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by Luis B. Vega
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‘The Heavens declare the Glory of God; the Skies proclaim the Work of his Hands. Day after Day they pour forth Speech; Night after Night they reveal Knowledge. They have no Speech, they use no Words; no Sound is heard from them. Yet their Voice goes out into all the Earth, their Words to the Ends of the World. In the Heavens, God has pitched a Tent for the Sun. It is like a Bridegroom coming out of his Chamber, like a Champion Rejoicing to run his Course. It rises at one End of the Heavens and makes its Circuit to the other; nothing is deprived of its Warmth’. -Psalm 19:1-6

The following is a Critique of those that have come against the Notion that the Revelation 12 Sign, is ‘Of the Devil’ and Astrology, etc. To be fair, one is of the Opinion that many End Time Rapture Watchers have given plenty of Clubs to Naysayers to beat us over the Head with them. What has happened now with the Revelation 12 Sign Phenomena is what also occurred back in 2017. As those that proposed that the Rapture was going to take place on September 23, 2023, which one did not agree or go along with, so too as the Rapture Dates have come-and-gone, there is a Fall-Out.

The ‘Anti-Revelation 12 Sign’ Naysayers have surfaced to Ridicule, and call-out all those Rapture Proponents as they should for Date-Setting. As one has repeatedly underscored, there is nothing wrong with Speculating the Rapture Event. But one does have a Problem with Dates being Set because of ‘Direct Divine Revelation’.

In that case one is Commanded in Scripture to Test the Spirits and the Prophecy, because that is what it is. Now here below are 2 Examples of Naysayers that one wrote a Letter to after being asked to review their Naysaying about the Revelation 12 Sign, due to the ‘Frenzy’ that occurred for September of 2023. The following are the Video Links for Reference. One will say, that in conducting a ‘Critique of a Critique’, one found more than just an ‘Anti-Revelation 12 Sign’ Objection, but Heresy.

Be Warned. Take heed that no man (made computer program) deceives you! IF possible, the elect shall be deceived
Rebecca Bee

How Does Virgo Vertigo Create False Prophecy?

Mikal Shabbat Scriptural Studies


Hello Rebecca and Mr. Shabbat,
My Name is Luis Vega. I am from Northern California. I work at a University, Sonoma State. I am an Amateur Astronomer and have taken many Astronomy Courses in College. I came out of a Roman Catholic Paradigm and am well-acquainted with the ‘Queen of Heaven and 12 Star Crown on the Head of the Mary Motif. Here below is the Astronomical Depiction of the 12 Stars in the Head of  Virgo, the 1st of the Mazzaroth or ‘Constellations’ in Hebrew. Realize that the Constellation itself is made up of 12 Stars.

Virgo Crown of 12 Stars

One is responding to both of your Videos ‘Warning’ about the Revelation 12 Sign, as a HaSatan Ploy by the Roman Catholics to Deceive those that are ‘Working-Out their Redemption with Fear and Trembling’ as yourselves or Mr. Shabbat. In Mr. Shabbat’s Video, he goes into his Version of the Yearly Calendar that he Believes is the ‘Correct’ one. One is not addressing that Facet of the Presentation, as one does consider the Enoch, Essene, Zadok and Creation Calendar for a more Accurate Year Readings, etc.

Realize that to 1 Degree of Interpretation, the Revelation 12 Sign Motif, celestially Speaking, does allude to her being Mary. How so? In the Scriptural Context, the ‘Child’ that is Birthed, is that which is to Rule the Nations with an Iron Rod. That is the Language of the Messiah, i.e., Jesus. One is a Student of the Bible and loves the Study of the End Time, i.e., Eschatology. I have a Website, www.PostScripts.org that catalogs over 20 Years of Public Posting on various related Topics. I have specifically written a Book on the Revelation 12 Sign, as well as on the Cosmology pertaining to Jesus.

You are welcome to Download them for Free. It will give you the Context of what one is about to say in Response. Links are in the End Notes. Even though one is introducing oneself from a ‘High’ Academic Impression, one is only offering a Heartfelt attempt to provide a Balanced Assessment in what one believes you may be lacking, in the Over-All Arching Picture. As there is a Proverbial Saying in the USA, ‘You are throwing-out the Baby with the Bath Water’. This is to say that you are completely dismissing the Celestial Signs and Biblical Astronomy that clearly are taught and inferred in the Bible.

Please allow me to present some Evidence and Rationale about it. As to the Revelation 12 Sign Phenomena? Yes, the Roman Catholic Interpretation of the Sign or Motif is 1 Interpretation. One would agree as it was Mary, a Young Jewish Maiden that was the Human Mother of Jesus and she was a Virgin. One cannot dispute that. But there are other Levels of Interpretation that are just as Biblical. Statues of ‘Mary’ are a Catholic Relic, and one does not condone the Worship that the Romans have turned her into. And that Insinuation, goes beyond Scripture in their Addendums of how she too now is a Co-Redeemer and was Born without Sin, etc. These are Vain Interpretations of Man and one would even say, are part of the Doctrines of Demons that have infiltrated into the Minds of Jesus Followers.

Levels of Interpretation
One respectfully includes your Teachings in this Vertigo Confusion based on your Theology. The Roman Catholics use the Revelation 12 Sign as being ‘Theirs’? So do every other Pagan and False Religion: Islam, Hinduism, Shintoism, etc. You will find the Child and Madonna Motif in every Ancient Pre-Christian Culture. One’s Point is that just because it is Roman Catholic Theology, does not Disqualify the Revelation 12 Sign it from being the Sign given to Israel.

Moreover the Roman Catholic Rendition is slightly Different. If one looks closely at their Art Renditions of Mary with the 12 Stars with Sun and the Moon, you will also see that the Foot of Mary is on the Serpent. Some say, ‘Oh, she is crushing the Serpent’, i.e., Genesis 3:15, or is it rather that the Serpent is Supporting Her? As you know, in the Bible, YHVH specifically mentions and acknowledges several Key Star Constellations. Here are the examples in Scripture. Yes, YHVH refers to Orion, the Pleiades, Big Dipper, etc. See the following 4 Verses.

1) Job 9:9      
Who makes the Bear, Orion and the Pleiades, and the Chambers of the South,

2) Job 38:31  
Can you bind the Chains of the Pleiades, or loose the Cords of Orion?

3) Amos 5:8  
He who made the Pleiades and Orion And changes Deep Darkness into Morning. Who also Darkens Day into Night. Who calls for the Waters of the Sea. And pours them out on the surface of the Earth. The Lord is His Name.

4) Isaiah 13:10          
For the Stars of Heaven and their Constellations will not flash forth their Light. The Sun will be Dark when it rises. And the Moon will not shed its Light.


The Luciferians have used the Revelation 12 Sign to Mark their Agenda and Timeline. Realize that to the Luciferians, they are aware of it and do take it seriously. It is for no reason that they have incorporated it into much of their Predicted Programming, which is also occurring in Tandem with its Number, 923, as on September 23. Below is one’s Assessment of how they have done that, even before the actual Sign, Astronomically appeared in 2017. For sure the Luciferians have diverted this Ancient Lost Wisdom of ‘Speech’ and Knowledge.

It is People like yourselves that are Dissuading the Church to Recover this Sacred Knowledge given to Adam. In fact, one is convinced that precisely, it is because of the Sincere Apprehension to Understand this Biblical Astronomy, that it is somehow ‘Astrology’, is how Lucifer has accomplished this. Yes, did some Brethren Over-Sensationalize it and were Presumptuous? One would agree and had written about that. Mr. Shabbat, you asked, ‘Where did this ‘Virgo Vertigo’ come from? Who Started it?

Predictive Programming
Well, one did not start the ‘Virgo Vertigo’, but one did start the Research into the Astronomical Alignment of September 23, 2017. It started with me. If you seek to know the Truth about the Origins of the Revelation 12 Sign, please read my Book. The Link will be in the End Notes. Here are the examples of Luciferian Predictive Programming.

1-Da Vinci Code Revelation 12 Sign.

2-Beyonce, Pregnant at Grammy Performance with Revelation 12 Dress and 24 ‘Elders’.

3-Wonder Woman back in 2027

After studying the Sign Phenomena since 2006, with the advent of the 2006 Da Vinci Code Movie, one was convinced that it is a Bonafede Celestial Sign coming from YHVH. And this was Confirmed by the Software, Stellarium. Ironically, they have a Stellarium Plugin, called VirGO that is a Visual Browser for the European Southern Observatory (ESO) Science Archive Facility. It allows Astronomers to browse Professional Astronomical Data, etc.

In one’s Assessment, one believes this Iteration of the Revelation 12 Sign ‘Frenzy’, as one did also call it in 2023, is possibly the 1 Year Warning’ Shot Across the Bow of the Rapture Event. One is also of the Persuasion that 2024 will be the Rapture Year. It is a Working Theory of a Summer New Wine Pentecost Timeframe, etc.

Case in Point was that the 2023 Iteration of the Revelation 12 Sign, that Astronomically occurs, approximately every Year, had the following Assessments of how the Sun, Moon and the Stars play into YHVH’s Plan of Redemption. Consider the following Scriptural Inferences, directly tied to the association of Biblical Astronomy, interwoven in the Prophetic Fabric of what the Church should Know about and Understand.

The Creator specifically stated that the Sun, Moon and the Stars were to be for Signs, specifically to the Jews as in Lunar Eclipses, as Bad Omens. To the Gentles, it would correspond to the Solar Eclipse, as Bad Omens, etc. But then there are also Comets that are Omens of Doom, just the same.

2- Abraham
YHVH told him to ‘Look-Up’ and try to count all the Stars in the Heavens. At this Point and Time, YHVH was directing Abram’s Attention to how many Spiritual Descents he would have as a Direct Result of taking YHVH’s Promises by Faith. This is in contrast to how YHVH directed Abram to count the Sands of the Seashore, pertaining to the Earthly and Terrestrial Prodigy that would eventually become Israel, through Isaac, the Promised Son, etc.

The attempted Cursing of Balaam against the Traveling Hebrews from the Exodus revealed that a ‘Star’ would rise out of Jacob. The Nation of Israel, at that Time as a People could not be Cursed because the King was in here ‘Midst’. But this Rising Star was and is a Prophetic Inference to the Coming Messiah, Jesus, the Descendant of Jacob, having 12 Sons, i.e., the 12 Tribes and the 12 Corresponding Constellations. Realize that each Tribe had a Standard or Flag. Each Tribe corresponded to a Constellation, etc.

He had the Revelation 12 Sign Dream of the 12 Stars, Israel or Jacob and his Wife, along with the 11 Brothers. It was to be a Prophetic Fulfillment for Joseph and Jesus. Indeed, all those Motifs seen in the Heavens as a Sign, came to fruition in Real Time. Joseph's Father, Jacob, Mother and 11 Brothers, all Bowed down to him in Egypt. Joseph is a Prophetic Type of Jesus. Every Knee in Heaven and on Earth will bow down to the Name of Jesus.

5- David
The King of Israel in Psalm 19 verbalized the Astronomical Ecliptic Route that the Sun takes, as a Groom chasing the Bride and a Runner, running in a Race. Most Ancient Kings had Court Astrologers, in the sense that they were considered the Wise Men and 'Scientists' of the Day. The Movements of the Planets were seen as Sign of Omens on Earth. King David was taught Astronomy and understood that the Sun had a Circuit, which is Evidence for a Globe Earth Model. And the Sun started in Virgo and ended with Leo.

6-Wise Men
You had then Daniel’s Prophecy School where the Wise Men of Persia noted the Star of the King. They knew of the Star that would Rise out of Jacob, in the Promised Land. They knew that that King Planet was Jupiter. They surmised how, at the time of its Sighting from Persia, in Persepolis, the Signs occurred in Leo and Virgo. Then about, just over a Year later, after Jesus' Birth and Return from Egypt, the Magi came to Bethlehem. It is, wherein the Messiah Planet, Jupiter, became Stationary in its Retrograde. Where? In Virgo, on December 25, -2 BC.

He called Himself the ‘Bright and Morning Star’, i.e., Venus in the Book of Revelation. Yet, Christians do not ‘Worship’ the Planet Venus. It is a Motif as much as Jesus is described as having ‘White Hair’, Feet of Fire, and a Sword coming out of His Mouth, etc. All those Celestial Signs, specific to the Revelation 12 Sign Prophecy, lead you to Jesus. Lucifer’s Efforts leads you away from Jesus to False Doctrines and Theology, such as the Hebrew Roots Movement and Sacred Name of YHVH that is a False Gospel.

Please read the Book by E.W. Bullinger, Free Online:
https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/49018 before you all make such Absurd Assertions without ‘Full Knowledge’ that the Constellations are ‘Roman Catholic’ Deceptions and the ‘Mother of Harlots’. Unbelievable. The Constellations are what the Apostle Pual wrote about in Romans, the ‘Witness of the Stars’. It is Lucifer that has distorted Biblical Astronomy to Man-Centered Astrology. And yes, some of our Brethren, in one’s Opinion did ‘Cross the Line’ due to Sensationalism that caused this Frenzy as it did back in 2017. But if you study the Mazzaroth, the 12 Constellations teach you the Storyline of Jesus and His Plan of Redemption and it starts with Virgo. Here is that Chart.

Storyline of Jesus’ 3-Fold Plan of Redeeming Fallen Man

As one has stated about this Lost Ancient Wisdom, of the Gospel Written in the Stars, if one Masters this Storyline, you will know what all the Ancient Sages and Wise Men knew about the Coming King Jesus and when. It will also show you the Timing of how this ‘War of the Seeds’, started with Virgo, the very Revelation 12 Sign Inference that did only occur once in 7000 Years. The 1st Iteration occurred in -3915 BC. And then how it Ends with Leo, the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. That is no less, Jesus, who is depicted as being ‘Raptured’ in the 12th Chapter of the Book of Revelation, etc. It is what Jesus showed the Last Apostle that remained alive for this very purpose.

Books: Free Download Online

Maiden, the Manchild and Monster
Revelation Chapter 12. The Main Argument will be that such a Sign to occur Prophetically, matched the Astronomical Configuration on September 23, 2017 which was 1 day after Yom Teruah and the Fall Equinox. The Focal Point of the Sign or Motif is the Constellation Virgo which plays the central role is an apparent Cosmic and Prophetic ‘Enmity’ of sorts that goes back to the Garden of Eden with Eve and Lucifer. This Book will attempt to introduce the various other Characters to include the identity of the 7-Headed Red Dragon and Man-Child.



War of the Seeds
This Book seeks to unlock the Secrets of the Celestial Blueprint of the Last Days based on the ‘Image and Likeness’ of Jesus Christ; that is His Pattern of the Body Form and its Dimensions that occur on a Prophetic Scale. Such Patterns are seen in the literal Lifespan of Jesus’ Life Timeline, the Ark of the Covenant, the Solar System and the Human Form to name of few that this Book will examine and present. These Alignments and Eclipse Patterns could lend some Clues, as to the Timing of Christ’s actual Birth and Return.


In one’s Assessment, the Revelation 12 Sign is not all about an Exclusive Roman Catholic Marian Deception. The Revelation 12 Sign is not ‘Silliness’ or an ‘Excuse’ of those that are ‘Full of Grace’ as Mr. Shabbat asserts, of those that ‘Handle’ the Revelation 12 Sign. And again, it was asked, ‘Where did this Revelation 12 Sign Start and by whom?’ It was by Yours Truly. Here is the Link to the Historical Attribution.


History of the Research Journey in 'Discovering' the Revelation 12 Sign.

Roman Catholic Mary

One is surprised that there is a Basic Awareness and Understanding that the Critics have of the Revelation 12 Sign, in that the Sun, Moon and the Stars are for Signs. But again, they dismiss its Essence just because the Pagans refer to their Interpretation and from a Roman Catholic Persuasion. Or it is because of some ‘Overzealous’ Evangelicals that ‘Guarantee’ the Rapture at such a Correlated Time. The 12 Signs of the Mazzaroth have only slightly varied as to their Artistic Motif Construct. See the Dendera Constellation that essentially is the same in terms of Star Configurations.

The Motif Art might vary by Culture over Millennia, but the Stars and their Names have not changed since the Mazzaroth has been in Existence, etc. Now this next Segment will deal with the Video Rebecca from Australia recommended everyone to Subscribe to. One does not recommend that. In her Assertion, she reasons that the whole Revelation 12 Sign 'Frenzy' was False and that the Church is being Deceived by such Rapture Notions dealing with the Revelation 12 Sign. 

The Video is from a Man who calls himself Mikal Shabbat, with the same Name, plus ‘Scriptural Studies’, from his YouTube Channel. He is out of Ontario, Canada. According to his Introduction, he came out of Roman Catholicism, living in French Speaking Canada. He states that anyone believing in the Virgo Sign, is of the Roman Catholic Interpretation and Deception, i.e., ‘2nd Roman Harlet System’. But one had to ‘Endure to the End’ and listen to the entirety of his Rationale.

He stated that anyone who Interprets the Revelation 12 Sign as being Prophetically Significant has 'Virgo Vertigo'. It is a Mockery to those who do not believe as he does. One came to find out that he is actually, by definition, according to the Orthodox Doctrines of the New Testament, an Apostate or what the New Testament calls a Judaizer. At the 28:22 Minute Marker, this Hebrew Roots Movement Man believes that Jesus, the 2nd Person of the GOD-Head was ‘Begotten’, in the Interpretation that He did not exist Prior, as the Logos, who as John declares, was with GOD and was GOD, etc.

He states that he is going exclusively by the Enochian 4 Season Calendar, and the current Gregorian one is a Roman Catholic Conspiracy Pagan one. He misrepresented Brother Robert Breaker as saying that he said of himself’, ‘Hey, I am Special. I am Under Grace. And I know the Day and the Hour’. Where in the Video Teaching of Breaker did he say, ‘I know the Day and the Hour’. Never has Brother Breaker said that in all of his Video Teachings.

It is this Hebrew Roots Man that is Lying and Misrepresenting Robert Breaker and he needs to Apologize. His Hebrew Roots Man denies the Rapture and called it a ‘2nd Babylonian Invention’. He is calling the most Sacred Event Jesus will perform after His Birth, Ministry, Death, Burial and Resurrection, a Satan Deception. The Rapture, the Blessed Hope is for Jesus to Call and Gather His Bride. And yet this Judaizer calls it a Pagan, Satanic Doctrine. Do not listen to his Man. If Christians want to appreciate their Hebrew Roots, that is fine, but in many cases, it becomes a ‘Replacement Theology’.

Not Under Grace
He even has the Audacity to equate the ‘Grace’ of the Church Age, with a Female Pagan Deity. Warning Church! With his Hebrew Roots Man, anything that does not fit his Hebrew Roots Theology and Sacred Name of YHVH, is a Pagan Idol, a Female at that. He Mocks Grace in how it is Utilized and Understood of Evangelicals in particular. He then states that the Constellation of Virgo is not a Virgin. He then references it to the Hebrew Name ‘Besulah’, but in the Hebrew Context, it is that, precisely of a Maiden, with connotation of a Woman not yet Married, i.e., a Virgin that Virgo portrays and is Understood by Astronomers.

This Mikal Shabbat, appears to come across as a New Testament Judaizer in Modern Times. He calls himself a ‘Berean’. He strangely insists that all those thinking they are under ‘Grace’, as in the Church Age, are accounting themselves only worthy to be of the 144,000, because of ‘Grace’. It is he that has ‘Theological Vertigo’ Confusion of Sound Doctrinal Theology. Yet for all the Self-Righteous and Grand-Standing of how he says he has and lives the Truth of Scriptures, he is Nearsighted to the fact that the 144,000 are Jews that are Commissioned by Jesus after the Rapture for the 1st Half of the duration of the Tribulation Period.

For some Bizarre Reasoning in his ‘Vertigo’, he insists that if there is a Rapture, it is the 144,000 only that will go ‘Up’. Truly Absurd, but that is what you get with such Hebrew Roots Movement warped Theology and Eschatology. It is because he is not a Dispensationalist nor believes in the Rapture Promise given to the Philadelphian Type of Believers. Thus, his Theology and Eschatology is the Real ‘Vertigo’ that he has and is occurring in his Mind in one’s Critique of his Critique. At the 31 Minute Marker, he states that he is ‘Not Under Grace’ but is ‘Working’ to Earn it’. Sad. He is a Modalist.

He might as well say he is a Jehovah Witness as he believes Jesus, as the Messiah was Born of the Father, but not as Equal in Essence, etc. Yes, the Church should be Bereans. And that we must Test the Spirits. One just did of his Teachings. Based on his Theology Matrix, the Revelation 12 Sign, Grace and the Rapture do not ‘Confirm’ to his Theological Understanding. One is not opposed to exposing those that Rapture Date-Setting, that is based on Presumptions that are not Scriptural, but some are.

He like the Sister from Australia unequivocally Dismisses all and any attempts to Look at such Signs in the Heavens, of which the Revelation 12 Sign is 1 of them, as being nothing more than Idolatry, of the 2nd Babylon System, of Rome. Here is an example of how Scripture is Twisted to ‘Prove’ his Point. He equates being ‘Full of Grace’ with the Roman Catholic Doctrine and how they say, ‘Mary, Full of Grace’. To him, it is thus also then attributed to Mary Worship. Ergo, if you say you are ‘Full of Grace’, Church, you are Full of Mary Worship.  Here is the Aramaic Bible Verse, in the Plain English Versions of what the Word of YHVH says.

‘The Angel entered her Presence, and he said to her, Peace to you,
Full Of Grace, our LORD is with you; you are Blessed among Women’. -Luke 1:27-29

State of Confusion and Hebrew Roots Vertigo
He then states, at the 35:10 Minute Marker, ‘The Virgo Constellation’, which did not exist in the Past’… Are you serious? Obviously, he has not taken any Astronomy Courses. Or if he has, he Failed them. The Constellations, to include Virgo, existed in the Sumerian Depictions which are estimated to be at least 4000 Years by the Time the Greeks came across them by the Conquest of Alexander the Great.

Ancient Artifacts
Babylonian Star Lore Zodiac Supplemented With The Story of Gilgamesh.

This means that the Mazzaroth, is 1 of the Oldest Forms of Writing, Symbology and Narration of the Storyline of Jesus’ Redemption Plan of Adam’s Fallen Race that has existed. Then he goes on to state that the Constellation of Virgo is the ‘Sun’. What? Talk about ‘A Dizziness State of Mind’, i.e., Vertigo. No, the Constellation does Not ‘Magically’ transform into the Sun. For some bizarre unknown Rationale, he insists that the Constellation of Virgo is the 'Mother Harlot' set to intentionally 'Confuse' the ‘Bereans’. The Virgo Motif has the Star Spica, which means the ‘Branch’. It is a Euphemism for the Title of Messiah. How can this be of ‘HaSatan”?

The Virgo Motif is then holding a Basket of Wheat. It speaks then of the other Innuendo it can also be Interpreted as, that of Ruth, the Church and well as Israel, etc. How can this possibly be the Roman Catholic ‘Harlet’? No, that Motif occurs also in the Book of Revelation, wherein, she Rides the 7-Headed Red Dragon and holds a Cup, that is full of Sin and the Blood of the Martyr, etc. It is he that has such ‘Virgo Vertigo Confusion’ going on in this Hebrew Roots Man’s Mind, in one’s Assessment. What he does not understand is that Virgo is the 1st Sign of the Mazzaroth, and it is Leo that concludes it. Before Exodus, this Sign and Month were the Delineation of what constituted the 1st Year and Month.

According to Jewish Tradition, Tishrei was when YHVH made Creation, etc. Yet, this Man calls the 12 Houses of the Mazzaroth, the ‘Great Wheel of HaSatan’. Repeat, he is insinuating that those who believe and take, at Face-Value, that the 12 Constellations that YHVH has set into their Place and Named them all, one by one, is the ‘Deceiver’ and of the ‘Work of Satan’ or Lucifer. He is essentially calling the Creator of the Sun, Moon and the Stars, and the Constellations, as King David eloquently penned, the Works of Satan. Please. Vertigo anyone?

And No, it Is Not Astrology to think that because the Sun is in Virgo on Rosh HaShanah, in September, in general, that it is of the Pagan Romans Catholic’s doing. An Entreaty to the Body of Christ that is under Grace and awaits the Blessed Hope. If you want to be surely kept in a ‘Dizzy’ State of Confusion and Vertigo’, keep listening to this Hebrew Judaizer that does not believe in ‘Calling on the Name of Jesus’ to be Saved but that it is Yahushua, the Father only. And it is Jesus, as Yeshua, that is the Teacher. He, as a Modalist, believes that Jesus, as ‘God’, is Born after Creation, as in the 2nd Person of the GOD-Head never existing prior to His Incarnation. This is Blasphemy and he has a Doctrinal Spirit of Error.

Spirit of Error
If this be the case, and it appears, then this Judaizer has a Different Father, a Different Messiah Jesus, than what is Scripturally Proclaimed in the Bible. Beware. If not, ‘Come Out From Among’ such Teaching of Men who burdens you with Works to have you Work for your ‘Redemption’ in ‘Fear and Trembling’, not because of Love. This is what Judaizers do. They burden you back to the Old Testament Law that only Judges you. It does not Release you nor does it Pay for your Sins.

The Law that demanded Death as a Payment for Sin was Nailed to the Cross of Calvary by Jesus. The Bride of Christ is not to live in Fear or Trembling as the Jews do, i.e., Yom Kippur. The Bride has been Paid for. We Obey Jesus because we Love Him, in recognizing that He Loved us 1st. This Modalist Teaching and Theology and Eschatology is an affront to the Finished Work of the Cross by GOD the Son. No, do not Subscribe to his YouTube Channel, unless you still want to live Under the Law and have no Blessed Hope, no Joy nor an expectation of an Escape to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.

He will rather see you Work your Way to Earn your ‘Grace’, as a Berean in Fear and Trembling. You will have a Messiah, Birthed or ‘Begotten’ that is not as GOD-in-the-Flesh but no better than having and believing and hoping in a Jehovah Witness ‘Vertigo’. Ephesians does teach us that there are Works to be done. But that is a Result of Salvation of having Believed. It is a Package Deal. And what is essentially at the Core of that ‘Work’? It is to Believe. ‘What must we do to do the Works of GOD? Believe in the one YHVH has sent.

‘And every Tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD, to the Glory of God the Father. Therefore, my Beloved, just as you have always Obeyed, not only in my Presence, but now even more in my Absence, continue to Work out your Salvation with Fear and Trembling. [Psalm 2:11]

For it is GOD who Works in you to Will and to Act on behalf of His Good Purpose. Do everything without Complaining or Arguing, so that you may be Blameless and Pure, Children of God without Fault in a Crooked and Perverse Generation, in which you shine as Stars in the World.’ – Philippians 2:11-15

Stay away from his False Prophecies that hold to Traditional Heresy that infected the Early Church. It is still Alive and Well in the End Times. He did reply to one’s letter, but only with a Video Link to how he ‘Proves’ that Praying to the Name of the LORD, translated into English from the Tetragrammaton, YHVH is in actuality one praying to Ba’al, the Devil or Lucifer. Sadly, there are People who believe that the Old Testament was Written by Lucifer, who is ‘Masquerading’ as YHVH. And that if you say or Pray to the Name of ‘Jesus’, it is really a hidden 666. So, be Warned of these types of Teaching.


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