Pinnacle of Mount of Olives where there is a Silver Dome Capula Shine that commemorates that Spot. And?

That is the precise Spot or ‘Star-Gate’ His Foot will Touch-Down at His 2nd Coming. It will pierce through from Heaven to Earth. And? And we get to experience that ‘Ride’ and Gate at the Return as His Bride comes riding back along with Jesus. The Orion Constellation Overlay of Jerusalem literally ‘Points’ with Orion’s Arrow or Bow to the Exact Ley-Line where Jesus was precisely Crucified. It was in Phi Ratio of Distance from the Skull Façade to the East and from the Garden Tomb to the West.

But that is how the Winter Solstice could play a Role but more so of the 2nd Coming, directly as opposed to the Rapture Event itself. But to the Ancient Civilizations, the Solstices was when it was commemorated that the ‘Sun’ had Died. And then 3 Days later ‘Rose’ to New Life. Thus, for example, the December Solstice on the 21st + 3 Days and 3 Nights or 72 Hours = Christmas Eve, December 24. And then on December 25 is when the Magi went to see Jesus at Bethlehem, at Joseph’s House, Home of the Carpenter. Note one’s supposed Timeline given these surmised Variables.

September 11, -3 BC Birth to December 25, -2 BC Visit of the Persian Magi:
= 1 Year, 3 Months 14 Days
= 67 Weeks 1 Day
= 470 Days

Astronomically, at that Time and Place, Jupiter ‘Stopped’ in the Constellation of Virgo, a Prelude to the Revelation 12 Sign. And thereafter, Jupiter, the Planet of the Messiah then started its forward Retrograde Motion. The Next Day, there was a Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Capricorn, the ‘Sign of Slaughter’. It was foreshadowing the Mission and Purpose of this Boy-King, come to Rescue a Fallen Humanity. Jesus was the only Hope, and He was Able and Willing.


Main Source
2023 occultation of Betelgeuse

Betelgeuse – Asteroid 319 Leona Eclipse



Sacred Patterns of Heaven on Earth
What is Heaven like? Many have had Out of Body Death Experiences and Describe Heaven with the Most Pleasant of Sights, Smells, Animals, Scenery, etc. But in terms of its Structure, how is it Configured? What Measurement Standard is being used? Now one realizes that this will not be possible to Ascertain. But are there Clues as to how it is Configured and what are its Dimensions, perhaps? Yes. Biblically Speaking, the Bible does provide a Patchwork of Data Points that this Book will seek to Investigate and Present as Evidence. 



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