Why there is a Time Gap between
Rapture and Tribulation

by Luis B. Vega
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​The purpose of this study is to point out the Numerical Factor of how 33 Day appears to be associated with the Revelation 12 Sign and the 3 Great American Eclipses over the USA. For example, October 14 is what one calls the ‘Corpus Christi’ Eclipse and the 2nd in the 3rd of the Alpha-Mem-Omega Trifecta of National USA Judgment, had a 33 Day Cout Pegged to them. This 33-Day Factor is Amazing how the Revelation 12 Sign is also Prophetically tied to these Eclipses. Remember that back in 2017, the 1st of the 3 Great American Eclipse, occurred on August 21, 2017.Tha was exactly 33 Dyas before the Original Astronomical Alignment of the Revelation 12 Sign appeared. 

September 15, 2023 Civil New Year (Kabbalist) + 33 Days = October 14, 2023

Why is October 14, 2023 noteworthy? October 14, 2023, based on the Dead Sea Scroll Essene Solar Calendar was the ’True’ Tishrei 1, Yom Teruah or Feast of Trumpets. The Solar Calendar, akin to the Enoch, Essene, Zadok, were based on the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. To determine the 1stt Day of the New Year and Month, it was determined by the Phase of the 1st New Moon. The question was and is, was it before or after the Spring Equinox? Or was it the Nearest? The Essenes relegated their Quandary by pegging the Start Day to a Wednesday of that Equinox Week, etc.

What is noteworthy in using the New Moon Day, was that as it was Nisan 1, then 15 Days later would be a Full Moon. And? That Full Moon is what one surmises is what occurred and was the Case on April 14, 32 AD. It happened to be a Blood Moon or a Lunar Eclipse. And also, that, based on the Prophecy Pattern of the ‘Midst’ from Daniel 9”17, Jesus was Crucified in the Midst of the Week. This would strongly suggest then that for 32 AD, Nisan 14-15 was on a Wednesday, regardless of Modern-Day Calculators. This is just a Working Theory. And the first new moon after the fall equinox was Tishrei 1. Since the fall equinox is actually tomorrow (Sept 23rd) and the first new moon will be on October 14th, which also happens to be the same days as the eclipse.

Then exactly 33 Days, like with the 2nd Great American Eclipse of October 14, 2023, from Rosh HaShanah will be 33 Day. In the case of the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017, it occurred after the Eclipse. But in the case of the Revelation 12 Sign Iteration of 2023, it was before Rosh HaShanah of September 15, 2023. One Postulates that the Revelation 12 Sign is connected strangely to the Number 33. For 2024, the 33 Day Factor for the 3rd Great American Eclipse from April 8, 2024 will be May 11, 2024. But when Rosh Hashanah is for 2024, on October 2, 2024, 33 Days before that is August 30, 2024.

As in the Days of Daniel

And 33 Days after October 2, 2024 is November 4, 2024. So, not sure what is possibly Significant about it. Could it be related to the 3rd Temple…One has compiled a Book with this Research for over a Decade demonstrating where on the Temple Mount one Assesses, it will be built. A Link is provided in the End Notes. One basically presents the Theory and Evidence that the 3rd Temple will be built just to the North of the Dome of the Rock, over the Dome of the Tablets. One has used Astronomy and Ancient City Ley-Lines to Decode this Notion as best as one can ascertain it.

Where one does differ in what you said, a bit is that one would agree that the Bride of Christ will not even see the start of the Construction. Why Not? In the Book, one Reason is that it is based on the Sanhedrin’s Protocols. They are waiting for the ‘Go-Ahead’ from the Person that can only Decree that, their Messiah. So, one’s Rationale, based on one’s Scriptural Interpretation, is that the AntiChrist False Jewish Messiah cannot be ‘Revealed’ until the Restrainer is set-Aside, i.e., the Rapture. And for the Geo-Political and Religious Condition to warrant that Decree is that Israel will have crossed as Theological Threshold.

The Nation will agree to it as the Sanhedrin in partnership with the State, as it was in Jesus’ Day, will only then build it and fast. One believes that we may see that Inner-Ring of Invading Muslims, that one does believe will be the Psalm 83 War. As Israel prevails, and the Rapture has occurred, Israel will enter that Covenant with the Many, that one also showed it with the Sanhedrin, as that is what the Hebrew Word for ‘Many’ means, ‘The Rabbis’, etc. See Article.

A Word Study of the Hebrew Text 

Of course, it is only one’s Interpretation but based on the Old Testament Word Study. If one’s Pentecost New Wine Rapture Theory is Valid and True for a Summer White Wheat Wedding Season for 2024, then very soon thereafter, is when the AntiChrist Savior comes On-the-Scene to not only ‘Save’ Israel from its Immediate Inner-Ring of Muslim Enemies, but the World at Large. As mentioned, Israel will even eventually make that Abrahamic Accord Deal with Saudi Arabia. And this is why one believes that the Temple Mount will have the 3 Temples or Houses for the 3 Abrahamic Faiths.

It will be a Rallying Cry that will Unite the World… It will be Nimrod finishing what YHVH interrupted before the Flood in not completing their Luciferian Temple, etc. What we are seeing now is the Stages of the Coordinated Demolition of the World’s Institution. It is to cause as much Chaos to that out of the Ashes, i.e., their Luciferian Phoenix, the New World Order will emerge on the other side. And Israel and Jerusalem and the 3rd Temple will be Ground Zero. So, that to say that if the Rapture does occur at the End of the Summer Wheat Harvest or New Wine Feast of Acts 2 as the Church Began, it will take some Time to build the 3rd Temple. 

Déjà Vu All Over Again 
It is rumored to be already partitioned like a Lago-Set and just needs Assembling. The issue is Consecrate the Temple Mount and all of Israel with those Red Heifers in order to have the Daily Sacrifices certified as ‘Kosher’, etc.  One has read that once the Ashes of the Red Heifer are poured out on the Temple Mount, there is a Waiting Period of several Months. So have that in mind.

This is why one is of the Opinion that even if the Rapture occurs in a Mid-July New Wine Pentecost in 2024, it will not be until 2025 that the Temple will be Completed and soon thereafter, the Daily Sacrifices will kick-off the 2520 Day Count to Complete Daniel’s Last Sabbath of Years but will not start at the Beginning of one. This is how it can be said because the prior ‘Shemitah’ started in the Fall of 2022. Thus, the reason for one’s other Theory is that we are in a Transitional 2-3.5 Year Gap of Time. Watch for something major Eschatological-Wise to occur. 

I highly recommend the Article by Greg Lauer at ‘A Little Strength’. He has provided his Assessment about the Revelation 12 Sign Phenomena and how it is being tied to Rosh HaShanah and the U.N. 7-Year Proclamation. It is interesting. He also states, as one has also stressed, that it is not about stifling one’s or the Brethren’s Excitement about the Rapture, but that he brings it back to, ‘Let us look at what Scriptures say’, in his estimation, from what I Understood. 

A Little Strength 
by Greg Lauer 

Of course, one would agree with basically all that he all said. It is what one has been saying all along as well. Perhaps not in a Tactful way as he writes. But when Brother Greg Speaks/Writes, I do listen. One finds this Angle and Perspective, from an American born in the Mid-West and then removed from the USA, to be very Insightful. Here are some Excerpts from the Article that quite frankly shocked me, only because these are Assertions/Conjectures one holds. But it does not mean we are ‘Right’. 

‘In Revelation 13:1, The Bible Describes The Antichrist As A Beast Who Comes Out Of The Sea (I.E. The Nations Of The World, Especially In A State Of Turmoil), And Says That He Will Have 10 Heads And 7 Horns—And Bingo: There's Your 17. Do With That As You Will.’ 

‘I also mentioned in my last article that the word "many" (sometimes rendered "the many") used in verse 27 is an expression Daniel uses to refer to Israel in all three of the other instances where he uses the exact same Hebrew word (Daniel 11:33, 39; 12:3), and there is no reason to assume it suddenly means something completely different in this case.’ 

‘Faith and hope are in things we do not yet see. When we see those things, we have no more need for faith or hope—those things have become reality.’ 

‘That's the basic problem with date-setting: If we are convinced the Rapture will occur on a specific date, we effectively have something we can see. We can circle it on the calendar. We've got a target to focus on, and ideas about patiently waiting and watching in active anticipation are out the window.’ 


So, what really spoke to one’s Mind, was how Brother Greg assesses also, that the ‘Many’ in that Daniel 9:27 Covenant is or has to be with Israel or pertaining to Israel, based on the Context of the Prophecy/Passage, etc. And he does entertain the possible Crucifixion Year as being in the Range of 32-33 AD. 

September 15, 2023 Child Asteroid Sign ‘Birthed’ in Revelation Sign 12 Iteration
to April 22, 2024 Passover
- 7 Months 7 Days (77)

September 15, 2023 Child Asteroid Sign ‘Birthed’ in Revelation Sign 12 Iteration
+ 40 Week Human Gestation Period ~280 Days
= June 20, 2024 Excluding End Date
= Summer Solstice

Then From Summer Solstice: June 20, 2024

+ 33 Days
= July 23, 2024 (723) Possible New Wine Acts 2 Pentecost
= Rapture and End of Church Age?

And did you all hear Reports that the Saudi Arabians want to finalize the ‘Deal’ of that possible 2-State Solution in 10 months from…say September 23, 2023? That would mean the following Day Count as a Projection into the 2024 Year then.

September 23, 2023
+ 10 Months
= July 23, 2024 (723) Possible New Wine Acts 2 Pentecost
= Rapture and End of Church Age?



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