Prophetic Countdown to Armageddon

  • Syria will be the catalyst to start countdown to Armageddon.
  • Iranians will cause Syria to somehow agitate Israel to strike.
  • In fear of biological attack, Israel will use Sampson option.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a City. And will become a Fallen Ruin. The Cities of Aroer are forsaken...The Fortified City will disappear from Ephraim, And Sovereignty from Damascus and the Remnant of Aram; They will be like the Glory of the Sons of Israel, declares the LORD of Hosts…In that Day their Strong Cities will be like Forsaken Places in the Forest, or like Branches which they abandoned before the Sons of Israel; and the Land will be a Desolation…Alas, the uproar of Many Peoples who Roar like the Roaring of the Seas, and the Rumbling of Nations who rush on like the Rumbling of Mighty Waters!.. At Evening Time, behold, there is Terror! Before Morning they are no more.’ –Isaiah 17:1-14

The purpose of this study it to consider some Variables and possible Prophetic Sequences based off of the ‘Burden of Damascus’ as depicted in Isaiah 17. Many End-Times Researchers believe that the Destruction of Damascus is about to be fulfilled. The shooting down of the F-16D on February 10, 2018 by the Russian built Surface to Air Missile SAM S-200 VEGA was and is seen as a triumph in the Muslim World in that the ‘Mighty’ Technological and Superior Israeli War-Machine can be taken down. This Event is very singular in that it has escalated the War Environment in Syria wherein Israel is now in open conflict with Iran in Syria, as several USA-copied Iranian Drones have now been shot down over Israeli Territory.

This study Postulates that the Ever-Escalating Events directly being provoked by Iran in Syria, against Israel will lead to the Nuclear Detonation of one of Israel’s Nuclear Devices upon the City of Damascus. The Ancient City of Damascus is known to be the ‘Oldest Continuous Inhabited City’ on the Planet. The Biblical Prophecy of Isaiah 17 records a coming Time Period, yet in the Future where Damascus would and will cease to be Inhabited; ‘Desolated’ and its ‘Terror’ no longer Existing in the Morning. What could cause this Dramatic Proclamation to be fulfilled? A Nuclear Detonation Scenario. Many Skeptics of this Theory would point out that presently, the City of Damascus is now virtually ‘Desolate’ or in Ruins from all the fighting caused by the years of Civil War.

Not only is Damascus on the verge of collapse but virtually every other Major City such as Homs, Palmyra, lies in Ruin etc. There are many videos that do show the Devastation and ‘Desolation’ that has left such Cities as Damascus as a Wasteland. Its People, Millions upon Millions have Died or Fled to Neighboring Nations and Europe. However, such ‘Desolations’ caused by Wars have and do allow for eventual Restoration of Nations and/or Cities, albeit slowly if not Decades needed for a Nation to recover. One such prime example was Lebanon. In particular, the ancient city of Beirut was much like Damascus is now. The Civil War then in the 1980s damaged and/or leveled most buildings in the City.

Israel – New Super Power
Nonetheless, Beirut recovered in the nearly 40 years since that major Civil War, etc. What is different with Damascus or may very well be is that the Bible does state that it will not be Inhabitable. Again, what condition would or could render such a possibility? Radiation. This study will propose some Rationales as to why, if at all possible Israel will have no choice but to ‘Nuke’ Damascus. There is now more information that helps to piece together the Grand End-Times Puzzle. In particular, the Syrian Civil War could be the catalyst to a possible Timeline of the Biblical Sequence of Wars that will eventually lead to Armageddon and the Return of Jesus Christ.

If it will be 1 or several Atomic Blasts detonated over Damascus that remains to be seen. Israel is purported to have a sizable Nuclear Arsenal and various means of delivering it. The Israeli Nuclear Technician Mordechai Vanunu, became the Whistle-Blower to this Disclosure. Based on the NukeMap Computer Model, 1 single Nuclear Detonation of a Medium Sized 100-150 Kiloton Nuclear Warhead dropped on Damascus would cause nearly 1 Million Deaths.

The entire Population is reported to be 1,711,000 People. The Detonation of just 1 Medium-Sized Nuclear Bomb would kill over 300,000 Inhabitants instantaneously. The other 500,000 would die within 1 Week due to Complications of Radiation Poisoning, etc. The following are the known Conventional Methods of delivering a Nuclear Device aside from a ‘Dirty Bomb’ that can be delivered as a ‘Suitcase Nuke’ which by the way, some are not accounted for when the former USSR collapsed.

1. ICBMs (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile) 2. Submarines,
3. F-35 stealth jets newest USA made 4. Artillery with Nuclear Tip

As Israel has passed its 70-Year Anniversary in 2018, it could also coincide with its reaching ‘Maturity’ as a ‘Super Power’ as well. The point is that all such ‘Super Powers’ have made a Nuclear Detonation to prove it as an ‘Initiation’ into the Nuclear Club, etc. Prophetically, Israel is where the Bible foretold it would be in the Last Days. The People of Israel would return to the Promised Land or Zion and make the Desert blossom. The Restoration is Prophetic and how it follows the Pattern shown by Jesus during the Olivet Discourse. 

It would export Fruit to the world, and it would stand as a Great Army, one of the best, if not the best in the World in many ways. Israel has become a World Hub for Nigh Tech Start-Up Companies and its Standard of Living now rivals some countries in Europe. It is rather Biblically ironic that conversely, those born in 1948 would see just how Israel went from a place of ‘Desolation’ and ‘Ruin’ to a ‘Super Power’ in just 1 Generation. But will it last? As the Nuclear Club has been expanding over the Decades since World War 2, the Precedence has been that all such countries have Detonated their Nuclear ‘Toy’ to show-off to the World on one hand. On the other hand, such Nations put the whole World on notice that they have the Power and Control over Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Mutual Provocations

This has been the case with India, Pakistan, South Africa, and now North Korea, etc. Presently, Iran is in the process of acquiring one thanks to the efforts of the former Obama Administration Deal. It is a warped ‘Rite of Passage’ in a sense for a Nation to do so. In the case of Israel, it has been an Outlier. As most Nations would be eager and boastful about their Nuclear Capability, Israel conversely has made efforts to conceal it. Israel may have a Nuclear Stockpile on the level with that of the UK and/or France.

Israel has refused to sign the worldwide Nuclear Treaty that would allow for UN Inspection of any Nuclear Arsenal, etc. Since the Yom Kippur War of 1973, Israel’s Nuclear Deterrent has been that of the Sampson Option. This requires a Rationale in that such a Decision and act would have to come from the Last Resort pertaining to its sense of ‘Imminent Annihilation’. This Option is basically ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ is one in which, if Israel gets ‘Nuked’ so will its Instigators. Has Israel had a Credible Threat of Nuclear Annihilation? Yes. In 1982, Israel bombed the French made Nuclear Reactor outside Bagdad that Saddam Hussein ordered built.

The Israeli Mossad uncovered Publications that the Iraqis wanted to ‘Neutralize Israel’. In fact, Saddam named the reactor Tammuz for the Month in which King Nebuchadnezzar started to destroy Israel. As Iraq was and is saturated with Oil Money, there is really no need for other Alternative Energy Sources. The building of the Nuclear Reactor in the pretense of using it for ‘Peaceful Purposes’ was a Farce. This same Scenario and attempt by the Muslims to acquire a Nuclear Bomb to destroy Israel was made by Syria in 2007. Israel bombed that Reactor as well built by the North Koreans.

Now the same exact Scenario is occurring with Iran. The same Rationale of a ‘Peaceful Purpose’ is stated all the while they have all the Energy Needs met. Yet again, the Iranians do not hold back in hinting at their main intentions, of destroying the ‘Zionist’ State of Israel. They write that Declaration on their Missiles as they test their Launching Missile Systems. Israel is aware that they cannot afford a 2nd Holocaust as it would only take 3 mid-sized Nuclear Weapons to basically destroy the whole Nation. However, in this case, the Integrator might very well be Israel as it has been noted. For example, during the Suez Canal War that started in 1953, Israel, with Britain and Frances’ blessing, occupied the whole Sinai Peninsula.

However, Israel was provoked as Nasser of Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran. Israel took this rationale of a Preemptive Strike in the 6-Day War of 1967. It should also be noted that Israel did also provoke the USA by attacking the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean but only again as the ship was spying on not only them but also the Soviets and the Egyptians. In the cases of all other Nations in the Nuclear Club, all but the USA has detonated their 1st Bombs as ‘Tests’, etc. What is rather interesting it that no Arab country has a Nuclear Device although there is 1 Muslim Nation that does have Nuclear Weapons, Pakistan. The People of Pakistan are not Arab and do not have necessarily a ‘Dog In The Fight’ against Israel other than they are Religiously Sympathetic to the Palestinian Cause.

Lock and Loaded

The Pakistanis are more involved with their own Nuclear Rival, India. In addition, although the Pakistani Muslims border Iran, they are not Shi’ite. However, neither are the Iranians ethnically Arabs but are Persians. Yet, the Shi’ite Iranians have it in their End-Times Eschatology of need to confront and destroy the ‘Zionist’ State of Israel with the help of the Mahdi, etc. What this study suggests is that out of necessity, Geo-Politically, Israel could very well Detonate its 1st Nuclear Bomb on a City, Damascus perhaps for this very Reason to deter and send a message to the Iranian Shi’ite Mullahs.

And Iran would rather have the Consequences be suffered by Syria, as a Proxy. Such a Nuclear Detonation in Damascus by Israel would put Iran On-Notice, that Israel would and will do all that it can and use all that it possesses to ensure its Survivability against the threat of Iran. The Iranians have not only sent their best fighters to Syria but to Iraq to instigate this ‘Final Battle’ against Zion, etc. They are coordinating the Military Mobilization against Israel through the Surrogate State of Syria at this time. As Syria is basically being ‘Abused’ by no less than 7 Nations with competing interests, the Stakes are too high for Israel.

1. Russia from the sea
2. Americans from the sea
3. Turkey in the north
4. Kurds in the East
5. Iran with its Revolutionary Guard - Mahdi Brigade 6. al-Qaeda, various factions
8. al-Shabaab
9. Hezbollah from southern Lebanon
10. Muslim mercenaries paid for by Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Israel will not allow this Volatile Mix, adjacent to Israel’s Northern Border to go un-checked. In the case of Syria, it seems as though it has been chosen for Destruction as no Nation can survive such a condition that it has been piece-mealed to interests. In general, the Israeli Population is shell-shocked from a constant State of War since 1948. Israel has become overly sensitive to guarantee that no more Holocausts will occur from this point on, not one at least without a fight. A game changer has happened for Israel though. On February 10, 2018, ‘open war’ with Iran has now occurred for the 1st time since Persian Empire was ruled by Darius and Xerxes.

Persia has historical dealings with Judah or Israel in this case, which is the last Tribe of Judah. Biblically speaking, note that a significant segment of writings of the Jewish Prophets occurred during the Persian Empire: Daniel, Mordecai, Esther, Zerubbabel, Ezra, etc. Ever since the Babylonian Captivity and subsequent Liberation of the Jews was made by a Persian, Cyrus the Great, the Demonic Spirit of the Prince of Persia still lays a Claim on Jerusalem. Such have been examples of how Persia and Israel have been directly intertwined, Prophetically. However, perhaps the Persian will initiate some Attack or Event at some point during a Purim Season against Israel.

The Line-Up

Ruth and the Jews living in Persia this those Days had the Haman’s that wanted to likewise Annihilate Israel. Such a Prophetic Picture is reemerging in the Last Days with same Storyline. Perhaps as a Mirror or Prophetic Echo of the 70 Years of Captivity of the Jews in such lands as Persia, the 70-Year Anniversary of Israel since 1948 will have some sort of Prophetic Synchronicity occurring in 2018. Until then, many Muslim Mercenaries have come from various Muslim Enclaves of the Islamic World to fight in Syria. What is critical in this mix is the specific aid and intervention Iran is playing in Syria that is especially aimed against Israel. What is occurring is that the Iranians are launching remote control Drone that ‘Violate’ Israeli to test their Airspace and Territory.

Israel made sure that it confirmed it was a copied US Drone and was subsequently destroyed along with its Command Post deep into Syria. Obviously, the intent of the Iranian Drones are to probe at Israeli Military Defenses and Calculate the Responses and Degree of Tech perhaps. Mind you, Iran is in Syria at the bequest of Assad as is Russia, etc. As noted, the subsequent Raids on various Iranian Proxy targets deep into Syria prompted the launching of Russian’s S-200 SAM-VEGA’s missiles that shot down one of Israel’s F-16Ds. The former Soviets began to develop the S-200 Surface-to-Air Missile system during the 1950s, primarily to counter the U.S. B-51 Supersonic Bombers, the U2 Spy Plane, and other Reconnaissance Aircraft.

The Israeli Air Force is well aware and familiar with such SAMs as they were menaced by them during the 6-Day War of 1967, in particular. As the Israeli Air Force has had Air Supremacy since then in the whole Middle East Region, no Israeli jet had been downed since 1982. For the S-200 Missiles, there are actually 3 Models, the Angara, Vega and Dubna, to be more precise. The Russian made S-200 has only a Range within Israeli Northern Border. The more sophisticated and Longer Range S-400 can strike the Major Urban Centers of Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

These are the ones that can carry a Nuclear Warhead Tip. It is reported that the command to use the SAMs was totally a Russian command. Although Israel did inflict critical and strategic damage to Iranian Assets deep within Syria, it did have Positive Psychological Effects for the Muslims. In effect, the downing of a ‘High-Tech’ Israeli Jet has given the Muslim Factions Courage and Newfound Resolve to sustain and escalate the Muslim Fight against Israel. On one hand, the Russians showed-off their Technology and on the other, the Syrians were satisfied with their Investments.

1. The S-200 A for ANGARA introduced in 1967

range of 200 km (125 miles)

2. The S-200 V for VEGA introduced in 1970

range of 250-300 km (190 miles).

3. The S-200 D for DUBNA introduced in 1976

range of 400 km (250 miles)

War Timeline

More so, now that the USA has officially proclaimed that Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital and ‘Off the Table’ in any Palestinians Negotiations, the only Option is Eventual War against Islam. It is not a matter of if but when. This study postulates that the Escalation of the conflict between Iran and Israel in Syria will have either Russia and/or Iran pressure the Assad Government, what is left of it and Damascus to threaten Israel to such a point that Israel will retaliate with its Nuclear Option. Why?

The following Rationales are proposed. In one sense, detonating a Nuclear Device in Damascus would target the Weapons of Mass Destruction that were dismantled and smuggled into Syria from the Arsenals of Saddam Hussain before the Iraqi War starting with the USA. Mind you, such Chemical Stockpiles and WMD Pieces were provided clandestinely by the CIA to Iraq when it was fighting Iran. It could be the case that either some Iranian Elements and/or other Muslim Para-Military Fronts could be planning to use such a Nuclear Device against Israel.

Also, all the Chemical Stockpiles that are purported to be there would be also taken out. On another level, the Israeli Nuclear Detonation in Damascus would also serve to put Russia, Iran and Turkey at bay to secure their survival. Such a Detonation would broadcast to the Muslim ‘Ocean’ of Adherents that Israel ‘Means Business’ and will not tolerate a Threat of Extension ever again. It will serve to ‘Scare’ Israel’s Muslim Enemies from ever attacking again. What is rather interesting is that for the 1st Time since 1948, the additional country of Iran is one that is now directly involved in the Muslim Confrontation against Israel.

To some degree, the Muslim-Jewish Conflict would be seen, in essence as a Proxy War themselves between the USA and the former USSR, and now Russia. This has really been the case in the Middle East since 1948 for the most part. It is a fact that in Syria’s case, the Russians are the ones that are calling the shots, behind the scenes. At no other Time did the former USSR get directly involved in the conflict although in some cases they were on the brink of doing so. And this, thanks to the former Obama Doctrine. It will not be until the Gog-Magog War that Russia will openly and directly be involved to the point of spear-heading the Muslim Coalition against Israel. This study believes the Isaiah 17 Event concerning Damascus will be the Trigger for the Psalm 83 War, that in turn will set-up the Gog-Mag War and subsequently, Armageddon.

What is rather astonishing is that all the remaining Biblical Wars will center on Israel and specifically in Jerusalem or Zion. As noted early, such a Nuclear Detonation will also serve as a Rite of Passage as Israel will overtly have to ‘come clean’ with having such Nuclear Weapons and now using them as a Superpower, etc. However, based on inferences in the Bible narrative condemning this Prophetic Episode, the Isaiah 17 Burden of Damascus will then only serve to embolden the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations that will Confederate to attack Israel in a Coordinated Effort thereafter. It could be a matter of Weeks, Months perhaps. Thus, this study postulates that there will still be a Sequence of 4 Major Middle East wars that are to follow the Burden of Damascus.

Prince of Persia

What is also noted in the Timeline of the Wars is that in all the cases after the Isaiah 17 Event against Damascus, the remaining World Wars will occur and focus on the Epicenter of Jerusalem. Why? It is because it is the Eternal Capital of not only Israel, but of the Messiah, the City of the Great King, of YHVH, Zion, etc. With all the Muslim Competing Interests and the various ongoing Open Hostilities of Hamas, Hezbollah and other Para-Military Factions, only a destruction against ‘Islam’ of this magnitude could and will unify the various Muslim Factions against Israel. This Isaiah 17 Event will unify the various Muslim Para-Military Fronts that will coordinate then the Psalm 83 War against Israel.

                                  1                             2                                  3                                                          4
   Isaiah 17     Psalm 83 War     Gog-Magog War I       Battle of Armageddon                           Gog-Magog War II
---------|-----------------|--------------------------|-------------------------------|------------------(1000 Years)--------------|

   Damascus     Jerusalem              Jerusalem                      Jerusalem                                           Jerusalem

                                |------------------Daniel’s 70th Week---------------|
                          Beginning                  Middle                             End ?

1948 Independence War
1956 Suez Canal War
1967 6-Day War
1973 Yom Kippur War
1982 Lebanon War 2006 Lebanon War
2012 Gaza War (Pillar of Cloud)
2014 Gaza War
2018 Syrian incursion of Iranian Targets

This Stipulation of the coming Middle East Wars is aside from the lesser Border Raids and Armed Skirmishes since Israel’s Independence in 1948. As the Outer-Ring, that of Russia, Iran, and Turkey along with Sudan-Ethiopia, Algeria-Libya and the Central Asian assess the Inner-Ring’s Destruction, it will buy Time for them to amass their Collective Strategy that is spelled-out in the Bible. Based on this Scenario, this Psalm 83 War will be consisting of the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations that immediately border Israel: Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Arabia, Iraq, etc. This will cause a further Resentment towards Israeli by the Muslims and will then rely on the Gog-Magog War, that of the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations; Russia, Iran, Turkey, Algeria-Libya, Sudan-Ethiopia, etc.

This will then ensue the next Phase of the Countdown to the Last War, the Battle of Armageddon. What this study strongly suggests is that with the defeat of the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations by Israel, this is when the Key Figures of the AntiChrist will be on World Stage to implement the ‘Covenant with the Many’. This Enforcement is of a stipulated Road-Map that many believe is some sort of Accords. This ‘Lull’ in the Sequence of the War Timeline will bring Israel a false sense of ‘Peace and Security’. As Israel will be so weary of fighting, any Reprieve will be taken and what will be the Assurance is that the coming Personage, the man that will guarantee Israel their ‘Peace and Security’ will be hailed as their long-awaited Messiah.

Do realize that for the Jews, their Messiah is to be a Political one, that of Messiah-ben-David that is to restore the Kingdom of Israel to be the Center of the World, Politically, Economically, Militarily, etc. He will bring the last remaining Jews back into the Promised Land, of those still among the Nations. He will Sanction the Rebuilding of the 3rd Temple which is huge and will be the Signature Hallmark of his Authentication. Israel, all too eager to accept this one that comes in his Name will ‘Throw Caution Into The Wind’ and as Isaiah foretold Israel will instead make a Deal with the Devil, or ‘Death’. In another sense of the Eschatological End, Israel and Jerusalem in particular, are at an Epicenter of 2 deferring views of how Israel is to play its Role in the End of Days Assessment based on who their Messiah is.

There is the American Evangelical Christians Perspective vs. the Iranian Shi’ite Muslims version in particular. On one hand, there is Jesus Christ. On the other, there is the 12th Imam Mahdi. Both versions of how the End will playout have the same desire for an eventual End of Human History and with an Ultimate Purpose of ushering-in their respected ‘Savior’. The major difference, aside from who the True Messiah was, is and will be is that the Iranian Shi’ite seek Israel’s Destruction. In the case of the Evangelical Christians, it is for Israel’s Salvation. In a previous study entitled the Prince of Persia, it was postulated that this ‘Prince’ that has spiritual sway over the Persian lands is set-up to return in the Last Days.

Many would argue that this Demonic and Ancient Fallen Angel is rising fast. Its quest is to finish that which was impeded by the Arch Angels Gabriel and Michael during the Time of Daniel. Ironically, it was where Daniel was in Susa, Elam, which was the heart of the Medo-Persian Empire, etc. In essence, all these coming Wars centered on Jerusalem are Spiritual in nature. The Muslim-Jewish Conflict is foremost a Spiritual one and one for whom possesses ‘Zion’, the Birth Right to the Promised Land, etc. As this study postulates that it will be the Isaiah 17 Event of Damascus that will cascade into the last 4 Wars for Jerusalem, they will be triggered by the ‘Road to Damascus’.

This has spiritual overtones in the New Testament. It is rather interesting as noted in other studies that the New Testament associates Damascus with a ‘Flash of Light’, as in a Nuclear Detonation. In this case, it was the Apostle Paul on the Road to Damascus that was Blinded by the Appearance of the Resurrected Jesus. It was at this Time that Saul had his Conversion and Transformation into Paul. Perhaps, at such a Time of the Isaiah 17 Event that this study postulates will be a Nuclear Detonation that likewise will produce a similar ‘Flash of Light’, it will make many Muslims and Jews alike to see of Truth and Reality, that is it Jesus that they are ‘Kicking against the Goads’

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