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by Luis B. Vega

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‘Ask the LORD of the Harvest, therefore, to send out Workers into His Harvest Field'. -Matthew 9:38

The purpose of this study is to illustrate the occurrence of the very Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse Pattern from 2013-2023 that appears to formulate Prophetic Bookends. What is Significant about these particular Hybrid Solar Eclipse, up to 2023, according to NASA’s calculations, is that since the Time of Christ, only 9 H3 Hybrid Solar Eclipse Types have occurred as opposed to an H1, H2 or Hm, for example. More Astounding is that out of the 9 total Hybrid H3 Eclipses leading up the 2023 Bookend, only 3 have been the even more Rare (H3 n-) Type since the 1st century.

Impressively, the April 20, 2023 Hybrid Solar Eclipse will be the 9th H3 and 2nd (H3 -n) Type. To give a scope of the Rarity of this type of H3 Hybrid Solar Eclipse in general, for example, given a Century of Time, where there will be about 250 Solar Eclipses altogether, only about 25 will be Hybrids. Furthermore, this Type of Hybrid Solar Eclipse, according to NASA’s Charts, The Hybrid of 2013 was the only one since the Time of Christ that has ever preceded a Tetrad within about 160 days of each other. Then the Hybrid Solar Eclipse of April 20, 2023 which is the 9th H3 Type will follow a Pseudo Tetrad of 2021-22.

All but the 2nd Blood Moon was not a Total Lunar Eclipse. Thus, it was not a True Tetrad as many purported. There have been several Tetrads over the centuries, but what is particular about this Tetrad, is that all of the Total Lunar Eclipses fall on the 4 Consecutive Holy Feasts of YHVH, Passover and Sukkot. A Tetrad is a series of 4 Consecutive Total Lunar Eclipses. This study, with accompanying Chart, will seek to also show that the Hybrid Solar Eclipses have some interesting Correlations and Associations with the possible End of the Church Age, as a Sign and how the Resurrection-Rapture will End this Current Dispensation, etc.

To reiterate, the Timeline in question narrows down to the Time-Piece from the Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse, starting in 2013 to Conclude the Pattern of Symmetry with the Lunar Eclipses, as a Bookend. Perhaps the 9th Hybrid Solar Eclipse is a Divine or Celestial Signal or Omen that the End of the Church Age is to occur. Why would one say that? Consider that if the Axiom that the Apostle Peter taught, that 1 Day is as 1000 Years? Then realize that since Pentecost when the Church Age started, to 2023, will be approximately 2000 Years. This is if one surmises that the Start Year of the Church Age was in 32 AD.

For Signs, Times and Seasons
These Types of Hybrid Solar Eclipse are referred to as such, because their Path will have both Total and Annular Properties. Or in other words, the Sun’s Disk will not be Totally Blocked-Out, nor will it be that Signature ‘Wedding Ring’ Type either. It will be in-Between. Thus, the possible Timeline of the Tribulation Period?

32 AD Church Age + 2 Days or 2000 Years = 2032 (-7 Year Tribulation = 

The Hybrid Solar Eclipses that have a n- Designation are in a class all unto itself. It is the Rarest of the Rare ‘Hybrid’ Solar Eclipses known to Mankind. According to NASA’s Calculations, the next one of this Type, H3 is not scheduled to occur until well into the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus, once He Returns to Earth with His Bride, etc. The following is the list of the only 9 Hybrid Solar Eclipse, Category H3 that have occurred since Jesus. Out of the total 9 Hybrids, only 3 specific ones have been the (H3 n-) Type.

1) 05237  0190 Oct 16  20:54:58   8688   -22377  085   H3  n-   0.4293  1.0152   16N    93W  64   57  01m30s

2) 05593  0349 Sep 28  23:41:03   7162  -20411  088   H3  n-  -0.2467  1.0163   15S  155W  76   57  01m27s

3) 05960  0508 Sep 11  02:53:05   5597  -18445  091   H3  nn   0.0826  1.0173    9N  160E   85   59  01m45s

4) 07686  1228 Jan 08  22:42:54    0652  -9548   109   H3  nn  -0.0068  1.0176   22S 155W  89   60  01m40s

5) 07978  1350 Nov 30  07:34:51   0393  -8028   112   H3  -n    0.2227  1.0166   10S    69E  77   58  01m42s

6) 08287  1489 Jun 28  20:04:24     0207  -6314  128   H3  p-  -0.6440  1.0130  17S  127W  50   58  01m23s

7) 09174  1854 Nov 20  09:56:58    0007  -1795  140   H3  p-  -0.5179  1.0144   49S    13E  59   57  01m07s

8) 09538  2013 Nov 03  12:47:36  00068    171  143    H3  n-   0.3272  1.0159   3N     12W  71   58  01m40s

9) 09559  2023 Apr  20  04:17:56       73    288  129    H   -n   -0.3952  1.0132  10S 126E  67   49  01m16s

To Reiterate, a Hybrid Solar Eclipse is a unique Type of a ‘Central Eclipse’ where parts of the Path of the Eclipse are Annular while other parts are Total. This Duality happens when the Vertex of the Moon's Umbral Shadow passes Earth's Surface at various Points, but falls short upon the Surface of the Planet, while it does not along other Portions of the Shadow’s Path..  This is due, in part, to the curvature of Earth's surface. This is also Evidence that the Earth is not ‘Flat’, etc.

Thus, what is incredible, in one’s Assessment, Astronomically perhaps Prophetically, in comparison to ’Regular’ Solar Eclipses, is that this Type of Hybrid Solar Eclipse H3 has only occurred a 9 Times since Christ. And this is assuming that beyond 2032, the End of the Church Age would and will be surely Ended by then. Perhaps these 9 very Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipses that are forming this Celestial Bookends of Sorts, are some kind of a Celestial Time-Marker. Of what?

It could be of Impending Doom as that is what many Ancient Cultures attributed the Solar Eclipse to. They were Omens or Harbingers of War, Famine, Death and Judgment. Or, if it is pertinent to the Timing of the End of the Church Age and the soon Rapture that will Terminate it, then an Omen of Hope and Glory; perhaps both at the same Time, even. In fact, the depiction of the Rapture Sequencing given by the Apostle Paul does attribute to both being present at that Time. There will be a Sudden Destruction as much as there will be a Sudden Departure, i.e., the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, etc.

Prophetic Harbingers?

Then, according to the Jewish Sages, they Assert that the Blood Moons or Total Lunar Eclipses that follow a Solar Eclipse, as they come in Pairs, are Terrible ‘Omen’ for Israel. For this reason, this scenario of Israel, in particular, but that of its hemisphere i.e., Middle East to see Prophecy Line-Up with the Bible, is Exciting to see Unfold before one’s very own Eyes. But if there is some Credence to such Celestial Hybrid Solar Eclipse Pattern, that may be Prophetic in Nature, then the World, the Church Body of Christ, whilst still on Earth can expect War on a Major Scale.

Because in Jewish Rabbinical Teachings, Celestial Signs are a Bad Omen of War for Israel as mentioned. Perhaps these specific 2013-2034 Hybrid Solar Eclipse Bookends are a ‘Line-Up’ that could perhaps be a Heavenly ‘Wake-Up’ Call. A Call for What? Rapture Perhaps? The End of the Church Age pending? Or of an Impending War against Israel? Or just Orchestrated ‘Strife’ and/or Turmoil, Chaos unleashed into the World by those Powers-That-Be that are eagerly waiting for the Church Age to End. Why? They will no longer have the Restrainer to hold them back, i.e., the Body of Christ on Earth as a Witness, etc.

Perhaps such an occurrence as the Rapture, say soon after 2023, as in 2024 or 2025, at the latest, will be that ‘Trigger’ or Cause for a Worldwide Divergence in all the Social, Political and Religious Orders. If there is any one issue that will unite the Arabs and Muslims together after a Common Cause, it is War with Israel and it to see its Destruction. Why? So long as the Jews exist, their Muslim Koran is False. Why? It is because their Book stipulates that Islam is the ‘Final Revelation’ and precedes any Prior as in Jewish and/or Christians.

Thus, if a Sovereign Nation as Israel, though Secular, at the moment is allowed to continue, it challenges the Tenets of Islam to the core in that YHVH has not Forsaken them and He is not done yet. This is exactly the Case. And the Point is that the Church Age has been a Pentecostal Intermission, a Prophetic one of ‘2 Days’ ro 2000 Years, wherein, Gentiles have been Grafted into the Promises of Israel. Yet, 1 Sabbath Week remains, according to the Interpretations of some of Daniel and Revelation. This Last Sabbath Week of Years, or 7 Years will culminate in the Final Judgment or Refinement of Israel. She will have to go through the Fire as were the 3 Hebrew Men in Babylon. And the Fire was intensified 7 Times as in 7 Years, etc.

And notice that Daniel, a Typology of the Bride of Christ was not present during that Trial in which a Golden Image was set up in a Temple and all the World had to Bow Down to it and Worship the Image of the Beast, etc. So, perhaps this very convergence of Celestial 9 Hybrid Solar Eclipse Pattern and specifically its 2013-2013 Bookend is signaling Israel’s anticipated and Prophetic ‘Travail’ will be going into the Pains of the 7-Year Tribulation Period as of a Woman Travailing in a Delivery, etc. But at the same time, that of the Body of Christ, also as a Euphemism of a Woman in Labor is Delivered and comes out of it. Indeed, this ‘Picture’ of the 2013-2023 Hybrid Solar Eclipse Line-Up and timing of the 9th Hybrid Eclipse, could be Signaling the Near End of the Church Age, based on the 2 Day Theory.

Prophetic Biblical Interpretation

And therefore, it would result in the coming of the Time of Jacob’s Troubles soon thereafter. This is assuming that there will be a direct association to a certain prophetic event that is to occur at the Time of the Rapture, as that is what will Conclude the Church Age. Some People may ask, why observe the Sun, Moon and the Stars for possible Bible Prophecy? The meaning of such Celestial Bodies were Created and put in the Sky to be for Signs, Feasts and Times, according to Genesis.

One Contents that as the 1st Book, Genesis, shows such Signs, in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, as it Began with Signs, it will End with Signs, i.e., the Book of Revelation, etc. And note that the Theme and Center-Piece of all such ‘Celestial Signs’ are to See and Seek Jesus. Why? Revelation 19:10 states that the Aim of Prophecy or the Purpose and/or Reason is to Testify or Tell of Jesus, etc.

Jesus is the Person of the Promised Seed, Jesus Christ revealed in Genesis, from the Beginning, the Middle and to the very End, from the 1st Promise of how the Seed of the Woman would Crush Lucifer’s Head, to the Birth of Jesus, in the Flesh, in Bethlehem, to the final coming of the Great Judge and Harvester. Jesus, at the Time of the Rapture will Reap the Harvest of the Earth of all those that chose to become His Bride and ‘Made herself Ready’. Will 2023, on April 20, mean something? Or will something Monumental occur?

But also realize this, as far as Signs go, the Sign is NOT the Event. Meaning that one should not expect or presume any Prophecy to occur, necessarily at that Precise Time. From a purely Speculative but Biblical Perspective, this 2013-2023 Hybrid Solar Eclipse Bookend could be a very Significant and Prophetic. It is most likely some sort of Divine ‘Harbinger’ or Sign on many levels. This 2012-2023 Timeline could perhaps be a ‘Sign’ for the World, the Church and Israel. In terms of the Body of Christ, many believe that the Church Age is about to conclude in these ‘Last Days’.

The Church of Christ, Metaphorically, could be about to be ‘Harvested’ as the Rapture Event is seen, by many End Times Students of Prophecy as a Harvest. This is especially the case of  a Summer Wine, Wheat White Wedding depiction.  As it may appear that these remaining Years, if not Months leading-up to the end of this Bookend, on April 20, 2023, may seem like a Prophetic Countdown of sorts. All the heavenly signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars are ‘Screaming’ that the Proverbial Eye of the Hurricane is going to be soon upon the World, especially when the Rapture Event concludes the Church Age.

Could this 2013-2023 Hybrid Solar Eclipse Pattern have anything to do with it? It appears that the Church, the world and Israel are going to be in the Crosshairs of the YHVH’s Prophetic Time-Clock very soon. There is going to be an ‘Exchange’ of Times of Dispensation. For Israel, it will go into eh Fires or the Tribulation to secure its Earthly Inheritance. But for the Spiritual ‘Israel of GOD’, that being the Bride of Jesus, such will enter into their Spiritual Inheritance because of this ‘Changing of the Guard’, of the Witness, etc.  


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