Mathematical and Geometrical Analysis

  • What is the Martian Motif Pattern about?
  • Is there a common encrypted pattern found around Earth?
  • What role do these 'Beings' play prophetically in these Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars' Hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious.’ - Acts 17:22

The purpose of this study is to contribute to the already plethora of articles and research pertaining to the Cydonia, Mars pyramid anomalies. Since 1976 with the pictures acquired and released to the public by NASA of the Viking 1 Martian Probe, there have been extensive analysis of this area on Mars that many are convinced are the remnants of an ancient advanced civilization of Beings that designed, planned, built and lived in such structures. By comparison to the average pyramid city complexes found on Earth, the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complexes or ‘Estates’ perhaps, encompassed a diameter of approximately 13 miles. The individual structures are massive and are about 1 mile diameters on average. This study is geared to those that are interested in Earth’s earliest Ages and stages and the Astro-Archeology of Mars that is study suggests could have been the ‘abode’ or ‘Estates’ that the Bible mentions Fallen Angels left from.

What this study will seek to present is additional mathematical and geometrical associations that have not yet been revealed or discussed. The 3 main pyramid structures of the Cydonia, Mars Motif will be discussed beyond what has already been discovered and written about. The study will show that such a layout and ‘pyramid structure’ cannot be mere coincidence or an anomaly based on light and shadow as the mathematical alignments and proportions are based on Sacred Gematria, it would appear. Such relationships will show that indeed such a layout is based on the Platonian Shapes or ‘Solids’ known on Earth and the coefficients of pi and phi ratios. The 3 main structures of this Martian Motif incorporated the 5 primary elements of Creation: the Circle, Square, Star, Line and Triangle. Such structures will be shown that indeed, the phi proportion is found it its composition and relationship to one another.

This Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex spans a core of approximately 13 miles and itself was part of a larger network of other types of mathematical and geometrical ley-lines and layouts. What one has at one’s disposal, at least publicly is the stuff of what only sages and scientists of the past could have dreamt of having to research such topics. With just the access to a laptop or smart phone, one can see what only astronauts could see from space or what only the few could assess using the most powerful and expensive telescopes on Earth. However, such information is what is allowed to be viewed by the mere ‘uninitiated’ public. Thus, only a limited study of the topographical layout of Mars, the Moon, etc., can be made from images by NASA.

Despite advance photographic technology for military and exploration purposes, such images of structures on Mars are intentionally either distorted and/or blurred to not show any detail of the prior advanced civilization that once existed there. The only pictures available to the public are more than 30 years old. Consider that the images that are only made ‘public’ are what is meant to only be released. The high-resolution ones that do exist would once and for all settle the conspiratorial nature of the Cydonia, Mars pyramid anomalies. This also goes for other parts of Mars, the Moon and other objects in space. Pertaining to the Cydonia, Mars anomalies, there are 3 main pyramid structures that comprise the Martian Motif. There is the famous Face of Mars, the giant Pentagon D&M Pyramid and the Pleiadian 7-Pyramid City.

These 3 structures triangulate each other as a hexagram. Such sacred Gematria served as a ‘key’ that activates ‘Star Portals’ or Gates for interdimensional translations. What is astonishing is that such a Martian Motif is seen implemented in the architecture of almost all the ancient and modern capitals on Earth presently. For perspective, the size alone of the 7-pyramid Pleiadian Pyramid City would be as large as the core of a large metropolitan city on Earth. As noted, almost all of Earth’s modern capital cities have this Martian Motif of the pyramid complex in some form. The Martian Motif that is basically encrypted and hidden in plain sight speaks to the powers behind the curtain of those that really are the masters of such worlds, for now. Why is this Martian Motif found in nearly every capital city on Earth presently? What was so special about this place?

Why was this Star Map alignment replicated on Earth, at least based on the archeological record after the Flood of Noah with Babylon and Sumer or even before? Based on ancient human records, such a civilization of ‘Beings’ had direct contact with humans on Earth. How the Martian Motif is tied to the ley-lines of ancient cities, temples and structures is that this lost knowledge and connection of the Martian civilization was conveyed but to only the few and selected ‘Priestly’ class on Earth that constitutes the Secret Societies, and/or organized religions after the Flood of Noah. This special class of humans were and are tasked with keeping the power and control over Humanity operational by these ‘Celestial Gods’ that came from Mars. All ancient civilizations have had the same narrative of the ‘Fallen Gods’ of Mars and from the same Star systems like the Pleiades and Orion with an alternate ‘Savior God’ narrative.

Although modern Historians believe the human race developed in relative isolation and contact, such a common Cosmic narrative of Creation dispels this theory. Ancient civilizations on Earth had direct contact and a common Creation Story. There has been though a timely introduction of the alternative Creation narrative than the one found in the book of Genesis of the Bible. The inference is that ‘Ancient Aliens’ come to Earth from their home or ‘Estates’ on Stars and from planets like Mars that were the ‘Gods’ of old that ‘seeded’ Humanity’s beginning. Such Beings were said to be involved in the origins of Humanity and are still involved and have been since the ‘Creation’ account and will be to its end. Many believe that Humanity is on the verge of a ‘Full Disclosure’ on Earth that crosses over to the esoteric from the Biblical one in explaining what and who are these Beings that designed, constructed and lived in such amazing structures.

Who were these ‘Gods of Mars’? Where they just advanced races of Beings or perhaps Angelic in nature as the Bible suggests? Why was this Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex such a pivotal location and motif? So much so, that this same Martian Motif was and is replicated even to this very present day on Earth. There are some even within the Deep State and secret operations, such as the Black Opps that attested that certain humans have always been in contact with such Beings from Mars and that in fact are still there. More astonishing and sensational is that such attests that humans are currently in Mars as the channel of communication and travel has not really ceased but has been taken underground and clandestine and known only to the ‘initiated’. Who is this ‘God of Mars’? The Latin rendition of the name of the ‘God of War’, Mars does not occur in the Bible. It does however occur in the Greek version as Ares.

The word is in in Acts 17:22 in the form of the compound name, Αρειος Παγος; Areo Pagus, which has been translated as Mars’ Hill. Ares was the Greek ‘God of War’ and according to Greek mythology this Mars Hill was the place where Ares stood trial before the other Gods of the Divine Council for the murder of Poseidon’s son Alirrothios. According to research, Mars Hill is about 377 feet above the land below and not far from the Acropolis and Agora of ancient Athens. Mars Hill served as the meeting place for the Areopagus Court, the highest court in Greece for civil, criminal, and religious matters. Even under Roman rule in the time of the New Testament, Mars Hill remained an important meeting place where philosophy, religion, and law were discussed. Most believe that the versions of Ares and Mars were both referencing the same ‘God’. However, many would argue that both have aspects that are not the same.

However, such can be the case that both are correct and stressed a different characteristic of the ‘God’s as most ‘Gods’ of the ancient world were complex in their ‘deity’, function and attributes. In this case the successive conquest of the Greeks by the Romans, the Latins incorporated what was already there and the Romans added perhaps other traits not originally emphasized. To the Romans, Mars was considered the father of Romulus, and as such the progenitor of the Roman people and city of Rome. It is rather interesting that the major centers of the ancient seats of power were either directly named as ‘Mars’ or had a connotation linking it to Mars. For example, Cairo is named after Mars. There is the Fields Mars in Rome and Paris for example.

Nonetheless, the planet Mars became associated with the color red, blood, war and destruction. For example, the 2 Moons re-discovered in the modern era where interestingly named Deimos and Phobos. In Greek mythology, Deimos was the ‘God of Fear’ and Phobos was the ‘God of Terror and Panic’. The names are derivatives of Daimonos  as in ‘Demons’ and Phobia, as in a terrifying fear of. Such could be appropriate if indeed the God of War is none other than the ‘Fallen One’, Lucifer whom the Bible in Revelation 12 unmasks as the Serpent of Old, The Devil, etc. As to the planet Mars being associated with war and destruction, there has been many a theory to suggest that a huge devastation occurred on Mars. The Bible does speak of ‘war in Heaven’ in both the Old and New Testament. Such a ‘Celestial War’ was and is between the Holy Angels of YHVH and the rebellion of Lucifer with his Fallen Angels.

Mars in the Bible
It is suggested that 1/3 of the Angles joined Lucifer’s rebellion as that imagery is seen in Revelation 12. Revelation 12:7 reads as the following. ‘And there was war in Heaven. Michael and his Angels fought against the Dragon; and the Dragon and his Angels fought.’ The storyline goes on to state that Lucifer lost the battle and subsequently was evicted from Heaven to be eventually cast down to Earth. Revelation 12:8-9 says the following. ‘But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in Heaven.’ Why Earth out of all the billions of planets in the known Universe? Many followers of Jesus and whom believe the Biblical account infer that in Ages past, there was a literal Angelic War, a real ‘Star Wars’ that took place and is still taking place presently. Perhaps it involved the abodes or ‘Estates’ as in the homes of where the Angels were stationed at.

In this case, planets such as Mars that appear was ravaged by cosmic bombardments and perhaps from cosmic beams that could have scared the planet that produced the Valles Marineris. This ‘Valles’ or valley is an un-natural made phenomena and it is as long as the continental USA in size. It appears Mars could have been ‘zapped’ by some ‘death ray’ perhaps. It also wiped-out either the Angelic civilization or race of created Being YHVH had made prior to Humanity with Adam and Eve on Earth. Such are the sensational theories of ancient folklore, but such accounts do exist. For example, the Akkadian Creation Story does in fact teach this very fact of how the ‘Gods’ were directly associated with the Planets and how they ‘battled’ for dominance and power in the ‘Heavens’, etc. This is in reference to the Epic of Tiamat and Marduk in one account that interestingly involves the infamous notion of Nibiru.

This Planet of the Crossing or ‘X’, Destroyer, etc., was said to be the cause that disturbed the balance of the various planetary orbits and caused the Asteroid Belt due to a collision by one of its fly-bys. Here lies also then a direct connection to the Face of Mars with Nibiru. It is understood by the Ancients that it was a mausoleum to the Fallen King of Nibiru, etc. One very amazing circumstantial evidence that the Red Planet did in face experience some ‘Nuclear Armageddon’ was strengthened by a Dr. John Brandenburg. He is a Plasma Physicist who wrote a book entitled, the ’Death on Mars’. In the book, he hypothesizes that that nuclear isotopes found on the Red Planet resembled those from hydrogen bombs being detonated on Earth during tests. As the latest images send back from the Land Rovers, certain areas do seem to be as remnants of a planet-wide devastation and destruction that appears to have occurred.

Perhaps the once either Angelic and/or Beings of the Martian civilization apparently perished due to a planet-wide catastrophe of unknown origins or was it a ‘judgement’ by YHVH, the Creator? Herein lies a possible clue as to the disposition and benevolence of such ‘Beings’ come from Mars, the Pleiades, Orion, etc., if they were in fact benevolent or to the contrary. This reasoning is obtained by deductive reasoning based on the following suppositions of what is known. First, such knowledge of an advanced civilization of such ‘Celestial Beings of Light’, having contact were centralized and made clandestine beginning with Nimrod -who to the Secret Societies was the ‘1st Mason’. Such knowledge of Cydonia, thereafter, was only and has only been propagated by mirroring the particular Martian Motif on Earth in only various encrypted fashion.

Secret Intelligences
It has been the so called ‘Elites’ of the 13 Bloodlines and the ‘initiated’ that have such knowledge and have had interaction, communication and technology not privy to the commoner or ‘Worthless Eaters’ as everyone else is called and considered. The aim has been to acquire power and control. If such is the case, then these entities or ‘Light Beings’ are of a Luciferian cadre of Fallen Angels with Lucifer as their ‘God of War’. It is no secret that the ‘God’ of the Masons, the Illuminati, the Jesuits, Kabbalist and Talmudic Jews venerate this ‘Light Bearer’, Lucifer as the true God. They consider YHVH as the evil ‘God’ with Jesus, GOD the Son as the one that seeks to destroy Humanity. This would make these same Beings that have come to Earth the ones that designed, constructed and lived on Mars as part of their ‘Estates’ or abode at one time.

Perhaps the destruction of Mars was part of the judgment that ensued for Lucifer’s rebellion. This war ensued in the Heavens as Revelation 12 teachers happened and will again during the 7-year Tribulation Period at the end of this present Age. So, as marvelous and wonderful as the structures and pyramids were on Mars and perhaps on other planets as there is evidence of that too, the Beings found there were not in league with YHVH and Christ Jesus before His incarnation on Earth as a human. Perhaps because of this plan that YHVH designed humans with the body image and likeness of the Creator Himself to be positioned above the Angelic Race was more that Lucifer could take. Also consider that the 200 Watchers or Angels that descended on Mount Hermon at the 33rd degree latitude in Lebanon might have come from Cydonia.

What is also circumstantial and above sensational is the story that has been declassified by the CIA of how it employed Remote Viewers Joe McMoneagle to relate what happened to a race of people and/or civilization at a particular coordinate. What is astonishing is that the Remote Viewer was only given a paper with a certain coordinate. With only an initial coordinate of 44.89° N 09.55° W was to gather as much information about what occurred there 1 million years BC, etc. Astonishingly the coordinates turned out to be a giant pyramid next to the ‘Face of Mars’ at 40°44’33.60’’N 09°27’40.29’’W. The Remote Viewer stated that he saw tall ‘Humanoid’ Beings perplexed at the notion that they knew a catastrophe was impending and that their civilization was to be destroyed. They went underground and to other planets nearby, Earth and thus perhaps replicated their architectural ‘Cydonian’ motifs, religion and power structures, etc.

Now if this is corroborated or part of a dis-information ploy by the Deep State, perhaps but it is fascinated to bring-up in discussion dealing with what happened to Mars, the ‘Red Planet’ of War and Destruction. The session was said to have taken place in 1984 and currently the 9-page document that has been declassified can actually be downloaded off the CIA website itself. See the following link for reference. https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00788R001900760001-9.pdf. The viewing intelligence program was given the code name ‘Star Gate’ no less. Other researchers in the past has also connected the Face of Mars and the D&M Pyramid with a 3rd pyramid that seemed illusive. This is precisely the pyramid that McMoneagle remotely viewed in 1984 and is the center pyramid that corresponds to the 3 Belt Stars of Orion.

The Orion Conspiracy
This study presents evidence that the ley-lines of the Cydonia, Mars correspond to the mathematical and geometrical alignment of the Orion Belt Stars. What is astonishing is that such a Martian Motif is seen implemented in the architecture of almost all the ancient capitals on Earth such as that of Giza in Egypt. For example, Cairo means ‘Mars’ and thus the 3 pyramids that have already been proven since Robert Bauval’s research correspond to Orion’s Belt stars. What this study further elaborates is that the Cydonia 3 pyramid alignment of the D&M Pyramid and the Face of Mars along with a middle pyramid are also aligned to the same Orion Belt Stars and that of Giza. If one looks at the Cydonia complex from a top view and heading northward, the angle of the 3 giant pyramid and/or structures are at a 33 degree slant, eastward. If one superimposes the Orion Belt Stars, the horizontal alignments matches the angle of the slant.

The Face of Mars would correspond to the Orion Star Mintaka. The Cydonia middle pyramid that is highly eroded and blurred by NASA would correspond to the Orion Star Alnilam, The giant fortress D&M Pyramid pentagon would correspond to the Orion Star of Alnitak. Also, the relative size would also correspond as the Great Pyramid of Giza, would correspond to the giant D&M Pyramid. The smallest pyramid at Giza, that being Menkaure (Mercury) would correspond to the smallest structure of the Cydonian pyramids, that being the Face of Mars and Mintaka of Orion. The middle Cydonian pyramid is too eroded to clearly delineate the angle of the edges. However, if one superimposes a circle encompassing the entire Cydonian motif and a corresponding hexagram, it would show that the angle of this middle pyramid would both bisect the center line of the circle and the angle of the triangle pointing up would also correspond to the angle of the 2 other pyramid structures. The following are the coordinates for the 3 corresponding structure alignments.

1. Cydonia Alignment: 40°44’33.60’’N 09°27’40.29’’W
2. Orion Alignment: 5h32m00.41S 0°17’56.7’’
3. Giza Alignment: 29°58’21.43’’N 31°07’41.93’’W

What is notable to observe is that the direct north alignment of both the Face of Mars corresponding to the Orion Star of Mintaka is the ley-line that directly leads to the Pleiades. Then with the Giza pyramid alignments, the degree of inclination to match both the Cydonia, Mars one and that of Orion’s Belt Stars is at a 33 degree angle. Moreover, if the Giza pyramid alignment is further examined, the same angle and delineation that occurs matching the Cydonia, Mars one in particular appears to have the smallest pyramid, that of Menkaure approximate the depiction of the Face of Mars – from this angle and alignment looking from a top view. If one superimposes the outline of the Face of Mars upon the Menkaure pyramids at Giza, the apparent roads and angles match the proportions of the Face of Mars structure. For example, the 3 smaller pyramids to the south of the Menkaure pyramid correspond to the level where the ‘eyes’ and ‘nose bridge’ are juxtaposed on the Face of Mars. More astonishing is that the ‘roads’ to the south and west of the Menkaure pyramid delineate the approximate width and length of the ‘Face’. What is most notable is that the actual size proportion of the Menkaure pyramid is geometrically matching the length from the center fulcrum of the ‘Face’ to the edge of the end of the ‘Face’. Is this a mere coincidence or anomaly?

The Viking Probes
Presently, with the advent of the various Mars Land Rover Probes, many are critical that time and money are being spent exploring areas that are not as significant as would be the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex region for example. What is the big deal or what information would be there that would be alarming or having the need to be repressed?

With the NASA's Viking Project, the U.S.A. the 1st nation on Earth to land a spacecraft safely on the surface of Mars and return images of the surface. There were 2 identical spacecraft built. Each consisting of a Lander and an Orbiter. Each orbiter flew together and entered Mars orbit. The Landers then separated and descended to the surface. It was in 1976 that Viking 1 took a photograph of the famous ‘humanoid face’ on the surface of Mars. For those that like specifics, the Viking 1 was Launched by a Titan IIIE/Centaur rocket out of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

The Viking 1 Orbiter and Lander was actually launched in 1975. The landing site was at a place named Chryse Planitia or the ‘Golden Plain. According to NASA, the Orbiters and Landers operated far beyond their design lifetime. Because of the variations in available sunlight, both Landers were powered by radioisotope thermoelectric generators. These where devices that create electricity from heat given off by the natural decay of plutonium. That power source allowed long-term science investigations that otherwise would not have been possible. The Viking Lander 1 made its final transmission to Earth in 1982. The Viking 2 Lander settled down at Utopia Planitia. The last data from Viking Lander 2 arrived at Earth in 1980.

Over a decade later, other Mars Probes were launched and in 1998, the Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) on the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) spacecraft successfully acquired a ‘higher’ resolution image of the ‘Face on Mars’ feature in the Cydonia region. The image was transmitted to Earth  with a10x higher resolution than the best previous image of the feature, which was taken by the Viking Mission in the mid-1970's. NASA scientists at the time believed that the ‘Face’ was an illusion caused by light and shadows effects and by pareidolia. Pareidolia is when one perceives an image of a ‘face’ based on random and/or accidental arrangements of shapes and lines. The Mars Global Surveyor went back for a 2nd pass in 2001, and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter got a ‘higher resolution’ image in 2007. However, the subsequent supposed ‘high resolution’ images are clearly distorted and intentionally blurred.
Those that have any expertise in graphics and photoshop capability, for example can clearly attest that one can detect such a deliberate mis-renderings to NASA’s shame. Consider that the present ‘World Order’ is as those that have the real power wants it to be. The truth would expose the notion that the ‘Martian Gods’ are nothing more than the rebellious Fallen Angels in contest against the Creator YHVH and now Jesus Christ, the Heir to all that is and will be. Moreover, that Jesus is returning to Earth that from there, He will finally defeat such a rebellion and restore all things. The question remains, who built such structures? Why here? Who were these Beings? Where they Human Beings from Earth before the Flood of Noah? Where they a race of Angelic Beings here stationed by YHVH as the Bible clearly teaches that Angles have ‘Estates’ in which they abode and are stationed throughout the billions of Galaxies to ‘Guard’, etc.

The Mathematical Correlations
As noted, the Sumerians record that they knew of the planets and a ‘Face’ on Mars said to be a mausoleum for the rebel King of Nibiru, Ala-Lu. What was or is inside such a massive ‘mausoleum’? Based on the mathematical and geometrical relations, it fits that of a human face. Moreover, the proportions are subject to the phi ratio and Fibonacci Sequence. How could such supposed ancient hunter-gatherers who did not have a written language or sense of complex mathematics, let alone the concept of the Cosmos know about such a structure on Mars? How did they know that it was and is a ‘tomb’ in the form of a ‘Face’ of a fallen King from another Sun? How did they know about the ‘Planet of the Crossing, Nibiru?.

This narrative is also found in the ancient Hindu and Meso-American codexes of there being a time on Earth where the ‘Gods’ came from the Stars, mainly the Pleiades and Orion. These ‘Light Beings’ came to rule Earth by creating Humanity and teaching the ways of civilization. Then there was a period when these ‘Gods’ mated with the human women of Earth and produced the Demigod of ancient mythology. Thereafter the Kingships where handed over to pure human bloodlines but that still had traces of these Demigods in their lineage. Such was what Fritz Springmeier exposed about the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati for which he was punished and falsely accused and incarcerated because of this. The transference of power from the Demigods to the Earth Kings occurred with Nimrod after the Flood of Noah. It was the 1st attempt of the ‘New World Order.

It was from this time forward that such knowledge and continued interaction, communication and travel occurred but only within the occult realm of the various Secret Societies such as the Masons and others that are Luciferians who really have controlled the world. This then would be corroborated with what Jesus also exposed about the Synagogue of Satan and how the currently world ‘Order’ or system is headed and controlled by the chief rebel King of the Angels, that being the Fallen Anointed Cherub, Lucifer. Is the Face of Mars then a tribe to the Fallen Angel Lucifer? Is there any corroborating evidence that such Secret Societies are connected to the ‘Gods of Mars’ for example? Yes. Although circumstantial in evidence, the factors of them using the same motif, the same numerical coefficients, the same layouts, ley-lines, Sacred Gematria in their buildings on Earth, ancient and modern is beyond comprehension.

The entire Cydonia area that incorporates the 3 main pyramid structures can have a circle superimposed on it. With this coordinating aspect, some amazing correlations in terms of angles and direction are reported. The circumference of this ‘circle’ area would have an approximate diameter of 14 miles with about an average of 11 miles from each structure in relation to the distance from each other. What has been determined already is that the angle from the frontal lobe of the Face of Mars, to correspond with the ‘3rd Eye’ area or Peniel Gland to the center marker of the D&M Pyramid is at 19.5 degrees. It would appear that this 19.5 numerical coefficient is the ‘signature’ of the complex as it is found in the others. The edge of the circle would have the Face of Mars touch the line as would the top apex corner of the D&M Pyramid. The pyramid corresponding to the Star Electra in the Pleiades Pyramid City would be the 3rd point of contact on the line.

The Martian Motif
What other observations are made about the 3-prong Cydonia complex has to do with how the position of the Face of Mars is at an approximate phi ratio to the true north line to the ‘center’ horizontal line of a circle that also can be encased around it. This same ratio is found with the Pleiadian Pyramid City to the horizontal bisection of its circle. If one were to superimpose the Vitruvian Man outline on the entire ‘circle’ of the Cydonia complex, the following correlations emerge. The orientation of the body outline is one that is placed in an East-West direction with the face towards the East. Given this depiction with the 3 hand positions of a lower, middle and upper position, the middle right extended hand corresponds precisely with the Face of Mars. The lower left hand extended out then corresponds precisely to the center point of the D&M Pyramid.

The center fulcrum of the entire superimposed circle encompassing the 3 Martian Motifs would correlate to the ‘Navel’ of the body form. The diagonal line from where the D&M pyramidion proceeds from to the angle of the edge of the triangular ‘Fortress’ is at the phi ratio marker on the circle line and bisects the genital area of the body form. Then the 2 extended legs depicted resting on the line of the circle correspond to the limit of the edge of the Pyramid City complex. The next superimposition is that of an inverted pentagram upon the circle of this entire Martian Motif. What is unique is that the 2 upper points of the star correspond to the phi ratio markers on the circle. The bottom point has the angle that touches the apex of the pyramidion of the D&M Pyramid. Then the 2 left star apexes appear to delineate the length of the entire Pleiadian Pyramid City and also incorporates the outline of the Pleiades Star Cluster.

If one superimposes the pentagram or ‘Star’ right side up with the apex pointing north, the following observations are made. The bottom right ‘leg’ of the star has the angle approximating the angle the D&M Pyramid has facing the Pleiadian Pyramid City. Then the left ‘arm’ of the Star pentagram has its lines intersecting the edges of the pentagonal shaped pyramid corresponding to the Star of Alcyone. The pentagram line also on this lower left side then directly intersects the pyramid structure that is designed as the phi ratio pattern. If one superimposes a hexagram by connecting the 3 structures at each other’s center points or fulcrums, the following observation is made. The intersecting point on the horizontal line on the right side exactly matches the orientation of the entire hexagram.

Undoubtedly, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as other unseen and/or unrecognized mathematical and geometrical alignments are for sure present. Whomever designed and constructed such structures, had a sound understanding of Sacred Gematria, mathematical and Star alignments that are beyond belief. If one superimposes a hexagram right side up with the apexes pointing directly North-South, then the following observations are made. The left corners of the hexagram match the edges or limits of the triangular ‘Fortress’ at the horizontal line made by the hexagram. The descending line of the hexagram made would cross the intersection of where the center point of the pentagonal pyramid building next to the triangular ‘Fortress’ is situated, given as it were the limits of how big and to what angle the Pleiadian pyramid complex was to have been built by.

The Pyramid City
Another observation is that the angle to which the D & M Pyramid is pointing to lines-up exactly with the outer edge of the triangular ‘Fortress’ of the Pleiades Pyramid City, which, as noted is at the phi ratio mark on the circle. What is next in terms of amazing symmetry and geometry of the Pleiadian City will prove that such structures are not a product of topographical anomalies. Which if in fact is the case that such structures are subject to ‘intelligent design’, who and where are these ‘intelligent Beings’? The following are some observations that have already been established by prior researchers. The angle from the Pyramid City ley-line heading toward the Face of Mars is at a 27 degree angle. This supposedly is when at this angle on the Solstices of Mars, the Sun and the Earth can be observed rising. So much for the Flat Earth Theory.

The Pyramid City is also laid-out in the Pleiades Star Cluster configuration. The Pyramid City consists of 7 main pyramid structures that range from the 4-sided, 5-sided and triangular shapes. There are other structures that have an oval type of design but are pyramidal in nature still. Based on the Martian Motif that is replicated on Earth, this 7-Star Pleiadian structure usually corresponded to the financial centers or place of commerce in some way or another. Usually a commercial center or set of 7 buildings or pyramids that commanded dominance corresponded to this Martian Motif on Earth. In ancient times on Earth, this Martian Motif directly correlated to pyramids in the layout of the Pleiades Star outline. In modern times, it has been financial centers with their corresponding 7 skyscrapers, etc.

The entire Pyramid City is about 6.66 nautical miles from north to south and with an approximate diameter of 4 miles that make up the core configuration. The following is new information based on mathematical and geometrical observations. The entire alignment has a 33 degree slant toward the Face of Mars. The entire core can be encompassed by a perfect circle in which several of the pyramid structures will touch the line at the circumference. A 2nd circle can encase the Pyramid City complex from the triangular ‘Fortress’ pyramid that corresponds to the Star of Atlas. What is also new to report based on geometrical observations is that the position of this ‘triangular’ Fortress is at the phi ratio distance of the arc of degrees from true north to the 9 o’clock position where the core of the city is situated at. This angle also originates from the 9 o’clock position wherein the structure that corresponds to the Star Electra is situated.

This structure is the smaller of the 7 pyramids having a rounded triangular design. The most prominent pyramid of this Martian city corresponds to the Star of Alcyone of the Pleiades. It is pentagonal in shape nearly a mile squared in area. Another unique mathematical observation about this Pleiadian pyramid layout pertains to the structure to the west side that corresponds to the Star Asterope. It is a narrowing oval shape pyramid with sophistication in its building. It is facing true north and is based on the phi ratio spiral layout. Aside from the 5 points that configure a clear pentagram, it is however not a perfect symmetrical one. What is also new to observe, and report is that the 6 complex pyramids thus also construe a hexagram. This overlay of the 5 and the 6 would be in sync to the universal esoteric notion of the 6 to 5 ratio of the macro to the micro, of the celestial to the earthly or in this case the Martian.

D & M Pyramid
One known correlation that can be made is that for both this Pyramid City and the Pleiades, the Star Alcyone was the most prominent and important one. Thus, one has to also ask, why this entire Martian Pyramid complex made to be nearly exactly as are the Pleiades in the Heavens? Was it because it is a clue that the builders of such a structure came from the Pleiades? Another observation that has been made is that the core area appears to have a ‘center’ that corresponds to the Star of Maia. Another observation that is new is that it is upon this site that the 2 circles pivot the entire complex. It is also where the 2 intersection lines of North-South and East-West meet and where the angled ley-line also bisects the entire orientation of the slant it has.

Another observation is that this 7-Pryamid City is situated at the 9 o’clock position if one then also superimposes a massive circle to the Face of Mars and then the giant pentagonal D&M Pyramid. The next structure to consider is the giant pentagonal D&M Pyramid. This structure has already been shown to have some amazing geometrical coefficients. Incorporated into its design is the recurring angles of 60 degrees and 19. 5 degrees. What is unique about the 19.5 degree number is that it is where a tetrahedron can be superimposed upon the sphere on a 2-dimensional layout of the planets. This goes for the planet Earth and another clue that the Earth is not flat. Apparently, this 19.5 is a universal constant and factor in where certain ley-lines of planets are located at.

Amazingly, it is also the general area and/or angle where the various NASA Martian Probes have landed. What are the odds? Is this intentional? Why? Looking from a top view, this giant D M Pyramid is the farthest south and is pointing upwards towards the Pyramid City at the 19.5 degree mark. The entire length is approximately 4 miles long and about 4 miles wide from the farthest corners. One can only imagine the sight of such a structure on the horizon as there is nothing like this on earth of this size that is a functioning building and/or structure. The only perspective in size would be a mountain. What was inside? Who was inside? Why the need of such a structure? What was its purpose? Based on the Martian Motif that is replicated on Earth, this structure usually corresponded to a military fortress or stronghold.

Usually a castle or fort or an area that commanded dominance corresponded to this Martian Motif on Earth. What this structure also has is an additional addendum of a ‘triangle’ structure that caps the pyramid from a top view. What most researchers have not noticed is that this pentagon structure is not a perfect ‘pentagon’ as in one could fit a perfect ‘Star’ design or outline for example. What few have considered is that this pentagon is in the exact proportions of the human form, a human body. The proportions are exacting. To show this correspondence, the Vitruvian Man of Da Vinci is superimposed upon this pyramid from a top view also. One can then incorporate the square and the circle for its dimensions and one will be able to attest that indeed this structure was built as a memorial or tribute to either a ‘man’ or a ‘Being’ that has such a form as in a body. One can only imagine what sort of activities occurred inside such a structure. Was it living quarters, administrations, a transportation hub or sorts? What type of vehicles were used to get around or transport ‘Beings’ or objects?

The Vitruvian Martian
The Vitruvian Man’s head superimposed within the D&M Pyramid matches the apex of the structure. The extended arms and hands do correspond to the 2 end corners of the pyramid that also amazingly are at a 19.5 angle. The converging nexus of all the angles thus corresponds to the navel of the ‘body form’. One very interesting coordinate that is noted is that the angle in which the pyramid is pointing is at 333 degrees. Astonishingly, this same angle is also replicated in the various layouts on Earth. Also realize that this entire Martian Motif has a variation of angle or slant when replicated on Earth. In some cases, the entire outline is either reversed, tilted on its horizontal or vertical axis and in some cases, varying degrees in-between. Here then are some questions pertaining to this massive Martian pyramid.

Where were the entrances and how many? How was it constructed and by what materials and for what purpose? Where and are the Beings that made and constructed this giant pyramid of the same ‘human’ body form? Did they have such types of bodies? Where they Human Beings from Earth that perhaps had contact before the Flood of Noah? Where they and are they Angelic Beings or other created Beings, not known to Humanity? In the Bible, it does state that although the Angelic race does have wings and by it, a display of rank, such can morph into a human-like appearance when dealing with Humanity as seen in certain Biblical accounts. There are times when Angels appear with wings in all their glory and spender. However, there are other times with Angels, godly one as in the case of the resurrection event of Jesus at the Garden Tomb, appears as mere men only that their clothing shined in white.

There is also a theory that states that the entire Universe is fashioned to such a form and proportion of such a body. It would stand to reason as the Creator, YHVH in the Bible states that He made ‘everything’ and Human Beings on Earth in ‘Their Image and Likeness’. This is profound as the question then stipulates, was this structure then to honor the Creator’s image? Certainly, it is not of an ‘Alien Grey’ or Draco Reptilian, etc. Was it to honor the Human Beings? Where the Human Beings already created by this time? If not, then who had this ‘body’ form that where not of Earth? As one can see, there are questions that at least the ley-people were never to know as only the ‘initiated’ do perhaps. Nonetheless, such questions and knowledge will be hopefully revealed and disclosed at Jesus’ 2nd coming when He sets up His Kingdom on Earth.

Probably the most enigmatic, mysterious, fascinating and interesting motif of the entire Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex is the famous Face of Mars. What has been already noted is that the subsequent Mars Probes seem to have intentionally distorted the supposed ‘higher resolution’ images of this structure that clearly is a ‘face’. The questions remain unanswered, at least to the ley-people and those not ‘initiated’. Who is the face of? Is it a Human Being’s face? When was it made? Was it constructed before Adam and Eve on Earth or after and part of the advanced communication and travel Humans had until the Flood of Noah? According to the Sumerian Cylinder Creation Account, this was the face of the Fallen King of Nibiru. He is the one who ‘discovered’ Earth and then sent back gold to repair the atmosphere of ‘Vulcan’ or the other ‘Red Planet’ from their Sun. There is an interchanging of what is Nibiru and what is Nemesis. The Face of Mars

Apparently, Nibiru is one of the 7 planets of the 2nd binary Sun of the Solar System that is named Nemesis among many others. According to the ‘record’, it was Ala-Lu who challenged the right of succession to the throne of Nibiru and fled when his plan to usurp the throne of Anu failed. As he was banished, he escaped with a traveling machine but that had weapons of mass destruction which he then hid on Earth. He was later vindicated as he found enough gold to ‘chemtrail’ their atmosphere with. For this, he was made ‘Lord of the Earth’ but subsequently was then forced out by the ‘Son of Anu’ He was then relegated to ‘rule’ over the Red Planet as a weigh-station on the path to return the gold to Nibiru. It was from there, Mars that the Anunnaki rebelled as a workforce and later on, it was understood that Ala-Lu expired.

The Face of Mars was essentially a mausoleum on his honor that one day the ‘King would Return’ as in resurrect and take back his ‘rightful’ place as Lord of the Earth from the ‘Son of the God Anu’. This narrative  comes from one of the interpretations of the book by Sitchin entitled, The 12th Planet. There is also another amazing book entitled, Earth Earliest Earth's Earliest Ages by George H. Pember that basically chimes-into the whole Ancient Alien Theory but from a Biblical perspective that corroborates what Genesis 6 was and is all about. What is eerily similar about this Fallen God Ala-lu is that it mirrors the fall of Lucifer and how at the end of this present evil Age, Jesus the Son of GOD did foretell that such a time is coming again as it was in the Days of Noah. One of the prevalent characteristics of such days was that ‘Alien’ or Angelic intervention was prevalent. This included genetic manipulations, hybridization and deception.

Specifically, of how the coming AntiChrist the New Testament details a time where a false resurrection will ensue and this mere ‘human’, like Nimrod will be transformed into more than that, a Demigod. This will occur as the AntiChrist will be infused by Lucifer himself in mimicking the incarnation and resurrection of Jesus. Lucifer, like Ala-Lu was said to have been the Anointed Cherub that ‘covered’ the Throne of YHVH and was expelled for having been found in the sin of pride and rebellion for wanting to upset the ‘succession’ of the Throne of Heaven. It was perhaps on Earth during the ‘Golden Age’ that Lucifer in some way had his ‘throne’ also there and was the ‘Lord of the Earth’. Thus, this ‘Shining One’ had ‘legal’ right to be in the Garden of Eden as described of such a ‘perfect’ sinless place where Adam was first created was placed there, etc.

Academically, if the Face of Mars is indeed a ‘face’ then the proportions of such are then mathematical and geometric. Is this found to be the case? Yes. Based solely on the human face proportions, if one superimposes a human face purported to the size of the structure, indeed such a correspondence emerges, amazingly. This is one argument that would dispel that such structures on Mars are mere light and shadow effects or anomalies. It has been estimated that the structure is about 1.5 miles long and approximately 1 mile wide. Upon further observation and using only Google Earth as a measure, the following observations and measurements are reported. The shape of the structure is a rounded-edge rectangle. This motif on Earth usually has corresponded to modern sports stadium as that is exactly the size and shape of such that would seem inconspicuous to the ‘uninitiated’ humans.

A Mathematical Marvel
In ancient times, the Face of Mars corresponded to certain temples and pyramids, like Stonehenge, or the Hitching Post of the Sun in Machu Picchu, etc. What has not been researched is the following based on more refined geometric and mathematical relationships. The entire Face of Mars can be delineated by a circle with 2 intersection lines. These lines provide a nexus from where the following observations are made. The width of the structure in terms of its inner edge is approximately 1260 years in length. This has a very Biblical significance as it is the half time of a 2520 numerical coefficient. The entire width from edge to edges approximately 1 nautical mile.

The length of the inner edge is also approximately 1 nautical mile from top to bottom. The entire height is approximately 1.44 nautical miles. Interestingly, the heading to true north is at a 144 degrees as the Face is slanted to the left from a top view. And what is the angle of this slant? It is 19.5 degrees. Thus, if the entire length is 1.44 nautical miles, it would make the half section at a .72 nautical mile marker. What is also spectacular about this 144 coefficient is that it is a marker of ‘time’. In Hebrew Gematria, this number is derived by adding the function of seconds to minutes to hours.

     60 seconds/minute
     60 minutes/hour
     24 hours/day
= 144

As one can see, such symmetry and mathematics cannot be an anomalous factor of Pareidolia. Such numbers are what are also used in all ancient building of pyramids such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and even modern alignments in certain places on Earth of power, financial, military and/or political ones. One unique observation about this Face layout is that an actual face proportion would not encompass the entire length of the structure from its north-south orientation. It seems this aspect was deliberate for some reason unbeknownst to the commoners. Yet if one applies and superimposes the pi and phi ratio proportions, it can be delineated in such proportions. The top section as if where a helmet of some sort or headgear perhaps as a crown of sorts, is in approximate phi ratio to the center point or fulcrum of the circle that can be made around the entire circumference of the ‘Face’.

Also, the top edge is in approximate phi ratio to the end of the chin of the Face. There are other phi ratio relationships that meet at the focal point of the circle as it seems to be what was used to measure-out the distances and proportions, truly amazing. What an amazing sight it would be to see this structure in its full glory and function. As with the other 2 major pyramidal structures, the questions remain. Who built it? What was its function? What was inside it? For perspective in size, it was as big enough to encase as with a ‘dome’ the entire area of the Washington D.C. Mall from the Capital Hill building to the Jefferson Memorial and the across to the White Houses. In fact, other studies have been presented to strongly suggest that such areas of Washington D.C. and the like have been a reflection of such a Martian Motif. And that the same ‘Beings’ and/or entities that constructed and ruled Mars are also the ones who constructed their mirror images on Earth and rule currently from ‘beyond the scenes’.

As ‘Full Disclosure’ is getting closer and with the advent of and access to information, many humans on Earth are waking-up to the false narrative of the Deep State, Secret Societies, Religious Orders, and Intelligence Agencies that control such information. However, also there has been a ‘Spiritual Awakening’ of Humanity in that the true narrative found in the Bible is also being better understood in relation to such occurrences. Based on a better understanding of Biblical prophecy, one can ascertain that such a false narrative of these ‘Spirit Beings’, these ‘Martians’, ‘Serpent Beings’, etc., will be used as part of ‘The Lie’ YHVH states will come upon the whole Earth in the End of Days. For example, the book of Revelation speaks of such ‘Beings’ released upon the Earth at the End of Days. Amazingly, there will be similar planetary catastrophes that will ensue but as judgement, perhaps as they were for Mars in the past. And a culmination to the ‘Celestial or Star Wars’ will also ensue but will eventually come to a conclusion at Jesus’ 2nd coming.

Because of this reality and certainty, Lucifer’s plan has been and is to thwart the efforts and return of Jesus as He is the one that will execute the sentencing of such ‘Watchers’ or Fallen Angles and all their genetically produced prodigy. All their genetic manipulation has only resulted in suffering, death and destruction and it will come to a halt with the true Heir to the Throne of the Universe, Jesus Christ. Why has there always been the quest for genetic manipulation done in deep underground activities based upon such ancient institutions that are currently undertaking and preparing for their plans to come to fruition? Consider that if it is true that 1/3 of the Angels sided with Lucifer, then Lucifer’s army and/or forces are out-numbered. Thus, Lucifer needs ‘Angels’ or hybrids of last resort to close the ranks to wage war against GOD the Father, GOD the Son, Jesus Christ, and GOD the Spirit and the 2/3s of the loyal Angles that remained in their ‘Estates’, their abodes.

The creation of their ‘Alien Greys’ both tall and short and the enter-breeding of various species with humans due to forced and unwilful abductions will come to an end. Such are wanting to repel the 2nd coming of Jesus as He is scheduled to return with the Saints, those that chose to follow YHVH’s agenda and promises of restoring ‘Paradise’ or the Garden to Eden back on Earth. It will be a human, no less, although  Demigod, really in human terms, the God-Man, Jesus that will be the legal and rightful heir of the Earth, thus the Lord of the Earth. More so, Jesus is the Lord of the Dead as well for He was, and such titles of royalty and cosmic distinction is what such Beings that perhaps built the civilization on Mars and on Earth are eager to try and avert. Why? It will mean their damnation and disposition to make way for the New Age of Mankind, a redeemed and restored Humanity lead by Jesus, the true successor to the Throne of YHVH, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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