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The purpose of this study is to consider, when will the Church Age End? A Reader brought this Question to Mind as it pertained to how long do ‘Ages’ last? This is in terms of Astronomy, considering how the Earth is ‘Housed’ or in a Sign of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth for Approximately ~2000 Years. These are then the ‘Ages’ of which a Total would be 2000 x 12 Signs or 24,000 Years. This Variable varies. This Cycle is considered a ‘Great Year’. The Notion crosses over into the Esoteric Camp and Pre-Suppositions that the Earth and Creation, or a Form of it existed before Genesis 1:2.

This is the Gap Theory, which one does Subscribe to. Genesis 1:2 is a ‘Re-Creation’ from Material that was already here on Earth, etc. Such a Topic is for another Study, but suffice it to say, that the Discrepancy is how some calculate the Cycle to be, is more precisely, 25,920 Years. This would result in 12 ‘Ages’ of 2,160 Years each. In terms of how Jesus Warned that the End Times would be like ‘Birth Pains’? Well, with each passing Year, Month and Week and now even Days, things are getting a lot Clearer as the Church Age ends. This is what one would say and are saying. And many People are not even into Bible Prophecy or considering the Cycle of ‘Ages’.

The New Agers do, for example. They believe that the World is at the Dawn of their ‘New Age’, the Age of Aquarius. Has it begun or is about to? What about, as to the ‘End’ of the Age of the Fish, Pisces? Well, that would be one’s Question too. It seems though, it depends on who you talk to or Hear/Read. There is no real Data or Consensus that one can Pin-Point, as to when the Age of Pisces ended or about to or has. And when the next Age, that of Aquarius is to Begin, or has.

So, there is a lot of Conjecture, as there always is when it comes to such Topics. Others point to how the World will not ‘End’ anytime soon. And that in fact, there is about 100+ Years to go before the Age of Pisces is to Conclude. Well, other Researchers surmise that the Church Age is presently in a Transitional Stage. This is, if one goes based off of the Model of the Precession of the Equinoxes. But even the Model is an Approximation. So, when one is dealing with ~25,920 Years? What is a 100 Years here or there, of a Tolerance or Difference? Of course, 100 Years to a Person is not even a Full Lifespan.

A New Age

So, it is rather Important to be as Precise as possible. And if that be the case with that Model, the Model states that there are ~25,920 Solar Years in the Grand Cosmic Year. That is the amount of Time the Earth moves around the 12 Houses of the Zodiac. This is the Effect due to its Wobble or Axis Tilt. Thus, the Earth travels approximately, takes 2,160 Years to travel through each Sign or ‘Age’, to be more Precise. But that is about it. The issue is that there can be or is, that Overlap or Blending of the Ages. And it would appear that not every Age is precisely 2000 Years.

One has not found a Definite Answer. The ‘Lines’ are Blurry as it was the Case and is now presently how the Dispensation of the Law and Grace Overlaps. Based on the Creation Template of how 1 Day is as 1000 Years is True and Valid. But how that is superimposed Cosmologically is confusing. This Notion of a Transitional Time occurred in the 1st Century, up until the Destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. It was the case that within the Age of Pisces, the Church Age has Eclipsed its Timeline. It is occurring in Tandem with the Cosmology of this ~2,160 Year Delineation of the Great Year, etc.

Presently, since the Re-Birth of Israel, this same ‘Overlap’ of ‘Bodies’, i.e., the Body of Christ and the Body of Israel, are in-play together. This will also occur until the Rapture finalizes and concludes the Church Age. However, one does not believe that, given the present Geo-Political, and Spiritual Condition of the World will or can afford Humanity that long before it completely Destroys itself. This is what Jesus actually said also. The Key Factor is the Re-Birth of the Nation of Israel, that is back in the Promised Land.

With this Prophetic Factor, the Parable of the Fig Tree is Paramount to then Discern and to realize that any Years beyond 2032 would Null and Void such Prophecies and Maximum Extent of the Psalm 90 Generation Shelf Life. This is, of course, based on one’s own Understanding. Perhaps there is still 100+ Years to go, but one doubts it. So, one can only Speculate and give a Best Guess that, Approximately, the Age of Pisces since Jesus’ Birth has been now about ~2000 Years and is about to Conclude. If one talks to some ‘New Agers’, they say that Humanity has already Crossed into the Sign of Aquarius. When was that?

According to many of them, that occurred on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2020. That is when there was that Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. And? That Conjunction occurred in the Border of Aquarius, at 0 Degrees. To them, this Signaled that the Astronomical ‘End’ to the Age of the Fish, to begin the Age of the Water Bearer, etc. And to such, that is the Euphemism for what Christians refer to as the Coming AntiChrist. Of course, the Real Aquarius is found and fulfilled in the Person and Work of Jesus. And how, during the Millennial Kingdom, it will be the ‘Age of Aquarius’, but it will be Jesus’ Version. See Article below for this Background and Supposition.

#372: Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
Signaling the Advent of the AntiChrist

End of the Church Age

But one does Believe, that the Ages are about then ~2000 Years, Approximately. Thus, if the Age of Pisces started ‘Around’ the Birth of Jesus, assuming a -3 BC Birth-Day, then it is already some 2,026 Years past. Now, to the Question, when will the Church Age End? Well, in one’s Assessment, the Answer could be tied to when Jesus Died. Based on one’s Research and Calculations, that would be from 32 AD. And this is predicated on the case for a 32 AD Year of the Church Age Began. It was the House of YHVH, at the Temple Mount Precinct, where they were accustomed to Gather after the Resurrection.

And the Timing was not at the Jewish Tradition Celebration of what is called Shavuot but at the Acts 2 Pentecost that one also theorized was the Fear of New Wine, etc. And, thus, reasonably, using Deductive Logic, that the Church Age could likewise End at a Pentecost. This is if one is factoring in that 1 Day = 1000 Years. So, based on this Calculus, that would be 2032. The Age Discrepancy goes deeper in that. One has to ask, where then do you factor-in the Last Sabbath or Daniel’s 70th Week? Is it Before to be included in or After the Church Age? Is there an Overlap as it was in the 1st Century? As it was, one then Conjectures the following.

Fall 2032 (Return of Jesus) - 7 Tribulation Period = Fall 2025 (Start of Tribulation?)

Nonetheless, all these Models are only Calculations and one’s Best Guess, based on what is Known or Understood, at the moment. Well, hopefully it will not be that much more to go, as one Sees it or Calculates it, that is, for the Rapture to Conclude the Church Age, if one is Pre-Tribulation. And one would hope so because the World has gone Mad. And there is no ‘Fixing It’, aside from Jesus directly Intervening. It now Requires or Demands a Global Intervention.

But that has been the Plan of the Luciferians. Their Agendas have been to Centralize all Power to the coming AntiChrist World Savior. In fact, that is exactly what the Luciferian Globalists are putting forth as their Narrative. They need a World Leader, a World Government, a World Economy, and a World Religion, etc. And that is exactly what will happen and is happening as they are implementing their Great Reset. How? Ultimately, they are taking Humanity to World War 3. They are the ones that Induce the Worldwide Chaos, so they can and will Intervene with their ‘New Order Solution’. But as is known, it will be a Grand Deception.

But it is rather Amazing that Followers of Jesus Know or can Know exactly enough, to Realize what is really happening, and will. There is a certain Degree of Peace with that. To Know Jesus is to Know Peace…’No Jesus, No Peace’. If one were not a Follower and Believer in Jesus, it is a Time of Dread, Doom, Despair and Depravity. One would be so Fearful. But GOD or rather, But Jesus. So, when Astronomers say that the Sun is at a Particular Sign, that is 'What Time' it is. One can consider the Cosmos to be like a Big Oval Wall Clock of 12 Hours. In this case, 12 Houses or Signs. Each is '1 Hour'. This gives Earth, from one's Perspective, the Solar Year as it takes the Earth to round the Sun in 1 Year, etc. So, consider the Sun, Moon and the Stars as corresponding to Time in the following way.

1- Sun is the Hour Hand
2- Moon is the Minute Hand
3- Stars (Planets) are the Second Hand

Astronomically, the Sun is in each of the 12 Signs to complete 1 full Rotation or Solar Year. What delineates the Year, to the Day, are the 2 Solstices and the 2 Equinoxes. They make like a 'Cross' in terms of Time. But they Synchronize the Year and it is so precise, that all Ancient Civilizations pegged their Agricultural Planting, and Harvesting Times on it.

1- September 23         Fall Equinox                - Start of Fall
2- December 22          Winter Solstice            - Start of Winter          (Sun at Golden Gate)
3- March 22                Spring Equinox           - Start of Spring
4- June 22                   Summer Solstice        - Start of Summer       (Sun at Silver Gate)

Not only are there 4 Points of Reference on this 'Astronomical Clock, at the 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, but there are 2 'Gates' that come in and out of Heaven to Earth. They are the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate. Note that this is also replicated on Earth, like in Jerusalem. And the Golden Gate called also the Eastern Gate is where Jesus came riding on a Donkey. Note that the Golden Gate is a Double Arch. Think of McDonalds. They 'Know'. 

Or consider that the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, is the 'Back Door' of the USA. But then at the 'Front Door' of the USA, is the Brooklyn Bridge, Silver Color. And each Gate or 'Star Portal' is guarded by a Celestial Sentinel, Ophiuchus for the Golden Gate and Orion for the Silver Gate. This is why the Statue of Liberty is really a 'Cross' or Trans of Apollo or Orion and Isis. And as Orion has that Torch pointing at the Silver Gate, so is the Statue of Liberty typifying that Celestial Motif. But also, not that off New York, the Underwater Ridge is called Babylon. Consider that the Masons who 'donated' the Statue of America originally wanted a Cup instead of the Torch.

Think of the Woman holding the Cup in the Book of Revelation, the 'Whore of Babylon', etc. Now, even though the Days are Precise, over 1000s of Years, there has been a 'Drift' in that the Days 'move' forward in Time. As you many heard or read about the Precession of the Equinoxes, it means that over Millennia, the Sun does and has shifted a bit. For example, 2000 Years Ago during the Time of Jesus, the Spring started when the Sun entered Aries, the Ram on Nisan 1. However, note that the Astronomical New Year was delineated by the March 20 Spring Equinox. The Religious New Year occurred about 1 Week Later, depending the Cycles of the Moon, etc.

This is what Josephus noted in his Writing and corresponded to when Jesus, the Lamb of YHVH was Offered on that April Month. Although the Passover is always in the same Day and Month, the Constellation Signs in the Background do change over Time. That is the Point to note. But now, 2000 Years later, the Sun during the Spring Month of Aviv corresponds to Pisces. The Precession in inching itself towards Aquarius.

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