Clues when Church Age started and will End

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by Luis B. Vega
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‘So Simon Peter went aboard and dragged the Net ashore. It was full of Large Fish, 153, but even with so many, the Net was not torn. Come, have Breakfast, Jesus said to them. None of the Disciples dared to ask Him’. -John 21:11

The purpose of this study is to suggest the 2 Elements given by Jesus to the Church Age Believers and Followers, the Wheat and the Wine. Perhaps the Keys and Clues of when the Church Age will conclude its Witness and Testimony of Jesus’ Resurrection and Return is to occur, have been there all along. In a given Year, these 2 Elements would be pointing to or are pointing to the actual Rapture Window of their concluding Timing, as it began. One argues that it will be during a Time where the Wheat meets the Wine, the New Wine.

It was an End and a Beginning ‘Nexus’ of even Astronomical Time, as one argues that the Acts 2 Pentecost Event took place on the Astronomical New Year of Leo, a July 23 (723). And in turn, this Argument also lends Credence to the Notion that the Church Age Witness and Testimony cannot spill-over into Daniel’s 70th Week. It is because the Church Age has Testified about the Return of Jesus. And for the Bride of Christ, that occurs at the Last Day when that 153rd Fish is caught in the Net, Metaphorically. Or when the Wheat Harvest is gathered-in.

Yes, during the Tribulation Period, the Witness and Testimony of Jesus’ Resurrection and Return will still be Proclaimed, but not by the Commission given to the Body of Christ already. Why not? Or else, there would not be a need for a New Commissioning. It is because the Witness and Testimony of Jesus’ Resurrection and Return will be transferred over to the Jewish Witness or Commissioning that will occur and will need to be after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, etc. This New Commissioning will comprise of the 144,000 Jewish Evangelists and the 2 Witnesses, etc.

It will be exclusively Jewish. But would agree about the Pisces Age Motif of the Fish. As mentioned prior or alluded to, the Interpretation of the 2 Fish in Pisces is very Subjective. It can mean a few things as to both being Types of Believers within the Church Age of Pisces. It is just as valid if not more so. Consider that based on the Sign alone, the Sign consists of 2 Fish. In fact, if you look-up the Pisces Emblem Sign, it always has or should be 2 Fish. Both are Bound by the Sea Dragon, Cetus. Yet the 2 Fish ‘Restrain’ just as much as the Sea Dragon, etc. So, to interpret that 1 Fish only will be Raptured and 1 Fish is to stay behind? Not so much. Sure, if that Meaning is attributed to the Church Age Believers and Israel.

White Wheat Wedding

But a more accurate rendering would be the 2 Types of Believers that really constitute the Age of Pisces Church, and it is Scriptural in how they are even described, ‘Jew and Gentile’. This is 1 Interpretation. The other Interpretation would be those ‘Dead in Christ’, and those that Remain and Are Alive at the Time of the End of the Church Age. And as a Plug for WWW, one’s White Wheat Wedding Timing of when the Piscean Church Age will conclude, is based on the very Symbols or Motifs that the Church Age. Realize that it is symbolized by the Wheat and the Wine. Can the clue get any profound results? Now, to be fair, it could be attributed to Passover, as that is when the ‘Bread and the Wine’ was served. But.

Consider that the Bread had no Leven, i.e., ‘Crackers’ and the Wine was not New. Consider that during Pentecost, it is the 2 Loaves of Bread, much like the 2 Fish of Pisces that are Waved before YHVH at the Temple and they have Leven. And the Wine is New. So, when Jesus said that He would conclude the Passover Meal, as it is not finished, technically as that last Cup of Wine is yet to be Observed. And that Cup Is going to be filled with New Wine. And guess when that New Wine is offered? On that July 23 723 Leo New Year that I too am insinuating. But Perhaps.

Consider what one Wrote from another Article dealing with Israel YHVH Describes how His Plan was to use 1 Nation, taken from the ‘Tail’ of the Nations and not the ‘Head’. Israel was and is the Example of how YHVH can make such People, such a Nation and such a City, Jerusalem the Head of the Nations, the Beacon of Light that YHVH commissioned the Jews to be with the Promised Land and the City of ‘Zion’ on the Hill, as it is in Heaven, etc. This Promise is the Kingdom to Come, that the Disciples asked Jesus if He, at that Time would be Establishing. It was not the Time as Israel yet failed again.

They Failed in their Faith, due to their Rejection of Jesus, as their Messiah. Thus, that Beacon of Light went to the Commission of the Gentile Bride, the other ‘Body’. This is not Replacement Theology as Israel was just given a ‘Time-Out’ One is only inferring of being the Witness and Testimony of Jesus and to Jesus in the World as YHVH will never leave Himself without a Witness and Testimony, etc. So, the Body of Christ during the Church Age has had the Privilege of being the Witness of the Testimony of Jesus’, the Messiah. It is a Witness and Testimony of Jesus’ Death, Burial and Resurrection. This is ‘Celebrated’ as often as People and Congregations are able and willing to ‘Remember’.

But what one wishes to stress about this Church Age Witness and Testimony is, that at the core of the Church Age is Prophecy every Time one or a Congregation takes the Wheat and the Wine to Remember Jesus by. But it has been the Witness and Testimony also, of Jesus’ Return. This has been a Witness Israel has forfeited yet prophesied in Zechariah. The Return of Jesus is symbolized by the LORD’s Supper with the Elements of the Wheat and the Wine, and ‘New Wine’, one would argue. These 2 Elements echo the Prophetic Motif of how the Church Age was Born during the end of the Wheat Harvest and on the Day of the New Wine began.

The ’Birth’ was at a Nexus of Time and of a Point of Change, even Astronomically. This is why even Peter, inspired by the Holy Spirit referenced the Prophecy of Joel that authenticated the change in ‘Dispensations’, in one’s Interpretation. The Wheat and the Wine are the Elements that Jesus commanded the Church Age Believers and Followers to Remember Him by and to Witness about His Body and Blood that were Personified as then, Wheat and Wine. And that it is not only a Witness and Testimony of Jesus’ Resurrection, but of His Return.

This is what Israel will ultimately see with their own Eyes as Zechariah foretells when Jesus does come back with the Church Age Bride. And that 1 Day, the Body of Christ will conclude its Commission of its Witness and Testimony to Jesus. In one’s Years of Research, one is more convinced that the Church Age will conclude during the Symbols of when it began and was given. And those 2 Motifs mentioned prior, that of the Wheat and Wine is that Time-Frame in a given Year, perhaps.


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