A Comparison of the Revelation 12 Signs

  • What was the 1st Prophecy ever given to Mankind in the Bible?
  • Was the Prophecy about a future event concerning whom?
  • Was the Prophecy somehow tied to the Revelation 12 Sign(s)?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘I will put enmity between You and the Woman, and between Your Offspring and Her Offspring; He shall bruise your Head, and You shall bruise His Heel.’ -Genesis 3:15

The purpose of this study is to depict perhaps the 1st astronomically rendition of the Revelation 12 Sign. This is purported to have occurred in -3915 BC. This is predicated on the one that occurred in modern times, on September 23, 2017. This Sign caused many to be awaken to the lost knowledge of Biblical Astronomy and the meaning of the Mazzaroth hidden in plain sight as the Apostle Paul attested to in Romans. Could it be that this Sign was the compliment, occurring as the verdict of judgments were being proclaimed by YHVH in the Garden of Eden against Adam, Eve and Lucifer? The Proto-Evangelium is what has set the stage for Prophecy to begin and to eventually end with the Rapture and 2nd coming of Jesus. Prophecy began and ends with a ‘Virgo’ or Virgin.

Also, the study will list the nomenclature of the various Stars of the constellation Virgo, 12 in all and Leo. Coincidentally, there are also precisely 12 minor Stars that make-up the head region of the celestial motif of Virgo. This would allude to the ‘Crown’ that is on her head from Revelation 12. The constellation is depicted anthropomorphically as a woman, in particular a ‘Virgin’. As such, the delineation of the Stars amazingly are positioned in approximate mathematical phi ratio correspondences. This occurs in every Constellation and cannot be mere random chance. The names of the Stars connote the significance of their Prophecy as part of the celestial storyline being displayed in ‘silence’ across the Ecliptic. This is part of the 'Silent Witness to the Plan of Redemption set forth by YHVH in Christ, the Creator of the Cosmos and all that was, is and will be.

What many have come to believe and have gone by, is the ‘approximate’ rendition of the September 23, 2017 Revelation Sign. From this array, one then can use computer software like Stellarium to reverse engineer the dates and locate the times that the Sign replicated itself. The best approximation occurred on August 4, -3915 BC. Now when using Stellarium, it will be 3914 in the software as they have year ‘0’ in-between year -1 BC and 1 AD. Not sure why they did that. One has to add +1 year to the -X years BC. As it has been noted over the years of research, astronomically the ‘Revelation 12 Sign’ is not rare in itself. It occurs every Fall season around September as that is when the Sun is in that House or Sign. What has made the Sign unique is how it is decorated with the planetary array of motifs that are described in the Bible. In particular, what sets this Sign from the rest is how Jupiter, as the metaphor for the Man-Child is being ‘birthed’ out of Virgo. This amazing occurred in 2017 for 9 months as Jupiter was in retrograde in Virgo. It thus had a prophetic connotation of a Rapture event to come, etc.

Prophetic Parallels
There have been other times that this Revelation 12 Sign approximates the depiction as found in the Bible. But not with the factor of Jupiter in the equation, except for in -3915 BC, and having the 3-planet alignment in Leo. One wonders if this was depicted in the sky on or soon after the Genesis verdicts were being proclaimed by YHVH against Adam, Eve and Lucifer in the Garden of Eden. It would pertain to the death struggle between the Seed of the Woman and the Seed of Lucifer. Why is this important? Only because it has defined what Humanity is up against and how it will overcome, through a Prophecy. Consider that no one really knows when the Fall of Humanity occurred. How soon into the ‘re-Creation’ was this event of the Forbidden Fruit taken and Sin entered the world and Humanity? It was such a fall that it affected all of Creation, the Earth and even one’s physical body, every cell, even down to the molecular level of one’s DNA.

Decay and Death now entered into the human experience, physically and spiritually. Moreover, a broken fellowship and knowledge of the Creator and even of one’s self and fellow beings was lost or severed. Many believe that the year that the Fall of Adam and Eve occurred was in the year 33. Why this year? Consider that if Jesus is called the ‘Last Adam’, then Jesus came to redeem or undo or pay the price to restore such a severed relationship with the Creator in the year that the Garden of Eden was closed. But that Jesus re-opened the Tree of Eternal Life on His 33rd year. This occurred in Jesus at the Cross of Calvary and thus, using only pure deduction, it would be the case that Jesus came at the very year that Adam fell from grace to restore grace.

Also consider that it was the 4th Day that YHVH created the Stars and it was not until the 6th Day that YHVH created Humanity. Meaning? That YHVH foreknew of the Fall of Humanity and designed the Stars from the very beginning with the storyline of the Plan of Redemption that began with the Revelation 12 Sign of -3915 BC. Consider that Virgo starts the Signs of the Mazzaroth. It would have been the Sign YHVH would have thereafter pointed to bear witness of what was to occur. What one wonders, is then if the September 23, 2017 Sign is its ‘bookend’? Is it signaling that the conclusion of all Prophecy is perhaps to conclude within this present Last Generation that has seen it as Adam, Eve and Lucifer saw it then? This is also, by way of suggesting that the Creation Week was a ‘re-creation’ of what was already there that became ‘formless and void’.

This is not to say that a type of Creation already existed before Adam, as the Hebrew words are different in how what YHVH did in Genesis 1:2 was from the material already in existence from Genesis 1:1. Nonetheless, one sees that the 1st Prophecy to Humanity was directed at Eve, by Eve and through Eve. This is amazing. It would be a woman that caused the fall of Humanity, but it would be through a woman that the solution would come out of her. On one hand, this would be construed by way of Prophecy. The Proto-Evangelium was, that through the Seed of the Woman, which would be denoting a miracle, a man would come that would crush the head of Lucifer. That it would be their Seed that would dull-it-out. Then on the other hand, that it would be through a literal human female that this Seed would be coming forth from. In this case, the Prophecy was that of Mary given the virgin birth of the Messiah, Jesus, who is called the Last Adam. There is yet a present tense fulfillment of Prophecy given to another ‘Woman’.

Woman of Prophecy

Due to the cycles of the Sun and Moon on the Ecliptic, an approximation of the book of Revelation 12 is depicted every Fall. What the Great Sign configured on September 23, 2017 was the uniqueness of having Jupiter, as the Planet of the Messiah retrograde within Virgo as in a pregnancy. And thus, the metaphorical Man-Child possibly correlating to a type of a rapture as that is the exact word used to denote the extraction of this element of the Sign. The depiction was and is insinuating a ‘Rapture’, perhaps as a prelude but its literal fulfillment will occur at the 1260th day mid-Tribulation timeframe. As noted, the Sign of Virgo is the 1st ‘House’ or ‘Chamber’ of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac. Leo is the last Sign. This is the motif fused in the Sphinx for example. The following are what the various Biblical inferences of the Virgo motif exemplifies throughout the Bible.

-Body of Christ
-Bride of Christ
-Virgin Mary

And then the end of all Prophecy will conclude with Leo. He is the last of the 12 Constellations. It is a depiction of the return of the King, Jesus that will fulfill and end all Prophecy. As noted, the Sun appears to run its course along the line called the Ecliptic. The approximately spends 1 month in each of the 12 Signs that mirrors a ‘clock’ of 12 hours. Around September to October of each year, the Sun traverses through Virgo. Consider that the number 12 is deemed a perfect number. It symbolizes YHVH's power and authority, as well as serving as a perfect governmental foundation. The following are some aspects of how the perfect number 12, is incorporated in many Bible themes. Such are always given authority and power based on Prophecy.

12 Constellations
12 Tribes of Israel
12 Disciples of Jesus
12 Gates of Jerusalem
12 Stones of High Priest Breastplate
12 Years old, Jesus 1st words

Of the 12 Stars of Virgo, the following are the ones with a prophetic Bible meaning that defines their attributes, destiny and meaning related to the Messiah, Jesus.

SPICA             = Ears of Grain. 15th brightest Star in the sky.
Heze                = Barking (dog) or simply the barker.
Auva                = The waters.
Porrima           = Goddesses of prophecy and the Star of the hero.
Rijl al Awwa    = Coptic (Egyptian) word meaning crooked-clawed.
Syrma             = Of syntaxis as being a skirt or train of the [wedding] garment.
Vinemiatrix      = Holding the Son, or Branch, who comes down.
Zaniah             = The corner and just to the west of it is the point of the Fall Equinox.

LORD of the Harvest
Leo is the constellation of the King of the Universe and it contains at its ‘heart’, the Star of the King. Revelation 5:5 foretells of a time when time concludes, and the Judgement Day comes. It will be none other than this ‘Lion of Judah’ that is the only one worthy to beak the Seal Judgments and pronounce righteous judgements. This ‘Lion’ of Judah is a man, Jesus that became human, died and resurrected to qualify -as He had no sin. He is given all power, all authority because He laid down His life for sinners to redeem Eve’s Fall and Adam’s and Humanity’s, all inclusive. The Sickle in Leo symbolizes the coming Rapture harvest of the Church Age, on 1 level that has secured His Bride for the Son of GOD, etc. Of the 10 Stars of Leo, the following are the ones with a prophetic Bible meaning that defines their attributes, destiny and meaning related to the Messiah, Jesus.

REGULUS       = Treading under foot
Denebola        = The Judge or Lord who cometh.
Al Giebha        = The Exaltation.
Zosma             = The Shining forth.
Chertan           = The Rib (As in Adam’s Rib for Eve).
Sarcam           = The Joining.
al Asad            = The Punishing or treading of the Lion.
Aleced             = The Judge cometh who seizes.
Al Dafera         = The Enemy put down.

What one does find amazing to consider is that if the date of -3915 BC is factored in with the 2017 AD date, these being the ‘beginning and end’ of the Prophecy Sign that pertained to the Revelation 12 Sign depiction of the Heavens, then some peculiar summations occurs. It deals with a coefficient well known in Biblical Prophecy circles of study. The difference in the dates would be 68 years. This is eerily close to the 70 year marker that has many Biblical connotations, a generation, the length of time Israel was held as Captives in Babylon and how many years the modern Nation of Israel reborn in 1948 was exactly 70 years in 2018, after having been 1,948 years in exile from 70 AD.

The year -3915 is not assumed to be the beginning of 'Time' since the creation of Adam and Eve no more than 2017 is the end. However, if one factors further the notion that the fall occurred on the 33rd year, then -3915 + 33 years would be -3948. This has then the ending numbers of 1948 when Israel was reborn, etc. Then also consider that if the 70th year of Daniel is to occur in say, 2022, then the total years would be -5970 and thus end on a 70th and would be in sync to the 70th Week of Years that is the start of a Sabbatical Cycle. Of course this would then sum-up the equation with the additional 7 years to be then -5977 that would leave some 23 years still to reach the 6000 year mark to conclude the Creation Week template of time. Obviously the calculations are suspect to correct calendar calculations but the ideal is that time is running out.

Rev 12 Sign                                                                                    Rev 12 Sign
-3915 BC    -----------------------------------------------------------------------  2017 AD
Beginning?                                                                                           End?

-3915 + 2017 = 5932 years – (6000 year Dispensation) = 68 year difference

 Then if one factors in the Revelation 12 Sign 1260 coefficient to the 68 year difference, the number is 71.5. Is this, will this be significant? The corresponding year points to Revelation Sign of 2017 being more prophetically significant than one may realize.This is why Prophecy is so important and sadly has been neglected in the mainstream of Churches throughout the Church Age. On one hand, one can understand as the Saints at the beginning did not sense that the Church Age would be lasting about 2000 years. And with such a disposition, the investment was not centered on the, ‘there and then’ but the ‘now and here’. But, this Last Generation now has the burden of Prophecy because it has come to an end. Many believe the world has reached the End of Days, the Last Hour, etc. This is the generation that Prophets like Enoch and Daniel spoke of in the End of Days. And perhaps the astronomical occurrence of the Revelation 12 Sign in 2017 that nearly approximates the one that 1st occurred in -3915 BC is a sort of bookend to put the Church Body, specifically on notice to ‘wake up’ as the Parable of the 10 Virgins. Of the cohort, 5 were wise and 5 were foolish.

How so? The 5 Wise ones made sure they had enough ‘Oil’ or Holy Spirit power to endure the ‘Night’ and be found worthy of the ‘Midnight Call’ when that comes. Why? It is because, if prophetically one extrapolates the numbers, then about half will not be ready and be left behind. This is for another topic as to who will be going up in the Rapture. There are those that believe that only those that have ‘washed and maintained their Robes’ will. This theological is the concept that one’s filthy Robes have been exchanged for Jesus’, which speaks of His completed work and of a Justification. One is then sealed by the Holy Spirit and awaits the Glorification of the body. In the meanwhile, presently, Jesus and the Apostles have tasked the Believes to maintain the ‘walk of Faith, the journey that requires ‘watching’, confessing of sin, etc. This is what constituted, the present tense Sanctifying process.

This can only be done by the Holy Spirit as one surrenders one’s will and yields to the leading of the Holy Spirit. This is the work of Sanctification which means to be set apart. And that is what Jesus wants of His People, to be set apart from the world, sin and Satan, as much as possible. But to realize that this engages one’s own Free Will and requires a volition to want to. That is to say, many Believers in Jesus do not, will not, and either will stop ’walking with the LORD,’ outright backside or even abandon the Faith. Now one believes that regardless of one’s eventual or subsequent actions or disposition, if one truly did receive Christ as Savior, Salvation is a sure agreement as the LORD’s Gifts are irrevocable. Now Rewards that the Bible teaches about are another thing as that is what will be put through the fire at the Bema Seat of Christ.

This is not an issue of having or attaining ‘sinless perfection’, as one is still in ‘earthen vessels’. But the meaning is that one is striving to be kept, are keeping one’s self from willful sin and strives for holiness. This can only be done through the power of the Holy Spirt and obedience to the Word of GOD, the Bible by confession of sins, etc. This is what constitutes, ‘Walking with the LORD’. Again, this is not an issue of losing one’s Salvation but of Rewards and as such, the Rapture is a reward in one’s opinion. Continuing in the theme of Prophecy and the 1st Sign that occurred astronomically in -3915 BC. The ultimate aim of Prophecy is to testify of Jesus. This is what the Angel said to the last living Apostle, John on the island of Patmos, in Revelation 19:10. And with the end of the Church Age, all Prophecy will have been accomplished, as far as the gathering in the harvest of Gentile Nations.

There is that last Week of Years called Daniels’ 70th Week that has much Prophecy still to be accomplished. But this is pertaining to the conclusion of the Jewish rebellion and heart as disclosed by Daniel and the reason for it. Nonetheless, it is at the last book of the Bible, in Revelation where the Prophecy of both converges. And the ‘Woman’ and the Spirit, now fused as one, in one voice and mind say, ‘Come’. It is because of the triumph of Jesus, the obedience of Mary -in proxy for Eve that the 1st Prophecy given in Genesis 3:15 becomes and is fulfilled in John 3:16. It will be at the return of Jesus that all Prophecy will be completed, done and hence, no more need for such a disposition as the real will have come and be what will be forevermore, Jesus.

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