Reversing the Curse of Obama

  • Is the Trump decision to move the U.S. Embassy prophetic?
  • The Embassy Proclamation coincided with Jerusalem's Jubilee.
  • This Proclamation is in essence a Declaration of War against Islam. 

by Luis B. Vega
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‘For I will gather all the Nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city will be captured, the houses plundered, the women ravished and half of the city exiled, but the rest of the people will not be cut off from the city. Then the LORD will go forth and fight against those Nations, as when He fights on a day of battle.’ –Zechariah 14:2-3

The purpose of this study is to depict a timeline of Jerusalem as it pertains to the segmented intervals of Biblical time that appears to be prophetically based on the Jubilee Cycles. This theory has been introduced by what many have called the Judah Ben Samuel Prophecy. Given this template, the timeline will show how the Jerusalem Proclamation made by President Trump coincides and is prophetically synchronized with this same timeline, 1217, 1517, 1917, 1967, and now 2017, etc. Moreover, this study will suggest that this Jerusalem Proclamation has now initiated the start of what this study deems the Zechariah Protocols. It entails the Creator and GOD of Israel, YHVH drawing all nations to Israel for their judgment and destruction in the hills they seek to usurp, the legitimate and Biblical Birthright that belongs solely to the Jews.

It will be at that time that the many remaining prophetic events will lead up to the return of Jesus. The Jerusalem Proclamation on December 6, 2017 occurred on the 70th year that the State of Israel was ‘birthed’ in a day and in the 50th year of Jerusalem’s liberation from the Muslims. The study will also consider the options that the Muslims and in particular the Palestinians now have in the wake of this ‘catastrophic earthquake’ of geo-political proportions that essentially leaves them with but 2 options. These 2 options are either honest dialog based on reality and recognition of Israel and Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or war with Israel. According to some interpretations of the Bible, a confederation of Muslim and primarily Arab peoples will converge on Israel for the purpose of war and the eradicating Israel and the Jews from the Earth.

This coming war between Israel and the immediate surrounding Muslims does not necessarily have to be defined in modern geo-political borders as one would suspect and/or expect as being nation states. Rather, it will be the various proxy para-military entities from such corresponding nations. Such would be as Hamas, Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Guard, the Mahdi 313 Battalion, and the Muslim Brotherhood, along with other multinational Muslim mercenary irregulars from other Muslim nations, etc. Lastly, the study will consider the notion that in fact, the Jerusalem Proclamation by the U.S. President Trump is the catalyst that has now set the inevitable trajectory of the Zechariah Protocols to be fulfilled in this last generation as it will lead to the building of the 3rd Temple after this ‘Jubilee War’ to come during or shortly after Israel’s 70th year.

The Cup of Trembling
The scope of this millennia-old struggle between the Arabs and the Jews will now incorporate the entire world. The nations that are now, as ‘drunkards’ with the ‘stone of Jerusalem’ seek to possess and move it. If any indication of what the protests and rioting suggest, it is that it reinforces the other reality. This other reality that the West and the UN, EU are in denial of the fact that the Muslims do not seek to peacefully coexist but to annihilate Israel. Islam, as a religion is incapable of coexisting, despite what the naïve liberal ‘C-O-E-X-I-S-T’ bumper sticks illusively suggest. For example, already Erdogan of Turkey called Israel a ‘terrorist state that kills children’. Prime Minister Netanyahu fired back saying that they will not accept their double standard nor be lectured by their human rights record against their Kurdish minority, for example.

True, and what about the Christian Holocaust of the Armenian, Syrians, and Greeks that where subject to genocide by the Ottoman Muslims? Alternatively, what about the occupation of Constantinople by the Muslims? Yet the world and the liberal media seeks to propagandize the Jerusalem Proclamation as an ‘emergency’ that even the UN Security Council convened because of it. This is despite their deliberate silence of the genocide of Christians currently occurring in Muslim countries and of their constant terrorist attacks on the West. It is rather striking that in a time when the Palestinians along with the world, for the most part have instead persuaded the UN in particular to pass resolutions denying Israel any historical, cultural and/or religion association and connection to Jerusalem. This is the epidemic of fantasy politics, revisionism and lunacy of a humanity ‘drunk’ with the ‘Cup of Trembling’, Jerusalem.

YHVH in the Bible foretold that this day would come as peoples of the Nations become now ‘drunk’ with Satanic delusional madness over the City of His King, Jesus Christ. Thus, the Zechariah Protocols have now been initiated in this generation and by some prophetic estimation, by Trump’s Jerusalem Proclamation. Even some influential Jewish lobby segments both in the USA and in Israel objected to this Biblical and prophetic proclamation because it would ‘upset’ the ‘status-quo’ and riots would ensue. This might be true but riots and negative world opinion against the Jews having the land of Israel and Jerusalem as their capital will ensue despite any concessions given to the Muslims. It was rather amazing that the influence of the small voice of the Evangelical Christians in the USA solidified the persuasion of the U.S. President to make this decision.

Notwithstanding, it will be at a high cost to the Evangelical Christians of the USA. It is a lose-lose factor as support for Trump will have a backlash against the Evangelical Christians of the USA in particular. This decision will be reprimanded in any way possible and sanctioned in the media as being bigoted, Islamophobic, etc. The Luciferian Agenda, the Liberals and the Left now have even more ammunition, pardon the pun to work against the Gospel of Jesus to the delight of the Luciferians that seek to have Bible-believers be of no effect. It will be like the days of Lot that although Lot was a ‘Judge’ at the gate of Sodom, so long as he did not exercise his authority to legislate against their immorality and/or sodomy, he was tolerated. Increasingly, the American populace is at the point that they are now impatient with Bible-believing Christians in the USA that will not sit idle and be like ‘Lot’ as indifferent.

Reversing the Curse
Foremost, the Evangelical Bible-believing Christians must understand that the struggle is spiritual and there is a cosmic war presently. There will be causalities, setbacks, defeats along the journey of faith and even mistakes. However the solace is that it is Jesus that is resurrected, ascended and enthroned. He, Jesus has won the war and is currently working-out that presently in space and time on behalf of those that chose His side, on this side of Eternity. One does have to choose sides. One day will be coming when in the days of the AntiChrist there will be no such tolerance worldwide of people or ‘Christians’ that do not want to be like Lot. Such is now becoming the reality in the USA wherein the Left and the Luciferians are using the legal courts to silence the message of Jesus. Many Jews are slowly recognizing that they have no better friend than Bible-believing Evangelical Christians as Prime Minister Netanyahu rightly stated of such.

This is despite the liberal Jews, the media, the UN, the EU, the Pope, apostate so-called Christian clergy that voiced their opinion against such a Jerusalem Proclamation. This ‘reality’ that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is what has been the neglected aspect of the ‘Road Map for Peace’ based on the Oslo Accords, etc. The liberal Jewish lobby and populace that blindly voted overwhelming for Obama in the USA give the Iranians nuclear capability to now fire ICMS not only on Israel but all of Europe. Also, it is the same immoral liberal Left that has aligned itself politically with the terrorist Muslims solely because they, as most all others ‘will not have this Man [Jesus] rule over us!’ The Left has sold out its soul to the Devil, literally as it has become a den of robbers, pedophiles and baby murderers.

The traditional understanding of what being ‘liberal’ has been redefined to include the perverse, the immoral and side with those that such as in Islam that go against the feminist agenda for example yet are supported by the feminists. ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’. If one wants to see what the end result of feminism will do to a country, study Sweden, the rape capital of the world at the hand of Muslims. Yet, they are in denial and are suffering a collect psychosis. In the Muslim world, the testimony of a woman in court is sub-human and requires at least 3 male witnesses to corroborate a woman’s testimony, etc. Islam, as do Liberals preach ‘tolerance’ so long as free speech is protected and enforced. However, such are against any ‘free speech’ that goes against their political, religious and/or ideological worldview; that type of ‘freedom’ they do not tolerate. ‘War is Peace!’ ‘Freedom is Slavery!’ ‘Ignorance is Strength!’

For example, it has been the case in the West of how if 1 person is transgender or gay, or Muslim, an entire curriculum has to be adapted at school; airport screenings have to accommodate the hijab or when taking driver license photos, Muslim women are not required to take off, etc. This strategy is used well by the Liberals to get laws passed such as gay marriage, transgender bathrooms and suing Christian businesses. These perverse strategies have been allowed in as the ‘change’ America was promised by the former President Obama for example. These ‘changes’ were all too welcomed by the docile and programed American populace. Those that stand for morality, decency and the sanctity of unborn lives, for example might have but a short reprieve perhaps due to Trump. However, there is enough sin to go around and even within Evangelical circles.

The Burden of the Nations
One could wonder what country the USA would have been if its Evangelical Christians would not have been co-opted by infiltrated elements to stay docile, complacent in terms of getting involved in politics and running for office. Already a poll taken shows that even the up-and-coming younger generation is pro-Palestinian. However, the Evangelical Bible-believing Christians did have a direct affect in the decision. The Jews have them to be thankful for President Trump in not missing this historic and prophetic countdown about Jerusalem in 2017. What about other issues of politics and public policy that affects Americans here back at home on a daily bases and not some tiny ‘pimple’ of a country like Israel far across a vast ocean? However it was right and true to have ceased this prophetic moment as this Jerusalem Proclamation milestone coincides with prior Biblical time pieces.

Ironically, many of the Christian champions that are exposing Islam, for example for its terrorist inclinations, have been the vanguard that has been made up of former Muslims. The overwhelming pressure to be ‘politically correct’ and not be seen as bigoted, racist, homophobic and/or Islamophobic has coward the voice of the Evangelicals. Where is the collective voice for the defense of the millions of aborted murdered and the outcry of forced vaccinations and the teaching of sexual masturbation techniques now being introduced as early as kindergarten in California public schools? Is it no reason why the exposure of the pedophile rings and culture of Hollywood has now come to light? Ultimately, Jesus Christ will not remain silent on such issues. Those in power for so long are now finally being exposed for their perversion. Such have used their positions of power to subordinate others and formulating public policy on all levels of society.

The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ, whose eyes are as a flame of fire burns the dross of corruption and sees the core of one’s heart as a soul is weighed in His sight. As He justly stated, all that is done in the dark will be brought to the light; He is the Judge of the Universe. This is why it is so crucial that the People of Jesus lift up Jesus so He can draw all men and women to the Cross of Calvary. As people come ‘face to face’ with Jesus, their souls can be redeemed, if allowed. Until that time, most will turn aside their faces, and hide and reject the only way of salvation that is found only in Jesus. Most do not want to see Jesus face to face but are in open rebellion. However one day all of Humanity, to include Mohammed, Buddha, etc., will ‘face’ Jesus at the Judgment.

Until then as Psalm 2 and 83 state, there is a present reality of a Luciferian conspiracy of war against Jesus and His People both the Christians and the Jews and His land, Israel. As noted, the coming Psalm 83 War does not necessarily have to be precisely designated and/or defined by a country’s border. In fact, the Psalms suggest more so of people groups that for sure suggest a present modern geo-political nation-state. What this study suggests is that rather, it will be the para-military entities like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard proxy units such as that of the Mahdi 313 Battalion that will compose the entirety of such a confederated Muslim military force of what this author has labeled the Inner-Ring of Muslim nations or ‘peoples’ that will attack Israel. When? Could it be perhaps at time corresponding to Israel’s 70-year anniversary or soon thereafter?

The Spiritual Conflict
It is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ the next all-out regional war will break out against Israel and this 1st stage will occur at the prompting of the Outer-Ring Muslim nations that are now preparing and waiting in wings for their eventual turn. The Zechariah Protocol, as this author coins the aftermath of what the fall-out will consist of is a wave of Muslim insurrection that will not be just isolated now to the Muslim countries of the Middle East. For example, just less than a week of the Jerusalem Proclamation, a Malaysian government official pledged military soldiers to go to Jerusalem not to be a ‘peace-keeping’ force but to aid the Muslims in recapturing Jerusalem away from the Jews. China has sent some elite fighting units alongside Assad’s army. It is not so much because of their ‘Muslim Brothers’ the Palestinians are to be ‘rescued’.

The Jerusalem Proclamation is symptomatic of the religious, eschatological contention a rebellious Lucifer along now with those that side with him have against the Heavenly Zion and well as the Earthly Zion. In essence, if Jerusalem is left to the Jews and Israel to exist, then the cause and purpose of Islam is null and void. Islam has been heralded as the ‘last testament’ and unadulterated ‘witness’ of ‘GOD’ that supersedes the Torah, the Prophets and the New Testament. Islam is just one of many false religions with its Messiah that is instigated by the Luciferian Agenda to deceive Humanity. There will come a day when such a religion will be fused with the coming Luciferian ecumenical one that will be imposed by the AntiChrist and the False Prophet. Islam in really is a usurper and plagiarized supposed ‘holy book’ by a supposed ‘holy prophet’ that dare not be compared to other holy non-violent men of YHVH that did not shed blood. In the Islam religion, realize that Mohammed proclaimed himself to be a ‘prophet of God’.

At the refusal of being accepted by the Jews, Mohammed slaughtered them in Medina by the thousands; Jesus did not do such a thing when He too was rejected by the Jewish Elders of Zion. When there was a chance to take up physical arms as Jesus was being arrested in the Garden in the dead of night, Peter took out his tiny dagger. Jesus immediately told him to put it away for Jesus did not come to instill a bloody revolutionary geo-political coup. However the Gospel of the Kingdom is revolutionary and upsets the status-quo. The Gospel message is one of a spiritual war or conflict for sure, the true ‘Jihad’. Jesus said that His message of Eternal Life and forgiveness of sins found in Him along would, does and will bring a ‘sword’ to divide the intentions of the heart that would cause people to be divided, even amongst one’s own household.

Jesus did declare of Himself that He was the only ‘Perfect Man’, without sin despite false accusations to the contrary. One mentions this aspect of Jesus Christ because in the Muslim religion, thereafter, it was attributed to Mohammed that he was the ‘Perfect Man’ without sin. This was supposedly due to a post-op procedure by the angels that ‘purified’ his heart. However, this does not take away from the fact that it is to be noted that Mohammed was born in sin and had a sinful nature up to the point of his supposed ‘purification’. Jesus was the one and only Perfect Man since birth that ever and will exist. This was for the sole purpose of being the substitutionary sacrifice required to cover or pay for the sins of the world. Even if Mohammed was a ‘Perfect Man’, he did not willingly die for the sins of Humanity, not even for Muslims.

The Road to Jerusalem
Jesus Himself warned that false prophets would come after Him and would claim Messiahship but to Jesus’ estimation where, are and will be thieves and wolves. As the Zechariah Protocols stipulate, no doubt the Jerusalem Proclamation will be the cause to rally the wolves around the sheep, as in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Proclamation has initiated the Zechariah Protocols in a path of which all the Nations of the world will be drawn to the Valley of Megiddo leading up to Jerusalem for the final judgment of them by the Creator YHVH and GOD of Israel. Realize, as in prior studies have brought out that even at this point in the timeline of Biblical prophecy, there are 3 major world wars yet to be fulfilled. This will eventually be sooner than later, but perhaps based on world political and religious and economic dynamic, the consorted effort of the Inner-Ring of the Muslim confederation of Muslim people will attack Israel, sooner than later.

This will result in the defeat the immediate geographical Muslim threat against Israel. Israel will thereafter enter a false sense of ‘Peace and Security’ as it believes its Muslim menace has been once and for all eradicated. The victory by Israel over the Inner-Ring of Muslim entities will most likely coincide with the ‘Covenant with the Many’ in which at that time, the AntiChrist or false Messiah will be accepted of Israel. Whomever this man will be will allow and sanction the building of the 3rd Temple. In essence, the Jerusalem Proclamation by the U.S. President has also set in motion the inevitable rebuilding of the 3rd Jewish Temple. It could be the case at that time that the Albert Pike blueprint for ushering in the new ‘Luciferian Religion’ could be rolled out as the 3rd Temple could be presented in the Biblical guise of a ‘House of Prayer of al Nations’.

The AntiChrist will sell the conflagration of the 3 main religions of the world, the Roman Catholicism, Islam and Judaism into one ecumenical ‘faith’. It will supposedly ‘ensure’ the ‘Peace and Security’ he will promise by the Covenant being confirmed, whatever that will be. Some strongly suggest it will be the Oslo Accords. Interestingly, realize that the President of the Ecumenical Movement is the Pope. Thus, the Roman High Priest would ecumenically officiate over this ‘new religion’. The next war will be the Gog-Magog War that will then involve the Outer-Ring of Muslim nations led by the Russian Federation. It remains to be known when and how soon after the Psalm 83 War will this occur. There are some clues given in the Bible but it is believed to be sometime during the 7-year Tribulation Period of Daniel’s last Week of Years, etc.

This is when a supernatural intervention of YHVH directly occurs on behalf of Israel, whom He calls ‘My People’ at that time. This will result in the subsequent victory for Israel. The aim of these supernatural victories as it has been since 1948 is to convince Israel to return back to YHVH, to Jesus Christ, etc. The reason why Israel has had all these issues is that they turned their face away from YHVH, and rejected Jesus. However, it will take the Tribulation Period of a coming 2nd Jewish Holocaust to refine Israel. Only then as Zechariah foretells will they turn their face towards Jesus as all of Israel will see Jesus at the 2nd coming and realize that it has been He, Jesus that was, is and will be the Messiah of Israel, the Son of King David, etc. This will basically be the 3rd world war written about in Revelation 22 and the Zechariah Protocol of chapters 12-15 of the Old Testament.

The Prophetic Countdown
There are at least 3 major world wars yet to occur in Israel before the return of Jesus. The countdown is that the LORD YHVH will bring all the Nations to their judgment and destruction in the Valley of Megiddo. In prior studies and book entitled the ‘Synchronization of Prophetic Time’, the thesis was and is that the initial Psalm 83 War will coincide with a Jubilee War because of the Jubilee Cycle that overlaps both the 70-year maker since 1948 and the 50-year marker since 1967 that converge in the Jewish year of 5778. Now as prophecy is coming into sharper view, the catalyst could very well be the Trump Jerusalem Proclamation. According to the Bible, it will be as the Nations surround Jerusalem that Jesus will physically touchdown on the Mount of Olives as He ascended in the presence of His Disciples. The only difference is that in this 2nd coming, Jesus will be coming with His Disciples. The Jerusalem Proclamation of President Trump perhaps is a very important puzzle piece that now has been implemented in the prophetic countdown to the Zechariah Protocols.

The Jerusalem Proclamation came exactly 70 years to the day on the November 29, 1947 when the UN Partition Plan created Israel and also Palestine by the way. This 2-State Solution was rejected by the Muslims. Why? The reason is the same; the Muslims do not want Israel to acquire the Birthright and again, it would invalidate the entire religion of Islam. In having YHVH bringing back Israel from the ‘dead’ means then that the GOD of Israel was not done, is not done with Israel. More so, the Birthright legally would thus be conferred to the descendants of Abraham through Isaac, not Ishmael. The issue is that this ‘Birthright’ is tied to the land. To reiterate, astonishing the prophetic timeline countdown fell within an exact Jubilee Cycle timeframe in 2017 which was 50 years from 1967 and 100 years from 1917 when Jerusalem was recaptured.

This had not been the case since 70 AD when the Temple was destroyed, the city of Jerusalem was leveled and the most of the entire nation of Israel was sent to the 4 corners of the globe, not a flat Earth. What is prophetically very exciting, especially for Bible-believing Evangelical Christians is that as noted in many prior studies, the mathematical synchronicities pertaining to the numerical fractal of 70 is amazing. For example, since 70 AD to the 70th anniversary of when Israel declared its national independence was 1948 years. This numerical coefficient happens to be the year, 1948 when that independence or ‘birth’ took place. Then in 2018, the 70th anniversary is within the Jewish year of 5778 that Israel will celebrate that anniversary.

Many people have likened President Trump to Cyrus of Persia or modern Iran, which is rather ironic. It is the same people of the Persian mountains and people of Cyrus that are seeking, with Satanic fervor to destroy Israel and recapture Jerusalem, even though Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Muslim Quran. What the Muslims have as an ultimatum is none but war. The Muslims have suffered an ‘earthquake’ of Biblical proportions in that the Palestinian issue was used as the ‘battling-ram’ for the Muslims to possess the land of Israel and Jerusalem. For example, when the Arabs, the Ottoman Muslims and even with the creation of Jordan that controlled the West Bank, none advocated for a ‘Palestinian State’ Why? It is because no such people exist. A national conscious and identity of being a ‘Palestinian’ is not based on historical precedence.

Religious Revisionism
What is rather sad is that based solely on political and cultural affinity, the Palestinian Christians will also need to take sides. Most likely that side will not be of Christ but with the Muslims. The Palestinian Christians are unfortunately caught in the middle of the struggle between the Muslims and the Jews. As noted, at the core of the contention is a spiritual war and the struggle for the Divine Birthright of the Creator. The Bible teaches that YHVH has only placed His Name on Earth in 1 place, that is Jerusalem. As noted, the Muslims however now have an opportunity to do 2 things. One response, aside from the usually ‘Days of Rabies’, or ‘Rage’ is that they can start to negotiate from a place of reality and new perspective with the Jews. The Palestinians can choose to come out of a perpetual religious, cultural and political denial and realize that in essence their cause for a State of their own will not be taken up on its own merits by the other Muslim powers. In other words, the coming wars will not be solely because of the need to create a Palestinian State.

Unfortunately, the Palestinian cause has been used as ‘cannon fodder’ for the greater Muslim powers like Iran and Turkey that are vying for political and religious rulership over the entire Muslim world. However, there is nothing that unites Muslims more than the issue over Jerusalem and the land of Israel. It is preposterous that the UN, the EU, the Pope, the liberal apostate so called ‘Christian’ compromised clergy and churches are demanding that Israel relinquish its capital city and that it can dictate what city Israel can name as its capital. Can the UN and the same demand the Vatican change its name and relocate out of Rome? Can the UN and the same demand the District of Columbia rename itself or Mexico City be deemed illegitimate by a conglomerate of nations and political institutions and not let the Mexicans determine their own capital?

Hypocritically, why is it that only in Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem is this the case? As an example of confronting a problem like alcoholism, those who participate in wanting to get sober and not be destroyed by the ravages of alcohol, organization like Alcoholic Anonymous AA first instill a reality check. The first step of many is to acknowledge to oneself that one has a problem with alcohol. One has to realize, admit and understand that one is an alcoholic. If there is denial, then the program will not work nor can honestly continue to provide a possible road to recovery, etc. If the Palestinians and the Muslims powers do not become honest brokers at the table of peace by realizing the reality of history for millennia that Jerusalem has been, and is currently the capital of Israel, which they won’t, then the only other alternative is war.

The Palestinians and the Muslims in general will only continue to foment their uncivilized and unbridled raw emotions of a Satanically energized and crazed momentum of the world now drunk with. The ‘Cup of Trembling’ that Jerusalem is now become to the world but especially to the indigent Muslims that are trampling in rage are eager to ravage Israel and Jerusalem with a vengeance of murder and mayhem. What the coming wars will be is nothing less than a quest for modern-day genocide of a people, the Jews. This genocide of the Jews and Christians is the reality the Nations of the world refuse to acknowledge of Islam as the Muslims come screaming out of the Friday prayers from their Mosques of a supposed ‘God’ and religion of ‘peace’.

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