Mennonite Church USA affirming Perversion

  • What are the Laodiceans and why are they dangerous?
  • What did Jesus teach about Sexuality and Marriage?
  • What does the Book of Revelation say of such Lifestyles?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘I know your Deeds—your Love, your Faith, your Service, your Perseverance—and your Latter Deeds are Greater than your First. But I have this against you: You Tolerate that Woman Jezebel, who calls herself a Prophetess. By her Teaching she misleads My Servants to be Sexually Immoral and to Eat Food sacrificed to Idols. Even though I have given her time to Repent of her Immorality, she is unwilling. -Revelation 2:10-21  

The purpose of this Report is to comment on a recent decision, in Mid-2022 about one’s Christian Denomination. It has come to be known that one’ Denomination, Mennonite Church USA, of which one’s Home Base Church in Bakersfield, Laurelglen Bible Church belongs to, Passed a Resolution Affirming Same-Sex Marriage. And where now, Pastors are able to perform Same Sex Marriages and have committed to the LGBTQ Inclusion ‘Woke Agenda’. One calls for the Denominational Leadership to Repent of this Gross Sin. It is clear in the Bible that both the Old and New Testament Teaching that this form of Sex is a Deviation, Un-Natural and goes contrary to the ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH. And of Jesus as He intended for Marriage to be before the Fall.

The Bible clearly teaches that the LGBT+ Lifestyle is Sinful, a Perversion of the original intent of Sexuality. The Apostle Paul further characterizes it by linking the Intent back to the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. The Lifestyle is an Abomination to YHVH for which the Old World was destroyed in Noah’s Flood and that of Sodom and Gomorrah. Instead of the Body of Christ Influencing and Transitioning Society and Culture, it has been the Society and Culture that has Transformed and Influenced the Church.  But is no surprise as Jesus Himself had a lot to say about such a Denomination. It is Loving, Faithful and famed for its Service to others in Need. It Perseveres. But it now Tolerates the Sin of Sexual Deviation.

It has now become part of the Laodicean Type of Iteration that the End of the Church Age would close out with. And how would that look like? A Doctrine of Wokeness. It is where Jesus has been ‘Voted’ out and the Leadership has been allowed to be taken over by Women ‘Pastors’. A Woman can have the Office of Pastor, in so much as she is leading and caring for a Woman’s Ministry or Service. But not to be a Pastor over a Congregation in which Men comprise the Body and there is Teaching. This is Scriptural, it was not Cultural. And the reason why? It tells that due to the Disposition of the Feminine Side of the Brain, Eve was more easily Seduced. Thus, the Church allowing Jezebels to Lead and Teach has led to Error and Apostacy, to a large degree. Consider the example of Deborah and Barak. In those Days, there were no Men that took the Lead, rather it took a Deborah to step in, knowing that a Man should lead.

If there are no Men who want to Lead or can, then a Deborah can come in. But even then, she was subject to Barak in his failings, etc. This is what Jesus said, not this Writer. Such a Disposition in Churches have allowed for Immorality to be Tolerated. And this is a prime Example of such a case with Same Sex Marriage and the Toleration of the LGBT+ Lifestyle. It is not that Jesus ‘Hates’ the People. No, He Loves them, enough to have Died for them, but to not remain in their Sin. This, after all was the Teaching of the Woman and the Well. Or of that incident where the Jewish Religious Leaders brought a Woman caught in the very Act of Adultery to Jesus. They expected Jesus to Stone her, etc. But as the Apostle Paul rightly taught, once a Person genuinely comes to Jesus, and give one’s Life to Christ, there is a Change, a Transformation that occurs in the Inner-Most Part of the Human Being. This is because it is there that GOD the Holy Spirit dwells. And its Function is to Convict of Sin and Teach all Truth.

If the Church is affirming Same Sex Marriages and the LGBT+ Community, it is lying to itself and Disrespecting the Commands of Jesus. It is the Regenerating Power of the Holy Spirit that gives a True Follower and Believer of Jesus the Power to Transform and Change, From Glory to Glory. And Sin is not Tolerated but Repented of. This is what Paul admonished the Brethren in Corinth, in how they were Sexually Sinning worse than the Non-Christians at the Time. And that says something as Greece was famed for its Pagan Sexual Perversions. He rightly reminded them that ‘They were formally’ those types of People living those sorts of Deprived and Perverted Lifestyles. But in Jesus, there is a New Creation.

One cannot understand a so-called ‘Christian’ living in that sort of Sexual Sin and Lifestyle and claim to be a Follower and Believer of Jesus. In His Word, YHVH admonishes His People to be ‘Holy as I am Holy’. But instead of the Church being an Agent of Separation from Sin, it has embraced it within. What a Shame and it Defiles the Testimony of who and what Jesus is and did. Thus, Jesus will remove such Laodiceans from His Presence. They rather offend Jesus than Sinners, It would rather be more fitting if such People, Jezebels and now the Mennonite Church USA would not call themselves by Jesus’ Name. Please call yourself something Different other than ‘Christian’, because such are not. Please do not dishonor Jesus’ Name. one has yet to know of the Church’s Response, if it will remain in the Denomination or leave.

The mere fact that this Topic dealing with the Sin of Sex will need to be discussed? It is indicative of the Church Age Spirit of the Laodiceans. They have taken over one’s Denomination now. But one saw it coming. During one’s Time there, even though one was ‘Mennonite’, one was considered ‘Liberal’, East of the Mississippi, but Conservative by California ‘Woke Standards’. Do not get it wrong, most if not all the People there during one’s Direct Involvement there were amazing. One is still in contact with a lot of them since moving up to Northern California, and one has kept track, by Mailing List and Online Presence, etc. But the New Generation has a different ‘Vibe’. Not the same and not surprised if it will go along with the Denomination LGBT+ Mandates. No doubt, some Individuals and Families will be leaving. What is odd, is that in one’s sleep a day before this Announcement, one had Flash-Backs to when one’s College and Career Ministry would team-up to be involved in the Children’s Ministry.

One would go to Hungary and Romania for Children’s Retreats as the Parents attended Church Conferences on how to reach-out to Eastern Europe, etc. Those were Amazing Times. But then it clicked, why one was having this Flash Back? It answered one’s own Question in one’s Spirit and why the Church will go along with it. When one was there in Person, the Church was Famed in Town for its Children's Ministry and Missions, and for a Loving and Accepting Disposition. Awesome. But a recurring Statement would always come-up when New Parents would want to visit and/or join the Church. It was that one’s Church had ‘Great Programs for Kids’. True.

But that was the Answer. It was not about the Parents Feeding on the Word, dealing with Sin, becoming a Disciple and Follower of Jesus or a better Couple reflecting Jesus and the Church. No, it was because ‘My Kids could play and be entertained’ as I ‘Punch-In’ for my Religious Obligation to appease one’s Conscience, perhaps. Now the Children’s Ministry did teach Sound Biblical Doctrine but ‘Going to Church’ is not about finding a Social Club. Why not? It is through such means that those Tares, those Laodiceans creep in and are allowed to influence the Wheat. And now to the point that in this Denomination’s Leadership, the Laodiceans have taken Control and this is now what they dictate and expect. The Doctrine of Wokeness. 

Truly, the Last Iteration of the Church Age Type, that of the Laodicean Disposition means the End of the Church Age is at hand. As one knows, the Name, Laodicean means, ‘Rule of the People’ or by Vote. And that is exactly what the Denomination Government was set to, the Vote of the Laity. Not Jesus as the Head or to get His Mind or Opinion and Commands that are Clear, found in Scripture when it comes to the Sins of Sex. It is the Teachings of Jezebel that causes the Flock to commit Sexual Fornication/Adultery, etc. It is a Denomination ruled by a Poll of the Prevailing Cultural Norms. It is like what one mentioned about Brother Chooch’s Prophecy Polls.

Not to disparage his take and intention, as it is an innocent tool to use in his Teachings about Prophecy and possible Interpretations. All good. But Prophecy is not determined by Popularity Polls. No Poll Prophecy. So, just to say that this latest Denomination in the USA to go ‘Woke’ is a clear Signs of the Times and why Judgment begins in the House of GOD. And Must. We say, ‘The World cannot go on like this another Year’…

Well, one would say, the Church Age cannot go on another Year, with this Laodicean Disposition, where Jesus is Voted-Outside the Body of Believers. Sad. May the True Bride of Christ never end-up in such a Spiritual Situation. One just has to now learn what one’s Home Church will do. One might be having to go over to Brandon Holthaus’ Church across Town. But one does have a 2nd Home Church in Santa Rosa. It is an Independent Bible Church, so one has a bit more time, maybe. 

‘Even though I have given her Time to Repent of her Immorality, she is unwilling. Behold, I will cast her onto a Bed of Sickness, and those who commit Adultery with her will suffer Great Tribulation unless they Repent of her Deeds. Then I will strike her Children Dead, and all the Churches will know that I am the One who searches Minds and Hearts, and I will Repay each of you according to your Deeds’. -Jesus Christ, Revelation 21-23 


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