And the Transference of the Evangelical Age

  • Is there a prophetic significance to the number 72?
  • What happens if one factors in Jesus' timeline of birth and death?
  • Does a corresponding overlap of time or timelines occur?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘After this, the LORD appointed 72 others and sent them 2 by 2 ahead of Him to every town and place He was about to visit. And He told them, The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the LORD of the Harvest, therefore, to send out Workers into His Harvest.’ – Luke 10:1-2

The purpose of this study is to examine if there is a possible direct correlation of 2 timelines when overlapped, given a 72-year and 40-year coefficient. The 1st timeline will be from the year the modern nation of Israel was born in 1948. This timeline would put the 72nd year, completed on May 14, 2020 or in the Jewish year of 5781. Amazingly, Israel reached the 70th year time marker in 2018, 5779 as the ‘Fig Tree Generation’. The hypothesis of this study seeks to examine if a 2nd timeline, that of the birth and death of another type of Israel, that of Jesus Christ Himself is significant, or prophetically correlates. This study does suppose and will use the date of September 11, -3 BC as the probable date of Jesus’ birthday based on the various astronomical alignments, conjunctions and retrogrades that occurred from -4 BC to -2BC, etc.

Amazingly, the 2nd compounded timeline is already configured within this overlay. It is the 40-year time span from Jesus’ death in April 14, 32 AD. This date is again supposed on various interpretations and the cessation of the Sacrificial Ordinance in 70 AD. The question is then, could such an overlap of the respected timeframes suggest a synchronization and convergence of a 72-year marker? And if so, what does that look like and above all, what does that mean for the Followers of Jesus Christ in these Last Days? The study will also examine the prophetic meaning of 72 and how that is key to knowing possibly when the Church Age is to conclude and perhaps narrow down the window in which the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to occur.

(1948 to 2020 = 72 years) = (-3 BC to 70 AD = 72 years) = (32 AD + 40 years = 72nd Year, 2022)

This study is based on various typologies and direct correlations from an astronomical and Biblical account and point of view. What is so special or unique about the number 72? It is said that there were 72 Nations and languages at the Tower of Babel. Jacob’s Latter is said to have had 72 levels. There were 72 Elders that translated the Septuagint, and Jesus was dead for 72 hours, etc. The 1st key inference dealing with the significance of 72 will be the astronomical one. It is understood that it takes 72 years to move 1 degree in the 25,800 Great Year cycle of Celestial Time. This Great Year in the Precession of the Equinoxes consists of 12 ‘Ages’ of ~2160 years that make up 1 Age. This is of course if one subscribes to the notion that YHVH keeps ‘time’ before the 6-day Creation of Humanity came to be and the ‘re-creation’ of the Earth, etc.

A Matter of Time
The book of Genesis does allude that the Earth ‘became formless and void’. This presupposes that before the 6-day Creation on Earth, there existed an ‘Earth’ to be made formless and void. This crosses over to the Gap Theory but suffice to say that 72 and for that matter, 52 is unique in terms of Celestial Time and how such numbers were sacred to ancient cultures. In what way? For example, it is understood that it takes 52 years for the 6 Stars of the Pleiades to revolve around the main Star of Alcyone. Why is this significant or Biblical perhaps? Prophetically, the coefficient of 52 is pegged to the 6-Day War when Israel recaptured Jerusalem and the Temple Mount in 1967. It so happened that the 52nd year converged on the heel of the 70th year since 1948 in 2018. It is also believed that it took 52 weeks for the 2nd Temple to be rebuilt.

The Bible is replete with inferences to how Israel and the Church are likened or as a typology of the 7-branch Menorah of lights or ‘Stars’, like the Pleiades, etc. In the astronomical typology displayed in Revelation, Jesus is as the male, the positive aspect, and that of Orion. The 7 Churches of Asia are as the 7 Stars or lights of the Menorah or Pleiades, the corresponding feminine and negative relationship as they are disclosed to the Apostle John in the Island of Patmos and so on. This study, nonetheless, suggests that the numerical coefficient of 72 went far beyond just a mere astronomical and mathematical nuance but was and is being used by YHVH that currently is incorporated in Biblical prophecy itself. In what ways? The 2nd example of how 72 is sacred and is seen on Mount Sinai.

12 Tribes x 6 Elders = 72 Elders of Zion

When YHVH took Israel out of the slavery of Egypt for Himself, He gathered them at the foot of Mount Sinai in Arabia. This was a special time in human history in that YHVH, the Creator of all interjected into space and time to personally meet with the 72 Elders of Israel, i.e., as a Theophany. YHVH instructed Moses to assemble the 70 Elders from each of the 12 Tribes of the sons of Jacob, etc. This would amount to 6 Elders per tribe. This would include Moses and Joshua in the count of 2 inclusive. This counting of the Tribes of Israel will echo in how, after the Royal Commission of the Church Age is completed, YHVH will anoint and seal the 144,000 from the 12 Tribes of Israel during the Tribulation Period, etc. This was the occasion for YHVH to descend to the area of the Cleft of the Rock that Moses was previously hid as the Glory of YHVH passed by as a furnace. Moses was only allowed to see the ‘backside’ of the Creator.

What an amazing spectacle that was. It was there that YHVH appeared upon a Sea of Sapphire and provided and shared a meal, face to face with the 72 Elders of Zion. It is also from this point forward that the Sanhedrin takes its mandate and Seat of Moses also, etc. Thus, the ‘72’ signifies a transference of time, of government, authority and commission or ‘Covenant’ being made. Yet there is the mystery of the adjacent 70. Nonetheless, numerical factor like ‘70’-‘72’, ‘50’-‘52’ and ‘40’ are used to number His Followers and how a ‘Covenant’ is made and will at the end of the 72nd year perhaps. The 3rd example is in the New Testament. This is the occasion in which Jesus sends out the 72 Disciples to preach the Gospel of Repentance and of the coming Kingdom. Jesus paired-up the 72 Disciples by 2’s and commissioned them out, to Israel first.

The End and Beginning of a Commission
One is aware that there is again, a discrepancy even on this topic as some translations say ‘70’ Disciples were sent out, etc. The key though in Luke 10 is that it appears that the 72 were sent out subsequently. Thus, the first deployment could have been 70. In this study, the 2 timelines converge the factors of 70 with 72 as it will be demonstrated. This would echo the Royal Commission of the Church Age to follow. Such were a type of Israel or a ‘Jacob’ that enlisted the 12 Tribes, all-inclusive that will be again the case as they are sent to Israel and the world as a Witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ during the Tribulation Period. However, as Israel rejected Jesus as Messiah, national Israel lost this privilege to be used in such a way to evangelize the nations as a nation.

Thus, there was a need to have a ‘Transitional Period’ that this study strongly suggests was and is made up of a 40-year span of time and currently is reverting back from the Church to Israel. Why 40? This supposition and calculation is based on the 2 overlapping timelines presented. In a subsequent study of the Biblical significance of what 40 stands for, it has its inference to a period of testing, or a trial for evaluation and transference. This study suggests that from the time that the Royal Commission was given to the Disciples, and that at Pentecost, ‘when it fully came’ is when the Church Body was indwelt with GOD the Holy Spirit and the Church Age started.

This is key in that if and when the Bride of Christ is to be extracted from the Earth, as a ‘harvest’, it could very well coincide with such a similar time to conclude it. It is from this 40-year overlapping in 32 AD that all power, authority and prophecy started to move away from Israel to the Church. Based on Jesus’ birthday being in -3 BC, this would then have made Jesus 33 years old in the year 32 AD. Clearly, Jesus was not born in the year ‘0’. Or could it have been from 28 AD that would have put the 3.5 year ministry of Jesus in sync to result in 70 AD with the destruction of the Temple, 40 years later?

(birth of Israel)                                                                                       (72nd year)
1948 ------------------------------- +70 years ---------------------- = 2018 +2 = 2020
-3 BC ------------------------------ +70 years ------------------------------------ = 70 AD = 2020
(birth of Jesus)                                                                                         = 72 AD = 2022                          
                                                           32 AD -------- +40 years ----------- = 72 AD
                                                          1982 ----------- +40 years ----------- = 2022
                                                                                                              (72nd year)

Some Observations given the overlapping timelines that has a 2-year discrepancy.
-(32 AD + 40 years = 72 AD) is the same as (2022 since 1948).

-70 AD is in sync with 2020 the 72nd year since 1948.

Thus, from the year 32 AD + 40 years would be then the year 72 AD in which the Temple, the City and the Nation of Israel were completely judged, destroyed and sent to the 2nd Diaspora by the Romans. However, here lies the 2-year discrepancy again in that it was in 70 AD that the Temple was destroyed 2 years shy of 32 AD. Nonetheless, this study brings-out more questions than answers and the need for further investigation. This would be the prophetic status-quo until the regathering of national Israel but in ‘unbelief’ per Ezekiel. How is this pertinent to the timeline overlaps? The 2nd Temple being destroyed concluded the ‘Transitional Period’.

The Transference of Commission
‘Coincidentally’, it was on the 70th year since 1948 that the Altar of Sacrifice was rededicated in 2018, exactly on the 70th year and that directly correlated to the Jesus timeline of it being the 72nd year. This study then asks the question. If there was a Transitional Period from Pentecost to the destruction of the Temple by 40 years since 32 AD, will there be or is there currently a similar prophetic Transitional Period of such a 40-year countdown? And what about this apparent 2-year discrepancy factor? In this case, not a countdown to the destruction to the 2nd Temple but a count-up to the end of the Church Age and the construction of the 3rd temple? It would appear so base on this theory of the overlapping timelines.

The next variable to consider based on the 72 numerical coefficient has to do when the Royal Commission of the Church Age does cease, whenever that will be, it will be by the Rapture. The Bible in Revelation does stipulate that there will come a time when the Seal Judgments are to be broken. It will be though in the presence of the resurrected and raptured Bride of Christ seated in the Celestial Court. It will as it was on Mount Sinai on a Sea of Sapphire and typified by the 24 Elders seated around the Throne of YHVH. It will be thereafter that as the ‘Witness’, the vindicated Bride of Christ will see the Wrath of the Lamb begin to be poured out on the inhabitants of the Earth. It is during this ‘Age’ or timeframe that the 144,000 Jewish believers in Jesus or Yeshua as the Messiah will be sealed and commissioned to be part of the evangelization program during the Tribulation Period. YHVH will never leave Himself without a ‘Witness’, etc.

(144,000 / 72 = 2000)

Fascinating, if one takes 144,000 divided by 72, the result is 2000. Here lies perhaps another prophetic clue in the completion of the ‘Transitional Period’ back from the Church Age to Israel. Many believe that based on the direct correspondence of the 1-year-to-1-day equation, as inferenced by the Apostle Peter, the Church Age was and is to have lasted ‘2 Days’ or approximately 2000 years as mentioned prior. Then there is the famous verse in the Old Testament that alludes to the 2 Days that many extrapolate to mean the 2000-year duration of the Church Age as a type from Hosea 6:1-3.

‘Come, let us return to the LORD. For He has torn us to pieces, but He will heal us; He has wounded us, but He will bind up our wounds. After 2 Days He will revive us; on the 3rd Day, He will raise us up, that we may live in His presence. So, let us know—let us press on to know the LORD. As surely as the Sun rises, He will appear; He will come to us like the rain, like the spring showers that water the Earth.’

Then another possible clue as to a 2000-year duration of Israel’s judgment and casting aside is seen in how there were approximately 2000 pigs mentioned that the demons begged Jesus to enter them from the account of the Gadarene Demoniac of Mark 5. It typifies the spiritual condition of Israel as a nation in that such an enterprise should not have been allowed in Israel as pigs are unclean according to the Mosaic dietary laws, etc. It suggests that Israel became ‘unclean’ ceremoniously and spiritually and during which time YHVH went ironically to the ‘unclean’ Gentiles to bestow the Treasures of GOD in earthen vessels, i.e., the indwelling the Holy Spirit and the Royal Commission.

The Nexus Point
Many believe, especially those holding to the Dispensational attributes of prophetic time, that 2000 is yet another clue or coefficient of how YHVH is using divine numbers interwoven into Biblical prophecy. It is believed that the Church Age is to last ~2000 years. Specifically, in terms of numbers, if one does assume 32 AD was when Jesus died and the Church Age was ‘born’ by way of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, then from the 72nd year of Israel’s birth in 2020 would be 1,988 years. This difference is an amazing 12 year difference to 2000.

32 AD + year 2020 (72nd year since 1948) = 1988 years of Church Age as in nearly 2000 years

It would be a difference of 12 years that at this point in the study would be for another study to tackle. This discrepancy and/or mis-count could be perhaps as a result of millennia of using various calendars that have been tampered with, etc. However, it would appear significant only in the sense that the 12 could or would allude to the 12 Ages, the 12 Tribes, the 12 Apostles and the Jewish Believers of the 12 Tribulation Tribes and so on. Thus, as a backdrop for understanding the astronomical, ecclesiastical and prophetic significance of the number 70, 72 and 40 specifically, the following evidence presented will support the hypothesis this study is suggested; that perhaps the 72nd year, 2020 is highly significant. What would this 72-year timeline from the birth of Israel in 1948 to 2020 look like if it would be pegged or synchronized to the birth of Jesus, assuming a -3 BC birthdate as noted? It would be the year 2022.

Astonishingly, 3 outcomes are produced by the overlay of these 2 timelines. They are tied, not only to Jesus’ birth but His death as well as a double confirmation and the Temple. At this point in the study, one also has to reiterate and interject that the death of Jesus is believed to have been in 32 AD on April 14. There happened to be a Blood Moon near Midnight that night that occurred in Libra, which in the ancient times was an Altar and seen over Israel. It was also exactly depicted as it was during the Exodus in that near midnight, the First Born was slain, etc. And as noted, that if this was and is the case, a 40-year timespan from 32 AD then it takes one past the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD by 2 years. Then, as there is no year ‘0’, if one counts 40 years from Jesus’ death in 32 AD, and correlated to 1948, the 40th year would be 2022.

It is the year 1982 that matches the overlapping timeline that corresponds to the year 32 AD, the year of the death of Jesus but the birth of the Church Age, etc. It thus appears that there is a synchronization of not only Jesus’ birth but from His death as well and that of the Temple destruction and then of the subsequent re-dedication of its Altar in 2018, the 70th year from Israel’s birth, etc. This is amazing and perhaps a double-witness attesting that indeed, the numerical coefficient of 40, 70, 72 signifies a completion of an ‘Age’, a time’. And, that indeed, the birth date of -3 BC and death in 32 AD of Jesus are correct. Will the overlap of the 40-year timespan see the ‘Transitional Period’ indeed revert back from the Church to the divine economy of Israel then by 2022? Consider that such a transference from national Israel was given over to a mainly Gentile Church Body. YHVH bestowed on the Body of Christ, the secrets of Prophecy, the Royal Commission, the Authority of the King and the Government of the Presbytery; what a privilege.

A 2-Year Window?
This of course left Israel stripped of such power, authority, protection and sacrificial provision, as far as the Sacrificial Law or Ordinances goes, but for a moment. YHVH did not abandon Israel’s Covenant and Promises made, nor has but has set her aside to take this time of nearly ~2000 years to graft-in the Gentiles, as was His plan all along. The partial hardening and national blindness of Israel was but for this time unfortunately to be in conjunction with the Royal Commission of the Church, which was a ‘Mystery’ to Israel and still is. Thus, the question is reasonable to ask, is the 72-year span to conclude in 2022 based on the Jesus timeline overlap signaling that not only is the Transitional Period about to revert back to Israel but the Temple is about to be built?

This supposition would then lead to consider that the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ, which is study strongly suggests is to take place beforehand is about to occur before then? In the last decade, the Church Body and the world has witnessed some amazing astronomical, cataclysmic and socio-geo-political Signs and shifts of reality or lack thereof. Amazingly, the anniversary of Israel’s birth since 1948 saw its 70th year anniversary in 2018, exactly 1,948 years since 70 AD when the 2nd Temple was destroyed, 38 years after Jesus’ death and from the descent of GOD the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. Will there be some sort of a 2-year discrepancy also in play that will affect when the Church Age is to be concluded? Again, from 1948 to the 72nd year is 2020. But overlapping the Jesus timeline, the 72nd year corresponds to the year 2022, having a 2-year discrepancy but the 70th year corresponds to the 72nd year, etc.

Will there be a 2-year gap then that the Rapture could very well compensate for? Now that Israel has passed the 70th year mark, is the Church Age running on borrowed ‘prophetic time’. Or has it been experiencing a ‘Transitional Period’ perhaps as this study suggests is about to conclude then? Will there be some amazing prophetic occurrences leading-up to the 72nd year in 2020 that will change the prophetic landscape of the Church witness on Earth? If the notion of the 40-year overlap existed since 32 AD up to 72 AD, this would mean that if the parallel is prophetic and a 1-to-1 correspondence, then the Resurrection and Rapture to conclude the Church Commission is that much closer to consider. It is surely within this 2-year window of transference time based on the 2 timeline overlays that has a maximum extent to 2022.

The point of this study is that the conclusion of the Church Age and the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ are that close; a matter of 2 years now perhaps. If it was and is from 1982 then that the 40-year countdown occurred, then the Church Age is presently at the tail end of such a count with only a 2-year window remaining perhaps. Thus, the overlay of the 2 timelines thus suggests that the convergence of the 72nd year necessitates that an event will deal with the conclusion of the Church Age and the construction of the 3rd Temple. Of course, this is all based on the overlap of Christ Jesus’ lifeline of time.

5779 = 2018-2019 = 70th Year
5780 = 2019-2020 = 71st Year
5781 = 2021-2022 = 72nd Year
5782 = 2022-2023 = 73rd Year

The 3rd Day
One additional observation is possibly inferred only as a subsequent typology when synchronizing the birth of the nation of Israel in 1948 with the timeline of Jesus’ birth and death time sequence. If from -3 BC + 72 years equals the year 70 AD, the time the 2nd Temple was destroyed, could the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple somehow be linked to this overlay also? The argument goes like this. Jesus stated that His body was essentially as the ‘Temple’ and that if it would be destroyed, it would and could be rebuilt in 3 days. This of course was a cryptic inference to His death, burial and bodily resurrection. As to the timelines. If the overlay of the 2 timelines has 70 AD correspond to the year 2020, then 3 ‘Days’ later or 3 years would correspond then to the Spring of 2023. Could this be the year that the 3rd Temple will have been built and the Daily Sacrifices begin?

To reiterate, if all this synchronization and convergence of the 2 timeline overlays presented in this study are valid and true, then it would possibly suggest, within reason that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ would be or could be accomplished by the end of the 72nd year, 2020 or before 2022. Will the 72nd year since 1948 mark the end of one ‘Age’ of time and the beginning of the next as mirrored by the 72-year coefficient of the Precession of the Equinoxes? These, of course are the details that are a mystery, and on purpose as that is how YHVH wanted it as to not fall in the hands of the Enemy. However, as with all types of pending judgments and wrath prescribed by YHVH in the Bible, He always gave an advance warning to His People. Will it be no different for the Resurrection and the Rapture event? The question is, is it linked to 70 AD when the Sacrificial Ordinances and Temple ceased or at the 72 year marker? If the Transitional Period is marked by 70 AD, then it would be at the 38th year. The 38th year from 1982 would be 2020. The 40th Year corresponding to the 72nd year would end in 2022 based on the Jesus timeline.

And again, it is assuming the overlay of the 2nd timelines, that of Jesus’ birth and death starting from -3 BC, then converging at 32 AD to then 72 AD is valid and true. However, based on the correlations and the number association with 70, 72 and 40, it would appear that such a correspondence supports this type of synchronization, prophetically. As the proverbial saying goes though, only time will tell. Nonetheless, it is exciting to conjure if such a possibility is to occur from now until shortly after the 72nd year anniversary of Israel’s birth and up to 2022. This study pegged such a hypothesis to Jesus’ birth and death sequence and count by a factor of 72 and 40. It is an attempt at ‘Cracking the Code’ of how the End of Days will conclude with the Church Age.

So, what does this study of 2 overlapping timelines mean or could possibly infer? Well, if the overlap of the 2 timelines of a ‘birth’ and a ‘death’ signifies a ‘beginning’ and an ‘end’, a transference of time, Age, power and commission, then the 72-year and the 40-year Transitional Period is about to close as they converge perhaps. Thus, the possible meaning is that the Church Age is about to complete its Royal Commission. Then it would be consistent with an ‘end’ and a new ‘beginning’ as 72 and 40 signifies the  completion of said time, the transference of power, authority and revelation, etc. It is understood that such factors will eventually revert back to the economy of national Israel to conclude Daniel’s last Week of Years, etc.

The evangelical construct during the 7-year Tribulation Period for Israel will be fashioned by 3 components. The 3-prong evangelical witness of Jesus Christ on Earth during that time will be by way of the 144,000 Sealed Jewish males, the 2 Witnesses and an Angelic Being proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel around the globe, not a disc. What a spectacle that will be. That being said, it presupposes the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ beforehand. Thus, in narrowing down this timeframe, the possible sequence of the Rapture Event could be extrapolated within reasonable doubt. It is only an issue of ascertaining how near it is. It is an endeavor of narrowing-down now in terms of years, not seasons. This can be said with a strong measure of confidence as other Watchers of the End Days attest to this disposition based on all the convergence of Signs, both from above and on Earth that are overwhelming.

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