An Astro-Archeological Study of the Promised Land

  • Is there a deeper significance to the location of Abram's Altars?
  • Where in Bethlehem is the probable location of Jesus' birth?
  • Is there an astronomical correlation to the Altars and Why?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘So, Abram went, as YHVH had told him; and Lot went with him. Abram was 75 years old when he set out from Harran. He took his wife Sarai, his nephew Lot, all the possessions they had accumulated and the people they had acquired in Harran, and they set out for the land of Canaan, and they arrived there. Abram traveled through the land as far as the site of the great tree of Moreh at Shechem. At that time the Canaanites were in the land. YHVH appeared to Abram and said, To your offspring I will give this land.’ – Genesis 12:1-6

The purpose of this study is to consider various Astro-Archeological factors as well as Sacred Geometry pertaining to the 3 Altars Abraham commemorated in the Promised Land. This study suggests that perhaps based on such suppositions, some very interesting results emerge in terms of numbers, calculations and astonishing, the actual locality of Jesus’ birthplace. This is only assuming the use of such tools to come to such a conclusion. The study will show that the distance from each of the Altars of Abraham are subject to a factor of Sacred Geometry that in turn has an element of the phi ratio proportion and based on the motif of the Orion Belt Star alignment. After all, if the Holy Land is indeed ‘holy’ due to the fact that it was the birthplace and place of death of the Messiah, GOD incarnate, then it would follow that perhaps it too has ‘holy dimensions’.

The Bible states in the Old Testament that YHVH appeared to Abram in Ur of the Chaldeans. Ur was 1 of the 7 ancient cities of Sumer that were founded by Nimrod after the Flood of Noah but many suspect had to do with the prior dimensions or ‘edged’ of the Garden of Eden, etc. YHVH revealed to Abram that through him, all the Nations of the world would be blessed, in reference to the coming Messiah that would come through his physical lineage and that through Isaac and then Jacob. And that he and his descendants would be given the Promised Land as a promise forever. It is the 1 and only time YHVH, the Creator entered into a land deed with a mere human on Earth aside from Adam with all of the Earth and its dominion, etc.

This land, the Promised Land would be from the River Euphrates to the Nile in Egypt. This is depicted by the 2 blue horizontal bars on the modern Israeli flag. In fact, Israel has not yet acquired nor possessed the entirety of such a Divine Land Grant given by YHVH. The most the Promised Land was possessed by Israel came under the Golden Era of King David and then his son, King Solomon. To the contrary, due to Israel’s sin and rebellion, on 2 occasions, Israel has lost this land trust and has been ‘evicted’ from the land in the Diasporas of Babylon and then of Rome. It will only be during the Millennial Kingdom under the rulership of King David’s Son, Jesus that Israel will possess all that YHVH had promised to Abraham.

The Journey of Faith
Nonetheless, this revelation of being given a Promised Land started with the building of 3 Altars of Sacrifice to commemorate the progressive revelation of such a land covenant to Abraham by YHVH. The first instance of such an exchange of thought and pledge by YHVH to Abram was made in Genesis 12 when Abraham was instructed to ‘pack-up’ and leave for the Promised Land. The first instance of the pledge by YHVH of the Land Covenant was at Shechem. The 2nd Altar and reiteration of the Land Covenant would then be at Beit-El and the 3rd reiteration and revelation would be at Hebron. For the purposes of this study, one is assuming that the actual place where the Altars were constructed most likely would have been just outside the environs of the cities.

As Abraham was a sojourner and ‘stranger’ in the Promised Land, the natural inhabitants of the land would not have allowed Abraham to make sacrifices nor an Altar in the vicinity of their own local pagan ones. It would have been seen as a threat perhaps. For example, in the case of Shechem, the Bible does mention that Abram pitched his tents more likely in the area called the Tree of Moreh in the mountain of Moreh which means, the ‘Mountain of the Teacher’, etc. This same principle applies to when Abraham then went south to Beit-El and also erected the 2nd Altar there.

Also, consider that at each step of the way, it was as if it was a teaching excursion as Abraham’s faith was being developed and tested at each point. Thus the 3 Altars of Abraham attest to his faithfulness in adhering to the precepts and pledge of YHVH to him although there were some unfortunate excursions and lessons to be learned along the way; such is the Journey of Faith for a Follower of Jesus. The last and final Altar of Abraham was erected in Hebron and most likely on or near the Cave of Machpelah. This is the place where eventually all the Patriarchs of Israel are said to be buried.

This was the place where Abraham bought the title deed to the land for a price and is the first to be recorded in the Bible. This is just 1 of the Biblical links and evidence for Israel’s legitimate claim to the Promised Land, etc. This is by way of setting an introduction and foundation of then why this study suggests that the points and places of where the 3 Altars of Abram were erected were no mere random acts of choice. It is understood that Abraham build other Altars and one very significant one on Mount Moriah. This study will delve to suggest where the true location of Jesus’ birthplace might have been based on the Sacred Geometry triangular from the 3 Altars.

To reiterate, the 3 Altars of Abraham specifically have to do with the reiteration and revelation of how YHVH promised the Land of Israel from river to river and to his descendants through the bloodline of Isaac and then Jacob, not Ishmael nor through ‘Allah’. If one then uses a top view of the Promised Land, specifically from Shechem to Hebron, how many miles would that be, curiously? How many miles would it be from each interval? And if then, one would apply the phi ratio principle, what would that look like and more astonishing, what would that suggest? It does appear that the 3 Altars of Abraham were set to Sacred Geometry, in phi ratio of distance to each other, based even on the Great Pyramids or that of Orion’s 3 Belt Stars. More astonishing is that the phi ratio convergence stipulated where Jesus was to be born and die mathematically.

Points of Convergence
Starting at Shechem where YHVH 1st revealed the pledge of the Promised Land to Abraham, one will assume the center point being the spot in-between the 2 mountains, Mount E-Bal and Mount Gerizim. This is the place Joshua stood and placed half the Tribes of Israel on either mountain to make a similar ‘pledge’ that there would be ‘blessings’ or ‘cursing’ presented before the People of YHVH about to enter this corridor into the Promised Land. It was at this ‘Gate’ in a sense that Joshua was acting as the ‘Governor’ and King of the Jews as a type of the foreshadowing of Jesus. Eventually it is Jesus who is at the ‘Door’ of Heaven, the Promised Land and gives Humanity a choice; Heaven or Hell, etc. It is rather amazing that presently, the presumed exact spot where Joshua, the ‘Governor’ of Israel after Moses is where the Nablus city and regional ‘Governorate’ is situated.

This will be the starting marker in terms of distance measured in miles. Thus, from Shechem, the site of Abraham’s 1st Altar to the 2nd Altar at Beit-El is, amazingly 19.48 miles. This is the same coefficient supposedly when Abraham was born from Adam. And when Israel in the modern era after the 2nd Diaspora was ‘reborn’, in 1948 after Jesus. Again, it is assuming the Altar was erected just outside the core city center, perhaps at the summit of Mount. Gerizim. Then from that point of the 2nd Altar to the 3rd Altar of Abraham in Hebron is approximately 30 miles. With Altar at Hebron, the area of the Cave of Machpelah is used as the approximate location. Astonishing, if one adds up these total miles of the 3 Altars of Abraham, they equal to 49.1 miles.

This is a powerful testament of how Sacred Geometry and mathematics have been interwoven even in the prophetic fabric of where Abraham made his ‘pinpoints’ on the map of the Promised Land as it were. The coefficient of 49 speaks volumes to those that are into sacred Biblical numbers. The number 49 is a factor of 7-7-7, a ‘Signature of GOD’ of how it speaks of completion and perfection. This is attributed to both the Journey of Abraham’s faith and that of the faithfulness of YHVH to lead him through it, and as with every Follower of Jesus. It also alludes to a Pentecost count as that Feast of YHVH pertains to a ‘time’ reckoning, very beautiful and much more is there for sure. What is also noteworthy, dealing with the notion of 50 or Pentecost is that the 1st Altar of Abram was erected at Shechem as understood.

This was at the mountains of Gerizim perhaps as it is associated with the ‘Blessings’ Joshua put forth to the People of YHVH and before that, during the times of the Patriarchs, that place could have been the called or known as Moreh in the plain of Moreh, which means the Mountain of the Teacher. Is not what YHVH was doing with Abraham and through Joshua and the Israelites and even now, with Jesus and His Church? Consider also then another very beautiful topographical layout of how even Israel is construed as the Promised Land like a ‘Menorah’. How so? There are 7 main ‘Mountains of Israel’. And guess which one is the ‘middle’ or ‘Pentecostal’ corresponding one? It is Mount Gerizim. It is where Joshua literally stood as the ‘Servant Stem’, the middle branch and then there are 3 mountains to the north and then 3 mountains to the south in Israel. It is as if Joshua was the ‘Gate-Keeper’ as Jesus stated that ‘He is the Door’ for the sheep and to Heaven, the ultimate ‘Promised Land’.

A Graduation
It is a beautiful type of the topographical imagery of ‘Jesus’ or Joshua in the midst of the 7 candlestick menorah as depicted in the last book of the Bible, Revelation. The 3 mountains to the north of Gerizim are E-Bal, Gilboa, Tabor. The 3 mountains to the south of Gerizim are Moriah, Olives and Zion. For another study, it is further to be suggested and examined that astonishingly the arrangements of the mountains appear to also follow the sequence of the 7 Feasts of YHVH from Passover to Sukkot. There are the Spring Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruit that are clustered together. Then there is Pentecost at a distance but from there, assuming a double-count of 49 days, is then adjacent to but more spaced-out as to the sequence of the 3 Fall Feasts starting with Trumpets, then Yom Kippur and ending with Sukkot, etc.

In terms of the Orion-Great Pyramids pattern, what is amazing to consider is that Orion is what is considered to be the ‘King’ of the Constellations. He is the ‘Champion’, the Light Bearer and conqueror that triumphs over evil and the Beasts, etc. Orion is a picture of the Christ that came to rescue Humanity from such Beasts and those that took over the possession of the Promised Land from Adam. Thus, the reconquest of Canaan was and is a typology of redeeming not only the Human race, but the land, the whole Earth eventually etc. Nonetheless, if one then superimposes the 3 Belt Stars of Orion in conjunction with the 3 Great Pyramid outlines over the expanse of distance from Shechem to Hebron, there is an amazing ‘fit’. The base line to the south at Hebron would correspond to the Great Pyramid. This would in turn center the middle pyramid with Beit-El nearly exactly and the 3rd and smallest Pyramid and Star of Orion would commence at the base line of the place at Shechem.

More astonishing is that if one maps-out the route with a line from Shechem to Hebron, this same line to scale matches the alignment from the Great Pyramid to the Menkaure Pyramid. If one then inverts it, it puts the center piece nearly bisecting Beit-El, which is amazing to see such sacred symmetry, even applied topographically apparently. Lastly, this study suggests that based on such alignments, distance, placements of the Altars to the phi ratio principle, the inference is that the 3 Altars of Abraham patterned or encoded exactly where the birth and death of the Messiah would occur. This is supposed based on how theologically the Land Grant of the Promised Land was to be ratified, by blood and that by YHVH Himself. What is astonishing is that if one superimposes the phi ratio spiral for a better visual effect, from Shechem to Hebron, the phi ratio intersects both Jerusalem and Bethlehem, exclusively.

As to the Alar that Abraham built in Jerusalem. This was the Altar built on Mount Moriah and was in essence the ‘Final Exam’ of the ‘Journey of Faith’ for Abraham. As a typology, he as a ‘Father’ that was asked to sacrifice his only ‘Son’ on a hill. Although it is one of those issues of mystery as to why the Creator would ask and require such a thing, the outcome is that technically they were not sacrifices. Isaac and Jesus were both in agreement and thus not a sacrifice but an offering instead. Also, based on other studies, it is argued that the actual place of the Altar of Abraham was on Mount Moriah, and extension of the Temple Mount towards the northwest at a 33 degree angle that was a ridge leading up to the highest place, which is just above the Garden Tomb.

The Cross as the Fulcrum
It is argued that the place where there is now currently a Muslim cemetery is where that Altar was made just at the southwest corner overlooking the Garden Tomb. It is thus argued that the actual place of the crucifixion of Jesus was just below the precipice and as the excavations of Ron Wyatt attest to. Perhaps even where the ram was caught in the thicket of the brush could have been the very spot of the Cross, etc. Lastly, if all the prior Sacred Geometry, ley-lines and phi ratio proportions are valid and true, then the following is highly suggestive and never before speculated or presented in such a way to strongly suggest the birthplace of Jesus solely based on such factors. No one really knows where in Bethlehem the true location of Jesus’ birthplace was as His origins were not noteworthy to record nor celebrate, according to the world.

However, in the Bible, contrary, it is a divine celebration and announcement. It was a divine milestone of prophetic proportions and decree of YHVH. It commemorates the time and place of how GOD became incarnate, as human to redeem a fallen Humanity as promised to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. YHVH saw to it that the celestial Signs were written in the Stars about it and only ‘Wise’ men took note of it. There was a divine and Angelic announcement given, not to the Royals of the world in their palaces but to the least of humans, lowly, poor shepherds in the open fields and hillsides of Bethlehem, the birthplace of King David. etc. Although the study and subject of Jesus’ birthplace have been presented, there is no real sure way of knowing precisely where Jesus was born. Is this important? To some, yes. This study is just providing another layer of possible inference based on what has been suggested and presented as evidence.

It is understood from the New Testament account of the Nativity that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. It is understood that Joseph and Marry had to travel down to the origin of their Tribe for the Roman Census as they were both from Judah and of the royal bloodline. It is understood that there was ‘no room’ in the inns as apparently there was a major Feast of YHVH occurring and people came to there to then travel up to Jerusalem for the Temple Sacrifices. Thus, some suggest that the Feast would have been Trumpets. It is the Feast that occurs in September for the most part in the Fall that start-off the 3 remaining Feasts of YHVH. Based also on astronomical observances and studies made possible by modern software models, many are being convinced that the Feast of Trumpets was in September 11, -2 BC and thus the actual birth-date of Jesus.

Some also believe that in turn, it will also be the same Feast Jesus is to re-enter the world at His 2nd Coming, on the Feast of Trumpets. It is also understood that here were shepherds in the hillsides tending to the flocks which suggests that the season was not yet cold enough to gather the flocks indoors for the Fall and Winter seasons. This would then allow for there to be ‘vacant’ mangers of the animals to be available and thus used for the birthing place. Such mangers could have been crude coverings or enclosed areas adjacent the homes at the outskirts of the city. Thus, given the delineation of the 3 Altars of Abraham and those applied to the phi ratio proportions, the fulcrum of the phi ratio would occur in Bethlehem. Great, but where? Can it be pinpointed even further and even down to the square yard? Yes.

Yes, if such a 3-Altar of Abraham and phi ratio template and pattern are valid and true, perhaps such a hypothesis can be proven. Is the phi ratio pattern reliable? Consider that the present territory of modern Israel is fashion in such a manner. In what way?  One can depict the phi ratio properties of the Promised Land, specifically the core territory of what is now modern Israel. Based on Sacred Geometry and mathematics, it would appear that Israel can be divided into 2 sections. The upper section, being the smaller portion is delineated by the line demarcated at Jerusalem. The southern portion is terminated at the port city of Eilat.

What is also noted is that the entirety of the nation can also be construed to that of the Sacred Rectangle dimensions. This is the 6 to 5 ratio that alludes to the cosmic principle of the ‘macro to the micro’ or ‘As Above, So Below’ axiom of the esoteric. Some of the ley-lines appear to correspond to key topographical points of interest. For example, the midpoint bisection line from north to south runs from Haifa to Eilat. Then there are several key cities that sit on the cross-sections, such as Tel-Aviv with Nazareth for example. Lastly, the fulcrum of the phi ratio is at Shechem. Shechem appears to be the center demarcation in more ways than one. Gerizim is there in Shechem and denotes the center mountain, one of the 7 in all of Israel that is likened to the Menorah pattern. 

There is of course a margin of measuring error as one is using Google Earth for such calculations. It is also best that such a sacred spot be kept obscure and unapparent. What is this site or coordinates? The following is the suggested true location area of where the place was where Jesus entered the world.  31˚ 42’56.51” N  35˚ 12’20.97” E. It is to the north west section just outside the core of the city of Bethlehem center. This measurement is taken also from the center Manger Plaza as a reference point. Rather amazing is that from the Manger Plaza to this supposed site converted from miles would thus be 1260 yards. Again, those that study End of Day prophecy are keen as to the significance of 1260. This same distance would be .72 miles. This same coefficient of 72 is the same angle as the Orion 3 Belt Stars, the Great Pyramids and the Temples of YHVH in the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Another amazing correlation in terms of distance is that of Jesus’ place of His 1st and 2nd advents. The place Jesus’ 2nd advent is believed to be the Church of the Ascension on the Mount of Olives. It is exactly 6 miles from point to point in terms of walking distance. As one can sense, there is more to be realized and understood. Only time will tell when YHVH choses to actually reveal and confirm the actual place of Jesus’ 1st advent. Perhaps during the Millennial Kingdom where He will be teaching the Nations from Mount Moriah will such a fact be made known to the Nations. This will be much like or reminiscent of Joshua with the Israelites, and Jesus with the Church.

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