Destruction of the State of Israel

  • What is the Hamas Charter all about and against who?
  • What is the 'Covenant' with and what does it propose?
  • What do they think about Israel and the Jews?

by Luis B. Vega
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The following is the Summary of what the Hamas ‘Covenant’ or Charter specifies. It is very telling and if one Understands its aim, one will realize Who, What and Where the Hamas invaded Israel on October 7, 2023. It is an All-Out War and the Aim of the Muslim Covenant is no less than the Genocide of the Jewish People and tacitly, the Modern State of Israel. HAMAS is really an Acronym that stands for, in English, ‘Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement’. According to Research, the ‘Covenant’ was initially founded in 1988.

The origins stipulate that it had its beginnings with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. It took on the Banner of Jihad or ‘Struggle’ against the Jews as Occupiers and Oppressors. They call for an eventual establishment of an Islamic State that engulfs all that is presently the Modern State of Israel. The Covenant unequivocally rejects a 2-State Solution as the ‘Obliteration’ of Israel is their Goal. This is why the Israeli-Arab Conflict, as it pertains to the Palestinian Problem, is an Existential Threat to the survival of Israel and the Jews in the Middle East.

The other Islamic Front that Israel has to also Contend with is the Shi’ite Version, many from Iran that is at its Northern and North-Eastern Flanks. This is pertaining to the Iranian Al-Quds Brigade from Iran and Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon, etc. The Argument that the Arab Muslims of Gaza decry is that Israel is ‘Occupying’ them. This is not the case and a False Rallying Cry. Not since 2005, has there been any ‘Jew’ in Gaza. They were forcibly removed by the IDF under the Orders of the then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The ’Promise’ of the Muslims in Gaza was ‘Land for Peace’. But as with Islam, they are permitted to Lie to take Advantage of one’s Enemies. So, was there Peace after the Jews left Gaza? Of course not. Since then, barrages of Rocks and Suicide Bombers and Military Assets have broken through the Borders into Israel. And the Hamas Invasion of October 7, 2013 was just one more Attempt in fulfilling the Covenant to Genocide Israel. This is what the World and Western Liberals refuse to Understand.

The Hamas Covenant has gone through many Revisions or Adjustments. One suspects it has accommodated its Language so as to not come across as Genocidal. But the Aim is still the same no matter how Colored the Language is made to be read. The Goals are very clear. Hamas came about as a Response to the 1st Intifada or ‘Up-Rising’ that occurred in the late 1980s-early 1990s. At that Time, it was the Palestinian Liberation Organization PLO, under Yaser Arafat.

Arafat controlled and Led the Palestinian Conflict against Israel until his Death. It is reported that the PLO eventually would have settled for the 2-State Solution but that is when Hamas was ‘Birthed’ and rejected the Proposals, etc. For Hama’s part, they too are engaging in Double-Speak. How so?

The current Leaders have voiced that they have ‘Toned-Down’ their Genocidal Rhetoric of ‘Obliterating’ the Jews. But the Hamas Attack has now clearly dispelled that Façade. For this Reason, one will re-post the original 1988 Covenant or Charter of Hamas in Summary Format. It is taken from off the Wikipedia page on the ‘Hamas Charter’. The entirety of the Covenant can be read on the Yale Law School Website. The Link will be in the End-Notes.

‘Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam invalidates it, just as it invalidated others before it’.

Definition of the Movement

Article 1
Describes Hamas as an Islamic Resistance Movement with an Ideological Program of Islam.[1]

Article 2
Defines Hamas as a Universal Movement and one of the branches of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.

Article 3
Defines the Movement that consists of Muslims who have given their Allegiance to Allah.

Article 4

Stipulates that the Movement welcomes every Muslim who embraces its Faith, Ideology, follows its Program, keeps its Secrets, and wants to belong to its Ranks and carry-out the Duty.

Article 5
Demonstrates its Salafist Roots and connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, declaring Islam as its Official Religion and the Koran as its Constitution.

Article 6
States uniquely, that the Charter is Palestinian and strives to raise the Banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine, for under the Wing of Islam followers of all Religions can Coexist in Security and SAFETY where their Lives, Possessions and rights are concerned. It claims that the World will descend into Chaos and War without Islam, quoting Muhammad Iqbal.

Article 7
Describes Hamas as one of the links in the Chain of the Struggle against the Zionist invaders and claims continuity with the Followers of the Religious and Nationalist Hero Izz ad-Din al-Qassam from the Great Arab Revolt as well as the Palestinian Combatants of the 1st Arab-Israeli War. It references a Hadith reported by Sahih al-Bukhari, Muslim:2922, which states that the Day of Judgment would not come until the Muslims Fight and Kill the Jews.

Article 8
Reiterates the Muslim Brotherhood's Slogan of ‘Allah is its goal, the Prophet is the Model, the Qur'an its Constitution, Jihad its Path, and Death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its Wishes’.


Article 9
Adapts Muslim Brotherhood's Vision to connect the Palestinian Crisis with the Islamic Solution and advocates ‘Fighting against the False’, defeating it and vanquishing it, so that Justice could prevail.

Article 10
Stipulates how Hamas supports the Wronged and the Oppressed with all its Might. It will spare no Effort to bring about Justice and defeat Injustice, in Word and Deed, in this Place and everywhere it can reach and have Influence therein.

Strategies and Methods

Article 11
Stipulates that Palestine is sacred (Waqf) for all Muslims for all Time, and it cannot be Relinquished by anyone.

Article 12
Affirms that Nationalism, from the Point of View of the Islamic Resistance Movement, is part of the Religious Creed.

Article 13
Stipulates that there is no Negotiated Settlement possible. Jihad is the only Answer.

Article 14
Stipulates that the Liberation of Palestine is the Personal Duty of every Palestinian.

Article 15
Stipulates that, ‘The Day that Enemies usurp part of Muslim Land, Jihad becomes the Individual Duty of every Muslim’. It states the History of the Crusades into Muslim Lands and says the Palestinian Problem is a Religious Problem.

Article 16
Describes how to go about educating Future Generations, with an emphasis on Religious Studies and Islamic History.

Article 17
Declares the Role of women in Islamic Society to be the ‘Maker of Men’. It condemns Western Organizations such as the Freemasons, Rotary Clubs, and intelligence Agencies as saboteurs for promoting Subversive Ideas on Women.

Article 18
Defines the Role of Women as Home-Makers and Child-Rearers, providing Education and Moral Guidance to Men.

Article 19
Promotes the Value of Art while promoting Islamic art over ‘Jahili’ Art Forms.

Article 20
Calls for Action, ‘By the People as a Single Body’ against, ‘A Vicious Enemy which acts in a way similar to Nazism, making no differentiation between Man and Woman, between Children and Old People’.

Article 21
Promotes ‘Mutual Social Responsibility’ and urges Members to consider the Interests of the Masses as their own personal interests.

Article 22
Makes sweeping claims about Jewish Influence and Power in the World and in History. It specifically claims that the Jews were responsible for instigating multiple Revolutions and Wars, including the French Revolution, World War I, and the Russian Revolution. It also claims that Jews control the United Nations, and that they are supported by the ‘Imperialistic Forces in the Capitalist West and Communist East.

Our Attitudes Towards:

Article 23
Expresses support for all Islamic Movements where there is Good Intentions and a Dedication to Allah.

Article 24
Prohibits ‘Slandering or Speaking ill of Individuals or Groups.

Article 25

Discourages Islamic Movements from seeking Foreign Support and expresses Support for other Palestinian Nationalist Movements.

Article 26
Allows Consultation with other Palestinian Movements that are Neutral in International Affairs.

Article 27
Praises the PLO but condemns its Secularism.

Article 28
Asserts Conspiracy Charges against Israel and the whole of the Jewish people: Israel, Judaism and Jews. It claims that Zionist Organizations aim to destroy Society through Moral Corruption and eliminating Islam and are responsible for Drug Trafficking and Alcoholism.

Article 30
Calls on Writers, Intellectuals, Media People, Orators, Educators, Teachers, and all the various Sectors in the Arab and Islamic World to pursue Jihad.

Article 31
Describes Hamas as a ‘Humanistic Movement’, which ‘Takes care of Human Rights and is guided by Islamic Tolerance when dealing with the Followers of other Religions. They state that ‘Under the Wing of Islam, it is possible for Islam, Christianity and Judaism to Coexist in Peace and Quiet with each other’, provided that Members of other Religions do not Dispute the Sovereignty of Islam in the Region.

Article 32
Condemns Co-Plotters as ‘Imperialistic Powers’ seeking to corrupt all Arab Countries one by one, leaving Palestine as the Final Bastion of Islam. It states that the Zionists' Plan is set forth in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and that they intend to expand their Control from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Article 33
Calls upon Muslims worldwide to work for the Liberation of Palestine.

The Testimony of History

Article 34
Represents the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as the Axis Mundi, the Sacred Point where Divine Cosmology and Temporal History meet.[34]

Article 35
Compares Israel with an Imperialist-Colonialist Movement. The Articles reflect and draw upon past examples of Crusader and Mongol Invasions, both of which initially were successful but were eventually Repelled.

Article 36

Outlines the Goals of Hamas.


Note that in Article 8, one could not help comparing their Religion and what their God, Allah, ultimately requires of them, Death. It is contrasted to the Teachings of Jesus, that on the Contrary, Jesus came to Give Life and to Live. Yes, Theologically, the New Testament teaches about ‘Putting to Death the Deeds of the Flesh’. But this is in context of presenting the Body, no longer to be used as an Instrument of Sin but to present it as a ‘Living Sacrifice’, not a Dead one like Islam says is the Ultimate Act of Obedience to Allah. Also notice Articles 15 and 34. It basically states what one’s Point is. It says plainly that the ‘Palestinian Problem is a Religious Problem’.

They got that right. Why does not the U.N., the USA and the E.U. realize that? The Point is to say, that one would accept the Notion that the Modern Day Palestinians are the Ancient Philistines, one in the same. If that is so, no Philistine ever controlled Jerusalem or Jebus at the Time. And there was not even a Temple Mount to speak of. It was a Threshing Floor of Araunah the Jebusite. This Land Transaction was recorded in 2 Samuel 24:15-16 where King David bought it for 50 Shekels of Silver. Note Article 20 also. In this Declaration, they equate Israel with Nazi Germany. ‘A Vicious Enemy which acts in a way similar to Nazism, making no differentiation between Man and Woman, between Children and Old People’.

Yet, how ironic and duplicitous that Hamas on that October 7, 2023 Invasion exactly did as they said the Jews do? This goes for Article 31 as well. Such Hypocrisy. But for Article 22, 28 and 32, being a Student of History and of the Occult, one would agree, in general, of some Jews, not of the entire Race, etc. As one has compared, being Mexican does not mean one is automatically a Cartel Member. But even Jesus did expose this same Cadre that He called the ‘Synagogue of Satan’.

That it can only be accomplished, not by Treaties but through the Unrestrained Jihad. This is because Hamas refutes any International 2-State Resolutions as a Solution.   In the Mind-Set and Language of the Covenant, it is clear that the Muslim, on this Issue see the Palestinian Contention against Israel in how they word it, ‘an eternal struggle between Muslims and Jews.’

Yet, Israel loosely is the only real approximation of a Democratic Secular State. It is rather Odd and Contradictory that all the World Mass Protests against Israel are for the most part in the West supported by the Left, politically. Such are the ‘Woke’ that push for all that the eventual Islamic State would prohibit: Same Sex Marriage, Homosexuality, Religious Tolerance, Free Speech, Free Elections, Abortion on Demand, Feminism. Those on the Left, in the West are unknowingly aiding and abetting a Religious War. Ironically, it is usually those on the Left that detest and loath Religion, and especially Christianity, Jesus and the Bible. Yet, they are siding and taking up the cause of those that would eventually subjugate, because of Islam, given the change.  

As one can attest, the Covenant of the Palestinians is against not only Israel but any ‘Jew’ on the Planet. If all this was said and Numerated by Israel of the Palestinians, it would be considered, ‘Genocide’. Yet, the World is holding to a Double Standard here, and the Muslims know it. In all its Iterations and ‘Revisions’, the Aim of the Covenant is to Destroy Israel and establish an Islamic Theocracy in all of Palestine that includes all of Israel.


Main Source:
Yale Law School – Goldman Law Library


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