Anniversary of a Beginning and an
End Delineation of the Ages

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is primarily to highlight one's Theory, of when the Timing of the Rapture Event that will close-out the Church Age could occur. This Hypothesis is based on the Notion that it has to do with when the Astronomical New Year is observed in the Gregorian Calendar on a July 23 Month and Date. This Supposition is predicated on the realization that the Constellation of Leo is a Demarcation of when the Summer Wheat Harvest Ends and the Harvest of the New Wine Begins. This Theory is based on Tropical Astrology, of the Sun being in the Sign of Leo from July 23 to August 22.

In other words, one is attempting to Correlate this Astronomical New Year as a Metaphor of what is Biblically understood to be 1 of the Primary Axioms of Prophecy. This has to do with what and who Jesus is and did and is associated with Astronomically and Theologically. It is understood, by the Research of Bullinger, among others, that the Mazzaroth are the Signs in the Sky that tell of the Storyline of the Gospel. In essence, each of the 12 Signs are an Attribute of the Facet of the Redemption Plan YHVH as outlined in Jesus, GOD the Son, etc.

But primarily, the Summation of the Mazzaroth is Delineated between Virgo, its Beginning and Leo, its End. Has it been then any Wonder why the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred Astronomically in the Constellation of Virgo back in 2017 Signaled at its core, the Rapture Event? It was of a Snatching-Up of the Man-Child that in a multi-layer Meaning can be ascribed to Jesus, but also the Body of Christ as in this Church. And then consider that Virgo is the Sign of also the Wheat Harvest that has already been In-Gathered.

She is depicted in some iterations, as having a Basket full of the Harvested Grain. She is the Motif of Ruth that labored in the Summer White Wheat Fields and then is made ‘White’ herself in the Dress Boaz provided and made herself ‘Ready’ for the Wedding at the End of the Summer Harvest, etc. In one’s Research, one is now more convinced that the Church Age has followed this same Prophetic and Astronomical Delineation of Virgo and Leo. How so? Consider the Ancient Layout of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

It has been established with Confidence by now, that the 3 Pyramids are a Mirror Alignment of the 3 Belt Stars of Orion. And in front of the Great Pyramids is the Sphinx. This Sphinx is a Delineation Marker and Metaphor for Virgo and Leo. Consider that the Body is that of a Lion and the Head is that of a Woman. The Structure is a fitting Motif of the Man-Child and Monarch, Jesus. It is a fusion and a Guardian that stands as a Celestial Sentinel to the Gate to Heaven, i.e., the Lion Gate.

Lions Gate
One is of the Opinion, that wherever Heaven is at, in some other Dimensions and Existence, where the House of YHVH is situated, it is configured in the Form of the Constellation of Orion and a Lion’s Gate. Such are the Sacred Layouts on Earth that attempt to replicate ‘Heaven’. This Sacred Heaven Layout has been replicated in all other Sites across the Earth. Even in Jerusalem, it is replicated. There is even the Lion’s Gate that faces East as the Sphinx does.

                             SACRED LAYOUT TO ENTRANCE INTO HEAVEN

Great Pyramid                           Secondary Pyramid                         Smaller Pyramid
Sun                                                          Moon                                             Stars
Father                                                      Son                                          Holy Spirit
Dome of Rock                           al-Aqsa (Crusader Church)                     3rd Temple
Gold                                                         Gray                                             White
Alnitak                                                     Alnilam                                         Mintaka

And on the Temple Mount, there will be 3 Structures, all in Size Proportions as the Stars of Orion, as they are in Giza that will stand during the Tribulation Period. One has provided this Astronomical Evidence, that based on this Pattern of Heaven, the Site of the 3rd Temple was and will be indeed over the Dome of the Tablets, etc. These 3 Divine Structures are already patterned on Earth, presently as the Abraham Houses of Worship. They will be coordinated on top of the Temple Mount.

They will be what will Unite the entire World under the Spell and Pharmakeía of the coming AntiChrist and False Prophet. There will be the al-Aqsa Mosque given to False Christianity, that was a Crusader Church. Then there is the Dome of the Rock that has been the Shrine to the Muslims. It will then be the 3rd Temple for the Jews that will complete this Orion Star Alignment on the Temple Mount with the Lion’s Gate as its Entrance.

Such Ancient Temple Layouts were sacred and situated on Earth’s Ley-Lines that tapped into the Earth’s Magnetic Grid, etc. It will be just like it is in Giza and in other Sacred Places on Earth, as it is in Orion and in Heaven, one is convinced of, etc. One surmises that they are corresponding Temples to each of the 3 Persons that make-up the GOD-Head in Heaven. It is what Scripture states of what and who ‘Bear Witness’ in Heaven.

‘For there are 3 that bear Witness in Heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these 3 are 1’. -John 5:7

This Sacred Layout is even found in Cydonia, Mars of which one has written a Trilogy of Books about. Nonetheless, this ‘Lion Gate’ that one goes through to enter Paradise or Heaven is a Delineation. In this case of one’ Astronomical Leo New Year Theory that the Church Age will end with the Rapture, it is pertaining to Time or when Ages Begin or End. And with that Context, one is presenting the Theory that the Church Age Started and will End, perhaps on this Anniversary of a July 23 Astronomical Leo New Year.

Power from On-High

It will commemorate the End of the Wheat Harvest and the Beginning of the Wine Harvest, etc. Now, how one will attempt to explain this Astronomical Delineation is that according to Research, the Ancient Egyptians considered a specific Month and Day as reflecting this Astronomical Delineation. That Month and Day was July 23. How one then has Theorized it to coincide with the Timing of the Rapture Event is that the Rapture Event will close-out the Church Age as mentioned.

This then presupposes that the Church Age Began on the same Month and Day Anniversary. In prior research related to one’s other Theory about the Acts 2 Pentecost Event, one has surmised that the Event coincided with the Feast of the First Fruits of the New Wine. If this is the case, then based on one’s Calculations of a Double-Count of 49 Days + 50 Days subsequently for a total of 99 Days from Nisan 15, the Day commemorating the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, then also landed on a July 23.

In a sense, this study is a Sequel or a Compliment to that Book solely dedicated to the Research, providing the Evidence and one’s Journey of Discovery about the Acts 2 Pentecost being the Feast of New Wine. And subsequently that one then conjectures that as the Church Age was there and then ‘Initiated’ or Empowered for its Commission, that Commission perhaps will conclude on its Anniversary, exactly on the Astronomical Leo New Year ‘Ends and Begins’. This is also then a very appropriate Motif and Axion for the LORD of the Harvest, the Wheat Harvest that Jesus represents.

Jesus is depicted in the Book of Revelation sitting on a Cloud and with a Sickle in Hand ready to Reap the Souls of Humanity. A Sickle is primarily associated with a Wheat Type of Grain and Summer Harvest Time. One is just surmising and connecting the Provertial Prophetic Dots. One is directly associating Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, with the corresponding Constellation of Leo, and thus, the LORD of the Harvest. But the Point is that it is not any type of Harvest. It is a precise Summer White Wheat Wedding Type of Harvest. It is associated with a Maiden, the Bride as the Book of Ruth typifies this Motif with Boaz as the ‘Lion King’ and Lord or Owner of the Harvest of Wheat Field. Ruth labored there and found Grace and Favor.

This is the Dispensation of what the Prophet Joel foretold would be the case in the Last Days. And after the Wheat Harvest, Boaz took Ruth as his Gentile Wife. It was she, not an Israelite, that became the Co-Heir to the Promised Land. Such is the case with the Church Age Believers. Such have the unique Privilege of marrying the Jewish Groom, the Greater Boaz and be Co-Heir to all that Jesus has been Given by the Father. And that is Everything. See 1 Corinthians 15:28.

Thus, the Key Theme of this Leo New Year Theory is the ‘Lion King’, and ‘When’. It is well established and accepted that the Constellation of Leo is attributed to the Messiah, the King. Of all the Signs in the Universe, Leo has the King Star and its Head region is even constructed in the shape of a Sickle, etc. It is thus, for these Reasons and Correlations that one presents the Evidence to strengthen this Theory of an Astronomical Leo New Year Rapture Anniversary. Possibly.

One is not adamant about ‘proving’ one’s Conjecture other than just to present it publicly and for the Body of Jesus to Discern and Consider it as a viable possibility. Now, aside from this July 23 White Wheat Wedding that one has labeled it, the Month and Day has been identified. What about the Year? With the Year, the Triangulation would be certain. Is that even possible or has Jesus even allowed that to be known or knowable through the Discernment given through the Holy Spirit? In one’s subsequent Research, also having been done in tandem with several other Theories, one has proposed that the Year 2024 could be the Rapture Year.

This is based on what was and is, in one’s Interpretations and calculations, the Crucifixion Year, that being in 32 AD. A whole Book dedicated to presenting this Evidence has been compiled to present and explain that Theory. The Book is entitled, ‘Circumstantial Evidence why the Crucifixion was in 32 AD. See End-Notes for References. Now, why is one Personal having a Vested Interest in this Topic of ascertaining the Possible Rapture Timing? It has to do with a Number.

As to specifically the Day, Month and Year is based on what occurred in one’s Personal Life back in 2020. One reported to the Online End Times Community one sees oneself as being accountable to, that one experienced a sort of ‘Vision’ or Perception. One cannot explain it other that it was unusual for a ‘Normal Dream’ Event one happens to even Remember about. And that it occurred twice as one did take note of it initially but brushed it aside. It was only after a 2nd Identical ‘Vision’ that one took note of them and penned-down the Vague Detail. It was very short, succinct and it was a Number, ‘723’. It was brushed across a Painter’s Canvas in Grayscale. See Article for details.

#517: 723
A Correlation of the True Feast of Pentecost

So, as to the Leo and the Rapture Timing? Consider the Age-Old Motif of the Fairytale, ‘Beaty and the Beast’. Here you have the Personification of a Lion as the Beast in love with a Fair-Maiden that blossoms into a Love Romance. Although loosely associated due to being based on Mythology or Folklore, it has a Vein of Truth that is beyond both.  One would go so far as to insinuate that the depiction of this Motif of the Lion and the Woman is exactly what is the eventual outcome of what Jesus wants and will possess. The following is this Theological Assertion as best as one can explain. Consider that within the GOD-Head, there is a Father Figure.

There is a Son Figure. And there is a Servant Figure. These 3 Persons and Personalities are seen across different Books in the Old Testament in Events, and Personalities. One primary example is how Abraham had a Son of Promise, Issacc and Abrahm as the Father sought a Bride for the Chosen Son and Heir sent his Servant Eliezer to ‘Fitch’ the Son a Bride. This is what is occurring and is the Primordial Quest of YHVH, the Father that has sent the Holy Spirit to procure the Son, the Messiah of Israel is Bride.

Of Fish and Bread (Grain)

However, since National Israel rejected this Groom, not to their Expectation, the Father chose rather to find a Non-Jewish Bride to prepare, to ‘Construct’ as an Eve from the Body of Adam and present her to the Son 1 Day. And this ‘Construction’ has been likened to a Temple, a Building that is ‘Under Construction’ and has been what has characterized the Church Age. There are 2 Primary Scriptural Motifs associated with what and who make up this ‘Bride’ for the Lion-King. This ‘Maiden’ is made up of Non-Jews primarily although Jews are present.

But each Individual since the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus is likened to a Living Stone that is being Fashioned into the Building that is being presently ‘Built-Up. It is much like King Solomon built the Bride, as is Jesus. But it was the Father, King David that prepared all the Material, Labor and Resources to accomplish the Task. Then it was the Gifted Craftsmen that were given the Ability to fashion all the Furnishings and Integrities that made the Building ‘Beautiful’. In like manner, during this Church Age, the Person that comes to Believe and Follow Jesus, Redeemed is likened to a Fish.

The other Prophetic Motif is that of a Wheat Grain. As to the Fish, there are in themselves that mysterious Numerical Count of 153 that were caught in the Net of the Fishermen Disciples. It was a First Fruit Token of how such would be in-Gathered to Jesus at the Shore of Eternity at the End of the Church Age. Then there was the Inference that Jesus made of how the Harvest of Souls is linked to the End of the Age in how the Wheat is to be allowed to grow with the Weeds of the World.

But it will be at the End when the Harvest is Mature and Ripe that the Sickle is then to be thrust and the Souls harvested. And? The Point is that in terms of the Wheat Harvest that one is focusing on, that occurs in the Summer. And upon one’s Research, it coincides with the End of the Wheat Harvest, Astronomically when the Sign of Leo commences the New Year.

Nisan 15                                        + 99 Days                                     = Wheat Harvest
April 14                     2nd 50 Day Count of 3 Minor Feasts                           July 23
Passover                                         Shavuot                                             Pentecost
                                                                                                                 Leo New Year

Thus, this correlation of the Wheat Harvest is also commemorated by the start of the First Fruits offering of the New Wine. And that occurred on a July 23. It was also, as one has presented, on the 99th Day from Nisan 15 that corresponded to the Golden Calf Incident and the Judgment of 3000 Souls that perished that Day due to their Insurrection. Was it no Coincidence that on the precise Anniversary that on the New Wine Feast that the Jewish reveled in, 3000 Souls got saved by the Preaching of Peter? And? Consider that his Authority to proclaim the Church Age, from Law to Grace was based on the Scripture of Joel that he quoted.




Conclusion of the Commission
When will the Church Age End? The purpose of this Book is to provide a study of the Astronomical and Mathematical Patterns heralding the End of the Church Age and the coming Transference of Testimony and the Witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ back to Israel. The 7-Year Sabbatical Cycles of Time suggests that the Church Age is about to conclude and transfer the Gospel Witness for the Time of Jacob's Trouble to finish the 70th Week of Years. This specific Time is predicated on the Convergence of several Prophetic Timelines that will be presented to highlight this Time.

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Circumstantial Evidence why it was in 32 AD
When was Jesus Crucified? Was it in 30 AD? 31 AD, or 33 AD? This has been 1 of the most Profound Questions, that has been Debated since the Church Age started with Jesus' Death. Can the Year and the Week Day be Determined? Is there any Evidence to suggest a More Accurate Year and Week Day? The Research one is providing in this Book, is one's Best Attempt in Showing why one is More Convinced of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year. One is not attempting to ‘Convince’ , or to ‘Prove’ the Year, as that is beyond one’s Ability.

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