And the Serpents of Jerusalem

  • What is the Prophetic Significance of the Orion Constellation?
  • What are the origins of the City of Teotihuacan in Mexico?
  • Is there a Pattern that mirrors Earth's Sacred Sites and why?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And as Moses in the wilderness lifted up the bronze image of a Serpent on a pole, even so I must be lifted up upon a pole, so that anyone who believes in Me will have Eternal Life.’ -John 3:15

The purpose of this study is to present some theories that center around the Sacred Geometry of the Ancient Pyramid City of Teotihuacan, Mexico. This study will attempt to illustrate that there is a Geographic, Celestial and Topographical Correspondence to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the location of Sacred Sites such as where the possible 3rd Temple is to be built. The ‘City of the Gods’ Pyramid Complex of Teotihuacán is considered the ‘Giza’ of the Western Hemisphere. This study suggests that the Teotihuacan Pyramid Complex that mirrors the combined Orion-Taurus-Pleiades Constellations is a mirrored copy of such a similar constitution within Jerusalem's Temple Mount and City Grid. Based on prior extensive research of the Great Pyramid of Giza, it has been presented that the 3 Pyramids of the Giza Complex mirror that of the Orion Star Belt Alignment. So too does it occur at Teotihuacan.

With such an understanding, Researchers have presented evidence that other pyramid complexes such as Teotihuacan also match the Orion-Taurus-Pleiades Constellation Pattern. The 7 Hills to the South of Teotihuacan correspond to the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades. What this study strongly suggests, on top of the current Theories and research is that the Avenue of the Dead is also the Cosmic Ley-Line to the Orion-Taurus-Pleiades Constellation Pattern, that there is a direct Geometric and Astronomical Association with the House of YHVH, i.e., the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. This study will attempt to illustrate that the combined constellations of Orion-Taurus- Pleiades match the Ley-Lines of the Teotihuacan Topography to the Ley-Lines and Angles of Jerusalem.

Also, the 3rd Temple in the Teotihuacan complex, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl approximates the Sacred Dimension of the House of GOD, YHVH as foretold by Ezekiel of the Bible. According to some interpretations of Ezekiel and Revelation, this 4th Temple in Jerusalem will be built for the 1000-Year Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ starting at His 2nd Coming. This study and illustrations are not insinuating that the Holy House of YHVH in Jerusalem is based on the House of Quetzalcoatl but on the contrary. This study does not agree that YHVH or Jesus Christ is the ‘Feathered Serpent’ Quetzalcoatl ‘Shining One’, even as some so-called Christian Denominations such as the Mormons do. They believe this ‘Jesus’, the blond, blue-eyed ’Feathered-Serpent’ came from the Pleiades. It is Lucifer masquerading as an ‘Angel of Light’, etc.

Shining One

This assertion of Jesus being Quetzalcoatl or that Jerusalem is patterned after other Ancient Sites is far from the truth, as it will be shown that it is in actuality, such City Configurations found around the World built to this ‘God’ are nothing more than a Luciferin Conspiracy in an attempt to copy and replicate the Heavenly Zion based on Sacred Geometry and ley-lines found in Heaven. The aim of these Sacred Mounds, Pyramids and Temples has been to venerate the ‘Shining One’, the Serpent or Dragon of Old with that is nothing more than False Worship of a usurper Fallen Cherub Lucifer who has presented himself as the ‘True Christ’, the Anointed of YHVH, as God. Note that Lucifer is ‘Anointed’ or a ‘Christ, etc. Nonetheless, the illustrations will show that the Teotihuacan Star Map of the Orion- Taurus-Pleiades Constellations mirrors that of Jerusalem that likewise has a similar Orion-Taurus-Pleiades Constellations.

The legend of Quetzalcoatl is one that involves a combination of many aspects of the History of Mankind. Many believe that perhaps this Figure was a stranded Viking shipwrecked in the Americas as he was described as Having Blond hair and Blue Eyes. Others reference Recorded History of how a whole Religious System of the Americas was built around this Personage as one of the ’Gods’ that came from the Pleiades or Venus, etc. The ‘Gods’ are those called the Anunnaki of the Ancient Sumerians. In the East, his attributes fit with that of Nimrod, Mercury, Apollo, Zeus, all combined. The city complex of Teotihuacan is said to have built on his Theology and Cosmology; of the city patterned after the Stars, or his Home as in a ’House’. The Legend of this Monumental Figure goes beyond those of the Early Peoples of Mexico, as far down to South America for example.

Quetzalcoatl is described as having Supernatural Powers to Heal for example as a Physician. He was alleged to be a Teacher, a High Priest and a King.When the Aztecs came to the Valley of Mexico from what is now the U.S. Southwest or Aztlan, the City of the Gods, Teotihuacan was already abandoned and dilapidated. Throughout the Americas, this Personage is revered and worshiped as a ‘God’ with a variation of Names, mainly Viracocha and Kukulcan. Thus, this was no mere Localized Deity as his Fame and Exposure spanned the whole of the Western Hemisphere. What is amazing is that the Sacred Geometry of the City of the Gods is found in every continent and is associated and connected to the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

As noted, it appears that all these sites have the same corresponding pattern of the Orion-Taurus-Pleiades Star Constellation Layout and Dimensions. Many believe that in fact, as the Seventh-Day Adventists (SDA) do, that the City of GOD, of YHVH the Creator resides in the Orion Constellation along with the ’Gates of Heaven’ that it is entered through. Interestingly enough, the Silver Gate is just above the out-stretched arm of Orion at the intersection of the Galactic Equator and the Ecliptic. The Bible does describe Heaven as a place of a Throne and in the Book of Revelation, a City that comes from Heaven. Thus, it can be assumed that Heaven has such dimensions, temples, perhaps even ’pyramids’ and structures. Such is the case with the City of the Gods, Teotihuacán with its 188° rotation from the north for the Avenue of the Dead.

Celestial Temple of Quetzalcoatl

The Bible states in the Book of Ezekiel that the LORD GOD YHVH will establish His Throne and His City in the midst of Israel during the Millennial Kingdom on Earth. Ezekiel gives the exact dimensions and measurements. It is fascinating to consider that the Temple of Quetzalcoatl matches precisely the dimensions of Ezekiel’s Temple of YHVH. It is thus highly suggestive that such a Temple Complex might actually appear to be a Divine Blueprint of the Original in Heaven. The Earthly Tabernacle of Moses and subsequent Temples of Solomon and Zerubbabel in Jerusalem were modeled after the one in Heaven. The Legends of the Origins of the Pyramids in Mexico, are based on the Traditions and Oral History that corroborate the account of these ‘Shining Ones’.

These ‘Beings’ came from the Stars and built such Cities around Earth, along with their Hybrid Offspring, with the purpose of replicating their place of origin, in the ‘Heavenlies’. Based on Biblical Interpretations, these Shining Ones, the Serpent-Dragon are nothing more than Fallen Angels. They are the ones that also joined-up in the Rebellion of Lucifer against YHVH and came to Earth as disclosed in Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch. These Pyramid-House-Temples are but Memorials to their desire of such Shining Ones that perhaps cannot return to their Celestial Abodes.

Others consider these Beings as ‘Creator Aliens’ that ‘Seeded’ or created Humanity as the Ancient-Alien Theory goes. These are the so-called Ancient Anunnaki of the Middle East that have similar Orion Pyramid Configurations such as in Ur of the Chaldean. This is from where YHVH called-out Abraham that ironically GOD promised to give a ‘City whose Maker and Builder was YHVH’, not Human nor made by Human Hands as the Bible declares. Others in the Biblical Camp are convinced that these are in fact Fallen Angels in rebellion to the Creator that have abandoned their Station and have crossed the Genetic Boundaries with Mankind. As it pertains to Teotihuacan, the Orion Belt Star-Pyramid Pattern of the 3 major Temple Complexes is an exact match with the Pyramids of Giza. It is also exactly patterned with the Grand Avenue of Ancient Persepolis.

However, the Principle in Mathematics is consistent in that the Proportion and Dimension of the Orion 3 Star-to-Building correspondence is a possible Key or Clue as they so match the 3 Domes of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. For the purposes of this study, based on the Sacred Geometry presented, the Dome of the Spirits is where the Holy of Holies once was and will be. The Orion Star Alignment matches that of Teotihuacan and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, although it is facing the same Southern Orientation, the Temples are reversed in order when both are compared side to side.

This Shining One or Serpent Being was alleged to have come from the Pleiades to teach Humanity the ‘Ways of Peace, Righteousness and Love’, etc. Astonishingly, Quetzalcoatl was said to have had a Virgin Birth, was a Healer and was alleged to have been eventually rejected and Crucified on a Cross but Resurrected on the 3rd Day. He departed to the East and promised to return from the East once again at the End of Days. It is a ‘Promise’ for those that still venerate the Red Dragon, that Serpent of Old, Lucifer are awaiting his Return and Manifestation. This is the Pleiades Conspiracy.

Lucifer’s Minions on Earth have been preparing his ‘House’ or Temple for the ‘Shining One’ upon his arrival. When this AntiChrist Proxy for Lucifer shows-up, the Ruling Jews of Jerusalem will present him as the Ruler of not only Israel, but the entire World. The World will appear to achieve ‘Peace, Righteousness and so-called Love’ in the 5th Age of the Sun. This study is not insinuating that Jesus was or is Quetzalcoatl in any form or fashion, despite having many of Quetzalcoatl’s Characteristics and work Eclipse the Work and ministry of Jesus Christ. This is the Conspiracy with such Luciferian Eschatology. Genetically, Jesus was a Mediterranean Semite that would have generally been tanned, dark-haired with possible colored Eyes, not Blond and Blue-Eyed of the ‘Nordic Pleiadian’ Kind.

The ‘Shining Ones’ have sought to blur the line of who and what the ‘Christ’ was, is and will be in so far as it is believed to be the case by the Mormons, for example. This ‘God’ is venerated by the Occult as being the ‘Shining One’ or the Light-Bearer Lucifer. It is he that is impersonating the attributes of Christ’s Work and Character. The Conspiracy is that Lucifer seeks Mankind’s Worship, Allegiance and a Temple; the very one of YHVH.
In fact, Lucifer wants both Thrones in Heaven itself, the Heavenly Zion and the Earthly below, the Earthly Zion. As it pertains to the Holy Temple of YHVH, perhaps as GOD had His Blueprint and sought to establish His Earthy Zion in Jerusalem, so too has Lucifer sought to mirror the one from Jerusalem in the Western Hemisphere.

Perhaps as Earth could have had a Prior Creation from Genesis of the Bible, there could have possibly been a prior Race of Beings or an Earth inhabited by Angels. If such were to be the case, then it would stand to reason that peculiar locations based on Sacred Ley-Lines and Dimensions on Earth would mirror Heaven. Such Motifs would thus suggest the Pleiades and Orion among the favorite Star Patterns because perhaps they portrayed the very City of YHVH that the city of Teotihuacan was patterned after. This Orion-Taurus-Pleiades Constellation Layout of Teotihuacan when reversed and rotated 90 degrees and superimposed onto the Temple Mount dimensions of Jerusalem will produce similar angles, and corresponding Sacred Geometric Patterns to those of Teotihuacan. For example, one Direct Association is how the Domes of the Temple Mount have 3 unique Colors adorning the 3 Domes of the Platform.

The very Colors of the Islamic Domes on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem denote the celestial correspondence to the 3 primary Pyramids of Teotihuacán. These are the Temple of the Sun, of the Moon and House of Quetzalcoatl. Thus, the Silver Color corresponds to the Al Aqsa Mosque and correlates to the Temple of the Moon. The Gold corresponds to the Gold Plated Dome of the Rock that correlates to the Temple or Pyramid of the Sun. The Dome of the Spirits, being White corresponds to the House of the Shining One or ‘Shekinah’. The very Layout and Sequence of the Structure Order matches-up. In one of the Mural by the famous and world renowned Mexican Muralist Orozco, the depiction of Quetzalcoatl is one in which he is rising from the Sea amongst 7 Serpents. Is this a coincidence? The Bible depicts that the Beast or coming AntiChrist will metaphorically come out of the Sea as a 7- Headed Serpent or Red Dragon. The Identity is clearly explicit to that of Satan. Herein is the Conspiracy; Lucifer the ’Serpent of Old’ tried to usurp the House or Temple of the LORD GOD Creator YHVH.

Beast from the Sea

Lucifer still does and knows the Layout, Geometry and Angles of the Heavenly Dwelling Places in Heaven. Perhaps such Pyramid Configurations that are found all over the World are indeed based on this Devine Blueprint of these Sacred Dimensions found in the Heavenly Zion. The Book of Enoch teaches that Lucifer and his Fallen Angel ‘Shining Ones’ taught Humanity from the Earliest Stages of Civilizations the Art of making Weapons, Abortions, Warfare, Witchcraft and Sorcery. Most, if not all Ancient Civilizations had/have a rendition of the ‘Shining One’. This ‘God’ is the Feathered Serpent Flying Dragon that is said to represent a ‘God’ that came from the Stars to help and teach Mankind the ‘Deep Secrets’ and brought the Fire of GOD to Humanity.

He is often depicted with an Eagle’s Head, Wings and a Human Body. This Ancient ‘God’ must have been an Extremely Significant Personage to have impacted every Continent on Earth since Recorded History. Who was he? He is attributed to teaching Humanity Medicine, as he was a Healer, a Priest, a Warrior, a Shepherd, etc. In the Mayan Dresden Codex, he is foretold that he is returning back to Earth to initiate and rule the 5th Age New Order. From a Biblical point of view, this is a counterfeit attempt by Lucifer as their ‘King’ and all those Humans seeking after him that are attempting to establish this ‘God’ …this Satan on Mount Zion on Earth. They will succeed, temporarily. This is one of the reasons why the Earthly Zion, Jerusalem is so contested.

The Struggle of Lucifer is that of Atlas, for Dominion, Worship and Glory of both the Heavenly and Earthly Temples of YHVH. This Angelic Conflict Conspiracy will come to a Head at the return of the true Christ, Jesus. Until such time, Lucifer is the ‘mirrored’ or opposite of Christ. And his Temples and Cities on Earth have also ‘mirrored’ that of the Originals in Heaven and that of the Heavenly Jerusalem, the very City of YHVH. Despite being Continents and Oceans apart, there is a theory that the Americas were well connected with the Ancient Civilization of China, Sumer, Egypt and Babylon.

One clear example is found in the Mesopotamian and Olmec carved Rock Reliefs. In the illustration Charts provided, there are 2 instances that Entities are handling a Bell Like Device or Purse Object in Hand. In the case of the Toltec or Olmec figure is driving some sort of levitating or Flying Snake Craft with. Also, the Mathematical Relationships of each respective Pyramid Alignments are identical to that of the Pyramid of the Sun and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Many believe that all the Ancient Civilizations actually had their common origin in Atlantis. It is premised that before the Flood of Noah, a subsequent destruction of Atlantis took place, along with its Sacred Religion, Knowledge and Spiritual Secrets. It is believed such Secrets were given to Egypt.

What this study is insinuating is that the various Pyramid Complexes incorporated specifically the Pleiades and Orion Constellations in their Pyramid City Layout. This Motif is also seen in various Modern Day City Cores that suggest the Conspiracy of such Evil Dominions and Wicked Powers are at play. The following are some amazing Numerical Values in terms of distance from the Teotihuacan Pyramid complex to the Great Pyramid of Giza complex and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The measurements are an approximation and taken from Google Earth Coordinates.

From the Temple of Quetzalcoatl to Holy of Holies, Temple Mount Dome of Spirit assumed.
= 7,770.77 miles

From the Pyramid of the Sun to the Great Pyramid of Giza.

= 6,666 nautical miles

Both have the same Dimensions, Geometry of their base.

7.11 arcseconds (fractal of the Great Pyramid’s measurement & dimension)
.12 nautical miles
.14 miles

For example, the Great Pyramid of Giza is built as a Perfect Model of Pi and it will also have its corresponding approximation of Phi or the Golden Mean within the relationship as seen in the Charts provided. Could such knowledge have come from the Pre-Flood World or of a Prior Earth State? The Secrets of the Atlantean’s Location, Dark Magic and Craft are referenced in the writings of Plato. A few Atlanteans survived within the Priestly Class to transmit what was salvageable to the New World. It is speculated that these ‘Deep Secrets of Satan’ or Knowledge was passed down to the Civilization that are considered ‘ancient’ and the Cradle of Present-Day Human Civilization. This study suggests that Perhaps the Atlantean Secrets in turn. became the Mystery Schools of Secret Masonic Societies whose ‘God’ is one in the same, Lucifer, their Neptune.

Such Secret Sorcerers and Wizards, since that Time have used these ‘So-Called Deep Secrets’ to Conspire with Lucifer to Ensnare, Enslave and Rule all of YHVH’s Creation on Earth. The risen LORD Jesus Christ, Himself in Revelation 2:24 stated that these So-Called Deep Secrets of Satan are not Secrets at all but a Conspiracy. The Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 4:1 exposes them as well and admonishes the Church of a Conspiracy, even coming from within the Church. Even from those who have been entrusted with the True ‘Secret Things’ of Jesus Christ. There would be and are ‘Wolves among the Sheep’. Thus such sacred Gnostic Knowledge that is Luciferian at the core has been used for the Hegemony and Domination of the illiterate and un-sophisticated Nations that re-populated the Earth thereafter. The Bible declares that only 1 Nation has a set future; Israel has a future. In fact, it is the only Nation on Earth designated by Name that is to lead the Nations of the Millennial Kingdom Time for 1000 Years.

According to the Bible, YHVH chose Israel not because the People were the 1st or the best. On the contrary, the Bible states in Deuteronomy 28:13 that Israel was the ‘Tail’ and not the ‘Head’. YHVH chose them to make for Himself a ‘People of Kings and Priest, of Princes’ and to make an example of how GOD takes the lowly and the last to bestow upon them Honor and Beauty. Currently, Israel is not in a Right-Relationship with the Creator due to the Rejection of Jesus as their Messiah. Jerusalem is currently seeking Alliances with other Nations to safeguard its Peace and Security as it has since Ancient Biblical Times. This is instead of turning its face toward their King and LORD YHVH. National Israel is under national divine judgment until the 2nd coming of Jesus that will restore the Throne of David and rule the Age from the Ezekiel’s Temple in Jerusalem, the true Shining One whose Face no one can see and live due to its Unapproachable Brightness.

Coming Temples of YHVH

Sadly according to the Bible, national Israel will accept the False AntiChrist Messiah. Israel instead will seek Permission from this coming Serpent, the ‘Shining One’ to make and grant them Permission to rebuild the 3rd Temple. The Bible declares that Jesus is the only Rightful Heir to the Throne of David to Rule the Nations. As the Son of God, He has sat at the Right Hand of GOD the Father in Heaven until ‘All His Enemies are made a Footstool’. He is the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords. The Bible declares the following truth.

‘The Glory of YHVH filled the House...and He said unto me, Son of Man, the place of my Throne and the place of the Soles of my feet where I will dwell in the midst of the Children of Israel forever.’ - Ezekiel 43:5-6

The Bible accounts of Ezekiel’s Temple describes the Millennial Temple as having a River that will run to the East and West, out from under the Throne. It will purify and clean all the Waters of the Earth, starting with the Dead Sea. Although Ezekiel states that the Sanctuary will be in the Portion of the Priests, it does not specify where exactly within the Portion the Temple or Sanctuary will be situated.

It is natural to assume that it would be in the middle, geometrically and geographically based on Sacred Geometry and prior Temple Patterns. Many Bible Scholars strongly suggested that the Temple will be in Shiloh, North of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where it was or at Gibeon during the time of King David before the Temple of Solomon was built. The following are some of the amazing dimensions of the coming Millennial Temple as some interpret the Bible.

Millennial Temple
600 x 600 Cubits or ~50 Square Miles

Millennial City

5000 x 5000 Cubits or ~9 Square Miles

The Dead Sea

9.6 Times as Salty than the Ocean ~33 Miles Long
9 Miles widest point or ~666 Feet Average Depth

The Luciferian Conspiracy is that the Imposter Cherub, Want-to-be-GOD, posing as False Savior, Teacher, Priest, Healer and Savior, Quetzalcoatl, will initiate a Coup D’état. It involves the very Throne Room and perhaps City of the GOD, Creator Himself. What is amazing to contemplate about the Pleiades Conspiracy is that Lucifer will take over the 3rd Temple and cause its Desolation with the AntiChrist’s Abomination that is to be sit-up there according to the Bible. He will take-over the 3rd Temple until Jesus comes back and builds the 4th Temple. There will be 12 Gates for the Tribes of Israel, reminiscent of how the Divisions of the Israelites were encamped around the Tabernacle of Moses in the Wilderness during the Exodus. The Notion that the Temple of Ezekiel will be the Millennial Temple, for the most part, is not highly contested as some other issues of Eschatology are.

But what this study postulates as to this future 4th Temple, is that the Dimensions are exactly that of the House or Temple of Quetzalcoatl in the City of the Gods in Teotihuacan, Mexico or vise-versa. In both cases, the Symmetry and Geography match their respective Boundaries and Angles. There are those that believe that the Ezekiel 40 Temple is Figurative and Allegorical in Theme and Application. This would be more in line with the Preterist view of Revelation and Eschatology in general. There are others that state that Messiah, upon His return cannot reestablish the Throne of David because of some issue of Him being a Priest and Priests cannot be Kings of Israel.

It is nonetheless presented in the Bible that Jesus Christ is a Prophet, Priest and King as King David was. In 2 Samuel 6:12 as King, King David who was not of the Tribe of Levi, but Judah wore the Priestly Garments. David offered and led the Sacrifices as a Priest before the YHVH. Nonetheless, according to the Bible, the City will be in the Middle Position of the Land, redistribution. At which time Messiah will allocate the Title Deed of the Land promised to Abraham to his descendant from ‘River to River,’ that is the Euphrates to the Nile. This Middle Section of the Land Inheritance will specifically be given to the Prince. The Temple itself will be within the Portion of the Priests. Based on conventional interpretation, the Temple will be slightly north of the Great City that is Squared in Dimension.

The Temple of Ezekiel will be a prelude to the New Jerusalem that has a similar Pattern that is to come from Heaven itself as ‘Heaven’ will literally be superimposed onto the Earth. The 2 Dimensions will merge. It is where YHVH will dwell in the midst of His People, for all Eternity, Face-to-Face. What is intriguing is that based on the Square Geometry, when applying the Phi Ratio Spiral onto the width of the Square of the City, the Focal Point will be on the Temple Mount. In part, the Pleiadian Conspiracy is that Lucifer wants this Temple. Why? To be like Christ and rule from Mount Zion. The Bible foretells that his AntiChrist will at some point in the near future. He will enter the Holy of Holies of the 3rd Temple and sit on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant.

How the Giza Pyramid matches the Teotihuacan Alignment is by Proportion and Geometry based on the Phi Ratio. There is a direct match between the 3-Pyramids of Teotihuacan to Giza. The direct association is obtained when the Giza Pyramid complex is rotated 90 degrees. Another correlation that gives strong proof that the Teotihuacan City Temple Complex matches the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is that the distances from Mexico to Egypt and Israel produce some amazing Number Associations. From the Pyramid of the Sun to the Great Pyramid is exactly 6,660 nautical miles.

From the Quetzalcoatl Temple to the Dome of the Spirits where many believe the Holy of Holies is centered is 7,770.77 miles. One powerful clue to this Temple Mount Layout is found in the Topography and Sacred Geometry Layout of the City of the God(s) in Teotihuacan, Mexico that is based on Orion's 3 Star Alignments as this study has suggested. There is a similar Mathematical Relationship to the Size, Area and Distance from Teotihuacan to the Giza and Jerusalem. The Patterns have a factor of being rotated 90 degrees, mirrored opposites, or condensed by 50% in Dimensions while keeping their Ratios.

Constellation Concept

The Dome of the Spirits in this case corresponds to the reversal of the orders from the Giza and Teotihuacan sequential order of having the Temple of the Moon first, then Temple of the Sun, then the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. On the Temple Mount, once the Orion star and Teotihuacan Pyramid pattern is superimposed, the Pattern is reversed. The Al-Aqsa Mosque corresponds to the Temple of the Moon; thus it has a silver/gray Color to its Dome. The Dome of the Rock corresponds to the Temple of the Sun and thus has a Gold Plated Dome. The 3rd Dome is called the Dome of the Spirits.

The Bible teaches that the Temples in Jerusalem ‘housed’ the original ‘Shining One’. This was attributed to being a representation of the Glory of YHWH’s Presence that once was and will be again according to the Bible. The Shekinah Glory filled the cubed Holy of Holies. It was the True Copy of the Original in Heaven as it is a Throne. It is a supposition that the City Temple of Teotihuacán was a copy of the ‘Heavenly City’ of the Gods but that it was Lucifer that build it to his glory in the Western Hemisphere as a counterfeit of the Messiah Shepherd Priest, much like that of the ministry of Jesus Christ to cause confusion and doubt.

The Bible declares that there will be a coming Conspiracy regarding the 3rd Temple. Lucifer’s AntiChrist will be the one that will usurp the 3rd Temple and cause the Sacrifices to cease. This will occur on the 1260th Day or Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation that is coming. At that time, Lucifer will physically possess this Son of Perdition and enter the 3rd Temple to cause it to be Desolate by his Abominable act of declaring himself ‘GOD’. The Bible does predict that the AntiChrist will present himself as the long awaited ‘Shining One’ to Israel that will be accepted and eventually sit in this 3rd Temple that is to be constructed.

The noble efforts to reconstruct the Temple Sacrificial Order at some point in time will be usurped by those that seek to enthrone Lucifer instead of the True Shining One, the Messiah Jesus Christ. In Ancient Times, Pyramids and Temples were not just built on any random site or locations. Aside from being next to a Water Source, the main tenets of why a Temple was constructed on a particular spot on Earth had to do with Sacred Geometry and the Astronomical Configurations of a given Sky Segment of their respective location. A major portion of Ancient Pyramid Complexes corresponded to the Pleiades and Orion.

As it pertains to the Teotihuacan, Giza and Jerusalem Temple Patterns, all 3 of the ‘Houses’ or Temples of GOD were associated with a Water Source. This is in keeping with the Biblical Pattern of having the River of Life proceed from the Throne of the LORD GOD YHVH in Heaven. One Day this Biblical Depiction will be a reality on Earth in the New Jerusalem to come. Further, this Sacred Geometry was and is in direct relationship to the Constellations of the Cosmos. As noted, the Teotihuacan City Layout of the Pyramids and/or Temple Complexes are mirrored images of the Heavenlies. Thus, it is highly suggestive that the Cosmos, as part of the Creation YHVH is another level of the Reflection of the true Dimensions of Heaven itself.


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