AntiChrist Temple Countdown to 2022

  • What is the Temple of YHVH about and how is it related to phi?
  • Does this Mathematical variable predict the building the 3rd Temple?
  • Is there and actual 'Signature of GOD' found in all Creation?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Thus says the LORD, The Heaven is my Throne, and the Earth is my Footstool: where is the House that you build unto Me? And where is the place of my Rest?’ -Isaiah 66:1

The purpose of this study is to illustrate that Golden Ratio proportions correspond to key historical dates of YHVH’s Temples that stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. There are 2 important historical dates will be used as reference points to determine the approximate phi ratios as a factor of ‘time’, the dedication of Solomon’s Temple in 962 BC and the desecration of the Temple by Antiochus in 167 BC. Based on these 2 historical reference dates, some very interesting projections occur when phi is factored and used as a function of time in correlation to years. It appears that indeed the phi ratio is associated with past Temple dates, and perhaps the future ones to come. The established dates will be pivotal in determining the possibility of what ‘year’ the 3rd Temple that will be built by the AntiChrist will either be ‘dedicated’ or ‘desecrated.’

This calculation depends on the math/calculations and starting date chosen. For this study, given the established and historical dates of 1450 BC and 167 BC, it comes out to be in the year 2018. Weather it is related to either a ‘dedication’ like unto the Solomon’s Temple or a 3.5 countdown of 1260 days as to the ‘desecration’ of Zerubbabel’s Temple by Antiochus IV, it will remain to be seen. The calculations used for this assertion are just estimation as other historical dates considered are in scholarly dispute. For this study, several layers of information will be illustrated on the chart that will overlap the timeline that is presented. Several approximate Golden Ratio proportions will be transposed onto the timeline starting with the Tabernacle of Moses in approximately 1450 BC to the present era that leads up the Millennial Reign of Christ.

The timeline of key historical Temple dates is then projected out onto a ‘blueprint’ that corresponds to the Tabernacle of Moses, based on its dimensions. The Tabernacle is then projected out onto a hypothetical model of a Menorah for comparison. The ‘Tabernacle’ blueprint and the Menorah model appear to correspond to the key historical Temple dates given the phi ratio when compared and calculated against the timeline. Thus, the phi coefficient that is correlating to the established dates, could possibly predict the ‘window of time’ of a certain future ‘date’ that will mathematically correspond to the 3rd Temple that is yet to be built. This study is inspired by the work of David Flynn's dimensional code of prophecy research, in part taken from Isaac Newton's work. In his book, The Temple at the Center of Time, Flynn asserts that the distances to and from the Temple of the LORD in Jerusalem with regard to various latitudes and longitudes of the Earth corresponded to certain key dates.

Phi Factor of Time
If the case is made that the distances from the Temple correlate to a dimension of ‘time’, then perhaps having certain key historical dates occur at specific times pertaining to the Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem on a ‘timeline’ is no mere coincidence. To reiterate, this study presents the theory that the main historical dates associated with the Temple of the LORD and the Temple Mount, as presented in the illustrated timeline, are in fact a mathematical function of phi. Thus, the Golden Ratio and a corresponding dimension of time related to its distance in terms of years.

These phi ratio calculations can potentially lend a clue as to when the 3rd Temple will be a factor of reality –given the timeline of historical and significant dates. If you incorporate the Golden Ratio as a factor of ‘time’ equal to distance in years, since the dedication of the Temple of Solomon in 962 BC, as presented by the research of David Flynn, you end up at the dates associated with. The following are some observations

1) the 962 BC Solomon’s Temple dedication that is related to
2) the 1450 BC Tabernacle of Moses that corresponds with
3) the 167 BC 2nd Temple desecration by Antiochus IV
4) the 167 BC 2nd Temple desecration by Antiochus IV is related to
5) the 1450 BC Tabernacle of Moses that is in proportion to
6) the 2018-19 future Anti-Christ Temple date that is yet to be desecrated
7) the 167 BC desecration of the Temple by Antiochus related with
8) the 688 AD Dome of the Rock beginning of construction to the
9) the 2018-19 Anti-Christ Temple date yet to be desecrated

On a side note, from the Tabernacle of Moses in 1450 BC to the beginning of the construction of Solomon’s Temple in 969 BC is roughly 480 years. The factor of 430 years was the exact number of years that was prophesized to Abraham of how long the Hebrews where to be in the land of Egypt. The following are some possible calculations related to the Temples.

480 - 430 = 50 (A Pentecost Difference) with Φ calculations = 1.6180

The 1st Ratio
From Solomon’s Temple Dedication 962 BC to Antiochus Desecration 167 BC:
= 962 BC to 167 BC = 777 years, then 777 (minus 7 years to build Temple)
= 770  years x 1.6118φ = 1245, then 777 + 1245 Years  = 2022

The 2nd Ratio
If from Tabernacle of Moses 1450 BC to Antiochus Desecration of Temple 167 BC:
= (1450 BC) + (167 BC) = 1238 years
incorporating a factor of 777 years (962 BC to 167 BC = 777 Years)
= 1238 + 777 year φ = 2015 + 7 years to construct = 2022

Dome of Rock construction in 688AD
= 688AD x 1.618φ = 1113 years, then 1113 Years + 688AD + (167BC)
= 1967/1968 (accounting for ’0’ Year)

From Antiochus Desecration
167 BC to Dome of Rock in 688AD = 855
855 Years x phi = Ratio of 1113 = 1967 (Temple Mount liberated in 6-Day War)

Three Abomination of Desolations
Since the Tabernacle of Moses in 1450 BC, the 2 subsequent physical Temples of YHVH in Jerusalem have been destroyed. Each Temple was destroyed on the same particular date, that being the 9th of Av. Moreover, the 2nd Temple, known as Zerubbabel’s, was specifically desecrated in 167 BC by Antiochus IV. This was the 1st ‘desecration’. Secondly, the Temple Mount is currently is in a state of ‘desecration’ due to the various Muslim mosques erected there. There still remains 1 desecration yet in the future to be fulfilled according to the book of Daniel. The blueprints given to Moses and King David of the Tabernacles and Temple mirror the true Temple of YHVH in Heaven. Each section denotes the composition of the Temples’ functionality and was used in all of the known physical patterns given to Israel.

1) Past Desolation: In 167 BC
Antiochus IV was a shadow and type of the coming AntiChrist that is to desecrate the future 3rd Temple. If the calculations of the phi ratio are valid, then perhaps 2022 will involve some type of ‘desecration.’

2) Present Desolation: Since 70 AD
We are currently living in the time of a ‘Desolation’ on the Temple Mount. Even though the Jewish Nation has been re-gathered, there is no ‘physical Temple’ of worship or a sacrificial system in place but a Muslim occupation of the Temple Mount.

3) Future Desolation: 2022 AD?
The AntiChrist will allow the Sacrifices and the 3rd Temple to be rebuild but will ‘desecrate’ it at some ‘midpoint’ of time according to the Prophet Daniel. The AntiChrist will enter the Holy of Holies and sit on the physical representation of the Throne of YHVH, declaring himself to be ‘god’. Perhaps it will be on the very Ark of the Covenant that Moses built. Many speculate that the Ark has been discovered but awaiting the Temple to house it. Regardless, it appears that 2022 will be a monumental year concerning the Temple Mount, if not the future 3rd Temple that is to be built.

As the Bible states that the dimensions of the Tabernacle and Temples are a facsimile of the true Temple and Throne Room of God, perhaps it can also correlate to the dimensions expressed in ‘time’ by way of the phi ratio. When the hypothetical ‘blueprint’ of the Tabernacle of Moses from 1450 BC is projected out into the Timeline, the dimensions of the compartments are a factor of phi. Here is how the Tabernacle of Moses ‘blue-print’ factors out in phi ratio proportions on the timeline. The Tabernacle pattern is directly related to the following.

1) Dedication of Solomon’s Temple in 962BC.
2) The mid-section between the Menorah and Table of Bread in the Holies corresponds to the Dedication of the 2nd temple in ~515BC.
3) The Dome of the Rock date of 688AD lies between the Laver and Altar in the Inner Court.
4) The Inner and Outer Count dividing line corresponds to the 3rd Temple and Return of Christ –approximately...

The Tabernacles of Time
If the Tabernacle typology is consistent throughout the timeline presented, then the division between the Outer Court and the Inner Court would be when the 3rd Temple is to exist and Christ, ‘The Rock’ that shatters the Statue of Daniel is to return. At that time, Jesus will destroy the AntiChrist’s Temple and earthly domain to set up His Millennial Reign. Jesus Christ will build Ezekiel’s Temple at this time. The Tabernacle of Moses ‘blueprint’ is also projected down the chart to correspond with a hypothetical Menorah candlestick. This Menorah model holds, on its branches, the 7-structures that have and will be erected on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The ‘branches’ of the Menorah seem to also correspond to the different times the Temples of YHVH have stood physically on the Temple Mount and have yet to. There is a total of 7 structures to be constructed starting from the Tabernacle of Moses, until Eternity Future occurs with the New Jerusalem Temple that is to come down from Heaven, literally. There is a total of 4 physical Temples that are to be built. There are 2 Temples to the left of the Menorah and 2 Temples yet to be built on the right side of the Menorah model. Under the Jewish stewardship since Moses, the 2 specific Temples erected have been the following.

1) Solomon’s Temple
2) Zerubbabel's Temple (late revamped by Herod & took on its name)

The physical Temples to yet be build are:

3) Anti-Christ’s Temple
4) Ezekiel’s Temple

Some consider Herod’s Temple as a separate count making a total of 5 physical Temples although it was just a remodeling project of the 2nd Temple. As the Tabernacle of Moses was not considered a permanent and physical Temple, it nonetheless functioned as the House of God with the exact proportions given by the LORD to Moses at Mt. Sinai. The Tabernacle of Moses on one end at the beginning is much like the ending with the New Jerusalem Temple that is to come down from Heaven to Earth as the book of Revelations describes.

Furthermore, the LORD’s Temple is said to depict the dimensions of a ‘man’. If this is the case, then the phi ratio applies to its dimensions as well. Even the LORD states metaphorically or not in Isaiah 66 that ‘Heaven is His Throne and the Earth is His footstool.’ This notion may have more tangible significance than possibly imagined. For illustration, the Menorah, in turn is linked to the cross-section of Solomon’s Temple to illustrate the phi ratio of the human form. If one superimposes the ‘Anthropomorphic Man’ along with its Golden Ratio proportions onto Solomon’s Temple, then the following appears to correspond.

1) Holy of Holies = the Head
2) Holies = the Mid-Frame
3) Inner Court = the Legs

Metallic Temples                         
This study supposes that not only can one ‘anthropomorphize’ Solomon’s Temple to get the proportions of prophetic time but also the corresponding caliber of the metals used such as Gold, Silver and Bronze for the Temple compartment. This allotment of proportion of the various Temples appear to thus also mimic the corresponding proportions and metals of the ‘metallic man’ the King Nebuchadnezzar had. With respect to Daniel’s Statue, as interpreted from Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, each metal is more valuable from the top and more malleable. The metals get harder and less valuable as they go down to the toes. Many studies have attributed each section of the Temple and type of metal used to correspond with the prophetic offices that Jesus Christ officiates over.

1) Outer Court - Bronze
Christ came as a Prophet preaching the Good News of redemption to the world first and executed judgment on Satan, Sin and Death.

2) Holies - Silver and Gold
Christ is currently in the Office and function of Priest redeeming and interceding on behalf of the Saints; preparing Mansions for His Bride and getting her ready.

3) Holy of Holies - Gold
Christ will yet return to Earth to establish the Throne of David as King and be glorified. He will rule from Jerusalem in the Temple of Ezekiel for a 1000 years and then usher in the New Jerusalem Temple prepared for Eternity Future.

As noted, the typology from the make-up of the Temple ‘metals’ gives also a correspondence to the statue of Nebuchadnezzar's dream. This Metallic Man describes the world empires or World Orders that would rule over Israel and the Temple Mount up until the return of Christ –as the Rock that shatters the statue at end of a 10-Toe Nation Confederation. Nebuchadnezzar’s statue of the world empires dealing directly with the Temple and Israel also strikingly correlates to what some refer to as the ‘Metal Messiah’ body –if the Temple YHVH is anthropomorphized. For example, the book of Revelation does describe the glorified and risen LORD Jesus Christ with ‘Feet of Bronze’, and a Golden Sash around His waist, etc. If the typology of the hypothetical Menorah and Tabernacle ‘blueprint’ is consistent throughout the Temple timeline presented, the Center Stem of the hypothetical Menorah model corresponds to the ’Church Age.’

In this day and age, there is no physical Temple on the Temple Mount, because it is presently the ‘Age of the Gentiles.’ This current ‘Age’ currently constitutes a Spiritual Temple of YHVH. Scripture speaks of the Body of Christ and Temple of Christ, as well as Believers of Jesus Christ whose ‘body’ is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. At this present time, the Dome of the Rock occupies the Temple Mount portion that was and is considered by many to be the Outer Court which in Temple times was relegated to the Gentiles. The Dome of the Rock is not a Temple and does not occupy Holy of Holies site but Outer Court, given to the Gentiles. The Muslims were given administration of Temple Mount after the 1967 6-Day War by Moshe Dayan.

The Present Church Age

Only the nation of Israel has had the privilege of the Temple stewardship and the Sacrificial Ordinances of YHVH. Since 70 AD, no Jewish sacrificial rite has been permitted due to national judgment of Israel for rejecting Jesus Christ as their Messiah. This is about to change. Even now all the furnishings, utensils, priestly garments required for the Temple services are completed by The Temple Institute. All that is still needed to be put in place is the Ark of the Covenant. The LORD has allowed the Muslims to occupy the Temple Mount, for a season until the ‘Times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.’

This ’time’ corresponds to the dividing line of the Inner Veil and Outer Veil of the hypothetical Tabernacle model and the Brazen Alter of Solomon’s Temple model. Based on the phi ratio calculations, dates used, and the models being projected out, this window of ‘time’ corresponds to the year 2022. It may allude to ether a beginning of a countdown to a desecration or a dedication related to the 3rd Temple. This of course depends on your Biblical point of view and reference date/point. Once the Rapture takes place and the Church Age is complete and the last of the ‘Gentles’ are brought in, the last 2 Temples sequences will commence.

With the Rapture of the Church, the political and religious climate in the Middle East will be such that, in the vacuum, the AntiChrist will ‘confirm’ a Covenant with the ‘Many’ to possibly allow provisions for the re-establishment of the Jewish stewardship of the Temple and commence the Sacrificial Ordinances. If the Golden Ratio patterns with its mathematical calculations applied to key historical dates are valid, then the end of the Church Age and the beginning of the AntiChrist 3rd Temple is at hand, perhaps within this living and last generation.

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