Fingerprint of God’s Creation

  • What are Earth Chakras and why do they exist and where?
  • Is there a pattern or grid made up of sacred ley-lines on Earth?
  • Are these points a 'door' that transitions into the spiritual realm?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this chapter is to present how certain Earth pressure points and energy ley-lines influence were certain ancient temples, ziggurats, or pyramids have been built. What all these sites around the world have in common is that all have a mathematical function of the golden ratio and sacred geometry or an approximation of it. These in turn are said to influence portals or ‘gates’ at which points theoretically can pierce through the dimensions of space and time. Such energy point could very well help determine the boundaries of the Dimensions of Paradise.

The Earth’s Energy Points or Chakras as some call it and the concept of the Earth’s Vortices will be briefly explained later as they related to the Dimensions of Paradise and the anthropomorphic concept of Christ’s Body. The Earth’s energy vortices and ley-lines will also be shown to have direct relationship between the human form/body circuitry to that of the Earth energy currents that are witnessed in Earth’s cycles as in the 188-day cycle pattern. In essence the human body is indeed a ‘temple’ as much as the pyramids and ziggurats. It is believed by some that the human body is a microcosm of the Earth that mirrors the ‘universe’ in terms of its patterns and circuitry.

This study will present the notion that the golden ratio coefficient is the ‘signature or fingerprint of the Creator’ as witnessed in the dimensions as much as they appear to have been in proportion to the Dimensions of Christ’s form. The Earth-Man Circuit theory incorporates the 4 main factors that constitute the circuitry, 1) the golden ratio, 2) the Earth’s Energy Points or Chakras, 3) the Earth’s Vortices Theory, and 4) sacred geometry. Perhaps such are keys to open doors that converge on overlapping dimensions. The theory suggests that there is a link between the sacred geometry of the Tree of Life - Flower of Life motif and the anthropomorphic man conceptualization of Earth.

In essence, the Tree of Life geometry matches the proportions of the human body. This match is consistent in reflecting all of the 4 factors that constituted the dimensions of the Cosmic Christ body pattern. In terms of 1 aspect of the energy flowing within this Earth-Man circuitry is the example of the energy the Earth produces due to the Earth tilt that produces the 4 seasons. The energy points correspond to the 188 Day cycle pattern. To have some conceptualization of this assertion, when the human form/body is placed horizontally in line with the Earth’s longitudes on a world map and in line with Giza for example, the Earth Energy Points or Chakras corresponds to the human body’s pressure points that occur in proportion to the golden ratio.

Earth-Man Circuit Theory
Taking this into account, the measurements and proportions of the energy circuitry occur at peculiar latitude and longitudes of the Earth precisely correspond with certain energy points and pressure points of the human form/body itself. Why this is brought out is that such points correspond to ‘gates’ on Earth as they are in ‘Heaven’. To reiterate, these gates are a function of the golden ratio that has been recognized as a key coefficient in mathematics, growth patterns in nature, sacred geometry, and the proportion of measurement of the human form/body. There are some that do dispute this rendering. Nonetheless, it appears that the coefficient falls on certain Earth’s latitudes and longitudes reminiscent of a microcosm of human body/form. It would also appear that the golden ratio proportions close out the links between the energy pressure points i.e., Earth Chakras.

Energy vortices as it relates to the geography of the Earth, the human body and prophetically, the cosmic Body of Christ patterns. In general, the Earth-Man Circuit theory only seeks to postulate overall, that there is indeed Intelligent Design behind these corresponding patterns and cycles in proportion to the golden ratio as the Earth has symmetry and circuitry corresponding to that of the human form/body in terms of energy vortices and pressure points. The point is that such patterns are consistent to the degree one is comparing that perhaps the measurements of the human form that is reflected in part or in whole on Earth. As to this relationship, science and astronomy have established that the known cosmos or universe is supported by frequency and energy fields for example. The whole universe really should be called the Electric Universe because the planets seemly to be supported by ‘nothing’ or the Ether.

In like manner, many cultures especially those of the Orient have long studied this knowledge of invisible energies or ‘currents’ as it relates to the human form/body circuitry. This knowledge is not considered a ‘true science’ by the West. Nonetheless, it is self-evident that the mathematical fingerprint in Creation of Intelligent Design is seen in nature the human body, the Earth, and the Universe. The golden ratio suggests that it is indeed the signature or fingerprint of the Creator and perhaps the very measure of Christ where laid out in such a grid based on sacred geometry, Earth’s pressure points and energy ley-lines. To restate, as it pertains to Earth’s ley-lines, pressure points and vortices, all these elements have one mathematical coefficient in common, the golden ratio.

This phenomenon is imprinted in all that has been created naturally or that is governed by the laws of Creation seen and maybe unseen as well. It can be seen that this ‘fingerprint’ in the design of such things as fruits, trees, bees; from the human form to Earth’s energy patterns. This ratio phenomenon cannot be a factor of random selection or a particular property of the evolutionary process. What exactly is the golden ratio or phi? The golden ratio is when 2 quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. This Ratio is linked to the 188 Day Cycle theory by formula as follows.

Φ/π x 365 Days = 188

Φ = 1.1618003399

π = 3.1415926535

Earth's Energy Grids
Ancient civilizations had a perfect understanding of these metaphysical constructs as they built their centers of healing and worship using such mathematical properties in conjunction to sacred geometry in line with Earth’s ley-lines. Some examples of these places are the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Angkor Wat and Teotihuacán etc.  Although in today’s terminology, it would not be considered a ‘true science’, such knowledge is used to the same degree, purpose and use by the same type of people that have been the rules on Earth. This privileged class, unto themselves continues to build their monuments, skyscrapers and even HAARP sites based on these 4 principles of the Earth-Man energy circuit theory. Palaces and military bases all have a connection to certain latitudes of energy line and Earth pressure points.

To the ancient civilization of the East, these locations were called Earth’s pressure points in relation to Earth’s Energy Lines, Chakras. Chakra means ‘Wheel’ in Sanskrit or a ‘Circle’ as in a vortex connected to a circuit. As the Earth rotates in such a fashion, it is affected by certain forces or ‘currents’. As the Earth tilts and rotates, these point and lines are created due in part to Earth’s size, resonance and magnetic sphere come into play. These forces are also affected and influenced by the solar and cosmic rays affecting Earth’s magnetic sphere. As in nature, the cosmos emits certain energy ranges of frequencies. Thus, the human body has such corresponding circuitry, currents and energy points that influence its frequencies.

The point being is that certain geography and locations on Earth have been recognized as centers where key buildings or regions are designated, perhaps even the very dimensions of prophetic time. The concept of human Chakras has long been established and studied since human history has been written down. It is concepting that energies travel throughout the body in certain frequencies, influenced at certain focal points that like Earth, depend on certain frequencies for certain functions and outcomes. These points on the human body function much like antennas like that of HAARP that receive and transmit energy. Likewise, such corresponding points and circuit paths of the Earth have a ‘reception’ to the transmission of circuit energies that can be picks up much like an antenna. Some research suggests that these energy points affecting the human body for example correspond to the following.

1) color
2) sound/musical notes
3) light and
4) energy frequencies

For this reason, many fear that the governments of the world can use such technologies to affect a person’s mind and body, as in mind control or inducing infirmities even. Many cultures around the world use such knowledge to heal and strive to reach a level of what they call ‘enlightened’ consciousness. This is done through the influence or control of the 7 main body Chakras. These are recognized and described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the human spine to the top of the head and beyond. Interestingly, the 7 Chakras are also associated to the 7 planets and 7 primary colors. Is this a coincidence merely?

Earth Chakra Points
The point being is that as the human body has these ‘energy pressure points’, so too does the Earth, in term of tectonic pressure points and energy grids and that such a pattern perhaps involves a measure of prophetic time. These forces are not only geological but meteorological in nature but cross over in the same patterns eschatologically. Prophetically and Biblically how this notion comes into play is that the Bible does describe the Earth in anthropomorphic terms; as in a woman giving birth.

Much like the pressures of the Earth’s plates, seas and quakes, the birthing process is intensifying on Earth as the pregnancy of a woman comes to birthing of a child. Jesus Christ foretold that one of the key signs of Jesus’ return would be is intense increase in Earth’s ‘pregnancy’ if you well. To illustrate this proportion and relevance of the human body to the Earth, when the human form/body is superimposed onto the world map with the golden ratio, there is striking symmetry in the circuitry of where the Earth energy Point and vortices are purported to exist around the globe.

# Place                       Color                           Gland-Area          
1. Mt. Shasta              RED                            Anus-Base of Spin
2. Titicaca                   ORANGE                    Adrenals-Sacral/Sex
3. Uluru                       YELLOW                     Stomach- Plexus
4. Glastonbury            GREEN                       Lungs-Heart     
5. Giza                        BLUE                          Thyroid-Throat
6. Shaftesbury            INDIGO                       Pituitary-Mind
7. Mt. Kailas                PURPULE                   Pineal-Spirit      

The Earth Energy Grid theory states that the whole Earth is a grid where energy vortices and that they are located at certain points around the planet. These points are said to be 12 geometrically distributed geographic areas that are alleged to have mysterious magnetic qualities and energy properties energized by ley-line currents. These are said to be of the same phenomena associated with that of the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil's Sea near Japan, and the South Atlantic Anomaly etc., to name a few. The following are the 7 Human Face Orifices.

1. Right Eye 
2. Left Eye 
3. Right Nostril 
4. Left Nostril 
5. Right Ear
6. Left Ear
7. Mouth

Why such a consideration is noted is that such locations are said to be ‘portals’ that open into other dimensions. If the geography of such locations on Earth is influenced by such phenomenon, perhaps the dimensions of Earth as seen in the anthropomorphic body pattern could very well also be influenced by such a configuration of energy currents and electric circuitry. The energy vortices are considered crucial in opening and closing such ‘Gates’ where time and space can bend or be altered.

Earth Portals to Paradise
Solar flares or cosmic rays can also have effects on these Energy Point/Grids as the Earth is experiencing a possible collapse of the Magnetic Sphere in conjunction to an increase in solar flares heading towards Earth. In terms of literal pressure points on Earth, this can be seen in the volcanic activity of the Earth for example. This is not a far-fetched notion as the numerous military agencies from several nations such as the USA, Russia, Nazi Germany, etc., researched such properties and in some cases in the USA, it still does. One such visible attribute of all this type of research is HAARP. This is a weather modification system, but it is based on sacred geometry, ley-lines and Earth’s energy points.

Perhaps such phenomena as spiritual doors opening up to a different dimension at such points on Earth can be accessed with the right combination of technology and knowledge. According to the book of Genesis, the Earth ‘became void and formless’ before the creation of the first humans to inhabit the Earth. If one subscribes to the ‘Gap Theory’ of Creation, meaning that there was a period of time in-between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2, then it makes logical sense that the Earth -as it is known today was not the original creation.

Perhaps ‘time’ began in ‘Eternity Past’ as some eschatological scholars speculate. In the Book of Psalms, for example the Earth is described as being ‘eternal’. In the Book of Revelation, it states however that there will eventually be a New Heavens and a New Earth. One can only speculate as to the nature and composition of the Old Earth. The Gap Theory can hypothetically accommodate the New Earth vs. Old Earth Theory that divides many and affects the Faith of those that believe in the Biblical account of Creation as only consisting of 6 literal days. It can be seen from geology that the Earth is vastly ‘old’ yet human history only goes back a few thousand years –being relatively ‘new’ in comparison.

Both notions can be correct because it is a progression of both factors in the same continuum. If one subscribes to the Creation account from Genesis, then the LORD God, Creator of the Universe, Earth, Angels, and Humanity etc., would fashion the Earth in correspondence to the Human frame or design that is a facsimile of the Creator Himself. In Genesis, it states emphatically that Elohim, in the plural form created Man in His form and likeness. Thus, the human body that is the visible part of the multi-dimensional creation and design would have been fashioned in the exact proportion or dimension of the LORD. This is an incredible thought to ascertain.

This means that perhaps Creation is but a reflection on Earth and that the human body is fashioned in proportion physically to the golden ratio with its energy points or Chakras corresponding. Both conduct electricity as a receiver and transmitter and its design is based on sacred geometry. There are the other aspects of the human body that astound the mind; there is the biology, the neurology, the psychology, and the spirituality aspects of it. Suffice to note that in turn, the Earth has such similar properties. The point being is that the Earth is in direct relationship to Humanity as a closed symbiotic system itself.

Earth-Anthropomorphic Man Pattern
This closed system has for example, specific corresponding exchanges and processes; such as oxygen for carbon dioxide, air to water and other relationships that as a human species, have yet to encounter in other planets to such a degree. If the Judeo-Christian Scriptures declare that as the human body was fashioned from that of the constitution of the Creator, then possibly the Creator has factored such dimensions and proportions even when creating other dimensions in space and time. As it pertains to the Solar System, Earth, the human body, in essence it is a reflection of the Tree of Life-Flower of Life. It is just a pattern of who and what ‘GOD’ is or is configured as such. 

This is not saying that the Creator is a ‘human’ but that He is attributed to having such a form. What is now astonishing is that YHVH is part human now. The Bible is very clear that GOD the Son has taken on a literal human form, a physical body. More than that is now a ‘glorified’ body due to Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection; it is not subject to decay and death due to sin. It is amazing to contemplated that in Heaven right now there is a physical human there representing a redeemed and gloried Humanity to come later. It is amazing because the Bible clearly states that no human ‘flesh and blood’ can enter Heaven.

The Bible is very clear that those who follow Jesus Christ are promised such a similar glorification of the Body, Soul and Spirit. This outcome is what the New Agers and the occult strive but by their own means and in some cases by way of Luciferian mystery rituals and mystery religions that will not, cannot bestow such immortality that Jesus Christ has made available for Humanity free of charge. As to the ‘form and likeness’ of YHVH in the Bible, there are several accounts of Prophets seeing as ‘unto the likeness of a man’ or what is called a Theophany occurrence. The Bible is very clear that YHVH is ‘Spirit’ and does not have a physical body as humans do.

There are many texts that revel that GOD the Father is ‘Spirit’. Yet the Scriptures again do declare that only GOD the Son Jesus Christ took on the human form, a body in the physical realm without losing His divine attributes to take the place of the 2nd Adam to redeem or buy back from a place of owing. This is called the Hypostatic-Union. The point is that if the human form/body was thus fashioned in the Image and likenesses of YHVH. The Earth was to be a habitat for humanity’s sustainability, it stands to reason that the Earth would have corresponding elements as the human form/body.

The Bible in many places does ascribe a degree of ‘personification’ to the Earth. It is seen in terms of ‘trees clapping, rocks crying out, all of creation moaning for the redemption of the ‘Sons of GOD’ as a woman in a birthing process etc. In other words, the Earth is a living organism too that has the ‘Life and ‘breath’ of the Creator as well. As with the human form/body, so too does the Earth have GOD’s life force that is just as delicate in terms of its circuitry. The point being is that these very energy ley-lines for example are of this GOD life force, i.e., Chakras. One fact is irrefutable; the human body is made from the same elements of the Earth. Moreover, the body is made up of 70% liquid as the Earth is also in proportion.

Luxor Temple – Temple of Man
The human body happens to conduct currents; it has neuron and electrical circuitry associated with the brain, stem/spinal cord with corresponding pressure points. Thus, this study strongly suggests that the Earth Energy Point theory that is Earth Chakras along with the Earth Vortices theory corresponds likewise with the Human Energy Points or Chakras. This correspondence between the Earth and the human form/body perhaps then mirrors the circuitry of what was the Dimensions of Paradise on Earth with corresponding frequencies/pressure points given the golden ratio linkage on a global scale for example.

If the human form/body is superimposed horizontally onto a world map parallel to the Equator with its ends corresponding to the edges of the continents, then both ends of the body at Earth’s Hemispheres completes and closes the circuits of the Earth’s Chakras as the Human Body likewise does from the base of the fee to the top of the head. An example of how ancient cultures associated the Earth’s circuitry to that of the human form/body can be found at Luxor, Egypt. The Egyptians erected a temple on the edge of the Nile River with human dimensions. Schwaller de Lubicz, a French mathematician measured and mapped the Temple extensively.

The temple was found out to incorporate sacred geometry and human body proportions. The point being is that the Ancients knew and used the key factor of the golden ratio as this Temple of Man mirrored a facsimile the cosmic dimensions to the terrestrial coordinates in terms of latitudes and longitude on the Earth. Such were aligned to the energies of Earth’s ley-lines and pressure points. If one superimposes the Temple of Man model vertically to correspond it with certain geographical sites on Earth, one obtains the perfect golden ratio proportions in correspondence to the Temple of Luxor.

Schwaller postulated the concept that ‘Man’, as a pattern or form is at the center of the Universe. The Luxor Temple is a physical expression of this correspondence known as the ‘Anthropo-Cosmos Man’. The Temple of Luxor describes the structure of the human body, incorporating its energy centers, or the Chakras. The Temple correlates to the Earth’s equator both horizontally and vertically based on the Energy and Vortices grid theories. The sites around the world corresponding to this anthropomorphic man pattern are as follows.

1) Lake Titicaca in Bolivia
2) The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt
3) Mt. Kailas in Tibet

Thus, the Luxor Temple is, among other things, a symbolic representation of both the human body and Earth’s circuitry that is affected by energy point or Chakras and the energy vortices locations. The head would correspond to the sacred sites and the navel would correspond to the Equator. The Temple of Man is a perfect example of how ancient architecture was used to be a symbolic representation of the physical body projected beyond the physical realm. Such temple locations were believed to be able to harness the Earth’s energies for purposes healing and transformation of the body.

Redemption of the Human Body
What is known is that such knowledge was indicative of the close relationship the physical realm was to the spiritual realm as it was in the Garden of Eden. According to the Bible, Humanity is the Crown of YHVH’s Creation made in His image and likeness in the Garden of Eden. YHVH fashioned the 1st humans out of the red clay of Earth and fused it to life -a living Soul from the very Breath of God Himself, i.e., the Chi. Humanity, apart from the animal kingdom is both physical and spiritual with the distinction that the spiritual component was designed to have direct association or ‘fellowship’ with the Creator.

This is what distinguishes Humanity from the rest of the Creation on Earth. Thus, the human form/body is a physical manifestation infused with the ‘fingerprints’ of the wonder of the Creator. As it has been noted, the human body functions in energy, electrical frequencies, and cycles. For example, the human cells regeneration every 7th day and as a whole, the body ‘mainframe’ rejuvenates itself every 7 Years etc. Due to sin though, the human body is subject to decay and eventually expires or dies physically. The human body decomposes, and its Earth elements return to the Earth. According to the Bible, this was not meant to be. The human body was designed to last forever physically. Yet death is in very facet of life on Earth.

This death was a result of Humanity’s choice to go against the Creator’s moral law and authority in Paradise. Sin had ramification and consequences that actually started with a spiritual ‘death’. A physical death is only a separation of the spirit of a human from its physical form. The body is thus very special and plays a key role in the whole Human Plan of Redemption. According to the Creation account, God has now once again enabled the spirit that is ‘died’ to be ‘reborn’. It is able to commune or have direct contact once more with the Creator, GOD the Father through Christ the Son through the power of GOD the Holy Spirit.

In the Greek, the word is the Pneuma. His Followers await the redemption of their physical bodied at the Resurrection of the Dead-at the time of the Rapture. According to the Bible, YHVH’s plan required a perfect human body without the ‘death’ as a mechanism to provide a payment or restitution for the fallen race of Humanity. Only Jesus Christ, and no other was immaculately born with a sinless or ‘perfect physical body’. This was the chosen means to redeem Humanity by GOD in that by the incarnation of Christ and through the physical death of Jesus Christ at the Cross.

Now the death that permeates Creation, every living cell of Mankind and the Earth will be eventually restored. As well the Dimensions of Paradise will be made new at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. The Followers of Christ will be given new ‘Glorified Body’ that are indestructible and eternal, unaffected by the coming ‘Second Death’. This is the promise of Redemption, of the human spirit, soul and body that also involves the redemption of the Earth as well. The Earth will also be made new at the end of human time when Eternity Future begins, as the Book of Revelation chapter 22 discloses. In the meanwhile, Scripture admonishes the Followers of Christ to present their ‘Body’ a living ‘Temple’, as a sacrifice in the service of worship to the Creator.

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Temple of Man, Schwaller de Lubicz



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