Cydonia Mars Triangulation Pattern

  • How far East did Alexander the Great Conquer?
  • What was the Bases of the Layout of Greek Cities?
  • Why is there an apparent Cydonia, Mars Pattern?

by Luis B. Vega
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For those of you that are into Ancient Archaeology, History and Mysteries of Past Civilizations, the purpose of this study is to connect such a Place on Earth, Alexandria Eschate with one’s Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Theory. Why this Place is unique is that it is 1 of the outermost Posts or Greek Cities founded by Alexander the Great. It was during his Worldwide Conquest, coming out of Macedonia, in Europe that launched the 3rd Phase of the AntiChrist Beast Kingdoms or Empires that would Rule the World. This was per the Dream of Nebuchadnezzar’s of the Statute of 4 Delineation. They consisted of 4 Beast Types, and then 4 Metal Elements, etc.

Greece corresponded to the Abdomen with the 4 eventual Divisions that occurred at the end of its Phase. The Greeks were preceded by the Persons, the Shoulder Region of the Man Motif in that 1 was offset to the other. In other Words, in the Medo-Persian Iteration of the AntiChrist World Order, it would be the Persians that dominated the Phases. The Greeks were then followed by the Romans who started as 1, as in the Republic, unified corresponding to the Groin area. But then it was divided into the 2 Legs, which became the Western and Eastern Portions of the Roman Empire, etc.

Realize that these 4 Iterations of the AntiChrist World Orders are still in play, they have not ‘Gone Away’. Presently, it is the ‘Toes’ of both Sides that Rule the world. And astonishingly, it is from 1 of them that the Last AntiChrist Rule that the Bible speaks about will come on the Scene. Note that each of the 4 Empires had their ‘AntiChrist’ Figure in some Iteration. There was Nebuchadnezzar, then Xerxes and Cyrus the Great, then Caesar. But from the Ceasar, a further Delineation occurred in that the ‘Caesar’ that is still ruling the present Roman Empires are the Popes of the Catholics in the West and the Metropolitan Patriarchs in the East. Both are headquartered in the Cities of Rome and Constantinople. Not that both Cities are set on 7 Hills, etc.

What one wishes to observe is that this most Eastern Greek City in the Modern Nation of Tajikistan, was laid-out in the Configuration that appears to match that of the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern. Why? As one has Researched this Theory and cataloged over 500 Places on Earth, both Ancient and Modern, it is multifaceted. In one aspect, it is pure Geometry or Sacred Gematria. Meaning that such a Translation produces a ‘Star-Gate’ or Portal that the Beings, still on Mars and on Earth traverse through, back and forth and from Earth to Heaven. See account of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel for Inference, for example. Babel was called the ‘Gate’ of God’, or rather the “Star-Gate’, etc. Moreover, such Beings were considered the ‘Gods’ of the Ancient Past. They were worshipped and Temples of Sacrifice were built to commemorate their Memory.

A Celestial Star-Wars

As a Review, one’s Theory pertaining to Cydonia, Mars is that the 3 Structures there comprise the Face, the 7 Pyramid Pleiades City and the Giant Pentagon Fortress is a Mysterious Triangulation that is also replicated on Earth. In the case of the Ancient Greek City of Alexandria Eschate, the Modern overlay still reflects how the 3 Key Topographical Markers are accentuated by Structures, as they are in Cydonia, Mars. Now realize that one’s Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Theory stipulates that the Entities that were and are on Mars are not Benevolent, but rather are, in part made-up of the Rebellion Element of the Fallen Angels that sided with Lucifer, the Chief, ‘Christ’ or Anointed Cherub that declared War against the Creator, YHVH and Jesus, as He is now known due to His Incarnation in Heaven.

According to Research, Khujand, sometimes spelled Khodjent and known as Leninabad from 1936 to 1991, is the 2nd-largest City of Tajikistan. It is the Capital of Tajikistan's Sughd Province. Khujand is one of the Oldest Cities in Central Asia. It dates back about 2,500 Years to the Persian Empire. The City is situated on the Syr Darya River at the Mouth of the Fergana Valley, Khujand was a Major City along the Ancient Silk Road. It was captured by Alexander the Great in 329 BC and renamed Alexandria Eschate. Over History, it has since been part of various Empires to include the Umayyad Caliphate, the Mongol Empire and the Russian empire. Today, the majority of its population are ethnic Tajiks and the City is close to the present borders of both Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The following will be one’s Interpretation of how one sees the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation of what is now the Modern City of Khujand in Tajikistan where 1 of the Eastern-Most Greek Cities that Alexander the Great founded. The City Center is Triangulated with 3 Main Structures that have Ancient Historical Meaning or Reference. At the Focal Point is the Ancient Fortress of Krepost. This fortification corresponds to the D&M Pentagon Pyramid in Cydonia, Mars. Then, the Sports Complex of the 10-Years Stadium and accompanying Sports Pavilion corresponds to the 7 Pleiades Pyramid City on Mars. Note that the entire Complex is made-up of 7 Main Structures. Then the Face of Mars corresponds to the Velotrek Stogdiana. Is it a Speed Bicycle Track that is adjacent to a Traffic Round-About. That matches exactly what is constructed in Cydonia, Mars.

The real ‘Star Wars’ is occurring in Heaven and has spilled-over onto Earth. What is at stake is the Soul of every Human as YHVH created Mankind in a special capacity to be like no other Created Being ever Designed. Humanity would be the ‘Image Bearers’ of YHVH having the very ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH. That is Amazing. Thus, the Battle for Lucifer and his Fallen Angels that left their 1st Estate, which would have been and most likely were on Mars, and still are, but are to be found ‘Stationed’ all over the Universe. The issue is that YHVH chose Earth to be the Planet where the 2nd Person of the Trinity was to be Born as a Man with Flesh, Bone and Blood. Why? The Mission that that GOD the Son took on was a Rescue Mission. And what was to Redeem or Pay for the Sins or Infraction that Adam and Eve were deceived into siding with Lucifer’s Rebellion. But up to the Point that Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden, as that had to be Re-Created, note that.

Gospel According to Lucifer

Prior to this Place and Time that one cannot be sure of, the Planet Earth and the whole Universe became Chaotic or ‘Formless and Void’. Consider that. This is why then the Gap Theory makes sense in that YHVH parched-out a piece of Land and made it like Earth was once like. He called it Eden, etc. And one then Theorizes that the Layout of Every City, both Ancient and Modern then followed this Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern. Why? One is now more convinced that it is because that is how Heaven is Triangulated as, in some amazing and spectacular fashion. One has written about this already but that the 3 Structures may perhaps correspond to the Trinity in now each corresponds to the Father, Son and the Spirit. One cannot prove this, until Jesus Returns for His Bride at the Rapture and she is taken to Heaven to take a Tour at some Point in Time.

Well, not Time, because in Eternity, there is no ‘Time’, etc. But one will perhaps see how the City that is in Heaven the New Jerusalem is laid-out. And one would then not be surprised to find it like a Triangulation that has been replicated to this Day. The Intriguing part of this Theory is that this Hidden and Obfuscated Sacred Gematria and Triangulation has been kept from the ‘Average’ Human by the Luciferians that handle such Building Projects. Remember that it is the ‘Masons’ or the ‘Builders’ that have the ‘Trade Secrets’ and one has to be ‘Initiated’ to even start to understand this Forgotten Knowledge. But it is because this Fallen Angels or Entities that are on Mars, and on Earth have selected only certain Human Family Bloodlines to work through.

Sadly, many Humans like Eve, have ‘Bitten the Apple’ and believe what one calls the ‘Gospel According to Lucifer’. Such Humans, to this Day, have sided with Lucifer. Why? It is because since Adam, due to his Disobedience, he knows better. It was Eve that was Deceived. But all that to say that Adam, whom YHVH had given him all Dominion, Authority and Power over the Earth, who was Lucifers, got Forfeited. Since the Fall of Humanity, it has been Lucifer who had Legal Authority and Power to give the Kingdoms to whomever he desired. That is what he told Jesus in the 40 Days of Jesus being Tempted after His Baptism. The Test was to Qualify Jesus to then start His Ministry and Mission to Redeem or Pay Back for what Lucifer Stole from Adam. It was at the Cross of Calvary that this Payment had to be made. How?

By the Death of the Body of a Perfect Human that never Sinned. This is why Jesus had to be born of a Virgin, uncontaminated, Genetically by the Bloodline of Adam. Meaning that Jesus had no ’Sin Nature’. Amazing. But, that because Jesus did that, from that point on of His Resurrection, the Legal Authority of Lucifer on Earth, the Land and the People’s Souls, no longer is Binding nor Legal to Withhold. This is the Greatest Secret Lucifer and his Workers of Iniquity, the 13 Bloodlines that Rule the World presently do not what Humanity to realize. Now the way YHVH has chosen to Communicate this ‘Liberation’, is through the ‘Foolishness’ of the Gospel and through ‘Fools for Christ’. Meaning that Jesus did not and has not chosen the High and Mighty, but ‘Common Folk’ to Preach this Good News that Lucifer and his Cydonia, Mars Fallen Angels, there, everyone in the Universe and on Earth are Defeated. Now, Jesus left Earth to go back to Heaven. Why? Jesus said that He was going to Prepare a Place. For whom?

Eden Restored

For those that put their Faith, Trust and Hope in Him. But Jesus sent GOD the Holy Spirit to Endwell a Believer and Follower of Jesus. This is Amazing, if only the Body of Jesus on Earth really knew what they possessed and what they could do with it. As ALL Authority and Power is now given to the Church, not Governments, Followers of Jesus are Commissioned to Work also in the ‘Field’ of the World in each Generation. This is called the Church Age. And 1 Day, that Last Day will culminate the Commission with the Resurrection-Rapture event. It is a Dichotomy in that although Lucifer was and is Defeated, the actual acquisition of this Thrones, and Workings will not be taken from him and his Minions until the Return of Jesus.

The Supposition is that this Cydonia Mars Complex was one inhabited by Beings that had direct Connection, Communication and Communion with Earth. As to the Details of who or what they are remains a Mystery, such an Ancient and Pre-Adamic Race could have been made-up of Angelic Beings or other Created Beings, Non-Human that the Creator of the Universe, YHVH procured for His Good Will and Pleasure. However, at some Point in Time, an Intersectionality occurred in which YHVH then Created Humanity on Earth. It is from this vantage Point as inferred in the Book of Genesis that one henges the Theory upon.

It is contingent upon the Gap Theory that has been well established now. It is a Thesis that there were Beings, Non-Humans before Adam that were then also found on Earth. This is also alluded to as discussed in prior Writings in one’s Book Trilogy that Lucifer was in Eden as well. This is seen in the Book of Ezekiel for example. An Excellent Book that delves into this Notion and is 1 of the 1st to really introduce the Concept is ‘Earth Earliest Ages’, by G.H. Pember. The Book touches upon other Works like that of the Late Zecharia Sitchin, a Freemason that gave his Perfective and Interpretation of the Tales of the Anunnaki and the Death Star, Nibiru that is essentially the Binary 2nd Sun of the Solar System, etc. Now, as to the Cydonia, Mars Connection to this Ancient Greek City in Central Asia. 

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Possessing the Portals
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