Roman Pope’s Visit to Abraham’s House

  • What was the Pope's visit to ancient Ur all really about?
  • Do ancient Sacred Site have a direct connection to Mars?
  • Is this event tied prophetically to the Revelation 12 Sign?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to consider the ancient layout of the city of Ur in what is now called Iraq. The layout will be compared to the layout found in Cydonia, Mars and what this study strongly suggests is another example of the Sacred Geometry that was used in the layout. What will further be discussed is how this triangulation found in Mars not only matches that of the ancient sites on Earth, such as Ur but how it plays into Biblical prophecy. How so? The study will consider how such Sacred Sites are paramount to the time and place of events that are ushering in prophetic fulfillment of what is to occur, Biblically. Case in point will be how the Roman Pope paid a historic visit but on a specific day and place, to the ‘Abraham House’, on March 6, 2021. The Pope joined in an Ecumenical Ceremony celebrating the common source of their Faiths, Roman Catholicism, Rabbinical Judaism and Islam.  

The interest into such research, Astro-Archeology encompasses the hidden mysteries of the ancient past and Ages that this study is convinced is tied to what is to happen in the near future. It is also about how from the past Ages, their ‘Entities’ are affecting, guiding and intervening in the destiny of all of Humanity, even now. No small thing. This research suggests that Ages even existed before the Genesis creation account that to some, is actually a recreation event. This is of course based on the Gap Theory. In particular, the study of Astro-Archeology is a subject that only recently has come about due to the computer and GPS Age. Thanks to such tools, one can at the click of a mouse see satellite imagery around the world in such ancient places like Ur, that would otherwise be unreachable to the common man. In the past, it would amount to sponsorships by Societies, Agencies, Governments and/or primate venturers. The expeditions would take months, equipment, paperwork, worldwide travel, logistics, etc.

The study of Astro-Archaeology has been greatly enhanced by such tools and theories about such ancient sites. Why? This study strongly suggests that most, if not all of the ancient sites on Earth had a grid layout that incorporated, amazingly, the 3 main structures that are found on the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex. This is astonishing if not seen by many as a farce or mere anomalies or a classic case of Pareidolia. This is when an optical illusion is constructed on a physical object to be made to look like it has anthropomorphic features, of human-like appearance or characteristics. It can be seen on natural terrain formations, trees, rocks, etc. However, according to the most ancient text ever found, around 6000 years ago near Ur, that was the cradle of human ancient civilizations, such recorded this precise Mars layout. According to the writing of the Sumerians, they chronicled how the ‘Gods’ came down from the Stars and taught them ‘civilization’. This included the arts of reading the Stars warfare, agriculture, etc.

A Place and Time

But most interestingly, they conveyed the notion that there was a constant communication between the Stars and/or Planets that were inhabited by such ‘Light Being’ from such places as Mars and the Pleiades, etc. For example, those espousing the New Age will be elated as these Beings show up. To them, they are the long awaited ‘Pleiadeans’ that sent their ‘Christs’ for each Age. What is the big deal? Well, only that they are conspiring to usher-in their ‘Christ’ for this coming New Age. Or is it the ‘Reset’ that the Elites are espousing and imposing upon the world, wholesale now? A Christ is coming, soon to be revealed to the world but only after the Rapture event. But this ‘Martian Savior’ will not be Jesus but the Biblical AntiChrist imposter. He will be supported by such Beings that will claim the Ancient Alien Theory of how they were on Mars, other Planets or came from the Pleiades Star Cluster or other Stars.

The point? All these 3 major ‘Abrahamic’ Faiths will capitulate to them, to him. The new narrative or ‘religion’ will be that these ‘Beings’ are here now to ‘Save Humanity’ from itself and will support this AntiChrist for this Age in his effort to, ‘bring peace and safety, and unify all of Humanity’. However, their New World Order will be short lived, for precisely 2520 days of 1260 days, each half. And to only be terminated as the last one by the coming of the true Christ, Jesus of Nazareth. He is the one and only Messiah and Promised Seed. In fact, this is the Sacrifice Abraham of Ur was shown. It was YHVH who told Abraham to leave the idolatry of Ur and to go to the Promised Land, that which would eventually be Israel. As to these 3 Luciferian imposter religions? Jesus addressed them in how, for the false Judaism leaders that had usurped the Sanhedrin, Jesus exposed them for who they really worshipped and obeyed, ‘Caesar’.

So, one contends that the Pope’s visit to Ur was functioning in that Ecclesiastical Office that was the other title of Caesar, the Pontifex Maximus. It was even interesting how the Pope was given the center and prominent Seat of the ceremony as it was historic. As to the coming ‘Saviors’? To some, these were ‘Christ Avatars’ sent to ‘enlighten’ Humanity. To others, these are none other than the Fallen Angels that were forbidden to divulge the ‘Secrets of Heaven’ and intermingle genetically with the human race. This is actually disclosed not in only the Bible, Genesis 6, but in all ancient folklore and written accounts. What is astonishing is that in one account, the Anunnaki speak of a ‘Face’ on Mars that commemorates the Banished King of the Planet Nibiru.

What this study suggests is that the Martian Motif Theory is very relevant to the coming of such Entities that are one in the same as the Fallen Angels in rebellion to YHVH. These are the ones the Creator had stationed throughout the Universe but these in particular left their ‘Station’ to go to Earth and intermingle with human women. They are the ones that such temples were built like the one found in Ur to be worshipped as ‘Gods’. They are the ones who produced the Giants of old and one of the reasons why the entire planet was judged by the Great Flood of Noah. At the crux of the Martian Motif theory is that most if not all of the major centers of civilization had this Cydonia, Mars layout. In Mars, it consisted of a massive 5-sided Pentagon, the Pleiadian City of 7 major pyramids and a Mausoleum dedicated to the Fallen God, Ala-Lu. These structures are massive in size and would incorporate a large modern metropolitan city.

Piercing the Dimensions

What is more astonishing is that this same pattern is incorporated, cryptically into all major world capitals. Why? It is the argument of the theory that the same Entities, the Fallen Angels that are still on Earth, interact and have carried on the directive and agenda as first devised. What is that? To subjugate all of Humanity by genetically altering them so as to be under their total control and rule by their Chief Cherub, Lucifer. The re-creation account of Genesis 1:2 is about YHVH taking back the Earth that once apparently was ruled by the Fallen Cherub. And to this end the governments of the world controlled by Entities behind the scenes, past, present and future have incorporated this ‘Martian Motif ‘of a layout into all major centers of world powers. Why? This motif serves as a triangulation to form a hexagram.

Although it is 2-Dimensional, using the sorcery and sacrifices presented to these Fallen Angels, it serves as a nexus of power, energy ley-lines that become activated to then initiate an action. For what purpose? This hexagram serves as a ‘door’ or portal that is activated by which such Entities traverse in-between dimensions. But this occurs only through ritual, song, dance and sacrifices but at certain places within this triangulation and at certain prescribed times. This is why each ancient and modern Sacred Site was and is the seat of power that interacts still with these Entities. And the temples had to be built on such places. To this end, this is why the Cydonia, Mars triangulation mirrored on Earth has the same 3 main components that are cryptically incorporated also into its defined area. There is a massive type of Pentagon structure.

Then there is a 7 building City Center type of habitation and then a Monument of sorts. What is amazing is that in all investigations of such ancient sites on Earth and to include the modern ones, the same size proportion is kept. What differs is the orientation of the layout as in many cases, it is inverted, and/or positioned at different angles. In the case of Ur of the Chaldeans, it is rather interesting how the Roman Catholic Pope came to his place on an Ecumenical endeavor to unite the religions of Roman Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam at a particular place and time? Why? Was it a mere coincidence that it was on the 1260th day from the Revelation 12 Sign? To activate the portal construed there by Sacred Geometry defined at Ur as they celebrated with music, prayers and their presence?

What they did was precisely as prescribed by the Fallen Ones to enact not only an inter-Faith response but an inter-dimensional response as well. It is understood that it was Abraham who lived in Ur that was the ‘Father’ of all 3 of the major Faiths in the present Age. There is actually a House of Abraham that is attributed to being that of Abraham. If one then uses the Google GPS software of Google Earth, the visual seen from a top view of the ancient site of Ur produces this same Martian Motif as found in Cydonia, Mars. The House of Abraham corresponds to the Pleiades with 7 Stars, which amazingly has 7 main chambers. The orientation is striking as the dimensions and angles of the ‘House’ fits the outline of the Pleiades. Then the giant Ziggurat corresponds to the 5-pointed Pentagon. What is amazing there to see is the corresponding geometry that matches the angle of the ley-lines and dimensions of the Temple that was dedicated to the Moon God, or the cryptic Red Dragon of the Stars.

Sacred Gematria

Even the main frontal stairway corresponds to the pyramidion of the Pentagon that is as an appendage to it. That stairway is in line to the 3rd triangulation that corresponds to the Face of Mars or that of the fallen Rebel King, Ala-Lu. And it should be noted that the actual emblems for this ‘God’ at Ur was the Star and the Crescent. It is exactly as the motif of the Muslims and the name of their God, Allah. Coincidence? No. Then the ground level measurement triangulation has the standard Luciferian coefficients of 1776, 33, 311, 777, etc. As with all such Sacred Sites, ancient and modern, the measurements are cryptically hidden to convey their association with the seasons that mark time. Numbers are very important to the occult as their rituals must take place at certain points of the year that correspond to Star alignments and energy vortices.

Such was the case when the Pope of Rome visited Ur. To reiterate, this happened to be on exactly the 1260th day of the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred back in 2017. And if one adds a half a circle of degree, it will be 1440 days. This echoes all the Biblical numbers that show just how important Sacred Geometry is and will be. Why? The major events that have occurred, are and will be pegged to such dates and astronomical array of the Sun, Moon and the Stars. This is predicated on the definition of how time is to be kept track of as instructed by YHVH. But more astonishing, such timing and dates are for Signs of what is yet to be accomplished prophetically. So, that is why Astro-Archaeology is important and directly linked to Bible Prophecy.

The trip by the Pope to Ur is one classic example of how the usurper religions of the Dragon did converge on such a Biblical date. It marked-off their next initiation poignantly, that will be unleashed upon the unsuspecting world. It is all going to plan and on schedule. The Bible does admonish those Followers of Jesus to not be ignorant of the Enemy’s devices and apparently how they too are keen on the Signs such as the Revelation 12 Sign. So much so, that they convened to join in forging their collective energies at a point in time and at a place. Why? It was to activate the sacred triangulation configured there to ‘open a door’, a portal whereby Entities of ancient Ur, the very ones that concerned Abraham are summoned to be unleashed to further their Luciferian Agenda. What does it look like? It is in direct opposition to what YHVH prescribed Abraham to accomplish.

YHVH’s call to Abram was not to unify with false religions but of a division and separation from them. In contrast, the Pope and the other false religions seek to unify Humanity as Nimrod attempted to at another Temple in the very same land. Ultimately, it is about a spiritual protocol to bring back to Earth their banished Fallen Cherub. Such Fallen Angels along with their naïve human conspirators seek to enthrone Lucifer back on Earth as the Rightful King. And to prevent the Sons of Adam from doing so instead. One believes, that to a large extent, the coming Great Deception and the Lie that will be believed will involve such a narrative. It will involve these ‘Light Beings’ from Mars, Ur for example that will appear in full view of Humanity. They will explain away the Rapture event that will be the single most amazing occurrence to shake the religious foundations of all of the 3 major Luciferian religions.

They will fill-in the spiritual void as the religion of the world will be in crisis and an explanation will be sought and provided. As LA Marzulli says, ‘When we go up, they come down. When we go up, they show up.’ Thus, this is why Astro-Archeology is important; to this end in not being ignorant of the Enemies devices and timing. The event occurred just adjacent to the House of Abraham or what corresponds to the Pleiades 7-chamber structure. According to Biblical Astronomy, the Pleiades is the type of the Bride of Christ. It is called the ‘Congregation of the King’. These 7 Stars portray the 7 Churches of Asia in the book of Revelation and how even the risen Jesus Christ inferred the Stars as Messengers to the 7 Churches, etc. But if one knows Biblical types and shadows, the place and timing of where and when this Ecumenical event took place should sound the alarm.

If one were to prophetically interpret such an event, it has prophetic connotations of how the usurpers of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ seek to occupy the Congregation for themselves. Why? It is about who will eventually possess the Birthright and Blessings that are associated with such a commission and disposition decreed by YHVH. As to the Revelation 12 Sign? One can conclusively state that its ‘Prophetic Self-Life’ has been realized. What began as a sensational construct of the verse and imagery did astronomically come together on September 23, 2017. And then its attributed 1260-day factor culminated in this Pope visit to Ur?

It goes to show how the Enemy also is keen on such Heavenly Signs and their timing. The question is what is next? Realize that although one can say the Revelation 12 Sign has performed its duty, there are still facets of the Sign that are complementary and yet to be fully understood and realized. There is the question of the Rapture imagery and the Red Dragon. One thing is for sure, those 2 events are in the near horizon and not mutually exclusive, if that is what Celestial Signs are for. Signs are what is to come in the future. So, just because ‘nothing’ happened on the 1260th day as many would have liked it to have been the Rapture event itself, this 1260th day was huge prophetically as in the case of the Pope’s visit to Ur. If anything, one contends that the 1260th day factor pointed and is perhaps pointing to the year of the Rapture and the unveiling of who the AntiChrist will eventually be.

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