Prophetic Countdown to the Advent of the AntiChrist?

  • The Rabbi track record of fulfillment has been accurate thus far.
  • The convergence of many timelines is short of prophetic.
  • Will the 70th year anniversary of Israel see major transitions?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘But I know you, that you do not have the love of God within you. I have come in My Father’s name, and you have not received Me; but if someone else comes in his own Name, you will receive him. How can you believe if you accept glory from one another, yet do not seek the glory that comes from the only God? – John 5:42-44

The purpose of this study is to examine the Jubilee pattern as it pertains to the now very famous Judah Ben Samuel 10 Jubilee Prophecy. This prophecy is attributed to a Jewish Rabbi that lived Regensburg, Germany in the 13th century and died in 1217. According to research, he was into Jewish mysticism and an alternate form of Kabbalism called Chassidei Ashkenaz. He is said to have come from a long line of famous Jewish Kabbalist bloodlines. There is an account of ‘The Accident’ in which there was an accusation of a ritualistic murder performed by his family in 1195. Although he wrote much and made some commentaries on the Torah, there is no direct evidence that the so called 10 Jubilee Prophecy is of Ben Samuel. Perhaps it could have been the author as other similar studies had been prevalent in this school of Jewish Kabbalism.

Regardless, this study only seeks to recreate the 10 Jubilee Prophecy onto a realistic timeline for illustration purposes. All the current timelines and/or charts that are prevalent currently on the internet are not to scale. This study will only attempt to present a more accurate scaling of time and to make some Christian End-Times observations based on this supposed 10 Jubilee Prophetic pattern. Does YHVH still speak to His Jewish nation or to Ben Samuel? Are there Jewish ‘Prophets’ still within the rebellious nation of Israel?  According to the Gospels, yes. Many Biblical scholars presume that there was a ‘gap’ or time of silence where YHVH did not communicate with His Prophets or Prophetesses, primarily between the books of Malachi and the Gospel of Matthew. This is not the case entirely; there are several examples.

The Gospels state and teach that although there was a ‘dry spell’ for about 400 years, this did not mean that YHVH did not communicate with His People. The issue was that it such revelation was written down or not for instruction as YHVH saw fit. This dry spell was broken with the message sent to Mary, the wife of Joseph by the Angel Gabriel. This Angel of YHVH announced the conception and birth of Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah. There was also the dream given to Joseph, to flee to Egypt from the wrath of Herod the King as with the Magi. There was also the testimony of how YHVH revealed and confirmed that Jesus was the Messiah to both a godly man and a women, Simeon and Anna who as they were praying for the advent of the Messiah at that very moment in the Temple, their prayers were answered.

The point here is that YHVH spoke to godly people, those set apart and sanctified for His purpose and pleasure. However even so, YHVH was faithful to honor Moses’ Seat of Judgment that had been usurped in Israel by evil Luciferians which Jesus confronted during His ministry as the Synagogue of Satan. In the final days of Jesus, there were the High Priests that were ‘given a word of knowledge’ that ‘One must die for the sins of the nation’. This is in the Gospel of John 11: 50-52.

‘You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish. Caiaphas did not say this on his own. Instead, as high priest that year, he was prophesying that Jesus would die for the nation, and not only for the nation, but also for the scattered children of God, to gather them together into one.’

As one can ascertain, it is possible for the godly and the conspiring ungodly to receive revelation. As to the ungodly, Lucifer and his angelic minions have a knowledge superior to Humanity and divulges revelation as well to his Synagogues of Satan. The point is that such that delve into Kabbalism as Judah Ben Samuel perhaps had this occur. This study is not endorsing such a prophecy but only making observations based on the revelation that YHVH has given His Apostles and Prophets through Scripture already. Based on the 10 Jubilee Pattern, this study does suggest that there is a prophetic synchronization of time that highlights certain key years. Mainly that at the start of the death of Ben Samuel in 1217, there is a pattern of ‘Jubilees’ ending in 2017.


1217                       1517                                                 1917          1967         2017+

Death                     Ottomans                                        Allenby     6-Day War   AntiChrist?
of Ben Samuel          |---------------------
8 Jubilees ----------------|-------9-------|------10------|

                               |--------------------------------------500 Years-----------------------------------|    

The prophecy states that at the end of the 10th one, that being 2017, the Messiah would appear. This study suggests an alternative interpretation. The ‘Messiah’ that could be revealed in some years shortly after 2017 will not be Jesus but the ‘One that will come in his own Name’, mainly the AntiChrist. Realize that the AntiChrist has to come first before the return of Jesus. Realize that Israel will accept a false Messiah as Jesus foretold. Another observation comes from the fact that as the British General Allenby entered Jerusalem on foot, he perhaps inadvertently represented the conquering king ‘Messiah’ in humility possessing the City of the King. This entrance took place at the Jaffa Gate, on the western side of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is also referred to as the entrance to the Citadel of David.

If Ben Samuel’s prophecy of 10 Jubilees is to come to pass, then exactly 100 years, then a few years soon after 2017, the ‘other’ Messiah figure will also come through a Gate to possess Jerusalem. The question will be which Gate will this false imposer come through? Will it be the same Gate, Jaffa as Allenby or the Golden Gate as Jesus did? Scripture teaches that it will be Jesus that will descend from the clouds and touchdown on the Mount of Olives opposite the Golden or Eastern Gate and walk through it to possess Jerusalem from the false AntiChrist and False Prophet of Lucifer. It will be exactly as it was in Jesus’ 1st Advent. There was nation divided in land, a supposed King of the Jews, Herod and a False Prophet appointed by Rome.

It was in 1917 that General Allenby took control of Jerusalem from the Ottoman Turks without a fight as revealed by Ben Samuel. According to history, the Royal Air Force dropped leaflets over the city in Arabic that specified an unconditional surrender and it was signed by Allenby. To the Muslim Arabs, this name was attributed to ‘Allah’ as in Allah-be’ and they totally capitulated. What is rather intriguing is that in 1917 there was a sort of ‘covenant’ made by the new rulers of Jerusalem, it was called the Balfour Declaration. According to research, 

‘The Balfour Declaration was a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.’

What this study suggests is that as this ‘Declaration’ was broken by the British, as Allenby epitomized the possession of Jerusalem, so too will the coming false Messiah confirm such a ‘Declaration’ or Covenant and later on break it. In the case of the British, the British Mandate stipulated the aspiration of both the Jews and Muslim Arabs to have a separate homeland. Initially, the British had carved out what is now Jordan as the homeland for the Palestinians. The west bank of the Jordan River would be allocated to the Jews as that was the ancient land of Samaria and Judah. However, the British double crossed both the Jews and Muslim Arabs in that Jordon was made an artificial kingdom and nation instead. This allowed only the west bank land area to accommodate both nations now.

This was not resolved until after World War 2 as the UN Partition Plan. However the Muslim Arabs rejected the 2-state solution and declared war as the Jews as they declared their independence, having accepted the UN resolution. It was not until the preemptive 6-Day War that the Jews recaptured Jerusalem, primarily the Old City with the Temple Mount. The point is that this will mirror the coming confirming of the Covenant that will possibly have provisions for the Jews to rebuild the Temple of YHVH. It will be the false Messiah that will allow this event to occur, meaning that the world is that close to this 10 Jubilee pattern to take place, if it is valid and reliable. The next observation has to do with the numerical sequence of the so called 10 Jubilees.

If the pattern of Ben Samuel is correct, it does appear to follow the Biblical numerical value of association and meaning. For example the end of the 8th Jubilee occurs in 1917. This is precisely when the evil Muslim rulership ended in Jerusalem. In prophetic terms, it is a new beginning, which the number 8 suggests. This was the number of people on the Ark of Noah that signified a New World to come, etc. The other numerical association has to do with the 10th. This 10th Jubilee is to occur in 2017. The number 10 in Biblical terms speaks of the Law as in the 10 Commandments. It will be fitting a time that perhaps as the new Temple worship is ordained, a theocracy will return to Israel under Mosaic Law but under a False Prophet or ‘high priest’ and the false Messiah, the Biblical AntiChrist. This 10 numerical association speaks of the New World Order build upon the technological grid of numbers, the Mark of 666 and the total surveillance, etc.

It will be based on the changing of the times and laws that the Bible foretells will occur. The next observation is that the time of the 10 Jubilee timeline appears to be in approximate phi ratio of time. If one takes the starting point of the death of Judah Ben Samuel in 1217, the phi ratio will coincide with the fall of the Ottoman Muslim rule in 1517 and converge on a specific date. This date is September 11, 2001. Does this date thus commence the countdown to when the false AntiChrist is to come perhaps in a few years shortly after 2017? There are many Christians that also hold to the notion that the true Jubilee Year is actually in the 2017-18 cycle. Concerning the coming ‘one’, those that believe it will be a ‘Messiah’ are one in the same as being ‘blinded’ by a lack of knowledge that although it would appear to be so, it is not the case.

This study stipulates that this coming figure, if soon after 2017 will not be the true Christ, Jesus of Nazareth but the false Christ, the AntiChrist. The last observation this study seeks to present based on the 10 Jubilee pattern of Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel is that the year 2017 will coincide with the Great Sign in the Heavens. This Great Sign is the Virgo constellation of Revelation 12. This sign will occur precisely on the Sabbath of Return  on September 23, 2017. It will also be conjoined by a comet next to the Moon as if to accent it. Of note, this cosmic sign incorporates a multifaceted array of meanings on different levels. What is present is all of the cosmic motifs given to the Apostle John by Jesus. There is a ‘crown’ upon the Virgin. The constellation of Leo depicts this as its configuration does appear somewhat like a tiara.

Most interesting is that the planetary alignment of Mercury-Mars-Venus follows their relative size order. This planetary array also appears to contribute to the ‘tiara’ effect as a tiara is designed in such an overall dimension. There is the Sun that ‘clothes’ the Maiden, the New Moon at her feet and Jupiter that has been ‘birthed’ for about 13 days. It was amazing in retrograde for approximately 9 months. One element is consistent though, the notion of a ‘Rapture’ or a snatching away and upward is portrayed of the Manchild. Regardless of one’s stance of a pre, mid or post or no Rapture, Jesus gave a great sign to the Apostle John that one would occur. Is this also a ‘Sign’ of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ? Will it be at this time or soon thereafter that the depiction of Heaven will manifest itself on Earth? What the ‘rapture’ of the Manchild does also communicate is that the Anointed of the YHVH is destined for an ‘escape’.

This pattern is consistent with the escape of the Hebrews from Egypt. It is consistent with the escape of Lot and Rahab. It will be thus with the promise to the Church of Philadelphia as the planetary alignment speaks of a pronounced time of Wrath of the Bright and Morning Star, Jesus as He declares ‘war’ on those that remain. The Jubilee pattern is also apparently related to Israel’s punishment based on Ezekiel 4:1-5. The Bible states that there would be 390 years for Israel’s punishment to be completed. This time was also alluded to by Jesus Christ during His Olivet Discourse that stipulated a gap and future fulfillment to complete Daniel’s 70th Week. This last ‘Week of Years’ is referred to as the ‘Time of Jacob’s Troubles’ wherein a future Temple was spoken in that context. Why? It is because Jesus referenced that the 2nd Temple would be in ruins, yet spoke of a future Abomination of Desolation. It is a completion piece to conclude the judgment or ‘refinement’ of Israel that is ‘Jacob’.
The Last Jubilee?

This time is reminiscent of the time Jacob was transformed into an ‘Israel’, which means a ‘Prince of Elohim’ and which finally Israel will be. This will be the time when YHVH will drive-away, once and for all the elements of the Luciferian Synagogues of Satan for the Children of Israel. Such are the ones that crucified Jesus and took control of the Seat of Moses and the Temple. These are the very ones that want ‘Caesar as King’; the ones that have pledged allegiance to Lucifer and his kingdom on Earth instead. Such where in place then as they are now in this time now of the Days of Noah and will be. They are awaiting ‘the One that will come in his own Name’. They will crown the AntiChrist as the Messiah; perhaps in a few years right after 2017?

This key prophetic event could be related to how the AntiChrist, as the false Messiah of Israel will allow for a ‘Confirming of a Covenant’ to set up in the 3rd Temple. Many believe it could due to what occurs on 2018 based on the following mathematical computation.

[ 390 years x 7 decrees = 2,730 years ]  = (719 BC + 2,730 Years) = 2011 + 7 years = 2018
If 1413/4* BC is when Israel entered the Promised Land, then 70 Jubilees allotted equals the following.
[ 70 Jubilees x 49 years = 3,430 years - 1412 BC ] = 2018

What is also astronomically significant is that in 2018, a Central Blood Moon will occur directly over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. This possible prophetic event is what ties the year of 2011 when 7 years prior to 2018 the Central Blood Moon which is referred to as the Bull’s Eye Moon occurred over Jerusalem as well. Note that the Tetrad of 2014-15 was positioned in the ‘midst’ of the 7 year timespan in-between 2 ‘Central Bull’s Eye’ Blood Moons of 2011 and 2018.

Central Blood Moon                 TETRAD                                   Central Blood Moon
2011 --------------------------------------- 2014-2015 --------------------------------------- 2018
|------------------------------------------  ~7 year timeframe --------------------------------->|

The start of the liberation of Jerusalem in 1967 makes 1966 the 49th year. This would mean that 1 Jubilee thereafter would correspond to Yom Kippur 2015 based on the 7 counts of 7 years or 49 years. Moreover, the 1948-1967-2015 time interval is in approximate phi ratio proportion.

1966     + 7      + 7     + 7     + 7    + 7      + 7     + 7  = 
2015-16 is the Jubilee Year + 7 = 2022

            1973   1980   1987  1994   2001   2008   2015

49 Years = 1917 - 1966   
49 Years = 1966 - 2015

70 Years = 1948-2018  NOTE: (AD 70 + 1948 years = 2018)

Prophetic Backgrounds
In Leviticus, YHVH instructed the nation of Israel to count off 49 years and on the 50th Year proclaim a Jubilee Year where all things reverted back to the original state and/or condition. This reset was to commence once Israel entered the Promised Land. Israel did not do that and as a result, Israel was exiled into Babylon 70 years or 10 Years of 7s prophetic weeks for the Sabbaths owed since entering the Promised Land up until that time ~490 years. Due to the difference in Jewish calendar counts, there is dissenting views on which date is the correct count to establish a Jubilee Year; modern Gregorian dates have been nonetheless superimposed. The Jubilee Year is based on a Sabbatical Cycle: It is a period of 49 Years, comprised of 7 years x 7 Sabbaths of Years. Technically, the Jubilee Year follows the 49th Sabbatical Cycle.

The 50th Year is proclaimed on Yum Kippur of the previous year. For example, if 1917 was a Sabbatical Year, then 1918 would be the Jubilee Year, if 1966, then 1967 would be the Jubilee Year etc. Many believe that the Jubilee Year is 2016 and that it would or should have been proclaimed the prior Fall in 2015 on Yom Kippur. This is plausible for the following astonishing mathematical count. If one uses the 360 Biblical year could of 30 day  months, then 360 days x 49 years = 17640 days. If one then adds these 17640 days to when the Jews recaptured Jerusalem in June 7, 1967, it equals to September 23, 2015. This was exactly on Yom Kippur when the Jubilee was or is to be proclaimed. The Jubilee Year would be proclaimed for the year 2016 and not end until the year 2017. This is precisely the week when the Great Sign of Heaven appears as depicted in Revelation 12.

Per some who have calculated this singular astronomical occurrence, it has not occurred in the past nor will in the future. Nonetheless, many believe 2017 will be the Jubilee due to the Ben Samuel prophecy. Could the 2017 mark the ‘beginning’ of a very significant prophetic event or somehow be signaling its approach like the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple? The Temple Mount had not been under Jewish sovereignty until 1967. If the liberation of Jerusalem on June 7, 1967 is the key pivotal point in modern history related to Biblical eschatology and the End Times, then one can count from this date the Jubilee cycles. To some, this theory could possibly ascertain the last Jubilee within the 50-year and 70-year span of a Biblical generation. This pattern could very well herald the conclusion of Daniel’s Last Weeks of Years soon after 2017-18 perhaps.

The timeline seeks only to illustrate that the last or 10th ’50-years’ from 1517 calculates to the year 2017. Perhaps this Jubilee Year will corresponds as the 3rd Temple will see a further acceleration of its fulfillment. This illustration does not stipulate or project that Jesus Christ’s 2nd coming has to occur on a Jubilee Year nor does it necessitate the Rapture of the Christian Church as a precursor. The year 2018 will coincide with the eve of Israel’s 70th year anniversary of being a sovereign nation since 1948 based on the 1947 UN Partition Plan. It will also be the 50th year anniversary of the liberation of Old Jerusalem for the first time since 70 AD and precisely from Ben Samuel’s prophecy of the last Muslim rulers, that being the Ottoman Turks.Could this be the season of the ‘beginning’ of Daniel’s 7th Week of Years or somehow be associated with the Year of Jubilee or soon thereafter that could usher the Tribulation Period and see the 3rd Temple be rebuilt? Could the year 2017 mark a further ‘footstep’ of the AntiChrist that the prophecy of the 10 Jubilees by Judah Ben Samuel implies?

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