And the Serpents of Jerusalem

  • What is the prophetic significance of the Orion Constellation?
  • What are the origins of such a cosmic motif prophetically?
  • Is there a pattern that is mirrored on Earth's sacred sites and why?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And as Moses in the wilderness lifted up the bronze image of a Serpent on a pole, even so I must be lifted up upon a pole, so that anyone who believes in Me will have Eternal Life.’ -John 3:15

The purpose of this study is to present some theories that center around the sacred geometry of the ancient pyramid city of Teotihuacan, Mexico. This study will attempt to illustrate that there is a geographic, celestial, and topographical correspondence to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the location of sacred sites such as where the possible 3rd Temple is to be built. The ‘City of the Gods’ pyramid complex of Teotihuacán is considered the ‘Giza’ of the western hemisphere. This study suggests that the Teotihuacan pyramid complex that mirrors the combined Orion-Taurus-Pleiades constellations is a mirrored copy of such similar constitution within the Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and city grid. Based on prior extensive research of the Great Pyramid of Giza, it has been presented that the 3 pyramids of the Giza complex mirrors that of the Orion Star Belt alignment.

With such an understanding, researchers like Wayne Herschel of South Africa have presented evidence that other pyramid complexes such as Teotihuacan also matches the Orion-Taurus-Pleiades constellation patterns with the 7 hills to the south of Teotihuacan corresponding to the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades. What this study strongly suggests on top of the current theories and research concerning the Pyramid-Orion alignment of Teotihuacan, is that there is a direct geometric and astronomical association with the House of GOD, i.e., the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. This study will attempt to illustrate that the combined constellations of Orion-Taurus- Pleiades matches the ley-lines of the Teotihuacan topography to the lines and angles of Jerusalem.

Also, the 3rd temple in the Teotihuacan complex, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl approximates the sacred dimension of the House of GOD, YHVH as foretold by Ezekiel of the Bible. According to some interpretations of Ezekiel and Revelation, this 4th Temple in Jerusalem will be built for the 1000-Year Millennial reign of Jesus Christ starting at His 2nd coming. This study and illustrations are not insinuating that the Holy House of YHVH in Jerusalem is based on the House of Quetzalcoatl but on the contrary. This study does not agree that YHVH or Jesus Christ is the ‘Feathered Serpent’ Quetzalcoatl even as some so-called Christian denomination such as the Mormons do; the blond, blue-eyed ’Feathered-Serpent” from the Pleiades.

The Shining One
This assertion of Jesus being Quetzalcoatl or that Jerusalem is patterned after other ancient sites is far from the truth as it will be shown that it is in actuality such configurations found around the world built to this ‘god’ are nothing more than a conspiracy in an attempt to copy and replicate the Heavenly Zion based on sacred geometry and ley-lines found in Heaven. The aim of these sacred mounds, pyramids and temples has been to venerate the ‘Shining One’, the Serpent or Dragon of Old with that is nothing more than false worship of a usurper Fallen Cherub Lucifer who has presented himself as the ‘true Christ’, the Anointed of GOD, as God. Nonetheless, the illustrations will show that the Teotihuacan Star Map of the Orion- Taurus-Pleiades constellations mirrors that of Jerusalem that likewise has a similar Orion-Taurus-Pleiades constellation correspondence.

Amazingly the topography and ley-lines of Jerusalem depict the celestial mortal combat between the Lion and the Dragon, Jesus Christ and Lucifer as the illustrated charts will bring out. This contention between the Christs is etched in the very angles, ley-lines and topography of the City of GOD. This study also will argue that for locating precisely where the Temples of the LORD stood in Jerusalem, it can be determined from that sacred location just where Christ was crucified, buried, ascended or raptured and where His foot will touch-down at His 2nd coming based on modern GPS technology. The legend of Quetzalcoatl is one that involves a combination of many aspects of the history of mankind. Many believe that perhaps this figure was a stranded Viking shipwrecked in the Americas as he was described as having blond hair and blue eyes.

Others reference recorded history of how a whole religious system of the Americas was built around this personage as one of the ’gods’ that came from the Pleiades. The counterpart ‘gods’ are those called the Annunaki of the ancient Sumerians. In the East, his attributes fit with that of Nimrod, Mercury, Apollo, Zeus all combined. The city complex of Teotihuacan is said to have built on his theology and cosmology; of the city patterned after the Stars, or his home as in a ’house’. The legend of this monumental figure goes beyond those of the early peoples of Mexico, as far down to South America for example. Quetzalcoatl is described as having supernatural powers to heal for example as a physician. He was alleged to be a teacher, a high priest and a king.

When the Aztecs came to the Valley of Mexico from what is now the U.S. Southwest or Aztlan, the city was already abandoned and dilapidating. Throughout the Americas, this personage is reverenced and worshiped as a ‘god’ nonetheless with a variation of names, Viracocha and Kukulcan. Thus, this was no mere localized deity as his fame and exposure spanned the whole of the western hemisphere. What is amazing is that the sacred geometry of the City of the Gods is found in every continent and is associated and connected to the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. As noted, it appears that all these sites have the same corresponding pattern of the Orion-Taurus-Pleiades Star constellation layout and dimensions. Many believe that in fact, as the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) do, that the City of GOD, of YHVH the Creator resides in the Orion constellation along with the ’Gates of Heaven’ that it is entered through.

Interestingly enough, the Silver Gate is just above the out-stretched arm of Orion at the intersection of the Galactic Equator and the Ecliptic. The Bible does describe Heaven as a place of a Throne and in the Book of Revelation, a City that comes from Heaven. Thus, it can be assumed that Heaven has such dimensions, temples, perhaps even ’pyramids’ and structures. Such is the case with the City of the Gods, Teotihuacán with its 188° rotation from the north for the Avenue of the Dead. The Bible states in the Book of Ezekiel that the LORD GOD YHVH will establish His Throne and His City in the midst of Israel during the Millennial Kingdom on Earth. Ezekiel gives the exact dimensions and measurements. It is fascinating to consider that the Temple of Quetzalcoatl matches precisely the dimensions of Ezekiel’s Temple of YHVH.

It is thus highly suggestive that such a Temple complex might actually appear to be a blueprint of the original in Heaven that the Earthly Tabernacle of Moses and subsequent Temple of Solomon and Zerubbabel were modeled after in Jerusalem. The legends of the origins of these pyramids in Mexico, the traditions and oral history corroborate the account of these ‘Shining Ones’. These ‘beings’ came from the Stars and built such cities around the globe along with their hybrid offspring with the purpose of replicating their place of origin in the ‘Heavenlies’. Based on Biblical interpretations, these Shining Ones, the serpent-dragon are nothing more that Fallen Angels. They are the ones that also joined-up in the Rebellion of Lucifer against YHVH and came to Earth as disclosed in Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch. These pyramid temples are but memorials to their desire of such Shining Ones that perhaps cannot return to their celestial abodes.

Others consider these Beings as ‘Creator Aliens’ that ‘seeded’ or created Humanity as the Alien-Astronaut theory goes. These are the so-called Ancient Aliens called the Annunaki of the Middle East that have similar Orion pyramid configurations such as in Ur of Chaldean from where YHVH called out Abraham that ironically GOD promised to give a ‘city’ whose maker and builder was not human nor made by human hands as the Bible declares. Others in the Biblical camp are convinced that these are in fact demonic Fallen Angels in rebellion to the Creator that have abandoned their station and have crossed the genetic boundaries with Mankind. As it pertains to Teotihuacan, the Orion Belt Star pyramid pattern of the 3 major temple complexes is not an exact match with the Pyramids of Giza.

However, the principle in mathematics is consistence in proportion and dimension to include a possible key or clue as it does match precisely with the 3 Domes of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. For the purposes of this study, based on the geometry presented, the Dome of the Spirits is where the Holy of Holies once was and will be. The Orion Star alignment matches that of Teotihuacan and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, although it is facing the same southern orientation, the temples are reversed in order when both are compared side to side. This Shining One or serpent was alleged to have come from the Pleiades to teach Humanity the ways of peace, righteousness, and love. Astonishingly, Quetzalcoatl was said to have had a virgin birth, was a healer and was alleged to have been eventually rejected and crucified on a cross but resurrected on the 3rd day. He departed to the east and promised to return from the east once again at the End of Days.

Celestial Temple of Quetzalcoatl
It is a ‘promise’ for those that still venerate the Red Dragon, that Serpent of Old, Lucifer are awaiting his return and manifestation. This is the Pleiades conspiracy. Lucifer’s minions on Earth have been very busy in preparing his ‘house’ or Temple upon his arrival to present and thus rule the world once again in ‘peace, righteousness and so- called love or the 5th Sun or Age. This study is not insinuating that Jesus was or is Quetzalcoatl in any form or fashion despite having many of his characteristics and work eclipse the work and ministry of Jesus Christ. This is the conspiracy with such Luciferian eschatology. Genetically, that Jesus was a Mediterranean Semite that would have generally been tanned, dark-haired with possible colored eyes, not blond and blue-eyed of the ‘Nordic Pleiadian’ kind.

The ‘Shining Ones’ have sought to blur the line of who and what the ‘Christ’ was, is and will be in so far as it is believed to be the case by the Mormons for example. This ‘god’ is venerated by the occult as being the ‘Shining One’ or the Light-Bearer Lucifer. It is he that is impersonating the attributes of Christ’s work and character. The Conspiracy is that Lucifer seeks Mankind’s worship, allegiance, and a Temple; the very one of YHVH.
In fact Lucifer wants both Thrones in Heaven itself, the Heavenly Zion and the Earthly below, the Earthly Zion. As it pertains to the Holy Temple of YHVH, perhaps as GOD had His blueprint and sought to establish His Earthy Zion in Jerusalem, so too has Lucifer sought to mirror the one from Jerusalem in the western hemisphere.

Perhaps as Earth could have had a prior creation from Genesis of the Bible, there could have possibly been a prior race of beings or an Earth inhabited by Angels. If such were to be the case, then it would stand to reason that peculiar locations based on sacred ley-lines and dimensions on Earth would mirror Heaven. Such motifs would thus suggest the Pleiades and Orion among the favorite because perhaps they portrayed the very City of GOD that the city of Teotihuacan was patterned after. This Orion-Taurus-Pleiades constellation layout of the Teotihuacan when reversed and rotated 90 degrees and superimposed onto the Temple Mount dimensions of Jerusalem will produce similar angles, proportions, and corresponding sacred geometric patterns to those of Teotihuacan. For example, one direct association that the Domes of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem have with Teotihuacan is found in the color of the 3 Domes of the platform.

The very colors of the Islamic Domes on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem denote the celestial correspondence to the 3 primary pyramids of Teotihuacán, the Temple of the Sun, of the Moon and House of Quetzalcoatl. Thus, the silver color corresponds to the Al Aqsa Mosque and correlates to the Temple of the Moon. The gold corresponds to the gold-plated Dome of the Rock that correlates to the Temple or Pyramid of the Sun. The Dome of the Spirits, being white corresponds to the House of the Shining One or ‘Shekinah’. The very layout and sequence of the structure order and position matches up. In one of the murals by the famous and world renowned Mexican muralist Orozco, the depiction of Quetzalcoatl is one in which he is rising from the sea amongst 7 Serpents. Is this a coincidence?

The Beast from the Sea
The Bible depicts that the Beast or coming AntiChrist will metaphorically come out of the sea as a 7- Headed Serpent or Red Dragon. The identity is clearly explicit to that of Satan. Herein is the conspiracy; Lucifer the ’Serpent of Old’ tried to usurp the House or Temple of the LORD GOD Creator YHVH. Lucifer still does and knows the layout, geometry, and angles of the Heavenly dwelling places in Heaven. Perhaps such pyramid configurations that are found all over the world are indeed a blueprint of these sacred dimensions of the Heavenly Zion. The book of Enoch teaches that Lucifer and his Fallen Angel Shining Ones taught Humanity from the earliest stages of civilizations the art of making weapons, warfare, witchcraft, and sorcery. Most, if not all ancient civilizations had/have a rendition of the ‘Shining One’. This ‘god’ is the Feathered Serpent flying dragon that is said to represent a ‘god’ that came from the Stars to help and teach Mankind the deep secrets of GOD and brought the fire of GOD to Humanity.

He is often depicted with an eagle’s head, wings, and a human body. This ancient ‘god’ must have been an extremely significant personage to have impacted every continent on Earth since recorded history. Who was he? He is attributed to teaching Humanity medicine, as he was a healer, a priest, a warrior, a shepherd, etc. In the Mayan Dresden Codex, he is foretold that he is returning back to Earth to initiate and rule the 5th Age New Order. From a Biblical point of view, this is a counterfeit attempt by Lucifer as their ‘king’ and all those humans seeking after him that are attempting to establish this ‘god’ …this Satan on the Mt Zion on Earth. This is one of the reasons why the Earthly Zion, Jerusalem is so contested. The struggle of Lucifer is that of Atlas for dominion, worship, and glory of both the Heavenly and Earthly Temples of YHVH.

This Angelic Conflict conspiracy will come to a head at the return of the true Christ, Jesus. Until such time, Lucifer is the ‘mirrored’ or opposite of Christ, his temples and cities have also ‘mirrored’ that of the original in Heaven and that of Jerusalem, the very City of YHVH. Despite being continents and oceans apart, there is a theory that the Americas were well connected with the ancient civilization of China, Sumer, Egypt and Babylon. One clear example is found in the Mesopotamian and Olmec carved rock reliefs. In the illustration provide, there are 2 instances that the entities are handling a bell like device or object in hand. In the case of the Toltec or Olmec figure is driving some sort of levitating or flying craft with.

Also, the mathematical relationships of each respective pyramid alignments are identical that of the Pyramid of the Sun and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Many believe that all the ancient civilizations actually had their common core origin in Atlantis. It is premised that before the Flood of Noah, a subsequent destruction of Atlantis took place, along with its sacred religion, knowledge, and spiritual secrets. What this study is insinuating is that the various pyramid complexes incorporated specifically the Pleiades and Orion constellations in their pyramid layout. This motif is also seen in various modern-day city cores that suggest the conspiracy of such dominions and wicked powers are at play.

The following are some amazing numerical values in terms of distance from the Teotihuacan Pyramid complex to the Great Pyramid of Giza complex and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The measurements are an approximation and taken from Google Earth coordinates.

From the Temple of Quetzalcoatl to Holy of Holies, Temple Mount Dome of Spirit assumed = 7,770.77 miles

From the Pyramid of the Sun to the Great Pyramid of Giza
= 6,666 nautical miles

Both have the same dimensions, geometry of their base
7.11 arcseconds (fractal of the Great Pyramid’s measurement & dimension)
.12 nautical miles
.14 miles

Pyramid of the Sun Mathematical Summation and Subtraction
’32.23”N when added to each other
= 51 (degree of angle Great Pyramid)

36.90”W when subtracted to each other
= 61.6

For example, the Great Pyramid of Giza is built as a perfect model of pi and it will also have its corresponding approximation of phi or the golden mean within the relationship as seen in the diagrams provided. Could such knowledge have come from the pre-Flood world or of a prior Earth state? The secrets of the Atlanteans location, dark magic and craft are referenced in the writing of Plato; that a few Atlanteans survived within the priestly class to transmit what was salvageable to the New World. It is speculated that these ‘deep secrets of Satan’ or knowledge was passed down to the civilization that are considered ‘ancient’ and the cradle of present-day human civilization. This study suggests that perhaps the Atlantean secrets in turn became the Mystery Schools of secret Masonic Societies whose ‘god’ is one in the same, Lucifer, their Neptune.

Such secret sorcerers and wizards since that time have used these ‘so called deep secrets’ to conspire with Lucifer to ensnare, enslave and rule all of YHVH’s creation on Earth. The risen LORD Jesus Christ Himself in Revelation 2:24 stated that these so-called deep secrets of Satan are not secrets at all but a conspiracy. The Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 4:1 exposes them as well and admonishes the Church of a conspiracy even from within the Church who has been entrusted with the true ‘secret things of GOD’ that there would ‘wolves among the sheep’. Thus, such sacred Gnostic knowledge that is Luciferian at the core has been used for their hegemony and domination of the illiterate and unsophisticated nations that repopulated the Earth thereafter. The Bible declares that only 1 nation has a set future; Israel has a future; in fact it is the only nation designated by name that is named to lead the nations of the Millennial Kingdom time of 1000 years.

The Coming Temples of YHVH
According to the Bible, YHVH chose Israel not because the people were the 1st or the best. On the contrary, the Bible states in Deuteronomy 28:13 that Israel was the ‘tail and not the head’ but YHVH chose them to make for Himself a ‘people of princes’ and to make an example of how GOD takes the lowly and last and bestows honor and beauty. Currently, Israel is not in a right relationship with the Creator due to the rejection of Jesus as their Messiah. Jerusalem is currently seeking alliances with other nations to safeguard its peace and security as it has since ancient Biblical times, instead of turning its face toward their King and LORD YHVH. National Israel is under national divine judgment until the 2nd coming of Jesus that will restore the Throne of David and rule the Age from the Ezekiel’s Temple in Jerusalem, the true Shining One whose face no one can see and live due to its unapproachable brightness.

Sadly, according to the Bible, national Israel will accept the false AntiChrist Messiah instead and will seek permission from this coming Serpent, the ‘Shining One’ to make and grant them permission to rebuild the Temple. The Bible declares that Jesus is the only rightful heir to the Throne of David to rule the Nations. As the Son of God, He has sat at the Right Hand of GOD the Father in Heaven until ‘all His enemies are made a footstool.’ He is the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords. The Bible declares the following truth. ‘The Glory of YHVH filled the House...and He said unto me, Son of man, the place of my Throne and the place of the soles of my fee where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel forever.’ - Ezekiel 43:5-6

The Bible accounts of Ezekiel’s Temple describes the Millennial Temple as having a river that will run to the east and west out from under the Throne that will purify and clean all the waters of the Earth, starting with the Dead Sea. Although Ezekiel states that the Sanctuary will be in the Portion of the Priests, it does not specify where exactly within the Portion the Temple or Sanctuary will be situated. It is natural to assume that it would be in the middle geometrically and geographically based on sacred geometry and prior patterns. Many Bible scholars strongly suggested that the Temple will be in Shiloh, north of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where it was or at Gibeon during the time of King David before the Temple of Solomon was built. The following are some of the amazing dimensions of the coming Millennial Temple as some interpret the Bible.

Millennial Temple
600 x 600 cubits
~50 square miles

Millennial City
5000 x 5000 cubits
~9 square miles

The Dead Sea
9.6 times as salty than the ocean
~33 mi long
9 miles widest point
~666 ft average depth

In ancient times, pyramids and temples were not just built on any random site or locations. Aside from being next to a water source, the main tenants of why a temple was constructed on a particular spot on Earth had to do with sacred geometry and the astronomical configurations of a given segment of their respected location. A major portion of ancient pyramid complexes corresponded to the Pleaides and Orion. As it pertains to the Teotihuacan, Giza, and Jerusalem temple patterns, all 3 of the ‘Houses’ or Temples of GOD were associated with a water source. This is in keeping with the Biblical pattern of having the River of Life proceed from the Throne of the LORD in Heaven, which will one day also be a reality on Earth in the New Jerusalem to come. Further, this sacred geometry was in direct relationship to the constellations of the cosmos as the layout of the pyramid and/or temple complexes are mirrored images of the Heavenlies.

Thus, it is highly suggestive that the cosmos, as part of the Creation YHVH is another level of the reflection of the true dimensions of Heaven itself, the very Throne Room and perhaps City of the GOD, Creator Himself. What is amazing to contemplate about the Pleiades conspiracy is that Lucifer will take over the 3rd Temple and cause its desolation with the AntiChrist’s abomination. The conspiracy is that the imposter Cherub-want-to-be-GOD posing as false savior, teacher, priest, healer and savior, Quetzalcoatl, will initiate a coup d’état. This 3rd Temple will last but 7 or 3.5 years until Jesus comes and builds the 4th Temple. It will be about 9 square miles in size. There will be 12 gates for the Tribes of Israel, reminiscent to how the divisions of the Israelites were encamped around the Tabernacle of Moses in the Wilderness during the Exodus.

The notion that the Temple of Ezekiel will be the Millennial Temple, for the most part is not highly contested as some other issues of eschatology are. But what this study postulates as to this future 4th Temple, is that the dimensions are exactly that of the House or Temple of Quetzalcoatl in the City of the God's in Teotihuacan, Mexico or vise-versa. In both cases, the symmetry and geography match their respective boundaries and angles. There are those that believe that the Ezekiel 40 Temple is figurative and allegorical in theme and application. This would be more in line with the Preterist view of Revelation and eschatology in general. There are others that state that Messiah, upon His return cannot reestablish the Throne of David because of some issue of Him being a Priest and Priests cannot be Kings of Israel.

It is nonetheless presented in the Bible that Jesus Christ is a Prophet, Priest and King as King David was. In 2 Samuel 6:12 as King, King David who was not of the tribe of Levi, but Judah wore the Priestly garments, offered and led the sacrifices as a Priest before the YHVH. Nonetheless, according to the Bible, the city will be in the middle position of the land redistribution at which time Messiah will allocate the Title Deed of the Land promised to Abraham to his descendant from ‘River to River,’ that is the Euphrates to the Nile. This middle section of the land inheritance will specifically be given to the Prince. The Temple itself will be within the Portion of the Priests. Based on conventional interpretation, the Temple will be slightly north of the Great City that is squared in dimension.

The Constellation Concept
The Temple of Ezekiel will be a prelude to the New Jerusalem that has a similar pattern that is to come from Heaven itself as ‘Heaven’ will literally be superimposed onto the Earth. It is where the LORD will dwell in the midst for all Eternity, face to face. What is intriguing is that based on the square geometry, when applying the phi ratio spiral onto the width of the square of the City, the focal point will be on the Temple Mount. In part the Pleiadian conspiracy is that the Angelic Conflict is over Lucifer wanting this Temple for himself to be like Christ and rule from Mt. Zion. The Bible foretells that his AntiChrist will at some point in the near future inter the Holy of Holies of the 3rd Temple and sit on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. To reiterate, there are many renditions of how the possible façade and geometry of the Ezekiel’s layout will look like on a map of Israel. Some believe the Temple will be in Shiloh where the Tabernacle of Moses was at.

This would accommodate the vast number of peoples that are to be required to assemble before the LORD during the 3 main Moeds or appointments of the LORD that are Passover, Pentecost and Sukkot. As this study suggests that the ‘City of the Gods’ of Teotihuacan was patterned in a constellation configuration of Orion, Taurus, and the Pleiades, so too does Jerusalem incorporate this same celestial pattern. Although the composition is not an entirely perfect match in every sense, however the pattern is striking and amazing. Prophetically this study postulates that the sacred geometry of Jerusalem supports the notion of where the actual location of the future 3rtf Holy Temple will be at and where the crucifixion, the burial and ascension of Jesus Christ took place.

This study also asserts that the constellation alignments superimposed onto the environs of Jerusalem correspond to the prophetic promises of the Redemptive Plan of GOD in Christ Jesus as depicted in the Mazzaroth. This portion for the Zodiac declares that the Wounded Shepherd would be pierced through, at the heel...but that the Shepherd King Orion would ‘crush’ the head of the Serpent. The accompanying charts will illustrate that there does seem to be a corresponding alignment with the constellations of Taurus, Orion and Auriga, the Wounded Shepherd that converge topographically at Mt. Calvary in Jerusalem. This pattern and typology depicted topographically in Jerusalem is first obtained by taking the constellation of Taurus and condensing or elongating its dimensions by 50%.

Then with the help of Google Earth, the constellations are superimposed in proportion to their configuration. Surprisingly, the topography of greater Jerusalem lends strong corresponding landmarks to accommodate such a celestial pattern. From a top view of Jerusalem and looking northward, the angles of Taurus match those of Teotihuacan. One horn of Taurus terminates at Mt. Calvary. The 2nd horn of Taurus terminates at the Church of the Ascension on the Mt. of Olives. Precisely the Dome of the Ascension will be illustrated in the accompanying charts to be the ‘eye’ of the Red Dragon. It will be at this precise spot within the ‘head’ of the ‘Serpent’ that the foot of the returning Conquering Jesus, ‘Orion’ will set His foot upon, literally but metaphorically crushing the Serpents’ head in the process.

The Redemptive Plan of YHVH 
The area where the Pleiades should be in relation to the constellation of Taurus that approaches Jerusalem from the north-east has a ‘pyramid’ type of layout running up a hill that is in exact dimension or length of the compressed constellation design. These amazing ley-lines appear to confirm, geographically the Biblical truths of the Gospel’s redemptive plan and of how it was to be carried out through the sacrifice of the Messiah, GOD the Son. The topography of these superimposed constellations does appear to be converging to where the Shepherd–King was pierced, at Mt. Calvary, even so metaphorically but cosmologically by the Arrow of Orion and the Horn of Taurus on Mt. Calvary.

Thus, these constellation and temple Star patterns are extremely significant and as this study presents, perhaps can validate some disputed areas of where certain events pertaining to Christ’s ministry in Jerusalem took place and where the Temple of Solomon and Herod actually stood. Based solely on these celestial constellation Star pyramid patterns of Teotihuacan and Giza dimensions, it is strongly suggested from this study that Mt. Calvary is the correct spot where Messiah was crucified and buried and that the Garden Tomb that is adjacent to the Place of the Skull, Golgotha is where Messiah was buried and rose on the 3rd Day.

Where Messiah died physically on a Cross, was buried, and rose physically 3 days later from the Dead at the Garden Tomb.

Where Messiah taught, healed, cleansed, admonished and expelled the Money-Changers from the Temple.

Where after 40 days of witnessing, Messiah was raptured to Heaven and from where He is to return according to the books of Acts and Zechariah.

It is astonishing to contemplate that the very location of Messiah’s death, that this study strongly suggests corresponds to the Place of the Skull is the exact location where the 3 ley-lines intersect or Orion, Taurus, and Auriga. It is at this precise location on Earth that in terms of the cosmology of Messiah’s sacrifice is the place whereas a pattern, the Horn of Taurus and Arrow of Orion pierced the Celestial Shepherd, Auriga at the Star called Al-Hath.

 Auriga, the Celestial Shepherd has 66 Stars and the name Auriga means, wounded, or pierced. Nonetheless, it should be noted that many Biblical scholars reject the association of the Gospel being ‘written’ in the Stars’. According to the work of EW Bullinger, Auriga depicts Safety for the Redeemed in the day of wrath. This is befitting of the event during the crucifixion of Jesus as all those that would and are to be redeemed were sheltered under the Blood of the Lamb during that Passover afternoon.
It was at this time and place that Humanity was shielded from the total outpouring of the Wrath of the Almighty because of sin.

This wrath fell on Jesus. 1 Corinthians 5:21 states, ‘For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.’ The ley-line that depicts Orion’s Arrow bisecting Mt. Calvary and is reminiscent of the Roman soldier that pierced the heart of Jesus on the Cross. This cosmic construct of Orion-Taurus-Auriga overlaid upon Jerusalem’s topographical features suggests a strong and clear Biblical connotation of the person and work of Jesus Christ.

The entire Bible states that Messiah was and is the Good Shepherd that came to lay down His life for the Flock because of His love for the Father and love for Humanity. No other religion can declare this. Lucifer does not love his followers nor does Mohammed or Allah. Messiah was indeed pierced on the Cross to pay for the sin of all Humanity. Thus, these ley-lines confirm geometrically the points geographically of this Gospel played-out as depicted in the Mazzaroth. And in-between the 2 horns of Taurus is the Temple Mount that corresponds to the Orion Belt Star alignment. The Teotihuacán City of the Gods has exactly the same pattern.

The 2nd Horn of Taurus corresponds to the locations in Jerusalem where there are 2 gardens, that of the Garden Tomb next to Mt. Calvary and that of the Garden of Olives that is in Gethsemane. If this geometric ley-lines theory has any validity to it, then Christ rose in a garden and ascended or was raptured in a garden in the presence of His Disciples 40 days after His Resurrection in correspondence to the 2 Horns of Taurus. It is also astonishing that this very spot of Christ’s rapturing and return, speculated to being the Dome of the Ascension serves as the ‘Eye’ of the fiery Red Flying Dragon- Serpent that the accompanying chart will illustrate. This flying Dragon is opposed directly in front of the Temple Mount as to devour it and overshadow it.

Prophetically speaking, it paints a picture of how Christ, upon His 2nd coming will have His foot touch-down on this very place, symbolically ‘crushing’ the head of the Serpent that was promised to Eve in the Garden of Eden despite being struck by the viper unto death at the cross on Mount. Calvary. To reiterate, the charts for this study attempt to illustrate that this City of the Gods shows that the Temple Mount is the Master Blueprint of YHVH’s City and Temple. It is mirrored all over the world and specifically to its counterpart Teotihuacán temple complex as an example. In comparison to each other, the Teotihuacan temple layout is facing south with an alignment that eclipses the Pleiades.

The Orion Belt Star alignment is directly vertical that runs the heading that corresponds to the Avenue of the Dead. The Pyramid of the Moon corresponds to the smallest Star of Orion’s Belt Mintaka and that of the smallest Pyramid of the Giza Pyramid Complex. The Pyramid of the Sun corresponds to the middle Star of Alnilam. The Temple or ‘House’ of Quetzalcoatl corresponds to the Great Pyramid of Giza and that of the largest Star of Alnitak. Although the Pyramid of the Sun by volume is the largest, the Quetzalcoatl temple is the largest by area.

How the Giza Pyramid matches the Teotihuacan alignment is by proportion and geometry based on the phi ratio proportion. There is no direct match between the 3-pyramids of Teotihuacan to Giza, but the direct association is obtained when the Giza Pyramid complex is rotated 90 degrees. Another correlation that gives strong proof that the Teotihuacan city temple complex matches the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is that the distances from Mexico to Egypt and Israel produce some amazing number associations. From the Pyramid of the Sun to the Great Pyramid is exactly 6,660 nautical miles. From the Quetzalcoatl Temple to the Dome of the Spirits where many believe the Holy of Holies is centered is 7,770.77 miles.

Thus these ‘keys’ of sacred geometry, angles and temple patterns strongly suggest that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a mirrored composition of the celestial constellations of Orion-Taurus- Auriga. The Temple Mount 3 main structures match the city complex that corresponds to Orion, and the Horns of Taurus corresponds to the locations of Mount Calvary and the Mount of Olives. Also, topographically, a depiction of the All-Seeing Eye pyramid and flying Dragon are configured on the back side of the of the Mount of Olives.

This is reminiscent of the Garden Promise of Genesis 3:15. The Biblical account tells how the LORD promised Eve that one of her male descendants, ‘He’ would be struck at the heel by the Snake, Lucifer as the constellation of the Shepherd Auriga depicts. But that He, the Messiah would crush his or Lucifer’s head in the conflict. This was done by the sinless life of Jesus of Nazareth as He was the Messiah, GOD the Son in the flesh. Jesus in His humanity was ‘struck’ by Lucifer at the cross, but it became the instrument to seal the doom and destruction of Lucifer by the resurrection of Jesus on the 3rd Day. As it pertains to the coming Temple of the returning true Shining One, Jesus, this study strongly argues that the Dome of the Spirits is the actual center point of where the Holy of Holies is located at.

This study strongly suggests that based on the sacred geometry, ancient pyramids and Orion Star constellation patterns, the 3rd Temple has to be built precisely and geometrically to its corresponding geographic spot on Earth. The 3rd Temple is coming, if the sacred geometry is of any indication, the Temple Mount must have the 3rd building correspond to the Orion’s Belt Star alignment. This location points to the Dome of the Spirits as being the correct and precise location of the Holy of Holies that the Temple of Solomon and Herod once stood. Even so, several Jewish organizations such as the Temple Institute are now ready for the holy sacrificial ordinances to begin.

The designated Priesthood is trained; the utensils and the major Temple furnishings are already made and ready to be implemented. What is still needed is the Ark of the Covenant that Moses built. One powerful clue to this Temple Mount layout is found in the topography and scared geometry layout of the City of the God(s) in Teotihuacan, Mexico that is based on Orion's 3-Star alignments as this study has suggested. There is a similar mathematical relationship to the size, area, and distance from this city to the Giza and Jerusalem. The patterns have a factor of being rotated 90 degrees, mirrored opposites, or condensed by 50% in dimensions while keeping ratios.

The 3rd Temple
The Dome of the Spirits in this case corresponds to the reversal of the orders from the Giza and Teotihuacan sequential order of having the Temple of the Moon first, then Temple of the Sun, then the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. On the Temple Mount, once the Orion Star and Teotihuacan Pyramid pattern is superimposed, the pattern is reversed. The Al-Aqsa Mosque corresponds to the Temple of the Moon, it has a silver/gray color to its dome. The Dome of the Rock corresponds to the Temple of the Sun and thus has a gold-plated dome. The 3rd dome is the called Dome of the Spirits.

The Bible teaches that the Temples in Jerusalem ‘housed’ the original ‘Shining One’. This was attributed to being a representation of the Glory of YHWH’s presence that once was and will be again according to the Bible. The Shekinah Glory filled the cubed Holy of Holies. It was the true copy of the original in Heaven as it is a Throne. It is a supposition that the city temple of Teotihuacán was a copy of the ‘Heavenly City’ of the Gods but that it was Lucifer that build it to his glory in the western hemisphere as a counterfeit of the Messiah shepherd priest, much like that of the ministry of Jesus Christ to cause confusion and doubt.

The Bible declares that there will be a coming conspiracy regarding the 3rd Temple. Lucifer’s AntiChrist will be the one that will usurp the 3rd Temple and cause the Sacrifices to cease. At that time, Lucifer will physically possess this Son of Perdition and enter the 3rd Temple to cause it to be desolate by his abominable act of declaring himself ‘GOD’. The Bible does predict that the AntiChrist will present himself as the long awaited ‘Shining One’ to Israel that will be accepted and eventually sit in this 3rd Temple that is to be constructed. The noble efforts to reconstruct the Temple sacrificial order at some point in time will be usurped by those that seek to enthrone Lucifer instead of the True Shining One, the Messiah Jesus Christ.

As it has been presented in this study, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is configured exactly to that of the Orion Star constellation with the 3 Belt Stars in alignment to the ‘temples’ or Domes of the Temple Mount Platform. Orion’s Arrow intersects the Horn of Taurus and the Star Al-Nath at Calvary when the Celestial Star Map is superimposed on Jerusalem. For a perspective of the size and dimension of the Great Pyramid of Giza, for example when superimposed over the Dome of the Rock as the charts will illustrated, the base is also exactly the same as the pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan.

Another amazing correlation in the sacred geometry that Jerusalem is steeped with deals with the Garden Tomb. When the Orion Star composition is superimposed over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the major gates of the City correspond to the Stars of Orion. Moreover, the angle to the Garden Tomb aligns with the Dome of the Spirits at a 72 degree angle. The Garden Tomb is centered within an inverted triangle with the focal point of the Tomb being closer to the base of the triangle or pyramid. This is depicted when this geometric pyramid of the Garden Tomb is inverted horizontally and rotated 90 degrees.

It nearly matches the Monas Hieroglyphica ‘Atlas’ pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye of Horus motif that is also off-center and closer to the base of the pyramid on the back side of the Mount of Olives. This pyramid configuration is on the eastern slopes of the Mount of Olives. This study is not insinuating that such occultic and blatant Luciferian symbols have to do with the Holy conscriptions of YHVH but that it shows how a conspiracy of an antithesis is in the works at every level of Creation. If anything, such geometric configurations of the occult show the efforts of the Luciferians in their attempt to surround and tag the Holy Mountain, the Holy City of GOD on Earth.

As an example of these Luciferian configurations go, the accompanying charts attempt to illustrate such a phenomenon. From the speculated Garden Tomb and. Calvary locations, there are subsequent pyramid and hexagram configurations with snakes encompassing the whole of Jerusalem. For example, from the Knesset there exists a coefficient of 153 that both are linked directly to Calvary and the Garden Tomb. This modern portion of the city did not exist in Jesus’ day of crucifixion but those that rule the ley-lines of the city configured such Luciferian geometry to replicate the Great Pyramid of Giza with its Ascending and Descending passages and incorporate that into the very grid of the heart of the City. The following are some unique observations regarding this alignment from the Dome of the Spirits to the Place of the Skull.

332 degree heading
72° angle from due north
.33 nautical miles
690 yards

31°46’44.04”N 35°14’42’.24”E            Dome of Ascension                           
31°46’54.89”N 35°15’04’.81”E            Eye of Horus - Mt. of Olives  
31°46’43.57”N 35°14’05’.53”E            Dome of Spirits                                  
31°47’01.53”N 35°13’54’.24”E            Dome of the Rock

It is rather interesting that the Knesset, that passes the laws of the land and the Supreme Court where the Judges that interpret the laws in Jerusalem both have a direct alignment to the spot where the House of the Law Giver, YHVH stood on the Temple Mount and to where the very spot the Judge Himself was executed on the cross of Calvary to provided restitution for the Creator’s broken laws. This is depicted by the upside-down Serpent head configuration at the foot of the Calvary area that leads to the Damascus Gate. Ironically the holy, merciful, and righteous Judge of the Universe endured 7 conspired judicial rigged trials orchestrated by Israel’s Sanhedrin. The 7 Trials of Jesus, the Judge are as follows.

1 Annas
2 Ciaphas
3 72 Elders of Israel (Sanhedrin)
4 Pilate (Roman Governor)
5 Herod (‘king of the Jews)
6 Pilate (2nd evaluation)
7 Israel (the People)

The Serpents and Pyramids of Jerusalem
As to the abomination of Lucifer’s signatures over Jerusalem, several snakes or dragons’ configurations have been placed in prominent locations surrounding the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. There are 2 snake motifs that are touching each other as if to devour the one as in the Ouroboros. The charts will illustrate these findings. From the 90 degree rotation of the city’s orientation, the place of the crucifixion is in direct line with the Garden Tomb and nearly bisects the Eye of Sauron down the center halve of the Great Pyramid layout that centers on the City Tower of modern Jerusalem. The core of the Great Pyramid cross-section depicts the Tower Sauron with an elongated pentagram as the shoulders of the Eye.

This imagery can also be seen as a Blazing Torch symbolizing the ‘Fire’ that Lucifer, the Light-Bearer has brought to Humanity in a quest to provide illumination. The Eye of Sauron is looking down as to denote a tower or down from a position of power and vigilance. Thus, this study strongly suggests that it is evident that the Luciferians that seek to establish their Earthly Zion in the City of GOD, Jerusalem have attempted to demark the sacred areas conquered by Messiah Jesus at the cross of Calvary. The charts will illustrate is correspondence as a cross section of the Great Pyramid matches the layout of greater Jerusalem.

This study suggests that the greater city area of Jerusalem, mainly to the west of the Old City is patterned after the Great Pyramid of Giza. Astonishingly, one of the prominent Snake grid patterns of this area directly corresponds to the location of the King’s Chamber and the Serpent’s neck is the same angle as the Ascending or Grand Gallery. Assessing other points of this Great Pyramid overlay, the Knesset is on the same plane as the ‘Pit’ and from Supreme Court to the Holies of Holies to where Temples Stood is 1.88 miles or 1776 smoots. The Great Pyramid is a ‘temple’ to phi and pi as its dimensions are among the most precise of any physical representation of mathematical and geometric configurations.

In this case, the entire pyramid pattern from its ‘capstone’ to its base situates the King’s Chamber as the focal point of the pyramid geometry, given the Golden Mean. The King’s Chamber also corresponds to the ‘eye’ of the Serpent that is ascending in the same angle as the Grand Gallery. The Grand Pyramid’s apex is constituted by the Rockefeller Archaeology Museum. There is also a Masonic Square and Compass that the Great Pyramid and the Snake make as such. The pyramid shafts that align to certain celestial starts also match the angle of streets in Jerusalem.

The ascending Serpent along the Ascending Gallery also is incorporated into as the ‘square’ to the compass of the pyramid from where the Star Kochab corresponds on the city map as the apex of the pyramid. When the Great Pyramid triangle is inverted and superimposed onto the Jerusalem map, the result is a condensed hexagram. This proportion and ratio are that of the Earth’s tropic lines of Cancer and Capricorn at the 19.47-degree latitudes, north and south of the Earth’s equator. The hexagram or ‘Star of David’ design typifies the dimensions of the Earth in that in essence the Great Pyramid of Giza is a microcosm of the dimensions of Earth itself on a geometric level.

The hexagram also appears to define the northwestern border of the Old Center exactly. The horizontal line that directly is centered on the King’s Chamber corresponds to the mid-section line that divided the Grand Gallery. The Zion Square is only on this ley-line of the Pentagram that the Square itself makes a secondary smaller pentagram and hexagram. It is no wonder why the Bible calls Jerusalem, ‘Sodom and Egypt’ because its rulers worship the Serpent, the metaphorical Pharaoh that seeks to deviate and pervert the true Mt. Zion configured as YHVH’s Throne. Perhaps the 2 Witnesses to come against this coming Luciferian Serpent AntiChrist during the Tribulation will be done in such streets to testify through the miracles done in Exodus and during the famine in Ahab’s day.

There is a conspiracy for the coming 3rd Temple, for Jerusalem and Israel. The coming Luciferian AntiChrist will contest for the glory and worship of Israel and the Nations. This contention between the ‘Feathered Serpent’ or the Red Dragon, Satan against Jesus Christ is depicted in all the ‘serpent’ layouts surrounding the Temple Mount and throughout grid of Jerusalem. These Serpent ley-lines have a double entendre that exemplifies the cosmic struggle for the Earthly Mt. Zion. This cosmic struggle goes beyond the Muslim-Jewish hatred and racial-religious conflict.

This Pleiadian conspiracy is between Lucifer and Jesus, the Dragon and the Lion, Leo and Hydra. The current world leaders given power by Lucifer, such as those that rule Israel and the world are one in the same. Their ‘god’ is the Shining One, the Feathered Serpent of old that built a counterpart ‘City of God’ in the New World, in the Americas. The original blueprint is the true Mountain of God on the sides of the North, the Heavenly Mt. Zion. The Bible tells that Celestial Jerusalem is in contention as it is in the Earthly realm. Lucifer is trying to overthrow and possess the Throne of YHVH.

As Jerusalem is where the Creator GOD YHVH placed His Presence in the Temples of Solomon and Zerubbabel, the site is thus contended by Lucifer and his followers; the struggle of Atlas or Lucifer trying to secure the Temple and worship due to Lucifer’s blinding pride. Consequently, the powers that rule seek to establish a counterfeit ‘Zion’ on Earth. This ‘Great Work’ is for their coming Prince, their ‘Atlas’ as they mark the surrounding area of the Temple Mount of Jerusalem with their Satanic graffiti of serpents, pyramid, all-seeing and dragons as to depict this celestial territorial battle.

 The alignments of these Luciferian ley-lines also lend a clue that could confirm the location of not only the 3rd Temple that is to be built on the Temple Mount but other Biblically significant points of interest. Based on the layouts presented in the illustrations, one of the Serpents configurations originates from the place that is considered to be the Tomb of Lazarus; as if to attempt to usurp the very power of resurrection that Christ Jesus only has. The Bible declares that it is the Red Dragon, HaSatan that will support his false Messiah, the coming AntiChrist Prince ‘Atlas’ who will take over the 3rd Temple.

The Cosmic Conspiracy
There is a strong connection with this depiction of Atlas struggling to uphold a ‘temple’ as depicted on the backside of the Mt. of Olives. Atlas in Greek version of the Pleiadian mythology was the father of the 7 Sisters and one of the Stars in the cluster. The ley-lines of Jerusalem depicting this Atlas hold the world motif occurring on the eastern slopes of the Mt. of Olives is the same as that configured, although hidden in plain sight at London’s Royal Observatory. Such depict the same Atlas struggling to uphold the world, but in essence it is the Temple, Lucifer’s Temple in Jerusalem. Such Luciferian ley-lines of London have the City of London and in particularly the Bank of England.

This building has a street corner that when viewed from above appears to correspond as a focal point. It is like an ape or pyramidion much like the Great Pyramid with 5776 inches. This and other studies suggest that such are a pyramid clock with a countdown to the 5776 variables. This number corresponds to the Year of Lucis or Lucifer. Will this year see the initiation of when the Luciferians will welcome the AntiChrist or have an ‘event’ that will initiate the 3rd Temple start to be built? The power of that rule these ley-lines have covertly hidden this Luciferian conspiratorial agenda in plain sight also in Jerusalem as they also have significance distance markers to the Bank of Israel.

To reiterate, this study of the ley-lines of Jerusalem and its immediate surroundings only suggest that the topography and angles of the ancient city depict some interesting imagery that is seen in the Biblical narratives of the Angelic Conflict between Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel and the Fallen Angel Lucifer. In the Zodiac, this celestial conflict is shown with Leo crushing the head of the Serpent, Hydra. The cup of GOD’s wrath is poured out as Satan’s doom has been sealed by Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross at Calvary. At Jesus’ 2nd coming, His foot will touch down on the very ‘head’ of the ‘'Feathered Serpent’ to crush Lucifer’s head as promised to Eve in another Garden, Eden.

In fact, it has already been done in Eternity Past and since Calvary. Perhaps it could have been at the Mount of Olives, where a garden is located called Gethsemane that might have been the very spot that YHVH pronounced the curses on Adam, Eve and Lucifer that took the form of the ‘Shining Serpent’. It is also this very same spot where Eve’s descendant, the Promised One, Jesus of Nazareth was ’raptured’ to Heaven and will return to this very same spot. To reiterate, this very spot corresponds to the Eye of Lucifer as depicted by the topography and ley-lines of the Mount of Olives.

According to the Bible, Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah that will come back to rule in the Throne of David, in the true Zion not like the Luciferians that want their counterfeit Zion on Earth for Lucifer, their Master. The Red Dragon, the Shining One Serpent of old that deceives the whole world is opposed to having the Temple be built for none other than their ‘Anointed Cherub’, their ‘Christ’…their Dragon in the City of the Lion. But Jesus has crushed the head of the Serpent, the Dragon by His resurrection. Jesus is now declared the rightful heir to the Throne of Zion, both Heavenly and Earthly as a human man genetically descendant from Adam and Eve.

Jesus is now worthy to open the Seal Judgments as the Righteous Judge of the Universe per the book of Revelation to seal Lucifer’s doom as a human. This is the conspiracy Lucifer does not want the world to realize or accept because he, for one does not. The Seals are the last Judgments of YHVH upon Lucifer and the world with an effect to redeem national Israel from a state of unbelief and rebellion. Thus, it can be argued that the Rapture will be the ‘sign’ to Israel as a judgment for their unbelief as they demand ‘signs’ as the world demands knowledge. According to the Bible, the return of the King, Jesus will usher in the time of true peace, prosperity, righteous and love.

It will be Jesus that will be enthroned upon the Throne of David in Ezekiel’s Temple. This will be for 1000 years where thereafter the New Jerusalem, the True City of YHVH will come down literally. This Celestial City will superpose its dimensions upon the Holy Land where YHVH will dwell in the midst of His people, face to face. This is according to some interpretations of the Last Days. Until that time, this study with accompanying charts has attempted to depict this contention for the House or Temple of YHVH on top of Mt. Zion at both the Heavenly and Earthly realms.

Until that time when the Heavenly conspiracy will come to an end, Jesus Christ is calling people from all over the World to come into His House. He invited and did this personally to Abraham in promising that such who become ‘friends’ with YHVH would inherit a ‘City whose Maker and Builder was GOD, made without human hands.’ Until that time, Christ Himself promised in John 14 that one of the reasons Jesus had leave the Earth was that He was going to prepare the Mansions for His Disciples, His Bride.

The King promised to return one day for such that put their hope and trust in the Messiah. Jesus as a type of Orion promised to lead the ‘camp’ through the ‘wilderness’ as a Joshua into the Promised Land. This is a typology of the cosmology associated with the Gospel narrative; to be ushered into Glory and be given an eternal and incorruptible abode. The forgiveness of sins is among many other gifts and rewards that the Bible even states that the Humanity has not seen or entered in the mind of what YHVH has in store for those that LOVE Him. The Celestial Invitation still stands.

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