The Coming Dark Troubles of Jacob

  • Why is the Number 88 Encoded in so many Movies?
  • What does the Number 88 Mean Prophetically, perhaps?
  • How is this Number 88 correlated to the Rapture Event?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘O LORD GOD of my Salvation, I have cried Day and Night before You. Let my Prayer come before You; bow down Your Ear to my Cry, for my Soul is full of Troubles, and my Life draws near the Grave’. Psalm 88:1-3

The purpose of this study is to consider the Day Count from July 23/24, 2022 to October 18/19, 2022. Why? Based on one’s Calculation and Best Estimated Guess, the July 23rd Date suggests True Pentecost and subsequently the Probability that it could be a High Rapture Date. And October 18? This Date correlates to the Feast of Shemini Atzeret. It is surmised that it could be the 1st Day of the Tribulation Period to coincide with the next Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years or Shemitah.  

The Day Count is 88 Days between these 2 Dates. Where has one seen this Number 88 before? It has been the subject of many Hollywood Luciferian Movies that Encrypt the 88 Number as part of their Subliminal Predictive Programming. What does 88 Mean in such Terms? According to the Research one looked into, it is about Time Travel. It is about the manipulation of Time, Space and Matter. It is about an End of a Time Period and Piercing the Veil of Dimensions. This is exactly what the Rapture event is about.

And how does that have to do with Biblical Prophecy and Timing of the Rapture? Precisely. It is about a changing of Dispensations from the End of the Church Age that will revert back to the Dispersion of the Covenant of Moses or the Mosaic Law. Israel will be under this Dispensation after the Rapture of the Church Age Believers of Jesus have concluded their Royal Commission. As to the Timing of the Rapture? The Time from July 23, 2022 to October 18, 2022 is what one calls the Prophetic ‘Fog’. Why?

It is because it is Prophetically ‘not clear’ what Date or Feast might correlate to the Timing of the Rapture, if at all, after the Spring Feasts and the Summer Wheat Harvest. Personally, after Decades of Watching like many others, the Clincher is the Sabbath Cycle Pattern. If the Year, 2022 is not the Year of the Rapture, then one is in the wrong Business ‘Watching’ or Discerning Biblical Prophecy. It is just that even all the Economic Pundits are predicting ‘Economic’ Doomsday by September 2022.

And it is the ‘Big One’ because it is the Super Shemitah of 70 Years since 1952. One would agree and see that this coming Convergence in the Fall of 2022 will be the Great Reset the Globalists are and have been planning…. And the Lock-Downs are already being spoken about and are being reinstituted in such Nations as New Zealand and China…Thus, one thinks this Year, 2022 will be ‘it’.

Confirming the Covenant

The Fall of 2022 has to be Daniel’s Last Week that Israel still owes YHVH. The whole World is on Edge. One cannot see, how all that the Globalist Eugenicists have accomplished in the past 3 Years to just have it come to not, and ‘Return all to Normal?’ No way. So, about this Rapture Window from July to October? In reading and enjoying the Comments and Contributions from the Revelation 12 Daily Blog, one liked the Resolve of Ozark who stated, ‘We Aren’t Scared’, of going through what one had mentioned was/is the ‘Prophetic Fog’ from now until Yom Teruah, September 26, 2022.

It is a Time a lot of Unknowns and Speculation to still consider: 9th of Av? Tu B’Av or the 15th as the Jewish ‘Valentine’s Day? It is the event echoing the Brides being Snatched from the Vineyard or the Highly Popular Rapture Date on the Feast of Trumpets, etc.  But from Tammuz 17 onward, there are no ‘Weddings’ in Israel, so it is said. As it is not ‘Clear’, it is then a matter of continuing to press-on and navigate through this ‘Fog’. And if this July 23, 2022 Speculative Date comes and goes, it could have been just a Spiritual Milestone of sorts.

Or something happened Spiritually on the other Side of the Veil. It is also true as another Contributor named Lyn pointed out. Astronomically, Summer technically ends on September 22, 2022. Although one’s only Reservation, as noted before, is how, one thinks all would agree that the Summer Wheat Motif is what characterizes the Harvest Typologies of the Reaping of Souls during the Church Age. For Mid-September, it is around that Time that the Wine Harvest ends. It is when the Olives are then corresponding to the Feast of New Oil, etc. Such Harvest Types would be indicative of the coming Tribulation ‘Pressing’ of the Grapes and Olives, etc.

Nonetheless, what one did is to ask, ‘One wonders how many Days will it be from July 23, 2022 to the Time one suggests the Tribulation Period will start, on October 18/19, 2022? This is based on one’s Timeline shared before. It has already noted that from July 23, 2022, if one adds the 50 Day Count, per the Temple Scrolls, it will be September 11, 2022. One thus, argues that the Temple Scrolls factors-in 3 ‘Shavuots’ or 49 Day Counts for the New Grain, New Wine and New Oil Feasts.

So, how many Days will it be from the July 23, 2022 Date to when one suggests the Tribulation Period will start on October 18/19? Why then? 88 Days. As presented in prior studies, one believes that it will be once the Economic Worldwide Collapse or the Reset is initiated shortly after September 22/23, 2022, that there will be then about a Month of a Time Gap to Rebut the New ‘Liberal’ World Order.

One conjectures that after the Fall Feasts ends, there is that 8th Day, called Shemini Atzeret, wherein the King gathers Israel and Reads the Law, as in to ‘Confirm’ it with the Many, etc. And from there on-out, National Israel will be under the Mosaic Law as the Law of Grace is taken away, having had the Church Age concluded by the Resurrection-Rapture Event. And that is assuming the Rapture occurs anytime from NOW to September 22/23, 2022, etc. Here is the Timeline based on this Theory.

OCT 18 Shemini Atzeret + 1260 = APR 1 Passover 2026 + 1260 Days = SEP 11 Yom Teruah

Piercing the Veil of Time, Space and Matter
Note that the Torah Calendar has Yom Teruah occurring right on September 11, 2029. And one has argued that Sate Correlation to the Birthday of Jesus in how His 1st and 2nd Physical Manifestations might very well correlate to the same Date. Of course, pure Speculation but with some Astronomical Patterns to back it up, etc. So, from the July 23, 2022 Date to the 1st Full Day of the Tribulation Period, accounting for the Latitudinal and Time Zone Difference, to October 19, 2022 is 88 Days.

July 23, 2022
To, but not including Wednesday, October 19, 2022
= 88 days

or 2112 Hours

Ok, and? The 1st Thought or Image that came to Mind was that Scene from Back to the Future Movie. It was where in Twin Pines Mall, later changed to Lone Pine Mall, the DeLorean Car that was equipped with the Flux Capacitor, had to reach 88 Miles per Hour to break the Veil of the Dimensions to then be able to go in the Future and Back. Incidentally, the Time noted on the Mall Marquee was 9:11 when inverted, etc. Not sure what to make of this 88 Day Count other than to Report and share this bit of Intel, perhaps. So, one started to Research the ‘Meaning of the Number 88’ and got a lot of Definitions.

The meaning is tied to Hitler’s ‘Heil Hitler’ because the 8th Letter in the English Alphabet is H. It could be a signaling of the coming AntiChrist that will be like a Hitler Personage and worship will be required. Then there are myriads of ‘Angel Numbers’ and the like. One did come across a Biblical Significance that is very interesting and telling, is how from BibleStudy.org, the Number 88 seems to have connotations of Doom and Gloom. And is not the Tribulation Period, otherwise known as the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’ exactly that, a Time of Trouble. Consider the following.

Meaning of Numbers: Number 88
The possible Meaning of the NUMBER 88 is derived from both Facts about and Writings within Scripture.

1-King Rehoboam, who ruled the Kingdom of Judah from 930 to 913 B.C., had 88 Children.

2-There are no chapters that have exactly 88 verses.

3-Psalm 88 was written by Priests who served during King David's Reign (1010 to 970 B.C.). It encourages us to remain Faithful and Diligent, and to Cry Out to our Heavenly Father all Day and Night if need be.

‘O Lord God of my Salvation, I have cried Day and Night before You. Let my Prayer come before You; bow down Your Ear to my Cry, for my Soul is full of Troubles, and my Life draws near the Grave’. Psalm 88:1-3

4-The Phrase, Hapax Legomenon, in Greek, means ‘Thing Once Said’. One interesting way of studying GOD'S Word is to look for Hapax Legomenon or Words that are recorded only once in the Bible. There are several of these in the King James Translation, one of which, ‘Forgetfulness’, is found only in Psalm 88.

‘Shall thy Wonders be known in the Dark? And thy Righteousness in the Land of Forgetfulness? -Psalm 88:12


Highly recommend one see/hear the Analysis of Psalm 88 - The Darkest Psalm

In further study, one did not realize that Psalm 88 is considered to be the Darkest Psalm of the Bible. In reading it, one could not help but see the Prophetic ‘Echoes’ of Jacob’s Trouble in it. It is rather interesting that the Psalm was not written by King David himself but is attributed to his Priests. So, one just wanted to make that possible Prophetic Connection in how 88 Days from July 23, 2022 to the Speculated start of the Tribulation or Trouble of Jacob, October 18/19 could be correlated to Psalm 88, a Time of Trouble.

And is not the Time of Jacob’s Trouble the Darkest Time for Israel and for the World for that matter? Is that not the time when the Veil of Dimensions will be broken like in the Movie where 88 Miles per Hour needed to be reached in order to ‘Transition’ from the Age of Grace, back to the Age of the Law? This will happen at the Rapture. In one of the Scenes from the Movie, Back to the Future, the Year Panel showed some Year Correlations that were Pre-Programmed for the Time Machine, as an example, etc.

JUL 04 1776
OCT 26 1985

Note that as the Car with Dog disappeared, the License Plate of the Car was left spinning on the ground. What did it say on the Plate, ‘OUTATIME’. Another interesting Numerical Code that was also broadcast was the following. The Professor stated, ‘The Temporal Displacement occurred at exactly 1:20 AM and Zero Seconds’, or a 120 Coefficient. And what were the 1st Words out of Marty’s Mouth? ‘Jesus Christ’.

Is it Code perhaps of what or who is to appear at the Rapture event, aside for taking the Name of Jesus in Vain? This Number 120 is a Key Biblical Number that also signifies an ‘End of Time’ or Season or Dispensation. It is found in Genesis where YHVH determined the Years of Man after the Flood that ended the World in Noah’s Day. It is also the Day Count of how there are 4 Months to the Wheat Harvest, as in April-May-June-Why, inferred by Jesus. 4 Months of 30 Days each is 120 Days, etc.

Obviously, then the Number 88 also represents the current Biblical Notion of the Church Age that has ‘Run out of Time’. This is how one is interpreting the 88 Day Count going through the ‘Fog’ until the Fall Feasts of YHVH. Then the Year Panel in the car depicted 2 Years that were Pre-Programed. It reminded one of how one has been contemplating, for a while, how long it took from Jesus to the Temple being destroyed in 70 AD. 

Changing of the Guard

One has been studying and have been intrigued and perplexed with how the Bible mentions 2 Numerical Values dealing with the Temple in Jerusalem. The 1st is how when Jesus confronted the Jewish Religious Leaders, Jesus essentially gave them a Miraculous Sign in that if the Temple would be Destroyed, Jesus could raise it up again in 3 Days. Obviously, Jesus was inferring to His Body, as the Temple He was/is.

The Jewish Elders of Zion Mocked Jesus, saying that it took 46 Years or it has been 46 Years in the works, more likely going on still. It is however, recorded that the Temple was declared ‘Finished’ just 7 Years prior to its Destruction in 70 AD. If, as one has calculated, Jesus was 33 Years of Age in the Year 32 AS, of His Crucifixion, Burial and Resurrection, it would mean that from 32 AD to 70 AD was 38 Years. And?

32 AD ---------------- 63 AD -----– (7-Year Shemitah) -----70 AD

(32 AD – 70 AD = 38 Years)

Thus, there was 1 Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years as a ‘Countdown’ to the Destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. One then could say that the coming Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years from the Fall 2022 to the Fall of 2029 is Daniel’s 70th Week because of this same Pattern. Back then, as the Destruction of the Temple had a 7-Year Countdown, one believes that since 2015 with the Blood Moons, there has been a 7 Year Count-up that will see the Re-Construction of the 3rd Temple that correlated to its 7-Year Acquisition during the Time of Jacob’s Troubles, etc.

So, if one takes the Year 32 AD, all-inclusive and counts how many Years to 70 AD, that is then in the 38th Year. And? That is the difference that the Year Panel showed in the Car-Time-Machine in the Back to the Future Movie, being the Year 1985. It could be mere Coincidence or intentional Predictive Programming. As many People realize, flashing certain Numbers, Dates and Time within Hollywood’s Movies has been intentional. And the Point? If one factors-in Jacob’ ‘Re-Birth’, that is Israel, then this is how it could be related Prophetically based on the Year inferences from the Movie. 

1947 Israel ‘Conceived’ + 38 Years = 1985 + 37 Years (38 Years with End Year) = 2022/23

What is realized is that the Year 1985 was/is exactly the Mid-Point of the Timeline between 1947 to 2022. It is having the 38 Years factored-in backwards and Forwards, much like the Theme of the Movie. The Question is, was same Number, 38 Years Predictively Programmed, by adding 38 Years to 1985 to infer then that in 2022, is when ‘Time will End’.

Or will it be the Year the Time, Space and Matter will be interjected by the Rapture Event?. Thus, another way of suggesting that the Year 2022 would be when the Rapture should take place, as well as the Temple to be rebuilt. And that a Transportation or Transference of Dimensions or in this case, back to the Mosaic Law will also need to occur. It would coincide with the Notions of what is Biblically attributed to a Change in Dispensations.

Thus, this 88 Day count would be in Order and what is to come by the Fall of 2022, if one’s Hypothesis will turn out to be true. Obviously, all this is mere Speculation and cannot be vetted-out until it occurs or not. Nonetheless, that is what one is reporting based on this 88 Day difference from July 23, 2022 to the Speculated Time when one calculates the start of Jacob’s Trouble will begin. It will be Jacob’s ‘Psalm 88’, lived-out and fulfilled as he still owes YHVH for not allowing the Promised Land to Rest. Perhaps.

As one was finishing up this Write-Up, there was an Email from Mark, who follows one’s Work. He mentioned something at the End of his Email that one found very interesting in terms of the Timing it was received, pertinent to the 88 Day Count and 38 Year Factor as discussed above. This is the excerpt of the Email, with emphasis. 

‘I have a sort of Expectation of the Laws of Nature to be Shaken on the Day of the Rapture, maybe like the Troubling of the Pool of Bethesda before a person was Healed. It could be that the Atmosphere will be Troubled and those of Faith will be able to Rise, similar to Peter when he Walked on the Water to meet Jesus...those who look back could find themselves sinking back to Earth, just like Peter began to sink into the Waves’.

As one pondered the Passage referred to in John 5, the Bells went off in how that Man at the Pool Bethesda had been there in that State of Infirmity for 38 Years. An aside note, from Israel’s Inception of the UN Partition Plan of:

1947 +
38 Years is 1985

That, again, 1985 is the Year the Movie was made and used as a Base Year for the Time Travel, etc. So, not sure if it is a ‘Confirmation’ or Synchronicity of the Holy Spirit going-on, but it was great and perhaps timely that there is something going on here with this July 23, 2022 Date and the Number 88. And the Day Counts from NOW to September 22/23, 2022 or even 88 Days out from July 23, 2022 is a High Watch Time.

So, what does 88 Signify for the Church Age Believer? One would say, that the Resurrection-Rapture Event will be our ‘88’ Time Travel to Heaven then, as the Followers of Christ will Transpose Time and Space. Our Bodies will experience that Metamorphosis that will defy the Natural Laws of Gravity and all that is pertinence to Earth’s Domain.

If the speculative start of Jacob’s Trouble is at Shemini Atzeret on October 18/19, 2022, Israel would be like the Man by the Pool of Bethesda. How so? The Psalm 88 Spiritual Condition will end in Jacob’s Healing and Salvation. As JD Farag states, ‘The Purpose of the Tribulation is for the Salvation of the Jewish Nation’, etc. Beth-esda means ‘House of Mercy’. YHVH Disciplines all those He Loves, with ‘Trouble’ if need be.

‘Now a certain Man was there who had an Infirmity
38 Years. When Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he already had been in that Condition a long time, He said to him. Do you want to be made Well?’ – John 5:5-6


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