Pattern of the Bride and Groom on Earth

  • Do the 7 Churches of Asia on Earth Mirror the Heavens?
  • What does the Cosmology of the Pleiades signify Biblically?
  • Is the Prophecy Encoded in the Symbology of the Stars?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Water becomes hard like stone, And the surface of the deep is imprisoned. Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, Or loose the cords of Orion? Can you lead forth a constellation in its season, And guide the Bear with her Satellites?’ –Job 38:30-32

The purpose of this study is to approximate the celestial correlation between the 7 Churches of Asia as depicted from the book of Revelation topographically with the Hyades-Pleiades star clusters in the constellation of Taurus. The Zodiac or Mazzaroth will be plotted onto the Earth geographically to suggest that the Taurus-Orion constellations in the Heavenlies amazingly reflect the topographical configuration of Greece as Orion and Turkey as Taurus and their localities on Earth. This celestial motif does appear to correlate to the 7 Churches of Asia with the inverted ‘V’ shaped Hyades configuration of Taurus. The Pleiades that are connected with the Hyades corresponds with the Taurus Mountains of Anatolia or modern day Turkey.

Amazingly, the 7 Churches of Asia are in an inverted ‘V’ formation also, as depicted from the book of Revelation and are distanced apart in a similar pattern from the Taurus Mountains as are the Pleiades from the Hyades in the head of Taurus. This region within the head of the Bull is called the Hyades and is considered also as a pyramid type. Thus this study suggests that the precise ancient locations to the 7 Churches of Asia correlate as the Hyades of Taurus on Earth ‘as it is in the Heavenlies’. The 7 Churches of Asia from the book of Revelation are geographically in an inverted 'V” shape like the horns of a Bull or more precisely a pyramidion. This region of the Hyades that is considered also a pyramid has the Church of Pergamum as the ‘capstone’. This was the ancient ‘Seat or Throne of Satan’. The start of the Churches, that of Ephesus corresponds to the ‘Eye of Taurus’ or the Bull’s Eye.

The region of the 5 Virgins of the Hyades are within a star cluster of 7 stars as are the Pleiades. In fact, the Hyades are the ‘Sisters’ to the Pleiades in Greek mythology. Metaphorically and prophetically, these Church ‘Stars’ are gripped and shielded by Jesus. Jesus’ grip is so strong that ‘no man can pluck them out of His hand’ according to the description of the risen and glorified Jesus Christ in the book of Revelation. The true Orion is Christ with Sword holding the 7 Church Stars in His hand. The 12 constellations in the Heavens can also be mapped-out on Earth as they mirror their positions with key geographic latitudes and longitudes. With regard to the Signs of the Zodiac, each symbols and numbers play a significant role in all things spirituality as YHVH is the author of typologies and design. Each Zodiac symbol has a meaning ascribed to the redemptive work of Christ as the study will suggest further.

The Witness of the Stars
According to the research of E.W. Bullinger, the constellations do proclaim the Plan of Mankind's redemption through the main character, Jesus Christ. Each constellation is but a facet or ‘angle’ of an attribute and characteristic of the Messiah. Likewise, the configuration of the star constellations can be superimposed onto the Earth and many locations are specifically copied or mirrored as such. Likewise, the configuration of the constellations can be superimposed onto many ancient and modern locations and even on other planets like in the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex. Such constellations are amazingly ‘mirrored’ either topographically by the LORD’s doing or in some cases are man-made. The constellations of the Cosmos tell the story of the King.

This King of the Cosmos is Jesus Christ. The Mazzaroth shows Jesus’ 1st coming and His triumphant return. The story starts in Virgo and ends with Leo, thus a ‘sphinx’ duality in more ways than one. What is amazing is that only from Earth can this cosmic storyline be viewed. It is as if it was made for Humans, to be read and comprehended from Earth because the Plan of Redemption is only for Humans, not Fallen Angels, Lucifer or ’Aliens’. As Paul states in the book of Romans, the Signs of the Zodiac are the 'Silent Witness' to Jesus' Plan of Redemption from Mankind's fall. According to the Bible, the Scriptures uses a Bride metaphor for Believers and Followers of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Jesus is presented as a ‘Groom’ that has redeemed or paid for His ‘Wife’ that is to be taken from the 7-fold Churches of Asia. This Groom and Bride theme is also interwoven in the Mazzaroth star constellation storyline.

In this case, the Orion-Taurus cosmic motif is one such prime example of the multifaceted storyline of the spiritual contention, judgment and redemption that has been taken, is being taken and will be taking place regarding Jesus Christ, His Bride and Mankind. For example, the Hyades-Pleiades star clusters depict the 7-fold composition of the Bride and the subsequent depiction as a 7-fold Menorah as described in the book of Revelation. The book of Revelation specifically correlates such ‘Stars’ in the Cosmos with that of the Churches of Asia on Earth. Jesus is the one that actually highlights the 7 spiritual conditions of the Bride and the 7 time dispensations according to the book of Revelation of the Church Age. In the case of Taurus, the interpretation of E.W. Bullinger associates Christ being the fierce Judge that Taurus depicts but most noticeably that it is Jesus Himself that takes the judgment.

It is Jesus that took the brunt of the judgement for the sin of Humanity or as in for Eve that first was deceived and partook of the forbidden fruit and thus has been held ‘captive’ in the clutches of Lucifer’s judgment and confinement to sin. The risen Jesus is depicted as the overcoming one and victorious Orion that confronted the might Taurus full on and direct. Orion is pierced by one of the horns of Taurus in the struggle, mortally wounded. Jesus however rose on the 3rd day and in the depiction of the risen Jesus in the book of Revelation Jesus is holding and protecting the Hyades-Pleiades from the fierce wrath that Taurus represents. As one can ascertain, each of the 12 Zodiac symbols has a very significant spiritual meaning ascribed to the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Christ’s multifaceted work is shown in how being ‘Taurus’ He upholds and protects His Church from His fierce wrath due to sin and the coming ‘Hour of Trial’.

The Orion Correspondence
As noted in terms of the geographic topography of the cosmic Orion-Taurus motif, this study suggests that the star constellations correspond to the area of Greece being ‘Orion’ and Turkey corresponding to ‘Taurus’. Thus this study strongly suggests that this topographical Earthly reflection of the Cosmos, of the Orion-Taurus configuration in the Heavenlies appears to reflect the nations of Greece and Turkey on Earth with an emphasis on the 7-fold Churches in Asia. Specifically regarding Greece, if one draws a line vertically from Mt. Olympus, the intersecting points will run through Delphi and Sparta. What is remarkable is that such a ley-line appears to match the constellation of Orion in proportion with the various prominent stars. Mt. Olympus corresponds to Rigel, the phallus of Orion corresponds to Kalambaka, Delphi corresponds to the Belt of Orion, Athens corresponds to Bellatrix and Sparta corresponds to Betelgeuse.

Also the right arm extension of Orion appears to correlate to the Isle of Crete. What is notable is that Crete is where in the local of Knossos is situated and the Gnostics came from. There is even a place called Cydonia that perhaps echoes the one on Mars. However, the Luciferians usurp this motif as the Gate of Man corresponds geographically to the vicinity of the Island of Crete, and more precisely Knossos. This is where the origin of the false Luciferians espoused their ‘torch’ or ‘light’ Gnosis or so called hidden knowledge. These is where the spirit of the ‘Gnostic Gospels’ that are false ‘light’ originate from. In the case of the depiction of the patterns of the Groom and the Bride, the true Biblical typology of Orion is that of Jesus Christ. It is Jesus that has the Torch of Light as Jesus Christ is the true Light of the World and the Gate of the Sheep.

Nowhere in the 12 Signs of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac is the contention between the ‘Seed of the Woman’ and the ‘Seed of the Serpent’ seen than in the Gates of the Cosmos. These are 2 Gates, the Gate of Man at Orion and Taurus and the Gate of GOD at the Galactic center by Ophiuchus and Sagittarius. Thus the approximate correlation of Orion and Taurus also suggest other Biblical and esoteric overtones as it is even the case with Greece and Turkey as they have always been in constant contention with one another and the prize has been who gets the Church, the Bride. Such a place is one of the frontlines of the current geopolitical battle of civilizations but it is also a spiritual one between Christianity in the West and Islam of the East.

In another sense, Taurus represents the Luciferian elements of Islam that is in direct contention it has with Christianity or the People of the Living GOD, Christ Jesus.  Thus the political map of both Greece and Turkey on Earth represent the opposing spiritual contention as depicted in the Cosmos between Orion and the Bull, Taurus; Christianity vs. Islam, on one level etc. It is the classic celestial ‘bullfight’ between the Redeemer, the Hero Orion, the Christ figure and the Beast that has held captive the Maidens of the Pleiades. Even in the current geo-political nuances, this celestial contention is seen in the deliberate soft invasion of Muslims into Europe, mainly by way of Greece from Turkey. This is an attempt to destroy the last vestiges of a civilized Christian heritage Europe has enjoyed. Since the days of Alexander the Great and Xerxes, this struggle has manifested in this frontline.

The Church Age
Greece is the land of the Epistles of Paul in the New Testament. Turkey is the land of the 7 Churches of Jesus Christ. As noted, the 7 Churches of the book of Revelation were literal Christian Churches in the nation of Turkey or Asia Minor in the 1st century. This study has attempted to demonstrate that the geographical layout of the 7 Churches of Revelation on Earth outline the approximate correspondence of the star cluster of the Hyades in the constellation of Taurus. When the topographical map of Greece is pegged to the Orion dimensions and it is approximated, Taurus produces the opposite rendition of the literal 7 Churches of Asia as they mirror the configuration of the Hyades and location of the Pleiades. It is also rather interesting that the arrow of Orion on the map of Greece points directly to the ‘capstone’ of the Church of Pergamum where the ‘Seat of Satan’ once resided in the Altar of Zeus.

As already alluded to, Taurus the Bull is where it also depicts the iconoclastic rendition of the ‘All Seeing Eye’. This ‘Eye’ corresponds to the star Aldebaran, the left eye of Taurus. However here is another example of how the Luciferians have also usurped this motif for their evil deeds as a signature of their Master Lucifer that has but one good eye, the left eye. However, the true typology is that the 1st Church, that of Ephesus corresponds to the ‘Eye of the Bull’ or the Bull’s Eye. To this, the LORD Jesus stated, ‘if your eye be single, then your body will be full of light’. He is the one who stared it by ‘lighting’ the first candle, that of Ephesus which corresponds to the Eye of Taurus and Jesus will finish it.

It is evident that most would agree that the typology of the Jewish Menorah as disclosed in the book of Revelation typifies the Church of Jesus Christ. Many End-Time scholars and Biblical students of the End of Days suggest that the vision of the resurrected Jesus Christ giving the vision of the 7 Menorah candlestick was not only a representation of the 7 Churches of Asia but a synopses of the entire Church Age period. This study thus also suggests that based on the inverted ‘V’ geographic and celestial arrangement of the Hyades that corresponds to the 7 Churches of Asia, this topographical layout can also be seen as a pyramid pattern.

This pyramid pattern in turn is suggested to function much like a ‘clock’ in which there is a beginning at its base. Then there is an apex or capstone and a terminal point adjacent to its start at the same foundation. This 7-fold Church typology has its ‘beginning, the middle and the end’ such as does a Menorah. It is a direct spiritual reflection as is Jesus and even is attributed to being one of the titles Jesus introduced Himself with, the ‘Beginning and the End’ in the last book of the Bible, Revelation. Notwithstanding, a commission has a beginning, a climax and an end. Jesus Christ will see to this end as Many believe that the Church Age is about to conclude as its ‘time’ has come to a conclusion which corresponds to the Commission given to the Church by the risen Jesus.

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